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Hey, my fair fans. This is another action-packed installment of my Marilyn series. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. J This work is free for the non-commercial and electronic use of the fair readers. Anything else, especially commercial, shout me a holler dun. ;-) Enjoy!


Marilyn's Family Reunion         by: Brett Lynn


The warm humid September air blew through the windows of the speeding silver Nissan Pathfinder as it cruised along the Belt Parkway. With the Marshall Mathers LP blaring out the stereo, Sharilynn whipped her SUV along as the wind whipped her ponytail and her plain white t-shirt. As little Mai lay sleeping in the child seat up front, Marilyn sprawled in the back, wearing a pink suit jacket with a matching knee length skirt, bra, stockings and heels and reading the text of her latest porno pictorial.

"Ooh, yeah. I being hot for you. I wish that you were sucking my cock. Ain’t nothing I like more that taking big dicks up my ass," she read out in a humorously stiff voice. "Gripping realism as you can so clearly see," she sarcastically intoned before rolling over onto her stomach, falling out in laughter.

"Hey, don’t knock that stuff," Shari screamed out over the system blaring ‘Criminal’ while looking into the rear view mirror. "It’s taking care of little Mai here right?"

"True. It’s not every day that some hormones and a few funky genes fucking up my endocrine system creates a person that seems ripped out of an anime. I’m blessed…and not in the way you’re thinking, YOU PERV!" said Marilyn, ending in a humorous tone.

"Trust me," Shari chuckled back. "I know that too well. More that siblings are supposed to know each other."

"True dat." Marilyn’s humorous tone turned serious as she looked out the window. "You know, you aren’t gonna be know me too well soon. I can’t wait to meet Kat at the airport. We’re finally gonna be a family….as normal as one headed by a shemale porn model and a deaf, um, little girl can be."

"Aw, don’t sweat it," Shari replied as she motored through the Brooklyn wetlands. "In 20 minutes, you’ll be meeting her at Kennedy. And don’t sweat Mai too much. I know you have some reacquainting to do that ain’t proper for youngins to be around."

"Don’t worry. I won’t let my urges hurt my little Mimi, huh?" Marilyn answered as she leaned over the front passenger seat to look into her daughter’s eyes. "Big mommy wouldn’t hurt you," she finished as she bent down to kiss her daughter’s forehead. "Such a cute kid. And big too!"

"So I’ve noticed," Shari replied. "How old will she be when she’s taller than her mama? I’ll take 6. What about you?"

"Put me down for $50 on 5," Marilyn replied with a wink.


"Yo, Marilyn, we’re here!"

"Alright, alright," Marilyn said as she sat up and straightened out her clothes. "I’ll go get Mimi out the seat." She stepped out the car, then opened the door to get her daughter out the seat. "I shouldn’t be too long, sis. Just be ready for me when I get the bags."

"Alright! Enjoy your Hallmark moment!"

"OK," Marilyn managed to scream back as she quickly walked through the doors of the International Arrivals terminal. "Damn, forgot the stroller," Marilyn muttered to herself as she walked along. "Oh well. It’ll be better this way. She can hold her kid."

She quickly spotted Kat’s flight on the arrivals screen and noted that the flight was just about to land. Calmly, she walked over to where the baggage claim for the flight and patiently waited for her lover to come down the escalator with the people from her flight, leaning on a pillar. "I wonder how she’ll look like when I first see her again," Marilyn thought to herself. "She has been through a lot."

Just as she finished that thought, she saw people stream down the escalator from the flights that had just landed. Marilyn kept an eye out for her diminutive lover, knowing that she’d be hard to spot in all these people. Suddenly, she felt a tug on the back hem of her skirt. Marilyn wheeled around on her heels out of reflex, looking to see who or what did the pulling. When she looked down slightly, she looked down and saw a sight for sore eyes.

