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by Arecee


Mark Conrad walked into Bellagio casino to spend a little time gambling to relax on the first vacation he had in three years. He had decided to come to Las Vegas to play, knowing that what happens here stays here. Mark loved playing Blackjack and considered himself a good player. Mark was a single man knowing that if he were to marry, divorce would be just around the corner. Mark you see is an undercover agent for the FBI and had been working in Atlantic City trying to form a connection between gambling and the underworld of crime. Part of his cover was playing a gambler that lost big and had to become part of the syndicate to payoff his debt. His gig was to lose whenever he played at blackjack. Because of this he learned how to count cards and since he was on his own time he figured he would put counting to use, just a little so he would remain even while in Vegas.

Mark was an average looking man around five-eleven tall and of average build. In his profession, looking average had its advantages. You would tend to blend in to the surroundings making it easier to find what you were looking for.

Mark sauntered to the first one hundred dollar table he could find and sat at the end of the deal, the counting end. Mark removed ten one hundred dollar bills from his wallet and placed them on the table for the dealer to exchange for chips. Mark looked at the dealer and read her nametag. It read "Mialing" and then the place of origin, "Hong Kong."

Mialing was a beautiful Chinese girl standing five foot six with long black hair falling to her waist. She had a trim figure, as is usually the case with Asian girls of Chinese extraction. Her most exquisite feature though was her eyes. Mialing's eyes were rounder than most Chinese women suggesting some sort of mixed heritage in the past. Mark was drawn to her eyes falling into their depths like a lovesick puppy. Mialing returned Mark's chips to him with light dancing off her red sculpted nails.

Mark placed a chip in front of him and began to play. Mark was dealt eighteen and the dealer hit twenty, one chip gone. Mark placed another chip in front of him, was dealt a nine and a jack, dealer was dealt fifteen and drew an eight, Mark got his chip back, he was even. Mark watched as Mialing dealt the cards, hand after hand for an hour until he realized that he had lost his first thousand dollars and that he had watched her eyes so intently that he forgot to count the cards. I have to concentrate he thought, as he laid another thousand on the table. Mialing on the other hand was doing what she did best, distracting male counters with her beauty, that's why she dealt the hundred-dollar table. Mark started counting and was finally able to regain his losses and then some. Mark knew the score in these casinos, win too much and they kicked you out so he let himself drift back into the depths of Mialing's eyes. This winning and then seduction continued for two more hours until it was almost time for Mialing to take her break. It was fifteen minutes before her break was to begin that Mark realized that he had seen eyes like this before.

"Tommy," Mark said in a questioning way but more as a statement.

Mialing looked up and Mark saw a slight look of recognition and then a twitch of her fingers. Mialing continued dealing and then the last hand before her break looked at Mark and said, "Tommy died seven years ago." And then left her station. Mialing walked directly through the gaming area and out the door that said "employees only." When Mark had heard her reply it startled him, she knows who Tommy is, I have to talk to her again, he thought. Following her now would have been impossible because Mark would have had to circle the gaming tables and the distance was too great to catch her, he would have to wait for her to return. His eyes watched as she walked, his gaze transfixed on her perfect figure, hair flowing down to her trim waist, her hips curving seductively out to her perfectly shaped legs. Mialing was wearing standard dealer apparel, white long sleeve blouse, black knee length skirt, panty hose and black shoes with one-inch heels, but even in boring clothes like these she caused a commotion among the young men playing cards. Most couldn't afford playing large hands so they had to observe Mialing from a distance. When she walked, Mialing carried herself in such a way that she let men know that she was unapproachable, she would only excite them in their dreams.

Mialing entered the employee lounge after retrieving her meal from her locker. Mialing had access to free food as an employee but preferred to eat the healthy food she made for herself at home. She opened the top of the plastic container and poked her fork into a piece of grilled chicken and raised it to her mouth. Mialing would usually socialize with some of the other female dealers when she ate, but this evening she sat alone deep in thought.

"Tommy," she thought, now there's a name I haven't heard for years, as she stared dreamily at her food.


"Hurry, down this alley," shouted Preston Teng, as the two boys raced down the street and turned into the alley in downtown Hong Kong. The boys turned their heads as they heard the sound of the police flute being blown as the officers chased them. The boys dodged among trashcans and old men that were sitting next to the doorways as they ran to escape the pursuing police.

"We can't keep this up much longer or they will catch us," yelled Wing Hop Wong as they turned another corner.

"Quick, hide under that trash pile under the stairs, I'll lead them away," yelled Preston, back to Wing.

Wing dove into the pile of thrash, thinking, how could I be so stupid to do this and now I have to dive into this disgusting smelly garbage, just because I wanted a thrill, dumb, really dumb. Wing watched as the police ran by, knowing they didn't see him in their haste to catch Preston. Wing stayed covered with the smelly gunk for several minutes until he felt safe to leave his hiding place. Wing walked out of the dark shadows of the alley into the bright sunshine on the wide street lined with shops selling everything from apparel to zebra skins. This was Hong Kong before the Chinese government took over, the capitalist center of Asia.

Wing slowly walked home hoping that some of the smell from the garbage would dissipate into the air. He also wondered if Preston was able to elude capture.

Preston and Wing had been friends their whole life, living in apartments across the hall from each other. Preston was fifteen and Wing was fourteen years old. Wing's father was a jeweler and sold mostly gold since he didn't have the capital to enter the diamond market and was able to support his family in a way that they didn't want for much but also couldn't be too extravagant. Wing had a younger sister who was ten years old. Both children went to a British private school because the father wanted his children to be able to speak English when Hong Kong was turned over to the communists and his family would have to flee the country.

Preston's father sold clothing as a wholesaler and did about as well as Wing's father but didn't want to leave Hong Kong after the take over so Preston went to a different school than Wing. Preston had a wild streak in him and tended to do things before he thought of the consequences, hence the police chase earlier in the day. Preston had grabbed an apple from a vendor in the square and ran. The man called to the police and the chase began with the result being that Wing smelled like death.

When Wing arrived at home Preston was waiting.

"Wow that was so much fun," stated Preston.

"Maybe for you," said Wing as he brushed some trash from his school uniform.

"The chase was the best, I was so excited when I lost the police, I love doing that, my heart beats with excitement for hours afterward," said Preston.

"It just scared me, I'm going to take a shower and then we can practice our martial arts, no more of that stuff for me for a while," Wing said as he entered his home.

Wing and Preston had been taking and practicing martial arts since Wing was six years old. Both boys were very good at hand to hand fighting and practiced for several hours each day, which begged to ask where did they find the time to steal apples? Preston was a slacker and now was drawing Wing into the thrill of crime. Wing's first experience was just as an observer but felt the rush of adrenalin as he escaped the police, a rush that would soon become addicting.

Wing and Preston finished working out and Wing went to do his homework from school. Wing was sitting at the kitchen table working when his father came home from work.

"Ah, young Wing, how is my son today?"

"Fine father, why do you ask?"

"Because you smell like a garbage dump, did you have an accident today?"

Good grief, I took a shower how can he still smell the trash?

"I fell on the way home from school and took a shower when I got home, I'm surprised you can still smell the trash."

"Evil smells can linger for a long time, be careful next time," his father said.

"Yes father."

The next day found Preston and Wing up to no good once again. This time Preston brought Wing to a large department store and talked him into stealing for the very first time.

"Watch how I do it," said Preston as he took a video game and stuffed it in his pants.

Wing watched and copied his friend's moves and placed a yoyo in his pocket. The boys left the store without so much as a notice from the guard. Wing's heart was racing as they walked away from the store. Wing's adrenaline was flowing until they were blocks away.

Wing was shaking as he said, "I was so afraid we would be caught."

"I knew we wouldn't, it's easy, it was fun wasn't it?"

"Yes, but I don't feel right taking other people's things."

"I felt that way at first but it's so much fun that now it doesn't bother me, I just enjoy the rush."

"I don't know if we should do this anymore?"

"Just a few more times and if you don't like it we'll stop," said Preston knowing that Wing wouldn't stop after he got over feeling guilty.

The stealing continued and one day they stole from the wrong person. Preston and Wing were in a shop that had a large variety of goods. Things of every description were crammed into every corner of the shop. What Preston and Wing didn't know was that this was a fencing operation run by one of the many criminal gangs in Hong Kong. The boys had gotten very good at manipulating goods onto their person but this store was run by criminals, much better than them. As they stepped outside and began to walk down the street they felt a hand on their shoulder.

"Where do you thieves think you're going?" asked one of the men that had followed them from the store.

"What are you talking about?" asked Preston.

