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Well, here’s another installment of my wonderful Marilyn’s adventures. I thought I was tapped out of this story for now, but fan support (and a needed break from writing) have brought the fire back. Enjoy this one. Oh and by the way…too young, too offended, too illegal in your neck of the woods? Bounce!


Marilyn and Kat                  by: Brett Lynn


"So sis, I’ll see ya when you get back in from your date?"

"Sure, babe, no prob…catch you later!"

The two sisters stopped in the middle of the high school hallway, bent their heads towards each other and gave each other a peck on the cheek. As they raised their heads back up, Marilyn though to herself, "damn, that boy is gonna be lucky to feel those lips on him."

"See ya Marilyn!"

"See ya Shari!"

Marilyn then coolly raised her Ice Blue Yankees baseball cap off her head, smoothed down her hair, then replaced the cap as she stepped out the door. As she stepped into the windy cold to wait for the bus, she had one thing on her mind…her significant other and baby’s mother Kat. "Damn, I’m so glad to have the day off work today. I haven’t seen her in a while," she thought as she walked the couple blocks to the bus. When it hit her as to what Kat’s presence might bring, she stopped dead in her tracks, closed her eyes and allowed herself to shiver in lust, her dick stirring in its confines. "Lemme get going. I’ll die of exposure if all I do is stand around and think about fucking some girl senseless, even if it is Kat." She let a smile creep across her face, then continued her walk on this blustery day, a spring evident in her step.


"…18…uh…19…uh…20! Whew!"

Marilyn let herself drop to the floor after that last push-up, a slight sheen coating her body from the physical exertion. She rolled over on her back, then glanced up and behind her at her alarm clock. Noting the time, she said out loud to herself, "that’s good. Kat should be here soon." She then pulled herself off her floor, then pulled her light blue t-shirt off, exposing a torso highlighted her large tits with nipples hardening with exposure to the air. She lifted one arm up to her chest and cast her gaze down on it, her free hand caressing the muscle. "Mmm…I see the guns are developing nicely," she thought to herself. Flexing her arm under her own touch, she muttered to herself, "I like, I like!" Switching her other arm to her other hand for a comparison, she got an interesting idea in her head. Quickly, she shucked off her shorts and kicked the to the side, leaving her nude. Then, she walked over to her dresser to admirer herself in the mirror.

The visage reflected in the mirror would shock the life out of most people, and those who partook of her hermaphroditic charms, even Marilyn herself, were somewhat amazed by it. She quickly moved her gaze from her androgynous face to the long, flowing mane surrounding it, now tinted a warm shade of brown. From there, she looked at her surprising wide, strong shoulders and long, cord-like arms. Besides what was between her legs, they were the strongest reminder of the gender she once lived as. The rest of her body, however, was a different story, seemingly plucked out of one of her wet dreams. Her breasts, rising and falling along with her breath, were huge, to put it simply, topped out by large, almost black areolas and nipples that made on think of a Hershey’s kiss when hard. She let her eyes trail down to her rock-hard, yet smooth and soft to the touch stomach and a waist that while not incredibly small turned waspy when viewed in comparison to the rest of her body. Her hips curved out gracefully, completing the hourglass shape of her body, with her round bottom only hinted at from the front and big, strong yet soft-looking athletic thighs connected to her hips.

"Damn, this is hot," Marilyn breathed out. She reached up her right hand to palm her right breast, then slowly let the rest of her forearm trail up against it. "If I met someone who looked just like me and was 100% female, I’d fuck them in a heartbeat." Her body seconded that idea, with her nipples hardening and her cock slowly filling with blood as it extended away from her body. Reaching down with her left hand to grab her hot chocolate flesh, she gently caressed her left hand up and down her shaft, letting the sensation register in her mind. "Maybe if I have enough time…"


"What?" Marilyn shouted in response to the knocking on the door, somewhat annoyed she was drawn out of her reverie.

"It’s Kat," Marilyn’s father shouted out.

"Let her in!"

The door opened up to let Kat’s tiny frame slide through. Still dressed in her school uniform, the clothes revealed a young teenage girl in the early stages of pregnancy. Her waist wasn’t as impossibly tiny, and her hormone-enlarged breasts couldn’t help but be noticed in her now somewhat too small shirt. When Kat and Marilyn’s eyes met, it seemed as if the two were magnetically drawn together. Marilyn reached down, brushed a few hairs from Kat’s face, then pulled Kat up a bit as she kneeled down. Their lips met suddenly, and the two melted into each other, hugging each other tightly and pressing into each other’s body while their tongue’s wrestled against each other.

