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by: Zedd


As I drove my newly restored 1972 cherry red Charger through the streets of my town, I couldn’t help but smile as people would glance my way, gazing at my car as I drove past. It was a real head-turner, that was for sure! I had spent thousands just to get it where it was. Smokey gray interior, all leather, new stereo system, tinted side and back windows, power locks. The engine was a 440, completely rebuilt with a lot of chrome, and a four-barrel carb with dual exhaust. Of course, I wasn’t the mechanic so I just paid people to get it how I wanted it.

It was definitely a looker, and made me smile almost as much as the sudden glint of gold that caught my eye as I smoothly turned the steering wheel. On my pinky finger was a ring made of solid gold, with a tiny heart shaped ruby set in the middle. My girl had sent me the ring in the mail with a sweet note telling me how much she loved me and would miss me if I disappeared.

She must have been picking up on my subtle signals I’d been giving her the last couple of weeks, about how much I wanted her to quit her job and commit to a relationship.

Her job. There was a point of argument for me! I mean, I wouldn’t want her to give up her dreams or anything, but her job was just plain weird! It took almost all her time; she kept a pager with her 24/7 and made it a point not to ever show me what the messages were. She would take off at very peculiar hours, often being gone for nearly a week at a time, and never would tell me anything about where she was, or who she was with.

I had put up with about as much as I could before I had started following her around. I tried to be sneaky about it, often disguising myself in ridiculous outfits just to blend in those weird neighborhoods she would go into.

One time, I thought she’d spotted me but wasn’t sure as I had turned around. I turned back only to find her gone.

I gave up trying to find out what she did and, showing up one day at her swank home, simply told her how I was feeling. I didn’t like not being a part of her life. If she wanted to remain with me, then she’d either have to tell me what she did, or I’d give up on her and leave.

Boy was she pissed! I had no idea she’d react that way! I knew I was right in giving her that choice though. Really, who else would put up with all that? I ended up leaving, slamming the door behind me in the middle of her tirade. Evidently no one else in her life had defied her like I had. So what! She had to see how her life appeared to someone else! For all I knew, she was boffing another guy, or even a dozen guys! She had to understand how I felt, and see things the way I did. I’d just give her a little time to make the commitment.

After about two weeks, I’d gotten the package with the ring and the simple note. Just the single sentence was on it, signed by her with a lipstick kiss at the bottom!

I was excited that she’d send me something like this and quickly slipped it on my finger. It was a perfect fit!

I folded the paper and slipped it into my pocket, grabbed my keys and headed to her place! I knew she’d want to see me as soon as possible!

I was so buzzed she’d decided to quit whatever she did that I discounted the tingling coming from my finger as excitement! Even halfway there it felt like the sensation, though so mild as to almost not be there at all, seemed to cover my hand, then my arm! I merely shrugged it off.

I pulled into her drive after checking in with the guard, he knew who I was, and pulled next to her Mercedes 600 SL. I was glad she was here but then, she was expecting me!

I strolled up to the entrance only to have the door suddenly opened before I could knock, and by my beautiful woman!

"Hello Patrick! I’m so glad you came! Do come in!" She quickly hugged me, her large breasts pressing delightfully into my chest.

"Hello honey. I’m glad you came to your senses." I kissed her and smiled, missing the dark cloud that instantly passed over her face.

"Well, I guess we need to talk then." Closing the door and leading me into the library, she quickly offered me a cup of tea that she no doubt had her servants prepared just minutes before. I settled comfortably in a leather chair, which looked out the big southern windows and sipped my tea slowly, enjoying the slight bitter taste. I watched as she coolly slipped her pleasant form into another leather chair opposite me and crossed her legs, her modest skirt riding a little higher, showing the smooth legs which had captured my eyes so many months before.

"I hadn’t actually decided anything concerning my job." She paused, waiting for me to say something. I looked at her with a disappointed stare, instantly knowing that the ring she’d given me through the mail was no longer the present I’d thought it to be.

"In fact, I intend on keeping my job for as long as I can. But don’t worry….." She smiled when I began to get up to leave. She knew that I quickly dismissed a subject when pursuing it became a waste of time. "….I’ve decided to let you in on what I do."

I sat back again and looked at her. I wasn’t happy, she knew that, but letting me know exactly what she did for a living was definitely a change for the better. Maybe there was hope for us?

"I’m glad you’ve decided to share with me. I was beginning to believe you were doing something unethical." She smiled a smile that let me know she wasn’t amused by my choice of words, but she’d play nice. I guess she knew she owed me for all the time that had gone by when I should have known all along what she did.

"Unethical?" Her smile lessened slightly as she looked at her hands. "I guess a person could say that what I do is unethical. But what I do pays for all this." She gestured around her. I looked around and smiled. I knew where she was going, just as I knew right then what kind of person she was. She was more interested in money and possessions than a relationship. It was so sad to me.