"Were talking about the things in your pockets," responded the man. This man wasn't your typical shopkeeper. He was stocky and had a shaved head. He also had gang tattoos on his arms, something that didn't go unnoticed by Preston.

"We're sorry, it won't happen again," said Preston in his most humble voice.

"We didn't mean anything, please let us go," begged Wing.

"Let you go, hah, not a chance, you've stolen from us now you owe us something in return, come with us," said the other man. The second man was very thin and had red eyes, probably from smoking too much opium. The men pulled the boys back into the shop and closed the door. They turned the open sign around to say that they were closed and pushed the boys into a back room. Thin man looked at Wing and without warning hit him in the stomach. Wing doubled over in pain as his air left his lungs leaving him gasping for breath. The stocky one did the same to Preston with the same results. The boys were placed on a bench and the thin man started to talk.

"Do you boys know who we are?"

"No sir."

"This store belongs to the Fong Chow Family Association. By stealing from us you have created a debt and you must work your debt off until you are free of that debt. If you refuse we will kill you, is that understood?"

"Yes sir," the boys responded, voices shaking.

"Good, tomorrow you will come to this store and we will have something for you to do. Don't tell anyone of this meeting or you will disappear."

"I have school," said Wing in his most sorry voice.

"Go to school and then come here, is that understood?"

"Yes sir."

"What are your names? Tell us the truth because we will find out if you are lying."

"I'm Preston Teng."

"I'm Wing Hop Wong," answered Wing.

"See you tomorrow boys," said the thin man in the most menacing way.

Preston and Wing left the shop with their stomachs hurting from the encounter.

"What have we done?" asked Wing.

"We robbed the wrong place, maybe after tomorrow they will let us go."

"I hope so."

The next day the boys showed up as instructed.

"I see you boys came back, pity, I would liked to have shot you but the boss has another use for you, " said the thin man, "We want you to take these packages to these addresses and leave them. The person there will give you a package to bring back here and that's all you have to do. Tomorrow you will do the same thing and for the next month you will do it everyday. When you are done with the months work we might let you go. Here, now hurry."

The boys took the packages and ran to the address they were given. They then returned with a corresponding package and were sent home. Wing and Preston were always sent to different addresses from each other so they were never together when they made the delivery. Wing had pretty much figured out that he was running heroin and bringing back cash in return and knew better than to look in the packages and figured that once this was over he would be free. He made a pact with himself never to steal again. Preston on the other hand wasn't as wise and decided to look in the packages. When he saw the cash he decided that if he were to take just a little bit it wouldn't be missed.

"Here's my package Willie," said Preston as he returned from his run. All the men in the organization had nicknames and the thin man was Willie. Wing returned from his run and handed over his package. The boys left the shop and were walking down the street when they heard Willie yell at them.

"Stop you two," he yelled.

"Run," said Preston to Wing.


"Never mind why, just run."

The boys ran down the street and turned into the first alley they came to. Preston figured they had a better chance to outrun Willie in the alley. The boys ran for several blocks but hadn't gained any distance on their pursuers. Preston was several steps ahead and to the left of Wing when Wing heard the shot ring out and saw Preston crumble in front of him. Wing tripped over Preston and fell into a trashcan. When he looked up Willie put the gun in his face and said, "Get up and follow me, hurry."

Wing followed Willie into a doorway that led into a seedy hotel. Where was Willie taking him, he wondered? His best friend had just been shot and could be dead for all he knew but Wing knew better than to run or he would also be killed. As they progressed down the hallway Wing saw several girls running to and from the rooms, mostly clad in bras and panties. He knew what kind of place this was, a whorehouse. Willie finally reached an office door and entered with Wing in tow.

Seated at a desk was a well-dressed man in his forties. He was well groomed, wearing a tailored suit and his hair was obviously done at a salon. His name was Winston Chang and he was one of the bosses of the association.

"Boss, this is Wing, he is one of the boys that makes our deliveries for us. The other is dead. I just shot him because he was stealing from us, what do you want me to do with this one?"

"Was he stealing from us?"


"Well Wing at least you were smart enough not to do that. You and your friend would have been done working for us next week but because of his stupidity he is dead and now you will have to become one of us. You witnessed something that could make trouble for us, so now you have a choice to make, become one of us or die, which will it be?"

"I'll become one of you," Wing answered in a shaking voice.

"That's a very smart move young Wing. Our identity is very important to us and we don't like anyone to know who we are. We don't ever like to use a person's real name in our organization so and we need to give you another name, I think I'll call you Tommy. From now on you are Tommy Wong. You will continue school because a smart criminal is much more useful than a dumb one and your responsibilities here will increase. You will never question what we ask of you and in turn you will be compensated for your labors. As we see fit you will have access to the girls in the hotel and be given cash as needed, welcome to our organization Tommy."

Wing was escorted out of the hotel by Willie and set free. Wing wasn't free so to speak, for Wing would never really be free again.


Mialing finished her break and wandered back to the tables for her last shift. She walked with such elegance that she couldn't help but attract attention. As usual the guy's heads turned as she past. Mialing was used to this behavior from the men so it no longer bothered her, it was just part of the job as far as she was concerned. She found her table and waited for customers to deal too.

Mark had seen her return and finished his hand at the table where he was playing. An attractive girl had wandered over to his table to play. She was attracted to Mark and had hoped to have some kind of interaction.

"How's your luck?" she asked.

"I guess okay, I'm ahead five hundred, how about you?"

"I'm down about two, my name's Melody, and yours?"

"Mark, do you play blackjack a lot?"

"I play all the games, but mostly roulette, because it's easy."

"Yeah I guess but it's all luck, at least with this game you can try to influence your luck."

"I wouldn't know how to do that," she answered, "Would you show me?"

"It takes a little time to learn."

"I have plenty of time," she answered with a, if you teach me you're going to get lucky tonight smile.

That was when Mialing walked to her table and Mark knew he had to talk to her again.

"I'm sorry but I have to talk to that dealer, maybe tomorrow night," Mark said with sadness, knowing he was passing up a sure piece of ass. Tonight the brain in his head had won out over the other one, which in his case was rare.

Mark got up and walked to Mialing's table and placed his chips on the table. He moved one into the betting area.

"Back to try your luck again?" she asked with her melodious voice. Mialing's voice was as pretty as she was, like honey in the wind.

"Yes, I decided you were good luck for me and thought I would try again."

Mark was the only player and his first hand he lost. Other players seated themselves at the table and made it easier for Mark to count the cards. The only thing that made it difficult was Mialing's beauty. Mark watched the girl as the evening continued. Not only were her eyes beautiful beyond belief, her skin had an incredibly soft glow to it. She had soft full lips accented by the red lipstick and gloss she wore and her nose was straight, probably from the European influence in her heritage. Her hair shown with the light that came down from the ceiling and when she turned it flowed from side to side in a soft flowing mass. Mark was becoming mesmerized by this girl and knew he had to ask her out.

It was around three-thirty in the morning and Mialing's shift ended at four. Mark knew he had to make his move. During this whole time Mialing had been watching Mark too, and wondered how he could have known Tommy. He didn't look threatening in fact he looked kind of plain, not like the usual high rollers she got at her table. He was wearing a polo shirt and Docker pants, a regular wristwatch, and not the Rollex's she was used to seeing. They're conversation during the night had been the regular dealer, player sort of interaction, a little flirty but nothing serious. The table had gotten quiet with just one other player left, an older gentleman who probably had too much to drink by this time. One of the perks playing at a table like this was the free drinks provided to the players, and the man had taken advantage of that. Mark knew that if he were to count, booze and cards don't mix so he kept to the soft drinks, something that wasn't lost on Mialing. One thing she hated was a drunk, and a man that knew he didn't have to drink to have fun wasn't lost on her.

"Mialing, when your shift is over would you have breakfast with me?" asked Mark.

"I don't usually do anything with clients of the casino and I would normally say no but you have me intrigued as to how you knew Tommy. Okay I'll go with you, my shift ends in a half of an hour, I'll meet you by the front entrance."

"That's great, I'll meet you there. I have to cash in my chips first, I'll be waiting."

Mialing ended her shift and joined Mark. They walked to another casino and ordered breakfast. Mark couldn't believe his luck to be here with this girl, she was so beautiful.

"Have you lived in Vegas for very long Mialing?"

"For around four years, I used to live in Reno before coming here. I went to dealer's school there and then worked at Harrah's for two years. I came here because everyone said the tips were better and they were right, I've done much better here. What do you do, Mark?"

"I work here and there, you know pick up work as I need it, it just depends on my luck."

"I was watching you, you're a very good card player, I know you were counting but since you didn't try to make too much money I let you keep playing and besides I have to know how you knew Tommy?"