"Oh Kat!" Marilyn screamed out in surprise. She got herself down to one knee without letting go of their daughter and hugged Kat tightly to her with her free arm, pressing the family together in a group hug. Marilyn raised her hand to the back of Kat’s head, turned her head and firmly pressed her lips into Kat’s, pressing in a long, wet kiss between the two. Kat lifted her hand to gently paw at Marilyn while she felt her ear being gently licked. Realizing where they were, they abruptly pulled apart and looked at each other. Kat was apparently shocked by the unusually feminine clothes her lover wore, while Marilyn couldn’t help but look lustily at the form fitting flower print dress Kat wore, especially at the small pebbles her nipples formed under it.

"Want me to pick up the luggage while you hold our daughter?" Marilyn said to Kat while she was standing up.

"Sure," Kat barely uttered in that pronounced lisp of hers as she reach up for little Mai. Upon taking her daughter in her arms, she held her tight and let out a single tear, muttering to her "I love you so much."

It pained Marilyn to have to pull her away from standing in that spot, but she gently tugged on Kat’s arm, convincing her to come along and get her bags. "We’ll bond some more later," Marilyn mouthed to Kat. "Besides, Shari’s outside waiting for us." She punctuated this last comment with a peck on Kat’s forehead, then lead the way to the baggage claim.


"I see that was an emotional experience for you all," Shari opined as she saw Marilyn and Kat walking to the car.

"No shit Sherlock," Marilyn cracked back as she opened the front passenger door. "What do you expect in a situation like this? For me to pull an Ike Turner on her? Please." She let out a bit of a chuckle as she moved to the back to load the back of the SUV with Kat’s bags. Kat placed her child in the car seat in the front, then hopped into the back seat. After Marilyn closed up the back, she got into the back seat next to her lover, and the two quickly embraced, leaning themselves into another long passionate kiss.

As Shari pulled the SUV away from the curb, she started to say "So, bro! Did Kat say anything to you about…"

When she looked into the rear view mirror, she saw a vision of perfect lust. Marilyn held Kat tightly in one of her arms, wrestling her lips with Kat’s and dominating Kat with her sheer size. Kat lazily had one arm lazily wrapped around Marilyn’s neck, and let her free hand caress the suit jacket over Marilyn’s breast. Marilyn responded by gently pushing the hem up Kat’s dress slowly up her thigh with her free hand.

"OK," Shari muttered to herself. "I think all conversation is dead until we get home unless little Mimi hear decides to talk." She shook her head in disbelief as she pulled onto the highway for the ride home.

Meanwhile, in the back seat, Marilyn disengaged her lips from Kat’s, dragged the along Kat’s cheek and began to nibble on the nape of her neck. She heard her lover mildly coo in her ear as she lazily caressed her lover’s inner thighs and softly sucked the taste out of Kat’s skin. She felt Kat tug at her suit jacket, trying to get at one of her large breasts to play with them. Marilyn almost bit her lover’s neck when she left her nipple being played with, the touch feeling electric enough to shock her. She pulled away from Kat’s neck, laid against the back of the back seat and unbuttoned her suit jacket, pulling it open enough for her bra-cradled tits to be out in the open.

Kat tried to squeeze as much of Marilyn’s breast flesh as she could in her small hands. She then rubbed her head against the warm, firm pillows on her lover’s chest, letting her shoulder length hair tickle against the breast and feeling the resiliency of the nipple on her cheek. As she felt Marilyn wrap her arm around her, she turned her head and started to kiss on the exposed part of Marilyn’s breast. Slowly, lovingly, she kissed in a random pattern over her flesh, trying to let her lips tell Marilyn how she felt about her. Suddenly, she sucked a bit of flesh into her mouth and pulled her head away, taking a small chunk of Marilyn’s tit with it until the suction broke off. She looked up into Marilyn’s eyes, seeing them lost in pleasure, then nursed on the nipple, pulling the sheer fabric into her mouth with it and making Marilyn suddenly moan in pleasure.

