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Megan, an acceptance                  by: Janet L. Stickney


"Hi Janet, this is me. Listen, I want to come home, but Mom and Dad won’t let me in the house. I guess they think that because I lead a hippie type lifestyle that I don’t measure up or something. I need a favor, can I stay with you for a few days until I can persuade the folks to let me come home?"

"Mark, you know how uptight the neighborhood I live in is! What if they see you here?"

"It’ll only be a few days, maybe a week until I can bring the folks around."

"If you can get here without anybody seeing you, fine. But... you have to stay in the house and out of sight!"

"Great! I’ll be over in a bit."

In an hour or so I was at her door. Janet opened the door and saw a tall girl in a furry coat standing there.


"Hi Janet!"

Then she realized that the girl in the coat was me. "Come in here!" I walked into my sisters apartment and then she saw that I had rolled up my pant legs. With my long hair and a long coat, I would look like a girl in the darkness. Janet gave me a big hug. "Where did you get the coat I?"

"I bought it for $5 at a shop on Third."

She hadn’t seen me in almost a year. I was still slim and trim, but my hair was almost to the middle of my back, the dark hair shiny from a recent washing and brushing.

"I’ll make some coffee and we can talk."

I watched as she tried her best. Janet had always been less than a stellar cook.

"Here, let me do it Janet." I took over, and within minutes had coffee made, and had found some bagels which I heated up.

"I called home and Dad told me to not come over! I guess that I thinks I’m a dirty bum or something. If you don’t mind, I’ll crash here for a few days and then be on my way."

"Okay I, I’ll talk to Mom and see what she says. I have to go to work tomorrow, so stay in the house and I’ll be home at five or so."

We went to bed, me sleeping in her spare bedroom. The next day I awoke to the sound of Janet’s extra alarm, but stayed in bed for a few more minutes. I got up and went to the shower. I used one of her robes after I dried off. I found the washer and dryer and stuck my faded jeans, underwear, socks, shoes, and shirt in. Wandering around the apartment I looked in her room. It was all frilly and lacy, just like her room at home. Looking in her closet I saw several dresses, and decided that a dress was better than the robe, especially if I was going to be in the house all day. I found her panties and slipped a pair up my legs and snug to my waist. The dress looked like one of her older ones, but nice. I pulled it over my head and after a short struggle, got the zipper up. I stuck my feet in a pair of obviously old shoes, found that they fit, and decided to wear them.

By the time Janet got home, I had cleaned the entire apartment and had dinner ready. The smell of roast beef reached her nose as she opened the door. I was standing at the stove, still wearing the dress, a lacy apron around my waist.

"Who are...?"

I turned around to face her, and told her to sit at the table dinner was almost ready. my non-chalant manner about what I was wearing put her back a bit, but she sat at the table. It was perfectly set, and as she looked around her apartment, everything sparkled... for the first time in ages!

"Mark, just what is going on here? Why are you wearing a dress for goodness sake?"

"Well, I tossed my clothes in the washer this morning, and rather than go around naked, I borrowed a dress. I had to wear something... right?" When she didn’t answer I went on. "I was also washing my sneakers, so I found these shoes. Is it all right?" Janet nodded her head yes. "Rather than sit here watching soaps all day, I cleaned the apartment. Sort of a thank you for letting me stay here." Janet saw the ease I wore her clothes, my long hair sweeping around my neck and back as I walked, a germ of an idea forming in her mind.

"Mark, I talked to Mom today. She said that Dad was still against what he calls long hairs, but she’ll work on him some more... but it might be a week or more. If you’re going to stay here, maybe you should consider wearing a dress every day. I mean, well, you can do the shopping maybe; and if somebody rings the doorbell, it will be a girl answering it."

Janet said it, now it was up to me to take the bait. That night we sat around and watched television. When I went to bed, I found a nightgown on my bed. That night as I lay in bed wearing the soft silky nightgown, I thought about Janet’s proposal. She was right I thought. After a few days cooped up in here, I’ll be crazy! I decided to try it.