"Yes, Tommy, if I tell you that then you will know what I really do for a living. How did you know Tommy?" asked Mark.

"I met him years ago in Hong Kong and we became very close. There wasn't anything that I didn't know about him. Please tell me how you knew him, if you don't I'm going to leave."

Mark knew that wasn't an idle threat and he didn't want to lose this girl, she had made a lasting impression on him and losing her was the last thing he wanted.

"Okay, you win, I'm an agent for the FBI and I met him, well actually I saw him for the first time almost nine years ago when he turned states witness against the Tongs and family associations in Vancouver and San Francisco."

"You never met him?"

"No, I just watched him through the one way mirror during interrogation. I was a junior officer at the time and was observing how to interrogate prisoners. I was struck by how handsome he was and trust me, I'm not gay, but it was startling how good looking he was. The thing that I noticed most though were his eyes, I had never seen eyes like that before, and when I saw you, it was as though I was looking in his eyes all over again."

"I've been told that before. When I was in Hong Kong people would say the same thing, maybe we were related in the past," giggled Mialing.

Her laugh cut right through Mark, God how can she be so sexy without even trying Mark wondered.

Their breakfast arrived and Mark watched as Mialing ate.

"What are you looking at?" Mialing asked.

"You, you have the prettiest eyes I've ever seen." answered Mark.

Mialing had heard this line a hundred times a month and it just bounced off of her but now she was feeling warm, she was becoming flushed, she was blushing like a fourteen year old girl. Mark noticed the effect he was having on her and liked that he was.

"Thank you," Mialing said softly, blushing all the more.

God what's wrong with me she wondered, guys never effect me like this. Mialing had grown accustom to men hitting on her, movie stars, high rollers and low rollers, it was all in a days work. She never dated any of them. Mialing tended to stay home and keep to herself. She would go out with some of the girls from work and dance or see a show but never with a man alone, for some reason it wasn't her thing. There were times she wondered if she was a lesbian because she preferred the company of women over men but they didn't excite her sexually so maybe it wasn't that, and then she would wonder if she was asexual because men didn't excite her either. Now however Mark was making her feel different, she was beginning to feel excitement toward another person and she was becoming afraid.

"Are you alright?" asked Mark.

"Yes, I'm fine, let's eat."

Mialing's stomach was doing flip-flops and she could barely swallow her food. She gave up eating her breakfast and pushed her plate away.

Mialing had to get her mind off what she was thinking, that she liked Mark much more than she wanted too admit.

"Tell me what you remember about Tommy?" she asked.

'I remember him being interrogated for days on end. The things he told us were things I thought only happened in books. The things he did were scary, the killing and drugs and the ties to Hong Kong were amazing."

"Can you tell me what you remember him telling you?"

"No I can't, that's classified information."

"What happened to him next?"

"We put him in the witness protection program to give him a new identity. He was in the program for almost three months back in Colorado when someone made an attempt on his life. Apparently someone from the criminal organization had infiltrated the FBI and knew every move he and the bureau were making. The day it happened we found some bullet holes in the wall of his room and that he had gone missing. To this day no one knows where he went or if he is still alive."

"Did they catch the assassin?"

"Yes, he had been with the FBI for three years and was shot while trying to escape. We found evidence on him that proved he was the one that tried to kill Tommy."

"I'm glad you got him."

"Has Tommy ever contacted you since the attempt on his life?"

"The day after and he told me what had happened. He told me that he would have to disappear and that he could trust no one as to where he might be, not even me"

"What did he tell you about the affair?"

"It will take much too much time to tell the story, I'm sorry, maybe some other time. I really should be going."

"May I see you again?"

"If you would like."

"May I take you to dinner?"


"I'm in Vegas for two weeks so anytime you would like."

"I have Wednesday and Thursday off so any day would be fine with me."

"Wednesday, around Eight?"

"That works for me, I live at 24587 East Las Vegas Blvd. My name is on the mailbox, Mialing Lee, ring and I'll buzz you in."

"I'll see you Wednesday Mialing Lee, wear something nice. The best restaurant in Vegas isn't good enough for the most beautiful woman I've ever met."

Mialing felt it again she was becoming excited by this man and what was worse, she liked the feelings she was having.

Mialing arrived at home and couldn't sleep. Why was this man having such an impression on me, she wondered. I've always been able to keep my feelings guarded, don't get too close to a person, keep my distance, don't get involved, but now this man, he excites me and I can't wait until I see him again, I can't get too close to him. I'll go to dinner with him and tell him I can't see him anymore, I don't want to be hurt anymore.



Hurt, the feelings Tommy must have had when his best friend was killed. Hurt, when he had to hide the fact that he had seen his friend gunned down in front of him. Hurt, when he could do nothing about it. Hurt, when he attended the funeral for Preston and pretended he knew nothing about the killing. And the biggest hurt of all, becoming one of the gang that had killed his friend.

After that day Wing did his duty with the gang, becoming more like them. At first his duties were simple, deliver this drug to some address and bring back the money, dump this gun in the harbor and make sure nobody sees you when you do it, but as the months went by his chores became more intense. The gradual nature of the escalation of his duties helped to build a wall between him and his knowledge of right and wrong, so when he went on his first beating it no longer bothered him. Willie had decided it was time to step up Wing's involvement in the association's activities and brought him to make a collection on a bad debt.

Willie approached the man who owed the debt and asked for the money.

"I don't have it, I will this afternoon," responded the man.

"This afternoon will be too late," said Willie.

"Please, just a few more hours?" asked the man, as the fear showed in his eyes.

"No, we want our money now."

"But I don't have it, please?" the man pleaded.

Willie hit the man in the stomach, which doubled him over and then struck him in the back of the neck making him fall to the ground.

Willie looked at Wing and said, "Kick him Tommy."

"But he's already down," responded Wing.

"Teach him a lesson Tommy, do as your told," said Willie, angrily.

Wing walked to the man and kicked him several times as he lay prone on the ground. Blood was running from the man's nose and he was groaning in pain.

"Let this be a lesson to you, and if we don't have our money by tomorrow we will kill you," stated Willie as he and Tommy walked away.

Wing felt remorse for what he had done but as Tommy, he felt elated. He felt a strange kind of power he had never felt before, it was a rush being able to control a person and not having to worry about consequences, Tommy's personality was winning over Wing's.

Months became a year and Tommy became more casual about his role in the Tong. His final day of reckoning had arrived.

"Tommy, this man has been stealing from us and we want you to take care of it," said Willie as he held a picture of a man for Tommy to see.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Kill him," stated Willie as he handed Tommy a gun.

"I, I, I don't know if I can," said Tommy as the realization of what he was being asked to do hit him.

"You have no choice, we are as one. You are an arm on the body and you do as the brain asks you to do. If an arm is damaged you cut it off and discard it, do you understand?"

"Yes, I'll do as I'm told."

Tommy took the gun and left the hotel. He walked until he spotted the man in an alley nearby. Tommy quietly walked up behind the man and shot him in the back of the head. When the sound hit his ears time seemed to move as if in slow motion. Tommy watched as the man slowly crumbled to the street and watched as the last twitches of life left the man's body and then watched as the man's urine flowed from his pants onto the street. Blood trickled from his skull and bits of brain oozed from the hole in the front of his head. Tommy bolted from the alley and ran until he could run no more. He leaned over and vomited his guts out, he had killed another human being, he would never be the same again, the Tong owned him now and he could never back out of this kind of life again. When he returned to the Tong he was rewarded for killing the man by being given one of the girls in the hotel for the night.

Wing had never been with a girl before and it didn't take long for her to seduce the boy. She knew all the right buttons to push with the lad and kept him aroused for most of the night.

"Oh Tommy, you so big," the girl would say, and Tommy would cum.

"Oh Tommy, you so strong, you the best I ever have," and Tommy would cum again.

"Tommy, one more time, please, I need you, yes, yes, that's it, harder, push harder baby," the whore would say and Tommy came for the last time that night. Tommy was on a high from the killing and then this, the sexual act, the proof that he was a man, Tommy felt like a king.

There would be other nights and with different girls in the brothel. They would look at his eyes and even as jaded as they were about sex they wanted the boy. Tommy learned about sex from the girls, and what a woman wanted from the sex act, and he learned the art of seduction, and the many of the other things he would use in Vancouver.



It was during this at time that Wing's father was becoming worried about the eminent take over of the British colony. He decided to move his family to Vancouver, British Columbia. His business would be easy to move and why not, there was a large Chinese populace that lived there so arrangements were made and the move took place. It was best that Tommy left Hong Kong because of the killing and he would be a welcome addition to the Tong in Vancouver. Being trained in Hong Kong made Tommy a valuable addition in the new world and one that could report back to his bosses in Hong Kong, anything that might be amiss. If anything was found they knew they could count on Tommy to take care of the situation.

