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Note, this a true story, some of the names have been changed, but certainly not the events of the days!, this is taken right from my diary entry of the time.

My (email) name is Joyce Devries and of all of the adventures I have had dressed as a woman, this was the ultimate. I got courted by a true and real Lesbian Female, my spouse and her Bi female lover and my date went out for a romantic date to Stage West (, and double dated and here is diary entry for you all to enjoy.

I am 5'2", TV, live near Toronto, Ont., Canada, pass quite well as a woman and have done tons of "real life" things as a woman, this one was an awesome special, romantic adventure.

If you want the background please read my diary entry, "Professional Assistant Corrine"


Meeting Cheryle

by Joyce Devries


Part #1

April 2005


It was the Monday after I had posed as Brad's professional assistant in a trade show in Brantford, Ontario (my current boyfriend and husband of my wife's Bi lover), and I got an email from my wife's Bi lover, Brenda. She asked if I was interested in getting together for lunch on the Friday as she wanted to hear all about the Trade show from my perspective and that it would be nice to have a girls lunch out. I emailed her back and told her that I would have to see if I could get the day off. I checked and the Friday was free and I called her Tuesday morning on her cell we were a go and she said, "great, I have a business meeting downtown Toronto at 9am with a client, then free for the rest of the day and can pick you up at let's say 12:30pm or so?", I agreed and told her I would be dressed and ready. After I hung up I got excited about getting together like I always do when I get to go out dressed and then started to wonder what I was going to wear, I knew it was going to be business formal, as I knew that Brenda was going to be dressed for business formal, especially meeting a client. I emailed my spouse, Sharon, and told her about the news and she emailed back saying, "make sure you are dressed right and have fun". The emails started going back and forth between Brenda and I about what she was going to be wearing and it was no surprise that I guessed what she was going to be wearing and she told me it was going to be business formal as she was meeting a client.

I then started digging through my large wardrobe and I had 5 business suits in my wardrobe that could easily have worked, but decided to wear one of my all time favorites which was not one of the matching skirt and jacket combinations I had gotten recently over the years, but something I wore out for the first time in 1991, shopping with Sharon. My company recently hired a new woman in the office and in my office, the entire female population of the office do not even know how to dress for business, with slacks and ugly dresses being the norm. However, this new hire, Karen, started with the company and she never wears pants and always a skirt, always pantyhose and usually a business jacket, and blouse and her makeup is always perfect. Well one of her common outfits is one of my first business looks I ever wore, which was the red single breasted female cut business jacket, and straight black well above the knee length black skirt and white silk blouse with the collar outside the top of the jacket. Karen differs from me in the fact that she wears very, very low heels, and some of them are dress shoes with barely a heel. I decided with the adornment of seeing her wear one of my first and favorite outfits to the office every few days, made my mind up.

So on the days leading up to the lunch date with Brenda, I found myself pulling out the items I was planning on wearing and putting them on to make sure they fit and then I finally had it set. It was going to be the red single breasted jacket, same as Karen, one of my favorite, lined black above the knee skirt, and my pure white silk blouse, pantyhose were going to be ultra sheer nude and the decision on the heels was the tough part. Three times I slipped into the outfit and grabbed four different heels, first was a pair of 4" kid black heels, second was a pair of 4" black patent heels, third was a pair of 3" black kid heels and the last was a pair of 3" black suede heels. I tried each and every one of them on and over and over and looked at how they made me look overall, and after much internal debate with myself I decided on my 3" black suede heels, so my outfit was set.

Brenda called the night before to make 100% sure we were a go and told her that I had taken the day off work. The night before the date, Sharon suggested that I spend the night before in my room and I took advantage of the situation and slipped into one of my favorite long black peignoirs and robe, and nude pantyhose and 2" heels and started making sure all was ready for the morning. I checked my purse and pulled out all of my clothes and lingerie and carefully laid them, as well as my jewelry for the outfit, I went to bed closing my eyes dreaming of what Brenda was going to look like. I woke Friday morning, and after hearing the family leave the house, I scampered upstairs and headed for a long and hot shower to get nice and squeaky clean. I had brought my comfy blue terri cloth robe and headed downstairs to get ready.

