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Martian Dolls           by: Paul G Jutras


The year is 2001 and the new century brought about enough advance technology to move from an orbiting space stations to plans of putting a colony on Mars. Though the plans are only in the draft states, the news have reached the population of Mars. The Martians plan to strike back with a very special virus.

One of the scientists that live next door to me recently took ill. Her name is Miss. Grumman. She remained in her house for nearly 48 hours when one night I saw a weird glow came from the house windows. The next day I saw her kissing a man as he got ready to go to work. He was just over four feet tall and had green hair. What was strange was that I couldn't remember Miss. Grumman ever being called Mrs. Grumman.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I went across the street and walked up on the porch before she could return inside the house. She turned and looked at me. I often thought of making my hair blonde to go with my blue eyes since it looked so good on her.

Mr. Grumman just stood beside his car and stared at us. She glanced at him and then walked into the house without a word.

"Well, that's weird." I thought as I ran my fingers through my long dark hair. "Who is he?"

Later I put an invite to dinner in their mailbox. "This ought to do something." I thought to myself as I hoped that he didn't suspect that I was trying to learn all I could about what was going on with my next door neighbors. "At least this isn't illegal like breaking in and snooping about their home when their both out."

Later that night I heard a knocking on the sliding glass door. It was Mrs. Grumman all dress in pink with a look of fright on her face. I opened the door to let her and was about to ask where her husband was, when she held up her hand.

"I - I'm sorry, but I can't have supper with you." She said quickly with a shiver running down her spine. She turn and ran off back to her house. "I just thought it was only polite to tell you that I can't stay.

"What's up with her?" I thought. "Could there be a security problem at the base. Could she be in so sort of protection program?"

I watched TV for a few hours and waiting for the lights to go out in the house. In the black cocktail dress and nylons I had on, I decided to sneak over to the Grumman house. As I peaked in the window, I saw the two in bed together. She was obeying his every sexual desire like some kind of sex slave. I thought the idea of being that passive to be sick.

As she laid on the floor exhausted from her orgasm, he got up and headed into the kitchen. I thought for a moment to take this as a chance to call her over and talk to her. That's when I heard the sound of footsteps coming up behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Mr. Grumman standing over me. Something he couldn't do if I wasn't kneeling below the window.

"I could call the cops and say that I caught myself a peeking tom." Mr. Grumman said with a smile on his face. For the longest moment he just stared as if trying to decide what to do with me. I for one did hope he wouldn't call the police.

"Mrs. Grumman has worked for years to get the Mars project off the ground." He started. My eyeballs grew large in fright as I watched him grow to over six feet tall. His hair fell out and his skin turned reptilian green. "Worked real hard too. That is why she was chosen for me to come down from my outpost on Mars and become her husband. Do you realize how much I've grown to hate you earthlings since learning her plans to be the first woman to set foot on Mars? Something my people won't allow!"

"Y - Your a Martian?" I stuttered in disbelief.

"You got that right." He green with a almost vampire like smile. His fangs seemed to gleam in the moonlight. "If you tell anyone they'll lock you away for being crazy. Not that I'm sure I'll let you leave, now that you know."

Hearing the sound of a motorist heading up the street I turned to see a man on a bike pass the front yard and continue on. When I looked back I saw the front door slam shut behind Mr. Grumman. A feeling of relief rushed over me. Even though the blackmail I was involved in, meant I couldn't go to the police about his threats.

Then all of a sudden the door opened again and the four foot Mr. Grumman stood with a big grin on his face. He gave a slight chuckle before he disappeared back inside his house. I ran back to my house and picked up the phone only to find it dead.

"Nothing. Why?"

"Look." Mr. Grumman's voice came over the phone. "The police cannot help you. Now what will it be?"

"I need to think about this." I set the phone back down. "Good-bye."

Now I really didn't know what to do. It was obvious that Mr. Grumman could get to me any time he wanted. I'd never be able to contact help if I tried. I was also worried about Mrs. Grumman and what would become of her.

I turned the television back on and kept my eye out the window at their house. The house remained completely dark and appeared deserted. That is until I saw the sliding glass door open and close. Out on the patio was Mrs. Grumman.

"What's going on?" I asked.

