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Mesmerized                      by: Miss Deborah (Debi) Leigh Johnson



It was the eeriest feeling that I have ever experienced. I could not even begin to put it into words.

Let me try though, okay? Well, for starters, it was kind of like waking up, but I was not groggy or tired or anything like that. It was like one moment, I was not conscious of my surroundings, and the next moment I was.

What amazed me was that I was not panic stricken or anything like that. I was just suddenly aware that I was sitting in a very nice restaurant, with a very nice meal of stuffed crab in front of me. I had a fork and knife in my hands. I was feeling the white wine that I had been sipping at. The music in the background was quiet, easy listening.

I was also suddenly aware to, that not only was I sitting across from my college room mate, but I knew that I was also dressed entirely in women’s clothing. I looked down, and I saw the pink nails on the ends of my fingers. I heard the delicate tinkle of the silver charm bracelet on my left wrist. I could see the reflection of the candle light on the silvery band of the wrist watch on my right wrist.

I saw the ruffled pink hem of the sleeve of my dress, about half way down my forearms. I could smell the delicate perfume that I was wearing to. It was a flowery scent, very pretty and somewhat intoxicating. I did not want it to be intoxicating to me, but it was.

I was also very aware of the soft silkiness of the under wear that I was wearing to. I knew that it was silky, because I had never felt anything like that against my skin before. I did not want it to happen, but I could feel a huge erection growing in the panties that I was wearing. It was as though my senses were suddenly heightened to a degree that I had never thought was possible.

I looked up at Dennis. For some reason, his frank appraising stare made me blush, and made me want to lower my eyes. I actually felt kind of submissive to him. This really confused me. I had never felt that way before, especially to another guy. I also, along with this emotion of submissiveness, had a very strange feeling that I was feeling like a girl on a date with a guy that she really likes, might feel.

Worse, as I became aware that I was feeling like a girl might feel in the same circumstances, I also became aware that it was one of the nicest feelings that I had ever had. It made me feel delicate, dainty somehow and it made me feel special. I liked the feeling, very much.

I looked up at Dennis again.

"Wha... What have you done to me, Dennis?"

"Don’t you like it, Debi? Don’t you like the way that you feel?"

"I do... And that is the problem. I am not a girl. Why have you done this to me, Dennis?"

"Well babe, if you think back about two weeks ago, you told me that no one could ever hypnotize you. Do you remember that?"

"Yes?" Memory of that conversation poured back into my conscious mind. We had been sitting around wasting a beautiful Saturday afternoon, just a few weeks before Easter exams. We’d started talking about hypnosis, and I let him know that even if he was a firm believer in it, that I thought that the whole idea was a lot of bunk.

The conversation had ended in my agreeing to a bet. He would hypnotize me, and I was to understand that he would do it at any time, and I was to also understand that he could not make me do anything against my innate will.

Suddenly, as I looked at his shit eating grin, and became all too aware of how turned on I was by knowing that I was on a date with him, and that I was dressed as a pretty girl, and knowing that he could not make me do anything that I did not want to do, made me aware of a whole new side of my personality that I had never even suspected existed.

I blushed with shame because I knew from the look on his face, that he knew that some part of me must have wanted to be dressed up pretty, and be taken out on a date with a boy. I have never felt that way about boys before, but if the hard on in my panties was any kind of indication to me of what I was really feeling, then I knew now that I was about as queer as a three dollar bill.

"You are wearing a Freudian slip..."

I heard his words echo in my mind, and my mind suddenly filled up with memories of how he had helped me to get dressed up earlier in the evening. I recalled how I had giggled and squealed like a little girl, when he had shown me the pretty lingerie and dress that I was going to wear for our date. I had never used makeup before, but when he had put me under, he had instructed me to remember all the times I had ever seen a female apply her makeup, and to use that knowledge for my own makeup.

I knew that I looked pretty, because I remembered seeing myself in the mirror, with my blue eyes highlighted, and my brown hair looking like a frothy halo of curls about my oval shaped face. I knew that I was wearing silver earrings, ones that dangled from my newly pierced ears. I could feel them, as I recalled how they had made me look so lady like. I’d squealed with delight when I saw what a pretty girl I had been able to become.

"The phrase Freudian slip is enabling you to remember things, Debi.


