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This is a story about me and my dream of finding a daddy who I can love and who will love me for who I am. This is my first ever story. It starts out with our email correspondence and then covers the beginning of our wonderful daddy/daughter relationship. I hope you like it.


Melissa Meets Her Daddy




Part 1 - Correspondence


Little Girl Lost Seeks Daddy

Hi, my name is Melissa. I am 5'6" and 135 lbs., with blue eyes and brown hair and I am 18 years old. I am very cute and submissive and I am looking to meet an older attractive man between the ages of 40 to 55. I would like to meet someone who would like to be dominant in a relationship in a caring, loving way. I, in turn, will be your submissive lover. I would like to be trained and disciplined when needed, and I will be the girl you want me to be. I am looking for a long-term relationship. I should state that I like wearing teen and preteen clothing and would like to be the child in this relationship. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hello Melissa. My name is Norm and I live in Seattle and would like to meet you. Can you come to Seattle? I have been looking to meet someone like you for a long time. Can you send me a picture?

Love Norm.

Hi, Norm. Thank you for writing me. Yes, you can find a picture of me at Pretty Teen Center. I am in picture 127 (by the way, I think this site is now down). Can you also send me a picture of you and tell me a little about yourself and what you do? By this I mean what you like, your height, and what you do for a living etc.

Love Melissa.

Hello Melissa. I really liked your picture. I am already attracted to you. I especially enjoyed the pink top and green skirt. Is that your real hair? I will send you a picture as soon as I get one taken and figure out how to send it to you. By the way, why don't you start calling me Daddy from now on, I think its time for that. Have you been with other men? Tell me a little about yourself. I work for the federal government and have my own home. I like to collect sports memorabilia. I am 52 years old and 6'2 and 230 lbs.

Love Norm.

Hi Daddy. Did you really like my picture? I look forward to seeing yours soon. About myself. I work in a restaurant which I don't like, but I dream of going to school to be a paralegal. I have never been with another man except that I have kissed men a couple of times. I like to ski and eat out and watch movies. I have always wanted to meet a man who would treat me as if I was a child of ten or so. No, it's not my real hair, I wish it was. I like to wear girls' clothing and I wear a girl's size 14 2 and a teen size 7. I don't like sissy clothes, but I do like to wear normal clothes that are attractive and cute for a girl my age. I am submissive and shy and would like to be disciplined lightly when needed or diapered and would like to be totally your child and do everything a child would do including chores and helping you around your house. And, of course loving you.

Love Melissa.

Hi Pumpkin. You sound like the girl I am looking for. I hope that you don't need to be spanked and I don't think that you will as you seem like a very good girl. I almost bought you some my little pony panties the other day but they were too small for you. I can't wait to see you. You will totally be my baby girl and I will take care of you. I will bathe you and powder you and when you are ready, I will deflower you. I hope that we can meet soon. And when we do, pumpkin, I want you to be smooth shaven all over, Daddy expects that. I hope that someday you can come live with me. It would so nice to have my little girl come running to greet me when I come home from work at night.

Love Daddy.

Hi Daddy, I can't wait to meet you. You sound so nice. I will be smooth all over. Do you think that I can have a doll to play with and other child's toys? Will you also pick me up and hold me like a real little girl?

Love Melissa

Hi sweetie. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, but Daddy has been busy. Yes, I will get you a Barbie doll, would like that honey? Yes, you are small enough for me to pick you up and hold you. I also can't wait to see you in a teen babydoll. Let's think about getting together next weekend. Please call me at 360-XXX-XXXX so that we can have a little talk and go over some of the things that I will expect from you.

Love Daddy.

The Call ARing Ring."

AHello Daddy, this is Melissa."

AHi pumpkin, it's nice to hear from you. Do you think that you can come up to me next weekend?"

AI think so."

AWhat's wrong?"

AI am just a little nervous and shy; I have never done this before."

ADon't worry sweetie, I will take care of you and we won't do anything that you don't want to do okay? And remember to call me Daddy when you address me."

AOkay Daddy."

AI have neighbors so you need to come dressed as a boy unless you can wear some grownup girls' clothes."

AOkay Daddy, I will wear some grownup teen clothing like jeans and stuff."

AAll right then. I expect you to behave yourself and to act like a little girl at all times. And even if we go out in public and you are dressed as a woman, you must remember that you are my little girl. Are you ready for this?"

