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Welcome to what is (or at least probably is) the last installment in the life of the former Donnie Lynn Walker, or as you readers/masturbators know her as, Marilyn. She’s not going to be killed off, but I want to work on this other story line I have in my head. Who knows? Maybe she’ll make a comeback in the new story line. I thank all you loyal fans for following me since the beginning some months back, and I hope you will enjoy the next one. Oh, and this is my story. I retain all rights besides the right to distribute this in digital form over any digital medium for non-commercial purposes. You can’t read this if it ain’t legal in your jurisdiction. Got it. Good. Let’s get on with the show. J


Marilyn's Higher Learning                  by: Brett Lynn


"…Damn Jets, fucking blew the season with that game…WHAT THE FUCK!"

Marilyn fully came to from her semi-conscious rambling in her seat on a Coach bus riding along Interstate 91 to an interesting situation. She looked up to see her sister’s glowing face smiling goofily down on her. When she reached down in her pelvic region, her other suspicion was confirmed; yes, her semi-hard dick was buried balls deep in her sister’s ass.

"Wakey, wakey, sleepy head!" Sharilynn cooed down on her sister. "And be a bit more quiet. It isn’t exactly standard sibling practice what’s going on here. I see you’ll still pissed about your damned Jets."

"I know. If Vinny didn’t get Tampa Bay flashbacks and the special teams would have fucking showed up, I’d be celebrating a playoff victory. However, by the basis of the dried fluids down there and the fact that I’m waking up inside you, I did celebrate something," Marilyn replied. "That is a weird habit of mine," she thought to herself, "cumming that falling asleep. I need to stop doing that."

"Nah, not really. The ride was getting a bit boring so I decided to take you for a little ride under the blanket we were keeping warm under," shot back Shari.

"Did I make a lot of noise when I came?"



"But after you fell asleep, I did ride you, and play with my clit, on my way to another orgasm," Shari giggled back.

"You know, Shari? You’re such the little slut."

"Like you’re any kind of candidate for a monastery."

"Maybe the one from Hot Shots Part Deux where the Buddhist monk took a vow of celibacy just like their fathers!" Marilyn paused to laugh and then said," besides, with boobies like these, not only would a monastery reject me, I’d get WWF moves put on me, like the People’s Elbow, the Stone Cold stunner, that Rikishi shit, what else…"

"The Crippler Crossface…," shot back Shari just before she was lightly bopped in the head with a pale yellow hand. "Hey!" Sharilynn shouted at the seat behind her and Marilyn.

"What the..there you are Kat!" Marilyn responsed to her love tap. She then looked up at the smiling Asian girl and waved at her. "I’m sure glad Ma was able to talk the school into letting her come along on this trip," she thought to herself. "I really do wanna go to college with her, plus I would have missed my little tiny love doll," she said to herself with a chuckle. It was then she noticed that her shirt was unbuttoned and her breasts were pulled out of the cups of her bra. She also felt the call of nature around that same time too.

"Hey, Shari! Could you, er, remove yourself from me? I need to go to the little boys, er, girls, er, you know what I’m fucking talking about room."

"Alright, will do," Shari replied as she eased her sister’s cock out of her asshole. "Remember to button up that shirt, Marilyn."

"True," replied Marilyn as she quickly buttoned up her shirt. As her sister sat back down next to her, she tucked herself up just enough so a noticeable bulge wouldn’t show up in her skirt. She then got up and walked to the seat behind her, where Kat was sitting. ‘You little bitch,’ she playfully mouthed to her, ‘I’m gonna get your ass later!!!’ She then walked on to the back of the bus for the bathroom and took care of business.


…Now I'm ready for sleep

but first I want spaghetti to eat

and it's a good Italian restaurant right up the street

So I jumped in the Jeep, stash the heat under the seat…

"Alright, guys! It’s time to get off the bus! Put on your coats and get your bags at the side of the van!"

"Damn," Marilyn swore to herself. "I was just getting into that last Big L song." She then turned to her slumbering sister, poked her in one of her breasts and said to her, "let’s get a move on…We’re here."

"Thanks Marilyn. I needed that."

Marilyn then pulled her headphones off, pulled her jacket from under herself and put the jacket on. She then grabbed her backpack and stepped off the bus, getting her first glimpse at twilight of little Pilgrim State College, tucked up in the Green Mountains of New Hampshire. "Is this New Hampshire or Vermont?," Marilyn thought to herself as she was getting her bag from under the bus. "Like it really matters, though. I saw one too many fucking deer on the way up here. And where are the people? Is this civilization? Is this still part of the United States?" Marilyn then picked up her travel bag, slung it over her shoulder and started the walk from the parking lot to the Admissions Building where she was to meet her host of the next few days.

