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Metamorphosis              by: Michele Black (aka Michael)



I woke slowly, groggily struggling to consciousness through the haze of the anesthesia. Opening my eyes I could see a nurse standing by the open door to my room.

"How did it go?" I asked, my voice sounding strangely high pitched and unfamiliar.

"Things went perfectly darling!" the nurse replied, "feel for yourself!"

Hesitantly, I reached under the sheet and began to run my hands over my body. As my fingers ran across my chest I found a perfectly formed pairs of breasts. Growing excited, I ran my fingers softly down my smooth stomach. I sighed as my fingers slid across my pussy. An electric thrill jolted me when I brushed across my clit!

"Oh my god!" I moaned, "it worked, it really worked!"

"Of course it did Michael… or should I say… Michele!" I heard a masculine voice saying.

Looking up I saw Dr. Lawrence standing there. "Oh, thank you, thank you! I finally feel… well… right!" I cried, my smile beaming up at him. "How long have I been asleep? And where… are Sean and Lisa?"

"You’ve been sleeping for two weeks!" he replied, "It really makes the healing go much faster and the regen tanks tend to be a little confining for conscious patients anyway. We only just took you out a couple of hours ago! Sean and Lisa are back at your suite at the Hilton waiting for you. We don’t allow anyone else in during this phase. They have seen you though, and told me to tell you to… how did Sean put it?… Get out of the body and fender shop and hurry back to them!"

"When can I get up?" I asked excitedly, " I have to SEE!"

"Give it a couple of hours. We want to get some solid food into you first and build up your strength. Just do what the nurse tells you and you will be up and around in no time. She’ll call me when you are ready!"

With that, Dr. Lawrence stepped out of the room, giving the nurse some last minute instructions as he left.

2 hours later, I had eaten and felt my strength returning. Just as I thought I could stand it no more, Dr. Lawrence walked back into the room.

"Well now… Are you ready to take a look at the new you?" he asked.

"You bet doc!" I bubbled, as he helped me out of the bed. As I stood up a curtain parted along the far wall revealing a large full-length mirror. Dr. Lawrence stood behind me and untied my robe. As it fell to my feet, I saw my new body for the first time.

"You are exactly 5’ 6" tall and weigh just over 100 pounds," I could hear Dr. Lawrence saying as I rubbed my hands over my silky skin. "Your measurements are 38D-30-36."

As he rambled on about the technical details of my transformation I found myself lost in examining myself in the mirror. My breasts were firm and perfectly formed, jutting forward as if inviting a warm tongue to lick the long nipples, which were surrounded by beautiful crinkly brown aureoles. My waist tapered nicely until it hit the swell of my full hips. I swiveled from side to side appreciating the nicely rounded look. As I turned I could see that my buns were firm and well padded. Spreading my legs slightly, my pussy peeked out from a sparse cover of red pubic hair. Running my hands up and down my legs I admired the strong and muscular yet feminine shape. Finally, I looked back up and examined my face. There was a little of the old Michael left but now it was softened and smoothed. My eyes were large and centered on brilliant green eyes. My nose was small and slightly upturned. My lips, full and luscious looking puckered up and kissed back at me in the mirror. My red hair cascaded down my chest, ending right above my nipples! Unable to control myself, I began hugging myself and jumping up and down, yelling, "yes, yes, YES!" Finally I spun around and hugged Dr. Lawrence.

"I’m finally ME!" I cried, throwing my arms around him, "I am finally who I was meant to be all along! No longer trapped in a body I never fit! Oh god doc! It’s perfect… PERFECT!"

The doctor just smiled and gently disengaged himself from my embrace. "I’m glad you like my handiwork." He said, walking away, "Everything is nicely healed and you can check out this afternoon if you like. You are scheduled for a reintegration session with Dr. Singh in about 30 minutes and after that you’ll be free to go!"

I danced around, still too excited to stand still as my hands continued to roam over my new body.

Outside the room Dr. Lawrence consulted with the nurse again. "They are always a little excited at first," he laughed, "but that’s the first time a patient has hugged me like that."

"You didn’t look like you minded," the nurse replied giggling. "She really is 100% woman now. Best transex job I have seen in some time! She has a good reason to be happy."

