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Mall Rats

by Jennifer White


Bill went shopping with his girlfriend Aileen. Again. How he hated it! She seemed to look at every piece of clothes in the store three times, pick one out, then change her mind. Then come home and whine about how much everything cost. It was torture for him. And no matter how much he complained about it, she still made him accompany her. Why couldn't he just stay at home? No, she would make him come along too. Grr!

And this time, it was even worse. She picked out a store that not only sold ladies fashions, but also had a small men's department. So she went through her usual ritual of picking her own clothes, then she wanted to pick out an outfit for him too!

They went through racks and racks of clothes, until she found just the right thing for him: a pair of blue slacks, and striped cotton dress shirt.

"Now go into the fitting room and try it on" she said.

He reluctantly took the hangers from her, and went into the fitting room. He hung the hangers on the peg attached to the door, and started to undress. Then he put on the shirt, buttoning it up all the way. Next, he put on the pants, and zipped the fly closed.

The pants were a little tight, and he had to hold his breath to get them to close up. But he didn't want to admit to her that he had gained a little weight recently (although he constantly reminded her how she had moved up a size in the past year). It was a double standard as far as she was concerned, so he wasn't about to admit that he needed a bigger waist size himself.

Bill turned to look at himself in the mirror, feeling very uncomfortable because of the pants. In fact, he felt slightly dizzy, like he couldn't breath. He went to unzip them, but the zipper was stuck! He suddenly felt very claustrophobic, and needed to get out of there. Even the dress shirt was very tight feeling on him all of a sudden, and he felt constricted.

But worst of all was how tight the pants were in the crotch. Every time he moved, they seemed to press against his balls, and they were starting to ache. He just had to get out of these pants! He was starting to hurt! But nothing he tried seemed to work.

He was sweating profusely, and starting to really feel pain, like the pants were continuing to get smaller and smaller. The pressure on his hips was growing too. As he tugged on the pants, they pulled up a little, above his hips, which brought some relief to that area. But it only intensified the pain in his crotch. He tried to pull them back down, but to no avail. They were stuck.

Even his legs felt tight now, the fabric of the pants closely hugging his skin. What was going on? Was he getting bigger, or the pants getting smaller?

A wave of pain started in his crotch, and went through his stomach. It was so intense that he doubled over. He felt like he had to sit down. He laid on the floor, curled up in a fetal position.

The pain just got worse and worse in his crotch, and spread all over his body. Curled up in a ball, he put his hands on his knees, and felt skin there. Skin? He was wearing pants. What was going on?

He forced his eyes to open, and he was shocked to see that the pants he was wearing were indeed shrinking. In fact they were slightly above the knee now. They were so tight on him that as they shrank, they actually pulled out every hair in his leg! The pain from that was nothing compared to the intense pressure he felt between his legs though, so he barely noticed.

His shirt too had changed. The sleeves had been all the way down to his wrist, but now they were elbow length. They too were pulling out all of his body hairs as they got smaller and smaller. And the shirt felt very tight around his chest, making it hard to breathe.

But there was something else too. The shirt seemed to be much lighter in color now, the stripes fading as it shrank. He noticed that his pants (now more like shorts) were changing color to, moving to a lighter and lighter red color. He must be seeing things. It must be the overwhelming pain.

The pain was making him see other things too he decided. Like his hands and wrists: they seemed smaller to him. Perhaps it was the pressure from the shirt? Or his delirium from the agony he was going through.

As the sleeves of his shirt continued to shorten, the excess material started to puff out in two mounds on his chest. The bottom of the shirt was pulling up too. Instead of being tucked in his pants, it was not even with the waist of what now really had to be called shorts.

The shorts had kept on changing color, and they were now a very light red color. They seemed to be a little shiny too, which he thought was strange. But they were so tight against his crotch, and seemed to keep pulling tighter and tighter all the time.

He looked at his shirt again, it was now completely white. It had shortened to the point where his bellybutton was in danger of being exposed. All that excess material gathered up in his chest made it look like he had breasts. This made him squirm uncomfortably, and he laughed, as if to ignore the fact that his chest now puffed out in two mounds, even bigger than Aileen's did.

Bill's pants had now turned to a bright pink color, and seemed as if they were made of satin, or some other shiny material. They kept getting shorter and shorter. He wondered why his boxers weren't showing through by this point, as the shorts exposed more and more of his upper leg.

And his undershirt for that matter; why couldn't he see the sleeves, now that his dress shirt looked more like a tank top. In fact, why couldn't he see the collar of his undershirt? He only saw skin in the gap between the straps of his top.

And the straps...they kept getting smaller and smaller, thinner and thinner. As they became smaller, the neckline kept getting lower and lower too. This was troubling, but became even more so, when the neckline became small enough to expose something in his chest. Cleavage.


