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Note, this a true story, some of the names have been changed, but certainly not the events of the days!, this is taken right from my diary entry of the time, please read the first part to understand this one.

My (email) name is Joyce Devries and it was a real life adventure I will tell you about, Eric, the one that I seduced at his Christmas party asked me to be his date at a Wedding in September of 2003, here is exactly what happened. My spouse knows about and totally supports me as "Joyce"; she is an incredible woman, as you will see. I am 5'2", TV, live near Toronto, Ont., Canada, pass quite well as a woman and have done tons of "real life" things as a woman, this was a really fun and romantic adventure.


Melissa Outfit

by Joyce Devries

Friday November 21st, 2003


I rarely do anything like this, dating someone that I meet on-line and only after chatting for a few times, but something about Mike, made it different. For one, he only lived a short distance from me and secondly he was very sincere and honest in our communication. We chatted a number of times back and forth and even talked on the phone and decided to get together for a lunch Date on a Friday to get to know one another a little more.

During the course of our conversation, Mike and I discussed several places to go for lunch, and eventually he left the decision up to me and I chose a little restaurant not too far away from either one of us, as it would be a perfect place to go to for the first time. Mike and I planned to get together early enough in the day so that we would have any seat we wanted in the restaurant and then would have any time left over afterwards to maybe take a walk or talk, or whatever. I also asked Mike what he liked to see a woman wear, and he said, "a short skirt and heels" (gee who would have figured). I told him that I enjoyed the professional business woman look and he told me he did as well, and asked if I had anything with suede as the material. I told him that I had the perfect suit that was dark blue and the material was "suede like", the skirt was short, but not too short, with slits on the sides and the jacket was a classic cut and looked great with a camisole peaking out from underneath. He liked it when I told him about it and he asked me what he should be wearing and I told him something that would be appropriate in light of what I was wearing and he said that he would.

On the days leading up to the date, I got out the outfit I was going to be wearing and then started to look it over and decide on two things, one was, what colour of hose to wear, nude or sheer black, or what colour of camisole to wear, either black or snow white. I decided to spend some time and try on the different combinations to see what was going to work best and go with that. The first thing I tried on was sheer nearly black hose and the back camisole. As I stood in the mirror I reflected on why I had the suit in my wardrobe in the first place. There was a girl in our office that was rather attractive and I always would admire her taste in clothes. Her name was Fiona, and one day she came to work, with a new suit, it was dark blue and was above the knee and she looked amazing. She always wore the suit with sheer black hose and 3" black suede heels, one day I overheard her telling a co-worker were she had bought it. Well, I lucked out and a week or so later when Renee and I went on our annual Christmas shopping trip, I found the identical suit. I stared at my legs peaking out from under the short skirt, decided that I had chosen the hose and the heels were definitely going to be my 3" black suede pumps. I tried both camisoles and decided with the white as the lace made the whole look really pretty.

The day of the date arrived and Mike and I decided that we decided that he would be picking me up at 11:15am, that would get us to the restaurant early enough to be sure that we would get a booth so we could relax with each other. The other thing that arrived was some very unseasonably warm weather, with temperatures in the upper 60’s and almost 70 degrees, I knew that a walk down by the lake after lunch was what I was going to be suggesting if we hit it off.

I started by taking a nice long shower, and then headed downstairs to get ready for Mike, and I looked at the clock and saw that I had plenty of time and was going to enjoy getting ready. As I started I had to wonder what Mike actually looked like, as I had not seen a picture of him yet, but his description of himself did sound nice. I started by slipping into my lingerie for the day, which was going to be my favorite red satin and lace panties, and I was planning on wearing the matching bra, but decided on my white lace, front closure bra, as I did not want the red showing through the white camisole in case I bent over. I then put on some white satin gloves and carefully slid on a new pair of sheer "nearly black" pantyhose and then slipped into a pair of low 2" heels to be sure that they would not snag. Next was my white lace bra and then I slipped on my pink satin robe and decided that I would do my nails first again and sat down and carefully put on polish that was going to be matching my lipstick. I allowed them to dry and then slipped on my gold anklet on my right ankle and then made my way to the bathroom to put on my makeup.

