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Me Up There

by Jennifer White


Johnny had always loved Sarah from afar. Back when he first saw her, he knew that she was "the one" for him. As he got to know her, his heart told him that it was true: he loved her. But he was too shy to make a move, and she already had a boyfriend anyway. The best he was able to settle on, was to be just a friend to her. He relished any chance he got to be with her though! Those were the moments he lived for.

Each night, he would go to be thinking of her. She was on his mind constantly, and he wished that he could be with Sarah. The only time he even thought of a girl who wasn't her, was when he masturbated. He wanted to keep his love for her "pure", and he didn't want to think of her as just someone that he fucked. She was something different, something special. So at those times when he needed a release, he imagined another girl, perhaps one from the copy of Playboy he received in the mail each month.

* * *

One day, Johnny opened the mail, and his worst fear came true. There was an invitation for him, in a fancy envelope. He opened it up, and wept out loud as he read that he was being invited to Sarah's wedding. She was going to marry her boyfriend Tony, and Johnny's hopes were immediately dashed. She was supposed to be his!

Now he would never have her. She would say her vows, and then she'd be Tony's wife. They would have sex. And she might even start having babies. It revolted Johnny and turned his stomach to think of Tony violating his pure ideal woman! Of course, he all but knew that they were already going to bed together, but marriage would make it official, and forever keep him from his goal of being with *her*.

It took him three days to get himself together enough to go back to work. With the greatest reluctance, he accepted the invitation. He knew it was an important thing for a girl to have her family and friends there at a special moment like her wedding. And she had asked him to attend. He could at least console himself that she thought of him as a close enough friend to want him there in person.

He went shopping at the department store where the couple had registered, and he made sure to pick out something from their list that was definitely for *her*, not for *them*. As he was driving him, he thought of all the things he would tell her, if only he had the chance. Suddenly it dawned on him: why not write her a letter? He might be too scared to say it in person, but he could find the courage to put his thoughts onto paper. She might read them, and change her mind!

Johnny sat down and began to scribble some notes. He made one draft after the next, until he thought he had it all right. Then he rewrote it, using careful clean penmanship so that she would be impressed. He wrote "Urgent" as well as "Personal and Confidential" on the envelope, in case Tony saw it first. It had to be for Sarah's eyes only.

Now came the hard part: waiting! Days and days passed, with Johnny imagining where the letter might be. The post office. The mail truck. Then finally delivered to her apartment. He waited, hoping to hear from her. Days passed, and he felt despondent. But then one day, when he came home from work, his spirits lifted. Sarah had left a message on his answering machine! And better yet, she asked if he would meet her at the local coffee shop that evening. Overjoyed, Johnny took a shower, then put on his best set of casual clothes, before rushing to meet his beloved Sarah.

Johnny sat there nervously at the coffee shop, sipping an espresso, and trying to read the newspaper. He was too nervous though, and about every third word, he had to look up to see if she had arrived yet. When he finally saw her arrive, his face lit up! But just as fast, he crashed back down when he saw that Tony was there, holding her hand.

Sarah and Tony sat down at Johnny's table, and they made small talk until the waitress took their order. When she delivered the cups of hot, steaming coffee to them, they finally got down to discussion. Sarah very gently let Johnny know that she was in love with Tony, and that they were going to be married, no matter what.

"I know how you feel" she said gently, touching Johnny's hand. "Imagine how you think of me. That's how special Tony is to me. I know you want for me to be happy. Being with *him* is what makes me feel good. You're a very nice guy, and I'm sure that out there somewhere is the right girl for you. You're someone very special, and we want for you to be a part of our lives. We both want you to be our friend."

Johnny pretended to act bravely, although he was dying on the inside as she talked, with Tony holding her hand in his. He didn't want to hear her say she wanted to be with Tony! She was supposed to be with him instead! When the couple left him, Johnny rushed home, and cried himself to sleep, still in his clothes.

* * *

In the months leading up the wedding, Johnny tried to let his heart turn to stone. He promised himself not to get all emotional, and cry in public. It would take all of his strength to put on a good show in public. But he knew that on the inside, he was still hopelessly in love with Sarah, and nothing could ever change that.

It seemed surreal as he sat in the pew at the church, waiting for the ceremony to begin. He watched as the music started to play, and the wedding party approached the altar. Before long, the groomsmen were all standing at Tony's side, each with a black tux on. Across from them stood five of Sarah's friends, wearing their powder blue bridesmaid dresses. They all looked lovely with their hair done up, and all their makeup on. But they didn't catch Johnny's eye. They weren't *her*.