Brandon Boyd stood waiting in the second floor lounge of the Admissions Building, leaning his massive 6’5" frame against one of the walls. He fished out a small piece of paper with the name of his guest on orientation weekend and muttered the name to himself. "Hmmm…D.L Walker from Bronx, N.Y. Who the fuck he think he is? D.L. Hughley? At least this dude’s a fellow New Yorker though. I wonder if he hangs out on the Ave?"

His thought process was interrupted by the opening of the doors and the rush of uniform-clad high schoolers walking on up. Brandon looked around, looking for prospects to seduce on their first visit to college. On particular girl caught his fancy, with the complexion as dark as his, taller in heels than he was and a body that wouldn’t quit. "Please let me be her host," Brandon thought to herself. "I know that gender is supposed to be matched between host and guest but please…"

"Brandon Boyd!"

"Yeah, whatcha want?"

"Step on up and meet your guest, sir."

He walked, not thinking much about it when he walked up to meet his guest. His eyes bulged out when he saw that the very girl he was checking out was his guest. "You’re…D.L. Walker?"

"That’s just my government name, man. The name’s Marilyn," she replied as she and Brandon knocked fists.

"The name’s Brandon Boyd, senior Biochem major, Hollis, Queens representative and of course, your oh-so-wise host for the next couple of days. Got all your stuff?"

"Yeah, I got everything. Hey, I used to live in Queens back in the day, though I live in the BX now."

"Let’s roll. Thankfully, I don’t live too far a walk from here," Brandon said as he and Marilyn walked down the stairs and out the door. As the two began the short walk over to Brandon’s room, Marilyn began to feel the bite of the New England chill.

"Is it always this cold here man?" Marilyn thought to herself as she stuffed her hands in her pocket and hunched herself over to keep the chill from penetrating her bones.

"Nah, Marilyn. Occasionally, it gets cold enough to have fucking polar bears around!" Brandon joked back. "It’s just one of the oh-so-fun externalities that comes with going to school in the sticks. Oh, here’s my building coming up on the left."

Marilyn took in the sight of the building and noted that it looked like something out of every college movie she’d ever seen. The old brick building seemed well-kept, with the usual decorations, greek letters and the like up in all the windows and some knucklehead blasting Will Smith. "I see people in this dorm have no taste," she thought to herself as Brandon let her in the door. "It’s not a short walk up Marilyn," Brandon said to Marilyn. "Just follow me." She followed her host up the one flight of stairs and the short walk down the hallway to Brandon’s room. When the door was opened, she scoped out the room where she’d be sleeping for the next few days. "At least homeboy has great taste in women," she thought to herself as she saw the posters of women in different states of undress all over the walls. Other than that, it was a typical dorm room, replete with computer, unmade bed and clothes strewn all over the place along with a clearer place for her to sleep.

"Hey, you can drop you stuff over in that corner over there," Brandon said, motioning to a corner opposite his bed.

"Thanks," replied Marilyn as she put down her bags, then took off her bubble coat. She then looked up to look at Brandon to ask him a question about the itinerary when one word crossed his lips.


"What’s up?"

"Lemme keep it real. I’ve been checking you out since the second you arrived here. I am very single right now, and I was hoping to hook up with one of the female guests. I just never suspected she’d end up in my room."

Marilyn rightly took this as a cue to flirt. "So you really want me, huh?" she said coquettishly as put her hands on her crotch and ground her hands into her.

"Ya damn right," Brandon shot back in his best imitation of Shaft. Casting his eyes on Marilyn’s chest, he leered, "I see you got some nice tits there, and that you’re all nipped out. Yum!"

"So you wanna see my boobies, huh?"


"And you really wanna get with me, right?"

"Yeah. Get to the point! I did the same for you!"

"Well, I got three things to show ya first."

"OK, do it then."

Marilyn slowly and seductively unbuttoned her shirt down to her navel. She then stepped over to where Brandon was sitting, pulled her shirt open and squeezed her bra-encased tits together. She pulled on the cups of her bra, then squeezed her boobies together to make them look extra large. She repeated this a few more times until the edges of her areolas were visible. She then pulled the cups of her bra back over her breasts, then backed up a step from Brandon. "Did you like the first two things that I had to show you?"

"Oh yeah. Those are some big ol’ titties you got there!" Brandon replied in his best approximation of a Southern accent.

"Wanna see the third thing I promised?"


"Then close your eyes there, man."

Brandon closed his eyes, thinking to himself "I hope her ass is as good as advertised. I wonder if she’s shaved…"

"Please, please, please let this dude be straight. The last thing I need is to be a rape victim out here," Marilyn thought to herself. She then took a deep breath and unbuttoned her uniform skirt. She pulled down her skirt and panties in one swipe, then pulled her dick out the crack of her ass as she was bent over. As she stood back up, she spread her legs slightly, letting her dick swing through and her balls settle down. She took on last deep breath, then called out to Brandon "are you ready?"

"What else would I be, babe!" Then Brandon opened his eyes.