Makeup was going to be my standard "business" application with my darker more seductive lipstick. I started with my eyes and put on my eyeliner, not too dark and then for my lips decided to use a light pink shade for the upper and lower lids. I put on a healthy coat of mascara in order to make my lashes stand out all the more. I put on a light coat of blush and then finally my dark reddish pink lipstick. I then slipped out of my silk robe and then applied a generous application of Halston’s perfume to the right spots. I then started putting on my suit, starting with the pure white camisole, then slid the skirt up my silk legs and then after tucking my camisole in the skirt, slipped on the jacket. I completed my look off with some rings, a gold watch and a pair of long gold dangly earrings, I grabbed my charm bracelet and decided to have Mike help me put it on when he arrived.

I slipped into my 3" black suede heels and then made my way to the mirror and looked myself over and liked what I saw. I checked the time and saw that I had 15 minutes to spare and checked over my purse and then decided to grab a small photo album and put it in my purse for Mike to enjoy possibly over lunch. I went upstairs to wait for Mike, and after grabbing my long spring coat and the quickly using the ladies room to take care of business, I saw Mike pull in the driveway. As I saw him walk up the sidewalk to the front door, I knew I was in for a treat, as Mike certainly was a handsome looking date. I opened the door and there he was, he looked me over and told me I looked very pretty and I complimented him as well. He asked if I was ready to go and I told him I was and I grabbed my coat and followed him out the door. He was the gentleman and opened my door and I slid in to the passenger seat and allowed my skirt to ride up, exposing maximum leg. I held on to my coat and he drove the short distance to the restaurant. After he parked the car, he came and opened my door for me and I saw him watching my legs as I slid out of the car. I left my coat in the car and Mike and I walked into the restaurant and found that our timing was perfect and we had the whole place to ourselves.

I took the lead and lead Mike to one of the booths right by the front window and slid in. Our waitress came over and I recognized her, but knew she had no clue I was other than a well dressed business woman. She took our drink orders to start with and Mike and I looked through the menus and chatted about a number of things. We took our time ordering (with the always lovely words, "and you will have mam"), and eventually ordering food and continued to chat. The restaurant started filling up and I was glad that we got there early. As I looked around, I could see that I was the only one in a skirt and heels, but did not care.

When lunch was done, I grabbed my purse and headed to the ladies room, and as I walked through the entire place, I finally found a girl in a business suit, sitting near the entrance to the ladies room. I had the place to myself and went in and did my business and came out of the stall and to the mirror and freshened my lipstick and checked my hair and made sure my skirt was straight. I then packed my purse and made my way back to the table, noticing I was being checked out, and loved it.

When I got back to the table, Mike had already settled the bill and we decided to leave, and as we walked back to the car, I checked my watch and I would see that we had plenty of time and suggested a walk by the lake, which Mike agreed. As we drove down to the lake, we discussed where we would park and it was ironic, as the night before he went to a birthday party that was right where we were going to be parking. We parked and Mike came and opened my door and I grabbed my purse and followed slid out of the car and followed Mike onto the road and then we slowly walked along the pier, enjoying the beautiful sunshine and I had fun looking around and seeing that I was the only woman in a skirt and heels, a bunch of other people we saw were all bundled up. Mike and I walked along and talked about all sorts of other things and I could tell that Mike was checking me over up and down and I knew that he was enjoying my legs.

Eventually we got to the end of the pier and we turned around and walked back to the car, and I saw lots of people fishing and hearing the waves crashing on the rocks. We finally got back to the road and then back to the car and then he opened the door for me and I slid in, not tugging down my skirt and allowing for maximum leg exposure. As we started to drive back home, I found that my bladder was about to explode and was hoping to find a washroom and remembered that there was a MacDonald’s nearby and directed Mike to drive there. I told Mike that I would be right back and grabbed my purse and headed into the MacDonald’s. I quickly found the washroom and headed towards it, passing a table of teenage girls, who did not even give me a look. I went in the small washroom and sat down and did my business, when I came out I checked my lips and then headed out of the washroom and past the group of young women and back out to the car where Mike was waiting.

After we left the MacDonald’s, we drove alone Lakeshore back towards the house and I noted that the time was still young and that we had some more time to kill before the time I had to be home. We came upon Coronation Park, and since the weather was so nice and warm, I asked Mike to pull into the parking lot and suggested a walk by the water and possibly finding a nice park bench. Mike pulled to the far end of the lot and parked the car, and as always, being the perfect gentleman, came and opened my door, and I decided to leave my coat in the car and slipped out.