I looked at the clock and saw that I had tons of time and decided to take my time and decided to start with putting on my favorite white lace front closure bra. I then slipped on my favorite pair of lace burgundy panties and then put on a pair of white satin gloves and opened a new pair of ultra sheer nude pantyhose and carefully pulled them up. Once done, I slipped into my black suede 3" pumps for the day, and then sat down and decided to put on my gold anklet on my right ankle. I then decided to put on my nail polish that matched my lipstick first before putting on my makeup. I applied a coat and then sat and watched a little television as they dried. Once they were good and dry I moved to my bathroom to start with my makeup, first my eyes.

Knowing full well that I was going to have to look like a business woman from the office, I was careful not to put on too much eyeliner, but just enough to define my eyes. I used my favorite purple eye shadow on the lower lids of my eyes and pink on the upper and then a very healthy coat of Mascara to make my eye lashes nice and full looking. I then moved to my cheeks and was careful not too put on too much, just giving me a healthy glow. I decided to leave my lipstick until I was completely dressed and looked myself in the mirror and grabbed for my favorite pearl dropped earrings and loved the way they looked. Before I finalized my jewelry, I grabbed my Halston's perfume and applied a moderate application, behind my ears and wrists and chest.

I slipped off my blue terri cloth housecoat and started getting into my clothes for the day. I carefully slipped on a pure white silk and lace camisole making sure not to get any makeup on in and then put on the pure white silk blouse and carefully did up all the buttons. I went and grabbed the knee length black skirt and skid it up my silky legs and adjusted it to ensure the slit was perfect in the back and loved the way it hugged the curves of my butt. I then put on the red single breasted jacket and then walked to the mirror and checked myself out and saw that I needed to adjust my collar and pulled it out to be on the outside of the collar of the jacket and it looked really good as I double checked my look in the mirror. I then decided to finish off my look with my rings and charm bracelet on my right wrist and then my gold watch on my left and I was all set. I decided to finish the look off and went and grabbed my purse and then went to the bathroom, and pulled out my formal deep reddish pink lipstick and applied a healthy coat. As I finished, I loved the way I looked. I knew I was perfect and ready, and went to the mirror and knew was ready for meeting Brenda. The only adjustment I did was tugged my just above the knee length skirt higher to expose as much as could of my legs and adjusted my skirt so it was just peaking below my jacket. I loved the look and went and grabbed my purse and the latest edition of Glamour magazine and headed upstairs to meet Brenda as I relaxed on the couch waiting for her to arrive. The phone rang and it Brenda telling me that she was leaving the downtown Toronto core and then shocked the hell out of me and asked me if I was alright with the fact that she was bringing a co-worker along with her as she had to attend the meeting with her as well. Right off the bat I was taken back, and was worried about the fact that she did not know who I was or what I was. Brenda laughed on the other end of the phone and said, "no worries dear, no worries at all". I breathed a sigh of relief of the confidence of Brenda and knew it was not going to be a big deal.

As I sat on the couch reading the latest copy of Glamour magazine Brenda called to say that she was just getting off the highway and that she would be there to pick me up shortly. I went and grabbed my purse from the kitchen and then checked the temperature and saw that it was about 56 degrees and since I was wearing a jacket decided to not wear my long spring coat. I walked to the bathroom and pulled out my lipstick and touched up my lips and fluffed out my hair, since I was meeting a woman I had never met before, I wanted to make sure I made a good first impression. I took one last look in front of the full length mirror in the hall and then went back into the living room and just as I did I saw that Brenda had pulled up and grabbed for my keys and then went out the door to the cool day air. I turned around and locked the door and then started walking towards the car and saw Brenda smiling and opened the back door on her side and slid in.

As I did, I saw Cheryle for the first time, from what I could see, she was a blonde hair cutie, and her hair was uncanningly like mine, shoulder length, curly and framing her face perfectly. I could also tell she really took care of her makeup, as her eyes were highlighted perfectly, just the right amount of eyeliner and eye shadow, her cheeks had a healthy glow to them and she had on a really flattering shade of reddish pink lipstick that complimented her complexion perfectly (very similar to mine). I recognized smelling Brenda's perfume, but could not make out what Cheryle was wearing, but it was nice and floral and complimentary to her overall look. I was not sure how old Cheryle was, but she definitely had a youthful looking face and really cute dimples as she smiled.