It took him a full minute for him to regain full function of his mouth. When he did, he pointed in Marilyn’s general direction.

"You got a…a…"

"Yes, I got a dick. And a pretty big one at that, too. Got a problem?"

"Let me get this straight. You’re 17 years old. You’re still in high school. How the hell did you get those tits…"

"It ain’t surgery. This is as silicon-free as they come."

"So how the hell did you get those? And end up hung like Sean Michaels?"

"Well, to make a long story short, hormones. Lots and lots of hormones. I was always interested in getting a girl’s body. The fact that Ma Dukes works R&D at a drug company helps in getting pills and stuff that gives me these," Marilyn replied as she squeezed her boobs.

"That doesn’t explain the other part?"

"Well, the hormones kinda explain that too. Apparently, my body wilded out when I started with the hormones and produced tons of testosterone. However, my bloodstream didn’t let the hormones away from my genitalia and, well, you see the results."

"Yo, could you pull up your skirt? That isn’t exactly a pretty sight there," opined a still-confused Brandon.

"No prob, man. In fact, I was hoping that this display would have this effect on you."

"Whatcha mean ‘have this effect?’"

"Despite what these tits might mean to ya, I’m straight. Very straight."

"I thought all you guys were like the one of the Springer…"

Marilyn cut him off, then curtly replied "Don’t buy the hype. It’s only TV."

Brandon drew a deep breath, then spoke softly, "Look. I’ve had more than enough excitement for the day. Damn, I thought I left all the freaks in the city. Anyway, we gotta go eat at this spot a good 15 minute walk on the other side of campus. Wanna get dressed and put on your coat? We gotta get a move on."

Buttoning up her shirt, Marilyn said, "sure. Gimme a minute to button up my shirt, OK?"

"Alright, man, er, girl, uh..."

"Just say man, OK?" Marilyn chimed in while pulling on her coat. "I might look like a girl, heck, I enjoy having a girl’s body, but I’m a man where it counts OK?"

"Alright," sighed Brandon as he pulled on his coat. He then opened the door for Marilyn, then said "let’s go" as the two walked to their dinner.



The next 24 hours seemed to fly by like a blur. After a deliciously catered dinner for the visiting seniors from King of Kings High, designed to impress, all of them went to sleep for what turned out to be a long day. The joys of the college recruiting pitch went at full blast that day. First, there was the oh-so-glorious tour of the borderline-antartic college campus. At least part of the tour was through the school’s tunnel system that just so conveniently happened not to be connected to the part of campus where Marilyn was staying. Then, of course, was the financial aid presentation, which did it’s better to try to obscure the fact that the cost of this school would put most of the visiting students into massive amounts of debt. The whole presentation turned out to be a blur, but Marilyn did remember this one classic line she mouthed over to Kat, ‘Thank God you’re deaf, so you don’t know the depths of which we’re being snowed here.’

After an opportunity to "experience a real meal with the students of Pilgrim State College" (i.e. eat crappy dining hall food at a college student bitch session), Marilyn committed the most atrocious sin of being interesting in studying Biochemistry there. At least she thought it was after making the mistake of making that known in advance. After visit a General Biochemistry lecture where half the class was asleep (and for good reason, since the professor definitely not what one would call electrifying), she had the pleasure of getting a tour of the department and what was alleged to be a talk about the major from that professor. At least that’s what Marilyn thought he was talking about. He tuned him out a long time ago, making noises to pretend she was interested and generally watching the clock. By the time the ordeal was over, it was almost 4 o’clock, and she found her way back to the dorm room where she was staying. One thing she took a note of was the lack of security on her way up to the room. "All someone needs is a Ryder truck on a weekend night, and someone could clean this place out," Marilyn thought to herself. "These people must be nuts!"

As she walked through the door of the room, she saw her host sitting at his computer, going on another one of his common Napster binges.

"Hey Brandon! I’m back!"

Brandon then turned away from the screen of the computer and replied," ‘Sup. What time did you get in?"

"Oh, just now. Whatcha downloading on Napster?"

"About six Love Unlimited Orchestra songs. Ah, the joys of ethernet. How else would I get my ‘70s music fix? So how was your first good peek at what good ol’ Pilgrim State has to offer?"

"It sucks. Too much BS. Plus, I had the pleasure so sitting in on a Biochem lecture. Yay. So fun."

"Tell me about it. I did my time last year, and I can count on one hand the number of hours I was awake last semester." Stopping to think, Brandon then continued, "Yo, whatcha doing tonight?"

Marilyn’s ears perked up, and she replied "nothing in particular? Why do you ask?"

"Just off campus, my boys are having a house party. Wanna roll? It’s starts around 9, which is mad early for NYC standards, but hey, you gotta play by their rules up here."

"Sure, I’m down. I brought some gear up just in case an opportunity presented itself."

"Cool. And one thing….gimme fair warning before you change. I don’t want a repeat of last night, OK?"