AYes Daddy."

AOkay then, here is my address sweetie. 1324 (directions omitted). What time can you be here?"

AAround 4:00. Is that OK?"

AYes sweetie, I look forward to seeing you so much. Bring some really cute clothes and some big girls' clothes to wear if we decide to go out, ok honey. Oh and I will leave the garage door open so that you can drive right in."

AYes Daddy, I can't wait to see you."

ABye bye pumpkin."

ABye Daddy.

My First Weekend With Daddy.

Today is the big day. I get to finally meet my Daddy and I could not wait to get there to see him in person. I decided to get a motel room near his house so that I could change into my teen girl's clothes. At the motel, I changed into some really cute lacy panties. I also put on a little white 36A cup bra with no padding since little girls like me have only small breasts. I decided to wear my white Mudd flare jeans with a wide black belt and a simple blue T-shirt to the initial meeting as Daddy wanted me to dress in a somewhat grownup manner. For shoes, I choose my double buckle, black, clunky, Doc Marten mary janes. I then put on my wig, which is a really cute shoulder length piece that allowed me to have a number of different hair styles. For today though, I just put my hair into a simple pony tail and combed out my bangs. I finished my makeup and made sure that my pink lipstick matched my pink nails. This is it, I thought, it's time to start my new life. I put on my blue denim jacket, grabbed my bag of clothes and my purse, and headed out to my car and was on my way to Daddy's in minutes.

As I was driving there, I could not believe how scared and nervous I was at the prospect of my first meeting with Daddy. I was also so excited and exhilarated at the same time. This was my dream day and it was going to come true. I just knew it would. I would finally get to be someone's little girl. It took about five minutes to drive to Daddy's and as I was driving down his street, I could see that he was affluent as all the homes were large and that it was an upper class neighborhood. I had never been in a home like the ones I saw now. Not that they were mansions or anything, just big and nice and classy looking. Then I saw his house. It was a white two-story home, with a great big grassy yard out front with some trees and shrubs on the border of the lot. I stopped for a second, and then pulled into his garage.

Daddy must have heard my car as he opened the door as I was getting out of my car. He said Ahi, Melissa, I am so glad to see you." AHi Daddy," I said. I kind of just stood there and looked at him. He was so big, handsome, and strong, much more so than his picture had suggested. Daddy then walked over to me and gave me a little hug and said, Alets not just stand around pumpkin, let me get your bags and let's get you inside." I followed him into his house. And as we entered the house he hit a button and closed the garage door.

His house was very big and I could tell that he was classy as we walked through the kitchen and into the living area. All of the furniture and decorations were so masculine. He said, Apumpkin, I am so glad that you are finally here and you look so pretty today. How about we get you unpacked and then I can show you around the house?" I said, AOkay Daddy." And with that, he grabbed my hand and led me off upstairs to his bedroom.

As we entered his bedroom, which was huge and had a large bathroom off to the right, he turned to me and said, Alets put your bags on the bed and I will show you where to put your things. I was so shy and in awe of him and his home all I could say was Ayes Daddy." It was if I had forgotten how to talk. After he set my bags on the bed, he took my hand in his and told me how special I was and that I should relax and that we would have a great time together. He then asked me for my purse and took out my wallet and car keys and said that Alittle girls have no need for such things and that I would get them back at the appropriate time." He then opened up a couple of drawers in his dresser and told me they were mine and that there were some spare hangers in the closet if I needed them. Daddy asked me if I needed help unpacking and I said, Ano Daddy." AOkay pumpkin, why don't you unpack and change if you want to and then come and meet me downstairs in the living room." I said, Aokay Daddy." As he left the room, I almost fainted. I felt so weak in his presence. I couldn't believe it. I was feeling just like a little girl. I began to unpack my things and to think about what I should wear for Daddy. I could not decide whether to wear a play suit, a dress, or just to wear what I was wearing. I decided that I had better change and that daddy can tell me what he would like me to wear in the future. When I was done packing, I slipped out of my jeans, T-shirt, and shoes and put them away. I decided to wear a floral skirt from AMy Michelle" that was about mid-thigh and a purple camisole top that had cute shoulder straps and had a small white bow at the neckline. For shoes, I choose my black patent AMootsies Tootsies" mary jane flats that had a cute little strap that accentuated the childish look that I desired. I then went into the bathroom to freshen my makeup and redo my hair. I redid my lipstick and put my hair into pigtails and put two little pink barrettes in my hair to hold back my bangs from over my eyes. And finally, I put on my little girls' pink bracelet and I was ready to go downstairs.

