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Meredith Reborn                by: Amanda McCree


"Making that call en femme as Meredith was the best idea I ever had," Richard thought to himself. Richard Tucker was very pleased with himself, and he had good reason to be. All his work to pass as Meredith had paid off. The income from this one call would cover his overhead for the next two years. He was almost dizzy with the impact of the figures. He was practically set for life. Dressing as Meredith had made the difference.

"Here’s your drink, Miss." Richard’s musings were interrupted by the flight attendant.

"Another contact without any hint that I was read as a man in drag," she thought to herself. She almost giggled as she sipped her drink. She had been en femme for more than forty-eight hours and there had not been a single negative instance. She had made her hotel and flight reservations as Meredith. She had traveled as Meredith. She had made an important business call as Meredith and had been fully accepted as Meredith in every circumstance. She was amazed at how well things had gone.

Up until now, the trips to Port Harris to see Hutchinson had been net losses. She had hardly any income to show. Hutchinson had never really accepted the products as useful in his business. Fortunately, she had been able to cover her losses by making other calls in Albany and Chesterton on the same trips. The time had come, however, for drastic measures. With the increase in travel costs, she would have to start making some real money on these trips or start handling these calls by phone and e-mail.

So she had decided to put Meredith to work. She had been living as Meredith in all things except work for several months. She had been making plans to live full time as Meredith, but had not gotten around to making the change. She decided that a call on Hutchinson would be a perfect test. Unlike casual interchanges with people in stores, restaurants and bars, this call would be a real test of her ability to pass convincingly as a woman. If it didn’t work out, she hadn’t lost much; but if it did, she would know that the move to full-time was the right thing to do. Prudently, she had decided to call only on Hutchinson on this trip. There was no need to risk her relationship with other customers this time.

She remembered how nervous she had been as she prepared for the trip on Tuesday morning. To use an expression of her father’s, she was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She had applied her long fingernails and painted them bright red to go with the red "power suit" she had purchased for the trip. She attached her breast forms and hip pads, then put on her corset. She always marveled at her figure. "38-26-37. Damn what a body! Too bad it’s not real." she had said aloud with great frustration. She knew that without a lot of plastic surgery, she would never be a great beauty, but was confident that her figure would hold the attention of most men and distract most women. She so wanted to be Meredith. As often as possible, she had been dressing as Meredith since she was a child. She knew that deep inside herself, she really was a woman no matter what her plumbing made her appear to be.

Her flight to Port Harris had been joyously uneventful. She had enjoyed, however, the extra attention paid her by the sky caps and flight attendants on the flight as well as the desk clerk and bell hop at the hotel. They expressed far greater concern for her than they ever had for Richard. She liked the attention. It made her feel all the more feminine. It wasn’t until she tipped the bell hop and closed her door that she realized the intensity of her anxiety. Her knees nearly buckled beneath her as she relaxed for the first time in several hours.

Her previous ventures out in public as Meredith had been casual games compared to this trip. This wasn’t an adventure. This was a test. Her business life was on the line. She would be meeting with people who knew Richard. If she were recognized, there could be devastating consequences. She was almost overwhelmed with fear that she would be exposed. She fought off the fear of exposure, chalking it up to natural anxiety and fatigue.

She had planned to go out for the evening, but was too tired from the anxiety of the trip. She always enjoyed going out en femme in Port Harris. "Nowhere else in my territory do all the factors fit together so completely," she thought. "With a 24-hour taxi stand right outside the hotel; a half-dozen friendly and safe clubs and restaurants within a two-block stretch along Concord Avenue; and several nice stores and boutiques where I can always find something to add to my wardrobe and growing jewelry collection. It really is a nice place to pass comfortably as Meredith," she thought. "I hate to pass up a shopping trip, but I’m just too tired. Besides, my presentation can use some more practice." A long, fragrant bubble bath helped her relax and increased her sense of herself as Meredith. She slept well.

