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by Jennifer White


I followed the beautiful woman I had met in the bar up the stairs. I couldn't believe that she lived in a house this big! This was wonderful. There were marble floors in the foyer, lined with very realistic statues. Treasures beyond compare!

She took me to a room upstairs, then excused herself. I couldn't wait until she got back. She wanted me! We were going to do it. She was a knockout, and rich to boot! This was going to be awesome. I paced the floor, I was so nervous.


A few minutes later, someone walked it, but someone different. She was also beautiful beyond description, and had an even better body than the woman who I had met in the bar. But this one had something else, *presence*. Just the way she moved, the way she held herself, you could tell that she was someone important. I stood up straight, and faced her.

She had a pretty face, but it looked like a Hollywood actress who was trying to keep her youth, and had one too many plastic surgeries. It looked stiff and even somewhat plastic.

"Take you clothes off, boy" she said with a sweet enchanting voice, that was also so powerful that I was doing it, even before I thought about what she had asked. She smiled as I stripped down to my underwear. She nodded indicating that they went too. I took them off, and was somewhat embarrassed that she was seeing me fully aroused like that.

She licked her lips, then did something strange. She grabbed her face at the back of her head, and started to pull it off. It wasn't her face, it was a mask! No wonder she looked like plastic, it was a mask I was seeing!

As she pulled it off, it revealed an even *more* beautiful face underneath, and I gasped for breath as I saw it. It was beyond description. It was pure radiant beauty! Like a goddess! I tried to breath, but found that I was still unable to, such was the shock that I felt.

I tried to take a step towards her, drawn to her like a moth to a flame. But I found that my leg would not move easily. It felt like it weighted 500 pounds! And my arms too! It was like I was holding incredibly heavy weights. My eyelids felt dry, but I couldn't blink. They were frozen in place too. And I couldn't even move them now, I was staring straight ahead at her, and I couldn't move my glance. I was completely frozen.

* * *

She walked around me, and adjusted the position of my arm and my hand. It remained where she put it. I was unable to move, to breath, to blink. What was going on??? And if I couldn't breath, why hadn't I passed out? Was I dreaming?

"Allow me to introduce myself" she said. "I am Medusa, the Gorgon. The ancients depicted me as ugly, with snakes for hair. Ugh! Why do people always try to demonize those who they don't understand? As you can see, you don't turn into stone because I am so ugly, you turn to stone because of my beauty. That is why I have to wear a mask, so my assistants do not turn into statues, like you have become."

This was impossible. This was wrong. No!!!

"I am sure you have a million questions" she said, putting her mask back on. "In time, you will learn the answers to some of them. But for now, you will be my decoration. Take care that your mind doesn't freeze too. Some of the statues have been there so long that they are stuck with the same few thoughts for all of eternity. Pity. Well, I have to go now. There is much to do."

She walked out the door, and I was unable to move or do anything about it.

A few minutes later, four women entered the room. One of them picked up my clothes, and put them into a trash bag. Another pulled a 'dolly', one of those things they use to move heavy objects. All four women helped get it under my feet, strapped me to it, and moved me out of the room, and into the elevator.

It was strange, I could feel the heat from their hands on my skin, which was now cold, smooth marble. It had to be a dream. It had to end. This could not be real!

 * * *

I lost track of time. It had to be weeks, but it could have been months. All that time, standing perfectly still, unable to move, unable to do anything but think, and see what was directly ahead of me. I would see Medusa walk by from time to time, or her assistants, but nobody paid me any more mind than any of the other poor souls who were statues now too.

Sometimes, they would move one of them off, and later move another one in. I wondered why they had done this to me. I waited. I had no choice.

* * *

After some time, my wait was finally over. But I wasn't sure that I was glad when they finally did wheel me out of there, and put me into another room.

When I saw a man walk in behind one of the assistants, then her leave him alone, I tried with all my might to scream. I wanted to tell him to run away, but it was of no use. I could do nothing.

When Medusa entered the room, the man was ensnared by her beauty, as I had been. She had her mask on, but he was soon under her power. His eyes looked glazed over as she told him to strip, and he did so.

But the next thing she did was a shock to me. She had a couple of tools in her hand of some kind. She walked over to me, took the chisel, and touched me with it. I could feel the sharp edge right at the top of my....

A blinding flash of pain came over me as she swung the hammer, and cut off my male organs. She picked them up from the ground, and they looked so big in her hand. She went to the hapless man.

"Do you like this?" she said.

"I....." he stammered, now knowing what to say.