As I descended the stairs, I was so nervous that I actually slipped on one of the carpeted steps and landed on my bottom. As I got up, Daddy must have heard this and Daddy rose from the couch and turned to me and watched me descend the rest of the way to the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, I stopped and he walked over to me and told me that everything was going to be okay and that I was now his daughter and that he would protect me. He also told how beautiful I was. He then bent down and gave me a peck on my lips and it was then that I knew I wanted more. I felt like I was in heaven. He once again took my hand and asked me if I would like to see his house. I said Ayes Daddy." As he led me through his home, I was thinking about how special it would be to live here. The kitchen was wonderful and so was the rest of the house. As we walked by his office we stopped and he told me that this area was off limits to me and that I should not be in his office without his permission. ADo you understand," he said? I said, Ayes Daddy." He then took me to the backyard which was lovely and it even had a little playhouse that Daddy said was mine. It was so cute. It was yellow with white trim, everything a little girl could want. Daddy then said, Alets go back inside so that I can explain some of the rules that you are going to follow while you are living here." I had no reply to that as he led me back into the living room.

Daddy asked me to sit on the couch which I did. I had to sit straight up with my legs together since the couch was too large for to sit with my back against the cushions, which made me feel even more like a little girl. Since I was looking down, Daddy told me to look up at him as he stood over me and said, Awe need to go over some of the rules that will make our time together more fulfilling and that these rules would help me to be the little girl that I wanted to be." He then said, Afirst of all, the main rule is that you must obey me and do whatever I say promptly and without question, do you understand Melissa." I said, Ayes Daddy." Daddy told me to listen to the rest of the rules. Daddy said, Awhile you are here if you disobey me you may be spanked, put in the corner, diapered or all at once, so listen carefully." AYou are to watch only children's shows that are appropriate for a ten-year-old girl unless Daddy is with you." AYou are to go to bed at 8:30 every night although you may read age-appropriate books in bed until 10:00 unless Daddy allows you to stay up later, otherwise it's light out at 10:00." ADaddy also expects you to act, think, and talk like a little girl at all times. To that end, you will spend a significant time playing with dolls and drawing in your coloring book and things like that." AIn turn, Daddy will take care of you and love and protect you with all his heart." ADoes that sound fair sweetie?" AYes Daddy," I said.

Daddy said, AMelissa, over on the corner table is a present for you, why don't you go over and get it and bring it back and sit down." As I did what he said I could not help feeling so submissive and happy at the prospect of being his real little girl. As I sat down, he sat beside me and told me to open the box. As I opened it, I realized that he had just given me my first real Barbie doll. He asked me if I liked it and I said, Ayes Daddy, she is so pretty and I know that I will have so much fun playing with my Barbie." Daddy smiled and gave me another little kiss. He then told me that I should put my Barbie doll down for the time being and go upstairs and take off my skirt and top and to come back dressed in one of my little girls vests and panties. When I came downstairs, he told me to bring him a glass of wine as well as one for myself only mine, he said, had to be in a plastic cup. I did what I was told and returned to him. He said that being partially naked in front of him was going to help me become more submissive and with that he took his glass and set it down and pulled me onto his lap. Then with one of his hands caressing my thigh and his other on my back, Daddy pulled me close to him and gave me my first real kiss. I kissed him back and I never felt more happy or loved. After a few minutes of kissing he stopped and told me how good I felt and how lovely I was but that he wanted me to do something for him. He told me to go to the bathroom and get some kleenex and to hurry back. When I returned, he told me to kneel next to him on the couch and he began kissing me again. I also heard him unzip his pants and then he took my hand and put it on his penis and he told me to stroke him. As we were kissing, I felt his penis throb and in a few minutes, he told me that he was going to cum and to grab the kleenex and to hold it over the tip of his penis to catch his love juice. In seconds he came and I felt his warm juice though the kleenex and couldn't help thinking that someday I would be taking his love inside of me. After he was done, we both stood up and he kissed me again and patted me on my little bottom and told me to go upstairs to get ready for a bath and after that we would get ready for dinner. I was still holding the warm kleenex in my hand as I went upstairs and I did not want that warmth to ever fade.

