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Major Bauer


Karen Anne Summerfield

© September 2004


Part I


"Captain Bauer, reporting as ordered, sir." I snapped a salute to General McGregor in the secure room. Assembled there were nine others, both in and out of uniform. I had no idea why I had been summoned to the Wing Commander's presence.

"At ease, Captain. Be seated," he ordered.

Nothing was said for several minutes while the General read a personnel folder; I guessed that is was probably it was my record that he was reviewing.

"These proceedings are classified, Top Secret," he stated before getting down to business.

"Captain Bauer, are you a transvestite?" I couldn't help, but flinch; General McGregor rocked me hard. "Answer truthfully and don't fuck around with definitions and different words that essentially mean the same thing for all intents and purposes, Captain!" his order was hard.

I'd no idea what evidence they might have to even pose a question of that nature to me. I was and always had been very discrete and had confined my activities to my leaves, hundreds of miles from the bases at which I'd been stationed. In fact, my outings hadn't even been in the United States, but in Canada. As an officer, lying was a very serious crime.

"I am transgendered, sir," I responded softly. My answer caused a small smile on his rugged face.

"Thank you for saving this proceeding from turning unpleasant… I'll accept your answer and will not quibble with the differences.

"A situation has arisen that requires a female to resolve, one with highly specialized skills. We don't have a qualified female and do not have the time to train one and give her the experience to pull this off.

"You, Captain, have the skills and the necessary experience. That your Canadian friends know you as Anne Marie … makes you a prime candidate for accomplishing the task at hand." I started to tremble. Though I'd committed no crime, my career could never be the same, they knew far more about me than I'd have ever willingly revealed. My career, with those few words, posed initially as a question, had just ended. To be found to be what I am, or to admit it, was prima facie grounds for other than honorable discharge.

"Before we get to the specific mission, let me give you some incentive, Anne … excuse me, Anne Marie. You do prefer both names, don't you?" I met the pretty blue eyes of the female in a dress suit who'd spoken.

"Yes, I prefer Anne Marie, ma'am." I'd no difficulty switching to my feminine voice. It was easier for me than sounding like a man. She smiled.

"Yes. We are prepared to perform the procedures that will give you the body that we believe you'd prefer to have. Would you like that, Anne Marie?"

The room was cool, almost cold, but I was sweating.


It was dark when Dr. Kimberly Rice and I were escorted to a car in an underground garage.

"This is so unreal," I commented as I smoothed my skirt underneath to sit in the vehicle."

"Shhh… Wait until we are on the plane," Kimberly cautioned. She was a civilian doctor specializing in reconstructive surgery and was dressed in an expensive gray silk suit. I then was wearing the uniform of a female Air Force officer. The silver wings pinned to my jacket identified me as a senior pilot and the number of ribbons below them was almost double the eight I'd actually earned during seven and a half years of service. Gold maple leaves proclaimed my promotion to the rank of major.

We stopped on the tarmac next to the waiting C-32 transport aircraft. I returned the salute to our driver upon exiting the car then those of the two sergeants waiting at attention for our arrival at the base of the stairs. Mentally I questioned the blue and white paint that identified the plane as being assigned to the 89th Airlift Wing at Andrews Air Force Base, outside of Washington DC. 'Was my mission that important?'

We were met by two attractive flight attendants, both Staff Sergeants. "Welcome aboard, ma'am," one greeted. "Follow me please?" As we did, her partner closed the door and I heard the engines start.

"Sit anywhere you'd like," she motioned when we'd arrived in the elegantly appointed forward cabin.

A C-32 is normally used to transport the Vice President and other high government officials, both domestic and foreign, and is equipped to allow them to comfortably conduct their business anywhere in the world.

"We'll be taking off shortly. Please fasten your seatbelts?" she requested. Just as she'd said, I felt the plane leave the ground and accelerate during climb out.

"Can you tell me now where we're going, Kim?" I asked.

She smiled, "You were told all you need to know – our destination is to a facility where the medical procedures will be performed. After you've recuperated, you'll receive further training there, Major.

"Oh, congratulations on your promotion."

"Thank you."


"Welcome back, Anne Marie. How do you feel?" an attractive nurse in OR green scrubs asked.

"Cold and very thirsty," I squeaked.

"Both understandable. I'll get you another blanket." She soon returned and tucked me in. I couldn't stop shivering. Curling up, as I wanted to, was not an option – I couldn't even lie on my side. They had told me I'd be restrained when the general anesthetic wore off and I was; with my feet spread apart, a wide belt about my waist to keep me on my back and cuffs about my wrists so I couldn't touch the areas where the surgeons had worked.

"May I please have some water?" I asked. Instead of the drink I craved, she wet a gauze pad and placed it in my mouth.

"You may have all the water you want after about twelve hours. The anesthetic needs to wear off or you'll probably vomit. We don't want that now, do we?" No answer was necessary.

I watched her adjust the drip of the IV then inject a syringe into the tube. "That will help you sleep," she informed.

I stayed in bed three days before they helped me to get up. Though weak from the surgery and enforced inactivity, it wasn't the new orifice they'd created between my thighs that brought me back to reality, it was the weight of the surgically created mounds on my chest.

I'd always dreamed of having real breasts. Until I completed my initial military service, they'd been put on hold then further delayed when I'd incurred an additional commitment and had become a test pilot, but the double D's I bore were far larger and much heavier than I'd dreamed of or had imagined.

"Here, this will help," one of the nurses offered me a white, long-line bra with a grin. I accepted it and shot her a critical glare, but softened my look to smile.

"They're heavy," I commented as I fastened the hooks, twisted the bra around then slipped my arms through the wide straps. She bent forward to adjust the cups and shorten the straps.

"Eventually, you might get used to them, Anne Marie. The rest of us developed gradually, so it wasn't that big a deal. I can imagine that instant boobs might be a little harder.

"Think you can stand up?" The nurse offered her hand to pull me to my feet. A slight twinge of pain flashed through my groin. I was a little unsteady, but managed to balance. With the gauze stuffing my new vagina, I didn't want to bring my legs together.

"Walk to the chair then sit." She was close beside me in case I fell.

One garment at a time, the nurse helped me get dressed in a new uniform, one that fit my new figure better: panties, pantyhose, a full slip, light blue blouse, slender skirt, necktie, black pumps with four-inch heels, a jacket with all my insignias and decorations and my hat.

"May I put on some make up?" I asked.

"Oh, sure. All you need is in your purse." I was given a black leather shoulder purse. I carried it into the small bathroom so I could use the mirror above the sink.

"My hair is too damn short!" I grumbled. While they could give me full breasts and a vagina in a matter of hours, there was no available magic to change my military cut to a glorious mane. I wore it a bit long, but still, because I was in the Air Force, it wasn't long enough to put in a nice feminine style.


I turned to look at the girl. "Oops? What's that mean?"

"Means I forgot the wig they sent over." She left and returned with a black wig styled in a very full bob. It was not the same one I'd been given for the flight that had brought me to this facility. Air Force regulations allowed their females to have their hair any length they desired, but in uniform it had to be pinned up in such a way that it didn't touch their shirt collars.

Lifting the hair to put it on, I saw that my left ear had three small silver ball studs and my right one had two. The piercings had been done after I'd been recovering from the surgery, so they were no surprise and neither were my thin eyebrows, I'd just not seen either before.

With practiced ease, I applied subtle makeup for my rank and put all the makeup back it my purse.

"I was instructed to help you do that right, Major, but see you've applied makeup before."

"Once or twice," I grinned.

"What's next?" I asked while I adjusted my cap.

"This way, ma'am." I was escorted to a small, but comfortable suite, but soon learned that it was also a secure area and I was not permitted to leave it either.

A steward delivered a meal three times a day. I'd been provided with a DVD player for videos and selection of music. I also had a PC with a variety of software and large electronic library, but not an Internet or email connection. Various doctors and nurses visited me often. I was probed, poked and examined and instructed to do a variety of physical exercises that gradually restored then built my strength.

I'd nothing but several changes of uniform to wear and laundry was collected every other day and returned cleaned the following. Though bored, I was given everything I needed and some of the things I wanted, but information.

"Pack all your things, Anne Marie, I'll help," Dr. Rice said as she opened a suitcase on my bed one morning. "I know it will break your heart to learn you've been evicted." All of my questions continued to remain unanswered.

Once again, I boarded a C-32 from the 89th at night, but this time I was alone. Dr Rice and I said our, 'good-byes', on the tarmac.

It was still dark when the plane landed and taxied to a stop on the strangest looking airfield I'd ever been. There were no buildings and no other aircraft in sight. There weren't even any trees under the unusually brightly lit star-filled skies.

