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Marks School Experiance

by Susan Janet Barker


Chapter 1

Mark had just came out of the unused corridor that led to the school roof, when Sarah Jones came around he corner and saw him, "Hello Mark, can you come with me please as I need to show you something."

"Sure Sarah" he replied and followed her down the corridor to an empty room that they had both studied in earlier that week. The blinds were drawn and once they were both in Sarah shut the door and said,

"I know that you have been looking at myself and the other girls in the girls changing room whilst we are changing through a secret hole in the roof corridor Mark, and If you don't want me to go and tell Miss Smart the headmistress about this right away, you will have to do a few things for me."

Seeing that he had no choice, as he didn't want Miss Smart to know about what he had been doing as he might get expelled, he asked with a sinking feeling "ok Sarah what do I have to do?"

"Well the first thing that you have to do is strip out of all your clothes and let me look at them, after all you have seen most of us naked at one stage or the other so I think its only fair," with the sinking feeling getting deeper Mark slowly took his school uniform of piece by piece until he was standing there in front of Sarah naked.

As she picked up the pile of clothes and looked at them she said, "humm so the material is different," and looking back at Mark she said "and the second thing that you have to do is put this on" handing him a small carrier bag.

Taking it Mark opened the bag and reached in before pulling out a dark blue leotard in the school colours, and when he cast a glance at Sarah as to why, she only said "Its that or I go and get Miss Smart now?" leaving the question hanging in the air.

Knowing that his options were limited he slowly stepped into the leotard with one leg and then the other before pulling it up his body, for Sarah to chip in then "pull your penis back between your legs so that the leotard has a smooth front Mark."

Doing as she said he finished pulling it up to his waist and then taking a small breath, he slipped first one arm and then the other through the shoulder straps, and then thinking that his ordeal might be over he looked at Sarah again and his heart sank.

For Sarah was holding up a grey coat that hung down to just above his knees, knowing not to argue about the point he took it and put it on, as he knew it was a girls coat but he hopped the neutral grey colour would hide that fact if anyone saw him in it.

"Ok Mark this is your lesion for today, if you ever spy on use girls again or tell anyone about what has just happened here, then we will give Miss Smart the video of you using your hidden hole after you made sure no one was around,"

"So what I am going to do now Sarah?" Mark asked.

"Well you can stay at school for the rest of the day like that or you can try and get home without anyone seeing you,"

"But you know that if any of the teachers see me without trousers on, they will think I am wearing shorts and that as you now is against the school uniform."

"Well in that case I am afraid that you have no choice in the matter as I have already hidden the clothes that you came into this room in and you will not find them, and I am going now so good luck on making it home Mark, and remember keep an eye out as we will be watching you," and with that Sarah walked over to the room and unlocking the door, she opened it and went out into the deserted corridor leaving Mark to fend for himself.

Mark spent the next thirty minuets looking in all the cupboards and draws in the room but to his utter dismay, he could not find a single item of his own clothes in the room, so even though he did not know how she had done it, Sarah had hid his clothes while he was getting into the girls leotard.

Starting to feel a bit of dread, he slowly opened the door onto the corridor and seeing that no one was around he made his brake for it, and headed for the schools exit hoping that he would not be seen.

His heart was starting to beat faster and faster as he saw the exit appear in front of him, and they almost stopped as he heard "stop right there Mark Barker" and freezing to the spot in fear, he stopped and then slowly turned around to see a very inquisitive Miss Spot standing by the door that she had just come out off.

After taking another look at Mark, Miss Spot said, "you know full well Mark that shorts are not a part of your uniform and is not acceptable,"

"Yes Miss Spot I am aware but I made a mistake and was just going home to change them when you saw me" hoping that she bought his story and let him go home without asking anymore questions.

But that was not the case, as she wasn't called Miss Spot by all for no reason, it was because she was very good at spotting when something was up, and so she said "oh there is no need for that Mark, now you just follow me and we can sort this little problem out for you."

"Ok Miss Spot," he said as he followed her along another corridor knowing in his heart that he was sunk with no way out. Finally Miss Spot opened the door to the uniform storeroom, and ushered Mark into it before closing the door.

"Ok Mark" she began take of that coat of yours and let me see what size trousers to get you, as she walked over to the trousers pile, looking back she saw that he was hesitating, so she snapped "you take that coat off right this minute young man, or I will come over there and do it for you," as she could sense that he was hiding something.

As she watched he reached up and undid the zipper on the coat and the removed it completely and laid it down on a nearby chair, before bursting into tears and collapsing onto another one.