"Gotcha man."


"Hey, come on through the door, Marilyn."

"Aiight, man," Marilyn replied to her host as she made her way through the basement storm doors as she made her way into the party. As she shed her bubble coat, revealing her pink baby tee and her midriff, she took a moment to survey the smoky, drunken mass of college students grooving to the sounds of what sounded like a decent DJ. "Not bad, especially for up here," she thought to herself. As her eyes got used to the light, she did notice the crowd had, shall we say, more people who can trace their roots to the Caucus mountains. As her mind puzzled over that fact, Brandon chimed in to mention, "look, er, man, I know the crowd’s probably different than the one you’re used to rolling to. However, at least they spend a few extra bucks for a decent DJ, oh so rare around here."

"I’d suppose so."

"Look. My boy’s over there running the bar. Help yourself, man. Meanwhile, I wanna see how many ladies can I freak on the dance floor."

"OK, man," Marilyn replied before pounding fists with Brandon. "Check ya later." After stashing her coat away in a back corner of the basement, she decided to slide over to the bar for a few beers, taking the time en route to check out the ladies scene in the room. "Not exactly a stellar crowd in here," she thought to herself. "But maybe there are a few ladies I can bag with a special assist to good ol’ fashioned ethanol." She was jarred out of her train of thought by the bar pressing square against her back. Turning around, she asked for a beer over the din, and had her request quickly fulfilled. She cautiously raised the cup up to her lips, took a sip, then slammed the cup down in disgust. "Damn, that beer sucks! Well, I didn’t come here for the booze…"

Marilyn then turned her attentions to the females in her presence. As she slowly scanned the room, she didn’t see too many girls that caught her particular attention. However, just as she turned towards the corner just by the bar, she noticed someone that caught her fancy. Tall, blonde and glowing with sweat from the packed crowd, the girl’s lean, long form was propped up against the wall with bosoms heaving within a tightly packed top and abs that seemed to belong on a fitness model. She was thinking was those lips of that girl would do to her when she noticed her sister standing next to the girl.

Marilyn scurried over to the dark corner and shouted out to her sis, "Hey Shari! Wassup!"

"Oh, nothing, fair sis. Probably doing the same thing you’re doing," she replied with a wink. "Besides, it seems that this party is popular with our set. After all, there are five or six other heads from our school here. Oh, lemme introduce this girl here. Marilyn, Sandy. Sandy, my sister Marilyn."

"Hey Marilyn!" Sandy chimed in. "I was just getting familiar with your sister over here." She then reached up to Sharilynn’s head, pulled it down towards her, then kissed Sharilynn hard on the lips, letting her lips part for Sharilynn to slip her tongue in her mouth. She then broke the kiss and continue, "Very…familiar. Say are you two twins Shari?"

"Well, we are fraternal twins. However, there is one key difference that allows you to tell us apart. Marilyn, could you unbutton those jeans for me?"

"Uh, this is a public place, Shari."

"Chill out, man! Besides, it’s a back corner. No one can see but us."


After Marilyn complied, Shari guided her new friend’s hand towards Marilyn’s pants, then inside the tight thong. After guiding Sandy’s hand the sufficient depth into Marilyn’s panties, Shari pulled her hand out, put her lips close to Sandy’s ear, then said, "now can you tell?" She punctuated that question with a slow lick of Sandy’s ear.

After feeling around down between Marilyn’s legs, Sandy’s hand froze, and her eyes bulged out when her mind registered what she just felt. "M-my God! I’ve had wet dreams less hung than that!" she breathlessly answered. "How is that…possible?"

"Well," Shari replied, "my sister is one of those…special girls with a bit extra…"

"A bit extra I’ll say! Can I see more of this, Shari?" Sandy beamed up at Sharilynn with a lusty smile.

"Sure. Let’s head on back to your place. Is that fine with you, Marilyn?"

"No prob, ladies. Just let me and you guys get your coats."

After the siblings threw on their coats, the trio made their way over to Sandy’s apartment. "I’m not too far guys, just a couple blocks away right across the street from campus," Sandy shouted back at Marilyn and Sharilynn. As Marilyn hung close to her sister for warmth, she finally got a good look at the body she was checking out. Although she found it weird that Sandy seemed so at ease in the cold, she did look like she worked out fairly often, with hard bulges of muscles in her back and her arms tempered by her feminine curves. Sandy’s ass, though a bit on the small side for Marilyn’s taste, was well shaped in her black pants, filling them with a smooth curving bulge. As she followed Sandy up the stairs, she finally realized how short she was, platform shoes notwithstanding. With her 5’3" frame, it turned out that her ‘friend’ for the evening had the prototypical build of a cheerleader.

"Are you a cheerleader by the way?" Marilyn asked, half sure if she really wanted to ask the question.