An armed escort saluted me and bid I follow to a nearby cylinder that was an elevator and, without a word, we descended.

When we were challenged by two armed security guards at the entrance to a secure area, my escort produced whatever documentation was needed to gain my admittance. The entrance to a room was similarly guarded and I was cleared in the same fashion.

"We'll leave you here, ma'am. Good luck."

There were eleven officers and two enlisted in the room, almost equally divided between American and Canadian Air Forces. A USAF Brigadier was the highest rank present and I stepped before him and saluted.

"Major Anne Marie Bauer, reporting as ordered, sir." One other procedure that had been performed on me after the surgery was laser assisted voice adjustment, or LAVA, as I had to be awake for it. I'd been cautioned to keep my speech to a minimum afterwards.

"Major Bauer, please be seated next to me?" the general invited. He waited until I'd smoothed my skirt under and had.

"These proceedings are classified Top Secret.

"I understand you've had a bout with an illness, Major, are you feeling better now?" he asked in a concerned manner.

"Much, thank you sir, but I'm not quite the way I was before. The doctor told me it might still take several weeks yet."

"We all wish you a speedy recovery.

"Colonel Mackenzie, if you'll take over?" An RCAF full colonel stood and moved to the podium.

"Major Bauer, do you recall the Clint Eastwood movie, Firefox?"

"Yes, the one where he stole a super-secret Russian hi-tech fighter," I answered. 'Was I in this to steal a plane?'

A picture of a very swept back delta-winged fighter with Canadian Air Force markings filled the screen. "Do you know what this is, Major?"

"While it looks familiar, I honestly do not, sir."

"It is the prototype of the CF-123 hypersonic fighter codenamed Black Scorpion. It was one of most advanced fighter designs ever developed, but it was also prohibitively expensive to put into production." A new image appeared, apparently of its cockpit. Though futuristically designed, there was nothing that special about the displays that I saw.

"While being transported from Toronto to San Diego on a freighter, our plane was stolen."

"Excuse my ignorance, sir, but how does one steal a complete fighter off a ship at sea between Ontario and California, Col. Mackenzie?" I questioned.

"If we knew, Major, we'd have taken steps to prevent that from happening?" the general next to me stated softly.

"How big is the plane?" I asked. A picture with the dimensions appeared.

"Length thirty decimal eight metres, span twenty-six decimal seven metres extended, retracted seven decimal three metres, height seven decimal three metres. Empty weight, twenty thousand two hundred thirty kilos, maximum take-off weight, forty-three thousand six hundred kilos. Range four thousand six hundred kilometers without refueling."

"Go on," I urged and questioned, 'Why me?'

"Ottawa has received discreet inquires requesting assistance from a foreign nation to provide a female pilot possessing quite ... relatively unique ... attributes and qualifications, Major Bauer."

"With due respect, sir ... they first stole your plane and are now asking you to teach them how to fly it? That's ... a bit difficult to swallow." He merely nodded.

"And how do those qualifications lead to me being present today?" I believed I'd nothing to lose by asking outright.

"In order to minimize the possibility of the situation we currently have before us from developing into something with far greater consequences for not only Canada and the United States, but the World, Major Bauer, our engineers designed in some very unique security features.

"If I may Colonel?" One of the two Canadian female pilots present stood.

"Certainly, Major Ellsworth." She walked to the podium and Mackenzie sat down.

The first image reappeared. "CF-123 serial 001- Alpha – X-ray, can only be flown by a female with a specific stature. She must speak fluent Cantonese or Taiwanese." I was beginning to see just why I might have been singled out. "In addition, she must also possess a superior ability to fly."

"Why do you say that only a female can fly it, Major?" I questioned.

General Gordon cleared his throat, "We will leave those details to a more private setting, Major Bauer. Let us say that Alpha X-ray gives a new meaning to flying by the seat of your pants." I didn't catch on, but didn't pursue it then.

"Will you tell me who you believe to have the plane?"

"Taipei," Major Ellsworth replied.

"Our forces do not have a pilot with all the needed qualifications, so we turned to our good neighbors and allies to our south."

"And I was elected," I said flatly.

"We prefer to believe that you volunteered, Major Bauer," General Gordon suggested quietly.

"It was inferred that Taipei approached Ottawa with their request. Will they accept Washington being involved?"

"That bridge has been crossed, Major." Col. Mackenzie dismissed my obstacle.

"Now that I've 'accepted' this mission, what is next? You want me to gain their confidence and steal it back. I've figured that much out." My words were ignored.

"The CF-112 was a predecessor of the CF-123. Though they were all ordered to be destroyed and Ottawa, at the time, believed that they all were; that belief is not reality. Your government had two. They have since been returned to Canada and one has been modified with a fully functional Black Scorpion cockpit and control system," Major Ellsworth said as a picture of one displayed.

"I've been ill. It may be sometime before I'll be up to flying again."

"As one of your doctors, I've briefed the appropriate individuals, Anne Marie." Though I did not recognize the RCAF Lt. Colonel, his voice was, indeed, one of my doctor's."

The meeting was concluded shortly thereafter, I was given identification and a security pass then was ordered to accompany the two female pilots. Major Ellsworth told me her name was Judy then introduced her companion as Major Elise Campbell. They escorted me to a nice comfortable lounge. We sat together and Judy ordered us breakfast or lunch over the phone; I'd no way of telling time.

"We can discuss your training, past, present and future. Neither Judy nor I have any real knowledge to discuss the mission you've volunteered for, Anne Marie," Elise began.

"Will you tell me where I am?" I asked.

"You at a secure Canadian Air Base in the Northwest Territories.

"Middle of no where, eh?" I quipped.

"We agree. But for the runway and some antennas, there's nothing on the surface. Even the tower and radar disappear when not in use.

"Tell me what's special about this plane that requires a female to fly it?" I asked. "You're both wearing wings; why doesn't one of you fly it?"

"The security that was built into Alpha – X-ray mandates that, first the pilot must be five foot six inches tall. Frankly, quite a few of us were surprised that your side indicated they had any pilot that short, Major?"

"I don't believe we should go there," I closed that discussion. Prior this craziness I found myself in, I and a group of others were beginning a development program for a manned mission to Mars, though we'd all be too old by the planned time of the actual mission lift-off to actually be aboard.

"OK on the height, but why a female?"

"It was alluded to that this plane gives new meaning to 'flying by the seat of your pants'. Quite literally, in part, you fly it with your ass," Major Ellsworth stated.

"And your fanny," Elise giggled and Judy joined her.

"OK, I'm an ignorant Yank; what's the joke?"

"In British English, 'fanny' refers to a different part of a girl's nether anatomy than her arse, Anne Marie."

"How are your Kegel exercises?" Elise grinned at me.

"You'll be rooming with Judy and me, Anne Marie," Elise said. "You're bedroom is there." She pointed to one of the doors.

"Have you ever lived aboard a modern aircraft carrier?"

"I can't say I've had the misfortune to, Judy. I've never even been on one."

"Lucky you. Anyway, consider this whole complex like one of your navy's big carriers without all the propulsion and other stuff to support a warship at sea, but it is underground. Our quarters are far more spacious than on a carrier and we've a few more amenities."

"You don't get seasick for starters," Elise added with a giggle. Judy grinned her agreement.

"Head is there," Judy pointed.

"Biggest advantage is that the RCAF doesn't run a 'dry ship'. We'll show you the O'club later.

While we ate the meal a steward had delivered, we talked more. "Your plane, I think we said, was refitted to fit you and has all the security that was installed for the original pilot."

"Why don't they just get her to fly it, Judy?"

"Don't know... We asked the same question and Col. Mackenzie gave us that, 'don't ask' look." Judy shrugged, "You know what I mean."

"There's no simulator for the 123 or the 112, so you have to learn by actually flying it."

"Won't be the first plane I've had to fly like that." I felt on safe ground saying, "I was a test pilot and flew quite a few experimental and captured stuff."

"Freshen up and we'll go to the hanger deck," Elise motioned towards the head.

While I'd never been on a carrier, I had been on naval ships that had been turned into floating museums, including the battleship New Jersey. As we walked through the corridors, the complex I was in reminded me of being on a big ship. Armed security was everywhere; seldom were we more that fifteen or twenty yards from a guard.

No one had challenged us until we were at the entrance marked, 'Hanger Deck – Authorized Personnel Only'. The two security guards snapped to attention and saluted with a 'present arms'. A third holding a machine gun behind us only moved to aim the muzzle at us and I heard the click of the safety on his weapon.

