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Marlowe-Private Eye

The Case of the Dirty Dancer

by Mr. Twister


As I walked to the receptionist, I noticed her name was Trixie Miller before I said, "Patricia Marlowe for my appointment at five with Dick Burns."

"Have a seat, Ms. Marlowe, and I’ll let Mr. Burns know you’re here."

"Thanks . . . and is Trixie your given name?"

"Just a nickname that stuck. Why do you ask?"

"Just interested in names," I answered as I looked at her massive tits and pondered if they were real or silicone. "You look more like a Suzi," while I continued evaluating my prey. "You’re a very attractive woman, Trixie."

"Thank you, Ms. Marlowe . . . "

"Call me Patty . . . I always think Ms. sounds too matronly," as I sat and evaluated Trixie. Her cashmere sweater drew your eyes directly to her gorgeous breasts and the short dark skirt allowed a great deal of her slender legs to be seen. There was no doubt that she dressed for her boss, Mr. Burns, and he was the ultimate target.

I should explain that I’m a private investigator and my client, Dina Burns, was concerned about her marriage. My reputation had guided her to my office where Dina explained her suspicions that Mr. Burns had a mistress and she was afraid he wanted her eliminated so he could inherit all of her wealth. After doing some background work and spending a couple of days following Mr. Burns, I decided I needed to get closer to his activities and his administrative assistant seemed the best way.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this a couple of years ago when I was slender effeminate looking guy named Pat Marlowe, your typical private ‘dick,’ chasing the scum of the earth for a few bucks and a lot of risk. I needed to make a dramatic change and realized no one ever suspected women to be investigators. Several thousands later, I’m carrying a pair of 38's, as in DD tits that’ll suck your eyes out, and a concealed weapon that’s a ten-inch cock . . . before it gets excited. The surgery also did some minor adjusting of my waist, ass, face and voice while the ongoing hormone treatments maintain my attractive feminine disguise that allows me to do some good undercover and ‘under the covers’ work.

Trixie interrupted my thoughts when she announced, "Patty . . . Mr. Burns will see you now," and I smiled at her as I arose and walked into his office where we met and shook hands.

After explaining I was checking the company’s security measures in light of recent world events and could get the information from Trixie, he informed her, "Please help Ms. Marlowe with whatever she needs," and I returned to her desk.

"So, Trixie, Mr. Burns said to assist me. How about we discuss things over a drink . . . on me."

"Thanks, Patty. I’d like that," and we headed to the hotel bar across the street while we chatted about life and all things important only to women.

By the time we sat down and ordered, I had discovered that her relationship with Mr. Burns was more than strictly business. Her wonderful mammaries were a ‘bonus’ from him for wearing the clothes he bought for her and for the frequent blowjobs to relieve his tension. Sometimes, Dick Burns needed even more relief and Trixie was very happy to take his dick-tation despite the fact that he was poorly endowed and his index finger would be thicker and more exciting. She wasn’t complaining, however, since it guaranteed her job security and the physical improvements to her body were permanently attached. Trixie did reveal that she also enjoyed being with other women, found me very attractive and would like to know me better. I didn’t think Trixie was the ‘other’ woman that had Mrs. Burn on edge, but she was a valuable pipeline of information and I needed to establish a closer relationship so I agreed, rented a hotel room and headed for some intimate investigating.

Trixie barely could contain herself as we entered the room and she immediately kissed me passionately on the lips as her hands roamed over my melons. I kissed her back darting my tongue against her lips while my hand explored her breasts which were still covered by the soft cashmere material. She began unbuttoning my suit jacket as my other hand pressed into her groin and she drove her hips against my probing fingers as she said "I never imagined your breasts were so massive and so firm. They’re gorgeous."

"I’m full of surprises, Trixie. Why don’t you let me help take off your beautiful sweater?" and she lifted her arms so I could remove it. Her silicone enhanced globes were comfortably held in a lovely lace bra that I easily undid releasing her milky mounds to gently sway so I could tease her nipples into erection. They were very sensitive and Trixie mashed my head against them as her other hand rubbed her pussy through her skirt.

She was warming up to my erotic advances and wanted to reciprocate saying, "Patty, now let me help you," as she slipped my jacket off and began unbuttoning my silk blouse. Once undone, she removed it and sucked my nipples through the shiny white bra causing the nubbins to pop against the fabric. Her warm breath and tongue stirred my cock which had been quietly napping in the pocket of my specially made panties and I didn’t want to reveal everything so I lifted her face to mine for another bout of tongue jousting. Still, the warmth of her breasts against mine wouldn’t allow me to relax and I began unbuttoning her skirt while my other hand kept pressing against her pussy. The combined excitement caused Trixie to say, "Patty, you know how to get me hot. My pussy is so wet my panties are soaking," and as her skirt slid off I could see the large moist stain on the front of her bikini panties.