When Marilyn reopened her eyes, she looked down to see Kat sucking passionately at her breast through her bra. Desperately wanting that tongue to flick her nipple and drive her wild, she roughly pulled down the cup of her bra, exposing the huge tit to Kat. Then she laid her head back and closed her eyes as her lover went to town on her breast, flicking all over the areolas, pulling and sucking and nibbling on her nipple. She used her free hand to push her harder onto her breast, nearly smothering her small lover in her flesh. She felt herself involuntarily buck her hips and squeeze Kat tight to her after she gently raked her teeth on her areolas, and only released her after Kat pounded on her chest.

Calming down, she cast her gaze onto Kat’s back, seeing all the subtle, delicate curves that were encased in that dress. Biting her lip to keep her from moaning too loud, Marilyn slowly took her arm from around Kat’s back and started tracing her fingertips up and down her partner’s back, trying to touch every spot of the flesh she had missed for so long. Slowly, she lowered her hand down to the small of Kat’s back and squeezed in time with a particularly powerful suck of her nipple. As Kat used both of her hands to pull the other breast out of its bra, Marilyn started gathering the fabric of Kat’s dress in her hand slowly easing in up and exposing the smooth naked flesh of her lover. Realizing what she was doing, Kat got up on her knees on the seat and let her pull her dress over her naked ass.

In an almost desperate attempt to show how much she missed her Amazonian shemale lover, Kat began to wildly such all over the breast she was cradling in her hands, sucking off large pieces of tit flesh in her mouth and washing it with her tongue. She vaguely felt the air against her panty-less ass as she used her free hands to squeeze both of her breasts, needing to feel her lover flow through her fingers. She felt some fingers softly caress her pussy, tickling her flesh and inflaming her lips. She held on to Marilyn’s breasts and nursed on a nipple while she felt herself being played with. Kat arched her back and moved her ass back against Marilyn’s hand, dying to get more stimulation. She felt Marilyn press a finger to her clit and intermittently flick it, forcing her to suck harder on Marilyn’s breasts in surprise. As she felt Marilyn’s chest heave under her, she felt a couple fingers penetrate her and slowly caress her insides back and forth. She let out a moan in pleasure and let her head drop down onto Marilyn’s lap. She purred uncontrollably as Marilyn caressed her kitty with her fingers, slowly feeling her out for her g-spot.

Marilyn looked down into Kat’s eyes and smiled gently. She knew that Kat was long lost on her fingers, letting two fingers flick back and forth on Kat’s g-spot while slowly finger fucking her and rubbing her clit with her thumb. "Damn, she’s so beautiful when she’s hot like this," she thought to herself. "I wish I could always make her be this happy."

She struggled to blink back tears of joy, then took Kat’s head in her free hand, pulled her head up and kissed her hard, letting Kat moan into her mouth. Marilyn tried to suck out the breath out of Kat, trying to not let this moment end. While they were kissing, she felt Kat pull up the hem of her skirt, giving her access to her stuffed thong. While she sucked Kat’s tongue into her mouth and explored Kat’s mouth with her own tongue, her thong was pulled aside, letting her semi-hard dick tumble out into exposure. When Kat’s tiny hands caressed the smooth ebony flesh, she pulled away from Kat and screamed "Oh GOD! THAT’S FEELS SO GOOD!!!"

Kat held on tightly to the twitching member in her hand as she felt herself being slowly led into an orgasm. She looked hungrily at the piece of manflesh in her hands and remembered what she loved about it. "So big…so thick…so strong!" she thought to herself. "It’s so beautiful…the perfect dick!" She unconsciously let a drop of saliva drool out of her mouth onto Marilyn’s cock, making Marilyn’s whole body twitch.

