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Manchester Tart

by Pussy Lovelace


Duncan unpacked his outfit for the night ahead. Unlike most guys preparing for a night on the pull, his outfit included a sheer black g-string, stiletto heels and a micro dress. Duncan was in Manchester on business and had booked into a gay-friendly hotel that hosted a TV themed night once a month. His aim was to dress like the nasty TV slut that he liked to think himself and see if he could get lucky with one of the men who'd be certain to be frequenting the tranny night, and failing that, one of the other "girls".

This was Duncan's first visit to the hotel. He'd had sexual encounters whilst en-femme before. There had been high speed encounters on Clifton Downs above Bristol in the dead of night, and a couple of occasions in London, but he'd never been so calculating about his intentions before.

It was therefore a nervous young cross dresser who inspected himself in the mirror of the cheap bedroom. He wore a black, Lycra, bubble weave dress that came nowhere near covering the tops of his black fishnet stockings and barely covered his pert little ass, so cute with the smooth cheeks separated by the thong of his g-string. He had stuffed the cups of his sheer black basque with small gel forms to put the right curves in his dress. Turning around in front of the mirror, Duncan thanked his genes for his slender physique, prominent ass and shapely pins. He had combed his shoulder length blond wig until it glistened and hung in sleek tresses. His face was plastered in the dramatic make-up of the low-rent streetwalker, with dark tones and maximum coverage. His eyelids were blue to accentuate his eyes, his high cheekbones were enhanced with a smudge of rouge and his plump lips and long false nails were decorated with multiple coats of crimson war paint. The young man slipped into a pair of leopard-print, stiletto ankle boots that screamed "fuck me" and popped the essentials into his little black handbag; these being lipstick, gloss, a compact, condoms, lubricant, a pack of spare false nails and some cash. He remembered to clip on a big pair of dangling hoop earrings and some cheap bangles before fastening the necklace that completed his transformation and spelt out his new name, "pussy". Giving the mirror a final moue, the young man sashayed out of the room, locked the door and descended to the foyer with a grace born of many hours of practice in high-heeled shoes.

The bar was surprisingly small and with smoked glass mirrors and black ash furniture, it clearly hadn't had a refit in several years. Pussy was pleased to discover that the evening was basically a pick-up session where the girls vied for the attention of each other and of the selection of sleazy guys dotted around the edge of the bar, prowling like a pack of dogs. As a new girl, pussy found himself attracting some interest; not least from some of the older regulars who welcomed the arrival of a new piece of young meat as warmly as they would a shit in a Jacuzzi. Pussy soon found himself in a brief conversation with a young looking and very horny "girl" called Amber, who was dressed top to toe in "Morgan". The two found that they had plenty in common: Both were young, liked to dress in outfits that showed more than they covered and hoped to end the evening so full of cum that they could qualify as a human sperm bank. This was plenty enough commonality for the two sissies to be all over each other in a matter of seconds. Pussy opened up his mouth to accommodate his new friend's tongue and found himself being forced into the submissive role that he preferred, looking upwards slightly, with his arms linked behind Amber's whilst his mouth was rigorously and roughly explored. He felt his tiny skirt being lifted up over his ass and hot hands with sharp nails on his hips, and bum cheeks. He also felt his thighs, neck and tits being groped and it became immediately clear that Amber wasn't the only one taking advantage of his low morals for an easy grope.

Releasing him from their hot embrace, Amber bent close to his ear and murmured,

"Can you be trusted to be a dirty little girl for your aunty Amber?"

"Yes aunty. Very dirty", Pussy replied with a grin.

"Well in that case, why don't you come up to my room and we can have a little fun with some friends", the older slut concluded.

With that, pussy was lead back upstairs to Amber's room where he found the early stages of an orgy taking shape. There were about 6 or 7 guys stood around the big double bed, smoking drinking and looking shifty. The room stank of poppers, sweat, beer and weed. A few of them had cross-dressed girlfriends on their arms and the atmosphere was highly charged. Amber introduced pussy to the group and invited him onto the bed where they were joined by a really convincing Thai girl called Joy. The three girls were soon hard at it, with Amber taking the lead, insisting that she was only ever a "giver". Pussy soon found himself a highly active partner in the ménage a trois, stroking, teasing and sucking on Joy's clit and part formed tits. He gasped in surprise and discomfort as Amber rolled alongside him and began to finger his pussy with a couple of lubed fingers. However, discomfort was very much on the agenda and pussy lifted himself up on all fours and pulled his skimpy panties well to the side to allow Amber better access to his now gyrating bottom. Beginning to feel really turned on, Pussy opened up his heavily made up eyes and found a fat cock just centimetres from his juicy red lips. Feeling every inch the whore, pussy looked up through the thick mascara coated eyelashes to meet the man's eyes.