Brenda did the introductions and I smiled as Cheryle reached back and shook my hand I could see her nails were done in the same shade as her lipstick, just like mine. She immediately commented that she had the EXACT same outfit I was wearing in her wardrobe, from the jacket to the skirt to the white silk blouse, and thought I looked fantastic in it. I thanked her and also made the comment that the bright fusia jacket she was wearing I had one as well in my business wardrobe that was also the exact same except it was without the black polka dots. Brenda chimed in as we drove down the road and commented, "enough fashion talk ladies, so where to?", Cheryle spoke up and said that she did not care and then Brenda said she also did not care either and then said looking in the rearview mirror and then at me and said, "well girl, call is yours", I then suggested East Side Mario's at Oakville Place as it was close and if we had time we could do some shopping in the mall as I wanted to see if I could find the sweater I was looking for. Both of the other girls agreed and both mentioned that they did not have to be back in the office for the rest of the afternoon and both were in for a "girl's afternoon out", and I said I was game as well and smiled.

As we drove to the mall, the chatter was idle about the day so far and how I was, and about me and what I did for a living, which I used my usual fake answer that I was a receptionist/personal assistant, and she asked all about it and had fun describing it and saw Brenda glancing in the rear view mirror and smiling. We pulled up to entrance of the mall that was closest to East Side Mario's and all of us grabbed our purses and got out of the car. As I walked around the car with Brenda I got a look at what both of them were wearing and to say we were all dressed very similar and very business formal was an understatement, and for Cheryle and I, business formal and very sexy. I started chuckling inside as I looked at Cheryle, she was wearing an almost identical bright fusia business jacket as the one in my wardrobe, except hers had big black polka dots one it and she also had on a black skirt that was well above the knees and barely peaked out below her jacket, just like my look. She was wearing sheer nude hose and she was wearing about 2 black suede heels, and to top off there was a black silk shell under her jacket. As I quickly checked her out I could see that she was about my height, I was taller, due to the higher heels, and she was built about the same as me, even down to the size of her breasts. I looked Brenda up and down and she was wearing her dark green business jacket, a black knee length slip dress, to her knees and ultra sheer black hose and her usual black strappy 3" heels. She of course had her makeup done perfectly and looked amazing as usual and smiled at me as we walked, to my delight, heels clicking in unison to the entrance of the restaurant which was just inside one of the entrances of the mall, I was in feminine heaven.

As we entered the entrance, we were greeted by a hostess with "Good afternoon ladies, a table for 3?". We all spoke up in unison and said "yes". We were lead to a booth near the back and seated, I sat on the one side and Cheryle and Brenda sat on the other and the hostess and we were handed menus and told that our waitress "Kelly" would be coming to serve us. As we looked over the menus our waitress came and said, "afternoon ladies, my name is Kelly, anything to drink?". I ordered a cooler and Cheryle and Brenda ordered a glass of white wine. I already knew what I wanted and pretended to look over the menu, our waitress brought our drinks and then Brenda asked if had made up my mind and said I had and put down my menu and sipped on my drink. Eventually the other two had decided and then about that time our waitress came back and asked us if we were ready to order and we all told her we were and ordered, me a soup and salad and both of the other girls went with chicken pita wraps. As the waitress took away the menus, I saw Brenda looking at me and with her eyes, gently motioned towards her purse, and I knew the sign and she said, "Joyce, remember where the ladies room is here?". I said, "yea, I have been here enough, follow me, I have to go too". I grabbed my purse and we were off.

