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Man Maid Day II : Good Morning Gennie

by GennieTV

December 2004


"Mbbbmmm, go away I'm sleeping"

"gennie, rise and shine, Karin wants you there early this morning."

gennie? Why would Debbie be calling me gennie? I haven't been gennie since …!!! It can't be! It was all a dream, a very real dream admittedly but still just a dream. Wasn't it?

"gennie, come on Hon, we have a busy day ahead. You need to get up now!"

<groan> Once again I reach down for my morning scratch and encounter an obstacle that should not be there. It was all a dream remember? I move my hand north and encounter another little something or two that should not be there. Finally the touch receptors in my brain fire and I am wide awake screaming!


"Yes gennie, I'm right here, you don't need to scream."

"Wha… what do you mean I don't need to scream? That's easy for you to say, you didn't suddenly wake-up as a woman!"

"No dear, I woke up slowly as a woman of course. What's wrong with that?"

"Damn it Debbie! You know what I mean."

"I do?"

Oh how innocent she can look. It was her that did this to me and now she plays dumb, thinks I'm still not awake or something. Hey maybe that's it! I'm still asleep and Debbie is just part of my dream.

"HEY! Give me back those covers."

<giggling> "No Sweetie, like I said it's time for you to get your sweet little butt out of bed so that you can get DRESSED and ready for Karin."

"But I don't want to go to Karin's today." I petulantly whined. I tried to cross my arms over my chest in a gesture of defiance but those two little somethings got in the way. Again.

"Ok it's your choice. But remember what we said last night about your cooperation, you can dress as a woman your own age and status in life or we can go the little girl fetish route. Either way it's up to you. I'm going to go start your shower now, if you want to go with the little girl look the rest of the week just stay in bed." with that she turned and headed into the bathroom.

She knew that no matter how hard I tried not to I would eventually be forced out of bed, by hydraulic pressure if nothing else. I couldn't very well spend my entire vacation in bed, I would go even more crazy than if I followed my wife's instructions to arise. Besides I wouldn't put past this bunch to let me stay in bed and treat as a baby girl, complete with diapers and pacifiers. After spending the previous evening in a short pleated flirt skirt and platform saddle shoes I did not really relish the idea of finding out what she meant by "little girl fetish" look. And that was for the rest of the week not just today. I have troubles enough. I jumped out of bed and was in the bathroom before Debbie even reached the shower, holding my bouncing jugs the whole way.

Debbie just grinned. "I'll go lay out your clothes for the morning."

Oh well now that I'm up I guess I better take care of essentials. "Damn this contraption! The least they could have done was put me in a chastity where I could stand and pee like a man is meant to. DEBBIE WHEN ARE YOU TAKING THIS THING OFF ME, IT ITCHES?"

"Well dear it will all depend on your attitude and cooperation, you can bet it won't be today though. Get your shower done now, and don't forget to use conditioner on your hair and moisturizer on your face after you shave."

I thought of a few choice remarks about conditioner and moisturizer but decided that it was not worth the effort. I peeled off my pink satin chastity cover panty and stepped into the shower. The hot water temporally drained all of the previous day's stress and frustration out of my body. The shampoo and scalp massage under the running water helping to relax me even deeper. I had almost put yesterday's adventures out of my mind if even just for a few minutes. Then my mistake; I reached for my washcloth and soap; it wasn't there. Instead I found some sort of poufy scouring pad thingy, in pink of course, with one of Debbie's now famous notes attached.

gennie dear,

You really need to pay more attention to the care of your skin. This puff will take the place of your wash cloth. Your bar of Irish Spring® has been replaced with your very own bottle of Oil of Olay® scented body wash. I'm sure you will enjoy it once you try it.




Oh goody scented 'Olay' I get to stink pretty after I wash with my Brillo® pad (Brillo® pads are steel wool pads covered in pink soap for scouring pot and pans).

"DEBBIE! Where's my soap and wash cloth? I can't wash with this scratchy pad and femmy, stink pretty, liquid dish soap." Guess I told her.