Marilyn looked sleepily into Kat’s eyes and asked in a husky, lusty voice, "Suck me baby." Little else needed to be said as Kat plunged her open mouth onto Marilyn’s tip and sucked hard. Marilyn gripped the back of the seat and Kat’s pussy hard as she felt the delicious, familiar sensation of her little lover sucking at her huge prick, rubbing her tongue along her sensitive spongy tip. She felt Kat stroke the thick shaft with one hand while slowly working the thick shaft into her mouth and throat. She decided to fuck Kat harder with her fingers, rubbing her clit as hard as possible and adding a third finger to the two already working their magic inside Kat, making Kat shudder and let out a muffled moan. As Kat’s mouth and throat formed a velvet glove to stroke Marilyn, Kat herself felt herself start to shudder as she slowly began to progress into her orgasm. She let her throat relax and let most of Marilyn’s shaft into her throat, then began to cum hard. She lost herself in the waves of pleasure crashing over her, feeling herself being possessed on both ends of her body with her lover. As her hips bucked their way through the orgasm, she didn’t want to let this feeling go, to let this feeling of oneness with Marilyn in pleasure to go. She finally eased Marilyn’s dick out of her mouth when she finally began to calm down, a thin sheen of sweat on her skin.

"Oh God, that felt so good!" Marilyn thought to herself. "How could she do that! Heck, if that’s what I’m gonna get when I make her cum, I gotta do this more often!" She bit her lip as she felt herself shudder, then eased her fingers out of Kat, letting her wet fingers gently rub Kat’s ass. She closed her eyes tightly as Kat grabbed onto the base of her dick with one hand and let her throat, mouth, lips and tongue slowly stroke her off. It seemed to her that Kat was pulling the pleasure out of her with her lips and heating her up with that tongue playing all over her sensitive tip. She was quickly being sucked closer to an orgasm, with her hips starting to roll into the descent of Kat’s mouth. She tried her best to keep her hands calm on Kat’s ass while her body began to rise and fall with Kat’s mouth, the suction driving her nerves wild. She could feel the sensations from Kat’s velvet mouth shoot out from every nerve of her body and right through her nipples. Marilyn decided to lightly caress one of her nipples with her fingers.

That was the one spark she needed.

She came violently, bucking her all over the seat and threatening to impale Kat with her cock. She held onto Kat’s head, making sure she swallowed the seemingly endless squirts of cum from her thick shaft. She let her thighs bounce up Kat and let out one long grunt, letting out all of her energy through her dick. Then, when she was just about drained of cum, she was about drained of energy too, and fell back tired from her orgasm. Kat eased her sensitive deflating shaft from her throat and mouth, then licked off the last bit of cum from Marilyn’s pisshole. She swallowed it dramatically, smiled at Marilyn, then gave her a light peck on the lips.

"I still love you, Mari."

"Me too, Kat," Marilyn replied before drifting off to sleep.


"Ouch! I think that’s warm enough."

Marilyn turned the microwave-warm bottle of formula back upright after testing it, then slowly walked back through the house to the nursery, where Kat was comforting their hungry daughter. The house, while not perfect, was cheap, especially when you consider the house was normally rented by 8 college students. Between Sharilynn’s income as a stripper and Marilyn’s modeling money, they could easily afford this house conveniently located near the campus of Jersey State. Both Shari and Marilyn had their own huge bedrooms, and the third room was turned into a nursery. It was this room where Marilyn cast her gaze with the warm bottle in hand, wearing all she had on before but the suit jacket and the shoes.

"Oh, that’s beautiful," Marilyn though to herself as she looked at Kat hold their daughter in her arms. Mail was looking peacefully at her mother, being calmed down by the rhythm of Kat’s heartbeat. Marilyn shook herself out of her reverie, walked over to Kat, gently shook her shoulder and gave her the bottle. Kat then held the bottle to Mai’s mouth and let her feed.

Marilyn just stood there, arms folded under her breasts, watching mother and daughter just sitting there, bonding through feeding just like she had when Kat was gone. "I wish I could feed her like she does," Marilyn muttered to herself. "There’s nothing like the bond between mother and child."

"Uh, you know, you could take some drugs and feed her some of your breast milk," Kat suddenly chimed in, looking into Marilyn’s eyes. "I know it ain’t the same as actually carry her, but it would be pretty close," she finished with a smile.

