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Mannequins From Mars 4                    by: Paul G Jutras


It was the night before Easter; and a series of meteorites slowly dropped out of the sky, to an all too familiar farmyard. The farms new workers was sitting on the porch of their cottage when they notice the last of them fall. When they got out to where they landed they only saw plastic Easter eggs scattered about the grass.

"Is the boss planning a Easter egg hunt tomorrow?" Carol asked Tim as she got down and picked one of them up. Opening the egg up, she found a pair of nude pantyhose in it. "The container doesn’t say LEGGS on it. I got an idea."

The two returned to their cabin; where they stripped of all their clothes and both put on a pair of the hose. The moment that the pantyhose was pulled up to Tim’s crotch, his penis went erect. As he laid on top of Carol, his penis opened up the lips of her vagina. She loved the feeling of the nylon and penis penetrating her and soon had her hips rocking.

Their scream of pleasurable orgasm soon changed to a scream of Tim’s terror as his penis snapped off his body and slid into Carol like a stiff, hard dildo. They both started to scream in terror and pleasure as the nylon crawled up their bodies. Soon the pantyhose was a body soon and continued up their necks and over their heads until they were coated from head to toe.

"Get off me and find a way to cut this thing!" Carol screamed as he sharp pink nails couldn’t even cause a run in it. As Tim tried to get up; however, the nylon pulled at his nipples until they stretched out into a pair of DD breasts.

Then; like magic, the nylon seemed to let go of the grip the held the two together. Tim flop onto his back and stared blankly at the ceiling. "What’s going on.. I’m so stiff -" Was all Tim heard Carol say as neither of them could move a muscle.

By dawn, a military unit went to investigate the meteor shower. Like the couple, they found a bunch of plastid eggs scattered about the barnyard. "Four of these seem to be open." One soldier said to his partner. His eyes went wide as he saw a two pairs of pantyhose hovering behind his friend. "What... What is that?"

The two turned at the floating pantyhose when a green energy beam shot down to their pants. Their penis’ immediately went erect and released scum all over the front of their underwear. In a hypnotic gaze, they tore off their pants and laid on the ground. They raised their legs up and watched as hose slid up over them. When the panty band reached their waists, it disappeared; fusing with their skin and becoming one.

Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim were taking time away from their work as special field agents for the government to spend time with their families Easter party. They loved the feeling of nylons on their plastic legs and how the fashions looked on their perfect figures.

"Hey, gals." They suddenly heard Dan’s voice echoing in their heads. They all looked about in confusion as they tried to figure out where the voice was coming from. They couldn’t see Dan anywhere in the super market crowd.

"Where are you?" Kim asked.

"In your heads, remember?" Dan replied. "Did you forget about the agency installing those receivers inside your heads for easy contact. Course your plastic heads made things a lot easier than regular agents."

"Oh yeah." Kim would of blushed if she could as they pretended to continue to talk to one another as they knew only they could hear Dan’s voice coming through their receivers.

"Don’t tell me that the aliens are back." Christine said in a worried tone.

"We’re not sure." Dan said in the agency’s underground base. "We just know the unit we sent to the farm you visited before to collect some meteor samples have disappeared. We also got work from the widow owner that some of her employees have gone missing too."

"Understood, Dan." Samantha smiled, as the girls picked up their sandwiches and drinks before heading out to their white van. "At least this won’t be people trying to kill us this time."

A short time later, the girl arrived at the farm. "What’s going on?" Kim asked as she watched a large muscular man in overalls a pair of guys off the property. "C’mon gals, let’s find out if this has anything to do with our current case?"

They slowly pulled forward and in front of the main house and got out. "You girls lost?" The handyman asked in a grumpy tone. "The nearest beach is miles away from here. Why don’t you turn that little van around a scat."

"Guess we should of gone home and changed first." Tina felt embarrassed. "Look, I know we don’t look like it, but we’re government agents. We were called in by Mrs. Figit because some government agents have gone missing."

"Alright, Mrs. Figit told me to expect you." The handyman said. "C’mon and let’s get this over with before anyone else goes missing.

"We know what he’s still here." Kim giggled as she whispered to the others. "This guy is some dumb the aliens probably doesn’t consider him part of this planet’s intelligent life. He wouldn’t make a very good looking mannequin either."

"It’s no easy being the best and beautiful." Tina chimed in."

"Here they are ma’am." The handyman said as the girls followed him into the house. "The agents you requested about the missing men." Mrs. Frigit grinned. They girls just smiled at the little old lady and took their badges out of their purses.

"They still don’t look it, Jonathan." Mrs. Frigit stared at the badges and nodded in agreement. "What was all that noise I heard going on outside?"

"Just making sure they were who they claim and not the kidnappers.." Jonathan replied as he removed his straw hat in shame. "The morning news also mentioned members of the Beverly Hills Teen Club has gone missing."

"Do you have any clue if mannequin Martians could be behind the kidnappings?" Kim asked. "Any thing weird seen in the area?"

"If I knew that I wouldn’t of called you in, now would I?" Mrs. Frigit said sarcastically. The girls just looked at one another as they realized they’d pretty much asked for it. "I just hope you girls feel up to handling the case. You all look kind of pale."

"We’re fine." Samantha said, not knowing where to begin explaining their mannequin bodies.

At that time the two pairs of pantyhose hovered over to a window on either side of the living room. They peaked in and saw the mannequin bodies of those who were after them before heading off into the barn. If the girls had seem them it would of reminded them of the 1950s horror movie they had seen about a living head kept in a shoe box.