"Well I see that I was right about you being out of uniform Mark, but I didn't realise that it was the wrong uniform altogether, as she moved her hand from the trousers pile to one that contained gym skirts and said here put this on as you are still out of uniform and that I will not have."

"As you are wearing part of a girl's sports uniform, you will have to put the rest of it on now, and when he did not move she walked across and said raise both of your legs," and when he did she slid the gym skirt up his legs and got him to stand for a few minutes so she could secure it around his waist.

"Now tell me all that happened and why you are wearing a girls uniform Mark? And leave nothing out." So he started at the beginning and told Miss Spot about the corridor to the roof that he had found and the hidden hole that he was using to spy on the girls in there changing room, whilst they were in it getting changed or going into the shower naked.

He then went on to explain that Sarah Jones had met him just after he had come out of the roof corridor today, and asked him to follow her as she had something to show him, and I followed her into an empty classroom that had the blinds down, and she confronted me about my spying activated and said that unless I did a few things for her she would tell Miss Smart about what I was doing, as I was afraid of getting expelled.

The first thing she had me do was to stripe naked and let her examine my clothes as I had seen most of them naked at one stage or the other so she though its was only fair, so as I didn't want Miss Smart knowing what I had done I did what she asked.

She then past me a carrier bag with the schools leotard in and said that I was to put it on, before giving me that girls coat to wear to hide the girls leotard as I made my way home to get a replacement uniform to wear, and that is when you saw me attempting to leave the school.

"Well I can honestly tell you that you are in a lot of trouble at the moment as I will be telling Miss Smart about this and she is within her right to call the police in as you have just committed a crime against privacy, but you can not go like that so I will lend you a uniform till we get this sorted one way or the other."

Thinking for a second Miss Spot asked "do you have any underwear in that coat or on you Mark?" "No sorry Miss Spot but Sarah took all of it and hid it somewhere but I could not find it," "well I don't have any boys pants here Mark, only girls knickers and by wearing they as you will be doing in a minute, you will have to wear the rest of the girls school uniform."

"And don't give me any nonsense about not wearing it, or I will take you out there are you are now and introduce you as Mark Barker in his new look to the girls whom are currently using the gym to excise." So with a domed look he stood up and stepped out of the gym skirt and asked Miss Spot what to do next.

"Ok Mark you might as well take that leotard of as it is too small for you anyway, and step into these school knickers," and she watched as she slid out of the girl's leotard and stepped one foot at a time into the knickers before pulling them up most of the way.

He then pulled his penis back between his legs and holding it there with his thighs, he pulled the kickers up the rest of the way to reveal a flat look at the front, next she held him a light blue blouse with the school badge sawn just above were the girls breasts would be, followed by a grey pleated a lined skirt that fell to just above his knees.

She then handed him a girls school blazer with the school badge sown on to it in the same position as the other badge, before finally getting him to put on a pair of white girls ankle socks with a lace frill on them and a pair of girls school shoes.

Now that he was in a proper and full uniform, she brushed his hair into a more feminine style and led Mark out of the store room and along the corridors to Miss Smarts office and told him to wait here, with his legs crossed or closed together if sitting as all the boys would try and look up your skirt if you don't.

She was in the office explaining to Miss Smart for one hour before Sarah walking to the waiting area and sat down, at first she didn't recognise me, but the she saw the school leotard and coat across my lap and realised who I was and that I hadn't managed to get out the school, although she had no idea on how I had gotten a full girls school uniform or why I was wearing it.

Not long after that, Mark's parents arrived and were shone into Miss Smarts office to be told first about his spying activities and then that he had been court trying to leave the school grounds in a school issue dark blue girls leotard and grey girls coat.

When they asked where he was now and what was going to happen, Miss Smart explained, "At the moment he is sitting out there in the waiting room dressed as a school girl as that is the only spare full uniform that we have as he had no underwear and we only had girls knickers."

"But as to wait will happen next, it will all depend on what we decide to do here as I am within my rights to call the police in as he has broken some big privacy laws," "Ok Miss Smart, we understand that and appreciate it" Mr Barker said, and after glancing at his wife for a second where she gave a small nod that was almost missed.

He said "we will abide by any punishment that you feel is necessary if you do not call the police and have him arrested, as long as you do not do any physical harm to him," "I understand Mr Barker and thinking of how he is dressed at the moment has given me an idea that I would like to run past you both before I call the two children involved in," and so after explaining her idea for punishment for Mark and all agreeing to it, she asked for them both to come into her room.

