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Mannequins from Mars 7

by: Paul G Jutras


It was a chilly, cloudy December afternoon. Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim were on their way home from the government agency they had been working for.

"Things could be worst, Sam." Tina told her.

"How so?" Samantha sighed as she looked at her pay check. Since there hadn't been an real disasters that required their services in months, their pay checks had gotten smaller and smaller. It got to the point where Samantha felt she could make more money working a cash register in the supermarket.

"Our plastic bodies could feel the cold." Kim said with a smile as she stood in 5" heels and a red bikini. "Being a living mannequin does have its advantages. I'd never be able to get a full body suntan in the winter before the transformation."

"We are suppose to keep our cover," Kim reminded her. Though that meant keeping a distance so that people couldn't tell they were plastic and not flesh.

"Hey, gals." They suddenly heard Dan's voice echoing in their heads. They all sighed except for Sam, who had smile spread across her face. A mission and a bonus pay was just what she needed to lighten her holiday spirits.

"Come on Dan," Kim whispered so the crowd wouldn't think she was talking to an invisible friend. "It's three days till Christmas. I promised mom that I'd help her decorate the tree tonight."

"Sorry, girls." Dan replied. "A meteor shower has started to touch down out west. It's probably nothing, but we can't risk alien invaders using the falling rocks as cover for a landing."

"All right." Sam said as Dan said that the other mannequin agents were already being contacted and sent on their way. "We'll meet them there.

"Don't tell me that the aliens are back." Christine said in a worried tone.

"It is possible." Kim said as she walked up to a stand outside a clothing store and tried on some sunglasses. "We haven't seen the Martians since before that farming scientist was going to sell her new fuel formula."

"We can handle them." Samantha smiled, as the girls charged a country girl look outfit to the government before taking their van to the airport. "All we have to do is believe in ourselves."

A short time later, a government cargo plane was flying the girls and their van across the country. They then drove the van down to a familiar farm and a even more familiar handyman.

"Hey Jonathan, long time no see." Tina said from the passenger window when they pulled up to him along the side of the road. Jonathan couldn't believe his eyes either since it not every day one sees a bunch of plastic beauties like them.

"Do you have any clue what happened after the meteors first came down?" Kim asked.

"If I knew that I wouldn't of called you in, now would I?" Mrs. Fidget said sarcastically. The girls just looked at one another as they realized they'd pretty much asked for it. "I just hope you girls feel up to handling the case. You all look kind of pale."

"We're fine." Samantha said, wondering if she had forgotten that they hand hallow mannequin bodies instead of flesh and blood.

"Hey look!" Christine said as she notice a flyer in the mailbox. "There's a dance at the high school tonight. We can ask everyone who attend if they know of anything about the meteors and get to dance with some cute teachers as well I'm sure."

Jonathon led the girls in the front door where they were shown their way to the guest room. The three girls would have to share a queen size bed like they had to do the last time. After the girls unpacked, the all headed off for the town where they could start their work

"Go to victory!" The cheerleaders on the field cried out as men in red football uniforms and white helmets charged one at a time upon the tackling dummy. The women cheerleader uniforms were also red and white, including their pom-poms.

Getting together in a practice huddle, they snapped the ball and raced down the feel. The four girls stared from the bleaches at the handsome young men. They'd feel all goose bumps if they could."

"Pretty handsome aren't they." Sylvia said as she showed up with a smile on her face and dressed in a cheerleading uniform.

"What are you wearing?" Tina asked.

"I grew up in this town and worked for Mrs. Fidget before my change, remember." Sylvia said with a giggle. "I used my old uniform to get into the girls locker room and ask them questions."

"What now?" Christine asked as the sound of screeching tires down the streets along the side of the school. "Come on. We've got to earn the money that President Rachel Montez is paying us for."

Their back packs turned themselves into jet packs and allowed the five mannequin girls to go after the car. The car began to skid from one side of the road to the other. Dust really kicked up, not that the girls needed to breath. As the girls used a small explosive to blow out the driver side door, they pulled the driver out moments before the car went off the banking.

"Friend of Mrs. Fidget?" Samantha asked as she notice that her farm was the only one down the road he was driving.

"Yes, I'm John Doe." The man introduced himself. "I was on my way to warn Mrs. Fidget of the Martians when this heat beam blew my tires and... Well, you know the rest. Except that their making mutants out of humans who will work for them."

"Mutants?" Tina questioned.

"Given them super human powers." Mr. Doe said as he saw a man move into the shadows, smoke raising from the corner of his eyes. "Saw one using heat vision and heard another can freeze a person into an ice sculpture with a mere touch."

"What now?" Christine asked.

"Search me." Samantha said hoping that this case would be easy. She never expected that humans would side with the aliens to gain powers beyond their dreams. The Martians knew that they couldn't stop Team Mannequin without some kind of edge. As she rubbed her smooth, sexless crotch, the dildo forever inside pulsed even more rapidly. She heated up with excitement at how the case was going.

"We'll drop you off at the farm." Sylvia said as they flew over to meet Jonathon while they heading to their room to figure out their next move. Since they were already in side; however, they didn't notice Mr. Doe dissolved Jonathon with a touch and then took on his shape and form.

Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim were taking time away from their work as special field agents for the government to listen to the local popular music and unwind. They loved the feeling of nylons on their plastic legs and how the fashions looked on their perfect figures.

"Hey, gals." They suddenly heard Dan's voice echoing in their heads. They turned down the music and listen up to the radios inside their plastic heads. "How is the mission going."

"Rough, right girls, " asked Kim.

"Yeah." Christine added on. "We've listen to people give us a bunch of war of the world nonsense, but haven't seen any actual aliens. Or even the human that are suppose to be working with them."

