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Michelleica and The Witch
by : Karen Anne Summerfield
June 2001


"Look there. That one, Zarlene." Michelleica pointed at the latest arrival at Zolini's.

Gus Flaubarth crabbed toward the bar with his head bobbing about like he'd no vertebrae in it. Pain screamed in his body as he struggled to mount the stool. It did not diminish the high hopes that filled his mind. The reality of another defeat would crush them to mental pain soon enough, as it always did, reducing him to tears before he'd cry himself to sleep.

"Prove your statement that you can make the ill well with this magic of yours." Michelleica challenged. She had just met the young witch that day and gauged her to be a threat. The beauty thought that of most that were attractive and Zarlene was certainly that. She, though, was innocent of competing with Michelleica for anyone's attention.

They had eaten dinner together, Michelleica's treat as she feigned friendship with her newest co-worker. The receptionist wanted to find Zarlene's weaknesses that she could use to her advantage, not learn her qualities upon which to cement a friendship. Zarlene had read her games before they'd finished their salads and continued to play her game to find the motivation that drove them. Her disapproval was intense.

"I never said I could do magic, Michelleica," she said flatly. "I said that I have a gift to heal." For the past hour she had looked for a polite way of ending her evening.

"And I said that was absurd. Only doctors with years of experience and the proper medicines can cure." Never one to be rude, Zarlene nodded slightly. As her annoyance had grown, a wicked thought had formed into an intense desire.

"I challenge you to cure that disgusting turd or admit you are nothing but a dirty liar!" The wine was affecting the blonde's brain, depressing her minimal inhibitions and allowing her true personality to be fully expressed. She did not stop her insults there.

"You walk into a new job, Ms Administrative Assistant to the President.... What did you do suck him off for your interview?" The buxom girl was demonstrating her motivations quite well.

"I saw that whore's smile on your lips when you left your 'closed door meeting' before the coffee break. I'll bet your cunt lips were smiling too."

"Enough, Michelleica. Go invite the gentleman over. I'll show you my magic, but you will not like it."

"Fer sure. I'll love seeing you make an asshole of yourself." Michelleica stood, grasping the table to steady herself on her extreme heels. She smoothed her short sheath and started for the bar.

"Ooops!" she fell against Gus, but it was alcohol, not her intentions that cased her breasts to squash and smoother him before Michelleica straightened again with a giggle. "Scquse me.

"Hi. Sorry 'bout that. I'm Michelleica. Wanta join me an' my friend at our table, big boy?" Gus glanced in the direction her arm shook. Zarlene caught his attention immediately with a small wave and a beckoning finger.

Michelleica was quickly seated to enjoy the show and watch her rival humiliate herself. Watching his ungainly struggle to walk, the witch rose and helped him the last half of the distance.

"My name is Zarlene Zolanski. Would you let me help you feel better?" The pain from his deformity overshadowed her offer until he flopped awkwardly into their booth.

"Friends call me Gus," he manage to say, "short for Gustave."

"What kinda name is that? Gustave?" As her brain went into overdose, Michelleica voice turned shrill.

"Gus, would you like me to help you? I can."

"She thinks she can cure your body, if you call it that, with magic."

"Michelleica, why don't you go get us another round and one for Gus too?" Zarlene extended a twenty to gain her acceptance. She waited until they were alone before continuing.

"Your not putting me on are you?" he smiled at the though of what the witch said she'd do if he agreed.

"Nope, you'll be really hung over in the morning, but I'll be there and I can cure that too." Gus smiled.

"Sure, what the heck. I'll laugh with your friend at you, but I'll call your hand, Zarlene." No, he did not believe one word of what the gorgeous, raven-haired girl had said she could do. Sitting with his eyes focused on her was better than being laughed at like every other time he tried to talk to a female.

"Wake up sleepy head, it's past ten." Michelleica's long lashes fluttered as Zarlene shook her shoulder. As she struggled to focus, her blue eyes snapped to attention. Never before had Gus's mind seen a pair of naked breasts in the flesh, certainly none like Zarlene's with silver rings swirling from their prominent nipples.

"How you feeling?" she asked.

"Not bad," her pouty lips smiled before the sound fully registered on Gus's mind. "Wha..." It was the blonde's voice, but his lips emitted the sound.

"Told you I could." Zarlene smiled. "Come on, get up, you have a lot to learn and Monday morning will be here before you know it." She pulled the blonde to sit.

Gus moved her hands to cup the weights that tugged heavily from her chest.

"I've got breasts!" she shrieked.

"That's not all you've got. Now get up. We haven't a year to do this." Zarlene pulled her naked body from the bed and stood it up. "I told you that I'd give you everything of Michelleica's, but her bimbo brain." Gus stared down at her huge breasts then leaned to look and Michelleica's shaven pussy, his pussy now!

"Baa.., but how?" he stammered. "How did you do this? And why?

"I thought you and your friend were just playing a big sick joke on the gimp?"

"Well, the joke is on him, isn't it? I told you exactly what I intended to do and both of you laughed at me. Though for much different reasons, you both thought that the joke would be on me.

"Bimbo Breath is the only one that won't be laughing when reality sinks into her pea brain." Zarlene guided the blonde into the bathroom.

"You'll have to sit from now on." She crouched to start the tub and pour bubble beads into it after entering the bathroom.

"Bet you aren't in pain any more are you?" Zarlene smiled seeing the look on her face as she wiped with the tissues. Michelleica's tresses swung lazily as she shook 'no'.

"Get in." As Michelleica's body settled in the cloud of bubbles, Gus's mind became more unsettled - Zarlene had slipped out of her silk kimono and started to settle herself to sit facing him in the water.

