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Well, we are back with the next action packed installment of the wonderful Miss Marilyn. Here, we start learning about her background, and how in the world does a mega-endowed (on both counts) shemale (or gender-enhanced male, to be politically correct) comes to be in the first place. Don’t worry about getting everything in one bite. There’s going to be four parts. Like the others, each part will be able to stand on its own, but if you can, try to read the whole series. Not only is it hot, it’s fun. Right now, all of my stories are archived by the good people at under the author name "Brett Lynn." Also, I’m thinking about doing a site for the series, but I want some illustrations, or at least well-doctored pictures, to go along with the stories. If you’re an artist, graphic designer or just someone with Photoshop skills, get at me ASAP. So without further ado, let’s deal with the disclaimers and then the story.

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Marilyn's Beginnings 1: Donnie's Dying to be His Sister       By: Brett Lynn


"You know, Marilyn, we need to get ourselves together. You know how Mom doesn’t like us laying around for her to see everything."

Sharilynn’s comment brought Marilyn out of the space she was staring into. "True dat, Sharilynn. Even though she accepts us fooling around, she doesn’t like to see it, you know?," Marilyn replied. On that, she lifted her hips off the bed and pulled her jeans up her thighs and around her hips. She then swung her legs off the bed, then walked over to her T-shirt and pulled it on over her boobs. "I’ll be in the bathroom cleaning up, OK Sharilynn?"


Marilyn left the room, closing the door behind her, and walked the two steps to the bathroom next door. On entering, she closed the door, pulled off her shirt and turned on the hot water on the faucet on the sink. She pulled her green washcloth off the towel rack, wet it under the faucet, then took it to her breasts, gently rubbing the dried cum off of her breasts and nipples. "Ooh, that feels nice," Marilyn said to herself, feeling her washcloth wipe around her nipple. When she shifted her washcloth to wipe on the other nipple, she pulled at the now-uncovered nipple with her hand, enjoying the sensation. Not particularly ready for more sex, or even more masturbation, she put the washcloth back on the rack to dry. Then, she decided to stand in front of the mirror and jump up and down for fun, enjoying watching her breasts bounce and throwing in a high-pitched, vacuous giggle. Then, she dried her breasts off, pulled on her baby tee again and walked down the hall back to her room.

Once back in the room, she pulled off the shirt and tossed it on the dirty clothes pile. Then, she dug through a pile of clean clothes and pulled out a light blue T-shirt with the words "KING OF KINGS HIGH PHYS ED" written in dark blue letters. She then went over to her computer and started up WinAmp so she could play the latest addition to her MP3 collection. "Bunny DeBarge is OK," she thought to herself, "but Mary J. did a much better job singing ‘A Dream’ if you ask me."

She was brought out of her thought by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. "There goes Mom," she thought to herself. "I hope she brought some food in…I’m starving after today!"

She peeked her head out the door and screamed to her sister, "hey sis! Here comes Mom! I bet she has some food."

"OK! Be right down!"

Marilyn then ran on down the stairs, then went to the front door to open it. Coming up the walkway was her mom, Linda. Her mom seemed like a dwarf next to her at 5’4". However, looking at her, it was plenty clear where she got all her curves from, even despite the late start in her chemically-induced puberty. She seemed to be all boobs and butt, definitely what would be described as thick. However, the most important thickness with her mother was her mental exhaustion. "Looks like another rough week at the labs for Mom. Look how messed up her hair is," Marilyn thought to herself. Her mother’s clothes looked somewhat rumpled too, lending a defeated look to her.

"Hey Donnie. How was you day?," Linda asked her former son.

"Uh, it was OK," Marilyn responded back, trying to be as non-descript as possible.

Marilyn let her mother past her and allowed her to go on into the kitchen. In one hand, she saw what appeared to be a KFC bag. "Yes!," she exclaimed. "Food’s here!"

Seemingly on cue, her sister bounded down the stairs, dressed in a white baby T-shirt and her school uniform skirt. As far as she could see, her sister decided to put on some more substantial bikini cut panties for dinner.

"So Marilyn? Did Ma come through with the food?"

