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Mary Jane

(In Her Mary Janes)

by Misty Galant


"Stop fidgeting, Mary Jane." Martha Winters admonished. Mary Jane was actually her husband Martin who because of bad behavior had been reduced in status to a six year old girl. Now Mary Jane was dressed in a pink dress and black Mary Janes, with frilly anklets. She was waiting in the living room with her mother.

"But mommy, I'm thcared." When anxious or stressed, Mary Jane had a tendency to lisp.

She was very fearful of meeting her auntie. Jean was actually her sister-in-law, but since Mary Jane's reduction in status, Jean was now her auntie. Mary Jane and Jean were about to meet for the first time.

"Nothing to be scared of, sweetie. Auntie Jean is coming to visit, that's all."

"But I'm thcared, what if she doesn't like me?"

"Nonsense. How could she not like a sweet little girl like you?"

"But mommy---" The doorbell rang. Mommy went to answer it. Mary Jane fled the room.

"Come in, Jean. Sit down. Let me introduce... Now where did she go? Excuse me, I'll be right back, make yourself comfortable."

Mommy went looking for her missing girl. After a short search she found Mary Jane hiding under a blanket in the bedroom closet and sucking her thumb.

"Come out of there and meet Auntie Jean!"

"But mommy, what if she doesn't like me?"

"Just do what you've been practicing and she's sure to like you. Do you remember what to do?"

"Yeth mommy."

"Good." She dragged the reluctant sissy down the hall to the living room. "Here's our little missy now. She's a little shy. Go on, sweetie, introduce yourself."

Mary Jane curtsied before Auntie Jean. "My name is Mary Jane and I'm thix years old. I'm tho glad you came to visit. It's tho nice to see you." Another curtsey.

"Well, it's very nice to see you, too, you sweet thing. I look forward to seeing a lot more of you."

Mommy said, "Mary Jane, why don't you show Auntie Jean your dolly?"

"Yes, mommy." Mary Jane curtsied as she left the room and curtsied again as she returned with her dolly. "This is my dolly. Her name is Benjamin."

"Benjamin is a boy's name," Auntie Jean observed.

"Mommy says that in this house all the boys wear dresses," explained Mary Jane.

"A wise decision, I'm sure."

"Mary Jane, why don't you get your crayons and coloring book and show Auntie Jean how nicely you color?"

"Ok, Mommy, come on Benjamin, let's get our colors." Mary Jane soon returned and began coloring at the table.

"Mary Jane, can you set the table like a big girl? Set cups and saucers and spoons for Auntie Jean and me. And set out the cream and sugar and the cookies."

"Yes mommy, I'm a big girl."

"And pour coffee for Auntie Jean and me. You may have a cookie and a glass of juice."

"Okay, mommy."

Mommy and Auntie Jean continued their conversation at the table, while Mary Jane colored while drinking her juice. Presently she felt a call of nature.

"Mommy, May I---"

"No, you can't have any cookie. But you may some more juice." Mommy refilled Mary Jane's glass. Mary Jane took a few sips, waited, and tried again.

"Mommy, may I---"

"I told you, Mary Jane, no more cookies! Drink your nice juice and don't interrupt when grownups are talking."

Mary Jane took another sip of juice. The pressure was increasing. Finally she cried out. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!"

"Oh, what is it, Mary Jane. Now that you've so rudely interrupted, what is it?"

"May I please be excused, Mommy?"

"What for?"

"Please mommy, I need to go potty."

"Well go on then. Don't run! Walk nicely like a good girl."

Mary Jane did a hurried curtsey as she left the room and walked as fast as she dared to the bathroom. Once there it was seat down, panties down, sit down. Relief!

Afterwards she flushed and washed her hands. She knew mommy could hear the water running from the living room. Mary Jane returned to the living room and resumed coloring.

In the meantime, mommy and Auntie Jean had moved to the sofa. "Mary Jane, come here would you?"

"Yes, mommy." Mary Jane approached her mother.

"Auntie Jean wants to see your pretty panties. Show Auntie your panties, sweetie."

"But mommy, good girls don't show their panties, that's what you said!"

"I know I did, sweetie, but it's okay to show Auntie Jean."

"Well, ok then mommy."

Mary Jane raised the hem of her dress.

"What pretty panties you have on! All ruffles and lace trimmed. Do you like them?"

"Yeth, Auntie Jean," said Mary Jane blushing. She did like her pretty panties, but didn't like to admit it.

"But what's that wet spot in the front?"

Mary Jane froze. She knew a wet spot meant trouble.

"Turn this way!" Mommy ordered. "Auntie Jean is right. There is a wet spot in the front of your panties. Why is that? Explain yourself, little missy!"

Mary Jane knew she was in trouble when mommy called her little missy. "I don't know, mommy, I guess it was an accident."