Now the music changed, and suddenly the whole crowd stood up. Johnny arose from his seat, and craned his neck to look for Sarah. Suddenly, there she was, walking up the aisle with her father. She looked absolutely stunning! She had on a gown of the purest white. It was a taffeta ball gown style, a pick-up skirt, chapel train, and a beaded lace bodice that glimmered in the spotlights as she moved. She had on a sheer veil, but he could see her radiant face beneath it. Her French-manicured fingernails showed through the fingerless gloves she wore, with lace extending from her palms up to her elbows.

Johnny gasped. She was beyond perfection. Stunning. Awesome. Breathtaking. His Sarah, for the last time. Soon she would belong to Tony. He had mixed emotions. She never looked so lovely before, but he was about to lose her forever. He attention was so rapt on her that he was still standing as everyone else was told to be seated. Embarrassed, he sat down, his eyes locked on Sarah.

As the ceremony proceeded, Johnny felt a sense of tightness in his chest. His dear precious Sarah was about to become *Mrs.* Tony Vaselli. She stood there holding Tony's hand, as they prepared to exchange vows. With his heart breaking, Johnny let out a desperate wish, from his innermost self. With all of his heart and soul, he cried out "I wish it was *me* up there."

Sometimes the world seems to be ruled by logic and science. Physical laws govern what can and cannot be done. But at times, there is also magic in the world, even if most are blind to it or ignore it if they see it, dismissing it as an anomaly or an illusion. But magic is real. And in the blink of an eye, everything changed. Johnny's cry was heard, and in a flash, his desperate plea was granted. Suddenly, it *was* him up there on the altar, about to be married.

But something was not quite right. When he made the wish in his heart, his eyes had still been locked in on Sarah. He had only seen *her*, and nothing else. Whatever force it was that tried to help him by granting his deepest wish had either made a mistake, or had played the biggest joke on him possible. Johnny was on the altar, but he was no longer himself. He was *Sarah* now. He had become her.

"Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" asked the reverend.

Johnny was in a state of total shock. Yes, he had just wished for it to be him up there, but not as the bride! He was in Sarah's body now! He was in a wedding dress! He felt a sense of complete panic, as the shock of suddenly being a woman hit him. He had Sarah's large boobs. He had a pussy! He was in her body now.

Johnny shot a glance into the audience where he had just been sitting. He saw his true self out there. Hope helpless he felt, being a woman all of a sudden. One who was about to say "I do" and become a *wife*. He could see that shocked look on the face of his true self. If he was in Sarah's body now, she must have been in his. He saw the posture that his male body was standing in. It was definitely a girl in there. Sarah. She moved her lips, mouthing the words "I do".

Johnny realized in a flash that she was prompting him to say it, so that everybody would be stuck waiting there on him. He was her now, and he could put a stop to it all! He could *not* say the words, and the wedding would be off. Then Sarah wouldn't belong to Tony anymore. But he also knew that she would be more than upset if he made it look like she walked away at the last possible moment. She would hate him for that! He really did love her, and he could not do that to her. So it was with great reluctance that he spoke.

"I do" he said, although it was *so* strange to hear Sarah's voice come out when *he* spoke! It sounded a little richer and more resonant coming from his own mouth, instead of hearing it through the air. Everyone relaxed, now that he had said the words.

"You may now kiss the bride" said the reverend.

Everyone clapped as Tony leaned forward to kiss the person he thought was his wife Sarah. But it was really Johnny in there! He was revolted that he was about to be kissed by a man, but there was nothing he could do about it. And it would have embarrassed Sarah to no end if he had resisted. So he could do nothing but let it happen, as much as it disgusted him.

As Tony locked lips with him, Johnny was disgusted. All he could think of was how he was going to be able to switch back to his true self! He wished with all his heart that he was a man again, but nothing happened. The music started to play, and he was being led down the aisle before he knew it. Tony took him by the hand, and before he knew what was going on, they were in a limo with the rest of the wedding party. The champagne started to flow. Johnny needed a drink, badly! He gladly guzzled down several glasses, trying to calm his nerves.

"Slow down girl, you don't want to pass out on before your own wedding party!" said one of the bridesmaids.