"You are a juicy woman," I whispered as I knelt, pulled her pantyhose down and began licking her pussy lips that were clearly visible through the wet fabric as she held my head and ran her fingers through my hair. More tonguing and I popped her clit from its hooded den and Trixie crushed my head as I felt her body shudder with her first orgasm.

"Patty, you’re awesome. Nobody’s gotten me off just by licking . . . not even Sunny. Finish undressing and let’s have some fun on the bed," and she sat on the edge and pulled off her panties. "Come on and hurry up," as Trixie sat there running her fingers in and out of her gash while the other hand twisted her swollen nipples.

I reached behind and released my bra and slowly let the straps slip off my arms so Trixie could get the full effect of my 38DD’s and I heard her say, "Geez, you’ve got a better body than Sunny. You ever do any dancing?"

I laughed before saying, "Trixie, I prefer to share my assets with special people like you," as I cupped one mound and brought the raspberry sized tip to my lips. "You like my boobs?"

"They’re incredible. I wish I had a photo so I could’ve shown the doctor what I really wanted."

"Oh, Trixie, yours are wonderful," and I walked over and kissed each one of hers as I gently held them in my hands. "I love that they’re so real and warm," as I continued kissing them. "You look terrific," as I stood up and dropped my skirt onto the floor. "Now would you like to see what I’ve got here?" as I pointed to my matching shiny panties framed by my garter belt.

"You bet," Trixie answered, "Is it as wet as mine?"

"Not yet . . . but I’m sure you’ll get it hot," and I carefully unsnapped each of my nylons and lifted each leg for her to roll off my legs. Then I put my thumbs in the waistband and slowly started pulling them down. My neatly trimmed pubic patch was exposed and I continued slipping them further down as my cock slipped from its pocket and unfurled in front of her face.

"What . . . I don’t . . . understand," she stammered as her eyes blinked. "I’ve never seen anyone like you."

"I’m just a little different than most ladies, Trixie, but I’m sure you’ll find it more satisfying than a skinny little finger. I showed you how much I love your pussy. Show me how much you love my cock," and I inched closer as I felt blood swelling into my meat.

It slowly thickened and rose so the tip was almost at her mouth before her hands wrapped around it and she gently rolled her lips over the helmet shaped tip. Trixie’s mouth and lips were warm and welcomed my growing erection as her tongue teased the pee slit and delicately traced around the rim of my knob. As she grew more comfortable with my oral intruder, one of her hands reached under and cupped each of my clean shaven peach sized balls as she continued laving my probe. I lowered my hands to each of her breasts and gently held them as my thumbs teased the nipples until I lifted her head and kissed her.

"Trixie . . . you want to play some more . . . or do you want me to fuck you?" I asked.

She answered by grabbing my cock and pulling it toward her soaking crack as she slipped further onto the bed. As soon as her back hit the bed, she spread her legs and smiled as I inched closer. She was so hot that she couldn’t wait and began sliding my purple colored tip into her hole as she crept toward me. There was no holding her back as my dick drove straight into her vagina and continued driving through the mouth of her womb until my balls slapped her ass and Trixie clutched my back as she had a second orgasm.

I lowered my body onto hers so we were tit to tit while I waited for her to regain her senses and she quietly said, "I’ve never felt so warm and wonderful. You are really a special person," and she kissed me with more emotion than passion. "Let me on top so I can give you some love," and we rolled over so Trixie was on top.

"Now let me see if your nipples are as sensitive as mine," as she lowered her head and began suckling on each one carefully tracing the edge of each red aureole with her fingers. As she continued her oral teasing, her hips and ass began writhing on my engorged probe and I realized she was very skilled and I just relaxed and enjoyed her oral and vaginal tunnels. Both were hot and moist and both were making my balls churn with anticipation.

Trixie was right with me and she sat up and began pulling my cock nearly out before slamming it back in and the increased friction was getting me close. She grabbed my tits and I squeezed hers as she rapidly began bobbing up and down on my shaft until she shrieked, "III’MMM... CCCUUMMMIINNG...FFFIIILLLL...MMMMEEEE....WWWIIIITTTTHHH ....YYYOOOUUURR CUUMMM"...and she shook and spasmed as my balls released their load and I spewed my seed into her hot womb.