"If there are traitors, they must be dealt with as well." Dan said in the agency's under ground base. "We just know the unit we sent to the farm you visited before to collect some meteor samples have disappeared. We also got work from the widow owner that some of her employees have gone missing too."

"Understood, Dan." Samantha smiled, as the girls picked up their sandwiches and drinks before heading out to their white van. "Best get back to work. None of us have dates for that dance yet."

A short time later, a man walked up to the town power station and raised his arms above his head. Soon all the power plant energy started to get absorbed into him and powered him up. As a man walked up, the stranger send out an electrical blast and left only a fried corps behind.

"The games are over and the world will be ours." A Martian said with a smile as the two smiled at one another. "This time it won't matter how many of these plastic bombshells are teamed against me. They'll all pay along with that bitch of a president."

"We know what he's still here." Kim said in a whisper to the others. "This guy is so dumb, the aliens probably doesn't consider him part of this planet's intelligent life. He wouldn't make a very good looking mannequin either."

"It's no easy being the best and beautiful." Tina chimed in. "It's us vs. them."


"John Doe is gone." The handyman said as the girls followed him into the house. "As missing as the first agent sent in." Mrs. Fidget grinned. The girls just and made sure their government badges were where they could show people around town.

"Get to work Jonathon." Mrs. Fidget stared at the girls. "You girls best do the same. With a world to save, the party can wait."

"As the girls drove off, Jonathon's arm transformed into a solid blade and sliced off Mrs. Fidget head. His body them morphed to assume her shaped and dragged the real body to join the body of the real Jonathon in the storm cellar.


"Hey!" Samantha said as they pulled up to the side of the rode to see Sabrina and Nancy knelt over the fried body as the ambulance showed up. "What's going on?"

"The police are saying he got too close to the circuits." Sabrina replied. "I think it was the mannequin Martians."

"Never changes." Kim said as they took a short cut on foot through the wheat field. "Not only could they be hiding in here, but we could get ourselves lost as well."

"What do you plan to do if we find them?" Tina asked, already suspecting the answer.

"Scream my head off, what else?" Kim chuckled.

"What's that down there?" Sabrina asked Samantha as she and Christine reached the top of the a hill and looked down at and old place with a water wheel.

"That's where the wheat and other item we grow get grinned up and processed." Samantha said as the girls followed her down to the building only to stop while Samantha searched her purse for an area map. "I was thinking that if the Martians want to hit a mass attack, the dance is it. We've got to get to that school."

"Not to worry, it's that way said, Sylvia giving it a shove. They walked through the field and started to pick up pace for the school. As they reached the school, they saw Mrs. Fidget along with others that they didn't know.

"Hey there!" Samantha said as she made a rustle in the wheat field as they stepped into the school yard. The group of people turned around to face Team Mannequin with a look of hate burning in their eyes.

"And now?" Kim asked as the girls stared at one another.

"What indeed." Mrs. Fidget said as she transformed into John Doe before their eyes. The group realized two dear friends of theirs were mostly likely dead at the hands of the aliens.

"You won't get away." Samantha said as the girls stood their ground. "What did the aliens offer you?"

"Power." John Doe said with a sinister smile. "Power beyond the dreams of most humans. With these powers we will rule whole countries in the name of Mars. We've gone from small farm nobodies to the true power in the universe."

"Not any more." Jonathon now stood in John Doe's place. He walked up to the group with a glaze look in his eyes. The girls could see a pair of hose on Jonathon legs through the tears in his pants. "We won't be needing your services here any more."

"The aliens seem to have control of what little mind he has." Tina said, wondering if he's feeling the same massaging pleasure she felt just having a smooth sexless plastic crotch.

"Samantha, can you here me?" Dan asked through her internal intercom. "Things are getting serious. The government and military leaders have all gone missing. The only odd clue is that a wax museum; now using plastic, has female twins dressed in doubles of their official clothes."

"Strange." Sylvia thought as she wondered in the world's men were turn into women to hide the location and true fate. The five mannequinized agents just stared at one another as they tried to figure out the best way to help out.

"What now?" Nancy asked.

"Whatever you do, best do it fast," Dan replied. "We've got more and more world powered people disappearing ever... what?"

"Dan, what is it?" Samantha Pizza asked. "Dan?"

"Think they got him?" Kim sighed as she got up and moved to the school. She made it up the drain pipe and into a air vent were she followed the sound of the music toward the gym. She only hoped she was in time.

"He won't be the only one to fall if something isn't done. " Kim said as she led the team charging forward and womped John Doe, together and then turned toward the other glazed zombies.

"What's going on?" John Doe said. He had no idea what kind of super crook he was, but he'd make a great super hero with his shape changing ability.

"Well talk later." Christine muttered. "Best get back to the city for now."

At the same time, Samantha was being held down by a pair of hose wearing mannequins while a alien hose waited to slid up her legs. "Struggling is useless." A voice was heard in the her head. A voice she recognized as being Dan's.

"Afraid we can only work as best as Team Mannequin can and hope for the best." Samantha as she broke the mannequin arms off these who use to be living farmers. "You forget that the hose doesn't work on our already transformed bodies."

"Help me take charge of the situation, Sylvia." Samantha said, knowing that their team members needed to feel trusted. As they took out the blasters, they blew apart the mannequin zombie farmers.

"Were the federal help you requested." Kim said as the girls at the school dance, who took off their hose. Team mannequin followed the same plan until everyone was restored and the nylon aliens got more than runs in them to finish them off. Those who were once male where shock to find they were now female.

"All right!" The girls cheered. "We did it!"

Soon all the girls returned home for Christmas day and a toast of Egg Nog with their family and friends. Inside the girls head, Dan, now Darcy was giving them a special toast in his mannequin female voice. "Maybe next time I'll join you in the field."


The end



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