"Ya damn right!"

"Come on, sis. Let’s eat. I’m hungry."

From there, the two of them quickly walked into the kitchen, where they met their mother pulling out paper plates for the bucket of chicken sitting on the table.

"Donnie! Shari! Come, sit down and get a bite to eat! I know you kids probably haven’t been eating good," Linda said to her kids.

"Ma! The name’s Marilyn now, not Donnie," Marilyn said bashfully as she sat down at the kitchen table.

"Come on now Donnie," her mother responded, messing up the hair on her head. "You’ll always be my little Donnie, now matter how big your boobs are or how long your hair is."

"Anyway, I’m sure glad you brought food. Me and Sharilynn are so hungry after playing today."

"Don’t tell me you kids were up to that again?" Linda said, rolling her eyes. "Well, as long as you’re discreet about it and don’t plan on getting married or going on Springer, I guess it’ll all work out."

"Remember Ma, we do this for fun. We still have healthy, normal romantic relationships like everyone else. It’s just that unlike most people, we can help each other out in what are unusual ways, you know," Sharilynn chimed in as she pulled a leg and thigh out of the bucket.

"Sometimes I wonder whether I should have helped you kids out…"

"Ma, relax! Everything worked out OK in the end," Marilyn answered. Saying that got Marilyn thinking back to that fateful day when fate started turning the gears to get her where she is…a voluptuous girl with a large dick


Donald Lynn Walker was born on a steamy July night out in Queens 17 years ago, the son of James Josephus (or as he was better known as JJ) and Linda Walker, 14 minutes after his sister Sharilynn. Don was named after his father’s favorite baseball player, a young Yankee first baseman named Don Mattingly. His sister was supposed to be named Sharon, after her mother’s mother. The parents agreed on the middle name Lynn, thinking that the twins should have something common with their names. However, thanks to her mother’s fast speech, the name ‘Sharon Lynn’ ran together phonetically, and the nurse wrote down ‘Sharilynn’ on the birth certificate.

Not too long after the fraternal twins were born, a couple of things were apparent. One was that Donnie was a really bright kid. Even at 2 months of age, he managed to get his building blocks into shapes no one thought a baby would be able to grasp. At 4 months, he said his first words and by 2 he was able to read. According to some testing his parents had done, his IQ was over 133, making him smarter than all but 2% of the population. Meanwhile, his sister Shari, while not exactly a slouch in the brains department, wasn’t known as much for her intelligence but her charming personality. It seemed that no matter what else was going on in a room, she naturally demanded attention. Even the way she cried seemed to be with a practice of a soap opera star. Naturally, she used her inborn charm to her benefit, especially out of the jams that she and her brother seemed to get into on an hourly basis when they were young.

As the two got older, the traits exhibited while they were babies seemed to be magnified. While Donnie grew up to be brilliant and bright in school, Shari became the class beauty queen, with her sparking personality lighting up any room and drawing attention to her. As kind of a counter balance to his sister, Donnie became more and more withdrawn, preferring to stick to the books he starred so brilliantly in. When you combine that with the fact that he was so dark and a bit chubby, it isn’t surprising that he was teased mercilessly throughout his elementary school and junior high years. Even his ability to be a decent basketball player saved him from the wrath of his fellow classmates. Meanwhile, Shari was getting deeper and deeper into the ‘in’ crowd at school. While she still defended her ‘little’ brother, she had a tendency to fall into that group mentality in school that values appearances over all else. While her book knowledge seemed to slip, she channeled the difference into becoming a charming young lady. When she became interested in boys, as most little girls do, she used her charm to her advantage, becoming a world class flirt, teasing the little boys mercilessly but in good spirits. The fact that she developed so fast helped; by the time she reached the age of fourteen, she had seemingly inherited her mother’s huge boobs in needing a 38DD bra. On top of that, it appeared that she might require another larger size by the time she would be finished.

