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Mannequins From Mars 6
by: Paul G Jutras


Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim were special field agents for the government. With Halloween here, they loved trying on harem and other costumes that showed off their perfect figures. "I just love the feeling of nylons on my plastic legs." Tina chuckled.

"Hey, gals." They suddenly heard Dan’s voice echoing in their heads. They all looked about in confusion and saw Dan standing in a white dress shirt, blue slacks and a pair of brown loafers.

"I wish you wouldn’t do that," Kim replied. "It gets confusing when your next to us and we hear your voice both with our ears and inside our heads."

"I guess I forgot to turn off your com link." Dan said switching what looked like a hand radio off. "I just better to remember to turn in back on when you’re in the field."

"What’s up?" Tina asked.

"The aliens are back." Dan said in a serious tone.

"Understood, Dan." Samantha smiled, as the girls took off out of the store without bothering to change. Kim was dressed in a pink female genie costume, Tina was a witch and Christine was dressed like a Native American. "Do use a favor and pay for these outfits for us."

When the girls got outside, each got an alien radar out of the van. Tina got in with Dan while the other prepared to go on foot to find the aliens. "Let’s put the new radar to the test," said Dan. "Let’s split up and find those aliens."

A short time later, Dan and Tina turned the corner and saw what looked like a giant marble rolling down Main St.. "What’s going on?" Tina asked as she watched the giant sphere rolling over a series of cars and bent some street polls.

"Looks like we found them." Dan said as he glanced at Tina. "Whoever they are."

"Think they’re from Mars?" Tina asked.

"Wouldn’t put anything past those plastic monsters." Dan replied.

"Time to put a little magic into their lives." Dan said as Tina nodded and got out of the passenger said. As she got on a circular platform in the back of the truck; she was raised up while the back of the truck split open in two.

"It’s no easy being the best and beautiful." Tina sighed."

"You won’t be much longer if those mannequin Martians have anything to say about it." Tina heard Dan’s voice inside of her head.

"This thing is going down!" Tina said as she pulled her blaster and opened fire. Lasers sparked across the sphere’s surface without making so much as a dent in it. She felt even more pale the usual. "Or maybe not."

"Girls, we need help between Main Street and Mayflower Avenue." Dan’s voice echoed inside of Christine and Kim’s head.

"We’re coming." Kim said as the smooth sole of her plastic bare feet moved over the paved road with the flip flops of Christina’s Indian shoes. As they turned the corner and saw Tina up above the truck, a look of shock formed across the two’s plastic features.

"Be very quite." Kim said as they crouched in the shadows. They moved through the shadows, behind the plastic globe. "It’s a good thing we can transmit our thoughts to each other as well as to Dan."

"On the count of three open fire, Tina!" Kim commanded. "You two Dan. Open up with the trucks missile launcher."

"THREE!" Kim and Christine fired from behind while Dan and Tina opened fire from the front. That is if the sphere had a front or a back to it. The four warriors watched as the hull of the sphere back to splinter and crack open.

"Alright!" The girls cheered as the sphere shattered. Pieces of the mannequin beings inside where scattered all about the grounds. "We did it."

"Not yet." Dan said as his truck’s radar removed movement elsewhere in the city. "I already contacted the government for a clean up crew for this mess."

"I used to like this type of video game." Tina sighed as she was lowered into the truck at the same time as the other girls climbed inside. "What a time for Sylvia and the rest of the gang to vacation in Florida. Hope their enjoying Universal Studio’s Horror Nights."

"This one seem to be in the shape of a knight." Dan said as he saw the shape on the radar.

"Don’t suppose you know of any dragons in the area?" Tina asked.

"Not that kind of knight." Dan grinned. "The game piece type."

"There’s another." Kim pointed to the radar. "Seems to be some kind of underground worm or something."

"What happened to the old days like Mrs. Frigit’s farm?" Tina asked. She began massaging her sexless, plastic crotch and got a pleasure wave from her own touch. "Were we only had to save this world from one problem at a time."

"This world..." Dan thought out loud. "Games."

"You got an idea?" Kim asked.

"Maybe." Dan said as he made a U Turn and headed back for the base. A section of ground lowered into a ramp and the vamp disappeared beneath the city. "Let’s just hope it works."

"What now?" Christine asked.

"Whatever you do, best do it fast." Samantha Pizza said as she joined her friends. "As well as get changed."

"No need if my plans work." Dan said as he asked the girls to pass through a green door while he headed for a control room. The room was square and didn’t have a stitch of furniture in it except a P.A. system.

"What’s going on?" Kim asked Dan .

"Something President Rachel Montez whipped up to keep you in shape between attacks." Dan said into the intercom. "A virtual reality combat simulator. Her way of saying thanks for Team Mannequin stopping those aliens from piercing her hose covered vagina before."

Just then, a beam of laser energy came to life. It made a humming sound before it filled the room with a bright green light. Team Mannequin found themselves engulfed in it. The plastic girls made into flesh and blood men. "Remember that in virtual reality, anything is possible."

Tina grabbed hold of her orange Halloween hose with black cats, black bats and spider web designs. With a mere thought, the hose had vanished and replaced by bare legs. The dress with slits up the side of legs, transformed into a pair of pants. While Kim decided to remain the same, Christine changed her Indian skirt into pants as well. Samantha was already wearing a white blouse with black slacks. All decided to go with their fused toe bare feet.

"All right!" The girls cheered. "Let’s do it!"

Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim took off surfing the internet, looking for aliens over their shoulders.

"Hey, men." They suddenly heard Dan’s voice echoing in their heads. They all looked about in confusion as they tried to figure out where the voice was coming from. They couldn’t see Dan anywhere. Then remembered he was really in the control room.

"What’s up?" Kim asked.

"I can send you anywhere in the city in nano- seconds." Dan explained. "Just like sending an E Mail message."

Samantha was transported to a virtual playing field that represented the city. Growing two stories tall, she equaled the height of the chess piece. With her new born virtual strength, she took on the piece.

The horse head breathed fire which Sam jumped to avoid, and summer salted away. From a crouch position, she moved on the tip toes of one foot while twirling her leg into it’s side. She viciously attacked the horse creature with her own two fists. She wondered if this was what men felt when they had such strength to fight with.

Elsewhere in the city, Tina and Christine were double teaming a giant worm like monster that proved to be very mechanical on the insides. They were able to turn the virtual arms into blades and Dan could send them any weapons they requested to be transferred to them.

Finally Kim took what appeared to be a Japanese movie type monster. Dodging laser beams and fire breath, she was able to use the weapons at her disposal to take on the beast. "Rambo, eat your heart out!" She finally cried over the creatures dead corps.

Once again beaten, the aliens were force to retreat back into exile in space. The girls were glad to have their bodies as normal as can be in their plastic forms outside the virtual chamber. It was nice to appear flesh and blood for a little while but they had gotten use to their new selves and wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of all glad to be women once more.





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