"Sure. I guess it’s the build that gave it away, huh?" Sandy then opened the door to her house, letting the siblings in from the cold. "Take off your coats here guys. Oh, let me explain the house. I rent this place out with a bunch of friends. Thankfully, all my roommates are either out of town or drunk as hell hooking up with someone. Here, follow me up these stairs, and we can get started on this evening’s festivities."

"Alright, Sandy," Sharilynn remarked as she checked out the house. "You lead the way. It is your house after all."

The trio made straightway for Sandy’s room with the unspoken desperation of lust. As soon as Sandy opened the door for her room, Shari all but slid into the room feet first, getting quickly on her knees. "Trust me, Sandy. Get on down here with me. You’re gonna like this show…and in that special way too," Shari shot up at Sandy with a wink.

"How do you know?" Sandy replied, just finding her way out of her alcohol-induced fog. "You mean…WOW! I mean…you’re both very sexy looking females and all, but, er, how does someone get past the incest thing…"

"By getting down on your knees! C’mon!" Shari blurted out with a sense of urgency. "You do wanna see it right?"

"OK," replied Sandy as she got on her knees next to Sharilynn. In the midst of this, Marilyn stood in front of the two, riddled with lust, but nervous as to how the girl would take the sight of her huge member in front of her face. "May I do the honors, Shari?"

"Sure, be my guest."

Sandy reached up her hands, feeling the gentle curves of Marilyn through her jeans. She admired women with curves on them, and Marilyn was no exception. Messing around with women was no new thing to her. After all, she had gotten an introduction to the Sapphic arts courtesy of one of her cheerleading teammates her freshman year. However, glancing up at Marilyn’s haughty curves bulging through her shirt above her, then at her sister’s almost unreal endowment next to her, she felt enveloped in the sexual energy oozed by the pair. Taking a deep breath to take it all in, she crawled her hands up Marilyn’s inner thighs, unbuttoned her jeans, then pulled down the jeans and panties with one smooth tug until they puddled around Marilyn’s ankles. What she saw made both her eyes drool and her eyes grow dark with lust. She looked up in awe at the massive member, long and thick, smooth and ebony, covered with veins belying the raw sexual power in that organ. She reached up her hands to the base, wrapped them around the shaft and slowly stroked all 11 semi-hard inches from root to tip. She moved her hands back up from the tip and repeated the motion a few more times, feeling the cock stir in her hands from her masturbation while breathing heavily with lust.

"Oooh," Marilyn cooed as she drew in a breath. "That feels nice. Wanna kiss it?"

"Sure, Marilyn. God, this is one incredible dick."

"No prob. J-just show me where the bed is. It’s hard to stand up straight when you’re so stimulated, and I don’t wanna collapse over you guys."

"OK, Marilyn. Just sit down on the bed straight behind you."

Marilyn shuffled her way back towards the bed as Shari and Sandy took their positions on their knees in front of her, as if Marilyn’s cock were some idol. Marilyn lifted up its heft and briefly, gently stroked herself. She then let the organ swing down, letting the two women at her knees get at her massive member. After the pair looked at each other with Marilyn’s dick between them, Sandy tentatively planted a peck on the tip, letting herself shudder at the eroticism of the moment. She briefly removed her lips, then grabbed onto the shaft at about the midway point and kept kissing it, bit by bit longer and wetter. Before long, Shari started getting into the act and the pair lavished slow, luxurious french kisses all over the pulsing tip. When their eyes locked up, they felt an unspoken bond between themselves, their pure lust for this clear sign of masculinity on a body that is otherwise so feminine. Their mouths moved up the tip at the same time until their tongues and lips met at the end, tongue kissing around the delicious cock their lust hungered for. Shari took the initiative in the kiss, grabbing onto the young cheerleader’s head and they made out with that huge penis in their mouth’s possession.

Marilyn leaned back on her elbows, playing with her exposed nipples as she took in the sight of the two girls making out on her cock. "Damn, this feels good. It reminds me so much of what Kat and Shari love to do." She did a sharp intake of breath as she saw Sandy suddenly took 4 inches of her dick into her mouth. "Oooh, that feels incredible," she thought to herself as she pulled and pinched at her nipples. "Her mouth is so tiny, yet so strong. She kinda reminds me of…what the hell? Why am I think about her like this. Please, let Sandy so something ill so I can forget about her…"


Marilyn screamed out in pleasure as she felt her sister sucking on her balls. At the same time, she saw and, more importantly, felt Sandy fellate another 3 inches into her mouth, squeezing and sucking away at her. She rubbed her palms against her tits, squeezing them as her flesh ran through her fingers. She was lost in her own little world of pleasure as she suddenly felt air on her saliva-wet shaft.

"Mmm, those are some big titties there," Sandy said from between Marilyn’s knees. "Mind if I get a suck? Besides, I want to get the full experience of your hot body."

