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Mean Heart

by Jennifer White


There are some women who are normal. There are some who are really extra nice. Some a moody and grumpy. But every now and then, you run across one who is a real b!$@h. Those women are mean, just out of spite, and will do things that no normal sane person would think of, for no apparent reason, other than to cause you harm.

One such person was Lori. She had done some awful things in her time. I don't know what I ever did to her, but she hated me, and was merciless. I just hated her so much! She was pretty and all, but beauty is only skin deep. And under her skin, she was no good at all.

One time, she set me up to make me look bad in front of my group of friends. Then she swoops in, twists the knife, and whispers into my ear to let me know it was *her* who put me into the jam. And that was just for starters. I could go on and on with all the reasons I really hate her, but you get the idea!


So anyway, here I am, minding my own business a the mall, as I'm shopping for some new shoes for work, since my current ones have a little bit of wear, and look too scruffy for a professional office. I'm walking down the north end of the mall, gazing at the teenage girls dressed up all hot and sexy, and I'm shaking my head. Girls didn't dress like that when *I* was in school!

There were lots of pretty women as well, coming and going from the clothing stores, shoe stores, and the makeup counter at the department stores. I smile at them, and they look away shyly. I'm not ugly or anything, but I'm not exactly a Hollywood idol either. And I guess I'm a little shy sometimes too.

So there I am, walking, and suddenly I hear a familiar voice.

"Hello Chuck" she says.

I turn, and it is none other than Lori, my most hated enemy.

"Hello Lori" I reply, being civil. What evil plan is she cooking up today? I don't want to know. I want to get away from her. But there is something different about her today.

First of all, she usually wears her hair done up, in a tight bunch. Just like her, uptight (get it?). But today, her hair is hanging down, and she actually looks beautiful. I had never noticed how blond and pretty it was, and how it caught the light. She was also wearing glasses today. They were the old-fashioned looking ones, with thick black frames shaped in long rectangles. They made her face look different, exciting and (dare I say it) attractive.

Instead of her usual conservative clothes at work, she is wearing a light blue sweater, and a short skirt. The skirt shows off her legs, which I never really noticed before, and I feel excited when I look down there and see the knee high boots she has on, with their high heels.

And the sweater, it somehow makes her chest look a lot more attractive than I ever remember seeing it. The two mounds of her breasts are so well defined, and the sweater looks so soft, you just want to reach out and feel her. At that moment, I wanted to kiss her.

I am upset and confused. Why was I feeling an attraction to Lori of all people? I *hate* her! I can't be attracted to her! That's sick and wrong! Of all the women in the world that I had ever met, she is the *last* person that I would ever want to be with (not counting really fat chicks, or ugly ones).

I really want to get away from her now. But I feel myself get hard between my legs. I want her in my mind, and my thingie wants her too. It wants to be up inside her, and I just imagine us in bed together, with me touching those soft mounds, kissing her red lips, and....

Wait. No! Don't go there! I am *not* going to let myself fantasize about her! I am going to walk away, and say good-bye right now. I am not going to let her get the better of me.

"Do you want to come back to my place?" says Lori.

"Sure!" I reply cheerfully.

Dang it! Why did I just say that? She smiles, winks at me, and turns. I look at her perfect a$$, covered by her sexy skirt. and I follow her. Her purse is slung over her shoulder. Her hips go from side to side as she walks. I can almost feel myself up inside her, as she grinds on me. I follow her like I'm in a leash.

We get to her car, and I jump in with her. She smiles at me, but doesn't say a word, and we speed off to her place. I know she lives in an apartment, but I haven't ever been there. I wonder where it is. I watch her, rather than the road though, so when we pull up to her parking place, I don't have any idea where we are.

I follow her up to her room, like her little puppy dog. I can't help it. I'm in love! I have to admit it: I love Lori, with all my heart. Why hadn't I ever let myself feel this before? We were meant for each other. She is so perfect, so sexy. I want her, and I will do anything for her.


"Lets go to my bedroom" she says, and I eagerly walk in there with her. She shuts the door. I'm going to get laid. Yes!

