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Marriage Material

by Cal Y. Pygia


A full moon hung in the star-studded sky, and a faint breeze stirred the palms outside the restaurant. Ted had asked Marilyn to join him for dinner at Boca del Senorita, or "Girl's Mouth," and they sat at a small table on the balcony, beneath a large umbrella, enjoying the sound and the scent of the sea and the glimmer of moonlight upon the otherwise dark and rolling waves. They'd ordered wine and shrimp. Marilyn hadn't stopped smiling since he'd picked her up at her apartment. She looked lovelier than ever in the lavender gown she'd worn. The soft satin fabric clung to her curves, accentuating her figure and the silken smoothness of her peach complexion. The diamond necklace sparkled, like her sapphire eyes. She sipped the wine in the long-stemmed glass. "This is heavenly," she said.

"Are you happy?" Ted asked.

She set the wineglass on the table and leaned forward. The cleavage between the mounds of her soft, smooth breasts was deep. "Yes," she replied, her voice soft and sweet as roses. "Thank you for inviting me."

"Thank you for accepting."

Tonight wasn't their first date. They'd been seeing one another, exclusively, for several months. Their relationship had blossomed from one of friendship to one of intimacy. They'd kissed and cuddled, caressed and embraced, and, once or twice, Marilyn had performed oral sex on him. However, they hadn't had sexual intercourse. Marilyn wanted to wait until they were married before divesting herself of her virginity. "I guess it's silly, but—" she'd apologized, but Ted had stopped her. "It's not," he'd objected. "It's sweet and endearing. Besides, I don't mind waiting." His response to her insistence upon remaining a virgin until her wedding night had won Marilyn's heart. Since his acceptance of her wish, they'd been inseparable. It was just a matter of time, Marilyn had told herself, before Ted asked her to become his bride. When he did, she'd say yes, of course.

'I'm glad you're happy," Ted said. "I am, too, but not as happy as I could be."

Marilyn frowned, her eyes reflecting her concern. "Oh, Ted! What's the matter? Is there anything I can do?"

Ted nodded. Reaching into the pocket of his sports jacket, he removed a small box.

Marilyn's eyes widened as her heart raced. Could it be? she wondered.

Ted knelt before his date as he opened the lid of the tiny container. Inside, a magnificent diamond ring gleamed against the box's red velvet liner. "Will you marry me, Marilyn?" Ted asked.

Yes! Marilyn thought. Yes! Oh, yes! But she looked at Ted, silent, her eyes wet and glistening with tears.

They were tears of happiness, Ted hoped. Please, God, let them be tears of joy, he prayed.

Marilyn began to sob.

Ted set the ring on the table, and rose. He placed his hands upon her shoulders. "What's wrong, Marilyn?" he asked. "What's the matter?" His voice was full of concern.



Ten minutes passed before Marilyn could bring herself under control. Although she'd wept quietly, she and Ted were the center of attention by the time she managed to stop crying. Several of their fellow diners gave Ted a hard, disparaging look, as if they blamed Marilyn's tears on something he'd said or done.

"I'm s-s-sorry," Marilyn managed to stammer between sobs. "I've ruined e-e-everything!"

"No, you haven't. I'm just concerned about you. Won't you tell me what's wrong? Whatever it is, we can handle it. Together, we can—"

"Please—can we go somewhere else?" Marilyn beseeched, her voice, like her lips, trembling. "Somewhere private?"

"Sure. Of course." Ted waved at their waiter. The waiter nodded curtly, keeping his face impassive. The waiter blames me, too, Ted thought, miserably, for whatever's bothering Marilyn. He hastily placed enough bills on the table to cover the cost of the meal, omitting a tip, and he and Marilyn proceeded to his apartment.



After a good deal of coaxing, promises of eternal fidelity, and reassurances that he would stick by her no matter what deep, dark secret Marilyn might reveal, not to mention a great many more sobs and tears, Marilyn finally agreed to share her secret, but she insisted that Ted first close his eyes.

"Marilyn, come on," he'd protested. "That's childish."

"If you want to know, you'll close your eyes," she insisted.

He frowned, but closed his eyes.

"When I tell you to do so, open them," she instructed him.


"Until then, no peeking!" she warned.


A couple minutes later, Marilyn said, "You can look now." Her voice was tremulous, as if she were frightened or anxious.

When Ted opened his eyes, he saw, immediately, why Marilyn had sounded concerned.

His eyes swept over her luxurious blonde locks, which hung past her shoulders, in huge curls; past her wide, blue eyes; past her full, sensuous lips, soft and pink as ripened strawberries; past the full, high, round breasts capped with pert, rosy areolas; and past the concave sweep of her tummy, to the small cock and balls that dangled below her trimmed pubic hair. Marilyn was a guy! She was a he! His woman was a man!

A man with a beautiful face, a feminine figure, and sleek, soft skin, but a man, nonetheless—or, Ted supposed, he might think of her as a woman with male genitals—a chick with a dick.

Marilyn was looking at the carpet, ashamed. She hazarded a glance at her boyfriend. With a pout and teary eyes, she asked, "Do you hate me?"

Ted wasn't sure, at first, upon learning that his girlfriend had the same sexual organs as he had, how he felt or what to think. However, the sight of Marilyn's bountiful breasts, hollow tummy, round ass, and sleek, tapering legs soon settled his heart and mind. She was the most beautiful, sexiest creature he'd ever seen, and, he admitted, the presence of her cock and balls was not disgusting. On the contrary, her possession of both female and male sexual accessories was both fascinating and arousing. "I don't hate you," he assured her. "I love you." He took the ring box from his pocket, opened it, and removed the engagement ring. "I want you to marry me," he said, "please."

Marilyn's doubts vanished as she grinned. "Yes!" she cried. "I will marry you! I'm delighted to marry you!"

Ted smiled. He slipped the ring onto her finger, and they kissed.

"I'll make you the happiest man on the planet," Marilyn promised.

They kissed again.

Marilyn was marriage material, all right, Ted told himself. He had no doubt that she'd make him happy. After all, Marilyn was a superb cock sucker, and, with a beautiful, feminine ass like hers, she'd be a joy to fuck, too. Moreover, Ted was certain that, although her cock and balls were small in comparison to his own, she'd be able to give as good as she got.

Yes, theirs would be a happy marriage, indeed! They'd both see to that!




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