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Menstrual Sissy

by Ms. Bianca


From the first moment I tried on a pair of my mother's lacy panties, in the privacy of my bedroom, and felt the silky fabric against my skin, I knew that I wanted to wear these types of clothes more often than anything else. I had initially seen Mom's lingerie in the hamper waiting to be washed or in the laundry basket waiting to be put away. I always felt a sensation that I couldn't describe. However, that feeling drove me to ultimately try on a pair of her soft, silky panties. During my initial period of discovery, I would sneak into Mom's room, shed my clothes and try on her panties, bra and slip. To give me a bust, I would fill the bra cups with additional pairs of Mom's panties. Sometimes I would even wear her panty girdle and put on a pair of her stockings, taking great pains to make sure that I didn't put any runs in them.

One Friday afternoon, when I figured I had plenty of time to enjoy her lingerie before Mom came home, I entered her room and quickly undressed. I put on a white lacy bra, stuffed the cups with several pairs of panties, slid a cream-colored pair of panties loaded with lace over my legs and had put on Mom's best nightgown, a form-fitting, ankle length bit of satin and lace in white satin. As I was admiring myself in her mirror, I watched in horror as I saw her bedroom door open and saw Mom walk in. We both stood there staring at each other, speechless for several seconds, unable to even move. Finally, Mom started to speak to me. Rather, she started to yell at me and call me all kinds of names such as freak, sissy and worst of all, fairy. She even threatened me with a spanking or even of committing me to the state mental hospital. I just stood there listening, my hands against the sides of the nightgown, unable to respond.

When she calmed down some, she looked at me and said, "So you want to be a pretty little girl, do you? I knew that you had been into my things from the way they were messed up but, until now, I had no way of proving it. Since you want to dress like a girl, I think you should spend the rest of weekend dressed properly. Not only that, I think that you should experience smelling like a girl during her monthly time. It is unfortunate for you that I caught you during my time of the month. You will properly experience your first period with my used pads. Maybe the smell and the humiliation of wearing used maxi pads will cure you of your desires to dress in my things."

She told me to stand there and lift my nightgown, to see if I had panties on. When she saw the panties I had selected to wear, she said that at least I had good taste in my choice of lingerie. She told me to lower the nightgown and stand where I was while she prepared. I watched wide-eyed as she removed her skirt and blouse and hung them up carefully. I admired her in her slip, a white satin, full slip with lace on the bodice, which fell to just above her knees. It was one of my favorites that I had already worn on several occasions. She pointed to her slip and said that a woman was meant to wear that type of garment not by a sissy boy wishing to be a girl. She removed her slip, heels, stockings and panty girdle and stood there before me clad in only her bra and panties. Even though this was my Mom standing almost naked before me, I felt a stirring in my loins that I tried not to think about. As I looked at her lovely panties, I noticed the obvious bulge caused by her maxi pad.

Mom moved in front of me and ordered me to kneel before her. When I hesitated briefly, Mom looked at me and asked if I hadn't heard her. I nodded that I had heard her and quickly knelt in front of her. When I did, my eyes were right in line with the crotch of her panties and the maxi pad. She ordered me to move close and breathe her aroma and the aroma of the pad. "Smell what a woman is like during her monthly time," she ordered. "Perhaps that will disgust and sicken you." I quickly but tentatively put my nose close to her crotch, not knowing what to expect. I was soon sniffing for the first time the wondrous aroma that I have come to crave. Not only did it not repulse me; rather it intensified my feelings to dress, look, feel and even smell like a woman. I pushed my nose deeper into her satiny panties and her pad.

After a minute or two of having my nose pressed against the panty covered maxi pad, Mom had me move away and stand. She ordered me to remove the nightgown. While I was standing there, she lowered her panties and removed her used pad. From my first glance at it, it appeared like her flow was heavy this month. I soon came to learn that her flow was heavy every month. She put the pad briefly aside and had me go to the bathroom and get a clean pad. When I returned, she had me again kneel in front of her, open the protective packaging and then, under her direction, remove the adhesive protective strap and properly place the pad in her panties and replace her panties around her hips.

She then had me stand as she handed me her used pad and ordered me to put it in my panties, just I had done with the clean pad for her a few seconds before. I took the pad, but before I could put it where it belonged, Mom stopped me and ordered me to first sniff the used side of her pad and then to properly kiss it. I quickly complied with her order, although I feigned a slight indication of my distaste for the task. I didn't want her to know that I was actually enjoying this. After a long sniff and a lingering kiss, I lowered my panties, positioned the pad between my legs and raised my panties again. It was a unique feeling to have the used pad pressing against me.