"Yeah, I could do that, but I couldn’t feed her mommy my, um, special milk," Marilyn chuckled back, punctuating it with a playful punch of Kat’s arm.

"You know I can’t live without it!"

"Hehehe. Hey, you look like you’re just about finished there. Feel up to chat with me on my computer?"

"Sure," Kat replied. "I can be on the computer." She gently rocked little Mai in her arms as she let her finish her bottle. After Marilyn took the empty bottle from her and laid it aside, Kat got up and walked with Marilyn into her bedroom. Tapping the computer out of sleep mode, Marilyn sat down and fired up the word processor. Kat then climbed onto Marilyn’s lap, then gave her lover a loving kiss on the cheek. Marilyn then typed out, "So, um, how was your trip?"

"Well, it was OK at first. Saved for the cramped buildings, the Toyko suburbs look kind of nice. Everything was all nice and peaceful….save for the birth. Remind me not to ask for such a big kid next time!"

Marilyn chuckled to herself, nibbled lightly on Kat’s ear, then continued "Well, sorry for the genes. What happened after the kidnapping?"

"Well, it was shitty, but it had its moments. At first it was horrible, being raped to be trained into my new role and all…"

"BASTARDS!!! I can’t believe…."

Marilyn then trailed off with her typing and hugged her lover to her tightly to her. She blinked back tears from her eyes, then kissed Kat hard on the lips and looked deep into her eyes. She then went back to typing. "I’m so sorry as to what happened. I wish I could do something to make it up."

"Don’t worry. I’ve heard plenty of stuff from my folks about it. It’s alright. But anyway, that was the worst thing that happened. Of course, I was forced into prostitution and all sorts of what I take were perverse things. Weirdly enough, being around you and your sis actually had me prepared for everything. Silly fools…they thought I was innocent! J "

"That’s good. At least you were able to make do."

"Yeah. However, I have managed to learn one thing thanks to those bastards. I think you’ll like it."

"What is it?"

Kat suddenly jumped off Marilyn’s lap and onto her knees, then motioned for her to lift up her skirt. Marilyn pulled up the hem of her skirt to her waist, and Kat pulled down Marilyn’s thong. Kat then pulled out Marilyn’s dick from under her and commanded in her lisp, "Make yourself hard for me."

Marilyn closed her eyes and thought of her favorite sexual moments. She thought of the day she had made Kat pregnant and the way her tight pussy squeezed her with each stroke. She thought of the way Kat’s light body moved as she lifted it up and down, remembering how light and delicate and soft it was. She lifted one hand to squeeze her breast and braced herself on the chair with her other hand when suddenly she felt Kat’s lips on her dick. She opened her eyes to see a third of her dick buried in Kat’s doll-like lips, Kat’s eyes closed with effort. She saw Kat’s smiling eyes look up at her, holding her dick in one hand, and then slowly slid the thick shaft down her soft lips. Kat doubled back when she was about halfway down the shaft, then went full bore down Marilyn’s cock. Marilyn arched her back off of her chair, squeezed her breasts and nearly ripped the cups off her bra, half in shock and half in pleasure. When she looked back down, she saw Kat smile with her whole dick in her mouth. She let out an open mouthed smile, then smiled widely as Kat eased the shaft out of her mouth. After Kat gave her tip a light kiss, she calmly jumped back on her lover’s lap.

"WOW! How did you learn that?"

"There was a strip club in the brothel I was captive in with a strap-on show special. The other girl who worked with me had a 12 inch strap on, and I was required to deep throat it…at gunpoint. I was scared to do it at first, but I thought about how much something like that would mean to you and your size, so I pretended it was you and did it."

Marilyn playfully headbutted Kat and then typed, "you had to learn at gunpoint? Gee, thanks. ;-)"

"Don’t worry. I did it for you. I love you so much."