She stumbled through the darken backyard to my house. I let her inside and rushed her over to the couch to relax. "Paul, we need to talk."

"I saw him threaten you earlier." She said. "You don't really know what you've gotten yourself into. I don't think any of us does. He somehow erased the memories of everyone on the base to think he's been working on the project all these years. That I was nothing but a homemaker and beloved wife. My records of collage and everything disappeared. Although I can remember everything I learned, he can made me mute when he doesn't want others to know how smart I am."

"He ties me to the bed and treats me like his little love doll!" She broke into tears. "He alien technology has allowed him to have almost total mental control of me. He'd of made me his mindless love slave, but thought it more fun if I was aware of what had happened to me."

"Oh, Denise, I kind of thought that." I said as she cried on my shoulder. Though I couldn't help but feel kind of turned on at the same time. "It sounds just awful! Some alien from space having sex with you whenever he wants. Like he told me, if we tell anyone the truth, we'll be declared insane and locked up."

"What is his plan?" I asked. "What can we do about it?"

"I don't know," She said sniffling.

Denise was so exhausted from all the sex she had, she collapsed in my arms and fell asleep. I gently put her head back on the pillows and put her feet up on the couch before going to bed myself. I knew she had to go back in the morning. I didn't want to push my luck with an angry Martian.

Bright and early the following morning, Mr. Grumman was at my front door once more. I knew at once that he was looking for his wife when I opened the door. Before I could say a word, he barged past me into the living room.

"Where's my wife?" he asked.

"She came here exhausted to sleep." I said nervously. "What are you planning to do?"

"You'll see," he said reaching into his pocket and pulled out a small pistol. He yanked Denise to her feet by the arm and shook her awake. He used the pistol to urge us back to the Grumman household. "I'm not taking any chances with either of you."

After he forced me to undress, he reached into a closet and tossed a series of clothes at me. A wave of the pistol was all the instruction I needed to put it on.

First was a pair of red panties designed so that I could be penetrated without removing them. I then put on a larger cup size bra, red and white cheerleader skirt and top. After the top was on, I felt Denise put a cold metal collar about my neck with a padlock attached. The collar was the same color red as my outfit and sent an erotic sensation throughout my body.

I saw my long dangling hair turn to blonde before my eyes and felt my aroused breasts growing into the new cup size bra. My waist became even narrower than it was and my hips changed to fit my new sexy figure. I knew I was finished when Mr. Grumman removed the collar.

I stepped over to the window and a few boys walking pass the house started to whistle at the new teenage figure the collar had created. Not knowing what else to do, I put on the socks and sneakers that went with the cheerleader outfit. That was when I notice writing tattooed on the bottom of my foot. MARTIAN LOVE DOLL #1664. Sitting down on the couch I tried to figure out what he was going to do with me. Even if he let me go, I had a new person. A person with no ID whatsoever. No Social Security number to help me keep my house or job.

Seeing that Mr. Grumman had left the collar on the table, I went to exam it. On the inside there was subscribed a phone number. Making sure I was alone, I dialed it. It seemed to take forever before I heard the sound of someone answering.

"Hi, this is Zokra Keeth at Martian Love Dolls Inc." A guy said in a voice that sounded like a typical smooth talking salesman. "How can I serve you today?"

"This is..." I began, but was quickly interrupted.

"Martian Love Doll 1664." The man repliec.

"Yeah, that's right." I said surprised. "How'd you know?"

"The President of Mars has given our company orders not to aid anyone from Earth who is changed." The salesman apologized. "We are to insist in halting the Mars Earth colony plan. Perhaps when our business with your world is finished, then we can be of help. Have a sexy day."

"Like I have a choice." I thought as I hung up the phone.

When Mr. Grumman went out, I went and sat on the porch. My crotch felt very wet and my breasts remained aroused. I thought about going back to my house, but some neighbor would probably have be arrested for robbery.

I started checking out each room of the Grumman house. I found in the back of the closet a tuxedo and wedding dress that was never worn. Obviously props to go with the hypnotic trance everyone in the base were in. In case they came over for dinner or something.

When I got to the bedroom, I saw Denise on the bed with her wrists tied to the head board. Her ankles were crossed and found together. Before I could untie her, I heard a car pull up into the drive way. Seeing Mr. Grumman getting out of his car through a window, I rushed into the closet and closed the door behind me.