"Hey!" Jonathon stood up from the couch and shouted. "I think I seen something outside."

Jonathon led the girls out the front door but the enemy was already long gone. "We have to stop them before they make any more disappear!" Mrs. Frigit said. "Jonathon, you take some of the girls with you to find them and the rest come with me."

"Be very quite, Tina." Kim said as they joined Mrs. Frigit in the wheat field. "Not only could they be hiding in here, but we could get ourselves lost as well."

"What do you plan to do if we find them?" Tina asked, already suspecting the answer.

"Scream my head off, what else?" Kim chuckled.

"What’s that down there?" Samantha asked Jonathon as she and Christine reached the top of the a hill and looked down at and old place with a water wheel.

"That’s where the wheat and other item we grow get grinned up and processed." Jonathon said as the girls followed him down to the building only to stop while Jonathon searched his pockets. "Damn, I don’t got my key on me."

"Not to worry, it’s unlocked." Samantha said, giving it a shove. They walked inside and started to search the hay loft when they discovered him. As the girls leapt at him, he jumped down into a barrel of water and took off out of the building. "Almost had it!"

"Hey there!" Mrs. Frigit said as she heard a rustle in the wheat field only to see Kim and Tina standing up. "Stand up and identify yourself. Great, it’s only you."

"And them!" Tina pointed to a pair of pantyhose hovering in the air. A beam shot out to John’s crotch and he noticed his penis going erect with waves of pleasure. Before the farmhand could rip his hands off, Samantha got between him and the beam. Her already pleasurable plastic body wasn’t effected by the strange ray.

"We’ll head them off at the back." Tina said as she took Kim by the hand and head along the side of the main house. "You go in the front and make sure he doesn’t get away."

"Roger." Mrs. Frigit saluted as she took off into the front of the house.

"He won’t get away." Samantha said as Jonathon and the girls crept through the yard. As the handyman opened the tool shed, the saw one of the aliens, who quickly took off like a bat out of hell. Unfortunately he ran straight into Kim and Tina.

"Got you!!" They shouted together as they each grabbed each other as the hose rose up over their heads. They stared up at the nylon monsters with no clue of what to do.

"Not any more." Jonathon said, walking up to the group with a glaze look in his eyes. The girls could see a pair of hose on Jonathon legs through the tears in his pants. "We won’t be needing your services here any more."

"The aliens seem to have control of what little mind he has." Tina said, wondering if he’s feeling the same massaging pleasure she felt just having a smooth sexless plastic crotch.

After the girls pretended to leave, they waited until Jonathon was back in the main house with Mrs. Figit before returning on foot. They knew they had to figure out what the aliens were up to and why. The one thing they were glad about was that the were immune to their rays.

"Samantha, can you here me?" Dan asked through her internal intercom. "Things are getting serious. The government and military leaders have all gone missing. The only odd clue is that a wax museum; now using plastic, has female twins dressed in doubles of their official clothes."

"Strange." Sylvia thought as she wondered in the world’s men were turn into women to hide the location and true fate. The five mannequinized agents just stared at one another as they tried to figure out the best way to help out.

"What now?" Christine asked.

"Whatever you do, best do it fast," Dan replied. "We’ve got more and more world powered people disappearing ever... what?"

"Dan, what is it?" Samantha Pizza asked. "Dan?"

"Think they got him." Kim sighed as she got up and moved to the farm house. She made it up the drain pipe and peaked in the window. Mrs. Figit’s arms were tied to the bed posts and the farm hand stood with a hovering hose beside him.

"He won’t be the only one." Kim said as she led the team into the bedroom and tackled those hose while Tina and the others untied the widow. When Jonathon tried to attack, the girls womped him and took off with Mrs. Figit.

"What’s going on?" Mrs. Figit asked the girls.

"Well talk later." Christine muttered. "Best get back to the city for now."

At the same time, President Rachel Montez was being held down by a pair of hose wearing mannequins while a alien hose waited to slid up the president’s legs. "Struggling is useless." A voice was heard in the president’s head as the hose’s beam pierced her vagina and made her lips part over and sent waves of pleasure through her form. She only hoped that Samantha and her team would get through the tunnels under the white house in time.

"Afraid we can only work as only Team Mannequin can and hope for the best." Samantha said as they made their way through the tunnel. "You are right about one thing, Tina. The signal is movement. I’m sure of that."

"Turn to the tunnel on the right," Sylvia said as she had studied the secret plans back when she wanted revenge for her mannequin transformation.

"Thanks," Samantha said, knowing that Sylvia made a great new team member. "We couldn’t save the president without you."

Soon they were rocketing down the white house halls where they found the president on the Oval Office floor. The hose was already over her feet and crawling up her legs. The already transform turned toward the girls while still holding the president down.

"Take charge, Sylvia." Samantha said, knowing that their new member needed to feel trusted. As she took the wheel, Samantha went from a crouch position to a leap of faith in the room and each took a hypnotized partner.

Samantha Pizza grabbed hold of the hose and pulled it off the president, who stared in shock at her fused toes and plastic coated legs. As an orgasm exploded in her smooth sex, it was better than any man or dildo she ever had inside of her.

"Were the federal help you requested." Samantha said as the other girls took off the hose from the attackers and watched them change into lifeless mannequins. At the same time in the wax museums that switched to plastic statues, the counterparts were restored to life. Team mannequin followed the same plan until everyone was restored and the nylon aliens got more than runs in them to finish them off. Those who were once male where shock to find they were now female.

"All right!" The girls cheered. "We did it!"



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