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Marie                by: Julie         


It was 1971, And the middle of September; and I was starting my first year in junior high. I was having one of those days, ……… pondering the attraction I now felt toward the same silly, giggling sex I had known, ….. but didn’t. I was in sort of a semi-conscious state, staring across the hall into my older sister’s room. Her door stood open, … something that didn’t occur often. It was Saturday morning, and she had gone over to her girlfriend’s house. Mom was busy working downstairs.

I suddenly caught a glimpse of something white, and lacy spilling from her dresser drawer, … and I found myself drawn…..

I’m not sure what happened once I entered my sister’s room. … I suddenly felt strangely curious about the silky, mysterious, intimate objects in my sister’s drawer. In an impulsive, deranged moment I needed to know what they felt like. For a second I had this odd thought that their feminine prettiness was somehow a part of them, and just as I now had dreams of being smothered by a group of pretty girls, … I now had the thought that being surrounded by their feminine prettiness would be nearly as good. I lifted the lavishly lace-trimmed slip. It felt so cool, silky, … and girlish with the white ribbon straps dangling from my fingertips. I continued to look inside the drawer. A pair of white nylon panties with an embroidered floral bouquet with a shiny satin ribbon bow on the front caught my attention. It looked so pretty. In an instant I had my pants and underwear off, and was pulling the soft, silky, feminine underwear up my legs. Unmasculine, I knew, but they felt so nice, and I felt some strange closeness, ….kinship, with girls, … who I was too shy to approach. …. And then I looked down to see the epitome of feminine girlishness, … a white bra …delicately trimmed in lace. … I held it up by it’s straps in front of me, … curious of it’s feminine engineering in holding their new, sweet, curvy charms. …. It was then that I felt something wasn’t right. … I turned …... to see mom standing in the doorway ! ! I froze …. with my heart pounding, and my face about to burst into flame.

Her shocked expression suddenly exploded into words. "Marty, … what do YOU THINK you’re doing ?" She thundered.

I was caught speechless; and I wanted to melt into the floor. What could I say ? I didn’t know what I was doing …..

"Uh .. I … ahh … uh …"

We stood looking at each other for what was probably 30 seconds, but what seemed like at least two days to me. I then turned away, dropped the bra and started pushing the panties off.

"Not so fast ! Just hold it mister ! …. or is it miss ?" Mom sneered.

I turned to see mom looking confused, … studying me. I had pushed the silky underwear down to my thighs, … and now had the unpleasant task of pulling them back up, or be naked in front of her.

"Aren’t you the same one who was calling your sister sissy, and refused to help her with the dishes last week ….. because it was for girls ?"

I could only stand there, … stone silent.

"Well ? ….. Are you going to tell me what you think you’re doing in your sister’s panties ?"

I shrugged, and looked at the floor.

"Just stay there ! Don’t move ! …. I have to think about this."

I was in shock as mom left my sister’s bedroom, leaving me standing there in her panties……

It was only a few tortured minutes later before she returned. I was flushed again in her presence with me standing there in … what now had become sissy panties … with a sissy ribbon bow yet.

"Just how long have you been …. putting on your sister’s clothes ?" She questioned.

Oh God ! I thought.

"No mom, … this is the first time, … really. ………….. I don’t know what made me…." I whined. "I just wanted to see what they were like…."

"Hmmmm". She breathed, skeptically. "Well, … ok ……. DEAR, … then let’s just see what we can find for you." Mom stated.

I was beside myself as I watched my mother begin sifting through Terri’s dresser drawers. … She couldn’t be seriously thinking…….. I watched as she pulled out a bra from the back of my sister’s drawer. The cups seemed smaller than the one I had just examined. She held it up.

"Well, … hold up your arms." She demanded.

"Moooom !" I whined in disbelief.

"You want to wear girl things. …. Well, good, … I could use some help …. some girlish help … with GIRL’S chores today. So put out your arms." She smirked. "I’m going to help you get dressed, … properly."

I groaned, my whole body blushing a fiery red, but found my arms levitating, and my mother sliding the soft, lace trimmed garment up to and around my chest. I looked down at the small, foam shaped cups, and the ribbon bow between them, and squirmed with terror filled embarrassment.

"We can’t have you wearing, … and possibly ruining any of your sister’s good things. We’ll just have to find some of her outgrown things, …’. except for her panties you already have on. … You’ll have to buy her another pair with your allowance. I don’t think she’ll want them now."