The two facing us, gave Elise and Judy's badges just a cursory check; I assume that because I was a stranger and wearing a US uniform my ID and security badge were thoroughly checked and they even called a command post to verify I was authorized to enter the facility.

"Thank you, Major," the guard said and he returned my ID. "I apologize for the delay. You are cleared to enter the hanger deck." He saluted and I returned it.

Their precautions did not end once we'd passed through the door. Two guards, just inside, stood and snapped to. We returned the salutes.

"Good afternoon, Major Ellsworth, Major Campbell."

"Good afternoon, Sarge. This is Major Bauer. You'll be seeing her a lot.

"Anne Marie, this is Sergeant Tom Brewer and that's Sergeant Mark Klein." Judy did the introductions.

"Hi guys."

"Major," they acknowledged.

"Major Bauer has been recruited from the Yanks to fly the Blackbird, so you'll be seeing a lot of her," Elise explained.

She turned towards me, "Get used to having someone pointing a Mark V at you any time you are near our birds, Anne Marie; goes with your assignment."

The hanger was fairly empty. I saw twelve F-15's on one side. All had a full compliment of air-to-air missiles under their wings. There were also four other fighter or attack aircraft that I didn't recognize, fully armed with both air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons. I knew better than to ask. Besides the two CF-112's completely separated from all others, the hanger also contained two HH-65 Dolphin helicopters.

"The Blackbird is yours Anne Marie," Elsie told me the obvious. Their plane was white with international orange empennage, wingtips and nose. There were no visible weapons and both birds had an external fuel tank under each wing.

We mounted the roll-away platform to examine the cockpit. The first thing that caught my attention was the black dildo pointing up from the deeply contoured seat. "You already told me, but just whose kinky idea was that?"

Judy giggled as she reached into the cockpit to swing the other one up. "This is even kinkier."

"OK, other than no guy is ever gonna fly this, what purpose do they serve?" I seriously questioned.

"First, your body heat is needed to start the engines and keep them running. Cool off and you're dead."

"If I cool off that much I'm already dead, aren't I, Elise?"

"I guess. We weren't kidding about the Kegel's. You need to squeeze the one in your fanny to fire the weapons."

"Get real!" I protested. I turned my attention to the deep cavity in the seat back. Using my hands to measure the span at the narrowest part, I moved them to my waist and just rolled my eyes.

"Don't tell me, I've figured it out. Next, you were going to tell me I need to wear a latex suit and high heels to fly." Their expressions told me that my joke might not be one; neither of my friends smiled.

The control stick, throttles, wing extend/retract control and flap controls were fairly conventional as were those for the communications, navigation and radars.

"Why three radar screens? I asked.

"Forward, rear and terrain following," Judy touched each of the three screens in order.

As I looked at other details, Judy explained that the ejection system was a survival capsule, because of the speeds and altitudes that the 123 was capable of. Ejecting at supersonic speed was suicide.

"We'll go over all the details in classes starting tomorrow," Elise told.

Together, we did a walk around.

"If you're done, we can go to PE then the Quartermaster's for your personal equipment and your other uniforms," Elise suggested.

I was first fitted with my flight helmet that fully encased my head much like a racecar driver's crash helmet only with an oxygen mask inside to cover my nose and mouth. Although I was still wearing a wig until my hair had grown long enough to style, the Nomex® hood I put on first eliminated that problem.

"What's with the tube in my mouth, Sergeant?" I questioned the thick straw-like plastic when I'd removed the helmet the first time so he could adjust the padding.

"It's so you can drink water while flying, Major," he answered. That was a first for me.

"Are you wearing a slip, Major?" the Master Corporal asked.

"Yes. Would you like me to undress?"

"Please, ma'am, I'll need to take accurate measurements for your corsets and under-suit. You may use the room here and I'll summon Pte. Jerkin to do the actual measures. Just down to your slip will be fine, ma'am."

I thanked him and went in the room to remove my uniform.

"Private Jerkin," a soft voice announced after she'd knocked. "May I come in, ma'am?"

"Yes, come in, Private." She was a young girl, but acted professionally in measuring me for the corset and suit.

"Thank you, ma'am. You'll need to remove your slip and brassiere please? It should only be a few moments to select a proper corset and I'll bring it back so you can try it on." I removed my bra, but put the slip back on to maintain some degree of modesty until she returned.

"It's me again, Pte. Jerkin, may I come in, ma'am?"

Of the over bust style, the garment was white cotton twill with very heavy boning. At least it wasn't that long and shouldn't be too uncomfortable while sitting because of the stiff busk. Together, we hooked it in front and I adjusted my breasts in what I thought were too small cups.

"Most of our female pilots aren't so filled on top. They can order you a larger size there if you'd like.

"May I help you get laced the first time, ma'am?"

"Thank you, yes please?" I felt her start to remove the slack from laces.

"Have you been here long, Private?"

"About six months. It's not what I expected when I joined the forces. The recruiter showed me pictures of some really pretty places." She chuckled, "If I'd wanted to live on an aircraft carrier, I'd have joined your navy. Our navy hasn't had a carrier since before I was born."

"Is that tight enough, ma'am?"

"I've no idea. Are Majors Ellsworth and Campbell in the outer room? One of them will know better than I do."

"Would you like me to ask?" She left and was soon back.

"Major Ellsworth stated your waist must be no more that twenty-one inches, ma'am." Pte. Jerkin wrapped her tape around and measured. "That's another four inches. If I may, I'd recommend you get used to wearing it a few days, at least, ma'am."

"Please take out another inch, it doesn't feel tight at all?" She did as I requested then tied the laces.

Without asking, she sorted out my slip and held it up for me to put on over my head then helped me with my blouse and buttoned the front for me.

"The Quartermaster's can alter your uniforms, ma'am." After I'd put on my skirt, she used safety pins to tighten the waist. "That should do for now." I put on my jacket and noticed how loosely it fit once I'd fastened the buttons.

"Thank you very much for your help, Private. You've been very helpful."

"You're most welcome, ma'am." Pte. Jerkin held the door until I'd adjusted my cap before the mirror.

Master Corporal Edwards had a thick bundle on the counter and a pair of black, lace-up boots with heels at least six-inches high. "Look," I faced my friends sitting on a couch, "I was joking about wearing heels to fly the plane."

"We know you were, Anne Marie, but you were spot on," Judy smiled. "The latex suit wasn't off-target either."

"If you'd like ma'am, I'll help you with your boots," Pte. Jerkin was holding them along with a pair of socks that appeared to be Nomex®.

"Thank you." I sat on a chair and she knelt before me. The new boots were stoutly constructed, of stiff leather which promised to give good support, just like the combat boots I'd worn whenever I'd flown before, but I'd never flown wearing heels.

"They're too small," I told her when she'd worked the first one on over my foot.

"Here, Josie," the Master Corporal in charge of the Personal Equipment offered her another pair. "I forgot to add for the socks."

I'd never worn heels that high before, put surprisingly, I was comfortable with them when I stood.

"Let me help you up, Private," I offered her my hand.

"Thank you, ma'am. If there is nothing further..."

"Hold on a sec', please?" I took a pad and pen from my purse.

"You've provided excellent service to me this afternoon. I'd like to make that to go on record. May I have your full name and serial number, please?" She smiled and answered all of my questions.

"Again, thank you very much, Josie. I hope to see you again."

"Oh you will, ma'am," she was grinning. "It's my assignment to attend to all the female pilots and assure you are properly fitted and help you get ready to fly. Since there's only the three of you, you'll see me quite a bit."

"I'll look forward to that. Thank you." I saluted her and took the wrapped bundle from the counter.

The Quartermaster's was just a short way along the corridor and we were greeted by a pleasant Sergeant McDougal.

"I've everything ready for you, Major Bauer." He unfolded a pressed black flight suit with my wings embroidered in silver thread on the left breast, my last name in white on the right and one maple leaf embroidered on the high, Mandarin styled collar. It appeared to close with silver frogs down the right.

"You can't convince me this is standard Canadian issue, Sergeant, now is it?" I grinned and Sgt. McDougal grinned back.

"No, ma'am."

"Go put it on," Elise urged. I took the flight suit and went to the side room. Under the frogs I discovered that it actually closed with a zipper and there was another concealed by a placket through my crotch. Concealed zippers snugged the sleeves and legs once I'd put it on. I liked how it fit and how it looked on me.

"Very, very nice, Anne Marie," Judy and Elise complimented as I modeled for them.

"You've five flight suits, Major. Josie ... Pte. Jerkin provided me with measurements and I'll have your dress uniform altered by this time tomorrow."