"I do what I do because it enables me to fill a space in my life that I could not fill any other way."

"Because it makes you money." I said quietly. She nodded once but obviously wasn’t satisfied I understood her completely.

"Money is only something to buy things with. What I get from my job is enjoyment, satisfaction, and a kinky thrill that you can’t give me….." I looked at her then, not really understanding why she couldn’t tell me any of this before.

"…….until now." And why was a job so much more important than a lasting relationship? Someone to grow old with, share the golden years with? I simply didn’t understand why she couldn’t come to me sooner if she was going to let me in now?

"I’m not sure I’m completely following you." I said, setting the tea down and shifting to get comfortable. She smiled pitifully at me before standing and coming over to rub my hair with her perfectly manicured nails.

"Did you like the ring I gave to you?" She asked, her fingers lightly stroking my ring finger.

"Yes, but I thought it was more a gift of apology. I’d rather thought we’d be together."

"Well, I can’t say the idea was tempting, but as you know, or at least NOW know, I’m not giving up what I’ve worked so hard for." She walked behind me to run her fingers through my hair erotically, purring as she did so.

"Then I don’t understand." I said trying to turn my head to see her. "Why did you send the note with the ring?"

"Didn’t you read it? It was very plain and simple." She stood and as if she were giving a speech, reread the note from her memory. "David. I love you very much, and will miss you terribly if you were to disappear. Tonya."

I looked at her, the hint of danger starting to edge itself into my conscious brain. She just smiled like it was a big joke that only she knew was funny!

"You talk as if our relationship is nothing, like you don’t care if I was gone from your life or not!"

"I do care, but there’s one thing you should understand about me." She came around and slowly bent over, her large breasts beginning to bulge at the low cut silk blouse she wore. Smiling, she looked me straight in the face. "No one tells me what to do!"

"So it’s over." I said. I wasn’t surprised actually. Deep down I knew there was something strange going on.

"Yes. For me." She stood and smiled even broader. "For you, it’s just beginning." Again, that element of danger was making itself known, telling me to get up and leave right then. And that’s exactly what I started to do.

I failed to notice the rings heart-shaped ruby glow briefly, like a scarlet candle.

"I’m leaving." She backed up to give me room but continued to smile. "I had hoped to ….. " I wanted to tell her how much fulfillment and happiness a relationship with the right person could bring, but realized I wasn’t the person to bring it to her. I could only shake my head and tell myself I’d find someone, eventually.

I paused at the door and looked at her one last time. She was beautiful, sexy and smart, but she wasn’t the total package. She was flawed. Somewhere inside, in her heart, there was something missing. I didn’t know what to say then so left.

I fired up the beautiful girl that I knew wouldn’t ever turn on me, and guided her out of Tonya’s estate. Let her have her money and things, I thought. I have those things too, but I at least know there’s more to life. Again the ruby glowed, though in the sunlight and the glint of the gold, I had missed it again.

I pulled onto the highway and mentally shrugged, putting everything behind me. I wasn’t going to let Tonya ruin my expectations out of life. I knew there was someone out there, waiting for me, waiting to live the kind of life I wanted to live. I would just have to find her. Starting from scratch.

I kept driving, feeling something wrong. I couldn’t put my finger on what, just that something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the way Tonya had been acting? I shook my head, again feeling she was losing out on an important fact of life.

The strands of hair slowly swung in and out of my sight, making me think I was seeing things. I didn’t have long hair. I reached up feeling long strands of hair, black I noted as I pulled them in front of me. I yanked on them slightly, definitely knowing something was wrong. I had better head on home if I was starting to hallucinate. As I turned the steering wheel around, guiding my red machine through traffic, I absently brushed the escaping strands of black hair over my ears, only then realizing how girlish the act must look.

I had to adjust the mirror slightly as it was a little too high. Maybe I knocked it when I’d gotten in? Normally, I was extra careful when I was in my baby.

I slowed a little, not wanting to trail the car ahead of me too closely, and noticed something odd about my hands. They appeared a little small, the complexion slightly paler than before. I couldn’t study them as closely as I wanted to, but did sort of think the fingers were a little more slender than I remembered, the skin smoother. Were the nails longer?

I decided to pull over, rest a bit. Maybe there was a lot more about breaking up with Tonya than I’d figured.

I pulled into the parking lot of a well-known clothing store. I looked through the windows at the latest styles and trends and decided that maybe what I needed was a little splurging on myself. I really hated to impulsively spend money, I mean, that’s how Americans go bankrupt! But I did need some underwear, and maybe a pair of shorts.

I walked into the air-conditioned store and tried to get my bearings on where things were. I’d come in right at lingerie and made a note of it.

My movements were a little funny to me, as if walking was something new. It just didn’t feel comfortable.

I strolled along, keeping my eyes open for the men’s department, and bumped into a salesman who had been bent over setting up a floor display outside of ladies apparel. In my clumsiness, I failed to see the glow of the ruby.