"You've got a lot to learn about your new body and I'll help you explore it. OK?" Even though he had the body of a centerfold model, Gus was still thinking like a man and was not going to turn his gift horse away. Not thinking, he let her manicured hands grasp Zarlene and ease her down.

"What, you want to explore my body instead?" she giggled. "OK. We'll explore mine first then we'll check yours out." Zarlene moved Michelleica's hand to cup her breasts.

"You haven't answered my questions, Zarlene - how and why?"

"Most people refuse to believe me when I tell them, but I think you will - I'm a witch, just let that lay, Mich'. As to why? You looked to me like you were really hurting, both physically and in your head. You did not seem like there was very much in your life to be happy about."

"There wasn't, but I always had hope that someday my ship would come in."

"Well, Michelleica, I think that this time the Titanic didn't hit that iceberg and finally made it to port.

"How do you like your body now?" They were in the bedroom, still naked and Zarlene was admiring it herself.

"Pretty broad in the beam." Gus joked.

"How's about just being a pretty broad, instead." Zarlene moved to Michelleica's dresser and searched for things to wear.

"Racy, Frederick's of Hollywood," she stated as she pulled out a thong and bra, both white. "Start putting these on while I see what else there is here."

"I can't wear...." Gus started to laugh at the thought. "Guess that sounds silly. Can you give me another body, if I were to ask, Zarlene?"

"I can, but I won't. There is nothing wrong with that one and it's the only one I'm giving you. Better get used to that as fact, Michelleica." She selected a gray suit that was the only garment, which even approached conservative from the collection, then a white blouse to go with it.

"Do I have a last name to go with that?"

"Nicholsen. I don't know what your middle name is, you never told me, Mich'." Zarlene closed the closet and went in search of pantihose to only find stockings. She offered a white garter belt to her new friend.

"The straps go under your panties, if you don't know." Zarlene told her.

"I didn't. Why?" she asked.

"So you can pull down your panties to powder your nose without undoing your garters, girl, and to have sex." Michelleica gave her a dirty look, but didn't make any comment.

"This is a slip. Put it on then the suit I picked. Your wardrobe is... Well, the suit is about the only thing that doesn't show all you've got and still be dressed." Zarlene helped her with the back buttons. Once dressed, she instructed Michelleica on applying her own makeup and fixing her hair like it had been the pervious day.

"I don't know about you, but I've got to have something to eat and there is nothing in your apartment. Come on, my treat."

"But I...." Michelleica looked horrified at the thought of appearing in public in the blonde's body, and then started to laugh. "I guess I've got to stop thinking like that." Walking without wobbling in the high heels, she retrieved the purse that Michelleica had used the day before.

"Zarlene, I was about to say that I can't go out dressed like this, but that's really silly - isn't it? Of course this body goes out all of the time in dresses and skirts."

It was past the breakfast hour, but the cook made sausages and eggs after Zarlene insisted that a diner should have whatever the customer wanted after their waitress said 'no'.

"What am I going to do now?" the blonde looked concerned.

"What do you mean, 'do'? Anything you want. You're a healthy, twenty-one year old girl. You can do anything you want.

"If you'd think, that body has a job on Monday. You've a place to live, a closet full of sexy clothes, a car and seventeen hundred dollars in the bank - I snooped."

"But that's stealing!" she protested.

"No. It really isn't, Mich'. All that is yours, just start thinking like the body you have. You would be hard pressed to prove that you are not Michelleica Louise Nicholson." She did not seem convinced and wasn't as Zarlene replaced Michelleica's wallet in her purse.

"OK. You told me I'm the receptionist where you work. How am I supposed to handle all my co-workers knowing all about me and I don't know them or anything about the job?" she ate quietly for a few minutes.

"I can't drive."

"What do you mean, you 'can't drive'? You have a car and a license. How do you expect me to believe what you just said?"

"You saw what I looked like last night. Think about it, Zarlene. I was never able to drive before." It was the witch's turn to eat quietly, as she tried to think this through. She had never done a body-mind transfer before without her teacher there to transform the subject back and that warlock refused to teach Zarlene how to reverse the spell.

"If you ever do this, young one," Karlstern had cautioned, "think of all of the consequences before!" Zarlene was only thinking now, but the spell had been cast and set. "You must accept all responsibility for your actions. I will not be there to correct mistakes," her teacher had said.

"What did Gus do before last night, Mich'?" The question was unexpected and the blonde had to think it through before responding.

"He wrote software. Most of the money came from the insurance company.

"Zarlene, what's going to happened to the other body?" Zarlene glared with disapproval.

"Gus is going to have to adapt, just like you are. Don't fret over him. OK?"

"Well, did he at least get home? I had you to help me, but she's in some real pain."

"Look, Michelleica, I can not reverse this. I told you last night, or don't you remember, that I'd help you. I'm willing. If that isn't enough then you can figure out the whole thing on your own!" Zarlene snapped. "You can figure it out for Michelleica and for Gus!"

Before returning to Michelleica's apartment, Zarlene stopped at her house. "My spread. Come on in." In the hall she paused and turned.

"I guess the right thing to do is to ask first. I wasn't thinking. Mich', if you would like, I'll stay at your place a few days and help you get adjusted. Monday, I'll drive you to work and do what I can for you there, but I told you that yesterday was my first, so I don't know much."

"Thanks, but that seems to be inconveniencing yourself a lot for me." The blonde turned pensive and looked sad.

"I'm concerned," she stated when the witch question her look. "It just isn't right - what you did to her."

The End


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