Donnie on the other hand had no such luck with his young female classmates. He had three strikes against him in that he was extremely bright, almost dark enough to look like he had stepped out of an old National Geographic pictorial on some African tribe and, at 6’1" and 220 pounds, a bit on the overweight side. The only time a member of the female sex seemed to give him love was when they needed to copy his homework. Despite managing to carve out some friendships with some fellow misfits, he seemed to have no clue how to deal with the opposite sex. In fact, the most he seemed to know about girls came from his travails on the Internet, downloading newsgroup porn and trading porno passwords on obscure IRC channels.

This leads to the summer of ’97, back in Donnie’s password trading heyday. It was after a particularly nice take of passwords the previous night that he awoke in his Queens home, wearing the T-shirt and shorts he had on yesterday. "Not only did I score 48 passwords," Donnie thought to himself, "I managed to rope in a couple of Playboys, a Danni’s Hard Drive plus a whole slew of age validation services. Sweet!"

He hops out of the bed, then goes over to his CD player and pops in Disc 2 from the Notorious BIG’s "Life After Death." After pondering the irony of the title in his sleep-fogged mind, he started hunting his bedroom for some clean clothes and underwear. "I wonder if I can get a good game down at the park today," he thought to himself. "If not, at least I can shoot around."

Finding some underwear, a t-shirt from a summer tournament he once played in and some old comfy shorts, he grabbed them, nonchalantly walked to the bathroom and opened the door, ready to take a shower. What he saw was a shock to his eyes.

He knew that his sister had been developing, after all, only a blind man, or at least a gay one, would not notice what was happening to his sister. However, when he saw his sister naked for the first time in 9 years, he began to realize that if most girls developed, his Shari was building a small city on her body. Fresh out the shower, Shari’s wet body glistened with the natural sunshine from the window and the ceiling light fixture, preparing a feat for the eyes few people could handle. While still sporting a fine layer of body fat, Shari’s body definitely seemed on the way to being a wet dream. Heck, with her shape, it already was one, both in the aesthetic sense and the literal sense. The water only seemed to show off her huge unencumbered breasts, the soft skin and belly, the wide womanly round hips and the long legs. After time unfroze for Donnie, he was finally able to softly say, "My God, my sister is my wet dream."

"Well, I just did get out of the shower, and with that kind of look in your eyes, you are definitely dreaming!," Sharilynn wittingly shot back.

"Well damn, it isn’t exactly every day that someone walks into their bathroom, looks at their sister, and realizes how sexy she is."

"Duh! What do you think has all these guys circling me nowadays. It ain’t just my charming personality."

"Then again, outside of Appalachia, not too many people look at their sisters like that."

Sharilynn walked cover to the towel rack by the door, pulled off her towel, and handed it to her brother. "Look, Donnie. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do. You can dry me off right now. If you want, afterwards, I’ll give you the guided tour of my body, and I’ll, um, help you out with the problem I’ll know you’ll develop," Sharilynn replied.

Still a bit shocked, Donnie took the towel to his sister’s hair and started drying it off. It was simple enough, but still simple enough that he was able to pull it off without many a problem. When he pulled the towel all the way down to the end of his sister’s hair did he not only realize how much he wanted the chocolate flesh in front of him. The soft curve of his sister’s ass reminded him of the many that featured prominently in his masturbation fantasies. However, he started to think about it in a more ethereal sense, thinking about the subtlety and beauty of it relative to his dull, accent free body.

"Turn around sis."

The view he got quite literally took Donnie’s breath away. It’s not that often that a 14 year old boy gets this up close and personal to any girl, let alone their sister with the incredible body. The face looked much like his, after all, they were brother and sister. However, the similarity ended as his eyes drifted downward. The soft, round and wide shoulders framed what could be very well described as perfect boobs. What many people paid thousands of dollars for to mixed results was staring Donnie in the eye, yet there were not a product of a surgeon’s scalpel. Big, perfect and round Shari’s breasts were, with huge chocolate nipples that covered half of the surface of the mammary flesh. The nipples, while soft, were pretty thick nonetheless, perfect for the sucking. Being young, Shari’s belly retained some baby fat that gave it a certain softness. What finished off this great vision was the sight of his sister’s pussy, shaved into the shape of a small heart.


"OK, OK. I just had something on my mind."

"Well, I need to be feeling something on my body…namely a towel!"