"I’m sorry. I didn’t see you." I laid my hand on his shoulder to steady him in case he should fall. I knocked him off balance pretty good. As soon as he looked at me though, he seemed to soften, whatever remark he’d readied had instantly died.

"It is alright. It is my fault, you see?" He stood and smiled, and for the first time I realized how much taller he was over me. "Please, let me make it up to you? I shall buy you something beautiful, to make up for my clumsiness!"

"You don’t have to do anything like that!" I tried to say but was halted by a finger. He gently took my arm and guided me to a private changing room where he showed me a chair to sit and wait in. Was this guy for real?

"There is coffee, tea, and assorted beverages for your consumption. I shall only be a few moments. Please!" He said when I started to object again. "It will make my very happy to serve you. It is not everyday someone as beautiful as you comes into my store!" Then he abruptly left, closing the door behind him! What in the world was he thinking? As beautiful as I?

I grabbed a cup of coffee and laughed on the inside. If he wanted to buy me something, fine, but it was a hell of a way to hit on somebody. I wasn’t even gay, nor did I look it. I absently brushed a strand of hair over my ear.

He returned sooner than I’d expected, his arms full of ladies clothing and a big smile on his face. He was nuts if he thought I was going to put any of that on. On my finger, the ruby glowed once again and my eye was caught by it.

"If you will be so cooperative as to stand and disrobe. I have chosen nothing but the most beautifully sexy apparel solely for your enjoyment." I was about to say something when I stood and began taking my clothing off! Stepping out of my shoes which had been getting looser since I’d left Tonya’s, I quickly slid my pants down and began unbuttoning my shirt. I tried to say something, anything, but it seemed that the harder I tried, the tighter my lips became! Soon, I stood there in nothing but my underwear and for the first time realized that something beyond my inability to speak, or the salesman’s behavior was the problem! I looked down at my body, seeing hairless, soft skin and smooth curves. This was not right!

"I know you are embarrassed, Miss, so you may turn around while I check your measurements. I believe the clothing I have picked for you will fit, but I’ll will make sure." I did turn around, my hands on the table in front of me, and tried to fathom the reason of why I seemed to be changing! I looked down my chest, seeing the prominent width of my hips and compared those with the seemingly ridiculous narrowness of my waist! And were those breasts forming?

I was feeling a combination of extreme embarrassment and confusion when he startled me by his voice so close to my ear!

"Pardon me, Miss, but you have the most delicious looking ass I’ve ever seen. Would you permit me to touch it?" Touch it?! He wants to touch my ass? What the hell am I doing here? What will I do now?

I felt his palms start to lightly caress the cheeks of my ass, causing me to squirm uncomfortably. I didn’t know what to do! It seemed as if my mind stopped working, preventing me from getting out of this stupid situation. His hands grabbed the cheeks of my ass, kneading them as if they were two loaves of unbaked bread, and I could hear his breathing get heavier as he leaned into me, rubbing his erection against me! My mind was a total blank!

He stopped briefly, and I was starting to thank whoever when I heard a zipper. Again his hands were on my ass, but this time I felt a hot, hard length of cock pressing strongly against me!

"I want to put my big cock inside you and make you gasp." He breathed into my ear at the same time roughly kneading my ass! I couldn’t think! What to do? Oh my God! He wants to fuck me in the ass! I can’t let that happen. What would my friends think of me if I let some salesman fuck me up the ass? Why was this happening?

For some reason, the thought of saying something never occurred to my brain. All I could do was lean against the table with him rubbing his cock along the crack of my ass. He pulled my underwear down, lifting my feet to take them all the way off, then proceeded to slide his hands along my hips. His palms slid smoothly up me, highlighting every new curve and swell I had recently acquired, causing me to shiver in a confused and drunken manner!

Damn it! I didn’t want him in my ass, and I’m going to say something! I gulped air, trying to find the strength to fight whatever was happening to me, and turned my head to him. I felt my feet move apart and my spine arch, causing my hips and ass to thrust upward behind me. I felt the hot tip of his cock pressing against my ass hole and hurriedly opened my mouth to speak!

"….ass…." Was all I could squeak out! For some reason, my throat froze and all that came out was a high-pitched moan making me sound like the slut I was beginning to act like! I had a whole sentence in my head!

"Oh, yes Miss. I am happy to hear that! I will make you gasp with sinful delight. You have a very full, round ass and I am one who can appreciate such." I did?

He leaned heavily against me, his cock sinking with increasing pressure. I could do nothing. It was as if I had no will at all. I saw this other person standing there against the table with legs spread wide, while this man pushed his member up inside.

His hands gripped my hips hard as I suddenly felt his cock slip into me, making me gasp! I felt my ass swell to accommodate him, as if, merely by entering me he was spreading my body wider! I could only moan in absolute shame at what was happening to me.

