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by Margaret Jeanette


Mary and Jim Simon were making love. It was an ecstatic time. Mary achieved orgasm and Jim came almost immediately after. Mary said, "That was good enough to do again!"

Jim answered, "Yes, that was super. The timing was almost perfect."

They continued their play. Mary worked Jim's penis but it wouldn't get hard. Finally Jim said, "It's no use, I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow night to try again."

Mary told him she had an idea. She got up and went to her dresser and got out a pair of panties and slid them up his legs. He instantly became erect. He asked, "Where did you come up with that?"

She answered, "I read about a woman who tried that on her husband on the Internet. I figured it was worth a try. Now let's not waste time."

They went back to making love. It was very delightful. When they were finished they were both sated. Jim got up and went to the bathroom. When he returned he started to take off the panties. Mary told him to keep them on. He did.

When he was in bed, Mary said, "Your body tells me you like the feel of the panties. Tell me how you like them!"

Jim said, "They feel different. Kind of soft and sexy. I never thought about wearing anything like this but the sex was great."

Mary said, "You can continue to wear them. I think you look sexy in them. What do you say?"

Jim said, "I don't know about that. What about Martha? She'll surely notice that there isn't any male underwear in the wash when she does it. She's sharp about things like that."

Mary came back with, "Martha is a good maid. She doesn't care about what's in the wash or what isn't in the wash. She has a sense of respect that won't end. She'll never say anything to anyone about it. Come on, agree to wear them for a while. See if it makes a difference in your outlook, knowing that you're wearing sexy panties."

Jim never denied Mary anything, and agreed. They fell into a blissful sleep. The next morning Mary handed him a different pair of panties. They were white with black lace.

Jim said, "The white is OK but why do I have to wear ones with black lace?"

Mary said, "The lace is what makes them sexy. When you feel the lace it should stimulate you."

They went down for breakfast. Martha had made them bacon and eggs with toast and orange juice. They enjoyed small talk and when breakfast was over Mary prepared to go to her office downtown. She owned a very successful investment business that catered to the upper crust of the town. She was considered a financial whiz in her investments. She left, and Jim went into his office to do what he was good at. He was a one-man business specializing in research and writing briefs for three major corporations. He made a very good income and enjoyed the good life.

Jim was typing out a research paper and couldn't help but notice the lace wrapping his legs. He was hard, and tried to will it away. He quickly figured out that he couldn't will it away. He stopped typing and thought about last night's lovemaking. He felt a sense of satisfaction thinking about it. After a while he felt more comfortable and resumed his typing. Soon he was done with the paper and sent it to his client. He turned the computer off and went to the bedroom and got his swimsuit on and headed out to their pool.

He enjoyed the refreshing coolness of the water. He swam some laps, then settled into a lounge chair to relax. The warm sun soon had him sleeping. Martha looked out and saw a smile on his face. She smiled and thought about waking him before he sunburned. Fifteen minutes later he felt a shaking at his shoulder. It was Martha.

She said, "You don't want to burn, do you?"

He sleepily replied, "No, thank you for waking me. I am going to swim a couple of more laps then get dressed and back to work."

Martha said, "I'll make you a light lunch. You can eat when you get done swimming."

Jim finished his swim and headed into the house. When he entered he saw a bowl of soup with a sandwich on a plate beside it. He sat down to eat and Martha came and sat down beside him. She laid the white lacy panties on the table. He blushed.

Martha said, "I need some help with the house this afternoon. Will you help me?"

Jim swallowed hard and replied, "I guess so. What do you need help with?"

Martha said, "Well I'll give you a choice. Do you want to wash the windows or clean up in here? You're going to help me, so you'll have to dress the part!"

"What do you mean, dress the part?"

Martha told him, "You're going to be a maid's assistant or junior maid. You must dress the part to really feel and be a junior maid."

Jim said, "I don't think so. I don't want to look like a maid!"

Martha said, "Just finish your sandwich and tea. I'll take care of everything."

Jim shakily finished his cup of tea and his sandwich. Martha then told him to put his panties on, right there. He refused. Before he realized what was happening Martha had him over her lap. She pulled the swimsuit down and began to spank him. He had a low tolerance for pain and was soon crying.

Martha didn't stop. She said, "Let me know when you are ready to do what I say. Your rear is getting red, I can keep up until it's purple if need be."

Jim sobbing said, "OK, OK, I'll do what you want."

Martha stopped spanking him. She asked, "And you'll dress the part?"

Jim said, "Yes, I'll dress the part!"

Still crying, Jim got off of Martha's lap. He never knew she was so strong. Martha said, "Get your swim suit off and your panties on, then come to my room."

Jim did as she said. When he entered her room she told him to stand still. She fastened a garter belt around his waist and threaded the garters under his panties. She then had him step into heavy black stockings and told him to pay attention to how she fastened them.

Then she produced a black lacy bra and fastened it around his chest. She stuffed the cups with two good-sized beanbags. She never thought that the beanbags she made for the orphanage would be used like this.

Jim blushed deep red when he looked down at his chest. He was deeply embarassed. Martha slid a lacy black slip over his head. Then she had him step into a gray dress. It had a white collar and white cuffs. She went into her closet and came out with a pair of black shoes with a two-inch heel.

She said, " You have small feet, hopefully these will fit OK. What size shoe do you wear?"

Jim quietly said, "I wear a size seven."