"Do you know what happens to little girls who have accidents in their panties?"

Mary Jane knew, but she didn't want to admit it. "They get hugs and kisses?"

"Wrong! You know the answer, Mary Jane. Tell Auntie Jean what happens to little girls who have accidents in their panties!"

There was no way out. Mary Jane said in low voice. "Little girls who have accidents in their panties have to wear diapers."

"Speak up, Mary Jane, Auntie Jean couldn't hear you!"

Mary Jane repeated it louder.

"So, little missy. I want you to march straight to the bathroom and put those panties in the hamper. Then bring back a diaper and the baby things."

Mary Jane made one last try. "But mommy, I'm not a little girl, I'm a big girl."

Mommy wasn't buying it. "Makes no difference, big girl or little girl, it's diapers for you. Now scoot and don't dawdle."

"Yes mommy." Forlornly Mary Jane trudged off to the bathroom where she put her panties in the hamper. She went across the hall and opened the linen closet where she removed a diaper and the basket of baby powder, baby oil, etc. She moved as slowly as possible, dreading being diapered in front of Auntie Jean.

Mommy had been listening and knew Mary Jane had found the diapers. "What's taking you so long, Mary Jane? Is there a problem?"

"I'm coming, Mommy." Mary Jane knew she couldn't delay much longer and slowly walked back to where mommy was seated on the sofa.

"It took you long enough, was there a problem?"

"No, mommy."

"Fine, then ask Auntie Jean to put your diaper on for you."

"NO, MOMMY NOT THAT! NOT AUNTIE JEAN! PLEASE NOT AUNTIE JEAN!" Mary Jane hadn't anticipated that. She was starting to panic. She turned to leave the room.

Then next Mary Jane knew, she was over mommy's knee, getting a spanking. When mommy finally let her up she was crying.

"Now are you going to be a good girl and do what mommy says? Or do you need another spanking?"

"No, mommy, I'll be a good girl." Mary Jane said through tears.

"Then let's wipe away those tears and you can tell Auntie that you're sorry for being naughty and ask her nicely if she'll put your diaper on for you. Can you do that?"

"Yeth, mommy."

Mary Jane approached Auntie Jean. "I'm sorry I was naughty and mommy had to spank me. Will you please put my diaper on for me?"

"Of course, sweetie, since you ask so nicely. Why don't you lie down and raise your bottom and Auntie Jean will soon have you all nice and snug in your didie."

Mary Jane laid down, raised her bottom and closed her eyes in embarrassment. She felt Auntie Jean's hands diapering her. "There, all done, sweetie. Doesn't that feel good?"

Mary Jane had to admit, at least to herself that it did feel good. At least she was covered up.

"Come on," mommy said, "It's nap time for you little girl." She led Mary Jane into the bedroom and put her to bed. Mary Jane was relieved to be put into the bed, she had feared she was to put back into the crib.

"Here's your snuggle bear and Benjamin. Here's your bottle. Suck on your nice bottle and go sleepy bye." Mary Jane did and was soon asleep.

After a while she woke up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, entered the living room where mommy and Auntie Jean were still talking.

"Feeling better now, sweetie?"

"Yes, mommy."

"Good, then why don't you finish the picture you were coloring for Auntie Jean?"

"Okay, mommy." Mary Jane resumed coloring. After a bit she said, "Mommy, may I be excused?"

"Whatever for, sweetie?"

"Mommy, I need to go potty."

"Little girls wearing diapers go potty in their diapers, you know that."

Mary Jane did know that, but she was hoping mommy had forgotten. But no luck.

"Yes, mommy," she said sadly as she resumed coloring. When the picture was completely colored, she carefully cut it out of the book. Then she took it to show Auntie Jean. By now the need to pee was almost overwhelming.

"Look what I colored," she said, holding out the page so Auntie Jean could see.

"Yes, very nice. You color really well," said Auntie Jean. "Why are you fidgeting so?"

"I need to go potty, but mommy says little girls who wear diapers go potty in their diapers."

"That makes sense. Go on then!"

"I don't want to." But the fidgeting got worse. At last she couldn't hold it any longer and a look of relief crossed her face, followed by a look of horror. She began to cry.

"What's the matter, sweetie? Are you wet?" Mommy had been expecting this.

"Yeth mommy. I'm thorry."

"It's all right, honey. These things happen. Go and get another diaper and Auntie Jean will change you again."

"Yeth, mommy."

Mary Jane dutifully got another diaper and Auntie Jean repeated the process, after which it was time for her to leave.

"Come give Auntie Jean a good-bye kiss," mommy said. "And be sure to thank her for changing your diapers."

Mary Jane dutifully kissed Auntie Jean's cheek and said, "Thank you for changing my didies."

"It was no problem, sweet thing." Auntie Jean exited.




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