Bill looked down his own shirt, and saw that it wasn't soft fabric which had bunched up at his chest, it was a pair of female breasts which were jutting out. They were soft and supple, yet firm, like in a teenage girl. But they were as big as those of a woman in her twenties. The fact that he was stacked now really hit him hard. The fact that he had cleavage was beyond comprehension.

There was the largest burst of pain yet, and Bill had to reach down to his crotch where the feeling was most intense. His hand hit the smooth fabric of his shorts, and brought an unfamiliar sensation to him.

Instead of his male apparatus jutting out, his hand found that it was pressed against something smooth. Something flat. He gasped. It was gone. Inconceivable! How could he not have his male parts anymore. And if he didn't have male parts anymore, that meant he was....female? No! It could not be true.

The pain suddenly stopped, as quickly as it had started. Bill stood up and looked in the mirror. He gasped at the sight. Instead of himself, he was staring at a hot chick, perhaps 18 years old. She had long straight hair, pink satin short-shorts which almost exposed her butt, a tiny top which barely covered her bra and left her midriff bare. In pink glitter, the top said "Girls Rule!" And this girl in the mirror, she had curves. She had huge breasts. She was pretty. She was a real hottie.

And the worst thing: she was him! Or better said, he was she now.


"Is everything all right in there?" said Aileen.

"You had better come in" said Bill in a voice befitting of his new body.

Aileen came in, and closed the door behind her.

"Yes?" she said.

"Look at me!" said Bill.

"And...?" said Aileen.

"Are you blind?"

"Oh I see. Yes, that top just isn't right for those pants. You had better go pick out another."

"No, I mean me!" said Bill.

"I don't get it" replied Aileen. "What's the problem?"

"The problem? The problem? The problem is that I'm a girl!!" said Bill, almost in tears.

"There there" said Aileen. "You're just going through a stage dear. Most girls are upset about their bodies at one point or another. You'll get over it in time though. Come on, lets get you back into your own clothes, and get you something to drink."

Bill looked at the wall where his own clothes were hanging on a hook. He picked them up and was dismayed to find that his pants had changed too, they were now a knee length skirt. And his T-shirt had changed; it was now a blouse with lacy on the cuffs and the neck. And his wallet had become a little black purse with a long thin strap. Even his shoes had changed from brown loafers to a pair of women's shoes with a 3 inch heel.

He took off the short-shorts, and found that his boxers were now a pair of red lacy panties. And his undershirt had transformed into a pushup bra. He put on the blouse and the skirt, stepped into the shoes, and slung the purse over his shoulder.

"Back in my own clothes" he thought, and suddenly felt more warm and comfortable. This made him shudder. These weren't *his* clothes. This wasn't right at all! How could it make him feel good to put that skirt on?

He didn't have time to think, he just followed Aileen as she exited the store, and went to the food court in the mall. It was just not possible that he was now a cute girl, shopping in the mall with Aileen. But every reflection in a store mirror proved otherwise.

And then there was the fact that he was awash in feelings he had never even dreamed of feeling before. For example, they passed a store which had the new fall line of clothes in the window. Bill's heart raced. He *wanted* to go try on the clothes, and see how they made him look. He *wanted* to look pretty in them.

Or the way he looked at girls now. They passed one blonde who was dressed like she was going out to party. Even a few minutes ago, if Bill had seen her, he would have though she was hot, and would have been staring at her tits. He would have been undressing her with his eyes, even though he was with his girlfriend.

But now, the sight of her brought a different feeling: jealousy. How dare she be cuter than him? It was obvious that no matter how she dressed, she would look wonderful. But he would have to work at it more than she did.

"At least I have bigger boobs than her" he thought. And of course, this made him scared right down to the bone. He wondered how in the world he could have feminine feelings going on inside his head. And if he thought of women this way now, that meant....


"Lets get a salad and sit down" said Aileen, interrupting his train of thought. They waited in line, got the salad, and sat down at a table in the food court. Aileen took extra napkins, and wiped off her seat before she sat down. Bill had always found this a silly behavior, but he didn't want to get dirt on his nice clean skirt, so he found himself doing it even before she did.

"So, how do you like being a girl?" asked Aileen.

"I don't know about this" he said. "I mean, this isn't me."

"It is now" replied Aileen, almost laughing. "And listen. As long as you're a girl, you need a girl's name. I can't go around calling you 'Bill'. That would be silly."

He had to agree. He wasn't Bill anymore, he wasn't even a 'he'!

"I think I will call you Caroline" said Aileen.

"Caroline" he replied slowly. "I don't know. It seems so..."

"So girly?"


"Then it is the perfect name for you. You are completely 'girly' now, so you need a name that reflects that fact *Caroline*."

"I am Caroline" thought Bill. Having a girl's name had a major effect on his psyche. It was only a flash, and only took one or two ticks of the clock, but a major change happened in his mind.

Possessing a girl's name rather than a boy's name cut the final tie that 'he' had to 'his' former body. It allowed 'his' mind to fully connect with its new improved *female* body. The fact of being a girl truly sunk in to her mind at that moment.