Marilyn took Kat in her arms, hugged her hard with her big arms to her tiny body and kissed Kat passionate on the lips. She mouthed to Kat "I love you too" and kissed on the nape of Kat’s neck, making Kat shiver. She picked up Kat in her arms, stood up and carried her the short distance to her bed and laid her down on her back. Marilyn then pulled off her skirt and pulled her panties back on. She climbed onto the bed and kissed her softly again. She then said to Kat, "I love you." Kat grinned softly, reading the message off of her lover’s lips.

Marilyn cradled one of Kat’s feet softly in her hands and started kissing the sole softly, tracing a lazy pattern all over it. She licked her small foot from heel to toe, then started gently massaging her sole while suckling on one each of her toes, caressing each one with her tongue. She balanced Kat’s foot on her shoulder and gently feathered her finger tips up from midway up Kat’s thigh up to her ankle. She held onto Kat’s angle and cradled her leg between her breasts as she kissed her way down Kat’s soft calf, causing Kat to shudder and making Marilyn shiver in response to the mild stimulation. After giving the skin under Kat’s knee and wet, sloppy lick, she squeezed Kat’s leg with her tits and rubbed her flesh with her lover’s.

Kat then saw her leg being lowered and her lover lower her torso over it. She closed her eyes and felt Marilyn’s touch move up her body, her lips and tongue and skin working their way up her thigh. She reached down blindly and played her hands through Marilyn’s long, silky hair as she held on for dear life against Marilyn’s wet, sloppy kisses. As she felt Marilyn move close to her pussy with her kisses and caresses, she bucked hard under Marilyn’s body, kneeing her lover in the chest, and felt her dress being lifted up over her breasts. Anticipating a kiss on her bare pussy, she was surprised to feel Marilyn trace out her hip bone with her tongue. Opening her eyes to see what happened, she looked down only to see Marilyn smile at her mischievously.

Chuckling to herself, she decided to be more aggressive with Kat, using her lips to suck and nibble on her flesh. She braced Kat’s hips with her hands and dove with passion onto the tiny buds on her chest, tongue kissing them passionately. She then took Kat’s hard nipple into her mouth, sucked hard and pulled them away from her chest, making her scream. Marilyn calmed down a bit, gently nursing at Kat’s nipple and palming the other nipple. She looked up into Kat’s glazed eyes and smiled as she played her tongue all over her areola and nipple, noticing how Kat had now entangled her fingers into the bed sheets, holding on for dear life. Marilyn moved over to Kat’s other nipple, giving it a quick suck and a flick, then moved from on top of her and flipped her over.

Marilyn straddled her lover’s hips with her thighs and started rubbing Kat’s back firmly with her hands, kneading her flesh. With each trip back and forth, she used a slightly lighter touch, eventually working her way to a feathery touch on her lover’s velvety skin. She bent down and kissed near the top of Kat’s spine, where her flesh was first exposed under the hem of her lifted-up dress. She then steadily kissed her way down her lover’s spine, making Kat uncontrollably mew and buck her body. By the time she reached the small of her back with her lips, raising her pet’s body up by the hips as she passionately kissed and licked that sensitive spot, Kat started screaming incoherently, driven to the edge of sanity by Marilyn’s teasing. Marilyn, now straddling her lover’s calves as she got Kat up on her knees, began to kiss down Kat’s asscrack, causing Kat to claw at the sheets in response. She licked her way to her asshole, gently rimmed her lover and blew on the now-wet brown star, causing Kat to buckle her knees.

"Oh GOD!" Kat screamed as her head rested on a pillow, her fists pounding on her bed, her body shaking like a leaf. "STOP!!! MAKE ME C-CUMM!!! NO MORE!!!"

Marilyn chuckled to herself in response to her lover’s dilemma and said to no one in particular, "maybe I will." She then spread Kat’s cheeks and started licking down toward Kat’s pussy. She made a series of kittenish licks around her bare lips, hitting and running with her tongue all over her wet sex. She licked in an arc around her clit, teasing her lover a bit, then made a sense of cat-like licks on her clit as she held onto Kat’s hips, tasting her dripping nectar and giggling in between licks. She then took Kat’s clit between her lips, hummed on it and flicked her tongue on the tip. Kat came powerfully, bucking up and down, screaming at the top of her lungs, kicking the back of Marilyn’s thighs in reflex. Marilyn then calmly held onto her wildly orgasmic lover and smiled down at her lover, content that she was satisfied.