"OK, gotcha," Donnie replied. Forgetting that he had the towel in his hands, he reached for the towel with a hand, then saw it in the same hand. He reached up and patted dry the beaded water on his sister’s shoulders. Then, with both hands, he grasped the towel and started drying off his sister’s breasts. The more correct term would be massaging, since he seemed to be rubbing his hands in slow circles, trying not to forget a single contour of his sister’s body. Soon, he pinched his sister’s hardening nipples through the towel, being more blatant in his sexual intentions. With the gasp escaping his sister’s lips, Donnie completed his so-called drying of his sister’s huge titties. Calming himself doing, he managed to do only a perfunctory drying of his sister’s belly. He then got down on his knees to dry off his sister’s feet. Donnie rubbed his sister’s feet tenderly, thinking about how those cute little toes would fit in her mouth. Then, he moved the towel slowly up his sister’s body, enjoying the steel of her muscle tone in the silk of Shari’s skin.

"Hmm…I think he likes this," Sharilynn thought to herself. "I know exactly what to do now," she continued to think, concocting a plot to their mutual enjoyment.

Meanwhile, as she was thinking, she was distracted by the rough terry cloth against the soft skin on her inner thigh just about her knee. Like before, her brother started to abandon all pretense of drying her off and started rubbing one leg, then the other with her towel. Curious of what lie in between her legs, her brother started rubbing up her inner thigh, feeling the silkyness of her inner thigh. Shari spread her legs slightly, enticing her brother to go further. Donnie complied rather easily, moving his hand within mere inches of her inner thigh. Her brother began to rub her harder, trying to dry off what he thought was excess moisture from near the juncture of her legs. Finally though, her brother decided to dry off what he thought was an unusually wet pussy. Shari gasped and began to shake at her brother’s attention, enjoying the rough sensation of terry cloth against her shaven flower.

"Donnie, stop! You don’t have to do that," Shari gasped out.

"Sorry, Shari. It just seemed like your, er, private parts seemed very wet, and I had to dry them," Donnie apologized.

"Look, let’s take this to my room. I know what you were doing. Don’t worry though, Donnie. Like most guys, you don’t hardly know what’s going on. When I get wet like that, that means you were turning me on, and believe me, you ARE!"

"You mean like when I get a hard on or something?"

"Yeah, Donnie," Shari shot back. "Let’s go."

With that, Shari walked out of the bathroom naked as a jaybird, with her brother stumbling to his feet following her. Donnie got to the door fast enough to see his sister walk over to the bed and plop down on her bedspread, laying on her side.

"Come on in, bro. Take off your shirt," Shari told her brother. Donnie quickly took off his shirt, tossed it on the floor carelessly and hopped on the bed facing his sister.

"Donnie, my bro, I’m gonna show you what it takes to satisfy a woman, then I’ll take care of you," Shari said while glancing at the bulge in his brother’s shorts. She then gave her brother a peck on the forehead and guided his hand down to her breasts. "Do what you were trying to do in the bathroom," asked Shari of her now-nervous sibling.

Donnie complied, tentatively at first, by rubbing around the firm, pliant flesh. Then he lightly covered as much of the tit as he could with his hand, trying to get a grasp of how big those dark chocolate mounds were. He reached the other hand to the other breast and started lightly grabbing and pushing his sister’s breast with his hands, feeling the hardening nipples rub around on his palms. As they started to harden, Donnie decided to look at the nipples for himself. It almost appeared that someone painted a baby bottle’s nipple dark brown and stuck them on his sister. Fully erect, the nipples were an inch long and as thick as one of his fingers.

":I gotta suck on those. They look very interesting," Donnie whispered out loud. He then stuck out his tongue to the tip of one of the nipples, eliciting a gasp from his sister. Letting a smile creep into his face, he licked around the nipple in the spiral to the base, then lapped at the nipple from top to bottom. His sister, now moaning and cooing wildly, pushed the back of head down, forcing the nipple to go into his mouth. Donnie swirled his tongue around the nipple in his mouth, then sucked gently on it. Shari, enjoying the familiar sensation of a boy’s mouth on her nipples, grabbed on tight, locking her brother head in place. Her body started softly humping against her brother involuntary, feeling lost in the rapture. In response, her brother touched her leg, in part to feel what she was suddenly doing down there.