"Well, I’ll leave you two alone," Marilyn’s dad mentioned futilely as he stepped away from the door. He closed it, leaving the couple to indulge in each other. "My crazy son. First, he decides to live as a woman, THEN he decides to father a child?" he thought to himself. He looked up, rolled his eyes as he drew a deep breath, then quietly walked back to the living room.

Meanwhile, back in Marilyn’s bedroom, Kat and Marilyn finally separated from each other long enough to greet each other.

"Hi Mari!"

"HI KAT!!! I’VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" belted out Marilyn, not particularly caring if she was heard by Mayor Giuliani, let alone her father. She pulled Kat into another deep kiss, then pulled away from Kat to show some restraint. She felt Kat’s eyes glanced downward to her semi-hard cock, then saw Kat look back up into her eyes with a lecherous grin.

‘Well, I was kinda playing with myself just before you got here,’ Marilyn mouthed to lover. ‘Got a bit hot looking at myself naked.’

"You know I do the same too…" Kat replied in her lisp. She then trailed a hand gently up her thigh, then rubbed it firmly against her panties. "…after looking at your hot body."

‘Here’s an idea, boo. How about you get me fully hard, then you can sit on my dick and tell me about your day on the computer,’ Marilyn mouthed to her friend. She thought that for once, maybe they could have a nice conversation without having to IM all the time or decipher her lisp. As she was thinking that, she felt a pair of moist lips brushing against her tip, causing her to shudder and her tip to flare.

"Oh, God," Marilyn gasped out unconsciously as she simply closed her eyes and tried to maintain her balance as she felt Kat’s lips and tongue make glancing blows up and down her shaft. She bit her lip and pawed at her suddenly enlarged nipples as she felt Kat’s treatment cause her blood to rush to her crotch. As her felt the butterfly touch of Kat play along the rough textured skin on her spongy, blood filled tip, Marilyn managed to open her eyes and gently stroked Kat’s hair in appreciation. When Kat pursed her lips on the ridge on Marilyn’s tip, she stiffened up, then firmly pushed her head away. She bent down, placed a soft, lingering kiss on Kat’s forehead, then grabbed Kat’s hand as she pulled them both towards her computer.

After Marilyn sat down and pulled Kat on her lap, letting her dick poke up between her legs and bounce gently on Kat’s womb, she started up her copy of Microsoft Word.

"Ready Kat?" Marilyn typed on the screen.

Kat replied with a gentle nod. She then felt herself being lifted up by her hips until her small ass was even with her lover’s bountiful bosom. She was taken a bit by surprise when she felt Marilyn rake her nipples along her butt, and more surprised that she felt a slight quiver in her love’s flesh, an obvious sign that Marilyn was turned on by such actions. The thought was chased from her head as she felt the spit-slick head of Marilyn’s dick press up against her back passage, easing its way to familiar territory. As her asshole stretched open to welcome the familiar intruder, she felt this incredible flicking sensation against her clit. Kat looked down to see Marilyn’s dark fingers flick her fingernail quickly against her love button, the sensation strong enough to buckle her legs and let 3 inches of Marilyn suddenly jab inside of her. As she gasped from the sudden force, she was glad to feel Marilyn’s strong hands steady her descent. Soon, she felt her massive member stop its penetration about a little less than halfway down it’s length. Kat saw Marilyn’s hand reach down against to caress her sparsely-haired pussy and let her hand gently caress her hand over Marilyn’s, guiding the hand to reach all those delicious spots. After Marilyn’s hand release its gentle rubbing pressure from her inner lips, she felt her butt being penetrated deeper and deeper by the thick, long dick. As she let herself settle towards the base of Marilyn’s dick, she noticed that Marilyn’s hand was back between her legs again, gently rubbing her lips until her pussy tingled from the sensation of the hairs on Marilyn’s balls.

"Like that babe", Marilyn typed out quickly before giving Kat a playful headbutt.

"Yeah, I did. That felt kinda nice Mari. Where did ya learn that?"

"Oh, I just got it from some Asia Carrera porno I snagged for the Net. While some guy was sticking it up her ass, she had this other girls rubbing your lips like I was doing. Anyway…how was your day?"

"OK, I guess. Just loving the delicious hormone rush pregnancy gives me. It feels so nice! Kinda like a nice lil up front payment for the pain of childbirth. I feel nice!"