Martha said, "These are an eight and a half. Let's see if they will work."

She put the shoes on him and saw they were slightly loose. She took them off and went into the bathroom. When she returned Jim saw she had taped some cotton balls to the back of the shoes. They fit perfectly. Martha then went to her dresser and took a lipstick off the top of it.

She applied some to his lips saying, "I got this on a whim but it is too red for me. It looks good on you though."

Jim looked in the mirror. He was aghast. He looked at his bright red lips and his chest sticking out. His cheeks were as red as his lips.

Martha handed him the lipstick saying, "Here, this is yours now. Carry it in your pocket for now. I want you to keep your lips looking nice. Do you understand?"

Jim gave her assurance he understood. Martha led him back to the kitchen and took an apron out of the pantry. She helped him put it on. It was white with lace-trimmed ruffles on the upper part and lace trim around the edges.

Martha said, "You didn't answer if you wanted to do the windows or clean up in here. What do you want to do?"

Jim thought about the windows, and then discarded that in fear that someone might see him. He told her he would clean up in the house.

Martha said, "Hand wash and dry the dishes and put them away. Then sweep and mop the kitchen floor. When you are done find me and I'll see what else there is to be done."

Jim dejectedly started the dishes. He thought about what had happened to him. He thought about telling Martha she had gone too far, then remembered the spanking. His rear still stung from the one she had given him. He finished the dishes, then swept the kitchen floor. Then he found the mop and pail and mopped the floor. He had just finished it and was putting things away when Martha walked in.

Martha said, "The floor looks real nice. You did a good job. Now you can vacuum the bedrooms and your office upstairs."

Jim feeling stronger now said, "Martha, I think this is enough. I am going to go upstairs and change!"

Before he could move Martha took one step and reached up and pinched his ear severely. She said, "Are you going to do what I say or do I have to give you another spanking?"

Jim in pain said, "I'll do it, just let go of my ear."

Martha said, "I was going to let you change after you finished upstairs but now I have other things for you to do after that. Go and refresh your lipstick then get busy. When you are done come see me. Do you understand?"

Jim said yes and headed to the bathroom to do his lipstick. He then went and started the vacuuming. When he finished he saw it was four-thirty and knew Mary would be home in a half hour.

He headed to find Martha and when he found her he told her he had finished the upstairs. Martha told him to polish the furniture in the living room.

Jim said, "That is going to take awhile. Can't I go change before Mary gets home, please? I'll polish the furniture tomorrow, promise!"

Martha said, "No you polish it now. I want it to look good for your wife. Do you need another lesson in listening to what I say?"

Jim said no and went and got the polish and a rag. He started polishing the furniture. He was so engrossed in what he was doing he jumped when Mary spoke.

She said, "What do we have here? You want to be a maid?"

Jim said, "No! I don't want to be a maid. Martha is making me do this stuff. She dressed me like this and has had me helping her all afternoon. You hired her, why don't you fire her?"

Mary asked, "How did she get you in the dress?"

Jim shame-faced said, "She spanked me until I agreed to do what she wanted. I think she went too far. Don't you?"

Mary said, "I am not going to fire her. I'll talk to her and get her side of the story. OK?"

Jim, feeling better and thinking Mary would get things straightened out, said OK. Mary left the room and Jim finished the polishing. It took another half hour before he was done.

When he went into the kitchen to put the polish away and throw the rag away Martha was preparing supper. Jim told her he was done with the polishing.

Martha told him to set the table for supper. He took two plates out of the cupboard. Martha said, "Why two plates?"

Jim said, "One for Mary, one for me."

Martha said, "You only need one. You are going to serve supper. You will eat afterward."

Jim put one plate back and set the table. Martha had him fill the water glass and the milk glass for Mary's supper. She told him to make sure they were always full. She told him to fix his lipstick again.

Mary came in and sat down. Jim carried her food over to her and served it. He stood slightly behind her and watched as she ate. He had to refill her water glass once.

When she was done Mary said, "You did a very good job. I'm proud of you. Clean up these dishes then you can eat."

Jim did as requested. Mary went into the living room to read the evening paper. She liked the feeling of power she had over Jim. She wondered how far she could go. She wondered to herself why she was allowing this to happen, then decided to let things play out.

Jim ate supper in a sad state of mind. Mary was supposed to put an end to this. He wondered why she didn't. He thought to himself that she would surely end it tonight and tomorrow things would be back to normal.

When he finished eating Martha helped him with the dishes. When the dishes were done Martha told him he was done for the day.

Jim said, "I am going upstairs to change."

Martha said, "Leave the clothes on. There is no sense to change now, it is late. Wait until bedtime to change."

Jim said, "I am going to change now!"

Martha said, "Let's go see your wife and see what she says about it."

They went into the living room. Martha said, "We are done for the day. He says he wants to go change and I said it is too late to change for just the short time before bed. I guess it's up to you what he should do. What do you say?"

Mary asked, "Jim, why do you want to change for just an hour before going to bed?"

Jim answered, "I just want to get back into my clothes."

Mary said, "Those are your clothes now. Keep them on and get used to them. OK?"

Jim said dejectedly OK. He sat down to read the paper. It took time to build up his courage to talk to Mary. Finally he was ready to ask her some questions.

"Dear, what did Martha say when you talked to her?"

"Martha said she needed help to get everything done that she thought should be done. She said rather than hire someone else she figured you could help as you are here all day anyway."

