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Maid To Please             by: Patricia Anne Anderson


"Sissy, come in here this moment screamed my wife.

"Yes Mistress." I replied.

That was what she did lately and it was my own fault that I was in this precarious situation. I am a crossdresser and I have been since I was about 10. I have always had a fascination for womans clothing. How I came to this role in life was interesting to say the least. It was a Saturday night and my wife Caroline was at work and I didn’t expect her home for quite a while. So I went into our bedroom and took out some of my wives clothes. Now I am not very big only 5’6" tall and very slim so my wife’s clothes do fit me rather well as she is the same size. I went to the bathroom and started a bath and then stripped off my clothes. I took the shaving cream and razor and shaved my legs and chest so there was no hair on me. My pubic area was shaved into a nice little heart patch and my balls were clean of hair also. I loved the smell and feel of the bubbles and I lounged in the bath. When I got out I sprinkled on baby powder and went to the bedroom. My shoulder length hair was styled so that it could be combed into a female style at any time.

I tucked my cock and balls between my legs and pu7lled the red satin panties up my legs. God did they ever feel good and then I put on the matching bra and stuffed my breast forms in the cups. I now had a size 36C chest and it looked good. I sat at the vanity and put on my make up like any girl would. I styled my hair and went to the closet and took out a dress. A black one that was really short it came up to mid thy. I sat on the bed and pulled the silk nylons up my legs and when I stood up the hem of the dress I was wearing just barely covered the tops of the nylons.

"Aren’t you a sexy thing you." I said to myself.

The shoes came next a pair of black paten leather pumps with 5" heels. I put them on my feet and attached the ankle strap. The last item was complete and I stood up and walked across the room to stand in front of the full length mirror. I was a knock out as usual. I went down stairs and sat in my favorite chair. I had put in a tape in the VCR. The tape was a movie about transvestites and their escapades. Now I had to hide these because if Caroline ever saw them.

I was relaxing in front of the TV when the door knob turned and in walked my wife. The look on her face was one of pure astonishment.

"Oh my god, Patrick is that you?"

I was caught and I didn’t know what to do. She just stood there and glared at me like I was something from a horror movie. I was blushing really red at this time and she came over and sat next to me. She didn’t appear to be mad at me and when she kissed me on the forehead I was stumped.

"You look very nice Patrick, why didn’t you tell me, we have been married for 6 years and you didn’t say a word."

"Well I was afraid you would leave me honey."

"I would do nothing of the sort my dear."

The fat was in the fire now and I knew it. She hugged me and told me that if I wanted to persue this she would help as much as she could. I had no idea just how far she would carry this. She told me to come into the bedroom where she told me to get undressed. She was doing the same and I just knew that she wanted something. She had me leave on the nylons, panties and bra. That night we had the best sex I had ever had.

As she finished and I had cum inside her she straddled my face and told me , no ordered me to eat her pussy and taste her juices as well as mine. Now this is something she had never done before. When I wanted to stop she told me to continue and my mouth was filled with her juices as she had a shattering orgasm. The whole night went like this and it felt nice.

Caroline then did something that surprised me. She got on top of me and straddled me and we made love that way for the and last time. As I said the night was fantastic and we fell asleep in each others arms. That would be the last time I was to experience normal sex. That in I would never be able to touch her again accept to eat her pussy.

The next morning when we got up she ordered me to go take a bath and to come back in. After the bath I went into the bedroom and Caroline was screwing some sort of hook into the ceiling. I didn’t know what to expect and I really didn’t want to know. I had on my robe and she told me to take it off. Out came a pair of handcuffs with fur on them and as she attached them to my wrists I was puzzled. Then she attached a rope to them and put them through the ring in the ceiling. She pulled on the rope and I was pulled into the air till just the tips of my toes were touching the floor. She left me like that as she got dressed. When she started to leave I was puzzled.

"I will be back in a little while my dear, don’t go anywhere." she said with a smile.

Not that I was really going anywhere. Here I was trussed up like a prize turkey and the cuffs were starting to get uncomfortable. It must have been hours I was trussed up like that. When Caroline finally came back she had a bunch of bags.

"I went shopping for you dear so that you won’t have to wear any of my clothes again."

She put the bags on the bed and started to empty them. She took out what looked like a corset and held it up to me. Then she put it around me and cinched up the front. It was so tight that I could hardly breath and. She started lacing up the back and she must have taken 3 or 4 inches off of my waist.

"There that should be enough my dear."

She took out a measuring tape and my waist was down to a mear 22 inches. I could hardly breath and when she let me down it was even worse. Then she picked up something that looked like an elastic panty. The front of it had what appeared to be a well shaped vagina. She took off my panties and stuffed my balls up inside me. She did likewise with my cock and then she pulled that panty up my legs and around my waist. It fit like a second skin and there was a hole in the back so I could go to the bathroom and a little hole in front where I could urinate if needed but I couldn’t stand like always I had to sit like a woman. Then she replaced the panties I had been wearing. Then she took something out of a box, it was a French maids uniform.