When he was fully inside me, he began to move around, swiveling his hips back and forth, which caused me to move with him. I wasn’t able to even think of a word, but I knew what I must look like if anyone were to walk in. Then he began his slow withdrawal. I could only moan as I felt his immense shaft sliding back, causing my hips to thrust towards him. I wanted him out, yet my body desperately wanted him to stay inside me. My ass wiggled and bounced like a whores. With legs locked, I bent over the table until I touched it with my face, wishing only for it to be over. With each thrust, he bore deeper into me, making me gasp out every time. It was very strange to hear myself making such high-pitched squeals and moans. I felt feverish and out of control, and with each penetration I felt a part of me tingle until my whole body was electrified!

My face lay plastered against the table, long strands of hair hiding most of what I could see, my thin arms stretched out desperately, trying to hold onto the table as this stranger ravished my virgin behind. With a final thrust deep inside my ass, he climaxed, practically falling across my back.

I didn’t move as his ragged breathing began slowing. In shock of what just happened, I stood perfectly still, my upper body prone against the table while my legs were locked straight and wide. We stayed like that for five or ten minutes before he showed signs of returning to life. My face, partially hidden by the sweat-soaked black curls plastered across my cheek, was twisted in a combination of emotions I never would have believed I’d ever feel.

In a minute, he was himself again and pulled out of me then began to clean both of us up. I didn’t want to show my face to him, and he seemed to sense that. He said I could keep everything he’d brought me then quickly fled through the door, leaving me alone with my agony and shame.

If I didn’t know better, I’d have thought he was more embarrassed and confused about what just happened than I was!

I just stayed where I was, not moving until the cramps in my legs began to get the best of me. Hesitantly, I stood and fought off the dizziness that threatened to envelop me, and sat in the chair I’d been in a few minutes ago.

I immediately felt my chest bounce which distracted me immensely. Glancing down, I was shocked to find I now had breasts! Smooth, rounded breasts that sat on my chest and defied gravity by pointing the pink and swollen nipples slightly upwards! Breasts! I was about to touch them with my hands when another sensation came to me. It had felt like I was sitting differently than before. I wiggled slightly, the, ‘my’ breasts jiggling a bit, and discovered that my ass had enlarged a great amount. In fact, looking down at my wide hips, I could see my bottom taking up the entire seat of the chair I was in! What was happening to me?

I remembered the peculiar glow that had emanated from the ruby ring Tonya gave me, and quickly looked to see if it were still glowing. I was shocked to find the ring had also been transformed, though not as severely as I had. Instead of the heavy gold band, which had obviously been made for a man, it had shrunken considerably, resembling more of a ladies band with the ruby becoming very prominent.

I blinked in surprise at the dainty smoothness of my hands then. My nails had lengthened considerably, almost a half inch past the tips of my fingers, and I could detect a growing color forming on them. It seemed to be a light pink or rose! My arms had thinned greatly, my loss of muscle painfully obvious to me, leaving me with the arms of a woman.

I glared at the ring, since it was the only thing that was alien to my person then. In fact, Tonya had given it to me! What was it she had said? Our relationship was over for her, but for me it was just starting?

I glanced at it then. It was not glowing but I was very suspicious of it. It seemed to be the only thing I could blame on what was happening, and it made my hands look entirely too feminine! I grasped the ring and tried to take it off, failing miserably. I was reminded of playing those medieval role-playing games just then. I remembered once when my character had found a magic ring that had bestowed certain abilities. When placed on the finger however, the real magic showed up in the form of a curse. My friend who was reffing the game had told me there wasn’t any way for my character to remove the ring short of lopping off the finger it was on. That was a game, but this was for real! I tried the ring again, attempting to slide it off without the brute force that came from my panic. It wouldn’t budge.

I might as well get dressed I thought, yet could not find my own clothes. Oh NO! I didn’t have to get up to ascertain that my own belongings were not in the small room. In fact, the only thing left to me were the clothes brought to me by the salesman. He must’ve taken them with him, that ASS HOLE!

I picked up the panties he’d left, knowing I wasn’t going to get anywhere naked, and slipped them on. They were scarlet satin, the kind that covered your whole ass, and trimmed with an inch of delicate lace. I don’t know why I took such an interest in them, and refused to pursue it further less I become occupied with ladies clothing. Who knew what else was waiting for me?

At first, I thought they were too big. They looked larger than my underwear, but evidently not as they fit me perfectly, except for my obvious bulge in front. I picked up the satin bra, obviously a matching set with the panties, and absently thought about the kind of problems I might have if I were walking around without one. My nipples had enlarged proportionately with my breasts, making them about as thick as my finger. And since it was rather cool in here now, I noticed that they stuck out about a half inch. I would definitely need the bra to escape further salesmen problems.

I looked at the tag, a 34 B, and wondered how that guy knew what would fit. I was sure my ass wasn’t this big before he’d gotten the panties, and yet they seemed to fit perfectly. I slipped the straps of the bra over my delicate shoulders and fastened the hooks behind me as if I’d been doing it for years. Adjusting it slightly, I wasn’t shocked at all to see the satin smoothly cupping each round breast. The bra also fit perfectly.