"Damn, Donnie, where did you learn this?" Shari asked rhetorically, not wanting her brother to stop sucking on her nipple. "You’re incredible for a first-timer," she said before trailing off into a gentle coo. As she said this, her brother caressed the outer part of her thigh, enjoying the soft feel of the skin underneath his hand. Her brother then released her nipple from his mouth, then started tonguing around the areola on her breast. Shocked by the sensation, she dropped partially onto her back, opening her legs in the process. She then felt her brother’s hand on her inner thigh, exploratively feeling up the smooth flesh. Suddenly, she felt his brother’s hand bump up against her pussy rather clumisly.

"Hey bro! That’s sensitive flesh down there! You got to treat it gently," protested Shari as she was broken out of her rapture.

Donnie looked up at his sister and said, "Sorry sis." He then looked down and saw where his hand was. He was actually touching a pussy for the first time. The rest wasn’t as taut as he thought it would be. Rather, he found it soft to the touch, feeling more like a fleshy fruit that anything else. Then, he used his hand to explore his sister’s privates for the first time. The first thing he noticed was how smooth it was down there. He ran two of his fingers, one on each side of her slit, up and down, enjoying the silkiness that he felt down there.

"Ooh, Donnie. Chill out with that. You’re driving me NUTS! Yes, I shaved all of that bare. You’re gonna make me cum like that," Shari said in an increasingly breathy voice, enjoying her inexperienced brothers ministrations. Her brother then continued feeling her hot, swelling pussy. He then slipped a finger inside of her slit, feeling the soft, juicy flesh inside. Her brother placed another finger in there and slid it up and down, enjoying the succulent flesh softly grip his finger and lightly bumping against her clit. Pushing deeper, her brother discovered her honey hole by mistake, slipping into in on a pass on the way up and down. She felt the fingers wiggle around inside of her, hitting her spots just right, making her moan.

Donnie then looked down and realized what he was doing…penetrating his sister. He then decided to start pumping in and out, just to see what it felt like.

"Oh yeah Donn-nie, that feels g-good," Shari moaned out, her eyes rolling back in her head.

Donnie then noticed the little bit of flesh sticking out above his sisters slit, looking like a really tiny cock, almost like a nipple. From what he remembers reading, he figured that was his sister’s clit, so he decided to flick at it with him thumb. Seeing his sister get a more and more vacant look in her eyes, he figured that he would see what would happen if he pumped harder and flicked at his sister’s button more. "Maybe I’d see that delicious body buck its way into an orgasm," he though to himself. So he pumped his sister faster and flicked at her clit some more. Soon, he felt his sister start humping herself onto his hand, her breasts heaving in rhythm with her body.

"Oh Oh Oh G-god!!! I’m cuh-cuh-cuh-cumming!"

With that, Shari plunged over the edge, exploding into orgasm. Her brother pumped faster inside of her, trying to keep his fingers inside of her. For a moment, she passed out, seeing nothing but stars in her eyes. As she slowly came down, she realized that she was laying down on a bedspread. With the strong, vague sense of pleasure fogging her mind, her senses slowly came back. She saw someone she assumed was her brother laying sideways next to her, with her boobs in front of her and a white ceiling above her. Then she felt the fingers inside of her slowly pull out and a finger remove itself from her clit. She felt herself shaking from the orgasm next, feeling her hips bucking up involuntarily. Finally, she heard her brother say "man, seeing a girl come in front of me is so sexy. Wow! I need to do this more often."

"Gee, Donnie. Thanks," Shari breathed out, finally fully coming to after cumming. "And since you liked me cumming so much, let me give you my gratitude…"

Shari then tried to suck on her brother’s neck. However, her brother pushed her head down onto his chest. When he felt his sister kiss on his chest, he started to shiver a bit, enjoying the feel of a woman’s skin on him. Holding onto her head, Donnie laid a peck on top of her sister’s head, trying to do with her what she did with him. He then gasped as he felt his sister licked over to his armpit, surprised at how sensitive that felt. As he felt his sister slowly lick across his chest to the other side, he felt his sister reach into his shorts and grab onto his semi-erect cock. It started to harden at the touch of his sister, swelling to its full seven inches. While he held his sister to his other armpit, Donnie felt his sister’s hand start to stroke his hard dick, her thumb grinding against his tip when her hand reached it.