"Suck it, boy!" she shouted, pushing it into his mouth. Now I was seeing *my* thing in his mouth. I felt sick. His eyes flashed wide as he caught sight of her with her mask off. I watched in horror as he turned into a statue as well, his skin going from it's healthy tan to pale white, then to marble. He stiffened, and she posed him, putting his hand just where she wanted it. Satisfied, she put her mask back on, and left me to stare at him.

They left us there for days.

* * *

I was now moved to another room. A black bag was put on my head, so I could not see a thing. I heard sounds from time to time, of work going on. The clink of steel on steel, the clunk of marble falling to the floor. I was afraid to think what kind of place this was, and my fears were confirmed when they started working on me.

Chisels clipped me here and there, each sending a jolt of unimaginable pain through me, as parts of me were flaked off, ground, sanded, smoothed. I could not see what they were doing, but the stone carver said they were perfecting me.

At one point, he took off the hood, and did some work on my face, which was equally as painful. He replaced the hood, and kept at it with my body. What were they doing?

"There, you are perfect" he finally said, weeks later. I was so glad it was over. I could not take another jolt of the pain. I felt like I was going to explode.

But when they wheeled me back into the great hall and took off my mask, I was no better off than I had been the first day. I was there for what had to be a year before anything else happened to me. It was unimaginable, the dullness, the sameness, the helplessness that I felt.

* * *

I was relieved when the day finally came where they moved me again. They put the hood on my head, apparently so that I wouldn't get to learn my way around this place. I feared what new horror they would have for me though. Ever time I was moved, things were made worse rather than better.

I was put down by a wall, and the hood removed from my head. This room had no lights though, and I could only barely make out another statue across the room from me. When the door shut, it was total blackness, and I was kept there for what must have been days or weeks.

But suddenly, there was light! A light on the ceiling came on, and now I could see my new surroundings. Across from me, I saw the other statue. It was of a beautiful young woman, her upturned naked breasts beckoning, the curves to her hips inviting, her legs alluring. If I wasn't a statue (and her too) I would have been madly in love.

So when I had to stare straight ahead for weeks and weeks, this was much better than looking at a guy with my thingie in his mouth. I wondered who she was, and why she had been turned into a statue too.

* * *

At long last, there was a sound at the door. I could not see the person because I could only stare straight ahead. When she walked in my general direction, I made a terrible discovery. What I was seeing across the room was not another statue. The person walking towards me showed up on the other wall as well. I had been gazing into a mirror for all this time. The beautiful young woman was *me*!


Medusa grinned as she looked at my pretty face.

"Ah yes, the former young man. Now a beautiful young woman. How does it feel? What's that? You can't feel anything? Oh, of course not, you're a statue, aren't you. Well, we can fix that"

She peeled her mask off, but I was already a statue, and it did nothing further to me.

"What most mortals don't realize, is that not only can I turn people into statues, I can turn statues into people as well. I am going to kiss you, and the kiss of a Gorgon will bring new life into your cold marble body. You will live and breath again. But as soon as you can move, close your eyes! Unless you want to turn right back, that is."

She was now staring me into the eye, at eye level. When she turned me, I was at least six inches taller than her. They had flaked away at least that much from my height.

Medusa kissed me on the lips, and I felt a burning sensation. Air flowed into my lungs, and I took a deep breath. My eyelids were like lead, and they closed at once. I made sure to keep them closed. We had a deep deep kiss, more exciting than anything I could ever describe. Life flowed back into my body, and warmth. I was alive again!

As we kissed, she started to rub my breast with her hand, and new sensations swept over me. Between my legs, I should have been getting hard. Instead, I was getting wet. Getting wet? I pulled back.

"You're a girl now, and forever" she said. I gasped as I felt myself with my hand. I had a woman's body now. I was pretty! I was beautiful! I was a woman! No! This couldn't be true! I couldn't be a girl!

"You are *my* girl now. You will do *whatever* I tell you. Or else, you can be a statue again. I don't even have to be there with you.. Just disobeying me will be enough to turn you back."

I wasn't going to argue. I couldn't believe what happened to me, but I didn't want to take a chance of being turned to stone again. That was worse than my present fate.

"You may open your eyes now" she said, and I did, looking up to her, wearing her mask again.

"My assistants will dress you up, and give you a room. It will take a few days for you to be fully recovered. You may explore your new body, or do as you please. Just do not leave your room until I call for you. And from now on, you will call me Mistress. Is that clear?