"Take your clothes off" she says.

I quickly strip down for her. Wow, so little foreplay, she must really be hot for me. I stick out my chest, and try to make my arms look like they have more muscles than they do, so I'll look more attractive for her. So now I'm all ready for her to undress too, so we can get down to business. I am surprised when she opens up her dresser drawer, and pulls out a pair of panties.

"Put these one for me" she says.

I take them from her, and pull them on. Why is she wanting me to dress in panties? And why am I so willing to go along with it? I didn't even resist. I just did what she said. Why would I do that? I feel fear welling up inside me. Something is wrong, but I don't know what.

"And now this" she says, giving me a bra. "Smile for me too."

I smile, and put on the bra. She goes around back and adjust the shoulder straps, since I didn't do that before I put it on (and I have no idea how to do it anyway). Now I'm wearing her bra and panties, I'm fully aroused, and I am standing there in front of her as she smiles at me.

Now Lori goes to her closet, and comes back with a skirt. It is white, with lacy trim and several overlapping layers. She holds it up for me to take.

"Put it on for me" she says. I take it from her, and without thinking I step into it and pull it up to my waist. She pulls it up a bit higher, looks at me, and nods her head. Now she goes back into her closet and comes out a moment later with a pink sweater, sort of like the one she is wearing. She is also holding a white blouse, with frilly cuffs as well as a frilly thing around the collar.

"Put on your blouse for me" she says, and I do it. Then the sweater too. Now I feel really silly, because I'm dressed up like a girl, and I'm standing there in front of her. But I feel so completely aroused, and so completely in love with her. My attraction to her is everything, and I stand there smiling, regardless of my style of dress.

"Have a seat" she says, pointing to a white chair in front of a white vanity with an oval mirror. I sit, and she starts putting all kinds of makeup on my face. I know what lipstick is, and mascara, but I don't know the name for all those powders and creams and stuff. Now my face looks all pretty, and she starts styling my hair with a brush and some stuff she puts into it. Somehow, she makes that look pretty too, and I can't believe that it's me I'm seeing in the mirror.

"Come here" she says now, so I walk over to her.

She leans forward, puts her lips onto mine, and gently kisses me. It rocks my world. I feel dizzy. I feel so turned on! I want her so much. So very much.

Lori puts her hands on my butt, and pulls me up close to her. I can feel her boobs pressing into me. She kisses me again, with that same gentle touch. Her tongue makes a gentle circle, going around the inside of my lips.

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" she says.

I stand there, stunned. Her girlfriend? She smiles, and kisses me again.

"Just tell me. Do you want to be my *girlfriend*?"

She has dressed me as a girl, and turned me on more than I've ever felt in my life. She has kissed me like I've never been kissed before. I want her, and I will do anything for her.

"Yes" I reply.

"Yes what?" she says.

"Yes, I will be your girlfriend" I say.

She smiles, and kisses me, but this time much harder. I feel her pushing me, pushing me down. I bend to her, like I'm bending to her will. I'm letting her take control, and just going with the flow of what she wants. Now I feel even *more* turned on, in a way I've never felt before. I am overwhelmed. The sight of her, the smell of her, the touch of her, they are all so wonderful. I feel so turned on that between my legs, I can't even feel how hard I am anymore. I feel my arousal all the way within myself! Like a wetness forming inside me or something.

She puts her hands on my chest. My arousal jumps up a whole new level, as she touches me there. I never knew my chest was so sensitive! Her touch makes me ache, and want more. I want her. I *need* her. And I need her now. She senses this, and rubs me harder, touching me all over.

"Now you're my girlfriend" she says, and takes a step back.

I move over to the bed, and sit down. I feel so excited. I feel so *special*. Even though this is kinky and I feel out of control, I like this.

"Spread your legs wide apart" she says, so I do it. I smile as she walks up to me. She pulls my skirt up, and I'm still staring at her face. Okay, now is the time. I'm really ready for her. She is pulling my panties off.

"Close your eyes" she says.