"Hmm, you feel nice, eh? Maybe I should take a blood sample from ya, give it to me, let the peeps in her lab figure out exactly what’s in there, and next thing you know, 3 years from now, they’ll be blaming us for the next drug epidemic. ;-)"

"Hey! I just wanna have a kid, not be the source of the next crack! J " Kat typed back in reply before reaching back and playfully pinching her lover’s nipple hard, making Marilyn crying out a bit in pain.

"Hey there babe! That hurt! ;-) But anyway, how have you been holding up?"

"OK, just dealing with classes and my parents while holding our kid. My parents weren’t exactly popping champagne bottles when I told them, but at they’re being supportive and whatnot, letting me see you my honey =P"

"Speaking of honeys, did you see any on your way up to the Boogie Down?"

Kat paused for a bit, her fingers tickling Marilyn’s balls before typing back, "Well, there was this one girl on the D. She looked so delicious! Made me almost wish I wasn’t wish you right now. ;-)

"Mmm…really? Tell me about her, silly! Remember, I changed myself into this…" Marilyn ground her entire body against Kat, then continued typing "..and as long as I can keep my dick, I’ll change some more too. Hehehe. Seriously, describe her to me…"

"Hmm, well I saw her standing on the train apparently talking to some friends of hers. She was about 5’10" and brown skinned with these incredible curves…I think she might have been bigger than your sis. Anyway, it seemed as if she had curves popping everywhere with those tight jeans she had on showing off her huge ass and that t-shirt. Plus, the shirt was short enough to gimme a peek of that belly. She did have a bit of a gut, not enough to call her fat, but just big enough to notice and soft enough for me to wanna lay my face in there and suck on that juicy flesh. Her face was kinda pretty with a cute nose piercing, not really model like, but sexy in a kinda normal way, you know?"

" I guess doing these push-ups and sit-ups are a bad idea, eh?" Marilyn then bent her head down to start tonguing Kat’s ear. "So, tell me, what would you do with her?" she typed as her tongue worked Kat’s ear, and she felt Kat slowly start dripping down along her dick.


"Tell me what you would do with her…that is, if you ever had the chance."

"Hmmm…that’s interesting…well, first, I’d hug her tight around her hips, squeezing her ass and laying my head into that soft belly of hers. Then I’d lay her down and let that soft flesh play across my lips, tasting her skin. Next, I’d kiss my way up her bodies, making sure to pay attention to that sensitive area under her breasts…" Kat then paused her typing to gently caress her shaven, glistening lips, rubbing against the wetness.

"Mmm…good start hun," Marilyn typed as she nibbled on the nape of Kat’s neck. "Mind if I let my fingers take over for yours down below?" Marilyn reached between her lover’s legs, pushed Kat’s hand to the side and took over for her. She then reached up with her free hand to peck out "…continue…"

"…Well as I move up to suck her breasts, she takes one hand and presses my head to her nipple. I start nursing on the hardening nub, flicking my tongue all around it, and caressing the spit-slickened areola with my small fingers. With my other hand, I started a milking motion on her free breast, pulling on the teat as her abundant flesh spilled through my fingers. Suddenly, I feel her hand caressing my back in response, her body responding to me…her hand is slipping up under my panties, cupping my ass in her hand. I feel a finger sliding up and down my crack, brushing my asshole, and I suck her nipple harder in response. Without any warning, I feel a finger forcing itself hard up my ass, pumping me deep. I buck in pain initially, but when I feel her thumb rubbing against the bottom of my lips, I relax and let her work her finger into me…Oh I feel you doing that right now, Mari? Did I give you any ideas babe?"

"yes…" Marilyn hurriedly replied with one hand as the other was flicking along the base of Kat’s lips and her hips were gently pumping into Kat. "…tell me more…"

"To repay her, I start turning my ass towards her as I keep playing with her big titties, letting her play more with my body. I feel my jeans, then my panties, being pulled off me as I start licking my way from her breasts to a twat so juicy I can smell it. When my lips are halfway between her tits and her pussy, I feel two sets of fingers moving along my nether regions…two fingers pumping my pussy with a thumb strumming my clit and another finger gently rubbing against my asshole…oooh THANKS…play with me like that…and then she raises up her hips as I keep licking down, closing the gap between my lips and her pussy…YESSS…and now I’m licking around her clit, tasting all the juices that have dripped between her lips, and I’m sucking her clit now…OOOOOOOOOO GOD…she’s pulling my clit tight between her fingers, pumpin three fingers in and out, ooh yeah, she’s hitting my spot…gonna cum…sucking her clit bracing for MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…CUMMMINNNNNNNNN…"

Kat’s hands dropped off the keyboard as she felt her orgasm wash over her. She fell back against her lover, bucking her body against Marilyn’s breasts. Marilyn kept working her hands against Kat’s pussy, slowly pumping her fingers in and out the clasping sugar walls and gently rubbing her fingers on Kat’s clit. As she felt Kat slowly riding out her wave, she brought her dew covered fingers to her lips, tasting the citrus-like sweetness on them. Then, she brushed the off onto her lips, turned Kat’s head up towards her and kissed her hard while gently starting to pump her dick inside Kat’s ass.