Trixie just fell forward on me as my arms encircled her and my fingers traced across her back as her body completed its release of sexual energy. I could feel the combined love juices flowing out of her cunt as we quietly enjoyed each other’s warmth. Finally she quietly said, "I can’t believe how warm and satisfied I feel. Nothing’s ever been this good."

"Nothing? Not even Dick Burns?"

"Nothing! Mr. Burns has a pencil dick compared to you."

"And Sunny?"

"She’s good...but she doesn’t have a surprise like you," and she squeezed her internal cunt muscles for emphasis.

"Who is she?"

"I met her with Mr. Burns. They were engaged before he met and married Mrs. Burns," she explained. "We had a little threesome one night. I guess she likes girls and he offered me a nice pay raise if I’d join them. Of course, he didn’t know I really prefer women...more specifically you," and she kissed each of my nipples before smiling.

She was tempting me but I had to continue pumping her...for information...and I asked, "She lives in town? Maybe the three of us could do a ‘girl’ thing."

"Oh, my...that would be fun. Yeah, she’s a dancer over a Lucky’s. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen...until tonight."

"Thanks, Trixie. What happened tonight, though, was just between you and me. Ok? Hey, we’d better clean up and get going. I know I’ve got a date later and I’m sure you’ve got plans as well," and I rolled over onto my side and slipped my flaccid penis from her soaking love gash.

"You’re right, Patty. Promise we’ll do this again."

"You bet. You were terrific and I won’t forget," and I kissed her forehead and her nose before I kissed her lips.

It might have been a bit unconventional but my interrogation of Trixie did get me much closer to the truth and I had lots of calls to make. After saying our goodbyes and I headed back to the office and started checking with my ‘sources’ trying to discover if anyone was looking for an assassin or ‘hit man’. My efforts were rewarded when I heard about a dancer trying to make such a contact. A couple of hundred bucks later, my source confirmed the name of Sunny Daze a.k.a. Sandra Poleski who worked at Lucky’s.

Before I jumped to any conclusions, I needed to corroborate what I had uncovered so I contacted my client. Mrs. Burns explained that she met Mr. Burns at college and that the name of Sandy Poleski sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember why. I wasn’t going to solve the case tonight so I opted for a good night’s sleep knowing I’d be trying to connect the dots at the college registrar’s office the next morning.

By noon the next day, I learned that Sandra Poleski was a part-time student in Mr. Burns’ year who never graduated. Putting a face to the name was a bit more difficult but the library yielded several photos of a very attractive and nicely built blonde from the school yearbooks. The whole scheme fell into place. To seal the deal and nail Mr. Burns and his accomplice, all I needed was for Sunny to seek my assistance and that required a quick stop at the 1-hour print and copy shop where a few business cards were made that said I was Phil Meoni, President of ‘Eradicators, Inc.’. Our motto is ‘We erase your problems’. It was a bit obvious, but I suspected that women who danced at strip clubs were not subtle people.

I had hoped that my new persona would take me away from the scum bags and slime holes of the world, but I was learning that money didn’t guarantee that. I had to snare Sunny in my web and needed to wear something that would attract Sunny, so I picked up a great leather outfit figuring it was part of the expenses and Mrs. Burns would reimburse me.

That evening, I made sure I was the best looking bait for the trap. After slipping into a pair of my custom made black thongs, I encased my lower body in the soft black leather low rise pants that held each of my ass cheeks like a pair of gloves. The matching top was a button front vest/bra that forced my mammaries to gush over the top and I made sure there was a nice feminine perfume nestled in the cleavage. After pulling my hair into a tight French twist, I finished doing my eyes and added a touch of lip gloss and cheek rouge so my complexion wouldn’t wash out under the stark white lights inside the club. A quick check in the mirror to make sure everything was just right and I was off to see how fortunate I would be at Lucky’s Show Bar.

I intentionally got there late so I might spend some ‘quality’ time after the place closed and found a stool off to one side away from the clusters of guys looking for a group grope. I milked a $10 glass of some crappy wine as I watched the parade of bare tits and ass in assorted shapes, sizes and colors until the M.C. announced Sunny Daze.

