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by Anita Cocktail


Chapter I

Buddy, can you spare a dime?


Marty was broke. He had $12.35 in the bank, a house and car payment that were due yesterday, a utilities bill and insurance as well.

So there he was-no money, no family, no significant other. Just an emptiness...

His foray into the land of freelance journalism was just not paying the bills of late and he had to do something FAST! He was already in hock up to his ears - he was up the creek without a paddle in a sinking canoe...

He went out on the balcony of his Oceanside, California home. He listened to the ocean as he drank coffee and watched the people on the beach. . . what to do.

The phone rang. Marty went in and picked up the receiver. "Hello?".

"Hello. Are you Martin Bianca?" asked the guy on the phone.

Oh hell. Another bill collector... screw it....


"Mr. Bianca it seems that you're behind on your bills...".

"Yeah-I know. But I-".

"You don't have anything even close to what you need. Am I correct? Never mind. You & I know you are in dire straits. I can help. Are you interested?".

"Depends. What do I have to do?".

"Nothing illegal rest assured. We have seen your work and wish to hire you. We'll pay off your house and car and even give your bank account a healthy injection. Interested?".

"So far-so good.".

"We represent a medical research firm that needs someone with your backround and expertise to document their work in the very lucrative field of gender and sex reasignment. ".

Marty thought for a nanosecond. "What's involved?".

"First we have you take care of your personal situation. We'll deposit $400,000.00 in your bank account and once your obligations are settled, you will make arrangements to be away for 8 months. This done, we fly you to our place of business in our private jet and you write about their work submitting your articles weekly for approval for future publication. Simple enough?".

Marty thought this was way too easy. He thought he'd test the waters to see if they were on the level. "Ok. If I agree when do I get the money?".

"Go to your door.".

Marty got up and went to the door. Looking out the eyehole he saw a stunning blonde' woman wearing large Gucci sunglasses and impeccibly dressed in a black suit with a short skirt. He opened the door. She smiled and said "Hello Marty!" and went over to the phone. She was carrying a large silver case that she placed on the table.

"I'm here. Yes...of course. I'll take care of everything. Ok...Goodbye." She hung the phone up and opened the case. It held a laptop computer, a printer, a scanner/FAX machine, webcam, and a file of forms.

She unplugged the phone jack near the table and plugged the computer in. "Please sit down Mr. Bianca." she said as she removed the files contents and started filling in the paperwork.

"And you are-" Marty inquired. "Who I am isn't a priority currently. We'll get to that after we tend to the business at hand. I need your Drivers' License and your bank account number.".


"Please. Time is of the essence and we really need to complete these expeditiously. I'll explain as we go along."

Marty sat down. She tapped away swiftly pausing only long enough to ask Marty who his car was financed through and who held the mortgage on his house. "If you would, please get me any & all outstanding debts you have." Marty complied and she went through them one by one.

"Ok! All done. I know you'll want verification." She said handing him a cell phone. "Call your bank."


Marty called the bank phone number on his check "Hello. This Marty Bianca and I want check my balance...". The Blonde slid a piece of paper over to Marty. On it was written $125,012.35. "Your balance as 9:42 am today is $125,012.35. Is there anything else I can help you with?". Marty sat there stunned but managed to utter"Uh...ok...

Can you tell me the transactions that have taken place today?" The Blonde pulled a paper from the printer and Marty went down the list with the bank representative. His car was paid off, his house was paid off as was the utilities company, insurance company, furniture, credit union, taxes...virtually everything he owed was paid off. "Is that all Mr. Bianca?" "& I still have a balance of-" "$125,012.35."

Marti paused dumbfoundedly. "Is that all Mr. Bianca?". Snapping out of his stupor Marty finally said "Uh-huh..I MEAN YES! Thank you...uh..have a nice day.".

He handed the cellphone back and the Blonde. "Are we ok Mr. Bianca? Marty? Marty?" she said handing him a stack of papers. "I take it that everything's been done to your satisfaction." "Uh-huh" "Good, good. If you would please sign these papers for me and I'll call the office. Then you can ask me anything you want while you pack." "Pack?"Marty asked as he signed the papers where they were highlited "Pack?" The Blonde raised a finger and smiled as she called the office. "Hello. Yes. All done here. I'm FAXING them to you now." She looked at her watch "We'll be at the airport in about an hour. Great!". She turned to Marty and extended her hand "How do you do, Marty. My name is Amanda and I just became your best friend!" She said smiling. "Come on! Let's get you packed so you can start earning al-l-l-l-l-l that money I just paid you!".