And from that point forward, Caroline thought of herself as a girl. *She* ate her salad, with Aileen unaware of this major change that had just occurred.

"Hey, check that out" said Aileen, pointing two tables over to a pair of guys that just sat down. Caroline looked up.

"Yummy" she said, licking her lips.

"The salad?" asked Aileen.

"No. The one on the left" she said. "He's really cute. Do you think he'd like me? I mean, I'm not dressed as well as you, and..."

"We can fix that. Come on. Lets do some shopping, then we'll try to catch up with those two."

Caroline was eager to get something more fashionable, so she'd look more attractive to the guys. They tore off to the trendy clothes store.


Once inside, Caroline and Aileen went through the clothes racks. Right away, Caroline found a really cute top that she just had to buy. She held on to it, looking for a skirt to match. She found two really cute skirts that she wanted, but neither was quite right for the top. She held on to them though, and kept looking.

On the next aisle, she found a top that was *perfect* for the black skirt, so she grabbed that. Then near the back she found another top which would actually work with either skirt.

She went to the changing room, and tried all 5 pieces of clothes on. They all fit perfectly.

"So you're going to buy all of them?" asked Aileen.

"No, I'm going to put this top back" she replied.

"But you found that one first, and you thought it was the cutest thing."

"I know, but I changed my mind. It doesn't go with anything I have, and I don't know how often I'd really wear it. It is really cute, but I guess I'll just go with the two outfits I bought."

Aileen got a huge smile on her face.

"So, you finally understand."

"Understand what?" replied Caroline.

"When you were Bill, you used to get so mad at me for doing what *you* just did! You've been in this store for over an hour to pick out 4 pieces of clothes. And you've changed your mind. And you've gone over everything twice."

"So? You need to do that when you shop."

"Exactly!" said Aileen, clapping her hands. "So now you fully understand. You see, this morning I had you come shopping with me, because I played a trick on you."

She turned to make sure nobody was looking, then whispered: "I went to someone that you might call a 'witch'! She gave me a magic potion to use on you. It turned you into a girl, so you would learn what its like for us."

Caroline gave her a glare, which showed she was angry inside. But Aileen was her friend, and was only trying to help her. How could she be mad at her for that?

"So here is the antidote. It looks like a piece of gum, but if you chew it, you'll change back into who you were before. Go ahead, take it so you can change back."

"Why?" said Caroline.

"Why? So you can be a boy again."

"Why would I want to do that?" said Caroline. "I mean, do you realize how much better it is to be a girl? I wouldn't go back for *anything*."

"But you were so scared! You hated it, and were all freaked out. You wanted to be yourself again."

"I changed my mind. Its a woman's prerogative, you know" said Caroline with a giggle.

"Please Bill, I need you. I love you! Come back to me!"

"Bill is gone. I'm Caroline now." she said.

Aileen started to cry.

"There, there" said Caroline. "Don't cry dear. You'll always be like a sister to me. You're the one who freed me, the one who showed me the way! We can go out there and get you another boyfriend."

"I don't want another boyfriend, I want you Bill. I just wanted to change you, so that you'd understand me better. I didn't want it to be like this!"

"I'm sorry Aileen, but you did too good of a job. Now that I understand what it is like to be a girl, I just could never go back. It would be like living the rest of my life in prison, or moving to a world where everything is black and white. I am a girl now, and forever."

Aileen patted her eyes with a Kleenex, trying not to smear her makeup.

"Look Aileen, if you want to find out, why don't you try the gum? You can see what its like to be a guy."

"No, I would never want that. I love being a girl too. I'm sorry Caroline, I was just being selfish there, wanting for you to be Bill again. But I have to consider your feelings too. And if being a girl is what you think is better, then I can't force you to go back."

"Thank you so much for understanding!" said Caroline, giving her best friend in the world a big hug.

"What are friends for?" replied Aileen.

The two girls paid for their clothes, then walked out into the mall. Aileen found a trash bin, and threw out the magic stick of gum. The girls walked away in a hurry. They were after shoes now, and there was no time to lose! There was a big sale, and they wanted to find something before all the bargains were gone.

* * *


After the mall closed, the cleanup crew came through to empty the trash. Jerry wiped the sweat from his brow, and opened another can to put into the dumpster.

He lifted the bag out, and looked down to see if anything had spilled. Laying beside the can was an unopened stick of gum. He looked around, and nobody was watching. He had a bad taste in his mouth, and the stick of gum looked so tempting. He was broke, and couldn't even afford a treat, with all the bills he had to pay. He had little shame at this point.

He grabbed it, unwrapped it, stuck it in him mouth, and threw out the wrapper before anyone could see what he just did.


Half an hour later, Jerry had to sit down. He was feeling a strange pain, which seemed to start in his groin, and travel throughout his body.....




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