"It might be better to wait," Judy advised. "You'll not have that many occasions to wear your dress uniforms and, as a pilot, your flight suits are acceptable attire, most anywhere in the complex." She plucked a bit at mine around the shoulders.

"Let me have her new cap please, Angus?" The sergeant handed her a black beret. Judy took a moment to transfer the silver USAF medallion from my uniform hat to the beret along with one of my gold rank insignias too. With a smile, she placed the beret on my head.

"Gloves and we should be done." I was handed first a pair of hot pink latex ones and had to unzip the forearms of my flight suit to smooth them on.

"You are going to explain all the kinky rubberwear, I hope?"

"Be patient, not here," my friend cautioned.

Very nice black kid gloves covered the latex ones I'd just put on.

"We'll drop off all your gear in our quarters and go to the club; happy hour should be starting then," Elise suggested.

"I feel lost without a watch," I commented as we walked back to our rooms.

"Do you have any money? If not I'll loan it to you," Judy made an abrupt right turn that led to the Exchange. Much like on foreign US bases I'd visited, theirs was a well-stocked department store.

"Sorry, but the compliment of the complex is only about fifteen percent female, so most of the stuff is geared towards the guys," Elise apologized.

Without willing or thinking on it, I quipped, "Six and a half to one isn't a bad ratio at all for us, is it?" 'Why'd you say that, Anne Marie?' I seriously questioned. I'd never had any interest in men and now I was at a secret underground military base, in a foreign country and seriously outnumbered by probably very horny guys.

Judy added fuel to my concerns. "In the officer ranks, it's more like twenty to one, Anne Marie." 'Wonderful!'

I'd always hated the big fat, very masculine wrist watch my Air Force had issued me and insisted was part of my uniform thereby making it mandatory to wear. When they had changed me permanently into Anne Marie, it, thankfully, hadn't accompanied me.

I looked over the offerings in the case they'd led me to. A young clerk came over, "May I help you, ladies?" she asked.

"Please, I'd like to look at that watch please?" I pointed to one with a fine mesh band and moderate sized face in silver color metal.

I took it from the box and tried to put it over my wrist. As I should have expected, the band needed to be adjusted larger because of my biological origins and the two pair of gloves was wearing, which she did for me then fastened it on my wrist. I liked it as, while very feminine, the dial was not so tiny that it was still easy to read the time at a glance.

"That will look nice with your dress uniform, ma'am," the girl offered.

"I plan to wear it flying, but thank you," I returned with a smile.

Elise chuckled. I turned to see she was reading the sheet that went with the watch. "It says it's waterproof to thirty metres; nothing about altitude though, Anne Marie."

"Ma'am, the pilot's watches are in the lower trays. They have built-n calculators, stop watch, compass, even GPS displays in some." I held up my hand to stop her sales pitch.

"I know you are trying to be helpful and I thank you for that. I've more than enough in the cockpit to do all of that and more. All I want it to do is tell time.

"How much is this one please?"

"Fifty-nine, ninety-nine, Major." The poor girl looked totally bewildered when I handed her a fifty dollar US Treasury note. I'd done the currency conversion in my head and knew that fifty US was enough.

Elise took it and handed her sixty Canadian to resolve the girl's dilemma. "We'll exchange your money at the bank tomorrow to avoid future problems," she told me. "They don't see much up here other than loonies." Having visited only near the US border previously, greenbacks had always been readily acceptable currency in any Canadian establishment before.

Back in our quarters before my friends went to their rooms to change into their flight suits, I asked, "What is an acceptable amount of makeup for an officer here?"

"About five times more with what you're wearing than in your class A's, Anne Marie," Judy answered.

I first freshened up and applied more eyeliner, mascara and changed to red lipstick then put all my newly issued things away. My wig just needed a quick brush and I reset my new beret.

Elise and Judy soon came out of their rooms wearing black flight suits too, however, color was where similarities ended. Theirs did not fit as snugly and just zipped up their front. Of course, our insignias were totally different. They did wear black boots, but with chunky heels, half the height of mine and zippered up the insides of their legs.

"Are we secure here?" I asked?

"Yes," Elise hesitantly answered.

"Tell me what's with the kinky underwear I'm supposed to be wearing under this?"

"Your corset or the latex?" Judy questioned.

"The latex?"

"What's the highest altitude you've flown in sustained flight in a fighter type aircraft?" she asked.

"Flight level five zero, zero I guess, for about thirty minutes.

"Your 123 can fly almost twice that high, I don't know if it's fact for sure, but I've been told that at that altitude, the absolute humidity is zero, for all intents and purposes and at the reduced cockpit pressure, your body will dehydrate very rapidly. You don't sweat, you evaporate. The idea behind your rubber suit is to keep that from happening."

"I never heard that before, but then our high altitude pilots wear what amounts to space suits," I offered.

"You and the Russians are the experts there, Anne Marie; we don't have anything that can fly anywhere close to that high."

"If we're done with the secret stuff, you girls ready to go to the club?" Elise looked eager.

"Here's a key to our quarters, Anne Marie, just incase you don't score tonight."

"Yea, right Judy! Just look at our li'l China Doll now that's she's put on some slap," Elise grinned.

I'd no desires or intentions of 'scoring' that night or any other night, but I couldn't very well tell my friends that or why I didn't.

"Understand that I was traveling most of last night, I've not slept and it's been a pretty full day," I honestly stated. "Don't get angry with me if I call it a night early, OK?" I offered.

"Not a problem. There'll be lots of other nights before we're through."

Judy opened the door for me to the 'Flight Bar'. Out of pure habit instilled since pilot training, I quickly pulled off my beret before stepping through the doorway.

"Damn!" I heard Judy curse softly. "I'd hoped you'd buy the first round." I turned and grinned to see both her and Elise tucking their berets in their purses. I didn't know our northern neighbors customs, but walking in the fight bar at any US club, worldwide with your headgear on and you just bought the entire bar a round of drinks. It was a mistake I'd made only once.

"I'll be happy to buy you and Elise a drink, Judy," I grinned.

"Keep your money; you'll not be buying drinks tonight or any night."

"Hey, Judy, I've a seat for you."

"Hey Joe," she waved.

"Elise, over here?"

"Who's the cute China Doll, Elise?'

"Judy, Elise, come join us and bring your friend." Obviously, my roommates were popular. Without discussion, they made the decision to move to the last group on the other side of the bar.

"Make way guys!" A Captain stood to rearrange the table of a group of seven and steal a few more chairs. I'd performed the same moves myself more than once.

"Over next to me, China," a Lt. Colonel motioned. I saw no polite way to avoid what was expected and squeezed between the table and knees to reach the chair next to him. I had to put on a good act at least.

"What are you drinking?" An expected question before he even knew my name – been there – done that! I was at a club flight bar where 'macho' rules.

"Scotch and seven with two cherries, please?" I smiled.

It took no introductions to know the barmaid who brought the round was named Jeannie; all the guys knew her.

"I'm Rog' Wilburn," the colonel introduced.

"Anne Marie Bauer," I replied.

"Pretty name, Anne," the colonel grinned.

"Please don't shorten, it? Anne Marie," I repeated.

"Are you a Saint?"


"Thanks, Jeannie," I accepted my cocktail and sipped through the silly little plastic straw.

"You're a Yank, we don't see many here. What do you fly, Anne Marie?" The captain next to Judy asked.

"Classified!" Elise stated emphatically.

"Well, by your flight suit..."

"Captain!" The Lt. Colonel at my side had everyone's attention. "The lady said, 'classified'! The whole table went silent for a few moments.

"OK Guys! I'm Anne Marie. I'm a Yank pilot. Sorry, the rest is as Rog' just said. 'classified', so just don't ask and we'll get on fine. Drink up and I'll buy the next round."

"Our dear Captain Rocco will be buying for the rest of the evening, Anne Marie, so close your purse. Isn't that correct, Rick?"

"Ulp! Yes sir, my treat, sir."

Roger put his arm around me and pulled. There was no way out of my situation and I could imagine it being much, much worse. I rose up a bit and slid my chair as close to his as I could.

"Tell me about you all that isn't classified?"

"Mom was born in Hong Kong; dad is half German and half Chinese. I'll be thirty in July. I'm on lend-lease from the United States."

"What's your flight experience?" he asked.

"Extensive. Let's not pursue that further, please?" Rog' stared at me a moment and his eyes lowered to my chest.

"Senior pilot," he commented on my wings; I'd thought he'd been checking out my boobs.

He pulled me close, but not to kiss me as I'd expected. "OK, I got it," he barely whispered in my ear. "You're the Blackbird! ...Welcome aboard, Anne Marie." He just kissed my lobe, pushed back and straightened.

