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Mannequins From Mars 8


Paul G Jutras


"Help me take charge of the situation, Sylvia." Samantha said, knowing her team members needed to be trusted. As they took out their blasters, they blew apart the mannequin zombie farmers.

"We're the federal help you requested." Kim said to the girls at the school dance, who took off their hose. Team mannequin followed the same plan until almost everyone was restored and the nylon aliens got more than runs to finish them off.

"All right!" The girls cheered. "We did it!"

Soon all the girls returned home on Christmas Eve for a toast of Egg Nog with family and friends. Inside the girls head, Dan now a mannequin gave a special thanks to the girls in his mannequin voice. "Maybe next time I'll join you in the field."

One Christmas day, Samantha Pizza and her friends Tina, Christine and Kim got up to find nothing underneath the tree. "This isn't right." Sam said as she looked toward her friends.

"You can say that again." Dan's voice came into their heads. A voice that didn't sound like Dan at all. "The problem isn't just my voice."

"How so?" Samantha sighed as the girls in semi-transparent nightgowns stood before the tree. "Our parents have mistaken Christmas for Easter and hid our gifts."

"Not that our plastic bodies feels the cold or need clothes." Kim said with a smile as Dan interrupted them by saying: "Girls, please! Yours isn't the only house to be hit. A Christmas gift bandit has stolen every present on Earth."

"You're kiddin," Tina said, in no mood for a joke. "By the way, what's wrong with your voice?"

"I should of had you change me back like the farmers." Dan said as he drummed his plastic fingers on his desk. "Changing into a plastic, sexless male mannequin at first was one thing. The process didn't end there."

"You mean..." Kim cringed at what Dan was talking about. She tried to come up with images of what Dan looked like now that the mannequin transformation had completed its process.

"I'll be able to join you in the locker rooms as well as on your mission." Dan replied. "I need you to come into headquarters so we can be prepared and I can introduce you to my replacement."

"I don't understand." Sam said as the girls started slipping out of their bed clothes and slipped their fused toes into a pair of heels and their bodies into some bare middle tops and pants. "We'll be right down."

"Since I'll be joining Team Mannequin, ma'am president has issued a woman same Sharon to take my place at the field desk." Dan said as the girls transported before their former commander and now team mate.

"It isn't possible." Kim said as she laughed at how poorly Dan; now Donna, put on his make up. "You'd better let us help with your face before your replacement does get here."

"Whatever the problem behind the theft, we can handle it." Samantha said a metal door panel slid into the wall and Sharon walked in dressed like someone was filming a second Men In Black movie.

"You'll find your mission wardrobe in the boxes being brought in now." Sharon said as a series of M.I.B dressed men set down boxes in front of them. When Samantha opened the box, she pulled up a pink tutu and toe shoes.

"What kind of mission outfit is this?" Tina said as she pulled out a blond Shirley Temple wig and pink dress with white polka dots. "I wouldn't be caught dead in this thing."

"The crook is stealing toys." Sharon said as she took a seat behind her new desk and glared from behind her sunglasses. "Dr. Al will shrink you to toy size. You're plastic bodies make you perfect for this undercover assignment."

"Now how I ever wanted to get back on the field" Dan said as he slipped on a rag doll outfit and Samantha had to redo his make up to match. "At least I don't have the problems real women would have."

After the girls were shrunk to doll size in the agency lab, they were packaged, wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. "We don't know how the thief works, but we hope he or she will think you were missed last night." Sharon voice said in the teams head.

"The gifts are under the tree." Al said in the for sale house they rented for the assignment. "How are we going to lure the thief out?"

"Leave that to me." Sharon said as a six year old girl in a long dress and heels walked into the room as if ready to go to Church. "I used the shrink way to reduce myself to child size and the outfit hides my more developed body."

"Oh look!" Sharon shouted in a joyful little girl's voice. "Santa didn't forget me this year. He must of hidden my present and now just taken them out."

"I can't believe this." Sylvia thought to herself as she struck a pose in the snow globe that she was assigned to. Sharon set the globe aside and opened the box that doll Tina was in and then Dan's box.

"Oh daddy," Sharon continued her little girl act to Al as she opened Christine box and found her dressed as a cheerleader. "These are just what I wanted."

"What now?" Christine thought as she remained stiff and allowed Sharon to control her poise. She just hoped the crook would show up soon so she could return to normal size.

Al and Sharon then pretended to head off to Church; which included driving around the block. As they left, the girls were left beside and inside a doll house. The found of footsteps were heard approached.

"This is it, Donna." Samantha whispered to Dan. "Ready for your first team battle?"

"We can't fight now." Dan whispered back. "We need to find out where the toys were taken. That's why my anklet included a homing device. "Sharon will be lead right to us and the loot."

"I don't believe it." Sylvia thought as she stared through her glass prison at a glowing energy field. A girl dressed in a pink play dress stepped through; scooped up the toys, and put them into a picnic basket. "The crook is from another dimension."

"This wasn't counted on." Dan said as he saw the girl move into the shadows, of a house that was a double for the one they were in. Except this one had a live in look to it.

"What now?" Christine asked.

"Search me." Samantha said hoping that this case would be easy. She never expected that they'd be taken to another dimension. She couldn't see how Sharon could follow them and rescue them with the toys.

"Who's there?" The girl asked, hearing the shrunken agent's voices.

"Hold it!" Christine voice said as she opened the lid of the picnic basket and aimed her tiny blaster. "In the name of Earth, I demand that the toys get returned to their rightful owners."

"Hello, my name is Rita." Rita introduced herself. "Those I take from your world are all the toys that exist on my world. I saw through papa's dimensional scanner how happy kids with toys are. I want my friends and me to be that happy too."

"Doesn't seem like we have a real crook here." Dan as Rita set the girls down in the middle of a model city that expanded the length of Rita's family old dinning room table. Sylvia was glad to get out of the snow glob and was glad not to have to find someone who appeared to be a giant in their current state. "Just a mixed up child."

Getting things straightened out with Rita's parents, Dan showed her dad how to make toys for all the kids he wanted to. They then returned to their own world and the correct size.


The end




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