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Pokemon: May's Blankie

by Rubberbando


It had been a long journey for our heroes but they finally made it to Carnival Town. The kids decided to split up and explore this wonderous place. Brock and Max wondered off to find out about new foods to try. All the while Ash and May decided to check out the games and attractions.

May came upon a game that was giving away pokeballs with random pokemon inside if you knocked down all of the bottles with a baseball. The game was only a quarter to play and May knew she could win. About $1.50 later, May finally won a game.

"Gosh Ash, that was harder than it looks…" May giggled.

"It's all good May. I wonder what pokemon you won." Ash pondered.

"Here is your prize, miss." The man behind the counter said as he handed May a pokeball.

"Oh boy! Open it up May and let's see what is inside." Ash cheered.

May aimed the pokeball at the ground and a beam of light shot out. Appearing in front of her was a small strange looking pokemon. It was light blue and shaped just like a baby's blanket, except that it had eyes.

"Awww…its sooo cute…..I wonder what it is…" May giggled.

Ash pulled out his pokedex and aimed it at this strange new pokemon.

The pokedex displayed a picture of May's new pokemon and said, "Blankie, the sleepy time pokemon….this pokemon has the ability to just about put anything to sleep…it is often used by insomniacs or parents with sleepless children…"

May was overjoyed. She was having some trouble sleeping the last few weeks as she was growing quite homesick.

"Come here my little Blankie and give me a hug…" May giggled.

"Blank…Blankie…" The Blankie showed a happy expression with its eyes ^-^ and floated up and snuggled with May.

"You are just sooo cute and cuddly…I think you are my new favorite pokemon…" May giggled as she snuggled the Blankie.

Just then, the two kids heard someone call out for help. There was a nearby stand being robbed by a Hitmonlee. May sprung into action.

"Blankie, snap attack!" May called out.

The Blankie rolled itself up like a wet towel in a locker room and snapped at the Hitmonlee causing to drop the bag of money that it was holding.

The Hitmonlee looked angrilly at the Blankie as if it was ready to attack.

"Blankie, snugglesleep attack!" May called out.

The Hitmonlee lounged at the Blankie, only to find itself enveloped by it. The Hitmonlee struggled and found itself unable to escape the Blankie's grip. Suddenly, the Blankie began to glow and hum a bedtime song.

"Hit…mon…lee?" was all the Hitmonlee managed to say as it feel into a deep sleep.

"Return Blankie!" May called out as the Blankie returned to her snuggling up close to her.

Onlookers cheered May for her heroism as Officer Jenny took away the Hitmonlee in handcuffs.

"Way to go! May!" Ash called out.

"I love you sooo much my little Blank…" May was interrupted by the sight of her Blankie glowing and changing before her eyes.

"Hey, I think its evolving!" Ash called out.

When the glowing ceased, where Blankie once was, now stood another pokemon. It looked very similar but was about twice its original size and instead of being a light blue cottony fabric, it was a shiny black silky fabric.

Ash sat back and flipped open his pokedex once more. The pokedex displayed a picture of the new pokemon as it spoke, "Stretchy, the fabric pokemon, it is the evolved form of Blankie. Beware. Stretchies reproduce by bonding with and transforming other creatures. They are especially attracted to stretch fabrics and won't hesitate to transform someone wearing clothing of such fabrics."

"Weird…"Ash thought to himself.

May wasn't close enough to hear the pokedex as she played and snuggled with her new pokemon. The Stretchy snuggled and slithered all over May's body.

"Oooh! Its soo much softer and silker than before Ash! And I love how shiny it is, just like my bike shorts!" May called out.

"Bike shorts?" Ash thought to himself. "But aren't those made of…."

"Stretch…cheee….Stretchy…" The Stretchy said as it started to envelop May.

"May! Get away from that pokemon!" Ash called out.

It was already too late, the Stretchy had completely cocooned May.

"Ok, Stretchy, you can let me out now. May said as she struggled to get out.

"Stretch…cheee.." responded as it tighted its grip around May.

"Maaaay!" Ash called out as he fought his way through the crowd to get to May.

Just as he arrived the Stretchy begain to glow very brightly and in a flash, it had collasped to the ground and May was nowhere to be seen.

The Stretchy slithered a bit to reveal another one underneath it. This one was a green similar to that of May's bike shorts and just as shiny. It looked around with its big green eyes seemingly quite stunned.

"May? Is that you?" Ash asked.

The green Stretchy just nodded.

"How do you feel?" Ash asked.

The little green pokemon seemed to smile with its eyes as it responded. ^-^ "Stretchy!"




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