As a very attractive athletic blonde with Farah styled hair stepped onto the bar-stage, I pulled out a crisp Ben Franklin and rolled it tightly into a stick that I slipped between my lips while I unbuttoned my vest. Sunny had a fine tight body that only comes from pumping iron and rippled abs were topped by her firm melons were the best money could buy. From her routine, it was obvious she had incredible flexibility and the customers appreciated her many unusual poses and moves by slipping fives and tens in her garters. There not many women who can do a hand press with their legs split apart and rotate showing everyone her pink vagina but she could...and did. Sunny could also lie flat on her stomach and bring her legs completely over her shoulders so her smiling face was below her vertically smiling cunt. She had danced for a while since she knew how to milk the patrons and made sure every single person got an up close and personal view of her attributes and her unique abilities to display her privates. I enjoyed watching Sunny and confess that my mind conjured up some possibilities if I was lucky enough to stick my cock inside her, but first I had to get her attention.

As I was sitting away from the action, she started toward me looking straight into my eyes while she cupped a breast and pretended to lick the nipple. I locked my eyes onto hers and slowly pulled one side of my vest back exposing one my 38DD’s with its raspberry topping. Sunny winked and smiled as she dropped to her knees directly in front of me so I could closely examine her shaved gash that was glistening from a combination of perspiration and love juice. Slowly I leaned forward and pushed the rolled hundred dollar bill between my lips up and down her cunt bumping against her clit before shoving it into her hole. As I quietly backed off, I blew air against her pussy looking directly at her as she mouthed the words, "Wait for me."

Her love button popped out like a mini-cock telling me I had excited Sunny and she stood up blowing me a kiss with the stick poking out of her crack before she looked at the rest of the crowd, waved and left to the sounds of applause from the appreciative spectators.

Five minutes later, my vest was buttoned and Sunny was sitting next to me in a very tight red dress asking, "What are you looking for, Miss with the gorgeous tits?"

"Just hoping I might find a beautiful woman who finds me attractive. By the way, my name’s Phil, actually Phyllis, and you’re Sunny."

"Sunny’s the name on stage and Sandy is who I really am. Nice to meet you," and she leaned forward and kissed me letting her tongue lick my lips as her hand fondled my leather clad breast.

"What’s it take to get to know you a bit better, Sandy?" as I ran my hand between her legs and slipped a finger into her soaked pussy.

"That C note you neatly tucked in me was more than enough ‘cause I’d like to really know you and I’m blown away by your body," as she ran her hand over my leather encased thigh.

"The place is full of guys who’d pay more for a lot less," I said as my hand withdrew from her slit and I sucked her juice off my fingers.

"I’m not interested in anyone else. Besides, I’m marrying my boyfriend in a few months so I’m saving myself for him. You’re a different story. I’m done for the night so would you like to go?"

We made it to her place without any accidents though my hand between Sunny’s legs was a very difficult obstacle to her driving safely based on the rapidity of her breathing and the occasional moans from her mouth. She did regain her composure by the time we entered her nicely furnished apartment and was more interested in some ‘girl’ talk as we drank a couple of glasses of wine letting Sunny unwind.

"You know, Phil," she said, "All that wiggling on stage and working the crowd is tough on my mind. Seeing you quietly sitting there was the perfect tonic to the leering assholes who were totally wasted. I didn’t know what to expect when I spotted you, but I had a better idea when you showed me that fantastic tit. My hopes were raised when you cleverly used Mr. Franklin to get me off and I can’t remember the last time I had an orgasm on stage. Well done! No one’s ever slipped me a tip like that and I now realize it was the feminine thing to do. You’re really something," and Sandy gently kissed me as her hands delicately touched my arms and thighs and breasts. "So, Phil, what do you do to put food on the table?"

"I own my business, Sandy," and I pulled a business card out of my clutch bag and handed it to her.

She looked at it and said, "Didn’t know there was good money in exterminating bugs and things."

"I don’t know about bugs, but other living things can be erased...for the right price."

Sandy got the message and quickly changed the subject saying, "That’s too heavy for tonight, and I didn’t mean to pry into your affairs. I just want to have some fun. Let me get some more wine," and she poured a bit more into my glass before asking, "Can you spend the night?"

"Love to...but I don’t want to cause a problem with your boyfriend."

"Don’t worry ‘bout that," she answered, "He’s married and most of the time I’m his ‘business lunch’. He’s got such a small dick that he has to eat me to make me cum, but I can live with that if I don’t have to dance and handjob those shmucks at the club after we’re married. But enough about him, let me to help you get out of those leathers?"

"Sure. It is getting a bit uncomfortable."