"Jeannie, where's those drinks?" he called.

"What will you be flying up here, Anne Marie?" another captain asked.

There were sixteen planes and two helicopters in the hanger plus the two CF-112's. It was likely that there were only three units to fly the others; probably the F-15's belonged to a squadron and the others to just detachments. By then, any pilot there should have known that I hadn't been assigned to their units and should have previously known that my roommates didn't either.

I saw the major seated next to him elbow him hard. "Think with your brain, Jim," he ordered.

"We all know which bird her girlfriends fly and it isn't one of our Eagles, helios or Peregrines?"

"Oh," the jerk caught on.

"OK, guys – listen up and pass the word. My big secret's out. I doubt it would be secret for very long the first time any of you saw me in the hanger bay or saw that my plane wasn't there. I'm here to fly the Blackbird. Now that, that's clear, let's have no more discussion about my past, what my mission is, or why they brought a Yank China Doll up here to fly her."

"Don't even speculate guys!" Lt. Col. Wilburn emphasized.

"How do you like the 'Ark' so far, Anne Marie?" he asked me.

"I've been here less that a day, but I'll tell you, I've been to a few bases I'd sooner never drop in on again. At least we have electricity and indoor plumbing, plus you don't have mosquitoes the size of Lancaster's."

"You haven't jogged around the runway yet," one joked. "They're really the size of B-52's."

"Yeah," another added. "Advice, don't open your cockpit on the ground and wait until they fumigate your bird before you do."

"Tell me about it," a third joined with his 'war story'. Every pilot I'd ever know has a few. "I had to do an emergency landing last summer. I think baking to death in the cockpit of the Eagle until the Dolphin arrived might have been better than being eaten alive."

"Right, Carl."

We bantered for a couple of more rounds. "What's chances of a girl getting something to eat, Rog'? I'm starving," I asked.

"What would you like, Doll?" A menu was produced and we were all soon munching bar food.

We had one more round and I was fading fast, mostly from a lack of sleep, but the alcohol wasn't helping to keep me awake either. Thankfully Elise read the signs and stood.

"I'm going to call it a night, guys."

"Come on, Doll, you've a flight physical at oh seven hundred tomorrow." She extended her hand for me and the men stood to let me out from behind the table.


Six o'clock came much too early for me. Still, I had enough time to shower, dress first in my hot pink latex catsuit, which I had been told to wear, the rest of my flight uniform and put on my makeup before it was time to walk to the clinic. My roommates had pointed it out while we'd walked back to quarters from the hanger bay.

"Good morning, Major Bauer," a pleasant blonde nurse greeted me when I entered the Flight Surgeon's area after being directed there by the front desk.

"Hello, Lt. Marley," I read from her name tag. I also saw she wore wings on her crisp white uniform which was a marked improvement on the level that the clothing health care workers had become in the US.

"Did you bring your medical records?"

"No, they weren't given to me?" I answered. She made a face to express her annoyance, but smiled again.

"I just love when everything from when you last had a sore throat to your immunization record is classified."

"I do have my shot record," I extracted it from my purse and handed it to her. It had been sanitized as was the new 'official' passport I'd been given.

"That's a start. I'll need to copy this. Please start to fill out anything missing from your medical history." I was given a clipboard with the forms.

I sat and started to do as she'd requested, but almost everything had already been completed correctly.

"Here's your immunization record, Major." I walked over to take it.

"How'd all this get filled out if you don't medical records, Lieutenant?" I asked her.

"We don't. Your Air Force faxed us that data on your history, but it's not your full medical records.

"Is all of it correct, ma'am?" I told her it was. I didn't quibble about my sex being female or that my recent vaginal surgery was stated to be a hysterectomy to remove benign tumors. The surgical history also stated correctly that I'd had cosmetic breast enhancement and that the medications (hormones) I was taking were because of the vaginal surgery.

"Step over here so I may record your current height and weight, Major." The nurse laughed, probably because of my questioning expression. "Most of the times you'll visit us here, you'll be wearing the uniform you've on now, so we'll just use it as your base measurement. We already have its data from PE and the Quartermasters, eh?" OK, I could accept that.

"Right then, fifty-seven decimal eight kilos and one hundred eighty-three centimeters in your sexy boots." She entered the figures on the new record chart she'd created. Next my temperature, blood pressure and pulse were measured.

"If you will, Major, I'll require a urine sample, please?" I went into the restroom and provided it.

"We now are faced with a bit of a sticky wicket."

"Why is that, Lieutenant?"

"Because I need some blood samples and I'm fully aware of all you have on. Major, do you think we could roll up one of the sleeves?"

"I'll need to get out of my flight suit, at least the top half."

"Why not come in one of the examining rooms? You'll need to anyway when the flight surgeon examines you."

Immediately apparent was that there were the stirrups installed on the table when I entered.

"No need to remove your flight boots." The nurse helped me out of the black flight suit. I thought of just how I must have looked and giggled.

"I must look like some kinky fetish model to you in high heeled boots, black gloves and this pink latex catsuit."

"A very attractive one though and you aren't charging me thirty dollars to see just low resolution videos either, Major. I didn't quite expect that colour though.

"Now let's see what we can do about a sleeve." She peeled down my kid glove then the latex one, but didn't take them off my hand. Together, we folded the sleeve back far enough to expose half my forearm which was enough for her to find a vein and draw the six vials that she wanted.

"Let's get you into the stirrups then doctor can examine you, Major," Nurse Marley had restored the sleeve of my catsuit and gloves then helped me on my back. My knees were lifted into the GYN stirrups. I felt she stretched my knees far too widely apart; certainly more than necessary then folded the panel that had supported my rear down so I was practically in suspension.

To effectively seal the suit, the zipper placket interlocks like the zipper on a Zip-Lok Baggie®. She placed her fingers to grip the front tab of the double-ended crotch zipper of my catsuit and drew it down over my clit where they lingered a moment. Her blue eyes briefly met my eyes then averted and her hand left. Most definitely, she was playing with me. I felt a bit flattered.

"Are you into D&S, nurse?" She grinned at me, but didn't answer.

"Doctor will be in shortly, Major." At the door, she paused to look at me with a coy smile then left. I was left - completely exposed. I felt relatively helpless and quite vulnerable. Of course I could have extricated myself, but...

"Good morning, Anne Marie," the flight surgeon was the Lt. Colonel in the initial briefing whose voice I'd recognized as one of the doctors who'd participated in my surgeries.

"Hello, Doctor," I returned.

He stared between my spread thighs. "I see Angela has ... taken some liberties ... again. Obviously you've piqued her interest," he grinned.

He moved my knees a little closer together. "I'm going to unzip your suit a little more.

"How have you been with your recovery?" he asked as he removed the plastic stent from my pussy. "Talk to me while I clean this for you?"

"Recovery has been going well. I think it has been more of adapting to new body parts and old ones I longer have than to the actual procedures, doc."

"Let's start on top." He'd dried his hands and turned on his stool then rolled between my spread legs while donning surgical gloves. "Tell me about your breasts, any problems?"

"All the soreness is gone. Just as I was told, wearing a good bra helped there. I've been wearing corset since yesterday and that seems to help even more since they can't bounce up and down."

"Are your nipples sensitive?" he asked.

"No, not really; I was told the hormones needed to get established and not to expect anything for three to six months."

"I'm going to touch you down here. Please tell me if you feel anything."

His fingers separated my labia and his fingertips ran along them. "It tickles a little, but no earthquakes."

"Girl, if you told me I was doing that to you, I'd know you were lying.

"How about here?" He started to fondle my clitoris.

"Mmm... Gives me something to look forward to, but the same."

"That's all as expected. I'm going to spread you a bit here for a look inside." I felt the cold steel appliance gently inserted and begin to open my nether lips. His hand went inside, poking and probing about.

"Anything hurt or any soreness?"

"No, feels kind of nice," I stated.

"Are you keeping the stent in all the time?" he asked.

"Except to shower and douche twice a day."

"You don't need to do that. Two hours a day is enough now."

"Am I doing any harm if I do?"

"No, none. Why would you want to?"

I hesitated... "Because it feels ... well ... nice."

He chuckled, but made no comment. With the stretcher thing closed, my doctor removed the device and gently reinserted the stent.

"Let me feel you do some Kegel exercises?"

"It might help if I understood what it is exactly that you want me to do?" I asked.

"Clench and unclench your muscles here while I move the stent." I tried, but felt very embarrassed.

"Doc, this ... is embarrassing while your playing with what, essentially is a dildo ... there."