Just as he always had with Richard, Hutchinson made her wait for nearly thirty minutes before seeing her. The receptionist, however, was much friendlier with her than she ever was with Richard–even bringing her a cup of tea and entertaining her with stories about her two-year-old twin boys. When Hutchinson did come out, he greeted her warmly and escorted her to his office. Gerald Hutchinson was a distinguished looking man in his mid fifties, with greying temples. Meredith noticed his broad shoulders and enjoyed the scent of his cologne, and she hoped that he would notice her perfume . She had spent more than an hour at the perfume counter testing scents until she selected this one to wear for this trip. She was surprised at herself for noticing his shoulders and cologne–neither of which she had noticed when she had met with him as Richard. She smiled to herself when she caught a glimpse of Hutchinson examining her figure.

Hutchinson introduced her to his associate Doug Martin. Doug was a tall, handsome man. He had surely played basketball in college and he was doing a great job of maintaining his physique. Meredith was, again, surprised that she was so aware of how handsome he was. As Richard, she had met Doug before. He had been particularly resistant to Richard’s proposals. She could only hope that this time she could bring him around.

And bring him around she did. Before noon they had accepted and even expanded upon her proposals. They ordered sandwiches and worked through lunch to hammer out the details of the contracts. She was amazed at how well it had gone. She knew that it was not her looks that had made the difference. She could only believe that she was a far better sales-woman than she had ever been as a sales-man. She had been confident and poised and persuasive; and, now that contracts were hers, she was also amazed at how well she had stayed in character. As the day went by, she became more and more comfortable as Meredith. This was truly who she would be for the rest of her life. She had maintained her feminine mannerisms. She had held to her female voice. She had even managed two casual conversations with female employees in the restroom as she freshened her makeup. According to these women, everyone loves working for Hutchinson and all the women think that Doug is an absolute dream boat. Several women have tried to get him to ask them out, but he refuses to date anyone that works for the company.

Even as they were deep in negotiations about delivery schedules and employee training, Meredith was planning her transition. As Richard, she would call all of her clients and inform them that he had sold the business and all the contracts to Meredith, explaining that she had been fully trained in all aspects of the business and products and that he had every confidence in her abilities to serve in their best interests. She would move into a new place of her own–more in keeping with her feminine needs and tastes. She would have a purging of all Richard’s clothing and personal property. She laughed to herself, remembering the times she had purged herself of all her female things–clothing, jewelry, makeup, wigs–trying to accept her maleness. Now it was the male things that would be purged. Then, Richard would simply disappear. As soon as possible she would arrange for hormone therapy and surgery to complete her transformation.

"Let’s go have a drink to celebrate," Doug said as he co-signed the last contract with Gerald. Meredith new that she would enjoy a drink after this long day. Gerald declined, saying that he and his wife had a standing date for dinner on Wednesdays. He encouraged Doug and Meredith to go on without him. She was pleased to have the time alone with Doug. She wanted to get to know him better.

The bar was just around the corner from Hutchinson’s office. So they were there in just a few minutes. He shared stories of his college days and of his coming to work for Hutchinson and how they had become a strong team with one of the major companies in the industry. She shared stories adapted from Richard’s past and some borrowed from women she had known. She decided to let her created past intertwine with Richard’s in order to avoid possible questions when she didn’t know someone she should or did know someone she shouldn’t. At least with Doug, it worked. As they talked, she continued to gain confidence in and comfort with her new role as a working woman. The day had gone very, very well.

She noticed Doug beginning to fidget nervously and was concerned that he might be tiring of their conversation. She started to gather her brief case and purse to leave when he asked, "Will you join me for dinner?"

She was stunned. This was a total surprise. Her heart pounded in her chest. Her mind began to race. He was asking her to dinner. This was a date. She had never been on a date with a man before. Could she carry it off? Could she remain in character? Could she keep your female voice working for several more hours? What would they talk about? What if he tried to kiss her? Was it ethical? What would she wear? Did she have enough time to get ready? What if, after the evening, he didn’t like her? What if he didn’t kiss her?

She said, "Yes, on two conditions: First, tomorrow, you talk with Gerald and let him know about dinner. I’m not interested in losing these contracts because of a misunderstanding about our relationship. Second, you give me a couple of hours to freshen up."