As Kat was calming down from her powerful orgasm, Shari showed up at the door, looking pleasingly at the scene on her sister’s bed. She saw Kat laid out on Marilyn’s bed, breathing hard and glowing with a light sheen of sweat, and Marilyn looking down happily at her.

"I take it that you gave Kat one of your patented cunt-lappings, right?" Shari seductively said, emphasizing her point with a twist of her hips.

"Ya damn right," Marilyn arrogantly replied as she moved from over Kat’s body. "Now could you close the door? I’m trying to catch up with Kat here."

"Oh, OK. No prob. I was just curious what all the shouting was about," Shari replied. She shot Marilyn a smile, then gently closed the door as she was moving away from the door.

As Marilyn laid down on the bed, Kat got up on her knees, still a bit winded, and said, "I saw your sis by the door, but I couldn’t read her lips. What did she say?"

Marilyn looked up into Kat’s face and said, "oh, she was just asking whether I was eating you out. She heard you screaming."

"Was I that loud?"

Marilyn nodded her head in the affirmative, then smiled. Kat reached down to give Marilyn’s large breasts a playful squeeze, then bent down to lick her nipple through her bra. When she stood back up on her knees, she smiled mischievously, then said in her lisp, "Hmmm…Shari’s comment has given me an idea. Want some of your own treatment?"

Marilyn lustily smiled back, gave a sexy wiggle, looked up into Kat’s eyes and said, "Sure. Go on right ahead."

Kat made a motion for Marilyn to slide over on the bed a bit. After Marilyn moved over a bit, she pulled on each ankle, laying it off to the side, and crawled in between her lover’s legs. She wrapped her arms around Marilyn’s thigh and started sucking wetly on the smooth skin, making Marilyn coo in pleasure. She nursed on the soft flesh, steadily kissing and licking her way to Marilyn’s crotch. As she was kissing on her lover’s inner thigh, Marilyn stroked Kat’s hair with one hand and squeezed her nipple with the other. Kat sucked and blew on the wet flesh, making her lover shake as she pulled her breasts out of her bra and started licking her own nipples. When she reached the juncture of Marilyn’s crotch, she gave a series of long, slow licks, teasing the tip of her tongue where she felt her hip bone.

"Mmm…yeah, work that tongue!" Marilyn moaned out as she felt Kat continue to work her magic on her body. She then darted the tip of her tongue onto the tips of her nipples, making her shiver a bit and smile. When she felt her thong panties being pulled aside, letting her package spill out, she looked over her breasts, curious as to what Kat was going to do. She saw Kat lift her dick and balls up in one hand, in anticipation to what she thought was going to be a blowjob when suddenly she felt something brush against her balls and something wet around her asshole, causing her to shiver.

Kat smiled to herself, content that the light rim job accomplished its goal. She then went to work on the rest of Marilyn’s nether regions, tonguing her way along the soft cheeks of Marilyn’s derriere. Gently, she caressed her tongue underneath Marilyn’s balls, trying to hit every nerve that she could down there. She then cradled Marilyn’s balls in her hand and licked it all over like an ice cream scoop, causing Marilyn to tense up a bit and for her long, thick shaft to begin to inflate. She acted as if she wanted to lick up every bit of her lover’s hairless sac, reveling in the slightly salty taste to her lover. After that, she gave one long luscious lick from the base of Marilyn’s balls, up to the base of her dick and farther still until she reached the tip of Marilyn’s monster cock. After letting the tip of her tongue dance along the juncture of the tip and the shaft, she licked all the way back to the base only to travel back up again. As she was doing this, Marilyn began to moan in sweet pleasure, her hands releasing her breasts and balled up at her sides, her hips bucking.