"You need to do this, Anne Marie... Would you better if Angela did it?" I bit my lips.

"Yes," I admitted.

He left his stool to call for her. Nurse Marley entered and grinned down at me. My doctor had rolled to sit on the side of the room.

"One hour of Kegel exercises, please, Nurse Marley?" If she could have grinned more, she was.

Before doing anything else, she readjusted the stirrups even further apart then before until I felt like she was going to split me open then put on surgical gloves.

"OK. I'm going to move this in and out slowly. I want to feel resistance when I push it in and when I pull it out, Anne Marie." Her use of my first name took me a bit by surprise, but I took no real offence.

I tried to do as I was told. "That's it, squeeze." I'd no confidence that I was doing what she wanted correctly, but her encouragement helped. I was still embarrassed that a man was watching me intently, especially when my mind started to think of just what this scene must look like to a guy.

I placed my hands on Angela to stop her. "Doctor, streaming video show is over for now. Would you please leave?" I asked. Without a word, I watched him close the file and do as I'd requested. When the door closed, I released one of Angela's hands and moved her other one to my breast.

"Where were we?" I smiled at her.


"Other then in a medical capacity, what do Canadian Forces regulations state regarding what you and I have been doing for the past ninety minutes, Angela?" She helped my into my flight suit after sealing my latex catsuit.

"Basically, it is acceptable. They request that we avoid any public displays while in uniform, but it's not a problem for them if we're in our civies.

"Even here on the Ark, we have our own club. You just have to be little careful about rank. They do frown on commissioned officers fraternizing intimately with enlisted and NCO's, Anne Marie, but we don't have enough personnel for separate facilities. For two in the O'club it's OK too, but I'd stay out of the flight bar."

I debated my thoughts then got the courage to say them to her, "May I buy you dinner tonight, Angie?"

She lit up and smiled, "It's been a while since anyone called me Angie. Yes, I'd like that."

"Where would you like to go?" Being less then familiar with the complex and just what it offered as options, I had to ask.

"Our club only does pub foods, which aren't that good, and the food court really isn't ... well you know.

"I'd like to go to the O'club, if you don't mind us being ... well, seen, you know? It's been a long time since I was there and their food is the best."

I had to laugh, "OK, they can fire me. No, I don't mind.

"What's the dress code?"

"Class A's or tasteful civies; no pants for the girls."

I had a small salad at the food court for lunch then went shopping. Being the military complex that it was, they at least tried to make the personnel stationed there have a few amenities and provided a small clothing shop for the female personnel. Angie had told me where it was.

Just as anyone might expect, the offerings, while stylish, weren't extensive, but I did find a 'perfect' little black dress with long-sleeves in an elastic knit. I also bought a couple of sterling herringbone necklaces. I wondered how I could possibly get someone to ship me my wardrobe from my off-base apartment in the States.

In quarters, I took a long hot shower, washed out my rubber suit and took my time getting ready.

"You are really going to be a hit with the guys at the bar tonight, Anne Marie," Elise smiled approval. She and Judy had entered our lounge as I'd emerged from the bathroom after doing my makeup.

"Bet, you got a date already? You move quick," Judy grinned. "Who is it, Colonel Wilburn?"

"He really had eyes for you last night," Elise added.

"No, not Rog'."

"Who then? None of the other guys would make a move on you with his arm wrapped around you."

"Yea, come on, Anne Marie, which one of the guys asked you out?" Elise added.

"First Lieutenant Marley."

"Angela?" Judy exclaimed, "the nurse in the Flight Surgeons' section? But don't you know she's a..."

"Angie's a what, Judy? A lesbian?" I interrupted in challenge. "Is that what you were going tell me?

"Yes, I learned that before inviting her to dinner at the O'club."

"You are on very thin ice, girl," Elise cautioned.

"So? Discharge me and send me home," I shrugged. She glared at me, but said nothing further.

I turned to Judy and waited for her to say something similar.

"You just enjoy your friend. Remember you have class at oh seven hundred, just be there in proper uniform.

"I used to say that Angela was the prettiest girl, here, Anne Marie," Judy grinned. "I can't any more.

"Last night you acted a bit skittish with the guys."

"I'd not slept in thirty hours, had a busy day... OK, I'll say it, I'm not comfortable with a strange guy pulling me close and hugging me, Judy."

Her smile warmed a little, "Why do I have this voice inside suggesting you might not be exactly thrilled even if he wasn't a complete stranger.

"Come on, I'll help you pack your uniform for the morning, just in case."

Angela looked delightful in a skimpy white linen-like dress and white heels when she invited me in. She stared at my bag, took it with a small smile and placed it in her bedroom.

"We'll see," she said.

I hesitated then took her in a hug for a light kiss. Though she's a couple of inches taller, my higher heels compensated.

"Mmm... Yes, most definitely, we'll just have to see..."

"Before we leave; I don't want to cause any trouble, what are the rules for engagement again, for a couple like us here?"

"The same as for the guys and girls together; no public displays of affection while in uniform ... except maybe in the flight bar, but I strongly advise we don't go there; we will not be welcome, especially since you're a pilot.

"No argument from me there."

Angie locked her quarters and sought my hand. As we walked, we got a few looks, but I didn't see them as anything more then either of us might have drawn if we'd been by ourselves. Angie is quite attractive and I was very pleased with how I looked. Even before I had real breasts and things that didn't belong in my panties, I'd always been satisfied with my looks when dolled up.

We didn't converse during our walk and soon reached the club.

"Good evening ladies," the host greeted. "Would you like to wait for your escorts in the lounge?"

"No, two for dinner please?" I requested.

"A booth please?" Angie added.

"Yes, please excuse me; this club is for officers only."

Angie produced her ID before I'd thought to. "Yes, thank you, Lieutenant. I've not seen you here previously." The host returned her card and turned to me.

Reading my ID showing that I was a USAF Major along with the club membership card I'd been given caused his bearing to become markedly more military.

"Thank you, Major," He took two menus from the pile.

"This way please, ladies?" He led us to a dark row of booths on a dais towards the back. The main dining room was largely obscured by a half height wall topped with turned spindles.

"Your server will along shortly. Enjoy your evening, ladies."

We began to look at our menus. "Would you like wine, Angie? I'm thinking of a nice steak."

"Red wine does nothing for me, but go ahead," she replied.

"That's a silly rule only snobs use, just like red wine is never chilled. I'm going to order a bottle of nice German wine." Angie giggled.

"Now you're talking!"

"Hey, Angela, what brings you here? I thought you never came here," I heard from behind me.

"Oops, sorry, I mean Lt. Marley. I forgot where I was," it was Pte. Jerkin.

"Good evening," she looked at me then froze.

"Major Bauer?" poor Josie seemed perplexed by what she was seeing.

"Hello, Josie. How are you?" I smiled.

"Fine, ma'am.

"Are you ready to order?" I ordered the wine I'd selected and she left to prepare it.

"Josie knows me from our other club," Angie seemed a bit embarrassed to tell me, but must have felt a need to explain.

I helped her over it, "Perhaps we can go there another night," I suggested, which caused her to brighten.

Throughout our meal, we talked easily about of our pasts, or some of mine. Angie was from Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia and had attended nursing school in Toronto after graduating college there.

"I always liked Toronto," I commented, "I've been there three times. "Vancouver is even better."

My date had never visited the US, so I had to tell her that things weren't really very different, but for the more puritanical nature of the bigots and hypocrites.

We enjoyed each others company and a delicious meal. Neither of us had more to drink then splitting the one bottle of wine. After I'd settled the bill, we were leaving the club with one arm around the other's waist when a major from the group I'd sat with the previous night entered with a woman. Angela tensed and I hugged a little tighter.

"Hello, Doll." His eyes fell to where my arm was placed then examined Angela.

"Hello, Major," I returned with a smile.

He rudely turned and led his companion into the dining room, "A fuckin' lesbian! Damn!" I heard him say.

"That's exactly what is wrong with you, arsehole! And your, oh so macho, friends!" his companion stated loudly. I heard a slap and she grabbed my free hand as she passed us.

"Come with me, please?" When I looked, she seemed near to tears. She led us outside then turned to face us.

"What the hell is wrong with men?" she demanded.

"They are only capable of thinking with their dick, ma'am." Angie tugged me. "Good night, ma'am."

We'd walked just a short way when she asked, "I'd like it if I could show you off to some of my friends ... please?"

"Sure, but please, let's make it an early night, Angie?"

Still, holding each other, we entered the gay club that my date frequented. A nice tune was playing from the sound system and I was pulled onto the dance floor without being asked. Backing away, just a bit, Angie started to dance. I've never been into the club scene, but seeing her gyrating and grinning at me, I started to try to mimic her moves. Angie smiled at me and blew a kiss.