"gennie dear!? Would like to wear the pink or the yellow rumba panties with your satin party dress today?"

"SAY WHAT?!!!"

"Oh, I'm sure you heard me dear. Since you insist on whining and complaining like a petulant little school girl I just figured you wanted to dress the part."

"Ah. gee sorry Honey, here's the soap and washer thingy right here, I guess I just didn't see it with the shampoo in my eyes. I would rather just wear the regular panties today if I may please." I slapped my hand to my mouth as soon as I realized what I had said. I had ASKED to wear women's panties as underwear. I have got to be more careful.

As soon as she heard that I had turned off the shower Debbie was right there with a big fluffy pink towel.

"Now sweetie, one of the things you will need to learn to do is dry yourself properly when you get out of the shower. No more of that harsh rubbing with the towel that irritates your delicate skin, you must now learn to pat yourself dry. See you just lay the towel against your body and move your hands patting the areas dry. Isn't that better than that rough and tumble way you're used to? Then you use this nice pretty powder puff to pat this nice scented powder all over your pretty smooth skinned body. When you finish that you use the smaller towel to wrap around your hair like a turban until you are ready to deal with it. The large bath towel you use instead of a robe. You wrap it around your chest here just above your boobies all the way around and tuck the end in right here. There you go just like a short dress. Offers modesty as well as utility. You can use it to walk around the house and your legs and underarms are free so that you can do any shaving touch ups and rub moisturizing cream onto them without hindrance. Isn't that great gennie?"

"Yes dear. That is just spectacular and just so feminine too." I gushed and blushed.

"Very good dear now you are getting the idea. Shave real close, better do it twice and don't forget to moisturize."

"And don't forget to moisturize." I mouthed to her back as she was leaving the bathroom.

"I saw that gennie, better be careful." She said. How does she do that?

While I was shaving my face and underarms (I can take a hint sometimes), I wasn't yet ready to shave my legs, Debbie had laid out my day's attire and moved on to make us some coffee. I could smell it brewing, ah glorious coffee, as long as I had my coffee I could face almost (almost?) anything.

Lying on the bed was what I was to wear for the morning; Debbie had specified morning, which must mean that there would be other outfits before the day was over. Again with trembling hands I started to pick up the items off the bed. The way she had laid out the clothes I could not be sure if they were women's or girl's clothes. I found myself praying that they would be women's.

"Agggh I did again, I keep this up and they will have me asking to wear skirts and heels every time I get up."

The first item I was to wear was a more lace than satin pair of white tap panties; they reminded me of boxers without the fly, very fancy boxers, without a fly which I quickly slid up my legs and snuggled into place. The next item would require that I remove 'my' towel mini-dress and would again have to look at my tightly attached mountains. It was a white satin under-wire push-up type bra. It had no shoulder straps but a substantial chest wrap with three fasteners in the back. The cups looked absolutely gigantic when compared to the bras that I have removed from my beautiful wife's chest (not that I ever really paid that much attention during those times). The satin material matched 'my' panties in color and texture. I was actually able to get the silky contraption into place and attached without too much fumbling. I felt so proud of myself. The relief of having those gelatinous mounds upon my chest once again under control was palpable.

The next item on the pile had a post-it instructing that I call Debbie for help before going any further. I guess you would call it a corset, or perhaps more properly a waist cincher. Any way it was no where near as formidable looking to me as the corset I had worn the day previous. It was white satin with lots and lots of lace accents and four lacy garter straps which tickled my legs while Debbie was applying it to my body.

"Debbie love, I have a note here that I need your assistance in getting into this, whatever it is here."

"Oh, good then you have your panties and bra on already. I'll be right there."

While I waited I tried to figure out what form the clothes still folded on bed would take. It would have been easy to simply unfold the garments and determine their style. I don't know what held me back. Was it fear of what Debbie would say or do because I was impatient and got ahead of the process? Or was it actually fear of what I would discover folded there only inches from my hands? Just as I was about to decide Debbie showed up all cheery and bright, perky some might say and took the satin and lace confection from my hands.