Not sure what to expect both Mark and Sarah slowly entered into the room and stood in front of Miss Smarts desk looking directly at her. "Ok let me see now I will start with you Sarah as you should have know better that to keep something of this size quiet and not reporting it to myself or another teacher."

"You should have came and told us you suspicions right at the beginning, so that it wouldn't have gotten this far, and it is for that reason that your judgment is still not sound and that you are involved in this as much as you are, and in doing so will share in Mark's punishment," and seeing her open her mouth to talk said, "don't say a thing Sarah as I am not done with you yet."

"Mark, what you have done is unforgivable and also against the law as it has broken some big privacy laws, and after discussing it with your parents and Miss Spot we have decided not to call the police in just yet, but to punish you in another way."

"You have stated to Miss Spot that you started looking at the girls to find out why they looked and acted different, and so we have decided that as your punishment you will become a girl for a year in every sense so that you can learn what the difference between boys and girls are."

For that to be carried out you will be attending school as a full time girl, wearing a girls uniform for everyday things while you are doing your classes, and a girls leotard and swimwear ect. when you are doing sports activities."

"You will also be acting and dressing as a girl while away from home weather you are doing things around your house or going outside shopping or just hanging out with others."

"To sum it all up you will be wearing girl clothes and acting like a girl for a whole year or longer if anything changes during the year, and you will be called Susan from this moment forward until your year is up."

"Sarah here will be helping you in all things outside the school as well as certain things during school time, and to help you become a girl, we will use some things from the drama area that Miss Spot has mentioned."

"You don't have any choice in this matter Susan" Miss Smart continued using Mark's new name, "as if you don't do as we say you will be held here while the police are called and then you will be arrested and charged when the video that we have gotten from Sarah is shown to them, but I have to ask what will do?"

"Ok Miss Smart," Susan said, "I will do what you want" knowing that if he didn't he would be in real trouble and not just with the police.

"Ok Susan if you follow me to the nurses room while Sarah, you and Mr and Mrs Barker will follow Miss Spot to the uniform storage room, to get Susan's new sets of uniform."

With that Miss Smart led Susan out of her room and along to the nurses room and explained to the nurse what had happened and what was happening in response to it along with Mr and Mrs Barkers signed permission to do what was needed to be done, and so Susan was told to get fully undressed and lay on the examining table.

Miss Smart then handed over a box that Miss Spot had brought with her from the uniform store, as some of the expensive drama things were stored there, taking some antiseptic wipes the nurse cleaned first his chest area and then carefully around his privates.

She then took out of the box, two small breast forms and using the new specialist glue she positioned and then held the breast forms in place before moving to his bottom and getting him to raise his legs and to spread them so she could finish the procedure.

Once he had, the nurse pulled his small penis back between his legs and glued penis to the crutch area and then folded the scrotum over and glued it together to give the illusion of a vagina.

Once that was all done she said, "Ok Miss Smart I am finished and this specialist glue will only come apart and release the parts I have glued when this releasing agent is used, so don't loose the serial number."

"You have nothing to worry about Jacki as that number is going somewhere safe, until it is needed, Susan get dressed please as we have one more item to attach before we meet the others again" and went to the second box that had been given to her.

Once Susan was fully dressed in her school uniform again, Miss Smart said "please come over here and sit down Susan, so I can put this wig on for you." Walking across the room Susan could feel the different parts of his body reacting to the things that had been done to him, and when he reached the indicated chair, he swept his skirt forward as he sat down as he had seen the girls do and waited.

Coming from behind she draped the light brown wig over his head before making sure that it fit ok, once she was satisfied that it was a proper fit, she pressed a button on the label that was attached to it, a few seconds later the wig shimmered as if a small current had flowed through it, followed by the label failing off.

When the shimmering had died down and vanished all that was left of the wig was a few stands of hair that well to the floor, as the rest of the wig had meshed into Susan's real hair leaving it shimmering with light and resting down his back between his shoulder blades.

"You now have the hair of a 10 year old girl Susan and it will stay like that until it is cut, as you just grew your hair for about three years in a few minuets, so take care of it as it will hurt if you catch it on anything as I know from experience."

"Now it is time to meet your parents again, so lets go and wait for them in my office Susan and while you might be thinking that this is a nightmare at the moment, relax and enjoy the experience of being a girl as you might like it."