Mom then ordered me to remove the panties from my bra cups. When I did, she handed me a pair of realistic breast forms in a B cup and told me to use those instead. Mom then selected a panty girdle, slip, stockings and a dress for me to wear. She looked at me and asked if I had worn heels yet. I shook my head no. Under her direction, I put on the girdle and sat down to do my stockings, even though I was already experienced at this task. Mom was surprised at how effortlessly I slid them up and fastened the tops to the garters attached to the panty girdle. I put on the same slip that Mom had just taken off and then slid the soft, blue satin dress over my head. I made halfhearted attempts to zip the back so that Mom wouldn't know that this was like heaven for me. She stepped behind me and zipped up the dress and then straightened out the skirt so that it would hang properly. She handed me a pair of her one-inch heels, which fit perfectly. When I stood up, I needed her assistance until I could balance and walk correctly in the heels.

Mom looked at me and said I was going to be a girl completely so she ordered me to sit down at her vanity, reminding me to sweep my dress under me as I sat. She then quickly applied cosmetics to my face over my mild protestations. Lastly, she went to her closet and removed a wig box. She had a lovely shoulder length wig in her hair color (mine also). She slipped it on my head and brushed it for a few seconds.

Mom told me to sit there while she got dressed. When I saw her take out a green satin sheath and put it on, I asked if that wasn't too dressy for around the house. She informed me that we were going out. If I wanted to be a pretty girl, I was going to be one where everyone could see me. I was not going to remain inside all weekend. We were going out to dinner and then to a movie. When she was dressed, she handed me a purse to go with my outfit that contained a compact, lipstick, tissues and two maxi ads, so she wouldn't have to carry them. She then picked up her bag off of the bed. She reminded me when I got into the car and again when I sat down at dinner to properly sweep my dress under me as I sat. Mom also reminded me that a young lady does not eat the same meals or quantities as a boy of the same age. After dinner, we visited the ladies room, where I helped her change into a fresh maxi pad and then I changed into her used pad, discarding the first used pad I had worn. When I changed her pad, I had to take a big sniff of it and then kiss it before Mom was satisfied. It was different sitting in the stall with my dress up and my girdle and panties down while I changed my pad.

The movie was a typical romantic movie that all the girls and women liked. It was enjoyable sitting there in a dress, watching the movie. I was comfortable, since no one could tell that I was a boy in a dress. I savored the aroma that emanated from my panties throughout the evening. When we got home, Mom ordered me to leave my bra and panties on and to change into the nightgown that she had caught me wearing. I did as I was ordered, making sure to hang the dress up neatly. I took of the wig and stored it on the form that came in the wig box. After removing my makeup, Mom made sure I wore a pink satin hair bonnet, just like the girl I was pretending to be should. I had to change my pad one last time before I went to bed.

`The rest of the weekend was simply more of the same. I dressed in skirts and dresses and lingerie. We went out to the mall shopping where Mom bought some very frilly and lacy lingerie, trying, I guess, to embarrass me. I changed Mom's pad whenever she needed and took her used pad and put it into my panties after breathing in their aroma and kissing them full on the stained side. I was enjoying all of these experiences, which by Sunday night Mom could see. As I changed into the nightgown one last time, she sat on my bed and asked me if I had learned my lesson. I looked earnestly at her and said that I learned that I wanted more not less of what I had just experienced the preceding few days. She asked if all of the experiences with her maxi pads, wearing them, sniffing them and kissing them didn't disgust and shame me toward a different behavior. I shook my head no and said that from the first whiff of her pad in her panties, my feelings intensified for being a girl in almost every way possible.

After a long heart-to-heart talk, Mom finally began to understand what and how I was thinking and feeling. She agreed that I could continue dressing discreetly at home. My public appearances would be only when I wanted them. Just as Mom was about to leave and bid me goodnight, she asked about my continuing to experience a monthly period. I almost begged her to allow me to continue the routine that we had just started. I even begged her to allow me to kneel before her and kiss her panties and maxi pad, as she had ordered at first in an attempt to humiliate me. Although Mom was skeptical about my long-term desires in this regard, she agreed to allow me to continue smelling like a woman during her period. I was overjoyed.

