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Manisha.....The Woman On The Train

by Josephine Gonsalves


Manisha's mad capers A woman on the train 2


The first time out as a working woman, riding in the ladies compartment: He decided that to experience such physical closeness of women and pass off as a female he needed to go out in a busy crowded place, dressed as one of them, where the touching and feeling would not be noticed or be out of place. A train ride during the rush hour would not only fulfill his desires but also help in boosting his confidence in passing as a woman. It was the time of the day when everyone was busy rushing home. Most normal people were tired and not so attentive to details. A few of his male characteristic would easily pass in such a crowded place. It would also serve to fine tune his "feminine passage". He could use the experience to eliminate or enhance as the case would be his "Manisha" persona. To this end he decided his first outing would be to take a train ride on a Friday evening. His working hours were till 5 pm, but that would leave him sufficient time to catch the later rush hour.

Friday evening found him dressed and ready by 7 pm. The previous night he had used a hair removal cream all over his body. He had stopped shaving a month before and had started plucking the few fine hair that sprouted over his upper lip and chin. He had selected a mustard colored cotton saree, with small brown and red flowers on both borders and on the pallu, a matching blouse, handbag, etc. He wore double underwear as a precaution. His makeup was simple, not too much eye shadow, kajal or lipstick. He combed his hair like an ordinary working woman, with a thick bun at the base of his neck. He wanted to pass as an ordinary young woman, on her way back from office. He carried in his hand bag a thick packet of tissues, some extra safety pins, hair pins, beside a little cash. He rechecked his appearance in the mirror and was happy with the image. He did look like a slim tall woman on her way to or from work. He was confident that he would easily blend in with the other office going women.

He checked the corridor to see all was clear. Seeing no one, he made his way out of his room, with trembling steps. He passed the neighbor's coming up the stairs. They were trying to reach home fast. No one paid him any attention and no one was giving him strange looks. His confidence grew so that now he glanced to his left or right as he walked. He slung his handbag on his left shoulder and pulled his pallu loosely around his back onto his right one, like a working girl. He walked to Dadar station a woman returning from her day job at the office. At the station he joined the queque for current tickets. Like a woman he left a little space between himself and the person in front of him. He purchased a Dadar/Virar return ticket. He enjoyed being given a little preference in the line, from a young man behind him. He spoke in a soft voice, when he asked for the ticket. He held the ticket like a woman and tucked it in the side pocket of his purse just as he had seen normal woman do. He stood still to one side, opened the flap of the purse, tucked the ticket inside and closed the flap gently. He had not practiced this before but yet was able to perform this just like a working woman. He walked very coyly up the stairs of the overhead bridge and crossed over to platform 4. He walked to the end of platform 4 and stood among the women waiting for the Virar local. Every now and then he looked around to check the faces of the women crowded around him. He noticed that in his heels he stood a little taller than most women. He was really excited now and happy. Here he was bang in the middle of 30 -40 women of different ages and sizes and wearing different dresses. Women brushed him and jostled him on all sides. Their clothes brushed against him. He was a young woman, returning from work, in a hurry, and it was expected that there would be touching and pushing in such a crowded place. But with the train being delayed it soon became apparent that he was going to have to cope up with more than he had bargained for, as the brushes and nudges and poking increased.

The train arrived and he moved with the flow and found himself pushed to the middle of the compartment, bang in between the seats, neatly sandwiched between two young women, talking about some school activity of their children.. The seats were all taken up so he was forced to stand between the knees of the seated women, along with the other two women. He had been enjoying himself so much, being crushed by the soft bodies, as they entered the train, that he did not realize he was being moved with the crowd. If he had stayed a little calm he could have grabbed the corner place near the door where there was air flow and he could have had the side partition as a back rest. Anyway he wanted to feel the soft bodies of women, and their clothes so here he was standing between the knees of women on left and right and pressed between the bodies of two women in front and back. It was really arousing for him. So much female clothes and bodies were all around him. The fact that he was a male riding in the Ladies compartment was all the more exciting.

The compartment was crowded and noisy. There were women talking in Marathi, Hindi and English, calling out to one another and asking to move this way and then that way, making body adjustments to fit the movement of the crowd. One of the seated women told him to keep his bag on the rack provided above, as it was hurting her. He nudged the woman, standing close to the rack to attract her attention and she obliged him and lifted his bag on to the rack. He pulled his pallu tight under his left arm to avoid it getting in the face of the woman seated behind him. The seated women shifted their position, now and then squeezing his knees. This sent slight tremors down to his member and he could feel the wetness flow. This relaxed him a little and he felt the tremors subside.

All along he was intensely aware of the different bodies brushing, bumping, and touching him. It was warm inside the compartment, even with the overhead fans going flat out. The women complained that the fans only made more noise than push air or cool the compartment. He felt slight beads of perspiration sliding down his bare lower back. He watched as the other women used saree pallu ends, duppattas and kerchiefs to wipe the sweat from their faces and necks and use them as improvised fans. Now he realized that he would have to adjust his saree, ever so often as the train continued on its way and woman got off and got on, and he perspired, due to the heat and humidity. The crowd really drew him in and in no time he was behaving like a seasoned working girl, imitating the moves of the women around. He was so happy to be among so many soft bodied women and soon his natural tendencies took over and he was enjoying the sensations of the different bodies brushing and squeezing his own. He was aware of soft bodies grinding his behind, along with the train rocking movement. He kept one hand in front preventing frontal contact, as he was afraid his wetness would be felt, if he was brushed too hard. As it was ever so often the two women, near him, would reach out and hold his waist or arm for support. Their arms around his waist really made him feel feminine. They were hardly aware of his feelings, but his emotions were running wild.