Jim said, "I don't mind helping her but why do I have to wear a dress?"

"Martha said to do the job properly one must be attired properly. It puts them in the right frame of mind."

"What about my work? I need to keep it up or I'll lose my contracts."

"I'll talk to Martha and tell her you need to do your work. How long does it take each day?"

"At least two to three hours. When I am doing research it may take all day. No two days are the same."

"I'll talk to her and I am sure we can get some understanding."

Jim asked, "Can't you at least talk to her about the clothes. I don't want to wear dresses!"

Mary responded, "I think you look nice in a dress. Martha said once she has the house looking the way it should be she'll only need you one or two days a week. If you get into it it shouldn't take too long. In the meantime you'll just have to wear the uniform."

Jim asked, "Don't maids get a day off. Martha gets Wednesdays off."

Mary said, "You can have Thursdays off. I'll tell Martha to give you Thursdays off."

Jim asked, "Why are you allowing this to happen to me?"

Mary answered, "I didn't put that dress on you. You were wearing it when I got home. I have decided that you can remain in dresses for a while. I think you look cute in them. I'll tell you one thing, I intend on using you as my maid for the time being. You will perform as a maid and act like a maid! I expect you to do everything a maid does. Do you understand?"

Jim deciding to humor her replied, "Yes, I understand but for how long?"

Mary said, "For as long as Martha or I want! It may be a week, a month or a year. It may be forever. Get it in your head; it's up to us when you can resume being a man. Now it's time for bed, let's go up."

Jim said, "Mary, I have more questions."

Mary said, "Discussion closed. It's time for bed. Come on!"

They went up to the bedroom. Mary handed him a nightgown. It was pink and trimmed with lots of lace.

Mary said, "Here you can wear this to bed. Now a maid doesn't sleep with her mistress. You can sleep in the spare bedroom for the time being."

Jim said, "Why can't I sleep in here. I am your husband!"

Mary said, "You are my maid now, my husband is gone for a while. Now go to your room. I don't want to hear any more talk!"

Jim said, "Give me one real good reason I can't sleep in here!"

Mary said, "I like the new you. Giving orders makes me feel good. I think if you do what I say you'll like it after awhile. If you love me you'll do as I ask and not question everything I say or ask. Try to do as I am asking. You may come to like it, who knows."

Jim took the nightgown and went to the spare bedroom. He undressed and put the nightgown on. There was a rap at the door. He thought it was Mary with a change of mind. He opened the door to see Martha standing there.

Martha said, "I'll wake you up at six so you can help with breakfast. Here is another uniform for you. Wear it tomorrow."

Jim took the uniform and hung it in the closet. He was alone and laid down on the bed. A thousand thoughts ran through his mind. He didn't realize how tired he was and was soon fast asleep. It seemed like only minutes but he felt Martha shaking his shoulder. She told him it was time to get up.

He got up and got dressed. He headed into the bathroom and did his thing. On the way out he paused at the mirror and put on his lipstick. He then headed down to the kitchen. Martha was sitting at the table having a cup of coffee.

She said, "Pour yourself a cup and come and sit by me."

He got himself a cup of coffee and went to sit down. When he was sitting he noticed Martha looking him over.

"Not bad," she said, "But you don't need to put the lipstick on so heavy. A light coat is all you need."

"Why do I have to wear lipstick at all?"

"Because it makes you look and feel feminine. A maid always looks her best. You want to look your best don't you?"

"I guess so. I just wish all of this would change back to what it was."

Martha said, "It's too late. Try to make the best of it. I know it's hard but if you try to make the best of it, it won't be so bad. I looked at the furniture in the living room. You did a superb job on it. You keep that up and you'll qualify as a full maid in no time."

Jim looked down at his cup and said, "Whoopee."

Martha said, "Don't take that attitude. That only makes it worse. You have done good work so far, keep it up."

Jim said, "What about my job. I have clients to contact. If I don't I'll lose them!"

Martha asked how long it would take to do his job. He said it would take two to three hours depending on what they wanted him to do.

Martha said, "After Mary goes to work you go and do your thing. You should be done by noon so that gives us the afternoon to get something done." She then outlined all that she wanted to get done today.

She told him what was to be done today and then said it was time to start Mary's breakfast. She told him to squeeze the orange juice. He got the oranges out and Martha reminded him to put an apron on. He went and got on and tied it on. Martha didn't like the bow and retied it for him. She told him to pay attention so he could do it right himself in the future.

She told him to make the toast and when he was done buttering it she placed everything on a tray. He took the tray up to his wife. He knocked on the door and entered. He was surprised she was wide-awake. He put the tray where she could easily reach it. He was going to leave when she spoke.

Mary said, "You can get my brown dress suit out for me to wear today." He got it and then she had him get out her clean underwear for the day. Then she told him to get her brown shoes out. As he was getting them she thought how she always knew he was submissive to women but never thought it could go this far.

She noticed the long look on his face and said, "Don't worry, I still love you."

He was taken by surprise. How did she know what he was thinking? He brightened a little and wondered what magic words he could say to get everything changed back to how it was before. He thought about taking her and shaking her to her senses but decided not to. He was afraid he would hurt her and he still loved her.

She finished her breakfast and he was going to get the tray when she said, "You can help me dress."

He was helping her get dressed when he got a tremendous erection. It tented his skirt something furious. He saw her look at it.