Throughout the rest of high school and even into college, we continued my dressing activities. Every month, as regular as clockwork, I found myself with a red stained maxi pad between my legs as I continued to be Mom's helper and provider of fresh maxi pads. During my last two years in college, Mom introduced a variation into my monthly period. Each month, in addition to wearing her used pads, I would also wear a used tampon in my bottom for two to three hours at a stretch. Mom would have me lie face down on the bed, spread my legs, lubricate my opening and then insert a used tampon into me. She had recently begun to use tampons for herself in addition to the maxi pads. I felt so wonderful having the used tampon in me while wearing the used maxi pad between my legs.

Shortly after I graduated from college and had taken a nice well-paying position with a local firm, I had the tragedy of losing Mom in an auto accident. She was blindsided by a driver running a red light and died instantly. Her loss was obviously profound in many ways. I did not realize how many ways until it was supposed to be the time for my next monthly period. Suddenly, I realized that Mom was not there to be my supplier of used sanitary materials. I was at a loss. Although I could and did go to the pharmacy and buy maxi pads and tampons, it wasn't the same as having Mom's used ones in my panties.

I had dated many girls while in high school and college. When the subject of cross-dressing arose, many were accepting and would consider indulging in it with a partner that they truly cared about. However, the mention of the monthly period brought about considerable silence. All seemed to consider it too gross to talk about, even from their own viewpoints. So, finding a girl friend that would indulge both my cross-dressing and my menstrual servitude seemed to be out of the question.

One day I was reading one of the alternative newspapers that are common throughout our community. As I looked over the classified, I saw one that advertised a Mistress that would deal with any desire or fantasy one might have and train you accordingly. My heart quickened as I read and re-read her ad several times. That evening, after much thought and consideration over what I was about to do, I picked up the telephone and called the local number listed. It turned out to be an answering machine where I was to leave my name, my feminine name if I had one, telephone number, and a time when I would be available to receive a call from the Mistress and what my desires were. I easily got through all except the feminine name, since I didn't have one as yet and then I managed to stammer out that I was interested in being trained as a proper menstrual sissy. I quickly hung up after making that admission to the machine.

I didn't have long to wait for a reply. In about an hour, I received a call from Mistress Bethany. Her light, airy soprano caused me to imagine what she looked like. She asked what I was interested in just to make sure I hadn't changed my mind. I told her that I was interested in being used by a woman as her menstrual sissy. I would change her pads, I would kiss her used pads, and I would wear her used pads. Mistress thought about it for sometime and then said that she would take my training. First, she would send a contract to me explaining the rates for her services as well as the terms and conditions that I would abide by. Her services were available monthly and were to be paid for in advance. She asked if I enjoyed being dressed femininely while serving? I assured her that I would be dressed, as she desired. Lastly, she asked if I had a feminine name. I assured her that I didn't but would be honored to have her name me. She assured me that she would select an appropriate name for me and include in with the paperwork she would send to me.

The next few days I couldn't wait to get home from work to see what, if anything, had arrived in the mail from Mistress Bethany. Finally, after three days, there was a large envelope addressed to Ms Patricia Padmore care of me at my address. I took it inside and quickly opened the envelope. It was from the Mistress as I had hoped. To her, I was now known as Patricia Padmore, a unique way to include my desire in my new name. The rates were somewhat expensive and the first session would be scheduled after the receipt and clearing of a check or credit card number. The terms and conditions were that I would obey all of Mistress' orders and directives, dress as she required and if things were beyond what I desired, terminate the session, which would end all future encounters with Mistress. I quickly signed the paper indicating my agreement with all that was required and provided my credit card number and expiration date. I was so eager that I then drove to the main post office to make sure that delivery occurred the next day, if possible.

The next day, I almost counted the seconds at work until I could again be home and hopefully hear from Mistress Bethany. Although the waiting was interminable, I was not disappointed as I received a call shortly after 9:00 p.m. Mistress addressed me as Patricia and told me that all was in order and that I was to report to her address on the following Monday at 6:00 p.m. I was to be dressed in satin lingerie, at least three-inch heels, and nice satin dress. I was to wear a satin scarf over my hair. Additionally, I was to bring a clear plastic women's raincoat, a pink plastic shampoo cape and two pink shower caps, with me. I was advised not to be late. I was also advised that I would receive additional instructions once I arrived. She asked if I had any questions or last minutes doubts. I assured her that I had neither. She then said that she would see me on Monday and then hung up the phone.