She had me stand up and I stepped into the uniform. It was powder blue and had a whole bunch of lace around the hem and sleeves. It didn’t even cover the tops of the nylons I was wearing. Then my wife opened another box and held up the red petticoat and told me to step into it. She pulled it up around my waist and pulled the skirt back down over it. It fluffed out the skirt and when I bent over my panties were clearly in view.

The shoes she had for me to wear must have had 8 or 9 inch heels as when she put them on my feet I had to stand nearly on my tip toes. Now complete she had me walk around for a while. The petticoat made a swishing sound as I walked and really felt good on my legs.

"This is how it will be from now on my dear. you will be the house maid when you aren’t at work I expect you to be here dressed in your uniform, oh and one other thing the only sex you will get from now on will be when I let you and then only to satisfy me."

Now this really bothered me I wasn’t expecting this at all. That whole afternoon I cleaned the house, did laundry and didn’t get to stop till she was satisfied. The master bedroom was off limits unless she required my presence.

"Now if you are thinking of rebelling against me here are a few pictures that I could circulate among your friends and fellow workers, I am sure they would get a kick out of these don’t you?"

She had me, my sweet loving wife had me trapped. There wasn’t a thing I could do. I never knew that she could be such a dominant person but here was proof. When I went to bed that night I was bone tired and my feet hurt. The dreams I had that night were needless to say terrible. I got up the next day and went to work as usual but with one twist I had to wear a bra and panties under my business suit. And of course there were the ever present nylons that I had to wear. When I went to the bathroom I had to make sure I was alone so no one would see. Little did I know that my wife Caroline had other plans for me.

When I got home that night she had a surprise for me. There was a lady there that I had never met before. She was wearing a white nurses uniform and she had a doctors bag with her.

"Hello honey, this is Melinda Sharp and she is a doctor at the clinic I go to. She is a gynecologist."

Now what in the world would she need a gynecologist for I wondered. I would soon find out as she took out a vile of liquid from her bag and a nasty looking needle. She put all the liquid from the vile into a syringe and told me to droop my pants. I did as I was told and my wife didn’t care that I was embarrassed or not.

"There Caroline that should do the trick, there won’t be any visible changes for about 3 months or so."

Visible changes? what was she talking about. I was now lost as the shot hurt and I was rubbing my behind.

"Run along now Patricia and get ready for bed"

I went to what was now my room and I took off my male clothes and slipped into the nightgown she had bought me. I put on a robe and went to the living room. The two woman were discussing my case as she put it.

"Her breasts will begin to develop in about a month but what I suggest is that you make arrangements to have breast augmentation."

"I have thought about that but isn’t it expensive?"

"Well yes but if you get it done at my clinic I won’t charge you that much."

"Well we will make arrangements then."

Now this was scarring me but actually I always dreamed of having real breasts ever since I was small. But the effect of real breasts would be devastating, how would I hide them at work? My wife had other plans for me. The next few months were unusual to say the least. When my wife wanted to be satisfied she would call me into her room and I would have to lick her pussy till she orgasmed. By now my breasts were indeed developing and on top of a weekly shot I had to take pills three times a day. My skin was getting softer and my penis seemed to be shrinking and It was getting harder and harder for me to get a hard on. I figured out that the shots I was getting were a concentrated female hormone laced with a testosterone blocker. My balls were also getting smaller and almost seemed to disappear.

The discipline sessions I had to endure were getting more and more frequent and she had me in a new corset that brought my waist down to a mere 19 inches. One night when she came home I was doing the dishes and she told me to go to the basement where she had built a sort of dungeon. There were all sorts of devices there things like a bar in the ceiling that she would occasionally hook my wrists to and pull me up till my toes were the only thing that touched the floor. But that wasn’t all, there was a paddling chair there that she would occasionally use to spank me till I cried. There was also a sort of padded hoarse there that she would strap me to and use a dildo on me. But the real fun was yet to begin.

One night while I was in my room getting dressed she came in with a rather provocative outfit.

"Here this is what you will wear for tonight."

What was going on that night? I was really in the dark. By now I couldn’t go to work any more and had to quit my job because I couldn’t hide the physical changes. My natural breasts had grown to a size 34B and they seemed to be growing. I put-on the dress she had given me and it was really short. It was another maids uniform black in color with a real deep beck line to show allot of cleavage. When I did that she told me to9 go to the dungeon. I went to the basement and waited. She came in and she had an evil looking woman with her. They tied me to the wall brace in a kneeling position. Then the woman took the dildo that my wife used on me and she put it up to my lips and told me to suck on it. I did as I was told and she shoved the thing in all the way.

"OK that should loosen her up." she said with an evil grin..