She said, "It looks like you have a problem. We'll have to take care of that."

He burst into a smile only to lose it when she said, "Tonight, we'll take care of it. If it stays all day you'll just have to suffer."

He finished helping her dress and took the tray down to the kitchen. He and Martha were putting the dishes in the sink when Mary came in.

She said, "We have a problem. We can't call a maid Jim. Jim, do you have a favorite feminine name?"

He answered no. Mary said, "In college I had a friend called Melissa. She was a real sweet girl. She was as sweet as you are. We'll call you Melissa! How does that sound?"

Jim looked at the floor and quietly said OK. Mary asked, "What is your name?"

Jim quietly said, "Melissa"

Mary said, "I can't hear you. What is your name?"

Jim said louder, "Melissa!"

Mary smiled and left for work. Jim noticed Martha was sporting a mile wide grin. He headed for his office and got to work. He was pleasantly surprised when both of his clients lavished praise on him and his work. They both promised more work in the future. When he went down for lunch he was still euphoric over the praise.

Martha noticed his face right away and asked, "What is lighting up your face so?"

Jim said, "The two clients I had to contact today really liked the work I did for them. They promised more work in the future. This is a very competitive area and you don't hardly ever receive praise for work you do. It really lifted me up to get the praise."

Martha said, "I am proud of you. I know you do good work, no matter what it is. You can be proud of that! It's a rare individual who can excel at things unthought of by others. People know when someone is extraordinary. I glad I fixed you something special for lunch."

She placed a plate in front of him with bread dressing, sliced turkey breast and gravy over it. She knew he liked it.

She said, "I made this special for you because it is my way of thanking you for how well you are taking things. I know it is hard for you but I know you can handle it."

Jim blushed and started his lunch. He had mixed feelings about Martha but now he realized she wasn't so bad after all. He thought he might as well go along with things until it seemed appropriate to ask for changes to be made. Martha asked him if he thought he could do as good a job on the dining room table and chairs as he did on the living room furniture. He told her he would try.

He finished lunch and got tot work on the table then the chairs. When he was done they shone like mad. He was happy in how they looked. Martha entered the area and exclaimed how nice they looked. Then she told him to clean all the bathrooms and not forget the mirrors. He went to work on the bathrooms. He did the main bath then went to the half bath. When he finished that one he went and did the bathroom off Martha's bedroom. While he was doing it he noticed two bottles of perfume on the counter. Curiosity led him to spray a little on his wrist. He liked the smell. By the time he finished he realized it was supper time.

He entered the kitchen. Martha immediately noticed the smell of her perfume and said, "You like the smell of my perfume?"

He answered honestly, "Yes, I just sprayed a little shot on my wrist to see what it smelled like."

Martha said, "That's no problem. I am glad you put some on. Remember I have been telling you a maid has to be at her best at all times. I should have put some on you before this. I guess I am getting lax in my old age."

They both laughed then Martha told him to get busy and help her with supper. She was instructing him in some basics of cooking when Mary walked in carrying some bags and parcels. Mary said hi and headed for her bedroom. By the time she returned Jim was putting her supper on the table.

She said, "Thank you, Melissa. It looks great. Who polished the table and chairs?"

Jim told her he did. He said he had something else to tell her. She asked what it was and he told her about his clients and their praise.

Mary said, "I know you are a special person. You are too good to me. I'll tell you something. I really love you and all that you do for me. I know you are doing this for me and I appreciate it. Keep up the good work!"

Jim blushed deeply and felt a warm sense of love. He would do whatever she asked no matter how it affected him to have her love him the way she does. Mary finished her supper and Jim cleared the table of her dishes.

Mary said to Martha, "Can you do without Melissa after supper. I need him to do some things for me."

[He's still a "him"? Might she begin breaking him into being a "her"? Of course I often leave it "him" to remind people he's a feminized male, not a remanufactured female]



Martha said she could handle it. Mary smiled and went into the living room to read the paper. Jim ate supper in euphoria. He knew he was going to take Mary to bed. If he worked things right he would convince her to end this game. He finished his supper and went in by Mary.

Mary told him to sit for a minute while she finished the paper. When she had finished she told him to follow her. She led him to her bedroom.

Mary said, "Take off everything except your panties." It didn't take him long to get the clothes off. He was shocked when he saw Mary coming toward him with something in her hands. She put the things against his chest and held them there for a minute.

"There," She said, "Those are better than those beanbags. Now you don't have to worry about your breasts. Those are silicone filled and as natural as you can get. They look so real with the nipples sticking out."

She opened another bag and took out some bras. She handed him one and told him to put it on. He put it on and fastened the back. It was tight and made his breasts look like they were sticking out further. He was in shock and didn't realize that Mary was removing his panties.

He quickly came back to reality when she told him to lift his left foot then his right foot. She slid something up his legs. He got an erection and felt a sharp tap on the end of it. It deflated immediately. He felt her slide something over his penis and felt his penis being pulled toward his rear end. He heard a click. Mary pulled his panties back on him.

She said, "You now have a chastity belt that will stop those embarrassing erections. You'll have to sit to go to the toilet like a real maid. Did you get your swim in today?"

He told her no. She took a slip and a dress out of a bag . She had him put them on and looked at him. She said, "That is something for you to wear on your days off. It looks good on you. Those lace trimmed ruffles add a look of class to it."