Marilyn pulled her lips away from Kat, then typed out, "did you like that?"

"Yeah, I LOVED it! You know I like to know how sweet I am ;-)" Kat raised her hips up, then started pumping on the dick inside of her. "How about you start playing along with me…I don’t want you to miss out on the fun..."

" Please do continue!"

"Anyway as I’m coming down from my peak, I noticed that she’s cumming too! Apparently, my bucking on her body along with my sucking on my clit set her off. I’m crawling down her body more, licking all between her lips, trying to suck up her sweetness. Suddenly, I feel my ass spreading and two fingers rubbing their way inside of me, slipping inside my ass. I flick my tongue up and down her pussy in response, showing my approval. As I continue my oral ministrations, I feel her start to pump her fingers inside of me, starting off nice and slow. Then just as I slip my clit between my lips, she starts pumping me hard…OOOH…I exhale hard onto her clit, making her shake a bit as she pumps away hard in me…ooh yes, work it…then she takes my clit betweeh her thumb and fingersssssss..YESSS…work it…fuck me!!! Oh yeah…mmmhmmm…ahhhhhh…"

Marilyn wrapped one arm around Kat’s chest and pumped hard into Kat, feeling her dick being squeezed by her ass as Kat dripped profusely over her balls. As the nectar cooled down below, tickling her balls gently, she rubbed her nipples hard against Kat’s back, feeling her huge tits caress Kat’s soft skin. She slowed down her fucking soon enough to type on the screen "Mmm…are you gonna cum for me?"

"Oh yes…mmmhmmm…fuck that dick into me…split me…tear me up hun…pump me harder…yess…ahh yeah!!! Shove that cock deep up my ass while you play with mEEE AAAAAH YEAH YEAH CUMMMING CUMMING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

Marilyn held Kat to her tight, keeping her lover from bucking out of her as she kept fucking her. She felt Kat’s ass contract around her cock as she felt her cum, caressing her hard dick. She bent her head down to kiss Kat, to which Kat responded with a scream in her mouth. As she felt Kat continue to cum, she kept pumping harder into her, pulling on Kat’s tiny nipple, hoping to stretch out her orgasm just a little bit. Just then, she felt a delicious sensation in her cock, making her jump suddenly. Without warning, she pulled Kat down to the floor on all fours without slipping out of her. She bent over Kat’s prone form, her hair spilling over her eyes. She raked her nipples along Kat’s soft skin on her back, then mauled one of her boobs hard with her hand, feeling the tension on her nipple as the flesh bulged one. She then pressed her face into the nape of Kat’s neck, sucking on her skin gently, and started to jack off in Kat’s ass, using her for nothing more than a cum recepticle. She felt Kat’s body buck in response as she fucked harder into her, feeling the itch build up along her shaft and in her nipples. She was glistening with sweat by now, her nostrils flaring and her body perfect in its sheen. She started fucking in short powerful strokes, exhaling hard onto Kat as she felt her orgasm start to approach. When she felt herself hit the point of no return, she wrapped her lips around Kat’s skin and hummed into her. Soon, she felt herself shooting into her lover, keeping perfectly still as she felt as her seed was shooting into Kat’s mouth. As the shots started to die down, she started pumping a bit more, letting a bit of her cum drip out of Kat’s asshole and down to her balls. She arched her back as she felt her juices mix with Kat’s on her balls, then started easing her way out of Kat. When her softening dick was fully disengaged, she collapsed onto all fours next to Kat, trying to catch her breath and still her heart.

After a moment, Marilyn brushed the hair from in front of her eyes and took a deep breath. She turned Kat to face her and kisses her gently while Kat toyed with one of her breasts. She disengaged from Kat’s lips, then mouthed to her "thank you. I missed you so much. Thank you for everything."

Kat then kissed Marilyn on the cheek, then smiled broadly. She responded, "no…thank you."


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