After Janet had gone to work I decided to see just how easy, or hard it would be to become a girl for a few days. In my mind it didn’t seem hard, put I was about to find out. I rummaged around and found her bubble bath, razor, and some spare blades. The water was warm as I sank into the oily bubbles in the tub. I took my time and shaved off all the hair I could reach. Legs, arms, underarms, the few on my chest, and then took a shower to rinse off the soapy water. I padded into Janet’s room and once again took a pair of her panties. This time the silky nylon made me shiver as the soft material touched my now naked and very smooth and soft legs. I found pantyhose then, after a bit of a struggle, found the secret to pulling them on without strangling myself, and reveled in the way they felt on my now hairless legs. The sensation was wonderful I thought! I took one of her bras and fastened it around myself, padding the cups with some socks. This time, instead of a dress, I chose a skirt and blouse. The dark green skirt was moderately short, a bit longer than mid-thigh in length, the blouse was white, but I left the blouse off as I tried my hand at makeup. Janet and I were about the same coloring, and even though I had never done makeup before, I did my best as I applied the foundation. Right away I saw a major change. I powdered my face with the powder I found on her vanity, and after I had waited a few moments, brushed away the excess. The change was miraculous.

I fumbled a bit as I used a simple green eye shadow, struggling with the unfamiliar applicator to get it right. I opened the slim tube of black eyeliner, and drew a shaky line across my eyelids, then I found a red lipstick which I applied to my mouth, tracing my lips like I had seen Janet doing. I went to the bathroom and used a brush on my hair. Unable to create any kind of hairstyle, I merely pulled it up into a ponytail and fixed it high on my head like girls do. A green scrunchee that I found in a drawer went over the rubber band in my hair, and using two barrettes I pulled a few errant hairs back in place, then I carefully used scissors to trim my bangs straight across my forehead. I put on the same pair of black heels I wore the day before. Looking in the mirror, I was proud of my creation, and bravely decided to try out my new look. I took the extra key Janet gave me, found an old purse, then stuffed my wallet, key, a few tissues, and a lipstick in it. Grabbing the same coat I wore on the night I arrived, I left the apartment for the grocery store down the block.

On the sidewalk I heard my heels clicking against the hard concrete as I walked along, felt the delicious way the skirt swirled across my now nylon clad legs, the colder air a new sensation that made me conscious of the way I was dressed. I went into the grocers and found everything I wanted. "Boy, or maybe girl,! would Janet be surprised I thought!" In the store, nobody gave me a second look as I strolled up and down the aisles. I paid for everything and went back to the apartment. As luck would have it, the landlady saw me as I was just opening the door to the apartment.

"Hi. I’m Mrs. Forester. You are?"

"Oh! Hi. I’m Janet’s sister...M..Megan. Nice to meet you."

"She never told me she had a sister."

"Well I’m in town for just a few weeks and I have to go back home. Nice meeting you."

I went in the apartment and slumped against the door after I had shut it. Without changing I began to prepare dinner after I had a stiff glass of milk! When Janet came in she was treated to her favorite dish. Spaghetti with homemade sauce, fresh bread, salad, and lemon pie. Of course, I was still wearing her clothes, although my makeup felt a bit icky by then.

Over dinner I told her the name that I had given Mrs. Forester, and my thinking she was right, about dressing to go out that is, then all about my trip to the grocers that afternoon. I also told her Mrs. Forester had said that she had never mentioned a sister named Megan, just to alert her to the possibility that Mrs. Forester might bring it up.

"Kind of a nosy old broad I think!"

"Now Megan, be nice. She looks after all of us like we were her children. Standup and let me look at you."

I stood up, and she gave me her seal of approval. "A touch more practice with the eyeliner and shadow and you’ll be fine. But your hair needs some help. Tomorrow is Saturday, why don’t the two of us go to the salon. You can get it shaped and trimmed. It will be much easier to take care of."

"Salon? Isn’t that going a bit far?"

"Not really, getting dad to change his mind might take a while, and if you are staying here, pretending to be my sister, then you should at least look like a girl that takes care of herself. A new hair style and maybe some work on your nails will make a big difference in the way you look, and probably make you feel a bit more like a girl. And right now, that’s what we need. For you to feel more like a girl and a lot less like a boy in a dress. So, how about it? Will you do it?"

"I guess, as long as they don’t cut to much off!" I slept like a log that night, but Janet was awake making plans for her "sister."

"Get dressed in what you wore yesterday Megan. I’ll change while you take a shower."

I stepped into the shower and shaved as close as possible. Once out, I was prepared to get dressed as instructed. I walked into my room and found something new on the bed.

"Janet!" When she walked into the room I said, "I do believe that I’ll need some help with this...whatever it is!"

"Get your panties and hose on and I’ll be back."

After I had done as she asked, I called for her. Janet took the corset and wrapped it around me. "Now Raise your arms and take a deep breath!" I did, and she tightened the laces of the corset. "Now you can get dressed the rest of the way." When I put the bra on I found that the excess flesh of my chest had been forced up, so that when I lowered my arms, I had some boobs!