"Hey, look at what Angela landed!"

"Wow, what a doll!"

"Way to go, Ange baby!" I heard her friends encourage. I quickly discovered that we were alone on the dance floor. When the dance ended another started immediately. It was slow and Angie positioned herself to accept the lead; I just moved into her and let her take me in her arms. It felt just soooo ... good!

We kissed deeply when the dance ended and her friends applauded us. Nothing else would do, until my new girlfriend introduced me to everyone there. Not a big crowd, with only fifteen, including the help, besides us. Only five of them were girls

"Sit with us, Angie!" a gorgeous redhead invited. Another got me a chair and set it near the one vacated for my date.

We talked easily together until my purpose in being there arose and I had to answer, "It's classified."

It wasn't long, before we found ourselves sitting alone. "Let's leave," I suggested. Angela didn't argue.

It was just past ten when we reached her quarters.

"Wine?" she invited.

"Just one, please, I've got an oh seven hundred class?"

"I've got to be on duty then too, so no problem from me." While she poured, I used the time to remove my dress, shoes and pantyhose then slipped on my satin nightshirt. I'd hoped to find something prettier when shopping for my dress, but nothing there had appealed to me.

Angie grinned when she handed me the glass and set hers down. "Just be a minute." She went into the bedroom and reemerged wearing just her thong, white garter belt and stockings.

We thoroughly enjoyed each other before retiring to her single bed before midnight to fall asleep in each others arms.


For the next two weeks, I attended classes taught by Judy and Elise. Angie and I dated twice a week, as I really needed more sleep than I'd been getting – it was enough for both of us.

My roommates liked the flight bar happy hours and frequently one or both didn't return to quarters, so I usually ate and spent my evenings alone, studying the manuals for the CF-112.

"Ready for something a bit different today, Anne Marie?" Elise asked as we ate breakfast together in the club.

"Sure, what's up?"

"Your bird is upstairs and after we do cockpit familiarization, they'll power it up and you get to do some taxi practice and if you're comfortable, hi-speed taxis on the runway."

"Don't you dare take off," Judy sternly ordered.

"I'll be a good girl," I smiled. The thought of flying again for the first time in months was too precious to think of screwing up.

There was an elevator that emerged in the base of the retractable control tower that we took to the surface tarmac. Both of the CF-112's were parked there and were surrounded by support personnel.

"Good morning, Major," Josie smiled and she gave a smart salute. I returned her salute and greeting.

Judy introduced me to my crew chief, Sergeant George Myers. We did a thorough preflight on my bird and both my friends and my crew chief instructed me on how the plane was to be inspected and the things I'd need to pay attention too.

"Ready to strap her on, Major?" Sgt. Meyers asked.

"You bet," I grinned.

"Josie, you're up." He motioned her onto the roll away platform on the port side next to the cockpit, I followed her when Judy waved towards the top.

"Major, I'll be touching you ... intimately, for a few minutes," my Personnel Equipment technician seemed apologetic. After putting on surgical gloves, she knelt before me to unzip first my flight suit then my pink under suit.

I didn't see just what it was that she attached to the rubber suit, but felt that it was latex too. "I'm going to lubricate you now, ma'am." Her gloved fingers slipped into my rectum and I felt her push something up inside. The stent was slipped out of my vagina and the process was repeated.

"Climb into the cockpit, please?" Josie held my hand and helped me over the side of the fuselage.

"I'll guide you down onto the seat, ma'am." The damned dildo felt like a telephone pole as it slipped up my ass. It was not at all comfortable.

"Put you feet on the rudder pedals, please?" I found that these had cups for my toes to slip into. When I rested my heels, something moved to trap my feet so I could no longer remove them.

"The pedal release is here, ma'am." She pointed it out on the right side panel.

I'd been leaning forward, attempting to cope with the intruder in my butt. "Lean back." Josie gently pressed my shoulders until I was enveloped in the cushioned cavity. She started fastening wide straps above my breasts, below them, around my waist and low on my abdomen. Straps then came over my shoulders, crossed between my breasts and fastened to the sides near my waist.

"I can't move, Private," I told her when she'd snugged all of them.

"That's the intention, ma'am."

Josie leaned over and reached between my legs under the seat to swing up the dildo. Though not much fatter than my stent, it felt a lot larger in comparison when she slid it into my pussy. I felt it click into a detent just before she released.

"You're all set, ma'am. I'll put your helmet on when you are ready for the taxis."

"Thank you, Josie."

"You're welcome, ma'am.

"Majors Campbell and Ellsworth, Major Bauer is all strapped in," she reported.

Elise mounted the platform on the left that Josie vacated and Judy came up on the right.

"Power her up, Sarge, Judy ordered the crew chief. The GPU started and lights in the cockpit illuminated while they checked that I'd been properly installed in the cockpit.

For more than an hour they reviewed all the controls, displays and electronics with me until they were satisfied with my knowledge of the cockpit.

"Pte. Jerkin, she's ready?" Judy called my PE assistant."

"We're going to get in our plane. Your call sign is 'Blackbird zero one', ours is 'Tundra zero one'. Set your radio to Comm one channel two two one decimal five.

"Remember, no takeoffs!" Judy ordered.

"How you doing, Major?" Josie asked with a smile. She was a very pleasant girl.

"I'm not thrilled with these things inside of me,"

"Maybe if you think that Lieutenant Marley is here that might help?" she grinned

"You're out of line, Private," I warned, but wasn't serious enough to do anything about it.

She fit the Nomex® hood then my helmet. It was only after I'd tested the oxygen and radio that I discovered that a strap from the top of my helmet to the seat back had been fastened. I could still twist my head, but could no longer lean forward.

Pointing my finger up, I twirled to signal my crew chief that I was going to start the engines. After looking around to assure the area was clear, Sgt. Myers gave me a thumbs-up.

Number one started and was all in the green, I brought number two up. I gave him a thumbs-up and signaled to pull the umbilical to the GPU before closing and latching the canopy.

"Tower, Tundra zero one, permission for taxi practice." I heard Elise request. Once acknowledged I requested the same. I signaled my crew to yank the wheel chocks.

Tundra zero one was on my port side in formation position. There was nothing special about handling my plane on the ground with differential braking and throttles. Judy talked me through the maneuvers they wanted to see performed for close to an hour.

"Ready for high speed practice, Blackbird?"

"Affirmative," I replied. We requested permission to use the runway and pulled onto it together.

"No takeoffs, Blackbird!" Judy again ordered.

"Wilco, Tundra."

I did several simulated takeoffs using just full throttles and didn't plug in the burners. Just feeling how she handled at one hundred fifty knots, I was itching to punch the throttles past their detents.

"OK, Blackbird, taxi back to the apron and shut down. We'll break for debriefing then lunch."

Josie was beside me right after I opened the cockpit. "How do you like her, Major?"

"Great. I can hardly wait to fly her, Private."

"Any problems Major," Sgt Myers anxiously asked after my assistant extricated me from the cockpit and I'd climbed down.

"None, Sarge." I saw the crew pulling out the hoses to refuel the planes. "I want to fly her."

"Your bird will be ready for you, ma'am." He saluted and I returned it.

Until I walked to join my friends, I didn't realize that Josie hadn't removed the latex crotch liners with their appendages were still in me.

"How's the plane, Anne Marie?"

"Just great except for the sadistic seating accoutrements, Elise?" They just laughed.

"I'm pleased you obeyed me," Judy smiled.

"I don't think there's anything to debrief. We'll do a quick lunch then a fight briefing. Yes, based on how well you handled your bird on the ground, we'll go flying this afternoon." I was thrilled.


"Elise has front seat today," Judy told me. "Fly until you are comfortable with the plane then go ahead and wring her out. She'll try to stay on your wing. Just remember you're supposed to be in formation."

"I'm a better pilot than you, Judy, and you know it. Well see just how good our friend from south of the border is." They walked to their craft and I mounted the platform and turned myself over to Josie.

"I needed to open my suit to empty my bladder, so make sure I put that thing back on properly."

"Yes ma'am."

"Tower, Blackbird fight - request clearance to taxi."

"Clear to taxi, Runway two seven. Wind, two one five, fifteen knots. Altimeter three zero zero six.

"Roger, altimeter three zero zero six, Blackbird."

As I approached the runway, tower cleared us for takeoff.

I locked the brakes and waited until Elise was in position. "Blackbird flight, throttles full.

"In the green, zero one."

"Burners now." I ordered.