I close my eyes, and feel her gently caress me between my legs. It is like nothing I've ever felt before. I feel so good, like I'm going to explode! I'm actually shaking and gasping, as she touches me down there in just the right place. All of a sudden, I'm like seeing rockets or something, and I get just the best rush I've ever had. But I don't feel myself spurting all over the place like when I come. This was like *way* better than that. I wondered what she had done to me, to make me feel this.

"Look down at yourself" she says.

I open my eyes, and they take a second to adjust to the light. I look down. I didn't remember her stuffing my bra full, but the twin mounds on my chest tell me that she did at some point. I continue to gaze down, and I see her hand touching me between my legs. Two of her fingers are....wait this has to be wrong. This can't be.

It looks like two of her fingers are *inside* of me. Why is my thingie? Why can't I see it. I look up to her, with a look of puzzlement on my face, until she speaks.

"Like I said, now you are my *girl* friend"

She pulls her hand away, and I see nothing. Nothing sticking out of me! I panic, and put my hand down there. I can't feel anything.

"What did you do to me!!!" I gasp, then I shriek when I hear it come out of my mouth in a voice that sounds like a girl's voice.

"I didn't do anything, other than to grant your wish. You said you wanted to be my girlfriend. Well, now you are."

My manhood is gone! Gone! I just have this gaping chasm between my legs. I touch myself ,and my finger can slip down inside of me. No! This can't be true! I *can't* have a pussy!

And if I do have a pussy between my legs, then those mounds on my chest....I feel them. They are real. They are not just stuffing inside the bra. They are boobs. My boobs. I have large breasts, like a chick. Oh no! Lori has turned me into a chick! I shriek again, and run to the mirror as she laughs.

I look in the mirror, and gasp. I could be her sister. I look so much like her! This is really terrible. I am in a total panic, and I can't think of what I am supposed to do. I fall down on my knees.

"Help me" I say.

"Don't worry Patti, I will" she says.

"Patti?" I ask.

"Yes. That is your name now. You are Patti, and you are my girlfriend."

I feel tears welling up in my eyes. I start to cry, like a little baby or something.

"You'll find that you are quite a bit more emotional, now that you are a woman" she says. "But don't worry. You'll get used to it in time."

"How can I ever get used to this?" I say.

"Oh, you will. Soon, you'll accept the fact that you're female, and everything will be all right, *girlfriend*."

"Please Lori, change me back. I'll do anything. Please!"

"Sorry Patti, but the old you is gone. You are Patti now. Forever."

"You mean I'm stuck like this for the rest of my life?"

"I wouldn't say 'stuck'. I would say that you've been *blessed*, with womanhood."

"How can you say that! How can this be a 'blessing'?"

"You'll see. Just wait. You'll come to love it in time."


"Now Patti, to you remember how good it felt when I was touching you, when your eyes were closed?"

"Yes" I say.

"Well that's nothing. Wait until you have a man making love to you, up inside you as he kisses you and holds you down. Then you'll have a *real* orgasm, and what you just felt will seem like a tickle in comparison."

"No! I'll never do that!" I say.

"Yes you will. Very soon, your hormones will take over, and you'll be crazy for guys. It happens to all the new girls I bring over to the feminine side."

"You do this to others?"

"Yes. I take loser guys, and turn them into hot babes."

"But why?" I ask.

"You think I'm a b!$@h. Well let me tell you, I am! I get cranky, and I hate men. But you're not a man anymore, are you? You're a *girl* now. You're one of *us*."

"No! Make it stop!" I say.

"It is too late Patti. The changes are permanent. You will never go back. You need to learn to accept that. Just look at yourself in the mirror."

I walk to the mirror, and stand there, looking at myself. If I was still a guy, and I saw a chick who looked like me, I would want to nail me.

"Lets get you into something a little more sexy" she says. I kind of just go along with it. I feel too weak to resist, as she undresses me, puts a push-up bra on me, dark nylons, and a little black dress that is cut way too high for comfort. She puts me into high heel boots like she is wearing, and then fixes up my long hair. She pulls it up high and tight, like she normally wears it. She sprays perfume on me. I am helpless to do anything but watch. She is turning me into something like a younger version of her.