As Sandy began unbuttoning the vest she said, " I don’t mind telling you this is a dynamite looking outfit and you’ve got to tell me where I can get one," as she finished and carefully pulled both sides away from my monster 38DD’s. "You’ll also have to give me the name of your doc because your tits are absolutely perfect," and she began fondling them as her tongue and lips brought my nips to erection.

"Let’s go to the bedroom where we’ll both be more comfortable," and she pulled me up by the arm leading the way as she pulled the dress over her head just as we entered. Sandy’s body looked better in this setting away from the harsh lights of the club and I was feeling my dick struggling for freedom as her tight ass led the way to her bed where she sat and said, "Come here and let me get those pants off your gorgeous ass and legs," and I did allowing Sandy to unfasten the waist and begin peeling them off as if I was a banana. As her eyes drifted down to my black thong, she commented, "Phil, you do have quite a puffy mons," as she held the legs and I stepped clear. "Now come here and let’s suck some tit," and she patted the bed as she scooted her ass.

I laid down with our feet pointing in opposite directions with my cantaloupe sized breast next to her mouth as I encircled her rosy aureole and began teasing her nipple. Sandy attacked mine with the same intensity and we each cradled the spare mammary letting our fingers substitute for our mouths but the sexual sensation of having your nipple stimulated as you excited your partner’s added to both our desires and we both craved more. I slowly tongued my way across her tight abs and straddled her until we were in the classic sixty-nine position. Then I gently began spreading her bald pussy lips with my fingers as my tongue traced the length of her gash paying special attention to her protruding love button.

Sandy was just as eager and caressed my ass cheeks as she started to take my thong off, then saw the side snaps and released them. I could feel her tits rubbing against my inner thighs as she moved closer hoping to lick my slit as she took my panties off but instead was welcomed by my warming cock as it smacked her face and I heard her yell, "Holy shit. You’re a freak...a fucking sex freak," and before I could answer I felt her mouth engulf my prick as she quickly moved it down her gullet and her nose nuzzled against the root. Just as quickly, she withdrew it and Sandy squealed, "I’m in fuck heaven. Phil, you’re best of both...a glorious woman on top and a real big man on the bottom," and she again began sliding my meat down her throat though it was more difficult since her first deep suck had thickened my growing member.

Her gag reflex was well controlled and she made sure that my balls and tits weren’t neglected while I continued tongue fucking her cunt making sure her unusually long clit wasn’t forgotten. I was afraid she’d drown if I came and I really wanted to feel her moist love tunnel around my prick so I eased off the tongue lashing and whispered, "I think there’s another place that would like to be filled. Are you interested?" and I felt Sandy slowly slide my probe out letting me turn around facing her between her legs.

"Am I interested? You’re fucking incredible, Phyllis," Sandy said before she kissed my pendulous globes of flesh and kissed my lips as she pulled me to her. "I’ve never seen anyone like you but you’re the best of both worlds and I’m so glad we met. Now stuff that fucking pole in my cunt," as she pushed me up by my massive mounds so I was kneeling at the mouth of her love canal. I wrapped my fingers around my dick and slowly rubbed my tip up and down her moist pussy before I guided it directly into her vagina. Sandy wasn’t waiting for me and I felt her toned legs wrap around my waist and draw me further in and she pulled our groins together and my one-eyed python slithered straight into her womb as I heard a slight grunt as I bottomed out.

Both of our hands began fondling the other’s melons and nipples as Sandy tightened and relaxed her legs controlling the pace of the fuck as I passively enjoyed the sensation. She finally relaxed her leg lock dropping her legs into a complete split and I began sliding my body up and down making sure my erection was rubbing her clit as I continued filling and emptying her love chute. I heard her begin panting and she wrapped her arms around me so our breasts were rubbing together exciting both of us simultaneously and her cuntal muscles began massaging my lovepole along its swollen length. My balls were starting to twitch in anticipation and Sandy’s kisses were getting more intense so I knew we were closing in. A couple of more thrusts and her body began trembling with spasms of joy as her hole gushed with her juices and my gonads released their load shooting along the length of my cannon and splattering my seed against the deepest recesses of her womb as I collapsed on top of her.

I must’ve shot quarts of cum because my dick kept throbbing for seemed like minutes and I had to acknowledge Sandy was one of the best fucks I could remember as I slowly relaxed and watched as she did the same. Finally she quietly said, "Phil, that’s as good as I’ve ever had."

"Me too," I answered. "You’re a master, Sandy, and your body is a finely tuned instrument."

"Well...thank you...and the same goes for you. What would you like now?"

"How about cuddling and catching some shut eye. We’ll have plenty of time in the morning and you’ve had a long day."

