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Mannequins From Mars 5              by: Paul G Jutras


Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim were called in when reports of alien ships kidnapping people were reported throughout the world. . In one city, Sabrina and her slumber party friends had dealt with one such ship, but had no idea that there were others out there. "What’s with the new car, Dan?"

"This isn’t just any car," Dan said. "It’s your new spy mobile you might say. The receivers in your heads will all me to remain in easy contact as always."

"Okay, but try not to monitor our personal conversions." Kim would of blushed if she could as they pretended to continue to talk to one another as they knew only they could hear Dan’s voice coming through their receivers.

"What aliens are we dealing with this time?" Christine said in a worried tone.

"We don’t know what planet they’re from." Dan said as the girls climbed aboard their car. "We just know that a group of girls in a small town took down one of their ships and saved the prisoners from being sold as love dolls."

"Understood, Dan." Samantha smiled, as Samantha started the motor and pealed out of the garage of their underground base. "At least we have some idea who we’re dealing with this time."

At that time two more ships hovered over another city. The flutes the tuxedo aliens played were leading the young women out of stores and homes toward local parks and other open areas for pick up.

"Hey!" Sabrina stood up from the couch and shouted. "It’s those same ships on the news!"

Sabrina led the girls out the front door while stuffing their ears so that they could not hear the hypnotic noise. "We stopped those things once and we can do it again."

"This time we’ll do it dressed." Nancy giggled as they ran in flimsy spaghetti strap dresses that rose above the knees and platform sandals. Sabrina was in pink, Nancy blue and Lucy orange.

"Think we should go to the gun shop first?" Lucy asked.

"They wouldn’t let us have any." Nancy sighed. "Last time there was nobody to stop us while this time it would be considered against the law."

"Friend of yours?" Sabrina asked as she pointed to a team in a sports car driving down the street. Hanging on the back Tina was opening fire with a laser cannon at the ship floating above their heads.

"Who... What are you?" Lucy asked as the car pulled up and she stared at their frozen glass eyes.

"Federal agents." Samantha Pizza said as she showed the girls her badge. "I hear that you girls were the ones who took down the advance scout ship."

"That’s right." Sabrina said as she reached over and touched the cold plastic that were the agents skin. "I can hardly believe you’re alive."

"What now?" Christine asked.

"Their cannons!" Nancy said. "If you let them hit you, you’ll end up a bra or some other piece of sexual bondage devices."

The four mannequinized agents just took their special guns and opened fired upon the ships. "I don’t think such rays would really effect us. Just like we were sent in because the hypnotic workings doesn’t effect our sealed ears. We can choose what we want to hear."

"Sylvia, see what you can do to take out the rotating cannon on the bridge!" Kim ordered as Sylvia and Tina started to open fire with a pair of missiles from the front fenders and the back laser cannon.

"Watch out!" Carol cried as she knocked Sabrina to the ground just before a ray gun made a nearby statue take the shape of a pair of spike heel boots.

They slowly pulled forward and in front of the Sabrina’s house and got out. "You girls get inside" Samantha ordered as she tossed a boomerang at one of the deck cannons. It attached itself magnetically to the cannon before it exploded.

"This will made a good new chapter to my book," MANNEQUINS ARE PEOPLE TO." Sylvia said with a smile. "Even if I have to make it fictional cause of the secret work our department does."

"I remember you talking about that." Tina said as she dove to the ground and tossed a bomb up toward the ship. "A universe where everyone is a living mannequin like us. It would be a dream not to be consider freaks anymore."

"Don’t know what you’re talking about." Dan said in her head. "Now not the time for such conversations. You can talk all about it when you return to base."

A short time later, the girls watched as the two ships came crashing down. "We got it!" Kim formed a fist and jabbed the air with it. "Let’s talk to those girls before we search for any more of those things."

"I am amazed that you few girls were able to take out one of those Piper Ships out by yourself."

"What’s that up there?" Samantha asked Nancy as she and Christine looked out the windows and saw a dozen more ships going over the city. "This doesn’t look good?"

"And him!" Tina pointed to the sidewalk as the piper blew his flute. Realizing he was discovered, the piper took out a rod to fight. "That one of them, after him!"

The girls chased the piper throughout the maze of city blocks. They all felt some relief as the intruder took across open ground and was stopped with a local fountain on a timer turned on right in front of him. "We’ve got him now, there’s no place for him to escape now." Samantha declared.

"We’ll head them off all around." Tina said as she took Kim by the hand and head along the side of the main house. "You go in the front and make sure he doesn’t get away."

"Roger." Sabrina." saluted as she took off into the front of the house.

"He won’t get away." Samantha said as Sabrina and the mannequin girls crept through the yard. As the babysitter opened the tool shed, they saw one of the intruders, who quickly took off like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately he ran straight into Kim and Tina.

"Got you!!" They shouted together as they each grabbed an arm and watched their partners catching up with them. "One down and one to go."

"Not any more Lucy said, walking up to the group with the other captured. "I chased this one and found this guy trying to get away. Thought he could scare me with his hand gun turning the shoe I dropped into a dildo."

"Be very quite, Tina." Kim said as they joined Sabrina and her friends. "Not only could they be hiding in here, but we could get ourselves lost as well."