Wing entered high school and graduated a year later. During this time he had little to do with the Tong other than run errands and intimidate a few people. The main thing Tommy did for the Tong though was to seduce girls and turn them into prostitutes. He would date a girl and tell her how much he loved her and then when she would give it up he would make his move.

"God baby, that was so good," he would say as he finished the love act. "Let's do it again and I know a way to make it feel better."

All the while he was talking to the girl, he was caressing her breasts and rubbing her pussy keeping her at a sexual high. He would place her hand on his erection making sure she would think of nothing but sex and the intense feelings she was having.

"Yes baby, anything, anything for you," the girl would respond.

"Try this baby, it feels so good, trust me, there is nothing like it," he would say as he continued to seduce them.

This was when Tommy made his move and injected them with heroin. The girls would grow sick and throw up but when they recovered Tommy would complete his seduction by bringing them to orgasm as he screwed them royally. This would be the last time he would do it with them because he didn't like junkies. Tommy was able to recruit as many as ten girls before he moved to San Francisco.

Wing wanted to continue school in San Francisco and asked his father for permission to attend San Francisco State University. The Tong also thought it would be good for Tommy to attend school there. It would be a perfect diversion from his criminal activities in Vancouver. He could become an undercover thug for the family, an unsuspecting person to watch over the gang activities.

Wing entered school the following September and was enjoying his new freedom from home. His activities with the Tong were limited and he felt that he was leaving his criminal past behind. Because of the trust the gang had in Tommy he kept a significant amount of cash hidden in his studio apartment. He had cut out an access panel in the closet and kept the cash hidden there. Having the cash handy made it easy for him to make the deals he was asked to do occasionally.

Tommy was contacted by Winston Chang several months after moving to San Francisco, he was calling from Hong Kong.

"Hello Tommy, how are you enjoying school?" asked Winston.

"I like it a lot."

"Good, good, I have a job for you to do for me, Tommy. There is a man in Chinatown that is trying to take over our businesses and I want you to take care of it for us. Go to the Tong in Waverly Place and you will get a gun from Jensen Louie. Take it to the address he gives you and take care of the problem for us."

"I don't think I can do that anymore. I don't mind getting girls for us, but not killing, I can't do it."

"You did it once before and you must do it again, you must Tommy, you must do it this week."

"I won't do it."

"You will do it or your family will be punished."

"Please let me think about it," Wing answered, with trepidation.

Wing's sister Ginny was walking home from school with two of her friends when a van stopped next to the girls. Two men jumped out and grabbed Ginny and pulled her into the van and roared away. She was released, unhurt two hours later after being kidnapped by the five men and being told that Tommy had better do as asked or there would be worse things done to her.

Ginny's family had no idea what or who the men were talking about. They called Wing and asked him if he knew of a Tommy or what it was they wanted.

"Wing, your sister was kidnapped by a gang and they said something about someone named Tommy, do you know what they are talking about?"

"Did you say Tommy?" asked Wing.

"Yes, who is he?" asked his father.

"Someone I met a long time ago, I'll take care of this, don't worry," said Wing.

Tommy called Winston in Hong Kong.

"I'll do as you ask," said Tommy, "Please leave my family alone."

"Good decision Tommy and consider what happened to your sister a warning as to what will happen next time you don't do as you're asked."

"Yes Winston."

Winston called Jensen Louie and he laid out the plan.

"Jensen, I explained to Tommy what would happen if he crossed us again, but I don't like our members to disagree with me when asked to do a task. When Tommy finishes shooting Anthony Wong, kill him. It will look like retribution for Anthony's death."

"I have just the man, boss," answered Jensen.

"Good, now get it done," ordered Winston.

Winston called Johnny Chong into his office.

"Johnny, I have something for you to do. I want you to follow Tommy. When he kills Anthony and when he leaves the restaurant follow him and kill him. He's become a liability to the family," said Jensen.

"Okay boss, I'll take care of it," Johnny answered.

Tommy went to the Tong and got the gun and found the victim eating in a restaurant, walked in and shot him point blank in the face. He then turned and shot his bodyguards before running from the restaurant. As he was running he heard footsteps behind him but couldn't look to see who it was. He ran up Washington Street and jumped on the front of a passing cable car and escaped. When he boarded the car he looked and saw a familiar looking figure board at the back of the car and recognized him to be Johnny Chong. Tommy knew Johnny was the person that did most of the hits for the Tong and wondered why he was following him and then he put two and two together, they wanted to eliminate him. Fear gripped his belly as the wheels of the cable car clacked up the Hyde Street line. Tommy flashed his fast pass card at the conductor so he could ride the car without paying cash. The conductor worked his way back to Johnny and when Johnny reached in his pocket for his faire Tommy jumped from the moving car and ran up Green Street. When Johnny looked up he saw that Tommy was gone from the side of the car. He immediately jumped off the car and ran back down Hyde to Green Street and saw Tommy running up the hill. Tommy had a hundred yard jump on Johnny and Tommy was a faster runner than Johnny would ever be so Johnny pulled his pistol and fired a round at Tommy. A shot at a moving target a hundred yards away with a pistol isn't going to get the job done unless you are the luckiest shooter in the world. Tommy heard the bullet whiz by his ear and saw it graze off the concrete. He had done as asked and now they wanted to kill him. Tommy was angered by what had been done to his sister and now they were trying to kill him, he would get even with the Tong someway.

Tommy continued to run and finally lost Johnny in the maze of stairs that the hilly streets of San Francisco turn into.

Tommy still had the gun and decided that he would kill members of the Tong as retribution for kidnapping his sister and for his own self-preservation. His first target was Jensen Louie. He calmly walked into the Tong building and shot Jensen in the heart. What he didn't know was that he had been seen doing this. Winston was notified of Tommy's action against the association and a hit was put out against his family and against him. Tommy found out about the deaths of his father, mother, and sister from the news that night on television.

"Breaking news," went the broadcast, "A Chinese family of three was slain today in Vancouver, British Columbia. It appeared to be a gang slaying as all parties were shot in the back of the head. There are no suspects in the shooting, live from Vancouver, Betsy Long."

Tommy blinked, he knew they were talking about his family and he knew who was responsible for the tragedy and he also knew he was next. He went to the closet and grabbed the cash that was hidden there and put it in a fanny-pack, so he would have some cash while he was on the run. Tommy ran from his studio apartment into the street. He had to hide or die. He wouldn't mind dieing right now because he knew he was responsible for his family's deaths, but he wanted to get even first. Tommy had just rounded the corner when he saw a car speed up to his apartment building and two Chinese men jump out and run inside. Moments later they ran out and the car roared down the street. Tommy knew his days were numbered. He knew what he had to do if he was to survive.



Tommy found a phone book and looked under the listings for attorneys. He picked the first one he saw under the criminal listing. Tommy took his cell phone and was going to call the number, but decided against it, this phone might be tapped. He looked at the address in the book and saw that Robert Abram's office was only three blocks away so he decided to walk.

Tommy found the office and entered.

"May I help you," the receptionist asked.

"I need a lawyer," responded Tommy.

"Have you been here before?"


"I can probably schedule you for next week."

"I have to see one now, my life depends on it."

"Mr. Abrams is in trial right now, I can have one of the other attorneys see you."

"I'll take anyone," said Tommy with urgency in his voice.

"I have two available, Mr. Lim or Mr. Jacks."

"Mr. Jacks, I don't even want Mr. Lim to see me."

"I'll call Mr. Jacks for you."

Ron Jacks entered the reception area and greeted Tommy.

"Hello, I'm Ron Jacks, Melissa says that you need an attorney?"

"Yes, I'm Wing Hop Wong, some people call me Tommy."

"What can I help you with Wing?"

"I want to turn state's evidence against some very bad people. I want immunity and I want to go into the witness protection program."

"This sounds serious, let's go to my office."

Ron led Tommy to his office to see what could be done. He had dealt with the FBI on several occasions and knew they didn't protect just anyone, the person had to be at great risk.

"Okay Wing, tell me why you think you need protection?"

Ron was looking at Wing and wondered why a nicely dressed college student like this would need protection, maybe this was some kind of college prank.

"Before I tell you anything, I have to be sure you won't tell anyone else, especially Mr. Lim."

"Everything you tell me is privileged information and why wouldn't you want me to share information with Mr. Lim, he's one of our finest attorneys."

"Because he's Chinese, and right now I can't trust anyone, especially a Chinese lawyer."

"That doesn't make sense, your Chinese."

"After I tell you why I need you, you will understand."

"Okay, let's get started, do you mind if I record this?"