"Sounds just fine. If you’ll lift up, I can slide my leg over and we can stay connected."

I did and she slipped her leg over and I tucked my melons against her back and fell asleep. I didn’t hear or feel anything until hours later when I realized Sandy was not in the bed and I could hear she was talking on the phone. I was hoping she’d sucked in the bait and was talking to Mr. Burns so I remained ‘asleep’ until she returned to the bed and inhaled my flaccid cock into her hot mouth.

I opened my eyes and saw her bald pussy inches from my nose as she aroused herself with her probing fingers. The musky aroma of her moist pussy was too tempting and I slowly moved her hand as my tongue replaced her fingers along her crack and I felt her unsheathe my meat from her throat before she said, "Morning. I just couldn’t leave you alone any longer."

"Beats an alarm clock, Sandy. What’s on tap?"

"How about some lovin," and she inhaled each of my testicles into her mouth and the sensation immediately brought my dick into full erection. "Whoa...I think someone likes that," and she did it again adding a humming tone that was the most amazing feeling I’d ever experienced. If I let her do that one more time, I’d ejaculate and I didn’t want that so I quickly moved behind her and licked her puckered little rosette.

"There’s one other place I haven’t filled. Think I can fit?" as I pressed a finger against her anus.

"Phil, I’ve had people pay a thousand bucks to watch me shove a baseball bat up my ass. You’re big, lover, but not that big," and she headed for the dressing table saying, "All I need is a little lube," and she buttered her crack before returning to the bed.

"Roll over and let me give you a double," and she patted me on the ass. When I was flat on my back, Sandy stood over me and asked, "Ready?" and as I nodded, she slowly lowered herself as she held my shaft slipping my knob past her pussy lips and continuing further down as I impaled her in one smooth movement. "You sure are one big mother," and she laughed and grabbed my cantaloupe sized tits. With amazing leg strength, Sandy lifted her ass straight up nearly a foot so only my swollen knob was held by her hole before she slowly sank enveloping the full length within; and she did this four or five times before completely releasing my engorged meat. Now she repeated her initial movement except my dick was aimed at her asshole. Slowly she squatted as I felt my tip resting against her tight hole. As her sphincter relaxed, Sandy continued lowering herself until her bowels had completely swallowed my hot shaft.

Just as her ass touched my thighs, her body convulsed with her first orgasm and she looked directly at me with raw sex in her eyes as she whispered, "You fucking got me off again! You’re not quite as thick as a bat but you’re so much hotter...and better. Nothing will ever match you. Let me rotate on your pole and you can give it to me doggy style...Ok?"

Sandy turned completely around and we rolled to our sides before ending up on our knees and I began giving her the ass fucking of her life. I kept her clit trapped between two of my fingers and my other hand pulled on her nipple in the same rhythm as I moved back and forth along her shit tube while one of her hands massaged my nuts. Then I felt Sandy slowly drop head and I followed her ass as she rolled under so she could grab both of my balls with her hands as I plunged down and up against her upturned ass. I moved so her ass was resting against my thighs so she couldn’t overexcite my gonads and I shoved my fist into her gaping cunt. The fisting completely overwhelmed her and she screamed out as she grabbed my wrist while her body shook with a second orgasm.

Sandy wanted more and pulled herself up, wrapped her legs around me along with her arms and began squeezing my meat with her ass muscles. I was at the brink and slid my hands under the globes of her ass so I could help her bounce up and down on my dick. The heat in her ass along with the friction of our breasts rubbing together overcame any hope of sustaining the ass fucking and I began ejaculating my seed as I felt my body quake with each contraction. It took every ounce of concentration to ease both of our bodies back onto the bed where we remained in our embrace as the warm glow of complete sexual fulfillment washed across us.

We finally untangled our limbs and realized we had to stop or neither of us would get anything done. After showering and grabbing some breakfast, I dressed and Sandy called a cab. While waiting, she asked, "You got any jobs working?"

"Not right now," I answered.

"You mind if I give your name to someone who might be interested," she asked.

"If you’ll vouch for them. I have to be very careful about such things as you might imagine."

"Can you give me a price range?"

"Sure," I said. "No less than ten-thousand and no more than fifty. I guarantee no muss, no fuss and no trace."

"Can’t beat that. Oops...that’s your cab. I’ll call you," and we embraced and kissed one last time before I left.

After getting home, I contacted my favorite detective who always supported my operations and got the glory when the case was solved. After outlining the situation, he put his TAC team on alert as I waited to see if I had snagged my prey. I only waited a day before Sandy left a message on my machine asking that I call her.