As we walked, our heels clicking, I quietly said, "that was lame, 'where is the ladies room', we have been here enough times together". She was giggling and told me that she needed to get me alone as she was dying to hear about the trade show with Brad and did not want to start discussing it front of Cheryle. As we entered the ladies room, I already knew it only had 3 stalls and saw that we were in all alone. I grabbed one stall and she the one right next to me and sat down and then Brenda shocked me and said though the wall of the stall, "so, how was he (Brad)", I called out in a hushed voice, "Brenda, is this the right time or place?", she giggled and said that we were alone. I decided "what the heck" and as I did my business told her that the entire day he was "hotter than hell" and that he had to behave all through the party and it was not until the very end of the evening for any relief. It was about that time the outside door to the ladies room opened and we stopped talking. The girl that had to use the ladies room was in one quick hurry and I she went in the stall next to me and quickly did her business and I was just in the process of pulling up my pantyhose and adjusting my blouse, jacket and skirt and before I knew it, I heard the other girl leave the stall and she quickly left the ladies room.

As I came out of the stall and to the mirror, Brenda was waiting for me and just touching up her lipstick. As I started to do mine she looked at me in the mirror and said, "made him wait till you got dropped off?", I said, "yes, we had no choice and no opportunity". She smiled as she packed her purse and I was doing my lips and said, "give you a mouthful?", I told her I certainly got that and loved it. She smiled with a sly smile and told me that since Brad and I started seeing each other, she has not had to give him oral sex and was thankful of it, as she was never good at it anyway, and preferred him making love to her with his massive member, I smiled at her in the mirror and told her it was my pleasure and smiled as I packed up my purse, she then said, "don't be surprised if you get more calls for dates for blowjobs in the future", I smiled and told her I hoped so and we both giggled and then we both left the ladies room.

As we left the ladies room and walked back to the table, Brenda told me that she told Cheryle that she wanted to talk with me about the trade show and the party as I went as Brad's personal assistant (secretary). I also asked her about Cheryle if she knew who I was, and Brenda just smiled as we approached the table and said, "Yea, one of my Bridesmaid's and old College roommate and best girlfriend", I smiled back and told her "thanks". As we approached the table I could see Cheryle looking us over and I could have sworn she was checking me out as I caught her eyes looking me up and down. We got back to the table, and as we sat down the conversation started really getting interesting, it was fun getting in on the conversation that went from everything from fashion to all sorts of details about the trade show. I had a blast explaining about the work I had to do and such and the whole high heel experience and Cheryle especially started asking all sorts of questions. I was having so much fun that I barely remembered when my lunch showed up and listened to Cheryle going on and on about how nuts I was with wearing my heels for so long and then that lead into a whole new conversation about fashion.

What happened next was almost was what like what happened at New Years Eve 2004, when I started talking about Bridesmaid fashions with a woman I met at the Gala. I went into a zone and almost totally forgot about Brenda and I started chatting furiously about our tastes in clothes and styles and ideas on fashion and such, I was having so much fun with Cheryle. I looked over at Brenda a few times and she was smiling and occasionally rolling her eyes, and I got the feeling she was enjoying the show. What I did find out what that not only was Cheryle totally along the same line of thinking of clothing as myself, she was the exact same size, well in regular clothing as well as a few styles in formal attire. We just started talking about formal clothes and styles and I looked over at Brenda gave us an "excuse me ladies, I will be right back", and she grabbed her purse and left for the ladies room. I was blown away, as not only was our business and casual style close, but her formal dress style was very, very close to mine, off the shoulder, romantic and long. We also had a long discussion about makeup and our personal styles, and I was even more blown away that a genetic woman actually liked talking about all of the things we were chatting about, as I have been told by my spouse that women typically do not talk about those things like girls like I do.

After Brenda left, Cheryle, looked at me curiously and said, "I did not want to say anything in front of Brenda, but that is a rather interesting charm bracelet, mind if I have a look?", I told her to go ahead and she grabbed my wrist in a very gentle and soft way and started looking at the bracelet charm by charm. I could tell she spotted all of the Lesbian references on it, but she just smiled at me and said it was really pretty and that she had thought about getting one, but was not sure to get one of the newer styles or the traditional style like mine. I told her that I decided on this style, as it was more representative of who I was, and what I liked and I could see that "clicked" for her and she said, "I see", with a sly smile.