Everyone was laughing and cheering. Johnny tried his best to smile, but it was very difficult. He didn't want to be a girl! As much as he loved Sarah, he wanted to be *with* her. He didn't want to *be* her! He felt revolted that he had become a female. A woman! No! He didn't want to have boobs! He didn't want to be in a wedding dress! He didn't want to have the long hair, the nails, or be in makeup! He could feel something constricting around his large boobs, supporting them. His wedding gown allowed for a clear look at the top of his boobs. They were awesome, beautiful, perfectly shaped, as well as being nice and firm. But they were *on* him! Ew!!!!

Johnny felt weak in the knees from it all. And being in Sarah's petite frame, the three glasses of champagne went straight to his head, and he felt dizzy and giddy. The laughter from everyone was contagious, and he found himself laughing too, although on the inside, he was feeling such pain. He didn't have a penis anymore! Instead, between his legs, he had a pussy now. He was a girl. He was a woman. A *married* woman, still in her wedding gown. No!!!!!

Johnny was so upset, that he started to cry. He didn't want to be a woman! He was completely revolted being in a wedding dress! He was disgusted looking down and seeing boobs on his chest. The tears started to flow, and he couldn't stop them.

"I know" said one of the girls, giving him a big hug. "I cried on my wedding day too. It's so wonderful, isn't it?"

She calmed Johnny, wiped away his tears, and helped fix his makeup. Being in a female body now, he felt so *emotional*. He couldn't stop the flood of strong emotions! He tried to think logically, but the feelings were so strong, now that he was in Sarah's body!

The limo arrived at the hall, and the wedding party was led inside. They were taking to a room in the back. Johnny saw that a photographer was setting up a tripod. He realized what was going on: it was time for all the wedding pictures. He was going to have to pose with all of the girls, and with Tony, as photo after photo was snapped. He realized how important this would be for Sarah, once they figured out how to switch back, so he knew that he was going to have to smile, and pretend to be a happy bride.

The photographer took pictures of Johnny with Tony, with Sarah's parents, with each of the bridesmaids, and of course with the entire wedding party all at once. Johnny felt weak in the knees as photo after photo was snapped. That was *him* standing there in the middle, being the glamorous bride. That was *him* in the white dress. That was *him* holding hands with Tony. That was *him* holding a dozen roses, and smiling for the camera. That was *him* with a pussy between his legs.

And of course, that made him shudder, as he realized what would go on that night with Tony. He *had* to find a way to get back to being his true self, before he had to consummate the marriage! There was no way he could do that!

As soon as the pictures were done, Johnny took the first opportunity to get another drink. He just didn't feel like he could get through the ordeal sober. He would have loved to drink a scotch or something strong, but he settled for white wine, which seemed more appropriate for a bride to drink.

The wedding guests were starting to filter into the hall now, and the band began to play soft instrumental music. The wedding party was supposed to stay back, so they could be introduced and brought in once everyone was in place. Johnny sat down, sipping his wine, as Tony wanted to hold his hand and talk.

"You're so pretty" said Tony. "I've never seen you glow so much. You're the most beautiful bride in the world. I'm a lucky man to have a woman like you as my wife."

Johnny shuddered all over. That was just about the last thing he wanted to hear! But he had to keep up appearances.

"Aw" he said. It still felt so strange to hear Sarah's voice when he spoke! "I am a lucky woman to have a husband like you."

But that just made things worse: now Tony wanted to kiss again. All of the girls in the wedding party said "aw!!" as their lips touched. Johnny's stomach turned. He had just kissed a man. Again.

There was a knock on the door, and one of the girls went to see who it was. Her shiny skirt made a swishing noise as she turned to walk away. Johny was staring at her boobs, thinking how hot she was. But that just made him feel worse: he was even hotter now! He was in Sarah's body, and she was the most attractive woman in the entire world.

At the door, he heard a familiar voice. *His*. He looked up, and saw his true self there.

"What's that loser doing here?" asked Tony. "Did you really have to invite him to our wedding?"

"Don't ever speak about him like that" snapped Johnny. "He's very sweet."

Johnny was almost going to add something like "I should have married him instead of a jerk like you", but he thought better of it. He stood up, and went over to greet "Johnny". As he looked at his true self, the posture that his real body was standing with seemed wrong, as was the way that Sarah was walking in his body. She was moving like a girl. It made it look like he was gay or something, and he felt disgusted. But he couldn't even think of criticizing his perfect Sarah! And this was all his own fault anyway. He hoped he wasn't walking like a man in *her* body, and making her look bad! But in the high heel shoes he wore, it was impossible to move like a man.

"Is there a room where we can have a moment alone?" said Johnny.

"Sure, over here" said one of the workers from the hall.