"Oh, yeah…that feels incredible," Donnie said to his sister, gasping for air as he held his sister to his armpit, enjoying his sister’s tonguing. He laid back and enjoyed the touch of a woman for the first time. Wishing his chest was as sexually sensitive as his siblings, he held to his sister tight as her hand sped up on his hard cock. It started to twitch, feeling like a gun cocked to go off. Knowing the telltale twitching of her brother’s dick from the sexual experience she had, she started pumping her brother hard and fast, letting him get the release she needed. Shari felt the muscle in her brother’s arm, as well as the rest of his body, begin to tighten up, and slipped the other hand down to pull down his shorts enough that his dick was completely out of them.

"I’m…gonna…cum!" Donnie grunted out just before his release.

Hearing him say this, Shari shortened up his stroke, concentrating on the tip. Soon after, Donnie made an unintelligble grunt and started to shoot out his cream. Shari jumped as his warm cream landed on her breast. She let go of the spurting penis to reach a finger down to her breast, rub it in slightly, then took the rest of it on her finger to her lips to lick it off.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, that feels good," Donnie breathed out, enjoying his own orgasm and feeling the rest of his cum shoot on his stomach and drip down his dick to his pubic hair. Donnie let his body cool off, then gave his sister a peck on the nose.

"Thanks a lot sis."

"Pleasure to be of service, Donnie," Sharilynn replied with a smile.

"That felt nice there. I really liked it when you were licking my chest while you were jerking me off."

"Which leads me to one question…Why did you hold me there? Not too many guys are into that."

"Well, I saw you enjoyed having your breasts being touched and massaged and licked and sucked, and I’d thought it would feel the same on me."

"You’d like that? That’s weird."

"Yeah. I really like your body. I’m not like one of those drag queens or anything, but I really like your body. It seems so sexy."

"I don’t think I follow."

"I mean your hips, your breasts, your stomach, your skin, all that feels so nice. Don’t get me wrong. I really like what’s between my legs. But overall, I think I got gipped."

Sharilynn got up off the bed, then walked over to the dresser on the wall closest to the end of the bed. "You really think so, eh?" Shari asked while opening up her compact of birth control pills.

"Yeah, but I still like doing guy things, you know? It’s kinda hard to run with the boys down at the park with that kind of body."

Pulling out the scheduled pill for the day, Sharilynn handed Donnie the pill and said "Here. Take this."

"Why do you want me to take this?" Donnie asked.

"You want my body, right? Taking these will help you out."

"How so?"

"These things have estrogen and stuff. It’ll get you there. And don’t worry about the pills. I’ll give you all of mine, and I’ll use condoms instead to keep from getting pregnant.""

"All right sis, if you say so…," Donnie replied. Then he popped the pill in his mouth and swallowed. He figured that in a sense, this was the beginning of the end, but the end of what was the question.

"Donnie! What’s wrong? You’ve been spaced out all dinner," Linda asked, bringing Marilyn out of his reverie.

"Sorry Ma. I was just thinking about something."

"Sometimes, I wonder about you boy. Now go do the dishes. It’s your turn."

"No prob, ma," Marilyn replied, taking up the cups off the table and walking over to the sink to start washing the dishes. "That was some nostalgia trip," she thought to herself. She jumped slightly when some of the water from the tub in the sink splashed up and hit her nipple through the shirt. "Let me dump out this water and get started on these dumb dishes…"


So another action packed episode of Marilyn concludes. What’s the deal with the birth control pills? When will the author put in some continuity between the original stories and the prequel? What will Donnie do as he blossoms into Marilyn? That much and more soon, same Marilyn time, same Marilyn channel. Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-MARILYN!

Oh, and please send along some comments. J



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