Jim stood there blushing as Mary chuckled. She showed him two other dresses she had gotten for him. She also showed him panties each with lots of lace trim for him. Then she showed him six pair of stockings she had got him.

She then took out a pair of black patent leather pumps. They had a three inch heel. She slid them on his feet. Then had him walk around to get used to them. It only took about five minutes for him to get used to the extra height the shoes gave him. Mary smiled at how the shoes made his rear sway.

She then showed him what she called a special present. It was a long curly brunette wig. She placed it on his head and took him over to her vanity and had him watch as she smoothed out any kinks. She told him about caring for it. She said she had a wig form for him to put on his dresser.

Then she said, "I have a very special present for you. This is to show you how much I love you."

She handed him a pair of earrings. She said, "It is your birthstone. You were born in May so those are real emeralds. What do you think of them?"

He answered, "They're beautiful. But where are the clips?"

She said, "They're for pierced ears. Go ask Martha if she can pierce your ears. Then come back here, I have one last surprise for you."

He left and found Martha in the kitchen. He showed her the earrings and asked if she could pierce his ears. She said yes and got two ice cubes out of the freezer. In no time she had his ears pierced and the earrings in. He was headed back to Mary when he stopped in front of the hall mirror. He looked at himself and saw a woman. He didn't see any trace of a man. He caught himself and mumbled to himself as he continued to Mary's room.

When he walked in Mary said, "Wow, those earrings look fabulous on you. They really shine. Now do you want to go for a swim with me?"

He said yes and went to get a swimsuit out of his dresser. Mary said, "You can't go bare-chested. Here is your last present of the night."

She handed him a woman's one-piece swimsuit. It was bright red with a white stripe diagonally across the front of it. She told him to put it on. He put it on and she opened her robe to reveal she had her swimsuit on.

On the way out to the pool Mary said, "Your lipstick matches that suit perfectly. Do I smell perfume on you?"

Jim told her about checking Martha's perfume. They were at the pool and Mary playfully pushed him in. He reached up and grabbed her ankle and pulled her into the pool. They surfaced and Mary took Jim's face in her hands and kissed him deeply. He started to get an erection and then the pain hit him. Mary realized what happened and apologized. They continued their swimming. They were in the pool for about an hour and Jim was really starting to relax. It wasn't until they were done and headed back into the house that he realized how heavy his chest was.

Mary said, "That was fun. I enjoyed it and it was refreshing. Now, I am horny. Why don't you start the night in my room?"

Jim smiled and agreed. He thought he would regain his manhood and maybe get Mary to change her mind about his status. Mary told him she had to talk to Martha and that he should get his nightgown on and meet her in her bedroom.

He hurried to his room and quickly changed into his nightgown. He went into his wife's room and she was putting on a baby doll top. She didn't put any bottom on. She crawled into bed and he crawled in by her. They kissed deeply and she forced her tongue into his mouth. After about fifteen minutes of kissing Mary finally spoke.

She said, "Well, Melissa are you ready for some serious love-making?"

Jim said yes. Mary said, "Well get to work. I am all ready for your tongue."

Mary saw his face drop and asked what was wrong. He said, "I thought you were going to unlock me."

Mary said, "Why would I do that? You are a maid, you make love to me as a maid. You use your tongue. Now, make me cum!"

He dropped his head between her legs and started kissing and licking her. He was amazed at how fast she orgasmed. He was going to withdraw his head but Mary held him there and he heard her say more. He continued his ministrations and soon she came again. He was getting into it and quickly she came a third time. She released his head.

Mary said, "Melissa that was great, just great. I have never ever came three times in one night. You are very talented and have a very talented tongue."

Mary got up and went over to her vanity. She returned with a small bottle and handed it to him. He took it and saw it was a bottle of perfume.

Mary said, "That is a thank you gift for your wonderful care. I know it is one you liked when I wore it. Now I want you to wear it for me. You can wear it tomorrow. Now it is late and you need your beauty sleep. Good night, dear."

Mary saw his long face and asked him what was wrong. He responded, "I didn't get to come."

Mary said, "A maid doesn't always get what she wants. You have to learn that. I have talked to Martha and tomorrow you are going to get a special surprise. Now get tot sleep so you can be fully awake tomorrow."

He left the room and went to bed. He fell asleep almost immediately. He was surprised when he awoke at ten to six the next morning. He arose and while putting his gray uniform on thought about the previous nights activities. He felt more than a little pride in how he had made Mary come so fast and three times. When he was done he liberally sprayed the perfume Mary had given him. He loved that smell.

When he got down in the kitchen he was surprised not to see Martha there. Then he realized it was Wednesday and her day off. He started the coffee and sat at the table thinking about how things were. He in a way didn't mind the dresses anymore but thought how it was not the way a man should dress. He thought about his and Mary's love for each other. He knew it was strong and that in all aspects she was the leader in the relationship. He wondered about how she had changed in the last little while. Before she was concerned about how he felt, now she didn't even ask or seem to notice how he was coping with the situation.

The coffee was done and he poured himself a cup. He took it out on the deck and sat enjoying the birds singing in the early morning sunshine. Suddenly he remembered he had to make Mary's breakfast. He headed back inside and started it. When it was ready he took the tray up to her room. He knocked gently and entered. As he set it down he saw her smiling at him.

Mary said, "Good morning. Last night was just gorgeous, just gorgeous. Thank you for everything. You smell so nice this morning."