"I would rather you didn't"

"Okay, I'll just take notes then, now go ahead and tell me as much as you can."

"I told you my name and how some people call me Tommy, well the way I got that name was from a criminal organization in Hong Kong. I've been a member for seven years. I've done many bad things for the organization, but I can give the FBI information that links the Tongs here with organized crime in Hong Kong. If they find out I'm here they will kill me. Mr. Lim might even be one of them, and that's why I don't want him to know about me. If I give the FBI the information, the Tongs will go to any length to kill me and that's why I will need protection."

"It sounds like you might have important information, but you are going to have to be more specific, I can't go to them and say this kid has information and won't talk until you protect him, it doesn't work that way. What may seem important to you might mean nothing to them, so give me something to work with."

"I started with the family association when I was fourteen and ran drugs for them. After that I started hurting people that didn't pay what they owed to the family. I killed my first man when I was sixteen. My family moved to Vancouver and when I got there I was instructed to get girls and make them work for us as prostitutes. I moved to San Francisco to attend college and I did a few things for the Tong but nothing serious. I liked the freedom away from crime but my boss in Hong Kong had a different idea. Since I wasn't known to any of the other Tongs in San Francisco or the police, they wanted me to kill a member of another Tong that was making trouble for us. I told my boss that I didn't want to do this anymore so he taught me a lesson. He had my sister kidnapped as an example of what they could do if I refused. I went and got the gun from one of the Tong members and killed the man I was supposed to kill. I was angry for what they had done to my sister and found out that they also wanted to kill me, so I went back to the Tong and killed one of the members. The Vancouver Tong killed my family in retribution for what I had done and now they're after me. The only way I can get back at them is to give all my information to the FBI, now do you understand why I need protection."

What Wing had just told Ron Jacks shook him to the core. This innocent looking boy was an assassin and a cold hearted one at that.

"I'll call the FBI right now."

Ron called the FBI and made arraignments for Wing to see them. He told them they would need to protect the boy because he had information they would want. They told him to bring Wing right over. Ron drove his client from his office to the federal building and parked his car in the civic center garage. They walked the few blocks to the federal building. They looked at the department listings and found what they were looking for, the FBI.

Tommy and Ron past through the metal detectors and rode the elevator to the tenth floor and exited.

They walked into the suite and Ron asked, "Is there someone we can talk too?"

"About what?" The receptionist asked.

"Chinese gangs."

"Just a minute, I'll get someone for you."

The woman called a number and a man appeared from a door to the side of the room.

"I'm agent Dixon, how may I help you?"

Agent Dixon looked at Tommy and thought he looked too much like a student. He must be one of those nuts that just wanted publicity, he can't be a gang member.

"We have information for you about the Chinatown gangs."

"And would you like us to have the news papers here when you give us that information?" asked Dixon in snide tone of voice.

"God no, I don't want anyone to know I'm here, they'll kill me when they find out, they already killed my family," exclaimed Wing.

Agent Dixon looked at the boy and thought, this boy had to be delusional, he wasn't the gang type.

"Where did they do this?"

"In Vancouver and they just tried to kill me, I need protection."

"Come with me and I'll check out your story."

Agent Dixon led Tommy and Ron to an interrogation room and left them while he checked everything out.

"Hey Bob, I have some nut job in room three that say's he has information on some Chinese gangs, what do you want to do with him?"

Bob was Bob Lew and he had been working with the gang task force in Chinatown for years and knew just about everything there was to know about the gangs.

"I'll talk to him, he might know something, but I doubt it, but it doesn't hurt to listen."

Bob walked into the interrogation room and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Bob Lew," he said as he extended his hand.

"I'm Wing Hop Wong, the gangs call me Tommy and this is my attorney Ron Jacks," he answered as he shook Bob's hand.

"Is this the boy you called about?" Bob asked Ron.

"Yes, and what he wants to tell you sounds credible."

"Do you prefer Wing or Tommy?"

"You might as well call me Tommy because that's who I am now."

"You know Tommy, I work Chinatown all the time and have never seen you there before, what gang are you in?"

"Fong Chow."

"Fong Chow? Did you know there was a murder at their building this morning?"


"I'm sorry Bob, but I won't allow you to question Tommy without providing immunity," said Ron.

"Is the information really that important?"

"Yes, and I won't allow him to be questioned without something in writing."

"Alright, let me get something from legal and then we can proceed."

Bob went down two floors to the attorney general's office.

"I need some paper work providing immunity for some kid upstairs. I doubt he has much to say so giving it to him won't amount to a hill off beans. He's just some college student that thinks he has some important information about Chinatown. I've never seen him before so I think were safe as far as any prosecution is concerned."

The attorney drew up the papers and had them delivered to Bob.

Bob returned to the interrogation room and handed the papers to Ron.

"Everything seems to be in order," said Ron after he had read the papers, "What about the witness protection?"

"If what he tells me is true, we'll want him to testify to a Grand Jury and we will have to protect him. I don't want to sound too negative but I seriously doubt he will be able to tell us anything we don't already know. Now Tommy, you said that you knew about the killing at Fong Chow, what can you tell me about it?"

"I'm the one that shot Jensen Louie."

"You shot Jensen, we thought it was retribution for Anthony Wong's killing."

"No, I shot Anthony too."

"You shot Anthony, why would you shoot Jensen too?"

"To get back at the Tong."

"What did they do to you?"

"It's not what they did to me, they kidnapped my sister as punishment for questioning an order and then tried to kill me."

"Who gave the order?"

"Winston Chang."

"Who's Winston Chang?"

"He's one of the bosses of the Family Organization and Fong Chow gang."

"I've never heard of him."

"That's because he lives in Hong Kong and never comes to America. He does everything by phone."

"I can see this is going to take quite a while to finish. Its almost quitting time so we're going to put you up in a safe house for tonight, don't worry Tommy, you'll be protected. You were smart to ask for immunity, Tommy, or you would be facing murder charges right now, even though the men you killed were scum, they were human beings."

Bob called for several agents to take Tommy to the safe house and instructed them to be aware, Tommy was a sure target from the Tongs.

The safe house, if one were to call it that, was really a hotel room with no access to it other than the door, which made it easy to guard. Tommy removed his fanny-pack and clothes, washed his face and went to bed. He tried to sleep but the events of the day prohibited that, so he tossed and turned all night. He was also worried that the men guarding him might kill him, Tommy trusted no one.

Tommy was returned to the Federal Building the next morning and brought to a larger interrogation room. This room had a one-way mirror and a camera to record the interrogation session. Bob Lew had checked Tommy's story and found that what he had told him was true, Tommy had indeed told the truth and was a very evil person. Because of this Bob had called several agents to watch the interrogation of Tommy and to learn that you can't judge a book by its cover, so to speak. To look at Tommy, you would expect him to be a handsome, well-dressed college student, but in reality he was a cold-blooded killer. The men observing the meeting were, Stan Wilson, Martin West, and Mark Conrad.

"So this is the big time gangster," said Stan, "You wouldn't know it by looking at him."

"They said that he killed those two guys in Chinatown, he must be one mean son of a bitch, both of them were gangsters," responded Martin. "I've questioned dozens of guys for murder and most at least looked the part, but this guy is too handsome, there's something weird here."

Stan had been with the FBI for eleven years and was working his way into the crime task force and wanted to see how easy it was to deceive people by ones looks. Martin was the mentor of the group, having been an agent for thirty years and was only five years from retirement. He could have retired already except the lure of excitement kept him on the job. Mark was what would be termed as a newby, a rookie, and because of his boyish looks one that could infiltrate high schools to study drug trafficking.

"Mark, I want you to watch this carefully and learn what to watch for when you meet someone you have suspicions about. There will always be something to tip them off to you, is there anything different that you can see about this boy?"

"No, not really."

"You know what the kids look like that go to state don't you?"


"What's different about this boy?"

"The way he's dressed?"

"That's right, he's too clean looking, almost like a model, student's don't dress like that, he's too perfect, oh here's Bob."

Bob entered the interrogation room and greeted Tommy.

"Good Morning Tommy, I trust you slept well?" asked Bob.

"No, not really, it's very difficult to sleep when you know you're being hunted."

"Well hopefully we'll be able to take care of that for you, now let's get started. I'm sure you noticed the mirror, there are some men behind it that will be watching us while I question you and we are recording everything we will be talking about and by law I have to inform you of that, do you understand what I just told you?"


"Let's get started then, I think I'll work backward from when you came to us, make the clock run backward so to speak. You came to us because you were being hunted?"


"By whom?"

"By the Fong Chow Tong."

"And you were a member of that group?"


"What were your duties?"