"Hey, what’s up," I asked.

"My friend is really interested but wants me to make the deal. How much?"

"Fifteen. Half before and the rest after. Sandy, we can’t do it over the phone. I’ve got to do this in person. To protect us both, you pick the hotel and I pick the room. Understand?"

"Oh...sure...The Plaza at seven tonight."

"When you get there, ask for my room. I’ll need a good recent photo, addresses and some idea of a normal day. See you then."

I called my cop and he took care of setting up the cameras and recorders as well as starting a ‘tail’ on Mr. Burns. Once Sandy had made the buy, the ‘tail’ would be notified and Mr. Burns would be arrested for everyone’s protection including my client.

I didn’t want my meeting to turn into a love orgy so I carefully chose a bulky sweater and slacks knowing also that Sandy had to be at the club by eight that night. After giving the front desk Sandy’s description, I met with the detective and the TAC team next door and agreed the bust phrase would be ‘Book it’ before I awaited her arrival.

Promptly at eight P.M., I heard the knock and opened the door for Sandy. She kissed me and started to reach for my boobs but I said, "Business, love. Business before pleasure. Come on in and tell me what I can do for you," as I led her to the prime seat.

"Like I said on the phone, my friend would like to hire you. No muss, no fuss, no trace," she said.

"To do what?"

"Take care of her," and she handed me a photo of my client as she continued, "His wife. He gave me a check for the down payment," and she handed me the check made out to Eradicators, Inc.

"Book it," and I walked over and kissed her for the very last time as the TAC team burst through the connecting door.

Sandy looked startled and turned to me as the cops handcuffed her and I answered her eyes saying, "Sorry...we would’ve been great together, but killing someone is too great a price," before I left and headed to the Burns residence.

When Dina Burns opened the door, she immediately embraced me and began sobbing as our breasts mashed together and I realized she was a very well-built woman. Moments later, she gained some control and said, "What’s going on, Patty? My husband and I were eating dinner when he answered the doorbell. The next thing I knew he was being led off by the police."

"That’s why I stopped by, Dina," I whispered as we held our embrace. "You were right to be concerned. Let’s sit down and I’ll explain the whole sordid tale," and we separated. She led me toward the bedroom so she could clean up the streaking mascara while I explained that Mr. Burns was planning to have her killed so he could inherit Dina’s wealth and marry his college sweetheart.

Dina turned and hugged me saying, "I’m devastated. I just had a feeling but I was hoping that I was wrong. I owe you my life, Patty, and I can’t thank you enough," and she kissed me...on the lips...and with passion. I was startled but didn’t interrupt thinking I would comfort her until I felt one of her hands rubbing the globes of my ass as she ground her groin against mine.

She finally stopped the kiss and softly said, "Patty, I’ve wanted to do that from the first moment I saw you. My husband never could satisfy me but other women could...and I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you. I’m so upset that I really don’t want to be alone. Stay with me tonight...please."

"Sure, Dina," I answered. "Tell me your troubles and I’ll listen. Why don’t you get into something more comfortable and I think that will help you relax. I’ll wait in the Living Room," and I turned to leave but she stopped me.

"Patty, that’s a good idea. Just wait. I don’t want to be alone," and she turned her back and moved her shiny black hair so I could unzip the dress. "Thanks," and the dress dropped and I watched her firm ass rocking as she walked toward the closet. She pulled her pantyhose off, unsnapped her bra and reached for her robe giving me a momentary glimpse of her firm milk containers. She finished slipping it on as she walked back with her tits swaying with each step and the friction of the fabric had already excited her nipples.

She poured some wine and began pondering the significance of the night’s events. It would change her life forever and she wasn’t prepared for such an uncertain future. Until tonight, everything had been expected and calm. Now, nothing would be the same and Dina was frightened. I sat with Dina’s head in my lap as we discussed what she might expect as the D.A. prosecuted her husband.

"Promise me you’ll be there for me," Dina said. "I’ve got no one else I can trust. Seal it with a kiss," and she lifted her head as I lowered mine and we kissed again. This time Dina slipped her tongue across my lips and her hand began fondling my tit while her thumb tantalized my nipple. She broke the kiss and said, "I’ll bet you’d like to get into something more comfortable," as her hand slipped under my sweater and cupped my bra encased mound of flesh. "Come with me and I’ll show you a couple of my toys that might interest you," as she deep frenched my mouth before helping me off the couch.