Mr. Grumman came into the room and pulled the drapes shut. I watched as he approached his wife on the bed and wondered what he was going to do to her. What he'd end up doing with me if I got caught watching them.

"Ready for some playtime?" Mr. Grumman asked.

"Yes, Yes!" She cried eagerly.

Through the closet door I heard the woman's cries and moans of pleasure. I glanced down at saw a letter sticking out of a closed suitcase. I carefully bent down and slid it free. Using the light though the door slits, I did my best to read it.

Dear Sir,

You are given a court order to stop the Earthlings at all costs.
Provided with you are Love doll collars to make any of them your
love slave. Do not misunderstand. These are not for your self pleasure,
but are to be used if the hypnotize ray fail to see you are the head of the
project. If you cannot force them to cancel the colony project. If we find out
that you are miss-using the love doll power, you we be forced to return to Mars
with all those transformed into love dolls before being replaced.

P Keeth.

I returned my attention to what was going on in the other room. The sights and sounds made my own vagina wet. From what I heard, earth love days didn't get wet. Guess Martian ones are more realistic. It could be because I use to be a real woman.

"You don't look too comfortable, Miss Taran." Mr. Grumman said as he opened the closet door and looked at me with an odd smile. "You're wrinkling your clothes and your hair is a mess."

Before I could stop myself, I took the hair brush that Mr. Grumman handed me and started to fix my hair. I realized I was now entranced by the wicked seductive spell of the love doll transformation. I wanted to be pretty for Mr. Grumman. I watched as he untied Denise and had her start combing my hair while he sat on the bed and watched. My body became stiff with my hands on my lap as I felt the brush against me.

As strange and new it all was to me, I wasn't prepared for the flood of hormone emotions that wanted me to do anything Mr. Grumman wanted. The itch between my legs caused me to move my legs excitedly up and down. My body wanted Mr. Grumman so bad that I thought I'd explode if I didn't get release soon from the building heat.

My mind was centered upon Mr. Grumman now and could no longer think of anything else. My thoughts of changing back to my old self didn't exist at all. At least some part of me liked the thought of being the man's love doll. I didn't remember leaving the bedroom or even the Earth. As Mr. Grumman took me in his hands, I was fully adjusted to my fate.

"So we're both trapped then?"

"More or less," she shrugged. "But I'm starting to get use to being made love to every night. You'll get use to it too. Love dolls are the Martian means to capture and keep and eye on those thought of as a threat to their planet. "

"They must have some pretty powerful technology."

"Ah-huh," Mrs. Grumman answered. "I'm sure the hypnotic suggestion and love doll collars are but the tip of it."

Later on after we'd been given breakfast by Mr. Grumman, Denise and I were allowed some time in the backyard to do some yard care. He thought it was cute to have us wear identical dresses, socks and shoes. I looked up at the red sky of Mars and missed the blue sky of Earth. I soon found that was about all I could remember of the earth. The transformation into a doll made it different to remember the past and who we once were. It was a lot easier to concentrate on the moment.

When we were brought back to our room, Mr. Grumman ordered us to sit down. As we did, our bodies went stiff. As hard as I tried, I couldn't move. I could feel a head set put on me. As it was turned on, I was sure the same was being done with Denise.

WELCOME TO YOUR SEX DOLL LOVE LESSONS. The voice on the tape said.

As the tape started, I was starting to wonder if Mr. Grumman had played the tapes for me in my sleep back on earth. If that was the reason I was having trouble remembering Earth and the rest of my past life now. Before I could ponder the idea anymore, my eye lids started to feel heavy. I couldn't really be sure if I was falling asleep or entering a trance.

I felt a heat building in my pussy. A heat that spread throughout my body. I did find myself drifting off to sleep. The dream consisted of Mr. Grumman taking me in his arms. The hot passion of contact and genital stroking. His sweaty flesh giving me butterfly kisses on the face and neck. Working his way over my breasts and down to my sex. The pleasure torture made me feel numb between my legs as I was brought to the climax by the slow clitoral ministrations of Mr. Grumman.