"Where are we going?" Marty asked as Amanda took his hand and went into his bedroom. "Hmmmm...Ah!" Amanda said going to Martys' closet removing his suitcase and placed it on the bed..."Marty! Shame on you! You didn't make your bed!" Amanda said shaking her long french manicured fingernail at him. She then went about going through his clothes. "You'll need this and this-" "HEY!" Marty said "Where are we going and HOW did you know my suitcase was in my closet?" "Easy, Marty, easy! We're going to Miami, Florida. That's where you'll be working from and I know everything about you! We've been watching your every move for two weeks, silly!" Amanda said soothingly. "ACK! T'hell with it. We'll just get you new things when we get to Miami. C'mon, let's go. We'll have the maid clean up." "But I don't have a ma-" Amanda winked and pinched his cheek "You do now!" she interjected with a smile.


Amanda returned to the livingroom and packed up the silver case. Marty asked why they had to leave so soon. "Remember your conversation earlier? The one where you agreed that after your obligations were settled here, you needed to leave? Well-your obligations have been settled, hun. We've arranged for a maid and a housesitter SO it's time to 'git'! Here-" Amanda said handing Marty the silver case "Be a dear and carry this out to the silver Mercedes SL600 convertible-PUH-LEASE! I'm in 5" heels! Help a gal out here!".

Marty grabbed his wallet and the case. Amanda patted him on the neck "C'mon Marty! Relax...enjoy. This is gonna be FUN!" she said as she put a key in a potted bush outside Martys' door...a bush that wasn't there last night.

Amanda cliked the trunk open and Marty put the case in. Amanda clik-clik-cliked her way to the drivers' side, opened the door and slithered into the cordovan leather seat. Marty opened the passenger door and took a look around smiling and shaking his head. "See!" Ananda said as she handed him a pair of TagHeuer 'Sportif' sunglasses. "You'll need these." She started the Mercedes and eased it into the morning traffic.

"My watch!" Marty said with a slight panick in his voice. Amanda smiled and held up a beautiful Ulysse-Nardin chronometer dangling it from her finger. "Your NEW watch.. Like it?" "Sweet!" Marty said fastening the expensive timepiece to his wrist.

Amanda pulled into a Burger King. "I'm famished-haven't eaten since last night at Buca di Beppo." "Hey- I was there last night!" "I know" Amanda said. "May I take your order?" "Please. 2 Bacon cheese croissants, a Diet whatever and a orange juice- large please." They pulled ahead to the window, picked up their order and headed to the airport.

Amanda pulled the car onto the ramp and next to a sleek Gulfstream V. An attendant removed the silver case from the Mercedes' trunk and stowed it in the baggage compartment. He then drove the Mercedes away from the jet. "Rental?" Marty asked. "No. It belongs to the company you now work for. We keep it in the hanger." Amanda said matter-of-factly as she signed for the fuel. She went up the stairs of the jet after Marty and the attendant closed the door. Marty and Amanda settled into two very comfortable chairs and the flight attendant brought over two drinks. The jet began to taxi and they heard the pilot ask for clearance for take-off. Marty took a sip from his drink... He was getting sleepy. Busy morning. He drifted off as the jet lifted off.


Chapter II

Welcome to Miami


"C'mon, Marty! Wake up! We're here. We have to go over to the Helicopter.".

"Gad! I guess I wasn't very good company. I went out like a light!" Marty said as he stood up. "I know" said Amanda "I took the liberty of giving you a sedative. It was a 5 hour flight & I thought you could use a nap. Hope that was ok.". "Sure...fine. I get bored flying and-" "I know Marty".

They exited the jet and got into a van that took them over to an awaiting helicopter. "Traffic's such a bore. We'll fly to the estate and you can freshen up. Then we'll go shopping for clothes & stuff for you."

It took about 15 minutes to get to the estate. It was right on the beach and was HUGE...and PINK! The helicopter sat down and two servants greeted Amanda & Marty. They escorted them into the mansion and showed them to their rooms. Amanda said that they needed to go into Miami and pick up 'a few things'. They went to a tuxedo shop and Amanda picked up an Armani for Marty with shoes. This accomplished, they went to another store and picked up toiletries and swim gear, a robe and a pair of flipflops then returned to the estate. "Tonight's a VERY formal dinner. You'll get to meet the people you'l be working with and you'll also meet Jean, the owner of the estate and the financiers of the project!".

Marty went upstairs and took a shower. The room was amazing! A TV in every room-even the bathroom! After Marty finished his shower, Amanda knocked on the door. "You decent?" she asked. Marty opened the door to see Amanda, a hairstylist and a manicurist who followed her in. "Marty, this is Celeste'-your hairstylist and Jenae'-your manicurist! They're going to spiff you up a bit for the evenings' festivities so just put yourself in their very compitent hands and I'll be back in an hour. Ok?". Celeste' sat Marty down into a chair and started to work as Jenae' pulled up a manicurists' table and set about giving Marty a manicure. This was great! Marty relaxed and let Celeste' and Jenae' get to work. They finished and Celeste' took the tux from its' hanger and removed Martys' robe. They dressed him and then took his old clothes. "We'll get these laundered for you." Jenae' said as she pult the clothes in a bag. They picked up and just as they were leaving, Amanda came in. She was dressed in a dark blue gown, silk hose, exquisite shoulder duster earrings and Strappy 5" Stiletto heeled sandals.