As they were walking back to Miss Smarts office, Susan was moving her head side to side as she was starting to feel like a girl already and the feeling of her new shoulder length hair brushing and pulling on her back, was already adding itself to the feelings of having weight on her chest and nothing hanging down between her legs, and while she wasn't sure what to make of it at the moment, she did like the feelings and said to herself if these feelings are what it is like to be a girl then I do like them, but does this mean I am a girl or just a boy dressed up as a girl?

After hesitating for a few minuets he asked the question that had been on his mind since that changes had started, "what happens Miss Smart if I decide to say as a girl after the year is up?"

"Well there is always that possibility Susan but, if you are even thinking of staying as a girl full time after your year of punishment is up, please speak up and tell me or your parents as you are rapidly approaching your puberty, and once you pass that Mark it will be harder for you to pass as a girl, but there are drugs that are available that can delay the onset of puberty for a few years if you want to have a bit more time to decide if you want to become a girl full time or not, but you don't have to decide here and now as you should have enough time if you say something before your year as a girl is up."

"Ok Miss Smart I will think about it as I don't know what I am feeling at the moment, as my feelings are all out of sync at the moment as sometimes I hate what you have done to me, but at other times I like the feelings that I am getting from the changes that you have done."

Meanwhile Miss Spot had arrived in the uniform storage room with Sarah and the Barkers and after looking around for a few minutes, she picked up a red suitcase from one side and placed it on the main table in the room, before opening it to revile that it was empty.

"Ok lets start with the main school uniform but first this is for you to jot down notes of your new daughters sizes Mrs Barker" handing her a pad and pen before turning back to the clothes and moving over to the skirts, "Lets start with three knee length grey pleated school skirts in size six" and placed them in the suitcase, before turning towards the school blouses and selecting five of the light blue school blouses, "size seven I think as she has slightly bigger shoulders that Sarah here," and they were laid on top of the skirts in the suitcase.

She then laid two school jumpers in on to of the pile and said "size seven for the jumpers Mrs Barker and I will leave the underwear for you to get with the money from the school fund that Mrs Smart will be providing for you, I will also leave the school shoes as she can have the ones that she is wearing at the moment and they are a size four."

"Right next sports ware, to start with she will need two school leotards and gym skirts, both in size six" and placed them in the suitcase on top of the rest before continuing "what else" she asked out loud.

"The swimming costume for the clothes Miss Spot, and new school lockers and school books as her locker will be in the boys section and all her books will have her old name on them" Sarah answered.

"Yes you are right Sarah as there will be swimming in this term as well as outside of school when you lot are relaxing, but also it has helped me remember what I had forgotten, as she reached out and picked up two black ties with a yellow stripe running through from top to bottom, Sarah pass me your tie please."

When she handed over her black tie with red stripes running through it over with a puzzled look, it became more puzzled when Miss Spot handed her one of the yellow striped ties back saying "yes Sarah that is for a this the year below you and Susan, but as you haven't learnt the judgment of when to report things and when not to yet, you will be going back a year to learn all the female lessons again, and as Susan does not have any experience at being a girl, she will be going back with you to learn at the same time."

"Your parents will be informed later today of the situation and the reason behind it, and hopefully this time around you will pay attention to your lesions properly, but as to if any of your friends still stay with you, that I cannot say."

After putting the tie in the suitcase with the rest of the uniforms, she strapped them down so they wouldn't crease up and shut the suitcase and lifted it onto the floor, before saying "Sarah would you please pull that for me as I need to talk to Mr and Mrs Barker as we walk back to the reception."

Not giving Sarah much choice as she turned to the door and led Mr and Mrs Barker out before closed and locking the door after Sarah had pulled the suitcase out of the uniform storage room.

Walking towards the reception she continued talking to Mr and Mrs Barker, "I understand that this is all hard for you both, but you mustn't give in and let Susan wear any boys clothes while she is away from school, as that will not give him the full effect of being a girl or the error of his ways."

"She will try and get away with some things to start with and then that will settle down to little things, but as you yourself is aware Mrs Barker, there are subtle differences like keeping your breasts covered at all time and not getting changed when males can see you. I apologize to you Mr Barker with regards to that matter, but I am just trying to get the basic things across, as I believe that you haven't had a girl before and would not know the little things."

"That's all right Miss Spot as I understand I have a lot to learn in a very short while, and I believe I will follow my wife's lead in this matter, until I understand it better" and glancing up he saw Miss Smart waiting in the reception next to a young girl, and wondered where his new daughter was as that girl looked nothing like his old son.