Johnny (in Sarah's body) and Sarah (in Johnny's body) went into the room, and closed the door.

"What have you done?" demanded Sarah, her hands on her hips, her face turning red with anger. Actually, his face. But it was her inside of his body now.

"I don't know!" he said. "One minute, I was watching you up on the altar, and the next moment, *this* happened!"

Johnny felt like he was going to cry again. He felt so upset!

"I don't understand how this could happen!" said Sarah. It was so strange to hear his own voice and see his own self, now that he was someone else.

"I don't either" he replied. "Every day for as long as I've known you, I've wished that we could be together. When you were exchanging vows, I wished it again, and then suddenly...."

"What exactly did you wish?" she asked.

"I think it was 'I wish that was me up there'. I wanted to be marrying you."

Sarah paused to consider.

"Have you wished that you could go back to be your true self?"

"Yes! Of course!" said Johnny. "I love you, but I don't want to *be* you! I am *so* sorry that I'm ruining your wedding day. I want you to be able to enjoy your party, instead of being stuck as *me*. I don't know how this happened, but....."

Johnny's voice trailed off. The tears were welling up in his eyes now.

"We have to find a way to switch back" said Sarah. At least she was thinking rationally. Johnny was too much of a wreck inside to even think now. Between the disgust of being in a woman's body, and the uncontrollable emotions, his mind was in chaos. He just nodded his agreement.

"Keep on wishing all night that we can switch back. I'll do the same. Maybe this is just temporary."

"I sure hope so" said Johnny. "I mean, I can't face tonight, with Tony, in bed....."

"You know" said Sarah, "I always thought you were really a nice guy. Even now, you're upset at yourself for ruining my wedding day. You're thinking of me first. So I tell you what I'm going to do for you. While I'm trapped in your body, I'm not going to act like you normally would. You're too shy. If you had made a move on me, maybe it *could* have been us up there. I'm going to do you a big favor. I'm going to find a nice girl, one who looks good and is a good person, and I'm going to pick her up. Then when we switch back, I'll have my Tony, and you'll have a girl of your own."

"Really?" said Johnny, his face lighting up.

"Yes" replied Sarah. "I know what a woman likes. I'll have everything all set up for you. You just have to figure out how to switch us back in time. I'm going to make her *want* you. You're going to go all the way tonight, with a hottie. Now if that isn't an incentive to switch back, I don't know what is."

"Not having to go to bed with Tony" said Johnny.

"Yes, that too" replied Sarah. "Now we had better get back. People will wonder why we were alone for so long. Don't do anything stupid while you're in my body."

"I won't" promised Johnny. "I won't ruin your party."

He closed his eyes, put his hand on his heart, and said: "I wish we could switch back, now!!!"

Johnny opened his eyes. Nothing had happened. He was still Sarah. He was going to have to face a night of being the blushing bride. With great sadness, he walked back out to rejoin the wedding party.

"There you are" said Sarah's mom. "We've been waiting for you."

It was time to announce the wedding party, and walk up to the head table. Johnny stood there was one by one they were called out, and they walked into the hall. When it was at last time for Tony and himself, they walked in, and were greeted with a standing ovation. They sat in the middle of the head table, up on a riser. And immediately, everyone started to clink their silverware on their glasses, indicating the wanted the newlyweds to kiss!

Johnny felt a sinking feeling as he leaned towards Tony, and shared another kiss. This was going to go on all night. He was going to have to kiss him again and again. His stomach turned, as he thought about the prospects.

The party went on, with all of the typical events. The meal. The toasts. The dancing. And one kiss after the other from Tony, on the request of the crowd. Johnny had to dance with Sarah's father, then with Tony, in front of everyone. He felt disgusted to be in a man's arms. He looked around helplessly, to see what Sarah was up to in his body. She was sitting next to a hot young blonde in a short black dress. They seemed to be getting on quite well. He tried even harder to wish they could switch back now! He wanted to go to bed with that blonde chick instead of Tony!

The blonde and Sarah (in his body) went out to dance. Sarah was a great dancer, and the girl seemed impressed. Johnny wasn't that great of a dancer, but he could blame his ineptitude on the gown. He wished they could switch back!

A while later, after yet another drink, Johnny saw that Sarah was kissing the girl. They were really getting it on now.

"I wish that was me down there!" he thought, as he wished with all of his heart. As Tony squeezed his hand and leaned over to whisper sweet nothings into his ear, he closed his eyes and wished again, again and again. But nothing happened.