"Wow!" Marty exclaimed. "You look fantastic!".

"You cleaned up pretty well yourself, buster! Ready? Let's go down & do the 'do.".


Chapter III

The Party


The sounds of people socializing, champaigne flutes clinking and a string quartet playing filled the air. There were so many people-most of which were stunning women-milling about. Amanda took Marty by the arm and led him over to a tall woman with long jet black hair piled high on her head wearing a champaign gown. "Marty. I'd like to introduce you to Jean. Jean-This is Marty". "Hello Marty. So nice to meet you." Jean said smiling as she turned to the group of women she was talking to. "Ladies-This is Martin Bianca. He's the writer I spoke of. Martin this is Mary, Tina, Monoque, Cier, Rhonda and Shelby." "Charmed...Nice to make your acquaintance..." they responded one by one.

"Come with me, Martin." Jean said taking Martys' arm. "There's someone I want you to formally meet. Karl? Karl? This is Martin. You spoke to him earlier." Karl turned around. He was a slight man in his 40s...maybe 5'6". Black hair-slightly effiminate but friendly "Well hello Martin! Busy day, eh? Dr. Karl Benz. Nice to finally meet you." Marty shook his hand. He was the person he'd talked with earlier. "How do you do, Doctor." "Karl is a surgeon who works for us. You'll be working very close with him." Jean said matter of factly.

Amanda returned and took Martys' arm. "Dinner. Let's go to our seats.". She led Marty into the dining room and they sat down. Mary sat on Martys' left, Amanda on his right.

The dinner was superb-Beef Stroganoff over a bed of noodles. Desert was a keylime merengue'.

Mary seemed a bit cool. As they were leaving the table she looked at Marty. "You have no clue on what you've gotten yourself into, do you bub?" she asked. Marty shook his head no. "We'll talk...later." she said as she walked away from the table. Amanda looked at Marty "What did Mary say to you?". Marty smiled and said "Nothing. Just small talk.". Amanda smiled and nodded.

The party was phenomenal. Great food...several georgeous women-but there was something odd going on. Sure-everyone was cordial and polite. But something was just a bit off and Marty couldn't place his finger on it.

He went out on the patio where a few ladies were standing around chatting. Mary was one of them. She approached Marty. After looking around she said "Hello Marty. Having fun?". "Of course. Who wouldn't be? About what you said earlier.-". "Later. Too many ears. I'll come by your room after & I'll explain everything. I have to be very careful as do you.".


He watched Mary walk away. She was beautiful in her black velvet gown, red hair, porcelain skin and perfect face...Marty watched intently as she walked towards the ballroom. Mary was the personnification of feminine perfection-Long french tipped fingernails, volumptuous breasts, long shapely legs in their insanely high stiletto heeled slings.

He turned away and gazed out into the darkness. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Amanda. "Hey! What you doin' out here?" "Just getting some fresh air."Marty said feigning a yawn. "Sleepy?" Amanda asked. "Uh-huh. I'm beat." Marty said. "It has been a full day for you. Tomorrow's going to be even busier. Wanna turn in?". "In a bit. I want to stick around for awhile. I'm ok. I don't want to be rude to our hostess.". "'k...I'll have the help go turn down the sheets for you. Things are winding down anyhow. Want me to tuck you in?" Amanda said winking. "SURE!" Marty said springing to life. They both laughed and returned to the party.

One by one the revelers left and Jean came over to Marty and Amanda "Whew...glad THAT'S over! Did you have fun, Marty?". "Yes ma'am. Very much so. Thank you." Marty replied. Jean smiled "Ma'am? How precious. Time for beddie-bye. We have a very busy day tomorrow!".

Marty noticed that Mary, Tina, Monoque, Cier, Rhonda and Shelby were all going upstairs. "They live here."Amanda said before Marty could ask. "They work for Jean also." "I see." Marty agreed.

Amanda and Marty walked upstairs to their rooms. Asa they got to the door to Martys' room, Amanda winked and asked "You're sure you don't want me to tuck you in?". Marty looked as if he was thinking about it and then shook his head "Nah...I'm gonna be lucky if I get undressed before I fall asleep! G'night Ms. Amanda." Amanda turned close to Marty and gave him a huge tonsil washing kiss. "Your loss..." she said teasingly. "G'night." "'Night Amanda." Marty said smiling as he opened the door to his room. "See you tomorrow." he closed the door.

He removed his tux and hung it on the hanger. He went into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and washed his face.

He went into the dark room and crawled in between the sheets.

" quiet" said a familiar voice.

It was Mary.


Chapter IV

The facts


Marty turned to Mary "What are you doing here?".

"I'm here to let you know what you've gotten yourself into. Do you really want to know what it is that they do?" Mary asked seriously.