When I woke up I felt strangely at peace. Mr. Grumman was placing a tray of food on each of our laps, as we both obeyed the order to eat. I didn't know what type of chemicals were in the food, but it made us have to go to the bathroom. We had to go bad and a lot.

When we were done in the bathroom, we returned to our chairs. A shot in our arms made our bodies stiff once again. I could only stare helpless as the headphones were placed back on our heads, then the tapes turned back on.

WELCOME TO TAPE 3 OF LOVE DOLL LESSONS. The voice on the tape started. This confirmed my thoughts that I was given tape one's lessons before being brought to Mars. Though I wasn't sure if it was when I was asleep or part of the collar's transformation. Since I couldn't hear the tape, as the lessons were fed directly into my mind, it didn't really matter.

I didn't know what to expect from the tape, but my level of arousal seem to build inside of me like before. It started with a warm sensation between my legs and spread up to my head and down to my toes. Every inch of me was overly stimulated by even the slightest breeze that passed over me. I would want to hold still even if I could move. As I sat there, I drifted off to sleep again.

No sooner than the tape came to an end, than the headphones were removed. Mr. Grumman's hands took hold of mine and raised me up to my feet. I was gently guided to the bed where I laid down on my back. The pleasure the tapes put in me had kept my nipples erect and sore. My mind was more focus on the sudden feel of something being pounded in and out of my sex in a slippery fashion. I soon found my hips moving out of control. I gasped and moaned as Mr. Grumman's cock and balls were driven in and out of me like a pile driver.

With no will to resist the thrills of passion, I took Mr. Grumman in my arms. Our lips locked and my breasts harden as they pressed against his chest. The only pauses of breath allowed me were the few seconds at a time that he wasn't inside of me. My mouth and eyes went wide as I exploded in one orgasm after another.

When he rolled over and thought it was over, I suddenly felt something between my legs. I looked down to see Denise fingering my sex. With a nod from Mr. Grumman, she shoved her whole hand into me up to her wrist. I now knew what a man must of felt like when he was kick in the balls. I don't know how she managed to get so much of herself in me, but it was like having a living dildo playing with me.

Mr. Grumman and I had sex all afternoon and most of the night. When he needed a rest he kept me going by have Denise and I fondle one another. The lips of her mouth on the lips of my pussy was a real turn on for some reason.

When I woke to an early morning breakfast, I could see that Denise was already put to work in the backyard. My nipples and crotch was still sore, but I didn't care. My sexual urges continued to want more.

"Can I have some more?" I asked Mr. Grumman as I arched my back and spread my legs.

"You can, when I want you to." He smiled widely.

"But you promised last night to give me more."

"Maybe I did, but you'll have a long wait with an attitude like that."

"But I need it badly."

"Sorry Amy. That's just how a Martian Love Doll body is. I've got every right to do with your body now that I please. Why should I change you back into a free Earthling when I can do with you as I please every night. From what your friend told me between the explosions of orgasms, you didn't have much of a life and hardly deserve to get it back. You should of minded your own business before you became a peeping tom at my place. You're my love doll now. Get use to it!"

When the door bell rang, Mr. Grumman went and answered it. I heard him mention the name Keeth and something about tending to an agreement. I was a little worried, but the tapes program soon had me thinking of pleasure once again.

I heard footsteps approach and Mr. Grumman came back with another male Martian. All of them looked the same to me. Bald, around six foot and reptile like skin. In his right hand was a suitcase for me to pack my stuff in. As I turned to go to my room for my stuff, he raised some kind of gun and pulled the trigger. My eyes were blinded in a blue light of electrical energy.

I awoke laying face down on a bed. As I rolled over, I notice the Mr. Keeth sitting in a rocking chair. The room looked like it was for a little child. The wall paper had the images of balloons and amusement park rides on it. I found a one piece pink costume suit on the bed beside me.

"Put it on." Mr. Keeth ordered.

I climbed into the costume feet foot and found it to be like a nylon body suit, complete with built in nylon gloves and a nylon hooded mask that made my whole body look and feel like it was coated in a nylon mesh. As I tried to take my feet out, I found it wouldn't let go. The suit became a second skin or better yet a replacement skin for me. I was stuck.