The night was starting to draw to a close, and Johnny was now sweating bullets. Time was running out! People were leaving. He had to do something now! He wished and wished and wished, but nothing was happening! He was still trapped in Sarah's body. A sense of utter panic and helplessness was setting in.

"It's time for us to go" said Tony.

"Let me say good-bye to a few people" said Johnny, trying to buy time. He went around and said a few words to the bridesmaids, some of whose names he didn't even know. And then he made his way over to Sarah, who was giggling with the blonde chick as they sat close together, arm in arm.

"Hi Sarah" said Sarah, her face smiled. "This is Amy."

"Hi Amy" said Johnny.

"You're so beautiful in that dress" said Amy. "I hope I can be that radiant on *my* wedding day."

"Aw, that's so sweet" said Johnny, pretending that he liked getting "compliments" like that!

Sarah whispered something in Amy's ear, and she excused herself "to go freshen up".

"What can we do?" said Johnny. "I've tried everything, but we're not switching back!"

"You know what?" said Sarah.

"What?" replied Johnny.

"Tonight was the most fun I've ever had! You know, I think I like being a guy. This is so easy. I was a tomboy when I was younger you know. It feels wonderful to be in this body. No boobs to get in your way. No need to take hours to primp and preen to get ready to go out. I'm going to like being a guy."

"But we have to switch back! I can't let Tony have his way with me tonight!"

"Face it honey. We're not going back" said Sarah. "You're just going to have to get used to the idea that you're a woman now. I can tell you one thing. Tony is *great* in bed. He's going to make you come again and again. I know that *'I'm* going to enjoy feeling what its like as the man in bed. I'm going to make Amy come so hard that she'll never look at another man again. She's going to be all mine. When we marry, I'll be sure to invite Tony and yourself too, since I met her at your wedding."

Sarah turned to go.

"No!" said Johnny. "You can't leave me here like this!"

"What can I do?" replied Sarah. "It was your wish anyway. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life as a woman. You are Sarah now. Forever."

"What about me?" asked Johnny, weakly.

"You got what you wanted, didn't you? You wanted my body. Now you really have it. You wanted to be close to me. Now you're so close that you're *inside* of me. It was your wish after all. You got your wish. Now you are going to have to live with it."

"No!!!!" said Johnny.

"I can't help you" said Sarah. "There is nothing I can do. I'm going now. Amy is waiting for me, and I can't wait to feel what its like to make love to her. Take care of Tony. He really does love you, *Mrs.* Vaselli."

Johnny was left there, alone, shaking. He was Sarah now, *forever*. He had become Tony's wife, Mrs. Sarah Vaselli.

Moments after Sarah left, Tony walked into the room. He pinned Johnny against the wall, and kissed him harder than he had all night long.

"I want you so bad" he whispered. "Ever since I saw you in your white gown, I wanted to fuck you so hard! I'd do you right here if I could get away with it. But our limo is waiting outside. I'll wait until we get to the honeymoon suite. I'm going to suck you, kiss you, caress you, and I'm going to make you come so hard that you're going to scream. I want you baby."

The way that Tony was touching Johnny's large breasts, the way that he seemed so strong and so confident, it all made Sarah's body react as any loving woman would. Johnny felt a sensation down between his legs.

"You're getting me wt" he said out loud, more out of surprise than anything.

"And you've got me all hard" said Tony. "Come on Mrs. Vaselli. Its time to consummate the marriage. You're my wife now, and it is time for you to please your husband. Lets give your mom some of those grandchildren she's been longing for."

As Tony led Johnny away by the hand, Johnny realized that this was it. He *was* stuck as Sarah, forever. For the rest of his life, he would be the woman that he had loved from afar. He was going to have to put out for his new husband. His new body *wanted* it so bad. His mind screamed no, but his body said "yes."

That meant that his body was full of female hormones, making his new body react that way. Hormones that would act on his brain. He was already feeling such strong emotions! A realization crept in, that over time, the hormones would alter his mind, and make him start to think and feel completely as a woman. He was Sarah now. He was no longer a he; Johnny had become a 'she'. And she was Sarah.

She rode in the limo with her new husband, on the way to the hotel. Her heart was pounding, as the approached the driveway. She was Sarah now. She took her husband's strong hand, and walked inside. Her new life as Tony's wife was about to begin. They were heading up to the honeymoon suite, on the top floor.

"That will be me up there in the bed" thought *Sarah*, as she climbed onto the elevator. Her new life was about to begin.....

The End




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