"What ever they asked me to do."

"What was the last thing they asked of you?"

"To kill a rival Tong member."

"And did you do that?"

"Yes, in a restaurant on Washington Street. I shot his bodyguards too. I don't know if they died, I just wanted to get away."

"You're lucky, no they didn't die. They're wounds were pretty bad but they will survive. Why did you kill him?"

"I had too, if I didn't the Tong would have killed my family."

"How do you know that?"

"Because when I refused the first time they kidnapped my sister and told me if I refused worse things would happen to her."

"I don't recall hearing anything about that around here, where did that happen?"

"In Vancouver."

"In Vancouver, are you telling me that they have the same gang in Vancouver?"

"The gang is all over, here, Vancouver, New York, Hong Kong, anywhere there are Chinese people.

"And you know this for a fact?"

"Yes, I was a member for seven years."

"How do know there is a connection between these Tongs?"

"From conversations and knowing the people in charge."

"Who's in charge?"

"The only man I ever met was Winston Chang. I met him when I lived in Hong Kong and he gave me orders when I came here. The leaders of the Tongs in the other cities answered to him, he has great power. I know there are other leaders but I never met them, but they all live in Hong Kong. I think the way it works is that Winston runs the Tongs here and the other leaders run the ones in Europe and in Asia, kind of like a committee."

"How many times did you see Winston Chang?"

"Only once, when they killed my best friend."

"Where did that happen?"

"In Hong Kong."

"Let's get back to what you did here. Why did you kill Jensen Louie?"

"To get back at the Tong for kidnapping my sister. I was angry so I shot Jensen in anger. I shouldn't have done that because they killed my family in retribution for what I had done and were going to kill me too if I hadn't come here. It sent a lesson to all the members that you didn't cross them or more than just you were in trouble."

"How did you know there was a connection between here and let's say New York?"

"Because when I was living in Vancouver, I was in the office of Larry Leong. He is the head of the Vancouver Tong. He was talking to me when his phone rang. He answered it and referred to the other person as Carlton. I already knew Carlton was the head of the New York Tong and Larry told him that Winston had called and was very angry because Carlton had expanded his operation into Brooklyn. He said that could bring the police to us and he didn't want that or a gang war with the black gangs and to just stay to ourselves."

"Then what happened?"

"Larry became heated with the conversation, apparently Carlton didn't want to listen to Larry because they were equals in the organization so he told Carlton he would have to deal with Winston regarding the matter. Larry slammed the phone down and swore, he was really pissed off. "Winston told me to relay the message to Carlton and he doesn't want to listen, I'll bet Winston replaces him after this," he said. After that Larry was pretty open with me and we built a trust with each other. Most times he would have me leave his office when Winston called but after that he let me stay in the room during his conversations. One time Winston called and told Larry to have a certain individual killed as a lesson to other members of the Tong and it was done."

"Tell us more about what you did in San Francisco."

"I really didn't do much here other than distribute drugs and attend school. It wasn't until I was ordered to kill Anthony that I became more visible and that Winston started to call me directly."

"How did you feel about that?"

"I didn't like it because I was able to lie low and not be too involved in the daily operation of the gang. When Winston called me and asked me to shoot Anthony, I knew that meant that I was going to have to be more active in the Tong and I didn't want that, I wanted out of this kind of life."

"Tell us what you did in Vancouver?"

"I would run drugs and seduce girls into prostitution."

"How did you do that?"

"I would take them to bed and after getting them ready to orgasm I would inject them with heroin and then would get them off. The high from the drugs and sex made it easy. They were hooked on the heroin and had to work for us to get high, it was simple."

"Where did you get the drugs?"

"From the family. Winston had the girls in Hong Kong teach me how to do what I did and when I came to Vancouver that's what I did."

"Did you kill anyone in Vancouver?"

"No. Just in Hong Kong and San Francisco."

"So let me get this straight, Winston called all the shots and directed his people in the various cities to comply?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Who controlled Winston?"

"I don't know but I think it might have been someone in the government."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because the family association was never busted for anything. It was obvious that we were behind many of the dealings and yet nothing ever happened to us."

"What government?"

"I have no idea, it's just a feeling I had."

"Can you connect the dots better than you have already?"

"Give me a piece of paper and I'll make a tree of the organization as I know it, you know with Winston at the top and then go down as responsibility does."

Bob Lew handed Tommy a piece of graph paper and watched as Tommy drew lines and entered names at intersections. When he had finished there were over a hundred names on the paper.

"This is pretty impressive Tommy, are you sure these are all members of the Tong?"

"As many as I could remember."

"Most of the names are from Hong Kong and Vancouver, but there are still at least twenty-five from here. I'm going to forward this information to the Canadian Mounted Police and the authorities in Hong Kong, I'm impressed Tommy."

"Thank you, now do I get a new identity?" asked Tommy.

"You bet you do, we need to talk some more tomorrow and then we will bring you back to Colorado and give you a new life."

Tommy returned the following day and corroborated his testimony and then was on a private plane to his new life



Mialing worked her Tuesday shift and kept thinking about her date with Mark. Why am I doing this, I should never have accepted the invitation I'm so stupid, but he makes me feel good, oh I'm so frustrated.

Wednesday found Mialing at the mall trying to find a dress. It has to be perfect she thought. Mialing tried on ten different dresses until she found the one she wanted. It was a little black dress except the back was cut below her waist and was held together with four strings that went across the back so the dress would hold its shape. The front was cut low enough to allow her cleavage to show to the bottom of her breasts. The hem stopped three inches above her knees. Mialing then found black sandals with four-inch heels to go with the dress. After that she had her nails done in her favorite color, red. While at the salon she had her hair trimmed of split ends, and then it was washed and dried.

Mialing then went home to bathe and dress for her date with Mark.

Mialing drew her bath, adding bubble solution to the water. She disrobed, wrapped her hair in a towel and stepped into the bubbly liquid. She took the sponge in her hand and rubbed it over her body. Mialing had learned years ago that a soft sponge was the best way to clean ones body with out being harsh to the skin. As the soft sponge moved over her breasts her nipples became hard and as she rubbed them she became aroused. Her mind drifted to Mark and his cute smile, his funny personality and his puppy dog eyes when he watched her. She barely knew this man and yet he was having an impact on her, she didn't want to become involved, she wanted no strings of attachment and yet he was awakening new feelings in her and she was confused, she didn't know how she should react to what was happening to her. The more she thought of Mark and the more she rubbed her breasts, the more inflamed she was becoming until she shuttered with the orgasm that coursed through her body. Mialing sighed as she gathered her thoughts. She reached for her razor and daintily shaved her legs and underarms and then she exited the tub. She felt alive after her bath and the sexual relief that had occurred in the tub. When she had pleasured herself in the past she would normally just think of the intense feelings that were occurring, but this time she had fantasized about a man while she did it, was she having feelings for this man?

Mialing finished drying off and sat at her table to apply her makeup. When Mialing worked at the casino she wore minimal makeup, a little eyeliner, some mascara, and lipstick but tonight she wanted to make an impression so she went all out. She had beautiful eyes to start with but when she was done putting on three different shadows, lining her eyes and three layers of mascara, they shown like jewels. Lastly she lined her lips, added lipstick and then gloss to make them shine, and finally a little blush on her cheeks. If this doesn't impress Mark, nothing will, Mialing giggled to herself.

Mialimg rolled the sheer nude panty hose carefully up her smooth shapely legs and then lowered her dress down over her head. She cupped her breasts into the supports that were sewn into the dress and pulled the satin fabric so it wouldn't wrinkle. Last came her sandals, which she slipped her feet into and buckled the ankle strap, being careful not to chip a nail. Mialing rose and looked at her reflection in the mirror and pulled the fabric tight over her breasts. The dress was spectacular, starting three inches above her knees and tightly following her curves up to her breasts where it opened and followed the curve of her breasts and then over her shoulders and down her back to just below her waist. The only thing that held it together were four dainty black straps that went across her lightly tanned back. She brushed her hair until it the light reflected off of it and let it fall softly to her waist allowing just the barest amount of skin to show below it. Mialing was perched on four-inch heels and looked like the goddess she was. She turned and found a lacy black wrap to put over her shoulders when it was time to leave with Mark.

It wasn't long before her intercom buzzed and it was Mark so she buzzed him in.

Mark knocked on her door when he reached her apartment, He could hear her heels clicking on the Pergo flooring as she walked to open the door.

Mialing opened the door and said, "Hi."

Mark was standing with a dozen long stem roses in his hand and opened his mouth to greet her back but nothing came out, Mark was speechless. Never in his life had he seen anything as beautiful as the vision that greeted him at the door.

"Cat got your tongue?" giggled Mialing.

