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Marriage Switch                  by: Paul G Jutras


It all started at 4:30pm at the Mac Given and Son law firm. The Chairman and President shook the hand of a up and coming young man in a navy blue business suit and tie. "Good work my boy," Mr. Mac Given senior said with a smile. "Welcome to our board of directors. I see you going very far with us. When my son takes over, you may even be vice president material."

"I am honored sir." Barry replied as he said his good byes and prepared to leave the office for the day. It was such a lovely even, he decided to walk through the park instead of hailing a taxi cab.

At the same time Lynne was sitting on a park bench and brushed her long dark hair from her face. As she sat in a white lacy blue, black skirt and suntan pantyhose, she kicked off her high heels and complained at how much easier men had it when dressing up for a job.

"Such a lovely day." Barry muttered to himself as he saw some birds by the park fountain. He glanced over at a man selling bird seed from a cart and bought a bag. He poured some in his hand and tossed it out before the birds. "With my promotion causing a raise up the ladder, everyone should get what they want."

"Yes, everyone should." Lynne thought to herself as her red lipstick spread a weird smile across her face. She slipped her heels back on and hobbled in the direction of the young man. "I think I’ve finally found the person I’ve been looking for."

Purposely tripping out of her heels, Lynne knocked both of them into the park fountain. As they sat soaking wet, she started giggling about how clumsy it was of her and how sorry she was. All he could was do was stare hypnotically into her eyes as it was love at first sight for him.

The next couple of months it was one date after another. They were dinning and dancing and taking the lunches from work together in the park. When they weren’t together, she was checking out his background to make sure his life was everything she hoped it would be. When he asked her to marry him, she excepted right away and reluctantly left her job. As much as she hated her clothes, she loved the power she felt as a working woman.

One night as they laid naked in her bed, Lynne pulled out a medallion with mystic symbols on it and touched it to herself and then to Barry. As she watched her own breasts sink back into her chest, Barry’s breasts expanded into full tits that matched her old ones. Like a computer morphing program, their bodies reshape until they were in one another body.

Giving the former Barry a sedative, Lynne got dressed in his clothes and took the medallion down to the bank. The president of the bank had known Barry since his divorce case that Mac Given and Sons had handled. With a favor or two owed, he was glad to put the medallion in a safety deposit box that could not be opened by anyone but Barry himself. (Should we say Lynne now in Barry’s body.)

With Barry finally woke up in bed, he rolled over to the shock of seeing his own body laying beside him. "Wha... What’s going on?" Barry cried out in Lynne’s high pitch voice. He then looked down at a pair of breasts that seemed larger from his new point of view and a long shapely body that ended in a pair of hot pink toe nails.

"Magic." Lynne smiled as she stared at her own shocked face. "Marry me or stay this way forever! If you’re a good wife, I might change you back after the first child!"

Seeing no choice in the manner, Barry nodded reluctantly in agreement. The next two days where a whirlwind nightmare for the former man. He felt like a fool as Lynne’s best friends and bride maids helped fit her for her wedding dress. Barry had always dreamed of a bachelor party with hookers and getting drunk on beer. What he got instead was a session at the hair dressers, a bridal shower of presents and the evening before the wedding at a male strip joint.

"Come on, Lynne," Francine called out over the roar of the female crowd. "The two of us use to come her after work every night. At least until you had to get a second job when the rent on your apartment house went up."

"Whatever." Barry muttered as Francine shoved her forward and forced his long feminine nails in his jock strap. Barry suddenly felt flush with the worst case of penis envy he could of ever imagine. He couldn’t wait to get on his honeymoon. The sooner he could get pregnant, the sooner he could swap back.

After the I DO’S, Barry was carried into the honeymoon suite of the Carl Arms hotel. As Barry lay waiting on the bridal bed, he could only guess how this turn of events came about. Just two days ago, he was a man about to marry his fiance, Lynne. Their lives were looking good. Barry had just landed a good promotion in his job and Lynne had give up work so they could start a family. Well at least that’s how Barry had wanted it. If only he’d ask Lynne what she had wanted? Now as the bathroom door opened and a naked Lynne in his old body made her way to the honeymoon bed, Barry heart jumped.

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"You look so sexy, Barry." Lynne’s huskily whispered as she ran a hand over Barry’s nylon covered thigh. all Barry could think of were Lynne’s words of a couple of days ago. MARRY ME OR STAY THIS WAY FOREVER. IF YOUR A GOOD WIFE, I MIGHTY CHANGE YOU BACK AFTER THE FIRST CHILD!

Barry watched as his former hands undressed him from the wedding dress and couldn’t wait to get started with a night of bumping and grinding. To his surprise, Lynne just smiled wickedly and tossed him a black leotard, fishnet stockings and spike heels. "I have something special planned for you. Knowing my body, you’re going to enjoy it."

The honeymoon proved a real eye opener as his wife initiated every form of sex play one can image. The worst part wasn’t when Barry was naked with his new pussy full of his wife’s juices, but when Lynne offered her new equipment to Barry’s mouth and said: Suck honey.

Six month after the honeymoon, Barry was no closer to getting his body back than when they first swapped. Lynne’s friend knew from the last of tan on Lynne’s body where most of the honeymoon was spent. When the lovers first came back, Lynne had laid down the rules with Barry. As Barry stood in a tight sweater, snug skirt, nylons and four inch heels, Lynne told him that his role was now the dutiful wife wanting only to have child to breast feed and kept satisfied. When that knowledge was clear, Barry spent those months that passed in the nightmare of wearing only feminine clothing.