"I got boobs Janet!"

"It’s an old trick almost every girl uses once in a while."

I found that the skirt fit better since it was not as tight. When Janet was done lacing me into that corselet I had a very feminine figure, which changed everything else!

"Sit at the vanity Megan, let me do your hair."

Easy for her to say. That corselet made me feel as if I was being cut in two, my back was forced straighter, and that effected my walk, how I sat and generally moved. Janet rolled, sprayed and pinned, all while using her brush. When she was done I had a very nice chignon. I put the same blouse on and Janet pronounced me ready. She handed me the same purse I used the day before and we left. Mrs. Forester watched from her room, and saw two girls leaving. Two attractive girls.

At the mall I found my feet propelling me forward and into the beautyshop.

"This is my sister Megan. She needs a lot of work, see what you can do."

I was led to the back of the shop. The operator Terri showed me several styles, and with her help, I selected one that I thought was nice. My hair was generally straight, but it had a slight wave to it which Terri accented when she cut it. After an hour and a half I left the salon with a new hairstyle, my nails had been trimmed and filed, short acrylic extensions added then painted a soft plum color. Janet was right. I was feeling very feminine. Terri had cut my hair so that it fell in waves down the back, the front brushed and sprayed so that it looked casual, the side framed my face, just curling at the point of the chin. Janet was waiting for me when I walked out.

"God! You’re beautiful!" Janet was smiling as we walked away from the salon, and I felt just great. It was like I was a whole new person! Given her reaction when she saw me, I was sure that Janet had give some thought to my living with her as a sister, and I was right.

"You have to have some clothes of your own. I don’t like sharing my underwear, so lets get you some bras and panties, maybe a dress and a skirt or two."

We walked along looking in the store windows.

"Excuse me!"

"Mom!" Janet turned to mother and introduced me to her. "This my friend Megan. She’s staying with me for a few days." Just then our Dad walked up. Janet again did the introductions.

"Well, we have to get Megan just a ton of stuff, by!" Unseen by me, our Dad had given his credit card to Janet.

By the time we left the mall, I had new shoes, three pair, new bras, panties, two new dresses, a suit, two slips, a new corset, pantyhose, four skirts and blouses, a new purse, gloves, a coat, several pairs of earrings, some bracelets, and necklaces. I also had my makeup done by a professional. We dragged ourselves and our packages to the car and went home.

"Seems like a lot of stuff Janet! Do I really need it?"

"You wear clean clothes every day don’t you? We girls do to, they just wear more of it. Besides, did Mom or Dad make any motion like they recognized you?"

I had to admit that they didn’t, and besides that, I was starting to like this girl stuff! We put everything away and Janet made the suggestion that we go out somewhere.

"It’s Saturday Megan. Nobody stays home unless they have to!"

I could not deny my sister after everything she did for me, especially after she spent all that money today!

"Okay sis, what do we wear?"

When we left the apartment, both of us were wearing short flippy skirts, mine red, Janet’s blue, with thin sweaters. I felt as if I was perched on a pole, but I just hadn’t got used to the 3" heels yet. We went to Spurs, a local country dance place. We walked in to the hoots of all the guys standing at the bar, which made me think that they "read" me, but Janet told me to relax.

"They do that to all the girls that come here, no matter who they are."

We got a table and sat down. When the music started and the couples started dancing, I could see why Janet insisted that I wear a matching panty. Most of the girls wore the same type skirt that I had on, and when the guys twirled the girls around, the girls panties always showed. A very tall guy came over and took my hand, and while I wasn’t eager top join him, I couldn’t see a way to decline, so I went with him to the dance floor. He was a very good dancer, and the music seemed to make it easy to follow him. I saw Janet several times as she danced around. Finally there was a break in the music and she flopped at her table, tired, yet excited.

"What’s the matter Megan?"

"I’m not sure Janet. Just excited to be here I guess."

We danced a lot that night, Jack, my first partner asked me to leave with him, but I begged off.

"I’m with my sister Jack. Maybe I’ll see you here again."

He kissed my hand and left.

"I saw you with that guy Megan. You looked like a real couple!"