She sifted through the back of my sister’s drawers, assessing whether Terri had outgrown or just hadn’t worn some of her things. She produced a soft, white, cotton, stretchy, panty-type thing with pink flowers. It had ribboned garters hanging from the bottom. It didn’t look like it had much wear. Mom handed it to me…… I nervously accepted it.

"Put it on." She said.

My body tensed as pictures flashed through my head of seeing girls at school tugging at the hems of their skirts, covering the dark brown tops of their new stockings they had started wearing.

"Mom, …. No.." I nervously pleaded.

One exasperated look from my mother had me pulling the girlish garment up my legs.

"Come with me." She said.

She took me into the bath, and sat me on the edge of the tub. She soaped my legs.

"Mom !" I protested.

"You wanted to see what it was like …. dressing as a girl ….. didn’t you ? ….. or just what WERE you doing ?"

Jeeez ….. what could I say to that ? I let her shave my legs ….as I sat silently … and nervously flicking the ribboned garters.

"Your sister would kill you if you even touched her pantyhose. They are so expensive. So you’re stuck with stockings, … and this is what you have to wear."

She quickly covered my legs in lotion when they were smooth.

She pulled me back to my sister’s room, and handed me a pair of nylons. I just looked at her, so she sat me down and showed me how to pull them on, and affix them to the garters. I looked down at a bra, pink flowered girdle, and stockings. I felt like such a sissy.

Mom went over to Terri’s closet, looking through her dresses and stuff. She pulled out a couple dresses, and then come over to me with a fancy dress with a pink and yellow flower design over a white background. It had ruffles and lace. She had me stand, and held it up to me. … She smiled.

"Terri hardly ever wore this dress. I don’t know why she didn’t like it. I think it’s darling. It’s just the thing for your first dress. You might as well go all the way."

She layed it across the bed, and went back to the dresser. She came back with a porcelain white slip, and had me lift my arms while she pulled it over my head. It had sissy lace that covered the top of the bra and the hem that circled my thighs. She then helped me into the dress. I felt so weak and embarrassed as my mother zipped it in back, fastened the clasp at the lace trimmed collar, and tied the ties in back in a bow.

She looked in Terri’s closet again, and came over to me with a pair of white shoes with a strap I had to buckle.

Mom took a comb from the top of my sister’s dresser, and began combing my hair back.

"Is this why you haven’t cut your hair ? ..’ you want it long, … like a girl ?"

I was so crimson !

"No mom….", I protested.

"Well, … it’s way past time you started caring for it anyway ! If you want to have long hair like a girl, .. you have to take care of it like a girl ! …. But for now, .. we’ll just put it in a ponytail I will have to show you how to shampoo and condition it, and put it up later."

I groaned as she pulled my hair tight in back, and cringed when I saw her pick up a shiny pink ribbon and felt her tieing it around my ponytail.

My insides were full of butterflies as my mother picked up a pink lipstick from the tray on the dresser. She looked pleased as she smoothed it over my lips.

"There now ? Is this what you wanted Mart..… uh … umm Marie ?" She asked, turning me toward the mirror.

I nearly fainted. There I was in a frilly dress with a white lacy collar, with a somewhat large pink satin ribbon perched high on my head in back with the ribbon ends dangling down along either side of my ponytail, and matching my pink bow lips. I looked SO girlish.

"Ok, … come on … Marie, … you can help me with the laundry now, … and lunch, … and …. well, you know, girl’s work."

I felt so weak, helpless, and frightened as mom took me by the hand downstairs.

She tied an apron around me when we got downstairs, and then I helped her sort clothes for the wash. It was just a little while later when she told me to set the table. Oh God ! Terri will be coming home ! What will she say …. and do ?

I heard footsteps and voices coming to the kitchen door, and I jumped back into the utility room.

"Mom ! Can Sherry stay for lunch ?" I heard my sister call. I cowered, my knees nearly buckling.

"Oh , … I don’t think it’s a good time honey. ..’ another time, .. but not today."

I heard Terri apologize to Sherry, and her coming back to the utility room. She stopped dead in her tracks, her mouth gaping.

"What in the ……. ", Terri gasped before she broke out in laughter.

I could have died !

"You wouldn’t believe .. ‘ ! I caught your brother in your room ….. and in your underwear ! …. I told him if he wants to dress in girl clothes, … then I’d help him !"