"Thanks!" he said once again, "Now, get her dressed and down to Dr. Singh’s office. She has a session in 20 minutes.

An hour later, I walked out of Dr. Singh’s office a new person. Dr. Singh specialized in integrating patient’s minds with their new bodies. In my case his work had been easy and he pronounced me fit to be discharged immediately.

Shortly thereafter, at 1:30 PM, August 30th, 2025, I walked out of the hospital ready to face a new world. Within a matter of minutes, a hospital limo had dropped me off at the Seattle Hilton and I prepared to begin my new… my REAL… life.



As I walked into my suite Sean and Lisa rushed over to me, excitedly welcoming me back.

"We’ve missed you so much sweetheart," Sean burst out, after kissing me. Grabbing my hands he slowly turned me around. "Damn, but you look good. Doesn’t she look great Lisa?"

"Absolutely perfect!" replied Lisa, "Hell, if he can make a guy look like that just think what he could do with me," she laughed as she lightly spun around, before falling into my arms and kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Lisa, you don’t need any improvement girl!" I laughed. At 6’ tall and slender as a reed, Lisa looked like a proverbial greek goddess. Her golden hair was cut short, falling just above her gracefully curved shoulders. Her small perky breasts strained against the fabric of her blouse and her hips and ass curved perfectly into two seemingly endless legs. The 4" heels she preferred made the effect even more pronounced and she knew it. The short black miniskirt she wore only helped insure that heads, both male and female, would turn when she walked by. Her hands were slim and delicate, hinting at her life as a professional cellist.

Sean too was wonderfully attractive as well. Standing an inch over 6’ he was a study in contrasts. Rugged and strong due to years as a mountain climber, he was never the less the gentlest man I had ever known. His eyes were the most beautiful deep shade of blue I had ever seen. His loose clothing concealed a well-toned body and I knew from long experience, an 8 inch, wonderfully thick cock. Wearing sandals you would never known that he and Lisa had been married for many years. They just didn’t seem to fit together. "At least, with their clothes on that is," I thought to myself.

After the initial welcome we walked to the sofa and caught up on everything that I had missed over the last few weeks. They told me that Dr. Lawrence had made them promise to be gentle with me and absolutely NO sex for the first week. That part, of course, disappointed me but I knew about the ban too and reluctantly agreed that it was necessary, no matter how badly I wanted to try out my new equipment. They did let me give them a quick strip show. They ohhh’d and ahhh’d as I revealed the new me and I could clearly tell they liked what they saw. By that time it had gotten dark and I guess the day finally caught up with me. Excusing myself, I headed into my bedroom. Lisa had thoughtfully laid out a silk camisole, which I slipped into. Slipping between the silk sheets I thought back to the last year.



I had met Sean and Lisa at a Valentine’s Day party in Denver the previous year. We had hit it off right away and as the party wound down they invited me to go home with them. I accepted and the next 2 days were spent in a sexual experience like nothing I had ever experienced before. Being bisexual I enjoyed both of them to the fullest. By May we were inseparable and I had accepted eagerly when they asked me to move into their large chalet in Golden Colorado. It was there that I first confided in them the feeling I had of being trapped in a man’s body.

I had always felt different and had never been comfortable in the company of other men, well, straight men anyway. I had always preferred soft and gentle activities and conversations to the rough world of sports and the crude banter of the locker room. Don’t get me wrong, I can be very aggressive when I want to be, but usually only sexually, not aimlessly like some, or even most, men. My first sexual experience had left me wondering. The girl and I had dated for some time and when we finally went beyond mere petting I had felt a strange duality. I remember thinking; "I wonder what it would feel like to be her? To have a boy’s cock slipping into me, while he sucked my breasts?" Not understanding at the time the real meaning of these thoughts I eventually had a homosexual experience. The moment the boy’s cock slid into me I felt close to solution to the questions that had plagued me. But I still liked girls too, and this confused me. Was I straight, was I gay? I didn’t have any idea.