Brenda then came back to the table and about that time, our waitress came to the table and asked if we wanted anything more and both Brenda and Cheryle ordered a coffee and I passed and as they ordered, I opened my purse and grabbed my compact and checked my lips and saw that they needed fixing. After the waitress took the girl's order, Cheryle grabbed her purse and asked if I wanted to "freshen up", and told her I did and we walked to the ladies room. As we walked, she walked behind me and I swear I could feel her eyes staring me up and down and when we entered the ladies room, she went to a stall and I simply went to the mirror and pulled out my lipstick and started fixing my lips. I was surprised at how quick Cheryle came out of her stall and commented on how fast it was and she said, "thank heavens for stay-ups, makes life so much easier and comfortable, oh yea and no panties". I laughed a little nervous laugh and told her I was not a fan of stay-ups as most of my skirts and dresses were too short and she laughed and said she knew what I meant, but made the comment that she too enjoyed very short skirts and was not afraid to flash the tops of her stay-ups from time to time. She again looked me over in the mirror, this time saying, "I love that anklet, makes your legs so dainty and you have gorgeous legs", I smiled and thanked her and told her that her legs were also gorgeous and they looked awesome she smiled back at me in the mirror as she touched up her lips. We packed up our purses and headed back to the table to a smiling Brenda. Cheryle and I stopped talking about fashion and such and got Brenda and we started talking about the rest of the day and what I personally was looking as far as shopping and what the other girls wanted to be shopping for, which they had nothing particular in mind, and said they would help me find my sweater.

The bill came and with all of us taking a last trip to the ladies room the only thing left was to settle to the bill, as all of our lips and bladders were taken care of. We all chipped in and left a good tip and then we decided to hit the mall and do some shopping, even if it was just window shopping. We all grabbed our purses and then headed out to the main part of the mall and to the stores on the upper level, I loved it, our heels all clicking together. As we left East side Mario's, we walked by a part of the mall that had a floor to ceiling mirror and I loved looking at the three of us as we walked by, dressed in business formal and very similar, I smiled and could not wait to tell my spouse Sharon all about it. Cheryle asked if was Looking for any sweater in particular and I told her about the sweater that I was trying to find everywhere, and as I described it (basically an off the shoulder portrait style collar) she told me knew exactly the style I was looking for and would give me a hand to find it. As we walked along, our heels clicking, we slipped into store after store, each time being greeted with "good afternoon ladies", but like the trip Sharon and I took out, I could not find the sweater, and was discouraged, but Cheryle insisted she could help me out, as she knew of a store, not at Oakville Place that had that style of sweater as she had recently got one for her own wardrobe.

We then came to a store that made the entire day. The store was "The Petite Girl's Shop", at the front display of the store was an absolutely gorgeous dress, to describe the dress is tough, it was a full floor length ball gown skirt style with a tight strapless bodice, the skirt was a definitely a 1950's style, and is the style that is back in for Prom 2005 season. The dress had a skirt that was "poofed" way out, and was pushed out even farther than my Southern Belle dresses combined with my largest crinoline ever could be. It was a light powder blue/pink mix colour with light pink polka dots all through it, and it was basically a satin and organza dream to look at. Again, it was strapless, not exactly my style, but I could not believe how pretty it looked, it was the exact same style that was feature on the Spring 2005 "Seventeen Magazine" with Hillary Duffy posing in one exactly the same, except hers was bright yellow. Brenda suggested we go look around and as we entered the store I could not stop staring at the dress and as we did, Cheryle came up behind me and said, "you really like that dress, why not try it on?", I laughed and looked at her and told her that I was not quite the age for a 16 year old's dress, and that even though it was gorgeous, I did not think so. She then laughed and asked if I had heard that these days sometimes parents that chaperone the Proms sometimes wear proper attire for Proms to fit in. I was laughing with her and was explaining that I could not possibly pull off a strapless style and mentioned again that I really loved the dress.