"What do you plan to do if we find them?" Tina asked, already suspecting the answer.

"Scream my head off, what else?" Kim joked.

"What’s that down there?" Samantha asked Nancy as she and Christine reached the top of the a hill and looked down at the town.

"That’s where they first showed up and the movie theatre at the end of the block there is where they’re heading." Nancy said as the girls followed her down to the building only to stop while Nancy searched her purse. "Damn, I don’t got my key on me."

"You have too many jobs and hobbies." Lucy sighed.

"Not to worry, it’s unlocked." Samantha said, giving it a shove. They walked inside and started to search the lobby when they discovered him. As the girls leapt at him, he jumped over the food counter out of reach and out an emergency exit. "Almost had it!"

"Hey there!" Samantha said as she heard a banging of the trash cans in the back only to see Kim and Tina standing up. "Stand up and identify yourself. Great, it’s only you."

"And him!" Tina pointed to the field’s scarecrow as its eyes moved. Realizing he was discovered, the piper took off running. "That must be one of them in disguise, after him!"

The ground chased the piper throughout the garden headge maze of wheat like there was no end to the field. They all felt some relief as the intruder took across open ground and pass several lawn sculptures. "We’ve got him now, there’s no place for him to escape in the city." Sabrina declared.

"We’ll head them off at the back." Tina said as she took Kim by the hand and head along the side of Sabrina’s house. "You go in the front and make sure he doesn’t get away."

"You can slumber party in the spare bedroom and we can talk in the morning." Sabrina smiled as she turned toward Nancy and the girls. The mannequin girls considered going inside and finding a change of clothes, but the cool air on the plastic skin caused too many pleasurable orgasms for them to care to. "Okay gang, we have a HQ set up, let’s get us some aliens."

After the group split up again, Tina and Kim was moving pass the hen house when they spotted the scarecrow digging. "It’s him!" Kim shouted as the scarecrow leapt out of the hole and took off. The girls gave chase around the building.

They chased the piper into a Tuxedo shop and watched him along the dressed mannequins. As Tina tapped on the face of different mannequins, she hoped the aliens weren’t as plastic as she was. The sound of their bodies cracking the mannequins, caused Nancy to poke the heads as well. Then The piper looked worried as they got close and the three tried to grab him. They all just bumped heads as The piper leap over them and took off into the night again.

"Well talk about this later." Christine muttered. "Best figure out how to stop all of them at once."

"We’ve got a signal from the president." Dan said as Sabrina and her friends changed into leotards, gloves and boots that gave them both a fighting and sex look to them. "I’ll lock on the signal with your communicators so that you can talk to her directly."

"Roger, Dan." Samantha said as she led her team plus one into action with the aid of their new friends. They headed back to the city and down into the subway tunnels beneath not noticing that as The President ran her hand through her hair, she activated a tracking device in her earring.

"Any idea how we catch a private subway car?" Tina asked. "Even if we can keep tabs on the president’s lock, we can’t be sure the enemy didn’t ditch the earrings or move themselves elsewhere in the city."

"Afraid we can only work as only Team Mannequin can and hope for the best." Samantha said as they made their way through the tunnel. "You are right about one thing, Tina. The signal is movement. I’m sure of that."

"Turn to the tunnel on the right," Dan’s voice cut in.

"But the signal is straight." Christine replied as the girls stopped in their tracks. "What’s to the right?"

"When we located the signal in the subway system, we put a jet sled in the abandon tunnel to the right of you. You can connect to the correct tunnel further down the line and reach the president much faster. There is enough seats for all of you."

"Thanks," Samantha said, knowing that Dan included Sylvia in that "ALL OF YOU."

Soon they were rocketing down the abandon tunnels after the subway car. Inside the Martian group leader himself stood guard over the president while his semi-well people guarded the other hostages. Rachel wasn’t sure which she felt most. Repulsed or fear. "I doubt anyone will rescue you. Not that we planned to return you alive. You’ll die in a live broadcast from our HQ as an example to your world."

"Take charge, Sylvia." Samantha said, knowing that their new members were there best chance to get out of things safely. The Martian leader heard the sound of footsteps above and signaled for one of his men to watch The President while he went up

"At least it’s the subway and not the sewers or you’d be on your on this time."

"I got an idea." Nancy said as she went to fuse box on the nearby subway wall. After a bit of re-wiring, they girls sent a electrical surge through the city grid. Energy got through every manhole in the city and brought down the piper ships.

"Are you crazy?" Samantha asked as grabbed hold of her as she and Nancy’s friends tried to pull Nancy free. As they tumbled to the floor, Samantha and the others of Team Mannequin were shocked as Sabrina’s and her friends flesh turned as plastic as her own.

"You made our mannequin bodies well!" Samantha said, twisting out of the grip of the secret agents. They stared at themselves again and couldn’t believe how perfect their bodies looked. They couldn’t believe they were still alive.

"Welcome to the team." Samantha said as she deputized Sabrina and her friends into Team Mannequin. They forward to Dan how the other cities were to defeat the new enemies. Though Dan figured a way of doing it without bringing the idea of a world of living mannequins to life.


The End


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