"Mmm…yeah, work that TONGUE!" Marilyn moaned out. "Goddamn I wish you could hear me! Work that motherfucker!"

As she felt her dick respond to the stimulation, her now-slick tip was now dragging past her navel while she was hardening, adding another subtle level of stimulation. With her hips bucking, Kat tongue moved in a swirling path along her shaft, teasing her nerves by hitting all the right spots. Her nipples feeling hard as diamonds, she felt her dick get longer and thicker and just as hard as her nipples as her lover worked her tongue to write out her magic spell. When she was fully erect, she felt Kat’s small hands slowly stroke her slick dick, driving her closer to the edge. Kat then peered over the massive mounds on her chest, then said to her, "Do you like that? Do you like being treated like you treat me?"

"Oh God yes," Marilyn lip-synched in response. "Now I know why you like me so much," she finished with a smile.

Kat smiled back, then climbed up to straddle Marilyn’s hips. She nettled the huge tip against her tiny, slick lips and lowered herself onto it. She felt herself being pressed onto Marilyn’s chest, her head laying on Marilyn’s breasts, then felt her lover hold on to her hips as she shoved her shaft between her gripping lips, feeling herself being stretched from the inside out, the tip buried in her belly. She turned her head and began to suckle lightly on an exposed nipple. As she felt the huge shaft begin to pile drive into her, she felt one arm press her firmly to the nipple she was nursing on, while another held onto the small of her back, giving Marilyn leverage to fuck deep inside her pussy. "This feels so nice," Kat thought to herself in a sexual haze. "I feel so connected, so safe. I wish it could be like this forever."

Meanwhile, Marilyn held tightly onto Kat’s tiny body, pounding and pulling away at the velvet vice had between her legs. She let out a smile from her heavily breathing mouth, speeding towards a climax. "Ooo, yeah. I love fucking that tight pussy of my dear Kat," she thought to herself. "It feels nice to be holding someone like this. I could definitely get used to just this."

As she was thinking that, Kat started using her vaginal walls to milk her cock, bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm. She held on tight to her lover, almost smothering her with her chest, as she pumped as hard as she could, trying to cum hard inside of Kat. She felt the sweat on her brow as she rushed into the sensation head on, flying over the edge without a care in the world.

"OH YEAH!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHH YES!!!! MILK THAT FUCKING COCK!!!" Marilyn screamed, lost in the shear ecstasy of the release. As she felt the combined moisture of herself and Kat begin to see onto her balls, she bucked her hips into Kat, driving that shaft of hers a few more times until she went limp onto her bed. She laid back satiated as she felt Kat extract her softening dick from her tight snatch. Trailing her lover with her eyes, she was a bit surprised to see Kat jump off the bed, pull down her dress and start rummaging through her bag. "Oh no! Was I too selfish?" Marilyn thought to herself. "Please don’t tell me she’s getting a vibrator. Please don’t tell me I did her wrong."

When Kat stood erect again, in her hand was a brass ring about 3 inches in diameter. As Marilyn let out a sigh of relief, she jumped back onto the bed, looked into Marilyn’s eyes and began to talk.

"You know, I got this as a souvenir from Japan. Something to remind me of what I survived. It’s a cock ring I stole from one of the sex shows they used at the brothel where I was held captive. One of the regulars was just as thick as you are, and they used it to make him fuck for hours at a stretch. I thought it would be nice to play with too. However, I have another use for it now."

She held up Marilyn’s semi-hard dick by the tip, then slid the ring down to the base of her shaft. The ring fit a bit loosely around her shaft, but not ridiculous so. Kat then looked into Marilyn’s eyes and asked as clearly as she could…

"Will you marry me?"

Marilyn took Kat’s head in her hand and drew it to her, kissing her lover firmly, then pulling away from Kat. She looked into Kat’s eyes and nodded her head gently. She then pulled Kat back to her, pressing her breasts into Kat’s as she tongue kissed her passionately, knowing that this feeling would never had to end.


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