At Borivali a group of middle age women got in and made their way purposefully to the seats. They were greeted by the women already seated and after a little talking and exchange of pleasantries, they took the seats and the woman who had occupied them sat in their laps. It was done so well, like a drill, with pleasant faces and smiles. Manisha looked at the woman near him. She noticed his surprised look and said that they were all from the same place in Virar, and this was the way they travelled everyday. 'Don't be surprised if you are offered a seat in one of the women's laps or asked to seat one of them in your lap. The stations after Borivali are far apart and the train picks up speed. It gets uncomfortable standing between the seated rows'.

While she was yet speaking the woman behind her offered her a seat on her lap. The standing woman gladly adjusted her saree and seated herself on the other woman's lap. Soon he felt a tap on his hip and was offered a seat on the woman behind him lap. At first he was reluctant, but with coaxing from the other woman he gingerly seated himself on the woman's lap. At first he tried not to rest his full weight, but the woman behind put her arm around him and held him snugly in her lap. He put his arms in front, so that her hands rested on his. He could feel the excitement in his lions now. He felt his member once again twitch and more wetness flow out. He hoped the stain would not show. He was wondering if the woman realized that she was seating a guy in her lap. What would she and the rest of the fellow commuters do if they realized he was a man. But he was not 'read' and the journey continued. Some of the women exchanged places after a while, but 'his' woman, just asked him to shift slightly, so she could make some adjustments to her sitting posture and continued to hold him in her lap. He felt more wetness flow, as the sensation of sitting in this unknown woman's lap, became more pleasurable. He had always fantasized about sitting in his favorite heroines lap. Well that was fantasy, this was for real. He had hardly noticed the woman in whose lap he was seated. With his fears subsiding he started looking around and noticed that the woman in whose lap he was seated was a comely, middle aged woman and she was dozing. Many of the women seated were also dozing. Whenever a station approached there was a little commotion and hurried moment, but otherwise the journey continued as before.

When the last stop arrived he stood up a little shakily and thanked the woman, who had seated him on her lap. All the women hurried out and dashed for the station exit, to catch the waiting bus. He alighted and looked at the station indicator and found he had fifteen minutes to wait before the train started the return leg. Manisha sat alone for a while and started recounting his/her experience and how happy he had been in the midst of women and female clothes. He realized that he had come quite a few times and he was feeling a strong urge to pee. He walked to the end of the platform and entered the ladies toilet, with the intention of relieving and cleaning his wet panties. But the condition of the toilet put him off. He decided to cross the tracks and squatted behind some bushes and relieved himself like a 'desi'(country) woman. He placed his bag on top of the bush, tucked the end of the pallu inside his petticoat to keep it from the ground, lifted his saree and petticoat and neatly held it in his left arm, pulled down his panties and squatted down. It was a little difficult handling his bunched up saree and petticoat, but he managed to do alright and after cleaning himself with the tissues, smoothened down his saree. He walked back to the platform in time to catch the train.

The return journey started out uneventful, as the train was quiet empty. There were some women returning from visiting or from attending some family function. He had a window seat and simply enjoyed being by himself. He did not realize that he had dozed off, till he felt a hand on his shoulder gently shaking him and asking him to shift slightly. He took some time to realize that he was traveling dressed as a woman and quickly adjusted his sitting posture and his pallu. He looked up at the woman as she prepared to sit across from him. The train was quiet empty, there was just one other woman besides the two of them in this section of the compartment, so he wondered why the woman had unnecessarily awakened him. A quick glance revealed her to be a buxom, attractive woman, wearing a dark blue printed polyester saree. After a time he noticed the woman, was studying him slyly, while pretending to read a magazine. He too glanced at her slyly and noticed her well endowed breasts profile, beneath her saree. It was not long before their eyes locked onto each others. Both of them looked away abruptly, then once again they looked at each other and their gazes were locked. He was feeling the discomfort of suddenly being stared at and studied up close, but he was spared more anxiety, as she got up in preparation for getting off at the next stop. She was quite tall and well built. He noticed that she continued looking every now and then his way, while standing near the door, waiting for the train to come to a stop and even from the platform, once she had alighted. It was as if the woman was waiting for a response from him. He got a little scared and hence tried avoiding her stare. Once he was out of her view he relaxed and realized that the woman was trying to catch his eye. He had over reacted, it being his first time out and fearing the consequence of being caught traveling in the ladies compartment and all. On retrospect he realized he had enjoyed, her scrutiny and attention. It even excited him slightly.

His journey continued till he reached Dadar, at 10.30 in the evening. There were commuters, still traveling back home or to work, as Bombay city life continues, day and night. He decided to have a light vegetarian meal in one of the Udipi restaurants, in the vicinity of the railway station. However as he was entering the restaurant, he remembered that a single woman would take a parcel and not sit alone, in this type of restaurant. He ordered a packed meal, paid and walked towards his home. He checked out his building to see if the neighbors were hanging around or outside. He kept his door lock key ready as walked up to his floor. He opened the door quietly and quickly. Once inside, he sat down on the old couch, with only the lampshade for light. He slipped out of his high heeled slippers, stretching his toes and ankles. Still dressed as a woman he washed his hands and feet, lifting his saree and petticoat so that they stayed dry. Then he ate his meal slowly and sat back, feeling like a single woman at home. He was very happy with his first outing. Everything had gone so well. In one evening he had felt so many women and had been one of them. He was now confident that he could 'go out as a woman' more often.

He decided to sleep in 'enfemme' and changed into a short nightie. He folded his saree, and put it along with his blouse, bra and petticoat to air on the couch. Just before he closed his eyes he remembered the woman, who had stared at him on the return journey. She had looked at him 'a little differently'. No one else had looked at him that way, the entire evening. He found himself wanting to meet the woman again, and fantasying about their meeting and subsequent relationship. With a sigh he dozed off to sleep.




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