"Of course. What is going on and WHY was I 'recruited'?"

"The Estate is called 'Crysalis'... It was originally built by a German Doctor back in the 1930s. See-Christine Jorgenson wasn't the first Transexual to have surgery. The first was done in Germany in about 1931...By Dr. Josef Benz. The doctor left Germany when it became apparant that the Nazis were coming to power. He and his wife, Natha, escaped from the country with over $8,000,000.00 in flawless diamonds. He built Crysalis and very quietly continued his research here while posing as an investment broker. He went about business and continued doing Sex Reassignment Surgeries here very hush-hush. In the 50's he was approached by George Jorgenson about doing his/her surgery. The Doctor, in fear of discovery told George that he had him confused with someone else. He was a businessman-not a doctor.

"He had one son, Gerhardt, who had no interest in continuing the practice. Gerhardt wanted to play. He was a very irresponsible self-absorbed man who went from bed to bed with no regard for the consequences. In the late 60s, Gerhardt sired a son, Karl, out of wedlock. He kept Karls' existance hidden from Josef and Natha until Gerhardt was injured by a jealous husband who caught him in bed with his wife and performed a 12 guage vasectomy. Josef was distraught. There would be no heirs to the Benz family ...that was until he found out about baby Karl. Josef knew that Gerhardt would never sire another child and sought out young Karl. Josef and Natha adopted him, sent him to medical school and trained him in the proceedure we now refer to as Sex Reassignment Surgery or SRS."

"You mean Dr. Karl Benz-" "-is Josefs' Grandson and Heir to the Benz millions. Jean is his wife-more or less.".

"More or less?"

"Uh-huh. Josef loved Karl and Karl was devoted to Josef. They understood each other and worked side by side for years. Josef met Jean through close friends and introduced her to Karl. They became inseprable. Karl loves Jean. After a short time, Joseks' health started to decline. One evening, Karl and Jean came to Josef and Natha to ask for their permission to be wed. Josef was elated. He agreed and gave them a lavish wedding. Soon after, Jean became pregnant. Shortly before Josefs' death, Jean gave birth to twins. Gerhardt and Josef. Gerhardt attends Harvard where he majors in Law and Josef attends CalPoly where he is becoming an architect.

Karl & Jean have millions! Josef and Natha converted some of the diamonds into cash to purchase the land & have Crysalis built. They also invested wisely in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale and East Hollywood. Karl and Jean are worth $50 million now - easy."


"Wow is right. They still have most of the diamonds as well. Karl and Jean continued the research on SRS and went about developing The Crysalis Institute for Gender Research. All was going smoothly until Karl decided he wanted to become a woman. Things between Jean and Karl became strained and Jean refused to let Karl have surgery. She decided to take her displeasure out on the situation by finding young despirate guys who were in a precarious financial situations and turn them into women. Women so perfect and completely feminine in every way that they'd be irresistable to all they came in contact with...".

Marty layed there stunned. "You mean that Jean wants to-".

"Yes Marty. Tina, Monoque, Cier, Rhonda and Shelby...Jenae' and Celeste' too. They were MEN." Mary said.


"Her too...And Marty...I'm one as well." Mary said as she started to tear up.

"NO!" Marty exclaimed.

"Uh-huh. I was a guy named Maury. I had a real estate business that was going down the tubes. I was despirate and made the mistake of borrowing $150,000.00 from the mob in an effort to save my business. The loan was due and there was no way I could make the $250,000.00 payment. I was destraught & out of options. One day, Amanda came by. She told me that there was a way out of my predicament. Sound familiar? She sat down and took care of everything then had me sign some papers. The guys I had borrowed the money from were going to have me KILLED Marty! I was so despirate that I would have signed anything. Amanda then drugged me and brought me here.


One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, I was on hormones and training to become a woman. I had surgery two months ago. Now I work for The Crysalis Foundation...and my real estate office is run by Jean and the institute. My employees were told that I'd sold the office and had left the country.".

"Wasn't there anybody who looked for you?".

"No. Jean researched my backround thuroughly. My parents are dead. I have no siblings. I was just like you, Marty. If I vanished noone would notice.".

Marty was silent. He layed there silently-his mind racing. What could he do? He turned to Mary and quietly asked "When...".

Mary put her hand on his shoulder "It's already started. Amanda injected you with massive doses of estrogen on the flight. Tomorrow you'll start feeling the effects. Your home in Oceanside is on the market and your car's been sold.".

Marty was reeling but very tired. Mary turned to Marty and said "No use fighting it. At this point there's nothing you can do. Get some sleep. I have to go now. I've stayed too long already and cannot risk being caught. We'll talk tomorrow."

Mary quietly left.

Marty took her advise and drifted off to sleep.