Walking around behind me she held it up to my back, got it positioned just right and told me to take each side in my hands and attach the fasteners while she held it in place from the back.

"gennie, start in the middle and work your way up and down from there. You will need to take a deep breath and suck in your tummy in order to get them attached"

Following her instructions I sucked up my gut and pulled the delicate feeling fabric until I finally got the center fasteners attached. The rest seemed to be much easier to attach after that, so long as I didn't relax my belly or try to breathe. Finishing the last fastener I let out a long sigh and relaxed my body. It was amazing to me, I now had absolutely no paunch, and I had a neat trim waist. Patting my now trim waist with my hands I thought to myself: "Hey this is pretty neat, I get a nice flat belly without starving or exercise, I should think of wearing one of these things more often. (Oops did it again)"

"Gee Sweetie; this isn't so bad; I don't know why you complain about wearing something like this once in a while. It actually feels kind of good on my back. I just can't imagine how anyone is ever expected to use those back garters, they're even further back than that corset yesterday and they were almost impossible to get done up."

"Oh don't fret your pretty little brain about that dear, you just worry about looking as pretty as you can, just like a good little girl should." Her condescending tone sent shivers down my back. "Ok now take a hold of that foot board, both hands, hang on tight, deep breath, and hold it now."

With those instructions I felt her knee in my back as she started pulling laces. Just as I had fastened the front she pulled the laces from the middle to the top and then the bottom. After several sessions of holding on and holding my breath she announced: "There that should suffice for now. We can tighten it the rest of the way later."

"…the rest of the way later?" I puffed out "How can there be a 'rest of the way'? There is no way I can take this any tighter. I can't breathe now as it is. I certainly don't want you to risk tearing such a pretty garment just because of me I'll lose some weight instead."

She somehow found my pleading humorous. "Oh I guarantee you will lose some weight dear, but that won't help you right now. Didn't I just hear you say that wearing this wasn't so bad? That you still think I should wear one just to fit your idea of sexy? I must say though that you are right this does look very sexy; on you." Her laughter rang through the fear centers of my brain.

By that time I was in such a state that it took me a few seconds to realize that she was fondling my satin clad butt. Oh how my member wanted to harden at that point. As she slid her hands around I realized she was actually pulling the garters though my panties, and the rubbing was just to see my reaction.

She then produced a very sheer pair of lace top nude stockings. "gennie baby, aren't these ever pretty. All this lace here at the top just like you keep asking me to wear. Feel how silky they are against your face imagine how they will feel against your legs; think about the tug of the garters as you move. Think about the constant reminder of what you have on your legs, think about how open you will feel each time you try to sit down in that tight short skirt you want me to wear, and realize that the tugging on your stockings mimics the tug on your skirt as it pulls up your thighs exposing those nice lacy stocking tops. Feel all those eyes, every set in the room staring at your thighs, some thinking what a slut, others just hoping you will move and give them a flash of panty. Now sit there on the bed so I can help you put these on. I certainly don't want you straining yourself trying to attach those rear garters."

I never realized that my beautiful wife had it in her to play such mind games. She is really good at it. Whew! It seemed strange to me to be wearing the stockings without the pantyhose. My legs made quite a sight with the stockings pressing down the hair on my legs, and I can assure you it was not a pretty sight. Without thinking I actually asked: "Ah, Honey shouldn't I have shaved legs if I am going to wear such sheer stockings?"

"Yes dear you are absolutely correct, but we don't have time for that right now. For now you will instead wear those shimmery dancer tights you wore yesterday. Go ahead and put them on, I'm sure you remember how."

At this point I still did not know if I was going to have to go out looking like a little girl. The suspense was telling on my nerves. I got the tights pulled on as quickly as I could ignoring, as much as possible, the sensations against my legs. The next item was what looked like a bumpy half slip a very short bumpy half slip with lots and lots lace around the hem. Debbie noticed me looking at it with a puzzled expression.