"Uhh, uhh, no, hi, I brought these for you," stammered Mark as he handed the roses to Mialing.

"Oh, they're beautiful, thank you, come in, let me put them in a vase and then we can go."

"My God Mialing, you look beautiful."

"Thank you, you look pretty good yourself."

"Mark was wearing a dark gray Armani suit. It was obvious that he had is hair cut earlier in the day and was trying to impress Mialing and he was doing a pretty good job of it. Mialing found a vase, filled it with water, trimmed the roses and placed them in the vase. She carried them out and placed the vase on her coffee table.

"These roses are beautiful, you shouldn't have bought them," said Mialing.

"Its the least I could do for a woman as pretty as you."

Mialing grabbed her wrap and said, "Ready?"

"If you are, let's go."

Mialing locked her door and the couple walked to the limo Mark had rented for the evening. The driver opened the rear door of the Lincoln Town Car for them to enter. Mark held Mialing's hand to help her in. She lowered herself onto the seat and swung her legs into the vehicle. God what beautiful legs Mark thought as watched her move them into the car. Mark walked to the other side of the car and entered. The driver then drove them to the restaurant.

Mark escorted Mialing into the restaurant where they were seated by the host. The host held Mialing's chair for her and then opened her napkin and put it on her lap.

"Your waiter will be right with you," he said as he turned and walked away.

"May I get you something to drink?" asked the waiter when he approached the table.

"Mialing, would you like something?" asked Mark.

"Just a glass of water, please," she responded. Mialing had never acquired a taste for alcohol and pretty much just drank water.

"I'd like an iced tea," responded Mark. No sense drinking alcohol if my date isn't, the smell can be a real turn off for the other person and Mark didn't want to make any mistakes with his date.

The waiter presented the menu and left to get the drinks.

"What would you like," asked Mark?

"Mmm, it all looks so good, I think I'll have the seared ahi tuna."

The waiter returned and placed the drinks in front of Mialing and Mark.

"May I take your orders?" he asked.

"The lady will have the tuna and I'd like the rib steak, rare please."

"Very good sir, would you like an appetizer to start?"

"Mialing would you like something?"

"Would you share the hearts of palm with me?"

"Sure, we would like the hearts of palm and two plates please."

"Thank you sir."

Mialing liked the way Mark was treating her, with respect and wanted to know more about this man.

"So, Mark, were you raised around here?"

"No, I was born and raised in San Francisco. My father was a cop and I kind of followed him into the field except I think I watched too many movies and wanted excitement so I joined the FBI."

"And did you find your excitement there?"

"At times, especially when I go undercover, but most of the time it's just a lot of paperwork and sitting around."

"Don't you worry that you might get hurt?" Mialing asked.

"No, you really don't think about it, I guess if I did I wouldn't do it."

"Undercover seems awfully dangerous."

"It can be, but what about you, don't you get bored dealing all the time?"

"You get used to it, it can be fun and you do meet interesting people, see I met you," flirted Mialing as she giggled.

"Tell me more about you, where were you raised?"

"In Hong Kong, I went to an all girl's Catholic school. My parents sent me there to learn English and that's why I have a slight British accent."

"I think it's lovely, what else did you do?"

"I was on the basketball team. I thought I was tall, but there were three girls taller than me on the team. One girl was over six feet tall, she was English and when we played I envied her so, but when I finished school I was glad I didn't grow anymore than I did, even now I feel tall for a girl."

"You're not that tall." Mark exclaimed.

"A girl my height in the orient is tall, I can't wear heels when I'm with most of the men because they aren't much taller than me."

"I guess it's a good thing you moved here then, with American men you can keep the shoe stores in business," laughed Mark.

"Silly," giggled Mialing.

The waiter brought them their hearts of palm and split the order onto their plates and left.

"Mmm, this tastes good," said Mialing.

"It tastes very similar to artichokes," answered Mark.

"Did you like playing basketball?" asked Mark.

"I loved it and being part of a team was special, did you play sports in school?" asked Mialing.

"I ran cross country in the fall and played baseball in the spring. I was the second baseman for good old Lincoln High School."

"Were you good?"

"Of coarse, at least my parents thought I was but if I was really good I would have played professionally but the scouts came to see two player on our team and I wasn't one of them. I think parents think their children are better than they really are. What about you, were you good?"

"I could shoot pretty well and our team won the championship but no I really wasn't that good. Maybe for Hong Kong but if I had gone to school here, I would have been on the second team."

The waiter cleared their plates and brought the main course and served the couple.

"Oh this is so good, would you like a taste?" asked Mialing


"Mialing cut a piece of tuna and fed it into Mark's mouth with her fork. Mialing had never done anything as intimate as this with a man before, sharing her food and feeding it to him, she was acting like a woman in love and it scared her.

Mark had noticed her hand tremble slightly when she placed the tuna in his mouth and asked, "Are you alright?"

"Yes I'm fine, that was the first time I ever did that and for some reason it frightened me. Going to an all girl's school insulated me from boys and I've never felt comfortable dating until now, so you'll have to excuse me if I seem a bit off."

Mialing had just shared a most intimate part of her life with Mark and it made an impression, this girl was like a flower in spring, a lovely bud just beginning to open, a flower that needed nurturing and loving care.

"Haven't you dated before? You're so beautiful you must be asked out all the time."

"Yes, men do ask me out but I have never been sure enough of myself to date. I might join them for a casual dinner but that was all, I was always afraid."

"I hope I don't scare you?"

Mialing reached across the table and took Mark's hand in hers and said, "No, I feel safe with you." She let her hand linger a moment longer before releasing his.

Mark wasn't sure of what he should say. Her hand was so pretty as it lay on his, the light from the candle dancing on her nails was making him feel light headed.

"I would never do anything to hurt you, Mialing," he said, even her name was magical. Mark was losing himself in the girl's beauty and innocence.

Mialing watched Mark's face studying his every expression. As he spoke she saw kindness and a boyish quality and yet he had an air of confidence that made her feel sure of herself. When she spoke his face showed something else, it shined as though it was capturing the light of the sun and hanging on every word she said and when she laughed, it was as though he melted, Mark was a very special man.

The dinner was becoming very intimate and both Mark and Mialing were falling into its trap. It was as though the rest of the universe didn't exist for them anymore, they were becoming as one. As they ate the conversation just drifted away until they just watched each other feeling the thoughts that radiated across the table, Mark and Mialing were falling in love.

The waiter interrupted their thoughts when he asked, "Are you finished?"

"Yes, would you like dessert, Mialing?"

"Of coarse, girls always like dessert," she said.

The waiter brought the dessert menu and cleared the dishes.

"The cheesecake sounds good, I think I'll have that," said Mialing.

Mialing finished her cheesecake after sharing half with Mark.

"I have to freshen up, I'll be right back," she said.

Mark came around the table and moved her chair for her as she rose. Mialing went to the ladies room and checked her makeup for any damage. After repairing her lipstick she returned to the table. Mark had just finished paying the bill.

"Would you like to go dancing?" he asked.

"I'd love to," she answered.

Mark escorted Mialing to the limo and they drove to a casino that was known for having the best dance floor in Vegas.

The couple entered and found a table and then ordered drinks before they began to dance. Mialing was a very good dancer, learning from her girl friends and then honing her skills when she went out on the all girls nights. Mark was passable, he definitely wasn't Fred Astare but most men aren't. The couple danced and danced with all the dances being fast. Mark was starting to wonder if they ever had slow dances here when his prayers were answered. He gathered Mialing into his arms and began to dance. His right hand was behind her back and his left held her right hand in his. With his right hand he felt the softness of her hair as it fell on her back and as the dance progressed her smooth skin beneath it. His hand slowly caressed Mialing's back as they moved to the music. Mialing felt Mark's hand on her back and as it moved she felt the need to lay her head on his shoulder. She felt his hand caressing her skin and she became aware of the subtle movement of his body against hers, more specifically her breasts, she was becoming aroused. Then she felt something else against her, his penis, it was growing hard against her hip. She had never felt anything like this before, her life had been sheltered and yet she liked what was happening to her. She was falling in love with Mark and as a woman liked knowing he wanted her. He didn't have to say anything to her, his body was saying all that needed to be said. The dance ended and the couple returned to their table for some refreshment. After resting they danced for several more hours and decided to call it an evening.

The limo drove Mialing and Mark to Mialing's apartment and Mark walked Mialing to her door.

"Mark, I had a wonderful evening tonight, thank you," Mialing said, as she faced Mark.

"I did too, may I see you again?"

"Oh yes, anytime."

If Mark hadn't asked Mialing probably would have slapped him.

"Would tomorrow be too soon?"