"Hardly Brad Pitt", thought Pussy, taking in the pink sweaty face and physique padded by a few extra pounds. "But then I'm hardly Jennifer Aniston", he mused.

Pussy opened his mouth, still gleaming red with lipstick and gloss, and licked his lips to get them good and slick. He spoke in the soft girly voice that he knew was one of his best assets,

"Baby loves to suck cock", he told the man simply, and then leaned forward to take the head of the cock in his mouth as the man continued to wank the shaft.

Supporting himself on one slender arm, pussy gently took hold of the guy's heavy, sweaty balls and pulled them towards him, taking as much of the cock into his mouth as he could. Pussy so wanted to deep throat him, and take the whole meaty length into his throat, but deep throat's something that he'd never quite got the hang of and even as he breathed though his nostrils and tried to swallow, he found himself gagging as the blunt tip banged firmly against the back of his throat. Pussy pulled himself forward to get into a position right on the edge of the bed, leaving the two other transvestites to get on with their "lezzy" thing. He was really desperate to give the guy a fantastic blowjob and he redoubled his efforts with hollowed, rouged cheeks, sucking hard and lips slightly overlapping his teeth to ensure that he didn't scratch the generous gentleman's tool. Pussy's tongue was dancing like a fiddler's elbow and his head was bobbing backwards and forwards greedily, drawing the guy's precious spunk up to the boil. The cum-hungry slut felt a meaty hand explore the exposed, freshly waxed skin above his stocking tops. He glanced out of the corner of his eye to see another tool pointing straight at his face, being gently stroked by a brown skinned hand. He looked up to see a bearded Asian man staring hotly down at him. Pussy reached out a long-nailed hand and wrapped it around the new cock, taking over from the bearded guy and increasing the rhythm to try to bring him off at the same time as "Brad Pitt". The new guy rewarded the willing sissy by sliding his rough hand up over a smooth thigh to stroke the front of pussy's exposed panties, teasing the small, restrained cock that nestled inside. Pussy's face was soon streaming with sweat as he laboured over his self-appointed role as party cum bucket. He soon found a third cock aimed at him, but having no spare hands to provide any service, pussy let the third guy do his own thing and concentrated on generating an explosion of cum from the two men he now saw as his Masters. Before long, the sissy's hard work had cock number 1 at the point of no return. The guy pumped his hips into the young slut's face, muttering such sweet nothings as "keep sucking you fucking dirty bitch" when he let out a growl and shot a big hot glob of dehydrated jiz against the back of pussy's greedy throat. He must have been drinking nothing but lager for a week to have such acrid, foul tasting muck and the sissy cock sucker winced as he swallowed, preparing to drink the second shot. His "lover" had other ideas though and withdrew quickly from the slut's mouth, just as the second shot ejaculated, leaving half of it dripping from pussy's tongue and lips and the rest arcing across his face and into his synthetic blonde hair.

Gasping for breath and oblivious to the third glob of cum that smacked onto his neck, Pussy turned to face cock number two with a greedy whore's mouth wide open for service. He opened wide and shot his head forward and down, wrapping red shiny lips around the tool as it disappeared from view. Three hard swallows later and pussy was rewarded with his second mouth full. He was instructed to "swallow it all, baby" in a foreign accent and being a good little sub slut, he tried his hardest to obey. However, the foreigner had evidently had a healthier diet than "Brad Pitt" and shot copious quantities of clean tasting, liquid cum into pussy's eager mouth. Too much, in fact, and the scantily-clad young man was soon left holding a still-ejaculating cock in front of his painted face, as he coughed and spluttered cum all down the front of his cheap frock and mesh stockings. Pussy stopped coughing just in time to open his eyes for the final couple of squirts to hit him square in the right eye socket, blurring vision. He couldn't be certain whether number 3 actually shot his load or not. Pussy hoped so, but he was too far gone and too covered in mess to notice as he gasped an apology and fell back exhausted onto the bed.

Lying back on the bed, feeling rivulets of cooling spunk dribbling off his face, pussy began to suffer pangs of guilt and self-loathing. How could he do this to himself? "What a dirty, sick little pervert you are", he thought, as he picked himself up from the bed and, making polite and embarrassed excuses, dragged himself out of the packed room and back to his own empty bedroom for a long, hot shower.




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