We found the entrance to the path that lead to the waterfront and made our way to it, and the scene was so nice and peaceful, there was little or no wind and the sun was shining brightly and there were very few people around. We made our way towards the waterfront and as we did, passed a ton of Canada geese that were feeding on the grass. We found a bench and sat down and quietly enjoyed the peaceful surroundings. We chatted for awhile, and then something funny happened, all of a sudden, the flock of geese that was behind us, all started to move at one right near us, towards the water!. Mike commented, "something "Alfred Hitchcock" like is it not?". I had to laugh, and as we sat I looked around, and it was rather comical, with older couples walking past us in jackets and boots, and there I was in a short skirted business suit and high heels.

The wind picked up a little and as the day started to get a little colder, I started to feel a little chilly, and Mike sensed this and draped his arm around me and pulled me in closer to him. I stared at him and knew this was the point that the date turned from just a casual affair to one that he was getting turned on by my look and presence. He slowly moved his lips to mine and we gently kissed, and he caressed my legs slightly, after we broke our kiss he told me that I had soft lips. I carefully looked down and could see that he was getting excited, judging by the bulge in his pants. He suggested that we get going and I agreed and followed him back to the car, and again, I found it humorous, as I had to walk on my "tippy toes" to get through some of the grass so that my heels would not dig in.

We got back to the car and he was the gentleman and opened my door for me and I slid in. He got in his side and it was like a bolt of electricity happened, he quickly moved his face to mine and our lips locked and the kissing was very passionate, with his tongue jamming into my mouth and I reciprocated. We broke our kiss and I reached into my purse and pulled out some Kleenex and tucked it in the right spot in my purse, as I knew Mike’s lips were going to be smeared with my lipstick. Mike and I kissed heavily and I felt his hands all over my silky legs and allowed him to feel up my thighs, but stopped him gently before he got too far and was the gentleman and stopped and continued enjoying the rest of my legs, we then broke our kiss and looked at each other with lust. Mike then started kissing me again and I started undoing my jacket to give Mike a chance at caressing my breasts through the silk of my camisole. Our kissing was passionate and I was enjoying it immensely, but then Mike broke it and said, "I want to do more than we can here", and I handed him the tissue and then looked over and saw an elderly woman walking her dog right near the car!. I quickly did up my jacket and Mike started getting things sorted out and started the car. I pulled down the visor and then the mirror and adjusted my lipstick as it was all smudged. Mike then started heading back to the house to drop me off, he caressed my silky covered legs all of the way home, and I made sure my skirt was pulled up high enough so he could enjoy as much as he could!.

We got back to the house and I noticed that the "coast was clear" and he came and opened my door and then just before leaving after sliding out, I remembered my coat and grabbed it and lead Mike to the front door of the house. Once inside I put my coat down and as I turned around, there was Mike, and he embraced me and pulled me close and we started kissing like no tomorrow, his tongue darting in and out of my mouth and I reciprocated. He pulled me close as we kissed and I felt his hands on my backside and he pulled me closer and could feel his hardness through his pants, but decided on letting him make the first move if I was welcome to feel it.

Mike’s breathing was getting harder and harder as we kissed, and then finally he gently grabbed my right hand and guided it to his crotch and I started caressing his hard member through his pants. This continued for a few minutes and then finally he could take no more, and we broke our kiss and he undid his pants and belt and lowered them to expose a pair of under ware with a large bulge. He then quickly pulled them down to expose his hard and waiting member. I lowered my hand and grabbed it and gently caressed it, but knew what Mike really wanted, and slowly lowered myself to my knees and opened my smeared lipstick covered lips and started to gently lick and suck on the cut member before me. I tasted a little pre-cum as I licked and sucked and was truly enjoying pleasing Mike, but a little voice in the back of my head told me there was just not enough time for what I wanted to ultimately do and that was to thank Mike for a wonderful day out, and I had to stop.

I got back up, and gave Mike another little kiss as he did up his under ware and pants and I checked my lipstick. When Mike was all set, we exchanged another kiss and a hug and I made sure his face was not smeared with my lipstick and he left. Afterwards, I quickly grabbed the camera and tripod and fixed my lipstick and took a couple of pictures to capture the day for memories sake.




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