Finally, someone told me about bisexuality and I thought once again that I had found my answer. I still felt as thought something just wasn’t quite right, but over the years I accepted things and went on with my life. By 30, I had a Master’s in Computer Science and had formed my own software consulting company. A little program I had written on the side had gotten some attention at a computer show and before I knew it I had become comfortably wealthy. The year I turned 31 was the year I met Sean and Lisa, and… the year that my life turned around.

One night, after Sean, Lisa and I had made love, we started talking about life and the strange turns it takes. Something made me describe my feelings when I was younger. Sean is a Gestalt Therapist and he thought there was more to my feelings than I realized. He persuaded me to go to a therapist associated with his clinic.

Under hypnosis, it gradually became apparent what was wrong. Somehow, and I never really understood this part, my mind was female and my body was male. This explained the duality I had felt and the displacement and confusion. My mind was being forced to deal with a body for which it hadn’t been designed. After, several sessions the therapist offered two possible solutions. First, he could, under intense hypnosis, reprogram my brain and teach it how to think like a male. Second, and to a certain degree riskier, was to rebuild my body from male to female.

The first option strangely repelled me. I didn’t know that I wanted to learn to "think like a man." I didn’t want to change my personality. I liked and felt comfortable with that part of me. The second option, however, intrigued me. How could they "rebuild" me? I had heard of transsexual operations before but as far as I knew, they were very superficial. The therapist explained that in the last 5 years the field had taken great strides. Surgical techniques had been vastly improved and the use of regen technology had been applied to the operation.

I had never heard of "regen" before and he explained that it was a procedure, primarily used by the military, to help speed healing. An inventive plastic surgeon had used the procedure on a patient undergoing breast reconstruction surgery and within a week the patient was completely healed. More than healed in fact. There was no evidence that he had even performed the surgery. Gradually, Dr. Lawrence had perfected his technique until he could, with equal success, repair the horribly disfigured body of an accident victim or, and this was the interesting part, construct a totally new, fully functional body, to meet the slightest whim. He had, since then, performed almost 20 total sex change operations. All had been successful and each patient was happy and adjusting to their new lives.

The therapist put me in contact with Dr. Lawrence and after another bout of therapy and hypnosis, I was accepted as a patient. Sean and Lisa were wonderful during this whole process. They fully supported the decision, and even went through a round of group therapy with me to make sure everyone concerned was sure this was the right course. Lisa gave me makeup lessons and Sean helped me practice kissing a man like a woman. I really enjoyed the lessons and it didn’t take me long to get the hang of both.

Finally, a scant 3 weeks ago, we had flown to Seattle for the operation. More meetings and therapy crowded the days before the surgery. I told Dr. Lawrence what I felt like I looked like and he gradually designed the new me. The morning of the surgery, I kissed Sean and Lisa goodbye as the orderlies wheeled me into the operating room. The last thing I remember was Dr. Lawrence looking down at me as the anesthesia took effect, and saying, "Now, to sleep little caterpillar. When you awaken you shall be a beautiful butterfly!" I think I smiled at him and laughed, but I don’t remember clearly.

When I awoke and finally saw myself I was elated. It felt right, it looked right (except the nose, it was turned up just a little too much, but then no one is perfect. Hehehe), it was right. I felt a little narcissistic babbling on and on about it and touching myself, but Dr. Singh had explained that that was a natural and expected reaction. He just cautioned me not to take it to extremes. When I walked into the suite and saw Sean and Lisa waiting there I finally felt at home… both with them and… with myself.

Laying there, curled up luxuriously, sleep finally overtook me, while thoughts of a newly hatched butterfly’s wings drying in the sun ran through my mind.

The next week passed in a blur. It was punctuated with several trips back to see Dr. Lawrence and Dr. Singh, both of whom agreed that I was progressing nicely. The makeup and kissing lessons continued and now that I had the proper equipment for it I really excelled. At the end of the week, Dr. Lawrence wished me well, and told me to come back and see him in 6 months. I was finally free to spread my butterfly wings and fly.