"I look like your sister or something" I say out loud.

"You *are* my sister" she replies. "You are just like me now. In every way."

"I am not!" I say.

"We will see. The girls are almost here."

"The girls?"

"Yes. My pack of friends that you hate so much. You will hang out with us tonight, as we go out dancing."


"Yes. With guys. Who knows, you might meet someone cute, and want to go home with him."

"No!!! I'll never do that!" I say hysterically.

"We'll see Patti. Don't underestimate the power of your female hormones. I think that once you see the right guy, you'll go crazy for him. Just you wait and see."


I'm nervously drinking my third glass of wine, as we wait for the girls to come over. Soon, they arrive. All of Lori's friends, who suck up to her, and play along with her mean tricks on other people. I have to go out with them now, in *public*, like this. How can I let people see me as a girl?

"This is Patti" says Lori. "She is new."

"Another new girl?" says the brunette.

"Yes. And she is going out with us tonight."

"I say two hours" says the blond.

"Two hours for what?" I ask.

"The last new girl only lasted two hours, before she went home with a guy."

"I say one hour!" says the redhead.

"One and a half hours" says Lori.

"You're all betting on how long I can go, until I pick up a guy?"

"No" says Lori. "We're betting on how long it is before you take one home, and have sex with him."

"I'll never do that!!!" I say, but they all laugh out loud. I feel scared.


We start out at a bar, where we sit around a large table, and drink margaritas. The girls are all scoping out the guys, telling me which ones are the cutest, but I can hardly even look at them. I used to be like them. I feel weak, timid and scared. I've never been so terrified in all my life. I feel like everyone is staring at me, my boobs, my legs, my butt. I feel like everyone will be able to see up my short skirt, so I cross my legs to hide my panties from view.

"Lets make her trick a guy" says Lori.

"Good idea" says the redhead.

"Okay Patti. Here's what you have to do. See that shy looking guy at the end of the bar? I'm going to go over there and tell him that you are wildly attracted to him, and that you want him. I'm going to tell him that all he has to do is to come over here, and ask you out, and you'll go home with him."

"No!" I say.

"Well that's the point, see? He'll come over, you'll tell him to buzz off, and he'll be all embarrassed. We'll all get a big laugh out of it, and he'll feel like a loser. How a guy like that thinks he could possibly be attractive to a hot babe like you is hard to imagine, but for some reason all guys think they can snag pretty girls. You'll teach him a lesson, that he should leave girls like us alone."

"Won't that be fun?" says the blond.

They all giggle, and I feel terrible. I used to be a guy, so I feel sorry for that guy right away. He'll be heartbroken, and be afraid to talk to another girl for a long time. I'm not a b!$@h Lori is, and how can I make myself do this?

I watch her get up and go over to him. I see her point to me, and he looks right at me. I am scared. She is telling him that I want him, and that makes me feel so wrong. I feel vulnerable. And this little dress makes that feel even worse. I reach down to the skirt, and try to pull it down, but it barely comes down low enough to cover my panties. I want to be far away from here, but I cannot leave.

Lori comes back, and the girls all giggle. We continue to drink, and I drain my glass. I need another one. I see her waive to him, and point to me.

"He wants you" she says, and I cringe.

"Look, he's getting up!" says the redhead.

I want to make myself small, and disappear. But I can't move. I am frozen with fear.

"Hello" says the guy, "I'm Jack. Nice to meet you Patti. Lori told me all about you."

He extends his hand, and out of automatic reaction, I shake it.

"Hello" I say, quietly, still upset to hear a female voice when I speak.

"Can we talk in private?" he asks.

"I have to go to the little girl's room" says Lori.

"Me too" says the redhead.

"Wait for me!" says the blond.

Now I'm alone with him. He sits down. I see the girls go to the other side of the room, but they're not really going into the restrooms. They're watching me, although the guy is just staring at me, so he doesn't notice. They want me to break his heart now, but he seems so nice. I'm not like them. How can I make myself do this?