Chapter V

A new day


Marty awoke the next morning...or was it afternoon? Was Marys' visit just a bad dream? He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He felt odd. Emotional. He finished his shower and there was a knock at the door. "Rise and shine, Marty! Time for breakfast." it was Amanda. Marty opened the door and Amanda entered accompanied by Tina and Shelby who were dressed as maids and were pushing a cart. "Good morning." Amanda said.

Tina and Shelby left. Amanda motioned to Marty to have a seat and handed him some pills in a silver cup. "They're vitamins. We need to protect our investment in you so down the hatch and then we'll eat." Marty looked at the pills and knew that any hesitation would trigger suspicion. He downed them with with a glass of water. Amanda then joined him and they sat down to a sumptuous breakfast. "Any questions?" Amanda asked as she took a sip of Orange Juice.

Marty ate a bit and finally responded "I'd like to thank you for the opportunity. You saved my life Amanda! I was so worried...I didn't know what I was going to do. I want to do a good job for you and Jean and am ready to get to work. What can I do to get started?". Amanda smiled "That's so good to hear Marty! We just knew we could count on you! As a special welcome Jean got you a present." Amanda said standing. She walked over to a brand new computer with all the goodies. Internet access, DSL hook up, CD burner, flat screen monitor, scanner, printer, FAX, state of the art sound-the works.

"Wow!" Marty exclaimed. "This is so wonderful!".

"Nothing but the very best! Today we want you to familiarize yourself with the computer and the companies' history. Cier will help you with this. She's a computer genius and developed the complete Information System for the institute." Amanda instructed. "But right now it's time for a swim and some sun. Grab your suit! Let's go down to the pool.".

Marty changed and went down to the pool with Amanda. Jenae', Celeste', Mary, Tina, Monoque, Cier, Rhonda and Shelby were waiting and Marty joined them in the pool. Amanda said "Ok. In an hour Cier will accompany you to your room and set you up. I have a meeting with Jean and Karl in fifteen minutes. I'll come up and check in on you two after. Ok? Ciao!". Amanda left Marty with the girls and as soon as she was gone, Mary swam over. "Did you sleep well?" she asked. "Like a log. I was so tired.".

The rest of the girls joined them. Jenae' spoke first "Enjoying yourself?". "Yup. Very much." Mary looked at the others. "I told him last night." The others breathed a sigh of relief. "Good. Now he knows. Hello. I'm Jim." Jenae' said giggling. "Charlie here" Celeste' chimed in. Tina was Tim, Mary was Maury, Monique was Aaron, Cier was Cal, Rhonda was Ron and Shelby was Steve. They all shared their individual stories with Marty. Tina smiled and said "It's not altogether bad. I've got money, a fabulous place to live and the work is actualy fun." "Better than what I was doing! That's for damn sure!" Rhonda added. The girls all nodded in agreement.

Marty was calmed by hearing this. "Are you ok?" Tina inquired. "No-not yet. But I'm getting there. Thanks for filling me in Mary.". "Sure-no problem. You needed to know.". "The hormones mellow you out." Monique stated. "OP! Look at the time! We gotta get going!" Cier interjected. "Nah. We have a few minutes. Marty-would you like a massage?" Rhonda inquired. "That would be so nice." Marty responded.

"Just lay down and we'll fix you right up." Marty layed down on the lounge chair and

Jenae' and Celeste' started working him over.


"You're best to just let go and accept things. It goes so much easier and really it's not that bad, Marty. Work it right and you're set for life!" Rhonda said soothingly.

The massage over, Cier and Marty went up to the room. "How are you feeling?" Cier asked. "Kinda sluggish." Marty answered. "It's the hormones. You're still acclaimating. It takes about a week then you'll stabilize. It'll be fine. Just don't fight it.".

Cier was so helpful. The time flew by. Before Marty knew it Cier announced that it was time to get dressed for dinner. "Jean and Karl will be expecting us soon." She went over to the closet and selected a pair of slacks and a light blue shirt..."Hey. The buttons are on the wrong side." Marty noticed. "That's because it's a GIRLS shirt, Marty. Just put it on and finish dressing.". Amanda entered the room and said "How'd it go?" "Fabulous. Marty's picking it up quicker than you can believe. He's a computer STUD Amanda!". "Schweet!" Amanda enthused as she went over to Marty and gave him a hug and a kiss. "Cier-might I have a moment with Marty?". "Of course. I'll go and change for dinner. 'Bye Marty-Amanda...see you two in a bit."

Amanda closed the door and walked over to Marty. "Learn a lot?". "Oh yeah. Cier was great. Smart as hell.". "Good...Marty I assume the girls filled you in on the situation.". Amanda said as she paced. Marty looked sheepishly at Amanda "I'm not going to lie to you. Yes, they did.". "Marty-" "It's ok. I've thought about it and I'm ok. I see an opportunity here and want to make the most of it so please don't worry." Amanda sighed "I am SO relieved! You just never know how someone's going to react. I made a big mistake Marty...I allowed myself to care about you. I was so worried that you might go off after you were told." Marty smiled "It's fine Amanda. I gotta be honest here. When I first sensed something was odd I wanted to run like hell. But where would I go? I have noone. My family's gone and I have nobody that I was that close to. Seems I never fit in. I was never interested in sex and didn't know why. Maybe there's more than an opportunity for me here. Maybe it was time to get some answers. I think-no, I know I'll find those answers here...Friends?".