He blushed. She told him to get her light blue pants suit out to wear today. He got it out and laid it gently over the chair. Then he got her blue set of underwear out of her drawer. As he was laying her blue slip over the chair he thought about how nice she looked in that outfit.

She finished eating and commented on how good the breakfast was. She got up and he started helping her get dressed. As he was helping her his penis tried to get erect. He felt the pain and returned to reality quickly. When she was dressed he took the tray of dishes down and started to put them in the dish washer.

Mary came into the kitchen and said, "You can leave that for awhile. It's time for your surprise. Come with me."

She led him out to the garage. When she told him to get in the car he said, "I can't go out in a dress."

Mary said, "Of course you can. Relax, I know what I am doing. I have to take you somewhere so you can get your surprise. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen."

He got in and Mary got in and started the car. As they were traveling he slid down in the seat as much as he dared. Soon Mary pulled into a strip mall and parked in front of an uniform shop. She told him to come with her. Once inside she went and talked to a lady who looked to be about forty. Soon the lady headed for Jim.

"Hello, I'm May. I want to measure you to make sure the uniform fits properly. Lift your arms straight up, please."

He did as instructed. She gave him other instructions. As she was doing this she was saying, "I've been in this shop for six years now. I was open about six months when the first wife brought her husband in for a uniform. I had never thought about that happening. Then I sold to a wife for her husband about one a month until three months ago. You are the third man this month whose wife has had him in here for a maid's uniform. To tell you the truth, I would rather take care of a man than a woman. Men seem to accept the uniform better than women do. I don't know why but men are nicer than women when it comes to shopping.

May led him back to a dressing area and told him to take off his uniform while she got some uniforms for him to try on. She was soon back with three black uniforms. The first one Jim thought fit perfectly but May didn't like the way it hung. The next one May first pulled a many layered petticoat up around his waist, then dropped the uniform over his head. May said that one looked great on him. The third one had a straight skirt and felt tight on his rear and held his knees together. Mary entered as he was trying it on and said he looked great in it. He hoped they wouldn't take it but Mary said to include that one in the selections.

May said to Mary, "A lot of people use a colored one for special occasions. I know green isn't a regular color that you think of when you think of maids but I have one that would match his earrings perfectly. Should we try it on him?"

Mary said yes. May helped him get it on. When he looked in the full length mirror he noticed that it did indeed match his earrings. It was trimmed with a white collar with lace trim and had folded back white cuffs with trim. Jim thought to himself that he hoped she would get this one. He was very happy when he heard Mary say to include it with the purchases. Mary asked about one more black one for him. May brought one that had a knee length skirt and was trimmed with three lines of fire red lace running vertically down each side of the front. May said it was for the red and black fans.

Mary said they would take it and told Jim to leave it on. Mary and May then picked out some aprons for him to wear. Then Mary came up to him holding something behind her back. Her face was aglow with a wide smile as she said, "There is one thing missing and I have it for you."

She produced a mob cap white with black ribbons trailing down the back. She placed it on his head and adjusted the ribbons saying, "That is the final touch you needed. You just graduated to full maid. Congratulations!"

Jim blushed as May took some pins and secured the cap in place. As May was ringing up the purchases he noticed more caps including one with green ribbons. They gathered all their purchases and were on the way home. Jim didn't slink in his seat now. He thought it isn't often a maid has a chauffeur.

Mary said to him, "I talked to Martha and she told me you are doing an excellent job. She is really surprised at you. Your attitude isn't what she expected from a man and you are doing such a good job at everything. She knew you were a bit of a perfectionist but never expected you to be able to handle the situation as you are. I am proud of you. You make a great maid."

Jim blushed but was thinking she isn't saying a word about a husband. His feelings were mixed. He liked the praise but what he was doing to get it bothered him. He was thankful their house was secluded and that they very seldom had guests over.

When they got home Mary helped him get everything to his room. She left for work telling him he knew what had to be done and that she would see him that night. He carefully put everything away and then went to catch up on his business.

By noon he was done and went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. As he was eating his sandwich he thought about what to do in the afternoon. He got busy polishing the silver which took longer than he thought. He had just put it away when the phone rang. It was Mary telling him to make supper for an extra guest. He was shocked that Mary would expose him to someone else but knew there was no getting around it. He went out to the flower garden and picked some flowers. He arranged them in a vase and set it on the table.

He heard the answering machine beeping. He went to hear the message. It was Mary telling him to wear his green uniform for supper. For some reason he was happy to get to wear the green uniform. He got the steaks out for supper and prepared the salads. He looked at he clock and saw it was only twenty minutes until Mary would be home. He rushed upstairs to change. As quickly as possible he changed into the green uniform changed mob caps and went into the bathroom to make sure his make-up was OK. He had to adjust the green ribbons on his cap. He hurried back into his room to pick out a new apron. He picked one that was heart shaped on top with a little pocket in the skirt part.

He just walked back into the kitchen when Mary walked in with Rose, her secretary. She introduced Melissa to Rose. Mary was told supper would be ready in about ten to fifteen minutes. After finding out how Rose liked her steak he got busy preparing the meat.

As the meat was cooking in the countertop grill, the table was set and the salads were placed. Each plate held an extra large baked potato. When the steaks were ready Mary and Rose were called for supper.