Sarah was looking at the girl as well but with a different reason, as she was thinking that girl looks around my age, I wonder why I haven't seen her before, as she looks nice, I wonder how she gets her hair to shine like that?

"Oh I see you are back Mr and Mrs Barker, here is the cheque for getting Susan's everyday clothes sorted out, and I trust that Sarah will be able to help you with that matter, as a young girl herself, she will know what is in fashion at the moment, so you are all set I will escort you all to your car Mr Barker if you would be so kind as to drop Sarah off for me, and I will see you all in a week when you start back at school next Monday."

As they started walking towards the exit, Mrs Smith after looking around asked "and when might I add is that new daughter of mine as I can't see her around here Miss Smart?" "Are you sure Mrs Barker, well let me just call her, Susan get up of that chair and join us as we are leaving now."

And to most of the peoples shock the young beautiful girl who had been sitting off to one side slowly stood up before brushing her skirt down and turning towards then saying in a light voice "Ok Miss Smart, I am coming."

Sarah couldn't believe that that gorgeous girl was what was left of mark after Miss Smart had changed his looks, and slowly asked "Is that you Mark?" "Yes Sarah although I am only supposed to answer to my new name of Susan from now on until this punishment is over with."

"Oh I am sorry Susan, I forgot for a second but it wont happen again","you will have to tell me how you got your hair to shine like that as I love how the sun catches it?" "Only if you tell me how to apply makeup and things so that I don't look a complete fool for this year."

"Oh I would love to and I think that I can see the start of a friendship forming, so lets talk about it in the car," and led the way to the car park with Susan not far behind her leading her parents who pulled the suitcase that contained the start of her new life, although only for a year at the moment but who knew what was around the corner.

As Mr Barker drove his new daughter to Sarah's house he was still trying to come to terms with what Mark had done to get himself into the situation that he was stuck in if only for a year, he could see that the kids had fallen silent in the back of the car with both showing a thoughtful expression as they went over in there heads the last few weeks and the upcoming year.

Both were thinking about if there was anything that they could have done differently or any changes that they would make if they could do it all again, before finally resting and just gazing out of the cars windows as the journey into they new lives began.

Twenty minuets later, they pulled up in Sarah's house and all slowly got out of the car and followed Sarah up to the door and waited while she popped into the house and fetched her mother.

When Mrs Jones appeared at the door, she welcomed them all in and took the letter that Mr Barker had given her and seeing that the handwriting on the envelope was the headmistresses she said "if you would excuse me please, while I go and read this letter as I feel that it has some baring on why my Sarah is out of school this early."

While Mrs Jones went into the other room and closed the door for some privacy, Sarah spoke up and said "please take a seat as this could be a while" before sitting carefully on one part of the sofa.

Ten agonising minutes later after Mrs Jones had read the letter carefully twice as she absorbed the information in it, she opened the door and looked at the Barkers daughter she didn't realise they had had, but according to the letter from Mrs Smart that girl sitting beside her Susan was actually Mark the Barkers son.

So turning towards Mrs Jones she said, "I don't know what to say Janet as I feel sorry for you having to find out about your sons activities in this way, but at the same time I am very angry that he would spy on my daughter as she was getting changed at school, and not to mention the other girls."

"But I can see that he is being punished for his actions already and let me say that he does make a fine young girl, and in that case I understand Mrs Smarts decision in this matter with regards to sending both Mark and Sarah back a year in school as they obviously have not matured enough to survive out in the real world yet."

"I understand that it is going to be hard for you for the next few months until things get settled down as the children both learn what it is like and means to be a lady," and with this she turned to Sarah and said "and you young lady had better pay more attention this year to school and if you have any queries like the ones that started this, you tell me straight away about it."

"Is that understood Sarah," "yes mum" a subdued Sarah responded before saying as I have to teach Susan all about a girls social life, can I please go with the Barkers to help get her new clothes as she doesn't have any girl clothes outside of school at the moment."

After a moments thought she said "no Sarah I think tomorrow morning would be soon enough as I feel that Mr and Mrs Barker will be having a little talk with there son when they get home, so I will take you over to there house in the morning with a change of clothes for her to wear while you go shopping with them."

And with that she turned and quickly went into the other room and picked up a bag, before walking back into the front room with it and said "I had just got Sarah a new nightly, but as it is still in the bag you can borrow it for Susan until she has got some of her own," and handed the bag from the supermarket over to Janet, before saying I will see you all tomorrow at nine as I still have some things I have to do here, so we will talk later on Janet and sort some things out."




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