Amanda hugged Marty "Of course Marty! It's gonna be fantastic-just wait and see!"


Chapter VI

The Dinner


They went down the stairs & into the dining room. Jean and Karl saw Amanda and Marty and went over to greet them. Amanda was on the verge of bursting. "Jean, Karl... Marty knows everything and is ok with it.". "Thank Gawd." Jean sighed. "We were so worried." Karl added. "Jeannie, I just wanna hug him!". Karl embraced Marty and Jeannie said "Me too! Me too! Oh Marty! Welcome! welcome-welcome-welcome! Ladies? Your attention please! Marty is now onboard and we can all be ourselves!" The room exploded in applause and Jean raised her hands "Allrighttie then...let's eat.".

Marty relaxed. He finally was comfortable and completely at ease. The evening went on and Marty talked with everyone there. He went over to Karl and said "I want to thank you...for all you've done and what you're GONNA do!". Karl smiled and chided Marty "So see anything you like?". Marty looked around the room "Let's see...I want Jenae's boobs, Tinas' legs, Celestes' hands and" he said approaching Amanda "Her heart.". "Too late bub. I already gave it to you!".

Everyone laughed and they went into the den to sing some Karaoke and dance.

The evening ended and everyone retired to their rooms. Amanda and Marty went back up the stairs and when they got to Martys' room Amanda opened the door and they entered. "Lotsa changes Marty. Lots!". "Yup. I'm ready.". "Mind some company tonight?" Amanda asked apprehensively. "Please." Marty answered.

Amanda closed the door.


Chapter VII

Marty becomes Marti


Jenae' wheeled breakfast in. "Join us?" Amanda asked. "Love to" Jenae' answered. They sat and ate. Marty downed the 'Vitamins' without hesitation and the three of them discussed what was going to happen. "Amanda. can I ask you a question?". Amanda nodded and said "Sure. Shoot!". "How long will all this take?". "Allow me." Jenae' interjected. "Amanda here gave my first hormones seven months ago. I started hair removal a month later and had my first surgery, boobs, three weeks after that. I stabilized two months ago and had my SRS last month. Karl does very nice work, don't you think? That's a benefit here-if you want anything done Karl will evaluate your wants and tell you what to expect realistically. That way there are no false expectations. Best advise is to go slow and allow yourself to stabilize. Don't try to do too much at once.".


"Hey! We need to have you pick a name, Marty." Amanda stated. "I already thought about that." Marty said. "And?" Jenae' and Amanda inquired. "I'm going to go with Marti. Easy and simple.".

"I approve" said Amanda looking to Jenae'. "Done."

Amandas' phone rang. It was Dr. Karl. "Am I interrupting?". "No Karl. What's up?". "I'm doing Moniques' SRS today and she wanted to see if Marty wanted to observe.". They all looked over at Marti. "Well?". "Oh what the hell! Sure. Let's go!". Dr. Karl, Amanda and Marti went down to the observation area of the state of the art surgery room. They entered and saw Monique laying on the surgical table - legs in the stirrups spread-eagle. Monique spoke over the intercom to the observation room. "Hi all! glad you could make it. Ok Doc. Let's get this show on the road.". Dr. Karl nodded to Shelby and she put Monique under. There were three assistants on hand who were all former patients of Dr. Karl. Marti noticed that Dr. Karl said a prayer asking for GOD to be there and guide his hands. This took Marti back a bit and he leaned over to Amanda "He really cares, doesn't he?". "He sure does. Very much so.".

The surgery took five hours. Monique had prepaired herself as Dr. Karl had instructed and it was done without a hitch.

"Shelby's a Doctor tas well." Amanda said. "She's going to do her first SRS soon.".

"When will Dr. Karl get surgery?".

"As soon as Shelby is trained. Jean is finally accepting it and is being supportive. She still loves Karl. It's kinda hard on her, poor thing.".


Chapter VIII

Moving Foreward


Marti continued to work and the subtle changes were taking place. Marti was undergoing hair removal and had developed small breasts. His skin had become soft and he had hips now. Martis' hair had grown to just below the ears. Amanda was excited by these changes and told Marti that it was time to start dressing as a girl. "We'll get you a few things to start with. A bra, panties, some jewelry." "Can we go and get my ears pierced?" Marti asked. "Ok. Sure. That might be fun and we need to get out." Amanda and Marti went into Miami in the red Mercedes convertable. They shopped and ate lunch, then Amanda said "'k, hun. You wanted to get your ears pierced so let's do it.". They went to a shop on the way home and Marti had two studs installed in each ear as Amanda watched on.