We were interrupted by a 50 something saleslady that came up behind us and said, "I could not help but overhearing ladies", she looked at me and said, "now dear, that dress should be worn with a shawl to cover the shoulders and I have a satin one in the exact same shade of blue as that dress, would you like to try it on?". I immediately thought "no", but then decided, "what the heck" and after looking back at the dress I told the saleslady I would love to try it on. Cheryle shocked the hell out of me and said, "please get a size 13/14, and after she tries it on, I want to as well". The saleslady asked if she should get two and Cheryle said, "sure". I looked back at Cheryle and she just smiled at me with her cute dimples showing. As the saleslady went off, Brenda came and asked what was up and Cheryle piped up and mentioned that the two of us were trying on a dress and Brenda laughed and said, "good a fashion show, what dress are you ladies trying on?". When we told her she started laughing, and said, "so, a sweet 16 fashion show?". About that time the saleslady came back with what looked like a massive amount of material that was the dress and asked, "I have only found one 13/14 size so who is first?". I immediately said I would go first and she said, "right this way my dear", and lead me to the back of the store to a huge lighted and mirrored area and then went into a stall and came out after hanging up the dress and said motioned for me to go into the room and told me that she would be around if I needed help and that she would get the satin shawl.

As I entered the change stall, I noticed that it was not as large as a change room in most Bridal Salons, but it was larger than most of the typical ladies fashion stores we had been going in and out of, however, the sheer size of the dress made moving around in the change room difficult. I slipped out of my suit and went to grab the dress and could not believe what I was grabbing, it was huge!, almost as much fabric as one of my Wedding dresses, plus more!, in layers of tulle and organza, I figured at least 9 or 10 layers. I stepped into the dress and slid it up, and zipped it up as far as I could. I then looked and saw that I still had my conventional bra on and then unzipped and took it off and my falsies (hiding them under my clothes I had taken off), and zipped it back up as much as I could. I was surprised that I actually had enough flesh to actually fill out the front of the dress and give me some cleavage, the dress had a built in bra and squeezed my natural breasts just right. I pulled the massive layers of tulle and satin back and somehow managed to slip on my black heels, they definitely did not go with the dress, but honestly, they could not be seen under all the fabric as the bottom of the dress literally was to the floor. I went to leave to the area outside of the change room and had to struggle with all of the fabric just to come out of the door. I saw Cheryle and Brenda giggling and managed to make my way to the mirrors and the first time I saw myself in the mirror I was blown away. The first thought that came across my mind was the first time I saw myself in a Wedding dress, I was gorgeous the garment definitely could make any woman look like a Princess!.

To appreciate how this dress felt and looked I have to describe the layers and layers of fabric that made it up it, it was a dream, I felt like Julia Roberts when she wore the dress in the movie, "Runaway Bride", with the layers of fabric swishing around as I moved. I then twirled around room and I could see Cheryle and Brenda gasp with an "oh my", and I smiled back at them. If there was a podium, I would have been on it, but instead I stood in the well lighted area and Cheryle came up and asked me to spin around again and again and she kept on complimenting me on how pretty I looked and zipped up the remaining part of the dress before my boobs came popping out!. I did notice a couple of other women trying on party/Prom dresses and such, and even they made comments on how lovely and pretty the dress was, I managed to catch glimpses of them as well. As everyone was gushing about the dress, the saleslady came into the area and asked what I thought. I had to admit, my shoulders were too wide for the dress and made the comment that I thought she mentioned a shawl and she said, "yes, as well, I have gloves, would you like to try them on?", I wholeheartedly agreed and she said, "good then, I will be right back".