I idly thought about just putting the basic necessities on and making my way out to my car, when my eye caught that glow again. I looked at the ring closely this time, wondering what it was suppose to mean. It only glowed for a brief moment, leaving me more confused than ever. It was obvious to me now that the ring was magical, and was responsible for transforming me, and was probably responsible for the actions of the store’s salesman, too. So, in order for me to save myself from whatever ends this ring was bringing about, I would have to get rid of it. I shuddered at the prospect of chopping off my own finger!

I gasped when I found myself in front of the mirror, finishing dressing myself in every article of clothing that was here! I was also amazed at the person staring back at me! That couldn’t be me, could it? I was pretty, almost beautiful! I choked on that last bit. I had no idea what possessed me to put on ….! Actually, looking down at the dainty ring adorning my feminine looking finger, I knew exactly what possessed me. I absently noted how my fingernails looked to be slightly longer, and pinker, than before.

I sighed as I looked at myself wearing the 3" red heels, the nude stockings and the red leather micro-mini. My legs looked hot, and as I lifted the skirt a little I noticed the tops of the stockings had a 2" band of red lace. I smoothed the skirt, running my hands down the leather, shaking my head at the fullness of my hips. They seemed a little too wide for my height, of which I instantly realized was less than it was. What was I now? 5’6"? I looked around, trying to remember how it seemed to me when I first walked in here 30 or so minutes ago. I seemed to be smaller, that was for sure.

My face didn’t look like mine anymore! My lips seemed to have become a little more full, as well as my cheeks becoming higher and more prominent. My eyes were larger and as I peered closer, no longer green but brown!

They also seemed to have taken on a slight oriental slant! Was I turning into another race, too? Instead of American, was I going to be Japanese?

My whole face was no longer the same shape even. My chin was much smaller, giving me a cute girlish look while the fullness of my lips and large eyes made me appear somewhat trashy. My hair had grown some, almost down to my shoulders, and appeared to be very thick.

I didn’t want to walk out of here dressed as I was, wearing the satin blouse that molded itself to my now feminine upper torso. It’s neckline scooped low enough to show off a bit of tantalizing cleavage, as well as the semi-transparency showing well the smooth satin cups of the bra I had on underneath. Sexy, if I say so myself.

What was I beginning to think? I had to get out of here! It was the ring that was doing it! I needed my wallet though so looked around for it, only realizing then that he must have taken it when he took my clothes! Oh shit! What the hell was I supposed to do without my wallet and keys!

I looked around, spying a small red leather purse sitting on the table where the clothes had been. I gazed at it for a minute, thinking that maybe, just maybe, my keys were inside. Crossing my fingers, I reached out and picked up the foreign bag, unsnapping the clasp and pulling it open. Looking in, I broke into a big smile and quickly pulled out my wallet and keys! They felt great in my small hand, promising me a way out of this nightmare in style! I slid my wallet across my ass, intending to slip it into the back pocket as always, only then discovering I would have to carry it. I thought a moment about that. What would a woman be doing carrying around a man’s wallet in her hand? Would someone assume she’d stolen it?

My face scrunched up in an unfamiliar way as I looked again at the purse, knowing I’d have to have it just to look normal. Gag, what an ironic twist! Me, a man, would have to carry a purse in order to look normal!

Effortlessly, I quickly walked out of the dressing room, heels clacking all the way, and made my way through the different sections of the store, purse in hand. I was walking a totally different way, with my hands held a little away from me, my hips pumping back and forth, gyrating like a machine, and my breasts bouncing somewhat in their satin cups. I even felt my ass bouncing as I walked too quickly through the ladies dress department! The sound of my heels as I walked on the hard floor embarrassed me all the more, and I was desperately looking for the exit so I could leave. I couldn’t help feeling my hips rotate of their own free will as I looked around for the door! I must have changed more than I thought because I just didn’t move like I expected!

I spotted the exit I came in through the lingerie department, so decided to cut through. I fully expected to run into the lady who worked in the department, but didn’t expect that damn ring to suddenly glow when I did! I watched the attractive, middle-aged woman’s face cloud over in confusion, as if she were having trouble putting two thoughts together, then snapping back instantly. I wondered what was going to happen, and had a sinking feeling when she smiled sexily at me, asking me to join her in the dressing room. I had no choice but to follow her, my full ass swinging sexily behind me. Once in, she locked the door so no one would bother us and smiled hungrily at me.

"What are you looking for, cupcake?" O’boy, what was I going to say? I already knew I wouldn’t be the one in control, but was prepared to fight, regardless. I tried saying nothing, but instead, I felt my face smiling. Well, smiling is better than saying something like ‘please turn me into a woman!’