"Yes Debi?"

"How... Uhhh... How far are you going to go with this charade?"

"Debi, you admitted to me that you wanted to be a pretty girl, and that you wanted to have a romantic date with a boy, as a pretty girl. On any date, dinner is the beginning. You are going to experience a date from the pretty girl side of the coin tonight, honey, and you are indeed a very pretty girl tonight."

"What do you mean?"

"After we have our dinner, we are going to go dancing. After that, we may decide to go for a romantic walk in the park along the lake. You will get to see what it feels like to have a boy kiss you in the moonlight. Then if we are not too tired, we will go back to our room, and I will make passionate love to you, like I would to any other pretty girl whom I got to go back home with me."

"Do I have any choice in all of this, Dennis?"

"Honey, you made your choices all ready. You wanted to be a pretty girl, and you got the chance. All you have to do is go along with it, and enjoy it. I know that I am enjoying it. You are a real pleasure to be with, as a young woman, Debi. You are nothing at all like your brother, you know? This is most curious, not to mention a delightful surprise."

"I do not know what you did to me, but I want this to stop."

"No you don’t. If you did, you would never have told me that you wanted to be a girl on a romantic date. I am afraid that because I am your friend, I am going to insist that you see this through, all the way to the end. I do not think that you would have the courage to do it otherwise."

"You said that you wanted to make love to me. What do you mean?"

"I want to kiss that pretty face of yours. I want to touch every square inch of the beautiful shapely body of yours. And I really want to feel those luscious lips of yours on my hard on."

I knew that I should have been ripped at him for saying such things to me. But, I wasn’t. I wasn’t even close to being mad. The idea of him kissing me, and feeling me up like I was really a girl, it was very exciting to me, and I could feel myself throbbing in the silk panties, wanting to know what feeling his hand under my dress was going to feel like.

I should have hated the very idea that he was proposing, the idea that he wanted to feel my lips on his hard on. I knew that I should have hated it. I was not gay. But, being a girl, feeling like a girl, made me want to experience doing all the things that real girls got to do. I did not want to admit it to myself, but I knew that if he wanted me to suck his cock, that I would do it for him, because I was his girl for the night, and girls like to suck cocks.

I shuddered. Where could these thoughts and feelings have come from?

I did not want to like the way it felt to be a pretty girl on a date, but I did. I did not want to think about sucking Dennis’ cock, but I could not help but to wonder what it would feel like to kneel down submissively in front of him and to feel it sliding over my lips, as he entered into my effeminated mouth.

I blushed. He knew what the most secret thoughts that I had ever thought were, and I knew that he knew them.



We ate the rest of our dinner. I could not believe how heightened my senses seemed to be. Everything seemed to taste so much better than I was used to experiencing. Everything seemed to smell better. Certainly, these clothes assuredly seemed to feel better than any clothing I had ever worn before, had felt like.

I was acutely aware of how lovely and sensuous it felt with even the slightest movement that would make my slip slide across my nyloned thighs, with a barely discernable whisper that was normal to the wearing of girlish attire. I could feel my bra straps, and I loved the unaccustomed pressures from it. I could feel the constriction of the waist nipper corset, and I wondered how I had ever liked not feeling myself in a corset before this night. I was acutely aware of how nice it felt to have the high inste p of the high heeled shoes that I was wearing, pressing up against my arches. It made my feet feel ever so delicate.

My erection throbbed against the front of my panties, and I needed to be relieved. I hated to admit it to myself, but I wanted for this man sitting across from me, with his all so macho superiority grin, to do the relieving for me. I now had a new appreciation for girls that I had never even dreamed of before.

Sure, feeling pretty and wearing such beautiful clothes had some advantages, but there seemed to be some draw backs to the feminine nature as well. I felt so restrained by my desires to be made love to, rather than the normal drive I would had, to just try and take care of it myself. It was as though I was craving something that being with him could satisfy in me, that nothing else could.

I did not know how much wine I had consumed, but Dennis made sure that my glass was nearly always full, and I was feeling a delightful carefree buzz from the wine. I absentmindedly collected my purse, as he helped me to rise to my feet, as we prepared to leave the restaurant. I was a bit wobbly on my high heels, but not enough to draw any kind of undue attention to me.

