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Make Up         by: Paul G Jutras


"Come back here!" Raferty shouted as he chased the Russian Wolfhound off the ball field and into the woods. His ball cap in its mouth. He chased it to a pile of violets and Tulips where they both stopped running. Raferty slowly approached the dog and snatched his cap back.

As he looked at a crack in a tree trunk, he saw a pair of tiny eyes starring back at him. A small human face of a tiny barefoot person. It was a tiny fairy, whose green mini dress reminded him of Disney’s Tinkerbell.

"Hello there." She said.

Raferty tried to speak but couldn’t. The pencil size girl fluttered up to his face and circled his head with transparent wings that looked like a rainbow in the sunlight. "This can not be real." He said to himself as the figure zipped this way and that.

"I’m real alright." The fairy said with a smile. "That dog kept me prisoner in tree until your ball game got its attention. Now I will do you a favor in payment with my magic."

"Who are you?" Raferty asked the tiny figure in confusion.

"The name is Rose." Rose smiled back as she reached into her magic sack. "Here is my gift to you."

"I’m a boy." Raferty glared at the small make up kit. "I don’t have any need for that."

"Put this make up and you will be a boy no more," Rose song. "Remove the make up and your old form is restored."

Raferty was in a state of disbelief, but decided to humor the tiny being. Starting with some foundation, magic whirled around. His face took on a more feminine bone structure. A little eye shadow and his hair got longer. A little rouge and his legs became slender. A little lipstick and his nipples and hips altered their shapes into that of a young teenage a girl.

"You see, Rachael." Rose said, grinning. "You are now a little girl, the likes I sense you always dreamed of becoming."

It was true. It was a secret that Rachael had never told a sole. A secret that he never really believed himself to be true. She took some elastics from her uniform pocket and did her hair up into pig tails like she always imaged her long hair to be in.

"Raferty, you find your cap, or what?" A boy’s voice called into the woods and got his attention.

"I can’t let anyone see me like this." Rachael squeak in her high pitch voice. Before she could say a work, a wave of pixy dust caused a nearby pond to wash over Rachael’s body. The make up was washed off and Raferty was restored.

"Did you fall into the pond, or what?" Scott asked with a giggle.

"Something like that." Raferty said as he started to follow his friend back to the game. As he reached into the pants pocket, he found felt the make up pack that the fairy had given him. He knew he wasn’t just day dreaming.

"I’ve got to go." Scott said as he collected the bats and baseballs. Putting each in a bag to carry back to his garage. "You took so long getting your cap that the team gave up. They’re mad that we lost the game because of you."


"They’re mad." Scott smiled. "Not me. I know it couldn’t of been helped. I’ll see you later."

Raferty looked over at the playground where many kids were on the swings, in sandboxes, on seesaws and slides. Deciding to try out the make up, he reapplied it to his face. He watched as he became Rachael once again.

Rachael knew that being seen in a team uniform that didn’t have a single female member could bring up some questions. She didn’t care. She was enjoying the sensation of her breasts rubbing against the cotton top and the emptiness that didn’t require a cup between her legs.

Rachael ran down to the kids who didn’t seem to give the outfit a second glance. She scrambled up a tree and hung upside down from a tree while enjoying the feeling of her pig tails swinging loosely. She wondered what became of them when she changed back. Was currently in too much joy to have a care in the world.

When she noticed it was getting dark, she went to the park fountain to wash the make up off. He went off home where his cousin Mike and Aunt Kathy lived with him and his mother. He’d hide the make up in his room and enjoy especially taking his first bath as a female. The warm water on his smooth and sensitive form.

Cold rain drops fell on his head. With a groan, he couldn’t help but smile at how special this St Patrick Day had become. He had to wonder if he’d want to tell his mother his secret before Christmas so that he could get some special gifts next year. He knew he had almost a year to figure it out and a lifetime of enjoyment of both sexes ahead for him.



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