Again, I had to wait patiently for the time to pass. I made sure that I had the items I was supposed to bring with me. I laid out my best and laciest satin lingerie and selected a pink satin dress with puffy short sleeves and a full skirt. I had pink four-inch heels that matched the dress, so I selected them also. Monday, I left work at noon, taking the afternoon off as vacation time. I went home, cleaned myself up, did my makeup in an attractive and very feminine style and then got dressed. My lipstick and my nail polish were both a blood red. I put on my pink satin bra and then used my C-sized breast forms. Since tonight I did not want to have to deal with a panty girdle, I put on a pink satin garter belt. I slid pink tinted stockings up my legs and felt their tautness as I attached the tops to the garters. A pair of pink satin panties with wide pink lace around the legs was slid up my legs. A full-length pink satin slip with lace all over was then put on. I experienced the overwhelming feeling of femininity as I dressed. Lastly, I put on my dress and heels. After checking my makeup and tying my scarf in place, I picked up the bag with my additional item, my purse and my car keys and headed for my appointment with Mistress Bethany.

I left early so that I could avoid any potential traffic tie-ups. I arrived at the address in a very fashionable neighborhood. The house, on a large lot was a two story colonial set off by some lovely landscaping. I pulled into the driveway and parked. As I got out, I checked my appearance one more time before going in. I went up the stone steps to the front door, listening to the sound as my heels struck the pavement. As I rang the bell, I heard a voice over the external speaker saying that I was to enter. Further instructions for me were in the foyer.

I opened the door and went in to a well-appointed foyer. There was a letter lying on the table addressed to Patricia. I was told to undress down to my bra, panties, stockings and heels. I was to leave the rest of my apparel in the foyer. I was to tie the red ribbon that was provided around my right wrist and then crawl into the next room with my additional items. If I did not want to do as required, I could simply turn around and head out of the door and that would be the end of it. I laid down the letter, removed my dress, slip and scarf, tied the red ribbon around my wrist and got onto my hands and knees to crawl into the next room as directed. I slid my plastic wear along the carpeted floor as I moved.

I crawled down a carpeted hallway to the room where I hoped to find Mistress Bethany. As I entered the room, still on my hands and knees, I made sure that I kept my eyes lowered, as I felt that I should not gaze at Mistress Bethany until I was ordered to do so. I heard her light, airy soprano voice as she addressed me. "Patricia, I am glad to see that you have decided to proceed. It is appropriate that you are in pink lingerie. I think pink is so becoming on a sissy. Also, I see you have tied the red ribbon around your wrist, denoting your status as a menstrual sissy and that you have come crawling into my presence in order to serve your Mistress. You may raise your eyes and look at me now." I quickly obeyed and saw before me an attractive young lady, no older than thirty, wearing a white satin blouse, straight, knee length black satin skirt, black stockings and four-inch black patent pumps. Her straight blond hair framed her face, which was made up in a very understated way. She proceeded to remove her blouse and skirt while I watched eagerly.

I gazed upon my Mistress, stunning in her lacy white satin bra, lacy white satin panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. The unmistakable bulge of a maxi pad was evident in her lovely panties. I hungrily waited for what would happen next.

Mistress Bethany said that she had a frozen Popsicle for me to start on first. She produced a well-used tampon that she had stored in the freezer and offered it to my red lips. I quickly opened my mouth so that she could insert it. As I savored this treat in my mouth and felt the string brush my lips, I heard Mistress Bethany order me to lower my panties so my bottom was exposed and to stay on my hands and knees. I reached back and lowered my satin panties to my knees. Mistress Bethany went behind me, spread my bottom cheeks and applied some lubrication to me. While it felt cold, I was almost trembling with excitement from what I expected next. She then produced another well-used tampon and, after first showing it to me, proceeded to insert it into my bottom opening. Once it was in, she had me replace my panties.

Since my Popsicle had thawed, Mistress Bethany pulled the tampon out. She then had me crawl to her and kiss the bulge in her panties. As I placed my lips squarely on the panty-covered pad, the heady aroma of a woman experiencing her monthly again filled my nostrils. I breathed deeply and buried my lips and nose deep into the pad. After several seconds, Mistress ordered me to lower her panties and remove her used pad. Like a kid with a new toy, I joyfully and gently lowered her lovely panties and removed a well-stained maxi pad. I was then ordered to show my reverence for the pad and respect for the Mistress by kissing it, which I did without hesitation. Lastly, Mistress honored me by allowing me to wear her used pad in my pantries. I put it into place and felt so feminine and submissive at that moment.