"Yes" I said, shocked at the sound of my own voice. It was clear, sweet, and feminine. I was really a girl. I hardly protested as her assistants wordlessly put me into a bra, panties, and a dress. I wanted to sleep. I hadn't slept in years. I was tired. I fell into blackness...

* * *

I awoke with a start. It had all been a bad dream, hadn't it? But as soon as I took a breath, and felt the silk sheet rub against my large breasts, I knew it wasn't. I reached down between my legs, still not able to fully believe that my manhood was gone, and that I was a woman now.

I sat up, and went to the mirror to take a look. It was true. I was beautiful, like a living goddess. It was hard not to cry, looking in the mirror, and knowing that the woman staring back at me was actually *me*.

"I'm a woman now" I said out loud, just to hear my soft, sultry feminine voice, which made me squirm a bit. I felt so uncomfortable being a sexy woman! All my life I had lusted after females, and now *I* was one! It was so different, but it felt so wrong! I kept touching myself, but I was afraid to explore too much, and feel any female sexual pleasures. What if I like it? What if it made me want to stay this way?

I had to find some way to get back to my former self. I had to get away from this place, and away from Medusa.


I bathed, then dressed in the clothes that had been laid out for me. Not long after, a young boy entered the room with a tray of food. I hadn't eaten in who knows how long, and I savored each sensation of taste, warmth, and the feel of food going down into my stomach. It felt so satisfying! After being a statue, just the simple act of eating was a pleasure! A person who has never had to endure what I did will never understand this fully.

When I was done, I rang the bell, and the house boy came to clear away the tray. I washed my face and hands, and was drying off when a young woman entered my room.

"Mistress will see you now. She does not like it if you do not come immediately."

I nodded in thanks. She must be in the same boat I was, forced to do whatever Medusa wanted, under threat of being turned into a statue again.

I hurried down the hall, and entered the great room where she sat on what looked like a throne.

"Ah, the lovely Alexandra. How nice of you to grace us with your presence."

I bowed my head to her, to show respect.

"You have much to learn young lady. Illandra will teach you the feminine arts. You shall curtsey to me when you enter my presence. You will conduct yourself like a lady at all times. You will never come to me again dressed in such a sloppy fashion, not wearing makeup, your nails not gone! You have three days time, after which I will summon you again."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you Mistress" I said.

* * *

The next three days were hell. Illandra was a merciless task master, and I was drilled constantly on everything. How to walk. How to talk. How to sit. How to hold my head! How to speak to Mistress. Not to even think of her in any name other than Mistress! How to dress. How to put on makeup, and do my nails. What to do, how to do it, when to do it. And to respond to my new female name, Alexandra.

We must have practiced my curtsey a hundred times, until I could do it with the proper style and grace required. My eyes were red and bleary from a lack of sleep. My feet ached from hours and hours of learning to walk in high heel shoes. I was a mess. I was on the verge of tears. I was finally allowed a few hours of sleep, before I was woken, and told to prepare to see Mistress.

I put on my most elegant gown, my best shoes, did my hair and my makeup, made sure my nails were perfect, double and triple checked everything, then walked with the careful gliding steps that Illandra had taught me.

When I entered the great room, I curtsied with all the grace and elegance of a princess. Mistress was pleased.

"You are a fast learner Alexandra. You will do well here for me."

I bowed, and thanked her for her praise.

"Remember at all times that I have complete power over you. One slip up on your part, and I will not hesitate to turn you back into a statue, *permanently*."

I would do *anything* to avoid that fate. It was truly something worse than death. Becoming a woman was a pleasure compared to being a statue.

Mistress obviously knew what I was going through. She had a wicked smile on her face, which was covered from the nose on up with a mask. I averted my eyes, as I had been instructed to.

"Alexandra, I have made you a very beautiful woman. There is not a man in the world who will be able to resist your feminine attractions. Even women would want to kiss you, if you offered them the chance. I have made you this way, because of the mission I have for you. You will go out into the world and do exactly what I instruct you to do. Do you understand."

"Yes Mistress. I will not fail you."

She laughed.

"You will succeed, or you will be a statue again."

The threat lingered over my head. She must have something terrible in store for me, if she was making sure that I was thinking of what would happen if I didn't do as she said.

"Lovely Alexandra, you will be my new seductress. You will be my harvester of men. You will tempt them, and draw them to me. I need a new lover. You are to go out into the world, and find twenty men who are tall, handsome, smart, and rich. You will have sex with each of them, and decide who is the best lover among them. You will then take that man, and make him fall in love with you. Then you will bring him here, for me."