"Sure, babe," Marilyn replied, trying to play as cool as possible as her sister briefly tongued the skin between her balls and asshole before licking her way of her shaft. "Climb these peaks," she finished as she jiggled her breast flesh in her hands, giggling gently at the weak pun she just made. She saw Sandy stand up on her knees, then climb onto the bed next to her. She let her eyes roll back as she felt Sandy lift her shirt over and push her bra under her juicy boobs while Shari swallowed seven inches of her dick. Marilyn let her mind take in the sensations of two sets of mouths working all over her, tripping off every single nerve they could find. She let her eyes open just enough to see Sandy lurking over her reclining form, sensuously and slowly licking at one of the peaks on her body while frantically flicking the other nipple with her hand and fingers. Marilyn suddenly fell back when she felt her sister swallow whole, closing her eyes and letting her body buck around in reflex. When her shoulders were roughly shaken by Sandy, allowing her to return from the paradise generated by the two girls’ erotic caresses, she was still in a dream-like daze.

"Wha…what do you want?" Marilyn asked hazily.

"Mmmm, Marilyn…" replied Sandy, letting her hand caress in one smooth motion from Marilyn’s breasts, across her soft, flat belly and then wrapped it around the base of her hard cock. "I want this," she continued, squeezing it somewhat roughly. "Good thing your sis knew when you were about to blow. I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to let my…other lips taste this big cho-co-late bar. Can you fuck me?"

Shaking the cobwebs out, Marilyn replied, "Sure. Let me get up so you can lay down on this bed. Besides, I’ve been wanting the chance to work out that body of yours."

"Can you eat me out while you get fucked by my sis, babe?"

"Sure, Shari. I think I can handle you two at the same time," Sandy replied with a bit of a leer. Marilyn scooted her knees onto the bed while Sandy enthusiastically laid back on the bed, pulling her clothes off quickly in the process. The twins took this as an opportunity to fully check out Sandy’s body. Sandy’s body appeared more toned than it would appear clothes, with muscles gently making their presence known all over her body. Her breasts, while not incredibly huge, were a good size and were perfectly shaped, and her stomach looked fresh off an Abs of Steel commercial, with muscles popping and hard enough to bounce the proverbial quarter on. She was a bit slim in the hips and thighs, but, as Marilyn thought to herself, "what white girls aren’t slim that way."

Marilyn stopped admiring long enough to line up her still-rampant penis up with Sandy’s trim pussy. She laid her body over Sandy’s at an angle, grabbed onto Sandy’s hips and asked her gently as possible "are you ready?"

"FUCK ME, ASSHOLE!!! DRILL THAT FUCKING DICK INTO MEEE!!!" Sandy emphatically replied as she reached back to pull Sharilynn’s hips over her head, ready to eat her out. Marilyn then slowly eased her way raw into Sandy’s wet, tight pussy, surprised at how slick her pussy was. She let herself bottom out in the juicy coochie, then bent down to lick at Sandy’s nipple. After brushing her hair back, she slowly started to ease her way in and out of Sandy, slowly increasing the length of her stroke as she felt out how far she could go inside Sandy. "Wet as she is, I couldn’t hurt her if I wanted to," she thought to herself as she sucked one of Sandy’s hard nipples into her mouth. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks that she wasn’t wearing any protection. "Ah, man. That’s not good, but I’ve already done it now. Mind as well enjoy the smooth ride. Mmm…these nipples remind me a bit of Kat’s…"

Meanwhile, Sandy’s mind was burdened with nothing more than the sensation of being stretched open more than she was in her entire life. She felt like she was being torn in two, and if it weren’t for the fact that she was so wet, she probably would have internal damage. Fortunately, all the incredible girth was doing was hitting her g-spot like never before and brushing against her clit with every thrust. If it wasn’t for the fact that Shari took off her pants and panties and placed her pussy right over her mouth, Sandy would have screamed her lungs out between her pussy, her clit and the tongue flicking Marilyn was giving her nipples. As she sucked and moaned into Sharilynn’s pussy, she felt a sensation that was rumbling over her. As her body shook under the weight of two bodies, she grabbed onto Marilyn’s soft ass and fell in the midst of her ecstasy just as Marilyn started lightly nibbling on her nipple.

She came. Hard.

A wave of bliss overwhelmed Sandy as she never felt before. Her body seemed to be undergoing an epileptic seizure as she body jumped wildly under the twins. She felt nothing but pleasure as she felt another wave get ready to wash over her.