It wasn’t long and I knew what they were talking about. As I knelt there tied up a huge man came into the room. He was grinning from ear to ear and all he wore was a jock strap. It looked like he had a log in his jock and it frightened me. It didn’t take me long to realize why he was there. He walked over to me and as he spoke I got scared.

"Ahhhhhh, so this is the sweet little sissy they want me to break in, you look absolutely delicious."

He walked up to me and took the penis gag out of my mouth and put the head of his huge cock to my lips. He was big at least 8 inches soft, I wondered how big he would be when hard. I would soon find out as he started pumping his cock and I could see the precum on the tip.

"Stick your tongue out bitch and taste it."

I did as I was told and it didn’t taste bad at all. He was indeed huge at least 14 inches hard and a full 4 inches in circumference.

"Open your mouth sissy and suck on it."

I opened my mouth and tried to get as much of that monster in as I could. It was pushed in to the back of my throat and I nearly gagged. I couldn’t breath and was about to pass out when he withdrew all but the tip. Then he slammed it in again and this time more went down my throat. He continued this for at least a half hour and soon I was taking the whole thing down my throat. When he was satisfied that I could take the whole thing he held my head as he fucked my mouth. He was a monster and his staying power was really long. He fucked my face for at least half hour and my mouth was sore. He started to fuck me faster and faster and as he groaned he shoved his cock all the way down my throat and I felt him get even stiffer and then the cum started flowing as sprit after sprit of the stuff shot down my throat. I was gagging and choking on the stuff as he shot volly after volley down my throat. When he was done he didn’t go soft he remained really hard. I was now very frightened what was going to happen next. I would soon find out. After he left that lady and my wife came back in. My wife released me from the floor and I was lead over to that ominous horse. My ankles and wrists were secured to the horse and my panties were pulled down. I could feel something being applied to my anus and even put up inside me. Then the two woman left again and in came a different man. He wasn’t as big as the first, not in size anyway but his cock was huge. Almost as big as the first guy’s and I cringed to think what he was there for. He came over to me and stood in back of me. He sounded Cajun or something like that.

"Ahh me pretty, I am here to break you in and teach you what love is all about."

He moved in closer to me and I felt the head of that monster cock against my hole I cringed as he pushed forward. I was powerless to do a thing and he continued his advance. He stopped when he had at least half in me .

"I don’t want to hurt you sweetheart, just relax."

I did what he told me to do and it didn’t seem to be as bad. He continued his assault on my back passage and when I felt his balls on my rear I knew he was all the way in. He seemed to relax for a bit as he let me get used to it.

"Yess you are a very tight little thing, you feel so good."

He started to withdraw from me slowly and I could feel every vein in his huge cock. When he got to the head he started back in. He was a good fucker and he knew what he was doing. God it lasted forever as this guy really knew how to fuck. He started a slow in and out movement that had me going nuts. Every time he hit my prostrate I would shudder and soon I experienced what I knew to be an orgasm. My stomach clenched and I could feel chills all over. I could also tell that I was cumming as the horse was getting rather slick right where my cock head was rubbing it. He continued for what seemed an hour before I heard him grunt

"I am going to cum, take all my cum, here it comes baby."

I felt him going bigger and then the first spirt of cum shot up into my bowels. It actually felt good as I had another orgasm myself. He continued to cum and I clamped down on his cock so that I could milk it all from him. When he was done he pulled out of me and came around to my front. He kissed me on the forehead and actually thanked me.

The two woman again entered the room and released me from the horse. They took me over to what looked like a foot stool and again I was secured by my wrists and ankles. They left the room and two different men came in. They too were also huge and when the came up to me they wasted no time. One crammed his cock in my mouth and the other went up my ass. I went completely blank at the moment I didn’t care any more all I wanted was these men to fuck me and fuck me good. They didn’t take as long as the others did but I was sore all the same. When my wife and that evil woman came back Caroline introduced me to the woman.

"This is mistress Amanda and she is going to be training you."

"Hello Patricia when I get done you will be the sissy maid you were meant to be."

At this point I didn’t care. The night was over for me and I was sent to my room I could hear my wife making love that night as I laid in my bed and cried. The next few months were a complete nightmare for me. Serving Mistress Amanda and doing what ever she wanted me to that included getting fucked and servicing her many boyfriends.

Occasionally I would be returned home so I could service my wife’s lovers and even her. But most of the time I was with Mistress Amanda. Three months had gone by and I was sent to a clinic where I went through breast augmentation. I was wondering when they would have me undergo surgery to become a real woman. That would never be as Mistress Amanda told me that I would keep my small penis so that I would be reminded just who I used to be and what I had become.

I was trained just for this purpose to be a personal maid to my wife and a loving sex slave for her many lovers. We were never divorced as I had an inheritance that she couldn’t get to or use with out me and if we divorced she would be left high and dry. But I was now in a life that I knew I was meant for.







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