I was speechless. Terri was still laughing, a high shrill laugh.

As we sat down to eat Terri tried to stop laughing and giggling long enough to ask just what had happened. I stammered my excuses, and mom wasn’t any help. Terri looked totally perplexed as we ate. Finally at the end of the meal, she kind of accepted she wasn’t going to understand, and began teasing, commenting on my wardrobe and appearance. She was delighted when mom told her I was helping her with housework.

"It’s about time !" She squealed.

Even then she was surprised when I started helping mom clear the table.

"Wow, … I’m going to like having a sister !" She laughed.

She then got more curious about my wardrobe. She lifted the hem of the skirt.

"Stockings ! …. Oh, your slip is so pretty ….. Marie, is it ?" She laughed. "And what are you ….. Oh MY …….. my flowered girdle ! ………………….. Oh mother ! She’s precious !"

She fingered the pink hair bow, and the lacy details of the dress.

"You’re going to have to do her nails." She chortled.

"Mmmm … and her hair too." Mom replied.

"Are you serious ?" Terri questioned.

Mom nodded.

"Would you care to help ? I figure maybe this afternoon before dinner."

"Sure .. Can I ask Sherry … and maybe Darlene ?"

"NO, … I think it’s bad enough now for him. By tomorrow I think he’ll have learned his lesson."

"Well, …. Ok …" Terri smirked.

I didn’t like the tone in her voice or the look in her eye.

"I love your ponytail, ….. and your hair ribbon. Did you make the pretty bow, .. or mom ?" She teased.

I shriveled inside.

"Oh, … your lipstick is nearly gone." She commented.

"Oh, … Terri, .. would you get her a lipstick so she can replenish ?" Mom asked.

Terri giggled before fleeing upstairs, returning momentarily with a tube of lipstick. She presented it to me.

I looked at mom, and then Terri, before taking it, and reluctantly applying the pink dome to my lips.

My sister was overjoyed.

"Is there anything else you need, … sis ? She teased.

I burned, … red-faced.

"Well, then I will be back after a while to help you with your nails, …. and fix your hair…… " She laughed. "I can’t believe this."

Terri went out the door. After I had put the dishes in the sink, I went to take some clothes out of the dryer, and fold them. Once the clothes were folded and put away….. ( I found myself at my sister’s dresser again. This time putting her neatly folded underthings back in her drawers.) I had to help dust and vacuum downstairs. Mom sent me back upstairs then to straighten my room, and wait for Terri to come home. I felt so silly sitting demurely on the side of my bed in a dress, waiting for my sister to put my hair up, and polish my fingernails.

I jumped when I heard the kitchen door slam, followed by Terri’s voice, and then footsteps up the stairs.

She grinned, and then squealed. She shook her head in disbelief.

"Why did you decide to do this ? Do you want to dress like a girl … YOU ?" She questioned as she pulled me into her room.

I didn’t know what to say. Dressed like this my denials seemed fruitless.

"Stand right there." Terri said.

The next thing I knew she was taking pictures. I wanted to dive under the bed, … but it was too late.

"Terri ! No………." I pleaded.

"I don’t know how this happened, …. but you’re never going to be able to deny it. I think things will be quite different now …..sis." She giggled. "Now take your dress off."

I looked at her questioningly; but I knew I had no choice but do whatever Terri told me. It was difficult reaching behind me to undo the dress. Terri giggled. Her giggling got louder as I slipped out of the dress, and stood before her in her lingerie.

"Ummm, … fix your straps." She directed.

CLICK, went the camera.

"Now snug up your nylons."


"Straighten your hair ribbon."


"Freshen your lipstick."


She put the camera up, and took me into the bath, … where she untied the hair ribbon, took my ponytail out, threw a towel around my shoulders, and began shampooing my hair. After conditioning it, and rinsing, she wrapped my head in a towel and took me back to her room. She giggled uncontrollably as she set out the rollers, and began rolling my hair up.

"Let’s see, … would you like a flip ? … some soft curls . …. Or lots of rollers for a head full of curls ? …… Any ideas ?" She teasingly questioned.

"No …. No curls", I pleaded.

"Oh … yes ! Mom is leaving it up to me. Let’s see, …. what do we do with your hair… hmmm."

I groaned.

I shuddered as I felt her rolling my hair up. She showed me my head full of curlers,… just as I had seen her look many times. While my hair dried, she cheerily painted my fingernails a bright pink.

