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Melody's Special Journey

by Sissy-Belle


Episode 1


I suppose it was rather inevitable that he would be found out but nevertheless it was rather a shock! A humiliating shock at that! It was, he realized, his own doing, that his secret obsession would be discovered because he had in fact wanted to be caught! It added considerably to the excitement rush he 'got' and his cock was all the more stiff if he thought She had read some of his fantasies. They were after all deliberately left out for her to see!

The surprise when She actually confronted him with his fetish came when she asked him to 'do' some jobs at her new house and she greeted him at the door.

" I hope you are ready and willing to be my maid for the afternoon?" She asked him. The color rushed to his cheeks and he mumbled something incoherent in reply.

" You do want to be my sissy maid don't you?" She asked stepping back to let him pass. Trying hard to compose himself he decided that he had better answer in the affirmative.

" Yes Mistress, I would be pleased to serve as your maid for the afternoon." He answered weakly.

When they were seated in the drawing room She advised him that his first job was to join her at the computer where they would search for a suitable maid's uniform for her new maid. After looking at many sites She decided on a PVC uniform, black, a white lacy apron, black stockings, white frilly ankle socks and a lace cap would be good for starters. The order was placed and the delivery date was to be sometime next week. Until then, she told him, " You can perform your duties completely naked!"




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