Jim listened as Mary talked to Rose while they were eating. Mary said, "Rose, I think of you as a friend more than an employee. I know how devastated you are that your husband hit you in anger. I am extremely lucky in having a husband who really loves me and does what I want. I have seen your husband and he is strong. If he wanted to hurt you he wouldn't have any trouble hurting you. The fact that the blow hurt only your pride shows he loves you. I don't believe in physical violence to people but in your case I want you to think about anything positive you can to change the situation."

Rose said, "You have a different way to look at things. I can find all kinds of positive things with my husband but it only takes one thing to make me forget about them. Yes, my pride was hurt more than my body but I can't help but look at the lack of respect he showed to me."

Mary said, "I am not a marriage counselor but when two people have a problem in their relationship they have to talk to each other about it not to everyone else. You have to talk to your husband and the sooner the better. If you don't this small problem will become a mountain you will never be able to climb."

Rose said, "You are right. I'll talk to him when I get home. Thank you for your advice. You make a lot of sense. I feel better about things now. Thank you! Very much!"

The conversation started Jim thinking. He was so deep in thought he didn't realize they were done eating. When Mary said, "Melissa, you can clear the table now. Melissa, earth to Melissa!"

He snap back to reality. Rose complimented him on the meal. He thanked her and started to clear the table. Mary and Rose went into the living room. He finished putting the dishes away and sat down to eat. He finished eating thinking about what Mary had said to Rose. He cleared the dishes and was just about to go to his room when he heard Mary call him.

He entered the living room and Mary said, "My dear Melissa, I want to tell Rose about you but I am going to leave it up to you if I can share your secret with her. What do you say?"

Jim thought for a minute then said, "Whatever you want. I don't care. It's up to you."

He turned to leave but Mary stopped him saying, "I want you to hear how I explain your situation to her. Sit down and feel free to join the conversation."

Mary continued, "Rose, I am the luckiest woman in the world. I have Melissa as my personal maid. Melissa is also my husband. I love them both very much. My husband for giving me whatever I want and Melissa for the great care she takes of me. I don't know what I would do without either of them. I know it has to be hard on both of them but I appreciate it very much."

Rose asked, "You talk as if they are two separate people. How do you keep them apart? When does he get to be your husband?"

Mary answered, "He does his regular job every morning. You see he can work from home so it is very convenient all around."

Rose asked, "Melissa, what about you. How are you taking this? Is there anything good you can say about it?"

He answered, "Yes there is something good I can say about it. I am getting a lot of praise from both Mary and Martha our regular full time maid. It doesn't affect my dealings with my clients. I am in contact with them through instant messaging and it is working out fine."

Rose said, "This is a shock! I never thought you were anything but a woman until Mary told me. I wonder if I could get my husband into a dress. Then he might become a softer person and treat me different."

Jim asked to be excused and was allowed to leave. He went up and put on the red swimsuit and headed for the pool. It was so refreshing for him to be swimming his laps. After about a half hour he was tired. He headed up to his room and got ready for bed. He climbed into bed and remembered he hadn't said good night to Mary. He decided she was busy with Rose so he allowed himself to fall asleep.

He didn't hear Mary as she peeked in on him and saw him sleeping. She thought he looked like an angel. She decided not to bother him.

The next morning he arose and got dressed. He put on the black uniform and mob cap. When he had everything just right he sprayed some of the perfume Mary had given him on. He headed down to the kitchen.

When Martha saw him she complimented him on his uniform and how nice it looked. Then she reminded him it was his day off and told him why don't he go change into a regular dress. He did just that putting on a yellow sun dress with lots of ruffles. He headed back down to the kitchen.

Martha said, "That looks a lot better. You look good in bright colors. Your slim build and fine features help show off the dress like it should. If I wore it, it would look like one of those highway blockades the road department uses when they are working on a road."

He got a cup of coffee and sat at the table. Martha asked him if he wanted her to make him some breakfast. He said he would wait and eat with Mary. He had two cups of coffee before Mary showed up for breakfast. Soon they were both eating breakfast.

Mary said, "Melissa that dress looks lovely on you. You look so alive. What do you have planned for today?"

He answered, "This morning I will be busy with contacting some of my clients. Fortunately they know I usually am working in the afternoon so they don't bother trying to contact me then. After lunch I'll probably swim a bit then I want to reorganize some things on my computer. Why do you ask?"

Mary responded, "I was just wondering what you were going to do on your day off. I have a favor to ask."

Jim said, "Go ahead, I can redo my day to a certain extent. What do you want me to do?"

Mary said, "Would you change into the lavender dress before I get home. Your white strappy heels will go good with it. Maybe some suntan hosiery. How does that sound?"

He replied, "That won't be any problem at all. I'll still be able to get everything done I want to."

Mary gave him a kiss on the cheek after breakfast. He noticed her whispering to Martha before she left for work. He went up to his office and got to work. Both clients he contacted had work for him to do. One was a big job that would net him what many people make in six months. He was extremely happy.

At lunch he told Martha about the good news. Martha asked him how long it would take to do the big job. He told her probably two to three weeks of hard work. She was impressed with the fact he could do that kind of work. She didn't understand computers and wasn't about to change.

After lunch he went up and started to reorganize some things on his computer. It didn't take long and soon he was in the pool relaxing. After swimming his laps he relaxed in the lounge chair and thought about things. He made up his mind to talk to Mary that night. He decided to lay his case on the line with her.