"You look lovely." Keeth smiled a toothy grin as he took his shirt off. "You might want to know that I succeeded where Mr. Grumman failed. They'll be no Earth base built on Mars in the near future. Not ever if we can help it."

With a shove, I fell backwards on a circular bed. I looked up just as he finished stripping off his pants and climbed on top of me. With my shoulders pinned back, I felt his dick dart in and out of my pantyhose pussy. I couldn't stop the cum.

Even when he was done and I laid exhausted, my body felt like it wanted more. Keeth went over to a dresser draw and pulled out a large dildo. Since the pantyhose was now my second skin, the fibers didn't even break when he inserted it into me.

I felt a warmth pass through me as my hips started to rock. I never had anything but an actual man penetrate me in the past. It was weird having the dildo in me...but nice. I felt the machine doing its job for an hour or so before he turned the vibrator off.

"Martian women who make a career out of being love dolls can take full power." Keeth said, pleased with the amount of pleasure I handled. "I'll work you slowly so now not to damage your mind."

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," I moaned as I heard the dildo inside me start to hum to life again, and everything blurred. Then when it shut down, my vision cleared again. "I like this. Give me more."

"Maybe later." Keeth smiled his toothy Martian smile.

"Please turn it on again. I don't know what my body will do without being stimulated." I said worriedly.

"You'll get pleasure soon enough. But only when I decide you deserve it."

Keeth went to the kitchen and had himself a sandwich. He then came back into the bedroom to see how I was doing. Seeing that I was suffering from sex withdraw, I tried to pleasure the itch in my crotch that reminded me of the itch I felt when I first got my love doll ID. He turned on the vibrator until I blacked out. When I woke up again, the vibrator was off and I was in Keeth's arms.

Thinking only of making love to this alien, I laid in bed with no thought to my predicament. I don't think I could think of anything but making love even if I wanted to. As the alien's arms brushed over my body, my body became more stimulated.

Glancing down, I notice that I was wearing a teddy tightly on my body. The martial was thin and would cause me to feel cold if not for my nylon coating on my skin. Keeth's moved in bed and pressed against my breasts with his embrace. I found my breasts were as silky soft and as stimulated as the rest of my body.

Even with the dildo I felt like I needed additional penetration. As Keeth rolled over, pushed the dildo even further inside of me. We thrashed about the bed with my heart a flutter in my chest and comforting welled up feelings of delightfulness.

I found myself a sex starved nymphomaniac. I didn't even care when we rolled off the side of the bed onto a pile of clothes on the floor. He just kept pumping in and out of me, rocking my hips. I screamed out when my orgasm climax, then fainted.

When I woke up, Keeth was talking to Mr. Grumman in the other room. I was too weak from sex to sit up, let alone go see what they were up to. All I could do was lay back and listen.

"Love doll working out okay?"

"You know it."

"Good, good." Mr. Grumman said stretching his arms over his head. "You know, I think earthlings make even better love dolls than the Martian women, don't you?"

"You said it. I've been to some of The Love Doll Pleasure House and didn't get a hard on the way Amy has given me."

After Mr. Grumman left, Keeth returned to the bedroom. "How are you?" he asked, bring me some food to build up my strength. I was still surprise at how the spoon passed through my nylon coated lips and allowed me to take it in.

"Fine. And you?"

"Terrific." He said, sounding real pleasure with how I have managed to please him since my arrival in his household. "How about you? Need some stimulation?"

"You know it." I arched my back and spread my legs. I was a little upset when he just turned on my vibrator and didn't take me himself.

"You're so sexy." Keeth smiled as he watched my bucking body, trying to pleasure myself with my nylon fingers and the dildo. He left the room, closing the door behind him. "See you later."

I rolled out of bed and crawled over to the door. As I got up, I tried to open it but found it was locked.

"You're my love doll, remember." I heard Keeth's voice on the other side of the door. "You don't go anything or do anything unless I let you.

I opened my mouth to say something, but only a moan of passion was released. I rolled onto my back, fingered my pussy through the nylon and started to pleasure myself. As I fondled my nipples I had the knowledge that nothing would ever completely satisfy my need for sex and pleasure ever again. I just continued to moan, somehow knowing that it pleased Keeth to hear me making love to myself. This would be my life for now on and I would enjoy getting use to it.




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