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Mental Change


Joyce Chiasson


It was a beautiful Mardi Gras. Donna and I was walking down Bourbon street. We had been married for 10 years and I guess you could say the romance was sort of out of the relationship. Neither of us wanted kids we were very excited to be alone. Donna saw it first the Voodoo Shop. "Oh Doug lets go check it out." As we entered you could smell the incense. We met Dr. Boudreaux. We explained to him our problem and he suggested a concotion of spanish moss, alligator eyes, swamp water, and nutria tail. Which suprisingly was all on hand in the store. Dr. Boudreaux brewed this mixture for us. He then mumbled some words over it. Told us to drink it after the other so that we may know how the other lives and this would solve our problems. Donna was so into this. I was thinking what an idiot. But the price brought me to reality. 100 dollars.

That night before we went to bed Donna drank the potion first then me. Then she drank the rest. I woke up early the next day. I but on my robe. I never wore a pink robe before but it felt right. I went downstairs to get breakfast ready. This used to be Donna's job. I made pancakes. Everything seemed to be normal. Then I heard Donna scream in agony. She cut herself trying to shave her face. We had to put some ointment on the cut. Then she proceeded to put on my boxer shorts and khakis pants and polo style shirt. I hurried up and put on my panties which yesterday belonged to Donna a bra and a nurses uniform complete with the white stockings. This is when it finally hit us what was going on. We were becoming each other. I was about to apply make-up to my face when Donna asked me what was going on. I had to actually think hard not to call her Doug.


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