Mistress then took my plastic wear and ordered me to briefly stand. She opened the raincoat and had me put it on. Next came the pink plastic shampoo cape placed around my neck as an added covering. I then put on a shower cap over my hair. Mistress ordered me to follow her to another room, which had a tile floor and a center drain. Over the drain was a low bench or cot, which Mistress Bethany ordered me to lay down on it so that I was looking up at the ceiling. She said that part of my duties, as her menstrual sissy was to drink her flow, both her golden nectar and her lovely red nectar. She asked if I was ready to continue my service. I smiled at her and simply said, "Yes, Mistress."

She lowered her panties and quickly straddled my face; the source of her red flow barely inches from my mouth. As she lowered herself onto me, I opened my lips and prepared to receive her liquid gift. As I felt her around my head, I felt the first tickle of her flow. I quickly swallowed it and awaited more. Mistress Bethany seemed to be rationing her flow because I received a slow steady stream that I was able to swallow without wasting a drop. When she finished at last, I had the honor and the pleasure of licking her clean. As she removed herself, she had me place a fresh maxi pad into her panties and then replace her panties.

Mistress then led me to another room to continue my session. Between the satin lingerie, the plastic wear and the smell and taste of Mistress' nectars, I was feeling ecstatic about the entire process. I entered the room and saw a queen sized bed, covered with red satin sheets. I was ordered to lay down on it for the next event in my training. Once I was lying on the satin, Mistress Bethany took each wrist and tied it to the headboard with satin cord. She repeated with my ankles, which she tied to the footboard. I was spread eagle on the bed, unable to do anything other than talk, a situation that was soon to be changed.

A small refrigerator sat beside the bed. Mistress Bethany removed an item from the inside and unwrapped the plastic wrap covering it. I saw that it was a well-used maxi pad, which Mistress proceeded to roll up, stained side out. She presented the rolled pad to my lips, which I quickly opened, allowing her to insert it into my mouth. As I lay there, in that bound and gagged position, I watched as Mistress Bethany took the other shower cap that I had brought and lined the inside with several maxi pads, making sure the adhesive strips stuck to the shower cap. When she was finished, she placed the shower cap over my face, so that my senses were engulfed in her wonderful monthly aroma. My lips were firmly in contact with one pad; my nose in contact with another and several more covered my eyes and other portions of my face.

I then felt the bed move, as someone, I presumed it was Mistress Bethany, moved to straddle my face. I felt the pressure from her bottom on my face as the used maxi pads were pressed into closer contact with me. I was savoring the experience, trying to make each minute of my 'forced' bondage last forever. Finally, the pressure was removed from my face. Only then did I hear Mistress Bethany say, "Thank you Michele for assisting me with this sissy. I felt my hands and ankles being untied and then my facial covering shower cap was removed. Mistress Bethany removed the rolled up pad from my mouth and then helped me stand.

She looked at me and asked if I was satisfied with my experience. I assured her it was what I wanted and even more. She asked if there was anything else I desired before leaving. I knelt before her and begged for permission to kiss her sweet bottom, lingering longer on her sweet opening. She turned around, lowered her panties and presenting her bottom to me and waited. As I kissed her bottom and moved my lips between her cheeks, I felt her push back into me so that I could savor her taste. When she moved away, I knew my session was over.

Mistress Bethany then asked if I would like a repeat session the following month. Eagerly, I indicated that I wanted more of the same again the next time. She ordered me to appear for my next appointment properly dressed as a French maid in a red satin uniform trimmed in white and red four-inch heels, since I was now her menstrual maid and sissy. She assured me that she would have Michele assist her, especially with filling my mouth with the wonderful red nectar. She then had Michelle, a lovely young lady in a black satin French maid's uniform show me to the dressing room where I could again get dressed. Michele took my plastic wear after I removed it and put it into a locker for storage until my next visit. I put on my slip and dress, thinking about what I had just experienced. I watched as Michele walked away, the satin of her uniform and the crinolines moving gently with each step. The promise of more delightful treats in the future such as those I experienced today caused me to smile happily as I drove away from Mistress Bethany's place.




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