"Agreed. I’ll talk to Gerald tomorrow morning and I’ll pick you up tonight at 8:00."

As the cab took her back to the hotel, she became more nervous about having accepted Doug’s invitation. What would the repercussions be if she couldn’t carry this off? It was a big risk, but she really wanted to spend the evening with Doug. She liked him a lot and wanted to get to know him better.

As soon as she closed the door, she stripped to her underwear and dropped her jewelry in her jewelry case. She had just two hours to do what usually took more than three and involved a lot of shaving. She would shave her face, but her chest, legs and arms would have to wait. Fortunately, she had been using a hair growth retardant that had greatly reduced the frequency of her shaving. She removed her wig and make-up and carefully shaved her face. There would be no explaining a razor cut. She applied her toner, moisturizer, foundation, blush, eye liner, eye shadow, brow pencil, mascara, lip liner and lipstick. To compensate for the subdued lighting in a restaurant, she applied her makeup with stronger colors, but stayed within the same palate of colors she had used during the day. She changed to a black corset and slipped into the flowered jersey dress she had brought in case she went clubbing. It accented her figure even better than the red "power" suit. She brushed through her wig, changing the style slightly and set it back on her head. She selected a bracelet, two rings, dangling earrings and a single strand of pearls. Just as she slipped on her shoes, Doug knocked at her door–right on time.

"You look gorgeous!" were the first words out of his mouth. She never expected anyone to say that to her. She was comfortable with her ability to pass as a woman, but never had she expected anyone to find her pretty. That had never occurred to her. She blushed and smiled.

"You look pretty sharp yourself, Mr. Martin," she said as she took his arm and they headed out for dinner. It was fabulous. To be treated like a lady on a date was like nothing she had ever experienced. He held doors for her. He helped her with her sweater. He held her chair at the restaurant. To be cared for and catered to like this was absolutely intoxicating. They talked about work and travel and cars. They talked about houses and families and children. It was a wonderful evening.

It was after midnight when they approached her hotel room door. She was apprehensive. What’s a lady supposed to do? Adolescent girls are taught by their mothers and peers how to manage the approach to the door–how to dodge a kiss, how to ask for a kiss, how to graciously accept one if it is offered. As an adolescent boy, Richard had always felt awkward on the first date–never confident about attempting a kiss. As her mind was racing, imagining various options and scenarios, Doug took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She melted in his arms, letting herself be drawn close against him, feeling herself pressed against him from the front of her thighs to her shoulders. It was a long, slow kiss and she wanted it to go on forever. When they eased apart, both their faces were flushed and they were breathing hard with the excitement of their passion.

She wanted to kiss him again and again. She wanted to be the woman in his bed forever, but she knew it could not be until her transition was complete. How would she answer if he asked to stay? After an eternity of seconds, he spoke, "Meredith, you are one of the most beautiful and fascinating women I have ever met and I want to see you again as soon as possible. May I come over this week-end?"

She wanted to say "Yes! Yes! Yes!" but knew that it was impossible. "Oh, Doug, I wish we could be together this week-end, but I already have a thousand and one things to do. Can you come next week-end?"

"I’ll fly over Friday evening. I’ll call you with my flight schedule." Doug gave her quick kiss and turned and walked to the elevator.

Meredith was giddy–overwhelmed with emotion. Not in her wildest dreams did she expect this day to be so wonderful. She felt like a teen-ager after her first kiss. She was in a daze. She just sat in front of the blank television for more than an hour remembering–reliving that kiss and the entire evening.

"You need to fasten your seat belt, Miss. We’re about to land." The flight attendant’s voice interrupted her reflections. She was so completely lost in her thoughts about yesterday and the entire trip that she had not noticed the seat belt light or heard the announcements about the plane’s landing.

After the landing, she claimed her luggage, hailed a cab and headed for home. Her mind raced ahead to the activities of the coming week. She had a lot to do in preparation for her taking over the company and for Doug’s visit. Could she transform Richard’s apartment into her, more feminine apartment in just one week or would she have to entertain him at his hotel? Of course, making love was out of the question. She knew that, as much as she ached to have him make love to her, they would have to wait until her surgery. She hoped that he was willing to wait, but knew that she might lose him. Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought, but she consoled herself by saying that a man worth having would be willing to wait.