My sweater was off before we were in the bedroom and, after patting the bed for me, Dina pulled several dildos from her dresser and said "How do you like these? The shiny little one is called ‘Anal Surprise’ and it vibrates. It’ll drive you crazy. And this one is ‘King Dong’... for the obvious reason. Got a preference...or both?" and she smiled.

"I don’t know, Dina. Let’s just relax," I answered. "Tell you what, Lie down and I’ll give you a back rub and get some of that tension out of you."

"That sounds dreamy. Just one thing, you’re still dressed and I’m not," as she removed her robe and I could see her large firm natural tits above her slender waist. "Let me do this," and she softly ran her hands around my bra-covered melons before unfastening and releasing them. "You’re boobs are perfect," and she gently held each one as she sucked life into my nipples before she undid the side waist button on my slacks. "Stand still," and she undid the zipper and slipped them down as I lifted each leg until I only had my bikini briefs.

"Close enough," I said. "Time for that backrub, Dina."

"Not quite yet," and she knelt in front of me in anticipation seeing my pussy as she pulled my panties down and I waited for her reaction when my semi-hard cock dropped into view. "! Oh my lord. I’m not going to ask," and I felt her hands wrap around my staff and guide my tip to her mouth where I felt her tongue begin tracing around the rim before enveloping it between her lips. My hands dropped to her head and I stroked her hair appreciating her acceptance of my unusual configuration as she continued sucking my growing meat into her mouth. Dina hadn’t enjoyed a dick of my proportions for a long time, if ever, and she was proving that some rich women know how to suck a dick very effectively.

It was Dina who needed to be comforted and I helped her to her feet so we could kiss again as our mammaries mashed together and my love stick nudged against her pussy as we embraced. We tongue jousted and lip nipped as our hands massaged and felt the other’s body, ass, and breasts while my dick bobbed against her crack and ass as our sexual excitement grew causing thoughts or a simple backrub to dissipate rapidly.

"Dina," I quietly said, "We shouldn’t. You’re still in shock about your husband. Calm down and let me just hold you. Ok?"

She answered back, "That would be okay...but...I’m not letting go of that live monster between my legs," and she squeezed her legs together for emphasis. "Forget about my asshole husband, I’ve never seen a penis this big," as she tightened her thighs again, "and I’ve got to feel it inside me. Make love to me, Patty," and she dropped her lips to my nipple and began sucking it like a hungry baby sending wonderful tingling sensations through my body directly to my gonads destroying my defenses.

We briefly parted and made it to the bed and Dina pressed me onto my back so she could attack my swelling meat as she offered me her glistening pussy. Her lovely natural breasts swayed as she devoured my thickened meat and I gently teased her nipples into erection as I tongued my way up and down her love slit. I’m sure her husband never gave her a good munching because I kept feeling her shudder with mini-orgasms as I licked and kissed her gash watching as her clit emerged. A quick suck of her little love nubbin and I heard Dina gasp then tremble as another orgasm sprayed through her while she mauled her nipples with her fingers.

She was too hot to concentrate on sucking my dick any longer and she rolled off me as she grabbed the shiny dildo and said, "I’m just warming this up for you, Patty," and she rapidly fucked her cunt with it. She pulled it out glistening with her own juices and then pressed the bullet shaped toy straight into her ass as she looked straight into my eyes. I heard it start humming and she held her arms apart beckoning me so I rolled over placing my engorged tip against her puffy pussy lips. As I slowly entered her vagina, I could feel the vibrations from the dildo and the thrill almost made me cum, but I burrowed deeper until my knob was pressed against the mouth of her womb. She urged me deeper by pushing on my ass and my erection eased through into her womb as Dina forced my tits together trying to suck both nipples at once. I lost count of her mini-cums and knew she was approaching the big one as she wrapped her legs around my waist and her hips moved against me and away from me as we fucked faster and harder. It seemed like both of our bodies were vibrating from the intruder in her ass and my own body was alerting me that I was ready. Several more thrusts as she tightened all of her internal muscles and my testicles exploded with cum that shot out of my cock and coated the depths of her womb while she yelped with complete delight.

She finally turned the vibration off and the quiet was welcome as both us relaxed and gained some calmness though my nipples were so sensitive that the slightest brush and my dick would twitch with some more semen. After several minutes, I rolled to one side and Dina and I just remained in our embrace as we exchanged kisses and pecks.

"Thanks, Patty," she whispered, "I really needed that. Now I am relaxed. Let’s just lie here and enjoy the moment. Tomorrow will come and my life will go on."




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