"That my dear is a very special slip. It's called a Bumpers® slip and will take the place of your Classic Curves® today and give you a nice butt and hips under your dress."

"If I may ask, what kind of dress will I be allowed to wear today? I mean I can see that it looks like cotton. It's yellow with some kind of little flowers printed on it. But I cannot figure out what style it is. Am I going out in a little girl dress today?"

Debbie started laughing softly. "Oh how precious. All this time and that is what has had you worried. No Baby, you are not going out as a little girl, tempting though it is. You are going to your sister's salon to have your hair and other things done dressed as the lovely young woman you appear to be, sort of."

With that she lifted the yellow print dress and shook it out so that I could see it. The first thought I had was: 'Oh what a nice dress, I'd bet that would look really good on Debbie.' It was a short, halter top, sun dress. Very tight on the torso, with a short A-line skirt and a string tie one piece halter that would cover my front, mostly, while leaving my back completely bare. Well at least I understood the reason for the strapless bra now.

Debbie had me step into the dress and pulled it up into place. The torso was more form fitting than I'd thought, she was barely able to get the zipper up the back zipped. I never would have fit into this dress without the waist cincher. The hem of the dress landed about mid thigh on me, just below the top of the stockings had they been visible. There was very little room for modesty had I not been wearing those shimmery tights over my ah… err… the stockings. Debbie gently turned me toward the full length mirror to see what gennie looked like in a 'pretty sun dress'. I hate to admit it but I think I looked really sexy, from the neck down anyway. The breasts that I thought were so big turned out to be in almost perfect proportion to my now enhanced hips and rear, combined with my constricted waist I could have been my dream girl, almost. No matter how good I looked however, I would never look as good as my wife.

As if she could read my mind: "gennie, you look fantastic! I wish I had such good curves."

All I could do was blush, I tried to say something to the contrary but no sound would come out. I was actually proud of the way that Debbie had made me look. I wouldn't admit it to Debbie or my sisters but I did like the look.

Don't get the wrong impression here though. I was not at that point giving in to what was happening so much as I was curious to see where this all would lead. Debbie wanted me in dresses, Karin wanted me all dolled up, and Susan believed that I belonged in therapy. They all claimed to have my best interests at heart. My motive I keep telling myself was nothing more than curiosity; I could not at least at this point admit that I wanted this to happen to me, but in reality…

Agggh I ramble again. Sorry. For foot wear Debbie placed upon my feet a rather conservative pair of yellow slip on sandals with a one and one half in heel and a large flower at the toe. I was not exactly in love with the look but I could vividly recall some of the other foot wear I had seen that Debbie had available and was happy with these.

All dressed and ready to go we went down to have our coffee and dry toast before leaving to Karin's. The swinging of the skirt against my legs, the ever so slight tug of the garters trapped by the pantyhose, and the air on my bare back all conspired to be certain that I could not forget my attire. Being in the safety of my home dressed as I was I could remain somehow; somewhat calm but when Debbie said those fateful words: "Ok gennie it's time to go. We don't want to keep Karin waiting, now do we? Here's a nice big sun hat and your big sun glasses we gave you yesterday and no one will notice anything but two women on their way to the salon."

Hard as tried I could not get my feet to move. I was frozen in place. "Debbie, I… I… I can't move. I can't go out looking like this. Let's just stay here and enjoy each other."

"gennie, you know we can't do that. The only way for you to make progress is to get out of the house. Give me your hand and let's go."

Almost in a trance I allowed her to lead me out of the house. My heels clicking on the cement sending shivers once again up my spine. The knowledge that there was no turning back as Debbie locked the house behind me. I climbed into the car, sitting first and then bringing my legs together into the car as I turned in the seat. I was stuck; I could not go back I could only go forward. Maybe the car would break down before we reached Karin's. Or maybe there would be a freak snow storm that would keep us from getting there. And then again maybe pigs could fly.






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