"You cannot take them out for a week and you must keep turning them. You have to keep them clean. Each night you need to swab them with alcohol." Amanda said clinically.

After they returned to Crysalis, they took the new clothes up to Martis' room.

Marti noticed that his male clothes were gone. "I had Jenae' and Tina take them to a Goodwill.". Marti nodded in acknowledgement. "Now-now. Don't get sad on me." Amanda scolded. "I know. It was just a bit surprizing. I'm ok.".

Amanda cleaned Martis' ears. "We need to get dressed for dinner." Amanda announced. "What do you want to wear?". "Gee. I hadn't thought about that. What do you think?". "I think you need to wear the tan dress we bought today. And your off white sandals.". "Heels?" Marti said. "Yes. Heels. It's time you learned to walk in heels. You can start now.".

Marti took off the clothes from shopping. Amanda helped Marti adjust the bra and put in the gel inserts they had bought. Matching panties and pantyhose were next. Then the dress and finally the heels. Marti learned quickly to master the 2" 'trainer heels' Amanda had selected to go with the dress. "Well?" Marti asked. "Hun. You need some make up. Here-let me." Marti sat and Amanda applied a new face. "Voila! Take a look!". Marti looked intp the mirror. 'Marty' was no more. A strange new face appeared in the mirror. That of a 25 year old woman. "Amazing..." Marti whispered. "You like it?" Amanda asked. "Yes. It's better than I thought it woulkd be. I look so girly! Thanks Amanda!". "Now for that hair." Amanda curled backcombed and sprayed Martis' hair into an acceptable feminine style. "Now look." Marti was now a very feminine girl. She smiled and giggled. "Too much! I can't wait for the girls to see.". They went to dinner and Jean was the first to notice. "Marti? Is that YOU? I barely recognized you!". "Jenae' came over and looked Marti over. "More eyes and lips." she added. "And 'nails." Tina concluded. "But none the less, very nice!".

Marti agreed and they sat down to dinner. After, Jenae' gave marti her first set of acrylic nails with french tips. "Hmmmm..." Marti said looking at her hands. "What?" asked Jenae'. "I kinda wanted them longer." Marti lamented looking at Jenae's 'nails. "Later chick. You need to learn how to use this length first. THEN we'll do longer. Ok?". "Ok." Marti agreed.


Chapter IX

The Things Ladies Do!


Marti was finished with the work Jean and Dr. Karl had. There was nothing for her to do. "Marti-you are just too damned good! You have exceeded our expectations and I want you to have a make over and go shopping! No excuses! Now git!". Marti called Amanda "Hey what's up?". "Jean and Dr. want me to get a makeover and go shopping. wanna come with?". "Absolutely! I'll be there in 10 minutes.". "Great. They gave me their credit card and threw me out of the office.". "Worked yourself out of a job, eh?". "Appears so. For now anyhow.". "HA! Let's go and spend their money. That'll learn 'em!".

Martis' breasts were getting big. "You really need some new bras. Let's hit Victorias' Secret! WHEEE! One of the best things about being a girl is Lingere'!. The we'll go by Neimans' and pick up some new dresses and shoosies and get a makeover at MAC.".

The afternoons' efforts produced 4 new bras in the right size (36D) panties, pantyhose, 4 new pairs of shoes-3 of which had 5"+ stiletto heels, five new dresses, a new make-up cache' from MAC...and a makeover.

Marti was becoming more and more feminine and it was showing. Her 'nails were now as long as Jenae's and she had acquired several sets of earrings. Her skin was so soft now. Her breasts had developed to a full "D" cup and her hips had become just full enough.

Martis' dirty blonde hair was now shoulder length and in need of a cut & style. "We'll let Celeste' do it at home." said Amanda. "I wanna do some color too." Marti added.

Celeste' had been itching to get Marti in for styling. "I want to do some colour. What do you think?". Celeste' gently picked and pulled Martis' hair this way and that. "Gold highlights. NO! Blonde'!". Celeste' colored and trimmed up Martis' hair and gave her a body perm. "There! You rook marvelous, dahling!".

Marti and Amanda played dress-up after they got home. Marti slithered into a cocktail length gold Jacquard dress. "Now for those stilettos you just had to have." Marti slipped her nylon encassed toes into the gold stilettos. She carefully stood up. "This isn't so bad." she remarked. "Yeah. Tell me how they feel after 8 hours." Amanda piped in.

Marti walked over to the full length mirror. "Oooo...I feel so pretty!".


"You are hun! You look incredible.".