"Damn, she’s a little firecracker," Marilyn thought to herself. "Kinda reminds me of Kat a bit. I know that little trick I just did does set her off a lot. In fact, so does the way she cums to, and how hard her little box squeezes. I wonder what she’s up to. I know that she ain’t the party type and all." She raised her body up somewhat, letting her nipples brush Sandy’s and sticking her tongue out to lick her sister’s belly button. "I wonder what she’s up to now…"

Shari was crouched over Sandy’s face, taking in what was going on. Even though did her partner wasn’t particularly attentive to her needs, merely heating her up a bit as her lips were kissed and sucked, she didn’t particularly mind. She knew enough about her sis that she had this particular effect on women, spending many a time spectating during threesomes with her sister as much as participating. "I see that she’s at it again," Sharilynn though to herself as she rolled her nipples around through the bra she was wearing. She relaxed as she let both her sister and Sandy continue their oral ministration. However, she did sense that something was wrong with her sister. "Something’s on her mind, and I know it," Shari thought to herself. "I wonder what she’s thinking about…"

"I wonder what Kat’s doing," Marilyn thought to herself as she kept fucking Sandy mechanically, letting her breasts press against Sandy’s while she was fucking away at her. "I know that she likes to fuck with nipples touch, except it usually up her ass. Where is she? I miss her…I hope this doesn’t count as cheating. I wish this girl was smaller like Kat. I could really get some leverage and pile drive into her. Plus she isn’t as cuddly…"

Then it hit Marilyn. She abruptly pulled out of Sandy, then scrambled around the room, pulling up her pants and panties and looking for her clothes.

"What’s wrong, sis?"

"I gotta go."

"Whatcha mean you gotta go? "

"I GOT to GO!" Marilyn quietly replied, looking deep into her sister’s eyes as she pulled on her coat. Shari looked back at Marilyn, staring intently until it registered in her mind what had Marilyn so concerned. "Ooooh. OK. Go on."

In the midst of this wordless conversation, Sandy slid from under Sharilynn, confused at the proceedings that just took place. "Wh-what’s going on?" she asked, dazed from a sexual high.

"Um, my sis forgot something in her room," Shari said abruptly as Marilyn scrambled out of the door. "Besides, now it’s time for me to work on that tight little package of yours," she cooed as she caressed Sandy’s rock hard belly.

Marilyn wandered around a bit after leaving Sandy’s house, but got her bearings soon enough as she got to her host’s room as soon as possible. Once she hit the front door of the building, she sprinted up the stairs and was at the room she was staying in quickly. She opened the door and, much to her surprise, saw her host Brandon sitting at his computer.

"Hey, man. Didn’t expect you back from the party so quickly," Marilyn called out to Brandon.

"I just back five minutes ago. Just working on this paper I have due. Did you like the party?"

"Yeah, yeah, it was OK. Listen, do you have AOL Instant Messenger on your computer?"

"Yeah…why do you ask?"

"Look, I need to talk to someone as soon as possible. Can I use it?"

"Sure. Then paper’s not due ‘til Tuesday anyway," Brandon replied as he got up from the computer. "You know how to use the program, right?"

"Yeah," Marilyn curtly replied as she sat down in front of the computer. "I’ll find the program on here, don’t worry."

As Brandon laid back on his bed to do some ready, Marilyn frantically logged herself in under her AIM screen name, then checked to see if Kat was online. She IMed her, waiting impatiently for a response.

BigM712: Hey, Kat!

MzKitKat: hey…

BigM712: What are you up to?

MzKitKat: nothing…why do you ask?

BigM712: can I tell you something?

MzKitKat: sure…what is it?

BigM712: like tonight…I picked up this girl at a party…

BigM712: and I feel so shitty about it

MzKitKat: why?

BigM712: b/c I felt so horrible…I mean the sex was good, but I felt so bad…

MzKitKat: you love me don’t you

MzKitKat: and I sure hope you do too…

BigM712: yeah…why do you say that?

MzKitKat: well, how do I say this…

BigM712: say it!

MzKitKat: well, big mari, you’re gonna be a father…

At this point, Marilyn’s jaw dropped, and her hands dropped to her side. Her eyes glazed over as the words on the screen tore through her head like a bullet. Then she took a glance down at her breasts, her clearest sign of femininity. The events of the past few years went threw her head. She hefted her mammaries towards her eyes and stared at them. "Despite all these signs that say I’m a woman, I’m going to be a father," she thought to herself. "I thought I was just a sexual being now. But I’m going to be a father. Oh my God!"

Sensing something was up, Brandon looked up from his reading and asked Marilyn," hey! Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I’m cool man."

BigM712: so I guess you have your gift now, huh?

MzKitKat: yes. Thank you so very much.

BigM712: so where do they have you staying at?

MzKitKat: McMinn Hall, room 112

BigM712: McMinn? That’s where I am, on the floor above you…

BigM712: meet me in the lounge downstairs in 2 minutes?

MzKitKat: sure!

BigM712: see ya!