"Tomorrow, what do you have in mind?"

"Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?"

"No, I haven't," she answered. Mialing never really ventured out of Vegas and hadn't even been to Hoover Dam let alone the Grand Canyon.

"Would you like to go?"

"I'd love to, what time will you pick me up?"

"I have to rent a car before I can get you, how about eight o'clock?"

"Okay, what should I bring?"

"Wear something comfortable and bring a change for dinner. If the day grows too long we might have to get a room to sleep so that would be up to you. If you want we can get two rooms, I want you to have fun and not worry about me doing something to you."

Mark was addressing her fears, she liked that, it showed he had class. Mark knew she would worry about him if they were to sleep in the same room and knowing that she was a virgin made him that much more aware of the situation.

"I'll be ready," she answered.

Silence followed, the couple looked into each other's eyes, Mark wanting to kiss the girl of his dreams and Mialing wanting to be kissed for what would be her first romantic kiss. Indecision wracked Mark's brain, what should I do, maybe she doesn't want me too, God I want to so badly, no I'll scare her, do it, better not, what should I do?

Mialing watched and could tell what was going on in Mark's head and finally she moved closer to his face.

Mark understood the signal Mialing was giving him and lowered his lips to hers. When they touched it felt like all that was good past between them. Mark felt the softness of her lips as they pressed together taking his breath away. Never in his life had a woman made him feel this way, he would do anything to have her forever.

Mialing felt Mark's lips pressing against hers and the roughness of his face. It felt so manly and strong, she felt protected in his arms. She felt safe. She never wanted the kiss to end as she held him tight.

The kiss finally ended after several minutes but the romance didn't. Mialing was in love and for the first time in her life felt comfortable with a man. She entered her apartment and watched Mark until he drove away in the limo. She then removed her clothing and went to bed after removing her makeup.

Her dreams that night were ones of love. She and Mark were married and lived in a little white cottage with a picket fence all around. They did nothing but kiss and hug all day long until it was time for bed and then Mark swooped her up in his arms and carried her to bed. "I love you more than life it self," he said and then laid her on the bed. He slowly removed her clothes and climbed above her and lowered himself until, "Briiiiiing," the alarm went off.

It was already six AM and Mark would be here in two hours and she still had to pack.

Mialing took a quick shower and washed her hair. She hated it after she had been out and her hair smelled of cigarette smoke. When she finished it smelled like flowers once again. What to wear, he said casual, I know, shorts and a tube top. Mialing dressed and then packed a nice skirt and blouse for dinner, a change of clothes for tomorrow, just in case, and closed her overnight bag. It wasn't a moment too soon as Mark rang her buzzer.

"Wow you look great," Mark said as Mialing opened the door, " Are you ready to go?"

"Let me grab my bag and lock the door."

Mark took Mialing's bag from her and carried it to the car. He opened her door for her and watched as she slid in. It was already getting warm and he watched her legs glisten in the sun. She was wearing short white shorts, a tan tube top and four-inch wedge sandals.

"I hope you have some other shoes to wear, we might be walking a lot at the canyon?" he asked.

"I have some in my bag," Mialing answered. She had decided to wear these shoes because she knew they made her legs look good and she wanted to impress Mark.

"Would you like to stop for something on the way?" asked Mark.

"God yes, I'm never up this early."

"Let's stop at Starbuck's, I need the caffeine," laughed Mark.

The couple stopped for coffee at Starbuck's, and soon were on their way. Thirty minutes later they had stopped at Hoover Dam and decided to take the short tour of the dam. As they walked Mark put his arm around Mialing's shoulders. Her skin felt soft and smooth as he held her. Mialing liked having Mark's arm where it was, it reminded her of some of the romantic movies she had seen. She leaned into him and looked up at him. Mark lowered his lips to hers and kissed her softly. Mialing felt a thrill run through her body when he did, so this is what love is like, now she knew. The tour took an hour to complete and when it was finished the couple continued on the way to Grand Canyon.

Mark had decided to go to the south rim and the drive took many hours. They stopped in Williams and had a late lunch and then drove the rest of the way to their destination.

The couple arrived and Mialing was overwhelmed by the immensity of the canyon.

"I've never seen anything so large, it's beautiful," she exclaimed.

"Yes it is, let's stop and buy some souvenirs," Mark said.

Mark parked the car and the couple walked to the store with Mark's arm back around Mialing's shoulders. It wasn't long before their lips were touching again. Love is a wonderful thing in its infancy.

"Let's get this," Mialing said as she held up a figurine of two babies kissing and inscribed with the Grand Canyon logo.

"You can have anything you want, sweetheart."

The term of endearment wasn't lost on Mialing as her heart warmed and she smiled.

They were soon off to the first observation point and parked the car to take photos.

"Stand next to the rail and smile," said Mark as he snapped Mialing's picture.

"Now you," she said as they switched positions.

Mark being the guy he was stepped over the railing and pretended to fall. He had observed a ledge just below the edge and knew he was in no danger falling too far.

Mialing screamed, "Mark," and ran to where he was. Mark popped his head up laughing with glee, he had fooled his girl friend.

"You brat, you scared the life out of me, that wasn't funny," Mialing said as tears formed in her eyes.

Mark realized that his joke wasn't funny to Mialing, how stupid he thought, that was a guy thing, not something you do to someone who cares about you. Mark climbed up and went to her and held her in his arms.

"I'm so sorry, I didn't think it would bother you like this."

"It did, I care for you Mark, please don't do something like that again okay?"

She has feelings for me, oh God, oh God, don't blow it now, treat her like the porcelain doll she is. Mialing wiped her eyes and pushed herself away from Mark and started to walk back to the car. She was upset, not so much at Mark but at herself. She had just admitted to him that she liked him more than just as a friend. She was angry with herself for lowering her guard and letting this man into her heart, she was in a state of confusion.

Mark ran after her and touched her shoulder and asked, "Mialing, what's wrong?"

Mialing turned around, her eyes full of tears again and responded. "Oh Mark, I didn't want this to happen, please hold me."

Mark took Mialing into his arms and felt her sobbing. What have I done to this girl, it was just a joke and now, if I've ruined it with her I'll never forgive myself.

Mialing stopped crying and held Mark tight, she felt so foolish for being this way. She pulled her head back from his chest and put her arms around his neck and kissed him. She kissed him in a way she had never done before and Mark was responding. Her lips parted and Mark pushed his tongue into her mouth and caressed her tongue with his. Mialing was becoming inflamed. Her nipples were growing hard and she was feeling something new to her, lust, she wanted this caring man. The kiss lasted for minutes and finally the couple broke for air.

"Mark, this isn't easy for me, I've tried to be a private person all my life. The last thing I wanted with my life was to share it with someone but now I've met you and I don't know what I should feel, you've made me see something new in my life and I discovered that something was missing and when you played that joke on me, I thought I had lost what I had just found, I think I love you Mark and I don't want to lose you."

"Mialing, I love you too, I'll never do anything so stupid again."

The couple touched lips again but in a show of love rather than lust. They parted their lips and continued their travel along the canyon.

It was dark by the time they reached Flagstaff. Mark found a nice motel and asked if Mialing wanted a separate room.

"I trust you, just ask for separate beds," she answered.

Mark registered and they went to the room. The room had two queen sized beds and the usual TV and dresser.

"I'm going to take a shower, I feel like I'm covered with dirt," said Mialing as she walked to the bathroom.

"Okay, I'll take mine after you're done," responded Mark.

Mialing entered the bathroom and closed the door. She turned on the water and removed her clothes. She looked in the mirror and giggled when she saw the tan line from her tube top. She adjusted the temperature and stepped into the shower. The water felt good as it cascaded over her body. Mialing took the complimentary shampoo and washed her hair, it felt good to be clean again. Mialing soaped her body and reflected on all that had happened that day. She had found love and she had discovered lust. She thought about her first tongue kiss and felt her nipples harden and reveled in the pleasure of her touch as she washed herself. Mialing lost herself remembering the intense feelings she had when Mark's tongue rubbed against hers and how it made her want something else, she had wanted Mark to make love to her. The only thing holding her back was the great amount of insecurity she had about relationships but now Mialing was on fire as she finished her shower. She dried herself and wrapped her towel around her breasts and exited the bathroom. Mark looked up and saw the incredible beauty that had just exited the bathroom. All she was wearing was the towel that extended to just above mid-thigh. Mark looked at Mialing and saw that her lips were parted and she was trembling.

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" he asked. He was afraid she might be having second thoughts about him again and if she wanted a separate room that was fine, he loved her and didn't want to do anything to jeopardize that.

Mialing looked at Mark, let her towel fall from her body and said, "Take me."






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