He put his arm around my waist, and I hated myself for moving over closer to him, as we made our way out the door. I did not know where this feminine personality had come from, but she was far more powerful in me than I had ever imagined. Tonight, I was Debi. Every reflex was that of an attractive young woman who wanted her date to be pleased with her. I did not like knowing that my roommate was the one who knew and understood all of this. What would he be like to live with, after this was all over with?

I felt the strength in his arm as he led me to his car. It was like a new part of me, a part that I had never known before, craved to feel the strength of this man near me, taking care of me and guiding me. I had never felt so dependent before, and though I did not like it, it satisfied something in me.

When we got to the car, Dennis bowed gallantly, as he opened the door for me, and watched my dress slip up my thighs as I got into the car, in as lady like a fashion as I was able to manage, given that I had never consciously tried to get into a car in a lady like fashion before.

He smiled most appreciatively when he saw me blushing as I tugged my hem back down to cover my knees again. This lady like stuff was not so easy to live with, no matter how nice being a lady felt like. I was nervous and I was shy. But, a part of me was also pleased that he liked what he had seen. It meant that I was keeping his interest. I knew that I should not like knowing that I was keeping a guy interested in me, but my newly discovered feminine vanity was being stroked, and she loved the way it felt.

I had to admit, I liked being Debi.

We drove to the nightclub where he had promised to take me dancing. We pulled into the parking lot, and he drove to near the back of the lot, where it was kind of dark. He turned the car off, and sat there looking at me for a long moment. I was nervous and started to fidget with the hem of my dress, and the chain strap of my purse.

Finally, I looked up at him.

"What is wrong, Dennis. Why aren’t we going inside?"

"Because Debi, I want to do something that I have been dying to do."

"What?" A little tremor of excitement was running through me, but I did not understand what it was.

"Slide over here, and I will show you."

It was as though his words were like a command to me. I could not resist them. I did not want to resist them. I gathered my skirts up, and I slid over across the seat, till I was sitting very close to him. I was aghast at myself. I wanted him to kiss me.

I sat there, submissively and I did not pull away as he very slowly raised his right arm, and draped it over my shoulders in a most possessive way.

"Debi, you look so adorable, I just can not resist my desire to kiss those shiny pouty lips of yours. Do you want me to kiss you, like a man kisses a pretty woman?"

"Uhhh... I don’t have a choice, do I? Just do what you want, and get it over with, okay?" My words sounded filled with bravado, but inside I was quaking like a little girl. I could not believe how strong was my desire to feel his arms around me, taking control of me, and pressing those lips against mine.

"Honey, you have a choice. Freud said so."

I felt like a dam was opened inside of me, and my desire to be kissed was even stronger than before. I did not like knowing that I wanted a boy to kiss me so bad that I could nearly taste it, but I did. I knew that the phrase, ‘Freud said so,’ must have something to do with it. What was amazing though was that I knew he was not forcing me to do anything. I really wanted him to kiss me, as though I really were the pretty girl that I felt like.

"Do you want this loving gentleman to kiss you, Debi?"

I wanted to say no. I really did. "You know I do, Dennis..." I felt myself melting against him, my shape conforming to his. I felt the heat of his body through my dress, and it excited me. I did not want it to, but it was the most exciting thing I had ever felt in my life. I guess that I must really be a fairy after all?

His arm pulled me tightly against him. He lowered his lips to mine, and I lost control of my breath, as for the first time in my life, I felt the hard thin lips of a man’s pressing against my own. It was exciting. My heart was beating wildly. I wanted to pull away, because I wanted him to kiss me so badly. It was not right, I thought to myself.

He kissed me like that for a long moment, then I felt the tip of his tongue on my lips. I cried out ‘no’ in my mind, but with my body, my lips parted, inviting him to enter my body at his wish to do so.

He wished to do so, and in a second, I felt my mouth full of a man’s tongue. It felt so big, so domineering, and it also felt so very right. I whimpered, and found myself sucking on his tongue. I had never enjoyed being kissed so much in my life. Every nerve ending in my body, was acutely alive to the caress of the feminine clothing I was wearing, as I raised my hand to gently caress the back of his neck, in a decidedly feminine and loving manner. I wanted so much for this man to enjoy kissing me like this.


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