"I think I know exactly what you need." She purred as she dug out her measuring tape. "But I’ll need exact measurements to be sure." She licked her lips as I automatically stood straight, allowing her to do what she would to me. "You’ll like the end result, if I do say so myself. By the way, my name is Andrea."

"Hi Andrea. My name is…." What was I going to say? Hi, my name is Patrick? No, that wouldn’t work. I’d only embarrass myself.

"I already know what your name is, dear. It’s Meko."

She had me stand on a small pedestal, placing my ass at the level of her breasts. I didn’t know what she was going to measure me for, but I did know I didn’t need it. She calmly wrapped the tape around my waist, sighing at the number contentedly, and proceeded to write it down on a pad sitting on the table next to her. She then measured my hips, running her hands down my hips and ass, occasionally grabbing my cheeks, making sure the leather was completely smooth and to her satisfaction. I glanced down once, only to be dismayed at the obvious protrusions of my rock hard nipples as they shown through both the cups of my bra, and the satin of my blouse.

Satisfied with her numbers, she left the room to retrieve whatever it was, leaving me alone for the moment. I stood where I was, looking around the changing room, before remembering the pad. She didn’t take it with her. I bent over slightly, trying to get a better read her writing, and gasped. That couldn’t be my waist and hips measurements, could they? I blinked at the numbers a few times, trying to understand what was happening to me. Was I changing into a woman for no apparent reason? Her pad stated my waist to be no more than 18" and my hips to be 42"! There was no freaking way that was correct, I thought as I looked down at my body. Maybe she did take her pad, or the top page of it, and that was somebody else’s?

Why didn’t I just leave? I tried to turn myself around, to face the door, but couldn’t. AARRRRGGH!! I hate this! I wish I knew what was going on.

The sales lady came back quicker than I would have thought, but then she only had two items in her hands. I didn’t like either one though.

"I’ve got what you need right here so let’s get started, shall we?" She smiled as she set those two dreadful things down and reached for the small zipper at the back of my mini.

Standing behind me, she gently pulled the leather down, exposing my rounded, black pantied covered ass. I gulped, knowing what was coming, yet wishing that it were already over. The leather mini dropped at my ankles as I felt her hands grasp my full ass cheeks and squeeze hungrily. I gasped aloud at the sensation, my voice sounding funny to me again, and tried not to get pushed off the pedestal I was standing on. Her hands continued squeezing and fondling me, arousing me, until I realized that I was beginning to have an erection! I still had my cock and it was beginning to show itself by poking out the top of my panties! I looked at it between my breasts, not sure what was going to happen if she were to see it, yet anxious for her to at the same time!

She had me widen my stance a little so she could snake her hand between my cheeks, sliding her fingers along the cool satin, while her other hand started pulling down the back of my panties! I gasped as I felt her tongue start licking my skin just above the crack of my ass.

For once, I was beginning to like what was happening, and didn’t necessarily want it to stop! Her tongue drove itself between the cheeks of my ass, making me arch my back, thrusting my big ass back onto her face! Oohhh! What was she doing to me? Uuuggh! I felt her penetrate me with that nasty tongue of hers, driving me wild with lust and need! Her hand had finished tickling its way between my legs and was now grasping my fully erect cock through the satin.

My arms were raised away from me as if I were on a tight rope, my ass sticking out behind me with her face buried deep in it, and my face took on the look of total lust and need! I would have done anything for this woman! Suddenly she stopped and came around in front of me.

"What do we have here?" She smiled, licking her lips all the while her hands were stroking my cock through the satin. "You can’t have this big thing sticking out, now can you?" She purred as her lips came so close I could feel her breath on it! I could only stare wide-eyed as my cock pulsed and jumped in her hands before disappearing completely inside her hot mouth. Her lips tightened around me and she began to suck forcefully, in a non-stop vacuum that caused me to approach orgasm faster than I’ve ever done before! Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, forcing my cock down her throat! I silently screamed as I felt myself cumming, instantly, powerfully, filling her mouth with my seed, causing her to gulp noisily as I laid my hands on her head. Her mouth continued to suck, pulling my cock further into her eager mouth, causing me to moan louder, draping my body over hers in an effort to remain standing where I was. I was oblivious to anything else for a while.

I felt my waist tightened yet further, compelling me to arch my back as my spine was forced into a slight curve. I opened my eyes, instantly noting something has changed about me again, and looked down. The huge breasts that were barely contained in the red satin bra I wore blocked my vision. I could still feel arousal, seeing that my huge nipples were poking the satin out, and wondered for, I don’t know how many times, where this was going. One more pull almost made me gasp as the air was forcefully expelled out of me! I had to gasp and suck air before I fell over! Someone was strapping something around my waist that was squeezing the life out of me!

"You’ll have to breathe through your chest, dear Meko." I looked down at Barbara, somehow sensing that I was even shorter than before. Barbara gestured to a mirror, so I dutifully turned towards it, gasping as I saw the new me for the second time!