I was sitting on the bed when Daddy came in and he said, Aare you ready for your bath sweetie?" I said, Ayes Daddy." Daddy said, AI will be back in a minute. The next sound I heard was bath water running. After about five minutes, Daddy came back into the bedroom and asked me to stand up. As I stood there, Daddy took off my vest and helped me step out of my panties. He then led me to the closet and instructed me to put my undergarments in the hamper. After I had put my clothes in the hamper, he picked me up like a little child and held me with one hand under my bottom and the other at my back. He patted my bottom and told me that I was his little precious cutie and gave me a little kiss and told me it was time for my bath. Once in the bathroom, he put me down and helped me into the tub which was full of bubbles. And then Daddy began to wash me. First he washed my hair and then my arms, legs, and my private area. Daddy said I was so small down there, its no wonder I was such a little girl. Daddy then asked me to get on my knees. Daddy told me that he needed to clean me inside and out. The next thing I felt was his finger moving inside of me and then a cold tube being inserted into my bottom. Daddy explained that I was going to feel some pressure but that this would help me to stay clean. I soon felt some sort of pressure inside of me and after a few minutes Daddy said I could get up. He proceeded to rinse me off and gently toweled me dry and helped steer me towards the potty. Once I was over the potty, he removed the tube and told me to make poo poo which I did almost immediately. Daddy then said, Agood girl Melissa, you are a good little girl and I love you." Daddy then wiped my bottom clean and had me stand up and then he put baby powder over my private areas. After he had powdered me and wrapped me up in a big fluffy pink towel, he picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and sat me on the bed. Daddy then instructed me to lay face down on the bed so that he could put a trainer inside of me. I had no idea what he was talking about but once again his finger went into my bottom and then I felt something being pushed into my bottom. I asked Daddy what was going on and Daddy said, Adon't worry sweetie, this will help you to walk and think more like a little girl and that's what you want right pumpkin?" I said, Ayes Daddy." I didn't know that what he had put inside of me was called a butt plug. Once that was done, he told me to sit up and that it was time to get dressed for dinner and that I would have to wear big girls clothes for our big night out.

Daddy then went to my drawer and pulled out a pink little bra, pink panties and my blue denim skirt and set these on the bed. Daddy then went to the closet and picked out a white blouse and one pair of high heeled mary janes and brought them over to me and then told me to stand up. Once I was standing, I could feel the trainer inside of me. Daddy then helped me put on my panties and bra and patted my bottom and told me to put on the rest of my clothes like a big girl. Once I was dressed, he told me to go to the downstairs bathroom and refreshen my makeup and when I was done getting dressed, to start coloring in the unicorn coloring book that was waiting for me on the kitchen table. He told me that he would be downstairs shortly. I went downstairs and picked out a page and began coloring. I was halfway done when Daddy came downstairs.

He looked very handsome and I told him so. I showed him what I had done in the coloring book and Daddy said, Athat's very pretty pumpkin but its time to go to dinner. Daddy took my hand and led me to the car and buckled me in and announced that we were going to the AOutback Steakhouse" for dinner.

I told Daddy that I had never been to such a fancy place but he patted my thigh and said, Adon't worry pumpkin, you will be the most beautiful little angel there." In the parking lot, Daddy unbuckled me and gave me a kiss as he led me inside the restaurant. The owner must have been there because he said, Agood to see you again mister Stanton; is this your daughter?" I just stood there looking shyly at my feet. Daddy said, Ayes, she came to visit me for the weekend." The host then led us to a table next to a window where I could see all the pretty boats on the water. When the waitress came, Daddy ordered me a glass of milk, a small salad, and a teriyaki chicken breast for my dinner. I felt so small and girlish having Daddy order for me, but it also made me feel good. Daddy asked me how I was doing and if I was enjoying myself and I said, Ayes Daddy, so far this has been the best day of my life." He told me that once I get the mind set of a little girl, things would get much better and I would come to enjoy my new life and that I was coming along nicely. I was going to ask him what he meant by that, but our food came and Daddy told me to eat my dinner and drink my milk. I guess I was eating wrong or something because Daddy said, Apumpkin little girls take small bites and chew their food slowly." I said, Ayes Daddy." I obeyed him and we ate the rest of our dinner in peace. After dinner, Daddy paid the bill and we made our way home.