Mom looked in as she was doing my nails.

"She’s going to look quite the pretty little lady …. isn’t she ?" Mom teased.

"Oh yes !" Terri giggled. "..’ a little doll. …. Can I do her up in makeup too mom ?"

"Oh sure. You did want to be a pretty girl …. didn’t you … Marie ?" She asked.

"Yes, … make her pretty Terri."

I groaned.

My sister had a great time trying different cosmetics on me. She put different shades of eyeshadow on my lids, … and had my eyes painted heavily in pink before removing it with cold cream. She had a great time experimenting with me. Between makeup sessions Terri took my hair down and brushed and combed it out. She tried various ribbons and barrettes in my curly hair too, before she settled on two pink satin ribbon bows, one on each side of my curly head.

Terri held several dresses up to me before she put me into a light pink, sheer, organza dress. It had a full skirt of layers of light organza, and my slip and straps showed through the sheer top. The small rounded collar was trimmed in dainty ruffled lace, as was the gathered short sleeves.

Mom called us down to dinner three times before Terri patted my face one more time with powder, and put the last coat of lipstick on me. My eyelids had just a faint light blue hue. Terri put lipstick and a compact in a purse for me to carry, and she took me by the hand down to dinner.

Terri made me curtsy to mom downstairs and ask her if I didn’t look pretty.

"Oh my ! Don’t you look darling. !" Mom laughed.

"Yes, .. isn’t she cute ?" Terri giggled.

"And I can’t get over what he’s wearing … from the skin out !" She squealed.

They both watched as I seated myself at the table. I didn’t know what to do with the purse. I fumbled with it, .. before setting it in my lap.

Terri could hardly look at me without giggling.

"I love her pink hair ribbons. She looks so sweet." Mom teased.

One of the straps slid off my shoulder as I was eating, and I fixed it. They both giggled.

"How do you like wearing a bra ? Or was that your slip strap ?" Mom questioned.

I was so embarrassed.

Terri made me freshen my lipstick after dinner, … and powder my nose too.

I had to do the dishes by myself. Mom and Terri sat at the table, and commented about my behavior and how I looked. I had to fix my straps again, … and they laughed.

We sat in the living room and watched TV then.

They sent me to the kitchen for their drinks and snacks later, and commented on my walk and how I sat, correcting me to do both more like a girl.

It was about 9:30 when Terri thought I should go put on a nightie. She took me upstairs where she helped me into a frilly pink and white nightie. She made me wear the bra underneath, … and panties. She put my hair up in curlers again, and removed my lipstick and makeup. She had me wear a frilly robe and slippers with pink bows; and she gave me a teddy bear dressed in a skirt to carry with me downstairs.

They teased me as I sat on the couch with the teddy bear.

I felt so deflated and weak as they tucked me in upstairs. I complained about the curlers. They told me girls had to sleep in them sometimes …… tough.

Terri woke me in the morning, and I had to go down to breakfast in the nightie and robe, with my hair in curlers still. My head hurt from sleeping on them all night.

After breakfast mom called me over to her.

"Well, … Marie, how do you like wearing girlie clothes ?"

I looked at the floor.

"Do you like being a girl ?" She quizzed again.

I shook my head.

"No ? Are you sure ? You could go put on fresh panties and bra and things, and a nice dress to wear to church this morning. …. Or would you rather wear a suit ?"

" .. a suit." I answered.

"Hmmm well, … ok, … but you’ll tell us the next time you want to wear panties again won’t you ? … I don’t want to catch you sneaking your sister’s things again."

"No mom, … I won’t." I replied.

Terri looked at me as I started upstairs to get out of the girlie things, and it sent a cold shiver down my back.

I shed everything, including the curlers, and jumped in the shower. I dressed in my suit.

I was subdued as the three of us went to church; and my insides squirmed as I sat between mom and Terri in the car, looking down at their skirted laps and nyloned legs.

That afternoon I was in my room when Terri looked in.

"Mom says you have to buy me new panties." She smiled. "Meet me at ‘Austin’s’ after school tomorrow. I’ll help you pick them out, … …… along with Sherry and Darlene."

"Terri !" I protested.

She pantomimed taking a picture of me.

Nothing was ever going to be the same again. Terri was going to be a force to reckon with now; and it would be awhile before I’d be able to say no to mom again……


The end ?



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