"I know you’ll love how that corset feels over time, so right now just try to get used to it." I nodded once, and looked at myself in the mirror. What I saw was definitely a Japanese woman, maybe even a girl! Her face was beautiful, in a sexy, hooker sort of way, and was framed by dark thick hair that didn’t quite reach her shoulders, giving her a younger look. Her mouth was an erotic orifice, her lower lip an advertisement for sex, while her eyes seemed to beg both pain and pleasure! My hand went up to my face to trace the strange curves and plump lips, only to stop in front of my widened eyes! Wow! Look at the nails I now had! I marveled and cried at the sheer eroticism of having bright red nails that extended a good 3" past my fingers! How was I supposed to do anything with daggers like these? I waved the fingers of both hands around, fearing if left like this, I would gouge out my eyes if I had an itch on my face.

I looked at the breasts and hips, fascinated at their size and shape. I’ve never seen such curves before! The corset made my oversized breasts even more prominent by arching my back and thrusting them higher up, almost to the point where the tops of those bouncy slopes were equal with my small chin! I knew without turning around that my hugely rounded ass now stuck out behind me like no other.

"You’re a FF cup now, Meko. Your hips are very wide so you can have an extra large, bouncy ass. How does that suit you?" Barbara asked as she gently caressed me.

"Meko like!" Huh? What was going on? "Meko walk tit first. Meko wave big ass when Meko walk." I wanted to die right then. Just then, I saw that ring glow, panicking me. I didn’t know what was going to happen this time.

Barbara blinked a couple of times, looked around the room, then at me, her face blushing in embarrassment. I smiled politely, wondering what she was going to do. She smiled in return, hesitantly, before abruptly leaving the room in an agitated state. I think Barbara just came to her senses, and I think it was about time I left also! I had no idea what would happen to either of us should she decide to return and demand an explanation, because I didn’t have one to give her!

I stepped down, just then remembering the second thing Barbara did for me. I should say, what the ring did for me! I now wore 7" red heeled boots with 2" soles that came up to my knees. They caused my 42" hips to swivel comically, while forcing my hugely rounded ass to jut out even further behind me. I just had a feeling that I’d be able to feel each cheek bounce too, just like my big breasts! I looked in the mirror at the red leather, boned corset that was now laced tightly around my waist, whittling me down to 18". My breasts didn’t really seem to be as big as I thought when viewed from straight on. Although they would be the first things in the room I was going in. I didn’t know what to think, really. I knew it was way past time for me to leave though.

I pulled the satin blouse on, smoothing it over the corset and bra, and cringed at the expanse of cleavage on display. The scooped neck came down to the new bra’s line of lace, exposing the entire upper slopes of each breast. Every time I moved, my tits would jiggle and shake, and everyone would be able to see them! I would be happy if I could just make it home without being propositioned.

"Now Meko escape department store!" I whispered in my little breathy voice. Wait a minute! What did I say?

"Testing. Testing. This Meko’s voice." Why was I talking like that? I shook my head, thinking of the old sentence in that movie. The rain in Spain, and so forth. I calmed myself, breathing slowly, and began to speak. "Rain in Spain stay mainry in prain." I cringed. I had definitely developed a perverted, comical Japanese accent to go with the body! I’d have to deal with it.

I walked out the dressing room, happy I was right next to the exit, and made my way outside, my ultra high-heeled boots clacking loudly in my ears! I could feel my hips rotating ridiculously, and my ass and tits bouncing with each step, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it! I pressed on, hoping no one would stop me, and desperately opened the purse I had. Thankfully, my keys were still inside! I unlocked my car and crawled in, taking pleasure that I was inside something that was mine, something I built. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

I sat there for a while, thinking what I should do first. Should I go home? I thought going home would be the safest place, but whatever happened to me was Tonya’s doing. I grimaced at the idea of going back over there and confronting her, especially looking like I did.

I slid the key into the ignition and fired my baby up, taking joy in the low rumble of the engine. I found I couldn’t reach the pedals anymore and had to push the seat forward, final proof I’d shrunk several inches. I pulled out onto the highway and reluctantly turned the car towards Tonya’s. I kept my eye periodically on that ring, wanting to know if it started glowing again so I could prepare myself. I didn’t know what I could do about it but I wanted to know anyway.

I pulled up to the guard shack and, surprisingly, the guard let me in like he knew who I was! I know he’s never seen me before, looking like I did! Strange, but maybe not. I got out, making sure my mini was covering my ass, and walked up to the door, fully expecting it to open without my having to knock. I was disappointed.

Tonya answered, already a smile on her face, and stepped aside for me. I did my best to walk in with dignity.

"Oh my, what an incredibly sexy walk you have, Meko! I’ll bet you could get any man hard just by walking in front of him." I glared at her, my ultra long nails digging into my palms, and tried to think of my first question.

"Oh, don’t look so frightened. Or are you trying to cause me discomfort by pointing out how guilty I should feel? If so, I should tell you your look is more both frightened animal, and lust."