Brenda came up behind me and touched my shoulders and then whispered in my ear, "holy crap, this dress is $690", and I told her it was a good thing that we were only trying it on for fun. The sales lady returned and I was lost in staring at myself in the dress and barely remembered her coming back. She handed me the gloves and I carefully slipped them on, they were satin, powder blue and elbow length and matched the dress perfectly and a dream to wear. Then she handed me the shawl and I must have turned beet red as I admitted that I had never worn one, thank heavens, when I heard the sales lady say, "no problem dear, not too many girls know how to wear one". Then Cheryle stepped up and said, "oh I can show her, I wore one last year as part of my Bridesmaid outfit", Cheryle came up behind me and asked for me to hand the shawl to her. I did and she draped it over my shoulders, I swear she let her fingers linger on my bare shoulders as she put it on. She then walked around and was in front of me and then showed me the different options of allowing it to drape down my arms, as she adjusted the silk shawl, again, I swear, I felt her fingers linger a little too long on my arms and once across my breasts. At one point she looked me in the eye and bit her lip, only a little I did not react, but I swear she was hitting on me!. She kept telling me how pretty I looked and with a tiara I could easily be "Prom Queen", and I smiled back at her and told her that I did have one at home, she smiled and said, "would love to see you in it", again, the comment made me wonder the motive of her comments. After enjoying the dress for about 5 minutes, I knew it had to end, and the sales lady started into her sales routine, telling me how pretty I looked and that if I bought the dress, she would throw in the gloves and shawl for free, she described how the skirt was made up of 7 separate layers of tulle and satin, the advantage of the built in bra, and that I would not need to rent a crinoline under the dress. The saleswoman then lead me to the change room and opened the curtain to the room and helped me in the room, gathering the skirt for me. Before she left she had me turn around and unzipped the dress, I took off the shawl and carefully laid it out for Cheryle in the change stall.

I slipped out of the dress and carefully hung it up and took off the gloves and then quickly slipped back into my formal business suit. I checked my skirt and whole look and when I was perfect, slipped out of the room and saw Cheryle and Brenda talking and said, "next". Cheryle then entered the room and I went to join Brenda, who immediately commented on how gorgeous I looked and that too bad the dress was so expensive. I immediately made the comment, how some rich parent is probably buying it for their daughter just to wear for one night. Cheryle quickly came parading out of the change room, twirling and said, "so ladies what do you think?". I thought I looked gorgeous in the dress and had to admit, Cheryle looked just as amazing as me, her heels were a little too low and the dress hem was dragging on the ground, but that really did not matter as she was only modeling the dress, her lovely blonde hair definitely looked better than my black hair even though it was the same style as mine. One of the things that I noticed about the dress on Cheryle was a couple of things, one, her body type definitely showed off her female assets better than mine as her breasts were more pronounced and the dressed pushed them out even more. Also the "swish sound of the dress", it was very loud and I knew it was that loud when I wore it, but I never noticed it. I, along with Brenda started commenting on how pretty she looked in the dress and Cheryle, unlike me, was much more comfortable and had fun twirling around and showing off the dress. The saleslady came and started showering Cheryle with compliments and started into the same sales routine as with me and Cheryle worked it more than I did and managed to get her to throw in a free tiara for the dress and went and got it and came and put it on her. It was a small and low profile tiara and very complimentary and she commented, "this is the most popular tiara I have sold for this year's Prom season", once she put it on, Cheryle definitely looked like a Prom Queen. Brenda and I were giggling and then Cheryle looked at us and then started talking to the saleslady and said that she wanted to think more about it. The saleslady looked over at me and asked me what my decision was and I told her that I was the same as Cheryle and we would get back to her.

Cheryle went in and changed as Brenda and I waited and smiled as we watched other women going in and out of the change rooms trying on formal/Prom dresses. There were lots of pretty styles of dresses, none I enjoyed, as they were all strapless/spaghetti strap style, and none as amazing as what Cheryle and I tried on. Cheryle came out of the change room and before we left the sales woman asked if we wanted to leave our names, as the dress we tried on was a special order and that she only had a few in stock, and she would call if our size was not in stock. I am not sure about Cheryle, but I gave a false phone number as I jotted it down and looked over and Cheryle and she finished up and we both thanked the saleslady and headed back to join Brenda and then we went back into the mall.

To be continued….



So here is the offer:


This 38 year old, petite, passable TV, would love to entertain you if you are in my area, Toronto Ontario, as described in the story above. I love to be the girl of your dreams, and as long as I can remain the girl at all times, I would love to hear from you. I am not interested in being a TV/TS "girlfriend" and "BI" sex, but rather I will be the woman of your dreams for a wonderful and possible formal evening, I promise, you will not go home frustrated. If you are a NON-smoking male or female, that would like my company for the evening, please contact me, kisses,

Joyce Devries,





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