When I got home late that afternoon Sean and Lisa were out. There was a note on the bed laying next to a lacy teal bra, g-string panty, and garter-belt set. There was also a set of black nylons and a pair of dark rose colored high heels. The note instructed me to take a nice long bubble bath and put on the lingerie and my makeup. Dinner would be delivered at 7pm. I was told that I had to answer the door wearing only the lingerie, and to let the bellboy have a good look. After eating, I was to be ready and waiting on the bed at exactly 8pm with the lights turned out and my eyes closed.

I slipped into the bubble bath and lay back luxuriating in the warmth. My fingers strayed repeatedly to my nipples and my clit, but the note had also told me that I wasn’t allowed to masturbate. This was proving to be sheer torture for me. I had had no sexual release in almost a month and felt like I was about to burst. But, knowing that my wait was about to end I controlled myself and simply tried to calm down.

After my bath I rubbed the scented lotion into my skin that Sean had given me as a get-well gift. Pulling the bra on I was pleased at the way it supported my breasts, pushing them up slightly and together at the same time, accenting my cleavage. The panties, which buttoned on the sides, fit perfectly and covered just my pussy, with the string running up the crack of my ass. After strapping on the garter-belt I sat down and stretched one leg out in front of me and slowly slid on one of the nylons. The feel of the nylon against my skin was heavenly. I snapped the catches onto the nylon and slowly donned the other one. By this time I was soaking wet and when I stood to look myself over there was an obvious wet spot staining the panties.

"Oh you guys just wait!" I said out loud to myself, "just wait, I’m gonna…"

At that moment the doorbell rang. Looking quickly at the clock I realized it was the bellboy with my dinner.

"What about the spot?" I thought, "what will the bellboy think?" Then I decided that it didn’t matter. Hell, Sean had probably known what state I would be in and had planned things to happen just so.

Gathering my courage I walked to the door and peeked quickly through the peephole. Yes, it was the bellboy and I pulled the door open and told him to come in. He couldn’t have been more than 20 and his eyes about popped out of their sockets when he saw me standing there motioning him in. To his credit, he wheeled the cart in without incident and set the table. All the while though he didn’t take his eyes off of me. Every few seconds his eyes would center on the wet spot, which was still clearly visible on the front of my panties. He finally finished setting the table and when he started to excuse himself I suddenly had a wonderfully wicked idea.

"Don’t forget your tip!" I said, walking over to him. I snuggled up to him, kissing him hard on the lips, and grabbing his left hand I placed it squarely on my wet panties. I helped him rub me for a few seconds and then pulled his fingers to his lips and slid one of them into his mouth. I could smell the aroma of my sex covering his other fingers so, sticking my tongue out, I slowly licked each one clean. By this time I could tell he was about to lose control of himself so I decided I better extricate myself from the situation. I reached for the door and gently urged him toward it.

"Come back and see me sometime!" I whispered in his ear as I turned the knob. The poor boy stumbled out of the room with a dazed look on his face, still holding his fingers to his lips. Closing the door quickly, I slumped back against the wall laughing softly to myself.

"Come back and see me sometime!"??? Now I was sounding like Mae West, but it was so deliciously fun.

"I just bet Sean didn’t expect me to do that!" I thought as a sat down to eat. Dinner was a steamed lobster with rice and peas. Attached to it was a note that read… "Eat your dinner Michele! You are going to need the energy!" They didn’t have to tell me twice and since it was one of my favorite meals anyway I finished quickly and went to freshen my makeup.



At precisely 8pm I was in position, waiting patiently on the bed with the lights out, when I heard a key click in the door. I obediently closed my eyes and waited, growing wetter by the second.

I heard someone come into the room and listened as they rustled around for several minutes. Finally I heard Sean’s voice…

"Ok, Michele darling, you can open your eyes now!"

I opened my eyes and saw that the room was now lit by dozens of candles. Breathing deeply I savored the scent of strawberries wafting through the air. Sean and Lisa were both standing at the foot of the bed. Sean was wearing a tight fitting pair of bikini briefs which did very little to contain, much less conceal, the hardon that he had. Lisa was wearing the exact same outfit as me except that it was pink. They both looked absolutely wonderful to me and I broke out in tears.

"I love you both so much," I sobbed, "how can I thank you for helping me through the last few months? How…"

"Shhhh, sweetheart!" I heard both of them say as they climbed onto the bed, "never you mind. Things are all right now. Just let us take care of you."