Janet was trying to tease me, but she immediately saw that I didn’t like it to much so she stopped. The next day was Sunday and Janet suggested that we go to church and take a drive. I had lain awake most of the night trying to resolve the conflicts going on inside. I knew I was a guy, but I really liked dressing like a girl! I didn’t know what to do! I did what I thought I had to do! I took a bath and shaved my whole body again, and in my room I pulled out a pair of white panties with lace trim, they were the newer French cut type, and when I pulled them on, I felt as if I stepped out of my male body and into a girl body. I carefully tucked myself out of the way, presenting a very nice front, with no bulge in sight. The corset was also white, my new one in fact. This one had the laces in the front so I could make it as tight as I needed it to be all by myself. The bra was white, a size 36 B with lace trimmed demicups, with a front fastener. I pulled it on and when I fastened the hooks I saw that it pulled my modest chest into the cups. Using a foam pad I had purchased while shopping, I filled out my bra while creating a very realistic cleavage.

I carefully rolled the hose up my smooth legs and clipped them to the garters that hung from the corset. I really liked the way they pulled the hose tight! My slip matched the bra, with the same lace trim, then I stepped into it and pulled it to my waist. I had paid very close attention when I had my makeup done, and did my best to match it. The foundation was creamy and smooth as I used my fingers to dab it on and smooth it out. My light beard was covered easily, leaving no trace, and I used powder on my face, and after a short wait, I brushed off the excess leaving my skin with a nice matte finish. For eye shadow I used a pale blue with lilac over that. A sponge erased any lines and blended the colors perfectly, and a deep black liquid eyeliner on the upper lid, and black pencil on the lower lid made my eyes stand out. A bit of black mascara gave my eyes a lush sultry look. I took the brush and gave my hair a few strokes and watched as it fell right into place! I gave my hair a shot with hairspray to hold it in place. The skirt was white gabardine, an A-Line, and fit me perfectly, falling about 2" above my knees. I pulled it on and fastened the button for now. My blouse was red, with a square cut neckline that allowed just a hint of the delights below. I quickly did up the buttons and tucked it into my skirt then pulled the zipper closed. The jacket matched the skirt, had no lapels and was form fitting. I made sure that I had everything I needed in my purse, put on my lipstick, a dab of perfume, and walked out of the room.

"Good morning Mar..Megan" It was my parents! They were there, waiting for me! "You look just lovely dear." My mother was telling me, her son, that I looked lovely!


"Megan, please sit down a moment. I..we, have a spare room at our house, and we were wondering if you would like to come live with us." I was stunned! "We used to have a son at our house" dad said, "I made a lot of mistakes and he left. In my stupidity I drove him away. Maybe you would like to..." My Dad sat with his hands over his face.

"Dear, we know that it’s you. We, your Dad and I, insisted that Janet get all of the clothes you needed. That was our credit card she used. Come home. Just as you are. Be our daughter... or a son. We don’t care."

I sat there unable to find any words to express how I felt right then. Dad had been adamant that I change my ways, be more like him I guess, and while I had changed, I found out that I liked being more like Mom, and neither of them seemed to care! For my dad, that was a major shift in his outlook on life, especially considering the way I looked at the moment. But then, they had paid for everything when Janet and I went shopping. While I had not dressed as a girl before, I had found out that I felt fulfilled, as if this is what I had been searching for during my travels. All this time it had been a simple tube of lipstick away. Now that I had found myself it seemed, there was no way I would, or could give it up. I had to explore these new feelings and maybe, become the woman I looked like now.

"Dad," I waited for him to look at me. "I like being Megan. It’s what I have been searching for all this time. If you and Mom allow it, that’s how I want to be... from now on."

There were a lot of tears shed that morning, but in the end, after all three of us ladies had repaired our makeup, we left Janet’s apartment, headed for the church, as a family for the first time in many years. Together we saw Mrs. Forester as she stepped out of her place. We waited at the elevator for her.

"Mrs. Forester, these are our parents, and of course, you met Meagan the other day."

"Yes, I did. She is a lovely girl Janet, just like you."

"Our girls are joining us at church, would you like to come along Mrs. Forester?"

By dad saying "our girls", any doubt that Mrs. Forester might have had, vanished. The five of us went to church, then lunch, and finally, mom helped me pack up my clothes, and I went home for the first time in three years. Dad got what he wanted, I had changed my look, Janet got what she always wanted, a sister, I got what I wanted, a chance to explore the new me, and mom, well she accepted all of it with her usual aplomb. Over the next month dad and I grew closer and he began to refer to me as "kitten", a sure sign that he has accepted the new me. I got better at makeup and hair, picking out what to wear and when, and oh yes, I met a guy at Spurs. He and I have been dating a bit. I wonder how this will end?




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