"Your friend says that you, well that you kind of are, you know....interested in meeting me. I would never do something like this, bothering a pretty girl at the bar, when she's out with her friends, but Lori said to come over and talk to you, so I thought I'd try to meet you."

I just kind of stare for a second, not knowing what to say. I've never been hit on like this before.

"I'm sorry. You hate me. I'll go" he says.

I can see the disappointment on his face. All I have to do is sit there, and he'll walk away in shame. The girls will all crack up, and I'll be one of *them*. A b!$@h. I can't do it.

"Wait Jack" I say. "Tell me something more about yourself."

I can't believe I just said that. But my heart cannot let me act like Lori does. I can't hurt this guy, just because Lori says to, and she is a b!$@h. So I sit there, and listen to him as he talks about himself. As he says more and more, he gains in confidence. Maybe he isn't that bad after all. He's not a loser like they say.

I can see Lori waving to me. She is making a slashing movement over her throat with one finger, telling me to put a knife to his throat and do it. But I can't. In fact, I want to show Lori up. I want to hurt *her* feelings, for all the mean things she has done. I'll show them.

"Jack, lets get out of here" I say. "Lets go somewhere more private, away from the girls."

"How about my house?" he says.

"Sure" I reply. I follow him out the door, not even looking back to see Lori and her friends. I can only imagine the looks on their faces, as I just foiled their plans to hurt an innocent man. As I walk out the door of the bar though, I hear giggling from them. I don't understand why they would do that. They should be upset that I broke their plans. Oh well, at least I'm away from her.

I ride with Jack to his apartment, and he invites me to sit on the couch. He offers me a drink. He is very nice. He sits next to me, but not too close. He respects my space, and isn't trying to force himself on me. For some reason, I find that incredibly attractive. And I feel something strange: that inner excitement and wetness that I first felt when I was with Lori in the bedroom.

Then I realize it: I'm getting wet. I'm lubricating inside. My body *wants* him. And I have to admit that I am a little curious about how it would feel to hold him, and have him kiss me. That thought makes my heart pound, and my excitement build. I cross my legs, and move closer to him. He is too shy to make a move after that, so I have to take the initiative. I get closer, and give him a kiss on the lips.

Before I know it, I'm swept off my feet, as he kisses me, and touches me. I feel a need now. A need to make love. I have never wanted anything so bad. I want to lead him to the bedroom, so I start to unzip my dress in back. He takes it off of me, and then gets down on his knees to remove my boots. Now before I realize it, we're both naked, right there in his livingroom!

Nature takes over, and I lay back, and spread my legs wide open. He goes slowly, and really takes care of me. He knows what he's doing.

"You're so big!" I gasp as he enters me.

Wow. I had no idea it could feel this good. I moan and pant as he goes at me, and brings me to climax two times. When we are done, I feel something inside: love. I will never leave him. I'm not like Lori. I'm not a b!$@h. I don't have a mean heart, like they do.

* * *


Now it is six months since I first met Jack. I'm at the mall, shopping for new shoes. He is so nice to me, and lets me shop for whatever I want. I have a whole closet full of clothes at his place now, where I live. I'm carrying my shopping bag, and about to head out to the car, when I run into Lori's redhead friend.

"Oh Patti, hi!" she says.

"Hi" I reply coldly. Those girls are mean, and I don't like them.

"I just wanted to tell you first of all, that I won the bet" she says.

"The bet?"

"Yes. You bedded a guy in under an hour, so I won. Way to go, girl!"

"Thanks" I mumble, and turn to walk away.

"You know, it was really easy to manipulate you into going to bed with a guy. Sometimes we have to work a lot harder, but you were really easy. You really wanted to get laid, didn't you? You *are* easy."

"Good-bye" I say, turning to leave. She thinks that she manipulated me? I was the one who tricked them. What do they know? But I don't care anyway. I have my lover now, and we're going to get married. A am one very happy woman, and you won't hear any complaints from me!

Now I'm driving home, to Jack's, where I belong, at his side. I will forget Lori and her mean friends. Instead of being miserable about them, I will have fun and celebrate, because I have something much more important: love. I'm not like them at all. I'm not *that* kind of a girl.




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