My bird left the ground in twenty-one hundred feet and two hundred five knots.

"Gear up."

"Flaps up."

I accelerated to three hundred knots and went out of afterburner passing flight level two zero zero.

For half an hour, I left the wings extended and stayed at three hundred knots while doing S-turns and chandelles. Elise hung in tight the entire time.

I eased up to four hundred knots and ordered the wings retracted. As expected, my plane handled completely differently and I spent fifteen minutes getting the feel of her in that configuration.

"Tundra, Blackbird, I'm going to wring her out. Ready?"

"Give it your best shot, Blackbird, I'll be right here with you," Elise replied with a chuckle.

Without warning, I plugged the afterburners and accelerated to six hundred knots quickly. She was right there when I pulled back to the detent and pulled the stick back to enter an over the top maneuver. As my attitude became ninety degrees, I rolled one hundred eighty and sucked on the stick to do a modified split S.

Laugher filled the channel, "OK, Blackbird, you got me. Good move. Let's change the game to attack and evade.

"Zephyr control, Tundra zero one."

"Go, Tundra."

"Blackbird flight is now Blackbird zero one and Tundra zero one."

"Zephyr, Rodger."

"You're mine, Blackbird!"

I had an idea and switched to a classified ground air defense radar frequency I remembered from my early flying before becoming a test pilot. "Caribou control, Blackbird zero one, squawking ident."

"Tally ho, Blackbird. How may we help?"

"Use landline to inform Zephyr you have me. Tundra zero one and I are playing search and avoid.

"Rodger, Blackbird." Surprisingly, he didn't question who I was or how I was on their channel.

"Can you skin paint me? IFF off."

"We have you, Blackbird. We have only one other bogie, intercept course one two eight, eighteen miles."

"Blackbird, Rodger, thanks for your help, guys."

"Our pleasure, Blackbird, it gets a bit boring here watching blank screens.

"Roger that."

I'd turned to intercept and had Elise on radar. My plane wasn't loaded, but the devices on the wing stanchions had all the tracking gear of air-to-air missiles. I turned on the switches, but nothing happened.

"Damn," I muttered. I'd been clenching the muscles in my ass and pussy, just attempting to deal with the uncomfortable invaders. When I did it again, my earphones started to beep and red circles surrounded the target on my radar. Elise took immediate evasive action just as I got a visual and the beeping stopped. I maneuvered to continue the intercept, but lost her.

"Blackbird, Caribou, target is two one three, five hundred forty knots climbing flight level four two zero."

"Blackbird, roger."

I switched off the 'weapons' and flew the intercept at six hundred knots with the vectors Caribou fed me. With my own radar and Caribou's guidance I had a visual and was soon right on her tail. Just for the fun, I went inverted.

My plane passed over her canopy only a few feet apart and I waved at them. A plane length ahead, I came upright, dropped below her flight path, popped the speed brakes for just a brief moment and was on her tail.

Missiles switched on, I clenched my pussy hard and had a lock-on. With the radio tuned to guard channel, I said, "Bang, bang, Gotcha Tundra."

Elise laughed, "I just want to know how, you little lynx?"

"Join my wing, Tundra, we'll return to base."

"Caribou, Blackbird. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate."

"Your most welcome, Blackbird. Hope to see you around."

"Blackbird switching Zephyr. Thanks again.

"Zephyr, Blackbird flight, ident, returning to base."

"Roger, Blackbird. Heading zero six three." He gave me wind and the altimeter setting.

We descended to three thousand feet and extended our wings.

Ten miles out, Zephyr switched us to the tower.

"OK Tell me how you did it, Anne Marie?" Elise was beside me with Judy at her side as we walked back to our quarters.

"You are buying me drinks and dinner tonight, right?" I grinned.

She laughed, "Yea, you deserve it. I really thought I was hot shit, that was before I flew against you.

"But it's going to be flight bar fare. I'm not getting dolled up for the dinning room."

"Fine, I'll tell you there; I'm sure everyone wants to know."

We freshened up and I took out that thing that Josie had inserted in my crotch. With more makeup on, I was feeling pretty good though I wanted out of my stupid rubber suit.

When we entered the flight bar, the bell started to clang and all of the guys started to cheer; Elise had forgotten to remove her beret.

"Twice today, I've gotten beat. Damn," she still smiled.

"OK Guys, you got me! A round on me!"

Colonel Wilburn was beside me and pulled me into his arms. I wanted no part of him or his alcohol breath.

"Let go of me, please?" I asked sternly. He didn't fight when I pushed his arms off of me.

"What's the matter, Doll? I just want a kiss."

I darted my head and quickly gave a light kiss on the cheek. "There, you've had your kiss. Now, leave me alone and keep your hands off me, sir!" Most of the guys went silent and just stared at us. He glared at me, but said nothing.

The bar wasn't crowded and Elise was thankful for a small tab. I was thankful to get an empty table.

We were sipping our drinks when a Captain in a United States Air Force uniform interrupted. "Excuse me, ladies. Is one of you Blackbird zero one?"

"I'm Blackbird," I said flatly. His face lit up and he smiled.

"That was nice flying today, ma'am. I'm Bill Hutchinson, Caribou Control."

"Well, hi to you, Bill," I gave him a big smile. "Pull up a chair." I slid mine closer to Judy and Elise made more room. Both my roommates were staring in question. I introduced them.

"That was quite a bit of interesting flying this afternoon. We all had fun watching you intercept and destroy Tundra zero one, ma'am." Elise stiffened.

"Please, just Anne Marie here, Bill." I signaled the waitress and she took Bill's order and I ordered us another round.

"Bill, I'm Elise. I was Tundra zero one today."

'Hi," he returned.

"If I may say, you flew well today too, but you stood very little chance of avoiding what happened. I'd put sixteen F-15's on hot alert and would have launched them if Blackbird hadn't taken you out."

"Just who the hell are you?" Elise demanded.

"I'm Detachment Commander of Caribou Control, ma'am. We're part of the DEW line under NORAD.

"May I call you Elise, ma'am?"

"Elise is fine," she wasn't pleased and glared at me.

Judy interrupted, "I was told that the DEW line was no longer active?"

"Don't believe all you've been told, ma'am."

"OK, so, tell us what you did today?" Elise asked. Judy shouted for the room's attention.

"Blackbird called us and requested our help. She was up front telling us the intercept game you were playing.

"Blackbird turned off IFF, but we could skin paint her."

"Damn it," Elise muttered. "And you had me fully displayed and squawking the entire time!

"Go on."

"We fed Blackbird all of the intercept data, so she was on your tail. We were a bit surprised that her missiles weren't tracking long before she joined on you, Elise."

"My systems would have alerted me and given me some kind of chance against her." Elise looked at me.

"You had them turned off, didn't you?" Elise demanded with a smile. I grinned and nodded.

She returned my smile. "So, from the time I announced the new game, you had me beat before we even started."

"You always were a little slow, Elise," it was Col. Wilburn who jibed at her.

"Oh, so you think you're really better, Mr. Flyboy? Put your four Peregrines up against the two of us and we'll see who the better pilots are," Elise challenged. In my career, I'd never met a fighter pilot who'd refuse such a challenge; if not to defend his misplaced pride and prove his imagined masculine superiority, then for the sport of it.

I touched Bill's arm, got his attention and signaled to keep silent. He nodded barely.

"Ha, you're on, Elise. A pretty Yank skirt, you and Judy – two birds against my four, you're on."

I decided to add my own conditions. "No external fuel. Takeoff oh four hundred Friday morning, Rog'."

"That's too damn early!" he protested. I'd guessed Rog's fondness for late night boozing at the bar.

"You tossed the gauntlet and it is my choice of weapons. Accept or forfeit. Either way, you lose." My military discipline kept me from adding more that would only get me in trouble.

I treated Bill to dinner with my friends and enjoyed a good night.

"Friday, after we beat his pants off, you are invited to dinner here in the dining room with my girlfriend, Judy and Elise, Bill. If you want to bring a date, that's kewl."

"I'll look forward to the victory party, Anne Marie. Thanks again for the show," Bill left us.

"Are you really going to bring Angela here for dinner?" Elise questioned.

"Yes, we've dined here once before.

"You are both welcome to bring dates."

I think Elise was going to say more, but Judy nudged her to keep quiet.

"We'll look forward to the party.

"Tell us what you want to do tomorrow?" Judy changed the subject.

Over hot sandwiches for supper, I outlined my training and practice thoughts for the coming days.

Before Bill departed, I'd called him aside for a brief discussion of what else I wanted.

"Can do, Anne Marie." I rewarded him with a light kiss.


The End Part I




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