She was anxious to get home and send an email to her friend Joanne to tell her of the experiences of the last three days. Joanne was a cross-dresser with whom she had been corresponding for more than a year. She was the only person on earth who knew Meredith’s secret. As she logged onto the internet, a strange screen appeared. On a plain blue background, large yellow letters appeared which said, "Wishes Granted. Please state your wish." She had never seen such a screen before and could not imagine why it had appeared, but she decided to play along and typed into the blank on the screen, "I wish I could be the Meredith that I have dreamed of being." She laughed as she hit the "Enter" key.

Suddenly, she began to feel a little dizzy. The room appeared to be spinning. As she grabbed for the desk to stabilize herself, the desk moved away from her and began to spin with the rest of the room. Her chair seemed to remain stable as the room spun around her, going faster and faster until she could not distinguish individual objects or colors. Everything blended together into a soft pink cloud. She was floating now. Even the chair was gone from beneath her. The pink cloud seemed to move closer to her, enveloping her and pressing against her. Her clothes along with her artificial breasts and hips melted away into the cloud. The cloud was warm and soothing against her skin. It seemed to be massaging, even kneading her flesh and muscles. She realized that the action of the cloud was, in fact, molding her body into a new shape. New, real breasts were forming on her chest. Her waist was being pressed to a new, smaller dimension. Her penis and scrotum were pressed into her crotch and she felt the cloud moving inside her, re-forming her into the woman she had wished to be. Her entire body was being re-shaped. The cloud pressed tightly around her head, neck and face. She noticed that she was having no difficulty breathing, in spite of the pressing of the cloud over her mouth and nose.

As the pink cloud withdrew from her, the nerve endings in her newly formed body were alive with the excitement of her new flesh. The body she had dreamed of was now hers and it seemed that every nerve was sharing in the revelry. She looked down to see her fabulous new breasts. She brought her soft, slender hands up to caress this very important part of her new femininity. Her new nails were long and painted bright red just like her artificial ones had been. Her legs were perfectly shaped, long and sleek. Even her feet looked feminine and sexy to her. Of course her toenails were painted the same bright red as her finger nails.

Her heart was pounding with excitement as her new clothing began to appear–a low-cut bra and a thong bikini–silky, sheer panty hose–a white linen mini-skirt and tailored top–white sandals with two-inch heals–a diamond tennis bracelet–a gold wrist watch–a very large engagement and wedding ring set.

She could feel the chair appear beneath her. The spinning room seemed to be slowing. She could not make out any details but the colors were different. The room had been changed. She was anxious to see what had happened to her furniture and memorabilia. There seemed to be sunshine coming from one area to her left. Perhaps there were windows. The colors were lighter, even pastels. Then, just as she thought she could identify a couple of pieces of furniture, she passed out.

Joanne, the strangest thing just happened. I was in the midst of writing this e-mail when the power blinked, but it was more than that. It was as if there was a sudden eclipse of the sun. For a split second, everything went black–inside and outside the house. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Then, just as suddenly, everything was back just like it had been. The radio is playing. The air conditioner is running. Your e-mail is on the computer screen. If it wasn’t for one thing, I’d think that I imagined it all. Just as the computer came back on, there was a strange message on the screen. It said, "Wish Granted." I was just able to read it before it disappeared and your letter was back, just like nothing had happened. As soon as I finish this, I’ll run a check on the system, but everything seems to working fine.

Well, as I was saying, I am thankful every day for the blessings that Doug and I have received. He has a great job and a generous income. I can use my modeling income for whatever I want. We’ve decided to fund a scholarship at my alma mater. The kids are fantastic–perfectly healthy and geniuses. I couldn’t wish for a better life.

I’m also excited to hear that things are going so well for you, too. Give my best to Gerald and the twins. Let me know if they need any introductions to people in Port Harris. Doug and I won’t interfere with their adventure into modeling, but we will be glad to help if we can.

Love forever,



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