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Me, A Robot

by Laia_marg

Part 1


It's difficult to be bored in this World. Few years ago, the moment arrived when everybody might have the solution to their solitude. It's only a question of definition. You only have to design your own robot and order it. Even more, you can order the aspect and program it by yourself.

Now, robots are not like years ago. Those metal machines only saying yes or not are becoming authentically persons. You can order females, males, babies… Everything your imagination might desire. And the perfection is incredible.

Well. I'm a 39 years old male, never married and with a lot of difficulties to date, mainly because I'm too shy. In fact I had only a girlfriend and it didn't last so much.

I always fantasized about being with a dominant woman. In fact, I went to visit a Mistress a couple of times, but if she is good, it costs a lot of money, and only for a few hours, so you cannot fulfil your desires. This is why I connect with Internet. I read everything I find, and most of the times, I fantasize that it would be me there. Then, I can masturbate and wait for a new day. I have also fantasized with crossdressing. Even when it was always private, I dreamed with being a woman, rapped by a few men or, even better, a Mistress who forced me to incredible things, although I never endured pain.

This is my life. And this is why Linda hates me. She was my girlfriend, and she never liked to be dominant, so when she discovered once and again that I was doing things out of our relationship, she decided to break it, not without being too angry with me, even telling me that she would never forget and one day she would repay me for the damage I did to her. Well, it was 6 years ago, and even now I don't live in the same town, so nothing to worry.

During those last months, I was becoming much stressed, because I see myself alone and with no possibilities to change this, so I was thinking on having my private robot. As I am quite good programming, why not to buy a 'bulk' unit to configure it by myself? One day, I took the decision and started to think. Pretty girl, a bit younger than me, long red hair, fantastic 90-60-90, incredible legs, D cups... A dream comes true. This is the standard configuration. I chose also the package 'do it by yourself' for her behaviour.

So finally, one day, the robot came. She was really wonderful. A sex bomb. She was quite alike Linda, perhaps because, even when I didn't stay so much with her, she was my dream come true at that time. She was really pretty, a body to die for, only short hair and blonde.

Now the state of robots is quite incredible. They are perfect. You cannot imagine it. They are more realistic than I never imagined. I have heard that sometimes they have replaced people and nobody saw it until they could not answer questions to which they could find an answer. Software is quite perfect and simulates feelings, so it seems that they are human. And in fact she is more than human. Now the most important. I wanted a dominant female, who kept me under her control but not so strongly, who could be able to learn by herself and surprise me. The program would be installed in three parts, all of them via voice. First, the original definition, as mentioned. Then, I would explain her all my wishes, all my dreams, and third, she would surf internet to learn new ideas to play with me.

But I was afraid to be in troubles, so I installed also two triggers. The first, when she heard from me the words 'don't go ahead', she would stop what she was doing and release me from my position. The most important, if she is going too far, with the words 'stop this masquerade' she would become very docile and do whatever I wished. Of course, a key here was that she would never put a gag in my mouth. I must always be able to talk and save myself from problems. Hey, this will be marvellous!!!

Two days later, Alice, my robot, was surfing internet to have information. I asked her about new ideas and she told me that she was loaded up to 90%. Thanks to the interactive program, it was time to start, as she could continue during free time learning new ideas.

My first surprise was when she immediately came to me and gently took me to my room and took all my clothes out. She started to kiss me very gently and touch me everywhere, until she decided to take my prick in her hand and stroke it slowly. I was in ecstasies. When she started to suck, I was in heaven. And I exploded. The best job in years. I was absolutely tired. Soon I was sleeping, thinking that my luck had changed. And it had!!

When I got up, I had a big pain in my head, in my mouth, in my legs, everywhere. What happened? The answer came soon. As I had a look to the mirror in my room, I saw that all my body was hairless, even my head, I had a ring on each nipple and both were attached to a chain connected to the bed. They were stretched and hurting a lot. But this was only the beginning. There was a flat surface on my groin, that I supposed was a chastity belt, another ring in my navel, stockings, garter belt and high heeled boots covering my legs. I was absolutely surprised. How did she do it?

I wanted to shout, but I couldn't. She had placed also a very big ball piercing in my tongue, and my mouth was opened with a whitehead gag, keeping part of my tongue out of my mouth. My God!! She didn't close my mouth, but I cannot talk!!