They went down to dinner and Dr. Karl looked at Marti. "Hmmm...I think she needs a nip 'n tuck around the eyes and some collagen in the lips. Cheekm implants...What do you think, Marti? Wanna go for it?". "What else do you think I should do?". Marti asked. "What do you want? We could do some lipo and a tummy tuck.". "I want it ALL!". "Uh-oh, Jeannie. We've created a monster! When do you want to do it?". "How do you feel about tomorrow?". "TOMORROW?!?! Well, ok. It's slow so sure. Maybe we can find some more work for you as you recover.".

Marti suddenly realized what she'd just said. It just kinda slipped out but she really wanted it!


Chapter X

While You Were Out...


The next day Marti went down to the surgery room. They prepped her and wheeled her into position in the OR.

She looked up and saw Shelby and Amanda! "Hey baby.". Amanda said through the surgical mask. "Relax and breathe in. Leave the rest to us.".

"Oooo...uhn. Is it over?". "Uh-huh." Shelby said "and it went just fine. Now shut up and go back to sleep..". "Fabulous..." Marti replied and went back to sleep.

The following three days Marti was greeted by a bandaged face and a very sore tummy. She got the bandages off a week later and started working from her computer. Two weeks after surgery she could see the results. Tighter eyes, fuller lips and a 22" waist!.

The girls checked on Marti daily and took her clothes in for alterations for her new skinny figure.

Amanda and the girls planned a night out at a very nice restaurant. Marti was getting ready and Amanda dropped in. "You are so TINY! Just look at you!". "I'm still a bit tender in my tummy. I thought I'd be over it now." "Marti-Dr. removed a great deal of fat from you during lipo - 4 litres! He also removed some tissue so you wouldn't have to go back later. That 22" waist is the smallest you'll ever get.". "I see. Nice!".


Marti looked into the mirror...she was HOT! The low cut dress showed off her volumptuous boobs and with her tiny new 22" waist she had a figure to die for! She slipped into her new 5.5" stilettos and minced her way around the room.

She felt more complete then she ever had as a male.

"Amanda? I think there's just one more thing.".

"I kinda figured it was coming. So when?".

"Probably next month. I'll ask Dr. Karl what he thinks.".

"With the hormones and all I'm surprized it didn't happen sooner. I'm happy for you, Marti!".

Marti called Dr. Karl. "Hello Dr. Are you busy?". "No. What can I do for you Marti or do I really need to ask?" "I guess not. So when can we do it?". "Well, you've done all the psychological preliminaries. I see no problem in scheduling you for next week. Will that work for you?". "That will be wonderful. Let's do it.". "You're on!".

The next week passed by slowly. Marti wanted to get this done and overwith. Finally the day came. Marti was prepped and wheeled into surgery. Her friends were all in the observation room and Dr. Karl was ready. Shelby would perform the surgery and Tina would administer the anesthetic.

"Breathe in, Marti... Count backwards from 20."


The next morning, Marti awoke feeling an intense need to urinate. "Go ahead, hun. You're wearing a catheter.". "Ahhhhh....". Tina laughed and said "Well THAT'S working.". "When do I get to see?". "Day after tomorrow. We remove the packing & have a look-see. If everything's ok, we insert the Dilator. It holds everything we've done in place. I'll bring a mirror.".

On that day Dr. Karl came in with Shelby to remove the bandages. WHEW! It smelled like a cross between a gym locker and a kitty box! Dr. & Shelby looked and inspected the area. "Looks good. How does it feel?". "Like a Napalm strike that went wrong. Nice work Dr. Karl.". Dr. Karl smiled and shook his head "Thanks, Marti. But I wasn't responsible.". "SHELBY!?!? OMIGAWD! YOU DID IT!!!". Shelby beamed "Uh-huh. Takes one to know one-as it were. Here-take a peak.". I held my head up and saw my new vagina. It was beautiful. Amanda came in and said "may I?". "Of course. Be my guest.". " really did it!". "Uh-huh. I'm so happy. I don't want Shelby to sign it. Not yet at least.".


"Time to insert the Dilater. Would you like to do it yourself?". "If it's ok I'd like to ask Amanda. Would you?". "Oh Marti...I'd be happy to!".

As the Dilator was put in I felt finally complete.

I was happy and satisfied.

It was like everything I'd ever done in life had brought me to this moment.

I was finally the person I'd been searching for my whole life.

The emptiness was a thing of the past.



It was a clear morning. We'd been very busy of late and Amanda and I were in San Diego.

We drove over to the address and waited for a phone call.

I took the silver case from the Bentleys' trunk and Amanda and I clik-clik-cliked our way to the front door in our black suits, sunglasses and matching 5" black patent stiletto pumps. It swung open and we walked in.

We were greeted by a rather confused young man who obviously been not sleeping much of late.

She smiled and said "Hello Thomas!" and went over to the phone.

I sat the large silver case on the table & went about setting things up.

"We're here. Yes...of course. We'll take care of everything. Ok...Goodbye." She hung the phone up and I opened the case.

I called his bank and Amanda had Thomas sign the forms....

You can figure out the rest.






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