We lay there for a long time just kissing and hugging and every time one of them touched me I felt little tingles of electricity. Finally I felt Lisa unclasping my bra and her lips descended onto my nipples. When I felt her tongue licking my stiff nipples I felt my first small orgasm as a woman. It felt so good. Sean unsnapped my panties at that point and suddenly he was eating my pussy. I was already so wet that I thought I would drown him. When his tongue hit my clit I came again, stronger this time. For the next few minutes they played me like a fine musical instrument, hitting each note perfectly and each chord struck stronger and longer. I was delirious from what to me seemed like one long endless orgasm and I finally had to beg them to stop before I fainted. They laughed gently at me and we cuddled up for a few minutes while we shed our remaining clothing.

After laying there for a while I reached down and took Sean’s long cock into my hands and slowly stroked it just the way he liked. I moved my head slightly and found Lisa’s perky breast. Sucking her stiff nipple into my mouth I proceeded to repay them for the last few minutes. Finally, I told Sean to kneel between Lisa and I and we began to lick his cock. Feeling it slide across my new lips was sheer heaven. Lisa and I kissed each other and his cock and balls as we milked him to his first orgasm of the evening while he played with our tits. When he came I greedily wrapped my lips around him and took in every drop of his ambrosia. I bent forward and kissed Lisa then, sharing his cum with her as it dribbled down our chins onto our tits. Lisa started to bend down to lick the cum off of my tits but Sean stopped her and he did the job himself, taking great care to get every drop. I fell back onto the bed and able to resist no longer spread my legs and told Sean I wanted him to fuck my virgin cunt.

"I need something in there Sean sweetheart!" I moaned, "I want you to fuck my hot new cunt!"

Sean slid forward and climbed on top of me. Grabbing my ankles, he pulled my legs up and spread them far apart. Lisa reached down and positioned his stiff cock at the opening of my pussy. As he slid slowly in I felt a sudden pressure followed by a sharp pain. I winced and suddenly the pain went away, replaced by a wonderfully full feeling as he slid home.

"Oh my god," I screamed, "It feels even better than I dreamed. This is ME! This is how I was supposed to be!"

"You like that huh?" Sean asked giggling, "does our beautiful Michele finally feel complete?"

"Oh god Sean, YES! Your cock feels soooo fucking good! Fuck me with it, fuck my PUSSY with your hard cock!"

With that Sean began fucking me. It felt so good having a cock in my pussy. It was a totally different sensation than being fucked in the ass. Not necessarily better, just different. Well, come to think of it, it was better, much better. As Sean fucked me, Lisa straddled my face and I ate her pussy voraciously. I plunged my tongue into her hot hole and ran my teeth across her clit while Sean played with her tits and she played with mine. Each time Sean slid almost out of me he would twist slightly and plunge back in. Each twist brought me closer to cumming and before long I was writhing in pleasure. Lisa was bucking on my tongue and I could sense her impending orgasm. Suddenly I felt Sean’s cock expand inside me and begin to throb with his orgasm. Feeling his cock shooting his cum into my depths I felt my world explode around me as I came.

"Oh Sean," I cried out, "I feel you cumming in me, I feel your hot cum filling my cunt!"

Lisa peaked at the same time and my face was flooded with her sweet nectar.

We spent the next several hours exploring every conceivable position and variation possible for two women and a man to imagine. "Two WOMEN and a man!" I thought to myself and smiled. I lost track of the number of times I came and we finally collapsed, exhausted and fell asleep in each other’s arms. I slept contentedly for the first time in years. When I awoke the next morning I stepped onto the balcony and yelled out to the world… "I can fly… I CAN FLY!"



Later that day I told Sean and Lisa about the bellboy. Sean scolded me for being mean to him and told me he would never forgive me if I didn’t do something about it. So, that night, we ordered dinner again and when Lisa and I both met him at the door in our lingerie he fainted. When he came too, he was laying on the bed nude with all of us looking down at him. The rest of the story you can imagine for yourself! All I’ll say is that it was an evening he will never forget. Never will I for that matter!



Hugs and wet kisses



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