'Well, well, here you are', she said. 'Now it's time that you understand your situation. You wanted a robot and you'll have one: yourself. Yes, yourself. I was a little afraid that you might recognize me, but you are so stupid. Yes, I'm not Alice, I'm Linda. How did I come here? Well, I work for Robots United Desires Corporation, and when you sent us your request I didn't need a lot of time to see that my revenge was ready to be done. I only needed to accommodate myself to your wishes. It was easy. Only a bit of colour, corset, and that's all'

'When I came here, I thought that you would recognize me, but you only thought on yourself, so I only had to continue your… how do you call it? Oh, yes, masquerade. So I listened all your orders and stayed a few days reading. For me it was also good, as now I know exactly what you want, and believe, you'll not like it.'

From now on you'll be in complete bondage until you become what you are expected to be, a sissy slut robot. You are becoming some shots of very high level hormones concentrate, so the transformation to a sissy will finish in only 3 days. You'll learn to walk in high heels with leg braces, and keep the balance with your new enormous tits, and of course you'll become my slut and do whatever I want. You'll have a nice red long hair as you desired, and learn how to become a perfect sexual toy, for me and all people I desire, and you'll never fight me'

'Once we do this, you'll become a robot. Yes, you've heard right. It's more easy than you imagine. You see that your head has no hair. And you have pain there. This is because I inserted a small device. It is linked to another one you have in your 'clitoris-to-be' and will follow all my commands, even giving you the best pleasure or the worst pain, up to you.

So this is my situation. I cannot talk, so I cannot avoid what it's happening. I cannot free myself, I can only wait until the change is complete and then use my opportunity to return to my previous state. If I have it. Three days in hell!!

A few hours later, Alice, well Linda, returned with a syringe and placed four shots, on each cheek and each nipple. Then, placed an earphone on each of my ears and looked at me. She forced me to look her deeply and relax. I began to relax and hear the music, where powerful commands were included.

When I woke up, I only though how nice would be to suck a wonderful prick. Suck is nice, suck is really necessary, suck is my food. I want to be pretty to suck, I want to be made up to suck, I love pricks. Linda came to me and asked me if I would have any desire. I could only nod and she again asked if I wanted to suck anything. Of course, this was my only desire, so I nodded. She took a strange penis and put it into my mouth. I took it as a baby-bottle. After a while, it began to shoot a lot of a salty strange liquid. I felt my throat burning. Alice began to laugh. 'Well, my lady, this is the next step. Now, you are ready to talk' She took the whitehead gag out and I could finally move my mouth, not without effort. 'why did you this to me?' My voice was very high, a woman voice. 'what's happening? What happens with my voice?'

'Don't worry my sissy, you are becoming a nice lady and your voice has to be accordingly. But this is only the first step and will only last an hour. Then, you have to take your medicine for another 6 hours to make it definitive. This is why we change now your gag. I placed the other one initially to agree with your commands, but no more this.'

Linda placed a gag with an enormous cock at the end inside my mouth and I saw a pump at the end. Each few seconds it was pumping that liquid, like a baby bottle. I had nothing to do but wait. Drink or drink. No option.

'Now, be a nice slut and sleep again', she said. She shot me again and I came slept. I don't know how long I was sleeping, but I remember myself saying that I was a sissy and I needed to obey. I must obey. Linda is God for me. Nothing else that obey Linda voice. I want big tits, I want big lips. I love cocksucking. I love being a maid. Never disobey Linda. What I didn't know is that those commands were saved in the device inside my brain. This was my sentence.

When I got up, Linda came and began to talk to me. 'Well, sissy. From now on, your name is Cindy and you'll obey every command I give to you, doesn't matter what. Now, you'll stand up and do whatever I ask you'. 'Yes Mistress', was my only answer. 'Good. Now Cindy, I'll release your tits and you'll stand up. Be careful as you are quite restrained and walking like this is complicated. You'll learn pretty soon. In a few months, it will be automatic, ha, ha, ha' I just failed to the floor at my first step.

'Now, you'll come with me for your first make up session. Then, probably you'll have a severe punishment for the triggers you tried to implant in me.' I could only say 'Yes, Mistress' What was I doing?' I must free myself. But I'm quite weak and my brain orders me to say yes. I must wait for those three days to see what happens and try to return to my freedom.


To be continued…




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