"Yes Mistress" I said.

"You may go now Alexandra. Bring me back a good one!"

She laughed as I turned to leave. It took all of my concentration to keep myself walking gracefully as I had been told to. I didn't know if I could actually go through with this.

I had to find handsome, rich men, and have sex with them. Then take the best lover, and make him fall in love with me? All to bring back to Mistress?

"Don't think of running away" said Illandra. "It won't work. If you try to run, she will know, and you will turn back to stone. Your only real hope is to do as she says. If she is happy, she might release you."

I started to cry. I felt so helpless! I felt so awful! What was I going to do?

* * *

I made up my mind. I would carry out her terrible mission, then hope that I did well as Illandra said, and gain my freedom. Mistress had an apartment set up for me, just two blocks away from where I was. I set out to find a man, as soon as possible. Although the very thought of having sex was revolting to me, what choice did I have?

I went to a bar that night, and found the best looking man there. With my new body, all I had to do was sit down next to him and say hello, and he was like putty in my hands. Having been a man, I knew exactly what every man dreamed of. A young, pretty woman like me. I knew just what to say and do, and an hour later, we were back at his place, going to bed.

I had to close my eyes through most of it, and at first I really hated it, touching him like that. But my body responded to his touch, and when he penetrated me, I really loosened up. It turned out that I really enjoyed sex as a woman, at least the physical sensation. It still revolted me to think that I was with a man. At least I had done four shots with him, so some of my inhibitions were lower than normal. I might need to drink a lot to get through twenty guys like this.

I made the rounds, and over the next ten days, I had eight more lovers. Some were better than others, but none stood out as being 'the best'. I hoped that there might be some difference in someone, because I didn't want to disappoint Mistress with my choice.

About now, I had really started to accept my new gender, and began to think of myself in feminine terms. I was finally allowing my emotions to flow, and to let myself think like a woman. It became so much easier when I did that! It let me get through the days with fun and excitement, instead of just dread and loathing.

I did number nineteen, and I was still not very impressed with any one man more than the others. But then I met Mr. Twenty. He was tall, blond and handsome. But what impressed me the most was that in bed, he didn't put himself first. He asked me what *I* liked, then did it! He went slowly and sensually, instead of just banging as fast as he could to reach orgasm. We had over an hour of foreplay, and by the time he penetrated me, I was so ready that I came within seconds. And came again. And again. And again!

By the time we stopped, I was wiped out physically, from the overwhelming series of orgasms I had. Emotionally, I felt such a strong bond of love! I was the happiest I had ever been, as he fell asleep with his head on my chest.

It wasn't until the morning when he left that I started to cry, when I realized that I was going to have to bring him in. To *her*. To his doom.

What if I lied, and brought in Mr. Nineteen? Somehow, I sensed that she would know I was lying. I had to do what she told me. I didn't want to be a statue again. I would rather die.

* * *

I called Mr. Twenty the next afternoon, and told him to meet me at my place. I told him I had dinner reservations at a special place, just for us. He said he would be there.

I dreaded what I had to do. I tried to think of other things, to keep it out of my mind. Illandra called me that day, to check how things were. I informed her I had found the best lover, and would bring him in that afternoon. I cried when I thought of turning him over to Mistress. On and off all day I cried, and I could barely keep my thoughts together.

It was only three hours before he was to arrive now. I took a shower, dressed up in my finest clothes, and made my makeup the prettiest it could be. I unlocked the door, took a deep drink of the special cocktail I had prepared for myself, and wrote the note. I downed a second tall glass, then a third.

I was getting sleepy now. I started on my fourth glass, just to be sure. I could only manage a few sips. My new body was small, and the alcohol hit me harder than when I had been a man. And the tranquilizers, they were making it hard for me to even keep my head up, let alone my eyes open.

I laid on the floor, unable to make the couch. Soon, it would all be over. When I was in rapture from my union with Mr. Twenty, I had decided that I loved being a woman, and would never go back, even if given the chance. But part of being a woman was that I had such strong compassion for others! I could not let him go through what I had done. I could not let Mistress get her hands on him.

He would find the note, telling him that I loved him, but I could never have him, and he was in danger. He would be upset to find my lifeless body, but that was better than what *she* would do to him. I managed a smile, with my last conscious burst of energy. I had saved him. My life had been worthwhile. As my heart stopped pumping, I knew that I would spend my afterlife as a woman. I had laid down my own life to save another, as my last act. I could feel myself starting to lift up, to a higher place...




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