Once inside, Daddy picked me upstairs and carried me to the bedroom. Daddy told me that since it was 8:30 and that it was getting close to my bedtime that I should get ready for bed. He also said that since it was my fist day that I could stay up a little later. I thanked Daddy for dinner and gave him a little kiss. Daddy then helped me take off my clothes leaving me in just my panties and bra and instructed me to put my clothes away. I watched as Daddy pulled out the most beautiful babydoll I have ever seen. He then told me to take my babydoll and to go into the bathroom and put it on and that he would see me downstairs. I did as he instructed and as I walked downstairs, I felt like the most beautiful little girl in the world. I walked over to Daddy and he pulled me close to him and gave me a kiss and said, AMelissa, you are the most beautiful daughter any Daddy could ever want." I put my arms around his neck and said, ADaddy, you know what?" He said, Awhat pumpkin." I said, Ayou are the best Daddy a girl could ever have."

Daddy told me that since I was behaving and acting like a big girl that I could have some wine with him. He poured himself and me a glass and then he pulled me onto his lap. We cuddled and kissed for a while. And while we were snuggling, I could feel Daddy's manhood under my panties. It felt so good to be sitting in Daddy's lap. Suddenly Daddy moved his hand from my thigh and he began rubbing my little pee pee through my panties. Daddy said, AMelissa, does this feel good?" I said, Ayes Daddy, I like it when you touch me." Daddy said, Ayou certainly are more like a girl down there than a boy and I mean that as a compliment." I said, Athank you Daddy." We carried on for a while and finished the bottle of wine. I was pretty dizzy because I never drink much as a rule but this was a special occasion so it was okay.

Daddy announced that it was time for me to go to bed. As we stood up, he gave me a light swat on my bottom and told me to go upstairs and wait for him. I was practically dancing as I flew up the stairs. When Daddy entered the room he took me to the bathroom and pulled down my panties and took out my trainer. Daddy then guided me back to the bedroom where he grabbed a tube of some sort of gel and asked me to turn around and spread my legs like a good girl. He put one of his hands on my shoulder and then I felt his finger in my bottom. Daddy said, Adon't worry pumpkin, this will help you feel like a real little girl." I could not think of anything to say; everything was moving so fast. I knew what was coming and I wasn't sure if I wanted to go this far, but I knew I had to obey Daddy's orders. Daddy turned me around and had me lay down on my back. Daddy gave me a kiss and began playing with my pee pee with one hand and my little titties with the other, and within less than a minute I was ready to eject my little girl juice. As I came, Daddy kissed me and told me that I was being a good girl and he scooped up some of my little girl juice from my tummy with his finger and told me to open my mouth. I guess I was a little slow because he gave me a little swat to my thigh. I was scared but I opened my mouth like Daddy told me to do. Daddy told me to suck on his finger and after a few minutes I had sucked the last of my little girl juice from his finger. Daddy told me to get used to this as I would be expected to enjoy this on a regular basis from now on. Daddy then kissed me again and asked me to roll over which I did. Daddy began caressing my thighs and kissing my neck and the next thing I felt were Daddy's hands spreading my legs and then I felt his manhood against my bottom. Daddy said, Adon't worry pumpkin, Daddy will take it slow and this is what you want right honey?" I said, Ayes Daddy." I felt him enter me and it was like a warm glow had surrounded me as I felt him push up and down inside of me. I knew then that I loved him for being such gentle and thoughtful Daddy. Soon I heard Daddy moan and knew that he was about to fill me with his manhood and when he came, I could feel his love inside of me. Daddy kissed my neck again and told me that he loved his little daughter. He then pulled his manhood out of me and told me to get a washcloth from the bathroom and to come back and clean him off. I got off the bed and went to the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and came back into the bedroom. Daddy told me to clean his penis which I did and when he was done he patted my bottom and told me to clean myself up and to return to the bedroom promptly. As I was cleaning myself, I thought to myself that I must be the luckiest little girl in the world. When I returned, Daddy helped into my panties and then tucked me into bed. He also brought me a unicorn doll to sleep with. Daddy then kissed me goodnight and said that he would come to bed later as he had some things to take care of. I drifted off to sleep dreaming of Daddy and the things that we would do. Sometime later, I felt Daddy next to me and he kissed my neck and told me that I had to go to sleep as we had a big day tomorrow. I felt so safe with him that I went back to sleep within minutes.




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