While Lynne enjoyed men’s clothing and the responsibility she never got as a woman at work, Barry was practically worked to death. Feeling like he was always dressed in a straight jacket, Barry lost count of the number of corns and blisters the shoes he was kept in caused while cooking and cleaning. At times he begged Lynne to hire a maid to help since his former life’s promotion would allow them to afford one. She wouldn’t hear of it.

When their wedding anniversary came about, Barry was in the middle of dusting and vacuuming when the phone rang with Lynne at the other end. "I made special plans for us tonight, honey." She said sweetly. "A cleaning service will be by soon. As they do the house, I want you to go to the beauty salon and make yourself up special."

"I wonder if we’re going to switch back." Barry thought hopefully. As soon as the cleaning people where done, Barry just made the special appointment Lynne made for him at the salon. He really got the treatment all day. He had been waxed, snipped, washed and dried. Every part of him had been beautified. The bikini wax was particular invasive.

The evening started with Lynne in a tux and Barry in a spaghetti strap black dress that only reached his sex new mid thigh, black hose and heels. Before and after their meal they had did some dancing to their favorite songs on the dance floor.

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Sadly all that really followed dinner was a night on his back in the honeymoon suite of the new motel in town. As Barry laid exhausted, covered in his former bodies juices he panted out his wishes. "How... How about changing us back now."

"Don’t be silly dear," Lynne smiled as she played with her former breasts. "Since you produced no children, it’s going to be another year in one another’s bodies."

The second year of the marriage was really dragging for Barry in his wife’s body. He no longer counted the days one at a time. He now counted them by events like their anniversaries and seasons. When Mac Given and Son had their Christmas party, Barry knew it meant a season of socializing cocktail parties. When Barry was a single man he really enjoyed the yearly parties the office put on for its employees. As now his own wife, he finished decorating the tree and doing extra cooking for his wife’s co-workers. It was a real nightmare for him to see all his fellow co-workers making their way up the ladder with Lynne. Lynne made sure Barry was always dressed in an outfit that would show his assets off.

He felt exposed as he caught them leering at him hungrily. Especially when Lynne insisted that Barry danced with his former male friends. He soon learned that year the true indignity of being a woman who couldn’t keep from being man handled and kissed. Even when each dance was over, he had to take the discreet touch of a man’s hand on his wife’s tear drop ass.

When they eat, he was stuck listening to Lynne talk opening about their love life in a way that made his stomach twist into knots to his best friend Bill. He was sure his wife, Jill felt the same way. When the Christmas party was over, Barry relaxed in the spa before going to the bedroom and finding a naked Lynn waiting for Barry to take his former manhood to suck.

Barry also noticed a special outfit laying on the bed side Lynne. A pair of fishnets with the leotard and heels he wore on their honeymoon when Lynne first made love to Barry in one another’s bodies. As Barry pose sexy before his wife, he wondered how much longer he could go on being female. Periods had already become second nature to him, and he found himself before the party checking his backside to make sure his ass didn’t look too big. Lynne didn’t say anything, only picked up the phone an enrolled Barry in a gym without a choice in the matter.

"I thought I was going to be sick tonight." Barry said, wishing Lynne would make him orgasm into motherhood. "The looks that Bob especially gave me sends shivers down my spine."

"Now, honey." Lynne purred into her former ear. "It’s all part of being a corporate wife. Once you start feeling pregnant, it’ll all be over. Though I’m surprise it hasn’t happened yet with all the sex we’ve had since we’ve first met."

Barry began to wonder if he could believe her as Lynne’s power trip had allowed her to take to the male role a lot easier than he had to her life. He knew that he couldn’t harm her, as much as he wanted to. He would be hurting an innocent body and would really trap him as widow forever.

Shortly after the Christmas snow had melted, Barry was about to start dinner when the phone rang. He knew right off that it would be Lynne on the phone. He was hesitate to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Hi sugar." Barry heard his own voice sing through the ear piece. "I’m working late and alone tonight, sweetheart and can’t help but feel horny when I think of my dutiful wife. Why don’t you forget dinner and get your butt down at Mac Given and Sons in the outfit you wore before the snowfall."

Barry hated it when Lynne ordered him around. He knew he lack options as he wrapped a coat around their special love making outfit and took a bus downtown. He would of preferred to take a taxi, but Lynne had always insisted that at times like this, he would take public transportation. Only the coat hid his modesty.

As Lynne put her finished work away in her office the intercom buzzed. "Excuse me sir, but your wife is here upon you request."

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"Send her right up to the board room." Lynne ordered as she left her office for the meeting room. When Barry arrived at the room, Lynne was laying in a sexy pose on top of the table. Without a word and only hand gestures, she had him remove the coat and knee down upon it. Only his hands and knees he made his way to the table, where Lynne screwed him senseless on the desk in their usual humiliating act. When she was done, he wasn’t allowed to clean up. Only to travel back home on the subway train, full of Lynne’s juices held in place by the wet crotch of his hose.

The next morning, Barry was seen by Lynne throwing up in the bathroom. With a smile, she knew her husband was experience the first signs of morning sickness. As the next nine months pass, it was followed with swollen ankles mood swings and sensitive nipples. As the glow of motherhood surrounded Barry, he found himself never happier than to have the feeling of life growing inside of him.

When Barry gave birth to twin girls, Jennifer and Katrina, he knew that he had lost his old life forever. He never felt anything as wonderful as he did at the idea that he brought a new life into the world. He knew in the back of his mind that Lynne had no intention of switching back anyway if he bothered to ask. Not that he would as the last nine months as allowed the two to fall in love all over again.




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