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If you are here to read adult stuff, sorry, it is another innocent short story of mine. Well, it is not a story, I played a game with my mind.

Mental ?-? Exercise       by: Sandra

You deny me.

I cant deny you. You are a part of him like me.

If this is true, why do you force her to hide me? I want to live too!

He is full of fear that somebody can notice you. If I allow you to appear they will not understand you and they will hurt him.

She is in fear because of you. You are the one who is full of fear.

What is with his parents? They don’t know about you, they only know me.

If they really love her they will accept me.

He is full of fear that they hurt him because of you.

I know all about her thought’s, I am a part of her. You always forget that I am exist. Ask yourself, is it really a life she lives now? She lives with your fear since she can think and vegetate through her life. Every time I try to make her happy you fight me.

I don’t fight you, I protect him.

Against what?

I protect him against the cruel world.

She doesn’t need your protection. The world is not so bad as you think. The world is full of love and beauty. It is only your fear that hinder her to be happy and see the love and the beauty. I am full of love for everybody and I see in you an equal partner. If we two work together she will be happy.

We are too different.

Really? Answer me a few questions male side.

I will be honest.

Are you able to love?

Yes I am.

Are you able to see the beauty of the world?

Yes I am.

Are you able to be happy?

No I am not.

Why are you unable to be happy?

I am full of fear that someone notice you.

Is this so bad?

Yes it is. He will be unhappy.

One more question male side. What is she now?

He is unhappy.

Do you want to see her happy?

I always wanted a happy life for him.

If I promise you that I will leave her if I can not make her happy, do you give me a chance?

What will you do?

I let her taste the wonderful world of femininity.

NO! If somebody find out! It will hurt him!

Look in her heart and tell me what you see.

I see pain.

Is there place for more pain?

No. I see only pain and nothing else. You promise to leave him?

I was and I will ever be honest to you.

Okay, I trust you. What do you want me to do?

Give me two hours the control. That is all.

You stop when it hurt him?

I am unable to hurt her and if she feels not better I stop and leave her.

Okay. Two hours and no minute more.

Thank you. I start right now and lead her to her sisters room.

Stop! He has fear!

No, it is your fear she feels. Let her go. You had said that I get my chance.

I will try it.

Can you feel it? Without you she is only nervous. It was always your fear. Feel how much she likes the feminine room.

Okay, he feels better. Let him go before someone come and find him. I will ask you if I need help to make him happy.

Cant you feel her desire to taste more of me?

I can feel it and that frighten me. He will forget me!

She can never forget you, you are a part of her.

What are you doing?

I let her feel the softness of silky panties.

He likes it.

Of course she like it. Soft and pretty panties are so wonderful.

He undress in his sisters room! Stop it female side!

She is not happy but she feels much better. I only stop if it hurt her.

He likes it to feel the panties on his skin. What is he doing now?

She tuck away her male parts to look more like a female.

He likes it more this way.

Of course she likes it more. Every female like it to look perfect. Wait till she wear the bra and you will feel a unknown feeling.

I can feel something. What is it?

This is the feeling of pleasure. She begin now to feel like herself. Shall I stop now?

No, he likes it how it feels. What is this? The good feelings get stronger!

The pantyhose sweet-talk her legs. Nylon is like a drug for the skin. The skin send shivers of pleasure through her body. If I had shaved her legs the feeling were stronger. Tell me about the slip.

It feels good. He likes it. Is this happiness?

No, but I promise you that I will show you what happiness is.

There is a new feeling in him!

This is peace male side. The dress and the heels complete the illusion to be female. This feeling will get stronger when the makeup and hair is ready.

I can feel it. Is this now happiness?

No. I promised you that I will show you.

He is leaving the room! Stop before someone can see him!

You mean her, I think. She is now completely female.

He forget me!

Silly, she can never forget you, you are a part of her.

Stop now! There are his parents! They will hurt him!

The only way to be happy is to face your biggest fear. Her biggest fear is that her parents will not accept her.

She is full of fear!

You know what you have said?

Yes female side. I can feel that she belongs to you. There were never such good feelings in her life before. Ouch, there is another feeling that is so good that it hurt at first.

Her parents love her the way she is. They love her for the person she is and not for the way she looks. Her biggest fear is blown away and this feeling we both can feel now is named happiness.

2000 by Sandra
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