Marilyn bolted from the computer and out the door, down to the lounge on the first floor. She looked around frantically when she saw Kat walk over to where she was standing. They looked deep into each other’s eyes. They communicated an unspoken message, which resulted in Marilyn taking Kat’s head in her hand, her bending down and kissing Kat hard. Their lips wrestled against each other for a minute, swapping spit, dueling tongues and taking each other’s breath away. When they finally separated, Marilyn took a deep breath, the erotic fire in her rekindled and her big dick re-hardening. She led Kat down to a seat on a couch, mouthing to her "you’re a pregnant woman now. Can’t have you on your feet, getting them all swollen." She bent down and gave Kat a kiss on her forehead.

Marilyn got down on her knees and lifted up one of Kat’s bare feet. She blew along the whole length of it from heel to toe, then slowly inserted her big toe into her mouth. She caressed the toe with her tongue, slowly wrapping it around each inch of skin while she sucked on it. She repeated this gentle sucking with each toe on her foot, making Kat moan softly as her tongue seemed to find all the right spots. With each toe bathed in saliva, Marilyn made a wet trail of kisses along the bottom of her foot, from the ball of her foot slowly down to Kat’s heel, making the slightly ticklish girl giggle and squirm involuntarily. After taking the tiny heel deep into her mouth and sucking on , Marilyn started kissing along Kat’s calf, practically swallowing the skinny limb with her soft lips and marking the yellow-tinted skin scarlet with her lipstick. She looked deep into Kat’s eyes as she started licking her way up under Kat’s knee, feeling the gentle pulsing of her flesh. She lifted her Kat’s leg, bent it at the knee, then teasing licked at the crevice formed by the juncture.

‘Would you like that to be done to your pussy,’ she whispered in Kat’s direction. ‘You know I can.’ When Kat’s eyes registered what Marilyn was saying, she left her head drift back, her body trembling, her back arched. Taking that as an answer in the affirmative, Marilyn hungrily sucked her way up Kat’s inner thigh, barely taking the time to savor the moment and let her partner enjoy her oral treatment. She roughly pushed up Kat’s nightgown over her slender hips, grabbed onto her hips and dove right into Kat’s pussy, tongue kissing it with the same passion she displayed on Kat’s other lips earlier. Calculated teasing was set aside by raw passion, with Marilyn kissing and sucking on Kat’s pussy with a fire she’d never had before.

Quickly, Kat’s body moved with the same fire Marilyn was shown, grabbing on Marilyn’s hair hard as she tried to ride out the orgasm that suddenly struck her when Marilyn sucked on her clit hard. She felt connected to Marilyn through her clit, ecstatic that the girl tonguing her clit would be the father of her child, connected to forever. That thought alone triggered another orgasm, with her flopping around on the couch wildly under Marilyn’s head, screaming to the ceiling. As she was coming down from her peak, she opened her eyes to see her lover over her, licking her lips as her long hair formed a halo around her face. She could barely see her face, but she sure recognized those lips as they pressed gently into hers, caressing them and licking them gently.

When she felt Marilyn release from her, she looked up hungrily into her eyes and said," thank you. Thank you for what you did to me. Thank you for everything you’d done to me and done for me."

‘Mmm…you’re very much welcome, love.’

"And you know, I’ve been taught that when you’re given a gift, you have to write a thank you note. Could you stand up so I can use my mouth to give it to you?"

Marilyn looked puzzled at first when she heard what Kat said. Then, when it registered in her mind what Kat meant, her eyes opened wide, and she scrambled to her feet in front of Kat. She felt Kat unbuckle and unzip her jeans and pull out her dick from under her panties with a practiced ease. She bent over slightly to see over her breasts, idly massaging a boob in her hands as she saw Kat brush her tip over her lips. She then swirled her tongue over the tip.

"You know that girl tastes delicious," Kat said as she looked up into Marilyn’s eyes, relishing the leftover feminine essence left on Marilyn’s dick. She licked the tip of her tongue against Marilyn’s dick, then continued in her lisp, "…now for that thank you note..."

Kat stretched her mouth over Marilyn’s thick cock and slipped three inches into her mouth. As her tongue swirled over Marilyn’s sensitive spots, her hands gently stroking the rest of the massive shaft. As she felt Kat work her magic on her cock, Marilyn mauled the breast in her hand, grabbing tightly onto her nipple and Kat’s head. When Kat suddenly sped up her motions, sucking hard on her dick and stroking those small, soft, delicate hands hard and fast on her thick shaft. All of a sudden, she felt what Kat had to say…

"Oh yeah…oooh yeah…mmmhmmm…tell me…suck it…stroke it…harDER…MMMHMMM …YES…YES…OOOHAYYEEE…YEH-YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…OH YES AHHHHH….OOOOOH…MMMM Yes…ooooooh….ah yesss…mmmm…"

Marilyn opened her eyes and looked down at her lover. She saw her face, covered with her cum. She looked into her eyes, thinking to herself "that was an incredible way to show your appreciation." She then lifted Kat’s head up until her eyes locked with hers. All that she could articulate when she looked into those dark eyes was one thing.

"You’re welcome"


THE END…for now



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