He went into the house and headed for the master bedroom. He decided to wear his men's clothes for the rest of the afternoon. He tried to put on a shirt but discovered he couldn't get it to button over his chest. He felt dejected. He headed for his room wondering if things would ever return to the way they were.

He went in and decided as long as he had to get dressed he might as well put on what Mary had requested him to wear. The lavender dress was velvet with a straight skirt that went down to his ankles. It had delicate white lace on the edge of the boat opening at the neck and around the sleeves that came half way to his elbows. He put on the white heels and looked in the mirror. He looked good, he couldn't see anything that said man to him. He redid his lipstick and sprayed some perfume on. Boy that perfume smelled nice.

He got downstairs a couple of minutes before Mary arrived home. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him to sit down.

When he was sitting she handed him a small box. She said, "Open it. It is a gift for my Melissa."

He opened it and saw it contained a necklace and matching earrings. They were gold and the earrings had four dangly woven chains that hung down at least an inch and a half. The gold chain had a beautiful gold cross on it.

Mary helped him put the new jewelry on. She exclaimed at how nice it looked on him. Then she handed him a bag. He opened it and found a white patent leather purse in it.

Mary said, "Every woman needs a purse. I stocked it for you. There is some cosmetics in it and a wallet. I put some money in the wallet for you so you are all ready to go shopping if you want to. Now come on let's go."

Jim asked where they were going. Mary said, "I made reservations at a supper club for us for tonight. They are for an half hour from now so we have to get a move on."

Jim said, "I can't go out. I am wearing a dress!"

Mary said, "No one will think you are anything but my lovely Melissa. You have nothing to worry about, you look very nice."

He timidly accompanied her to the car. A short drive and they were at he supper club. He was apprehensive as the hostess seated them until she said, "Enjoy your meal ladies."

Mary ordered them each a Manhatten to drink. They studied the menu and decided on the tenderloin for two that the supper club was known for. When the waiter came Mary ordered for both of them.

Then Mary said, "Well, you see no one sees you as anything but a woman. How does it feel?"

Jim said, "I want to talk to you. I may have to go and see Tom Bradford. I may need his services."

Mary knew Tom Bradford was an attorney. She knew he was considered to be a sharp attorney. He was the one who set up Jim's limited company so if something happened Jim was protected. Their food arrived.

They were starting to eat when Mary asked why he thought he might need Tom Bradford.

Jim said, "Last night you told Rose about the small problem that becomes a mountain that you can't climb. I have a problem that I don't know exactly how to put into words that you will understand exactly how I feel. Last night I realized you really like Melissa. You seem to think Melissa and Jim are two different people. I think you like Melissa so much you forget about Jim. Look at the presents you give Melissa. You don't even think of me as Jim anymore. You are not interested in anything Jim does nor are you interested in doing any of the things you did with Jim. When you put that chastity belt on Jim you in effect divorced yourself from Jim. When you put these breasts on Jim you effectively made Melissa into the person who you think the world of. Now you have in Melissa a maid and a lover to satisfy you. I think in your mind Jim is gone. I do not want Jim gone forever. If I am right then we might as well make it legal and get a divorce."

Mary was thunderstruck. She never expected this. She knew there was a lot of truth in what was just said to her. She felt the feeling of power she had over Jim slip away.

Jim continued, "I still love you but I don't know any other way to resolve this situation."

Mary asked, "Was it really that bad?"

Jim said, "Not all of it was bad. I was telling the truth last night when I talked about the praise. I kind of like the feel of the skirt against the back of my legs sometimes. The work isn't physically demanding and some of it takes my mind off of other things. I got to know a Martha I didn't know before. She is really a nice person, strong as an ox but really nice. I appreciate your attention to Melissa but I want you to feel like you did for Jim. You haven't called me Jim since you picked Melissa as a name for me. I don't want to hurt you but things have to change."

Mary said, "I think I understand what you are saying. You don't have to continue. I don't think a divorce is necessary. I am truly sorry in how I acted toward you. I have no excuse. You are right in most everything you said. I love you as Jim and as Melissa. You are right, I married Jim and it isn't fair to leave him in the lurch. If I had it to do over I would put a stop to it right off. I'm sorry I hurt you."

Jim saw the tears in her eyes and knew she was telling the truth.

Mary said, "What can I do to resolve this problem and make it up to you?"

Jim said, "Let me return to being Jim, your husband."

Mary said, "It shall be done. I really, really love you and all that you did for your love for me!"

Jim said, "If it will help, I could maybe continue to help Martha a couple of days a week. Being Melissa isn't all bad. Besides you have all that money wrapped up in clothes and things for Melissa. I think I could handle being Melissa a couple of days a week."

Mary said, "You are really a gem. I don't want you to feel obligated to continue if you don't really want to."

Jim said, "I know it will make you happy and what makes you happy makes me happy. Well in most things."

They both laughed. They were finished with their meal and headed home. At home Mary led him up to the bedroom. She helped him undress and he helped her. She took the key and unlocked the belt. She carefully removed it. Then she led him over to her bench by the vanity table. She reached into the drawer and applied the solvent and removed his breasts. Then she got a pair of his pajamas out of his dresser. She threw them on the bed.

Mary said, "You can put them on later. Now let's get to business. Welcome home, Jim."

They crawled into bed both knowing their marriage was now stronger than it had ever been before.




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