"What you do to Meko!" I cried at her, furious. I was mortified at what I’d said and her laughing at the way I talked only made me feel worse.

"Oh, dear Meko. What a lovely voice you have! A little girlish I think, but still having the qualities of unbridled sex. I hope you like it. Do you?" She asked, waiting expectantly. If she thought I was going ….

"Meko rike good." I didn’t want to answer her! I glared at her again, only to see her laugh mischievously. I was really getting near the point of going out of control and thought about how much damage I could do to her before she clobbered me! Her 5’9" height was a good 4" taller than I was now.

I quickly calculated how tall I was then, taking into consideration the 7" heels, and realized I’d shrunk a good 12" in height! I was now only 4’10"?

"What’s the matter Meko? Feeling like everything is catching up to you?" Barbara asked as she handed me a lacey hanky. I dabbed at the corners of my eyes, lady like, and looked up to her with a simple pleading look.

"Why? Why you do dis to Meko? Meko love you. Meko want to spend rife wit you." I was starting to cry, the emotions of the day starting to catch up with me, threatening to burst out all at once! Barbara could only smile at the little slut she’d created, and watched as the ruby ring on my finger glowed once more.

"Meko not want dis!" I cried. "Dis unfair to Meko. Meko want be man ‘gain."

"I’m sorry, dear Meko. I’ve got other plans for you. Do you remember what I wrote in that note that came with the ring?" She knelt down and lifted my delicate chin, smiling at the way my plump lower lip quivered. "Do you?" I nodded once and tried to recall the exact wording.

"You say, ‘Meko, Mistress love you much, will miss Meko if Meko gone." I ran the sentence over again in my mind, only then realizing the portent of the words she’d wrote! She planned this whole thing! Barbara smiled when she noticed the look of disbelief run across my face!

"You never want Meko!" I accused, pointing an extra long scarlet nail at her. She only smiled in acknowledgement, obviously having fun at my expense. I didn’t know what to think then!

"I guess you want to know what’s going to happen to you now?" She asked, as she walked over to her desk. She picked up the phone, waiting just a second before whoever was on the other side picked up, and said two words that will forever chill my soul!

"She’s ready."

She came over and gently began slipping the blouse over my head, revealing the red satin bra and corset beneath. Unlacing the corset, she took the torturous thing off, only for me to realize that I still stood and moved about as if I still wore the damn thing! She then removed the ruby ring from my finger, freeing me from any other unwilling transformations and humiliations.

"I think just the boots, stockings, that dreadfully sexy mini you have, and the satin bra is all you need. Now, be a good little slut and stand against that wall so I can take a picture of you." Beaten, I got up and stepped against the wall she indicated, and watched as she slipped that cursed ring into a small wooden box that had always sat on her desk before taking out a small camera.

Funny that. I remember the first time I was here! I had complimented her on that funny looking little box then! I sort of figured it to be an antique of some sort, possibly dating back to the 17th century. I didn’t remember what she’d said then, only that she been rather protective of that box, making sure I didn’t open it or get near it.


I looked around, seeking some escape, yet not having the courage or strength to attempt it. I could only sit there on my huge ass and remark on what fate she’d planned for a Japanese woman with over-endowments such as the ones given to me. I didn’t wait long as the door opened and a man dressed in a business suit came in. I absently noted the rich cut of his clothes and wondered who he might be. He gave me one look that made me shiver.

"Meko, this is Mr. Spike. He will be your master from now on. He is buying you from me so I want you to behave yourself and do whatever he asks, understand?"

"Meko know." I could only whisper my acceptance of the situation, and wondered what possible last changes had been wrought inside me.

"Well, Meko. Miss Barbara tells me you’re familiar with all types of sexual acts, and are willing to perform with either sex, regardless of race." I stood with my eyes down, unconsciously smoothing the leather mini, and spoke with a trembling voice, knowing my life as I’d known it was gone.

"Meko good suckie. Make man cum. Meko good lickie. Make woman cum. Meko rike good fuckie, take all. Good ass and cunny. Meko do anyting Midder Spikie want."

He only smiled at me before handing a check to Barbara. I didn’t know how much I was being sold for, only that I’d finally found out what Barbara’s job was. I just wished I had not given her an ultimatum. She hates being told what to do. Unlike myself, whose entire life ahead of me will be nothing but being told what to do.

I looked up at the large man who was now my master just as he looked down at me. Our eyes only held for an instant before I dutifully lowered them again. The only thing I saw now were those huge breasts barely held in by the thin satin. My hands stayed at my sides, the long nails idly caressing the skin below my mini. My legs were locked together straight, their toes pointed straight down inside those fetish boots I wore. Something inside me clicked then, and all I could think was to be sexually submissive to anyone Mr. Spike told me to.

‘Sigh’ I was nothing but a pleasure slave, a slut hired out to anyone, for the right price.

I was Meko.


The End




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