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Maid to Perform                 by: Andi Pansy


Part One

Domestic Duties

I hear the bell ring and almost jump out of my skin. It always has that effect. I put the pair of panties I have just been washing back into the soapy water. Momentarily I think about how they smelt of my Mistress as I held them to my nose before starting to wash them. These ones smelt of just her, they weren’t stained with a mans cum.

There isn’t time to linger, I quickly dry my hands and start towards the lounge. On the way I stop to check my appearance in the hall full length mirror.

I look at my reflection and enjoy sensual feel of the feminine clothes against my skin, the tights, the pretty panties and bra encasing my false boobs. The slip feels especially delicious as I straighten my pink housecoat and tabbard.

There is no mistaking my position, my status.

I hurry on and am about to knock on the lounge door the bell sounds again. I have not been prompt enough and can expect to be punished. Taking several deep breaths I knock and enter.

My first action, as ever, when entering a room is to curtsey. This always makes me feel deeply submissive, especially if my Mistress has company. Then I wait, with my hands behind my back, looking at the floor just in front of me.

On this occasion I can tell she is displeased and feel very uncomfortable but I must not fidget.

"You took your time maid." She says impatiently.

"Yes Mistress, I humbly beg your forgiveness." I simper in response bobbing a curtsey.

There is more silence before she mockingly goes on,

"Well begging my forgiveness is simply not good enough my little sweet, you can write out one thousand times ‘I must be prompt for my Mistress when summoned’ when you go off duty tonight."

My heart sinks, I know this will eat into what little free time I have. Her punishments are always onerous and almost never titillating.

"As a treat you can carry out your punishment suitably attired. I know how you like wear pretty uniforms." She finishes with a derisory little smile before telling my to get her morning coffee. I thank her, bob a curtsey and leave for the kitchen.

Suitably attired means a traditional school uniform.

Since I wanted to serve Mistress in "frillies" I could, but I had to do so 24/7. At all times, I have to be dressed in the appropriate uniform dress or skirt and blouse and be well presented. Trousers of any form, even ladies slacks are not allowed.

Naturally this includes wearing the right amount of make-up and nail polish.

When I was a husband to my Mistress, much to her disgust, I would often slob around the house in jogging bottoms and T-shirt. My change in status means that I now have to pay special attention to my appearance at all times. No matter what I wear I have to be neat and tidy.

This emphasises my humiliation as a sissy male maid, I am always having to adjust my uniform either to respond to the ringing bell of my Mistress or more humiliatingly answer the front door.

The moments before I open the front door my stomach always turns in anticipation of who was about to be greeted by my little curtsey, symbolising my subservient position and leaving the caller in no doubt as to my position. I am here to serve in any way desired, promptly and cheerfully.


After delivering her coffee I can return to washing her lingerie, the interruption has caused me to be a bit behind schedule so I can not linger to enjoy the feel and smell of the soft sexy items, I have to get on.

For drying there is a small patio just outside the back door and soon the items are hanging out.

I stop for a drink, I am only allowed water, before moving onto my next task of cleaning her bathroom. This is a daily task and has to by done to the highest standard.

As I start work here, cleaning the sink I am as ever acutely aware of my uniform and the way it feels as I scrub away. I move onto the bath, then toilet, enjoying the way my uniform hugs me especially the tights and slip. I take great care, Mistress gives the cleanliness of her bathroom the highest priority.

I am not allowed to use any of these facilities, I have a toilet, sink and shower in my room. My shower only has a cold feed. A shower a day is mandatory.

As I work I can hear Mistress on the phone, laughing and talking. She sounds like she is on the phone to a man, this is confirmed when she finishes and she appears in the bathroom door. I have to get up off my knees to curtsey.

"Hurry up in here maid, then put out my crimson lingerie, Dave is coming over."

This confirms what I thought, she refers to her gorgeous crimson lingerie as her fucking kit. When I enter her bedroom after finishing her bathroom she is naked combing her luxurious hair. I curtsey and she scornfully glances at me.

I sort out her lingerie and set the items out on the bed then wait by the door. She finishes her hair then says,

"This is lovely lingerie isn’t it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes, it makes me look very sexy doesn’t it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes, it makes me feel very sexy as well. You’d love to wear it wouldn’t you, you’d love to.

It’s so soft as sexy.

I tell you what, you can kiss it. Each piece in turn"

I think of all the times I’ve caressed, smelt and kissed her lingerie but this is the first time I will do so in her presence. I blush and stutter

"Thank you Mistress."

She looks at me and smiles before mimicking my thanks and going on,

"Pathetic. Now, bend over and kiss it. Lets have your hands behind your back, you can kiss it not molest it."

"Thank you Mistress."

Before leaning over the bed and kissing the panties, bra and garter belt. I try not to linger and not to rush.

"Did you enjoy that?" She sweetly asks.

"Yes thank you Mistress, I did." I meekly reply.

She slowly puts the items on, I return to wait by the door staring at the ground in front of me. As she puts the lingerie on she looks at me and giggles then wanders over to stand right in front of me her hands on her sexy hips

She looks absolutely gorgeous, sex on legs and she knows it.

"Now you can enjoy me wearing them." she says, "Dave thinks you need a treat. That’s really nice of him isn’t it?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes, he likes me to wear sexy lingerie for him and I like the effect it has on him, it makes him more, well, passionate shall we say."

She knows this is taunting me, she is an expert and pauses before going on,

"Yes, he’s coming over to have some fun, until then he thought we can play some girlie games, that’s nice of him isn’t it?"

"Yes Mistress."

" You must remember to thank him when he gets here mustn’t you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes it is," she continues, now staring me straight in the face "We can have a little fun you while I’m waiting for him, I’ll enjoy that."

I weakly return her stare.

"Yes Mistress."

"Yes Mistress" she mimics me again, then "You’d quite like to be having an afternoon of sex with me wouldn’t you but well, you’re not really up to it are you?

You’d rather be dressed up in a frilly little uniform, eh, dressed up as my frilly little maid and having a nice little mince around, eh?"

She is right and I reply.

"Yes Mistress." Which she again mimics, several times. Before telling me to mince downstairs and get her lunch. I was also to chill some Champagne and change into one of my "tarts" uniforms.

While she is eating her lunch I change into one of my remaining short French numbers. I can not describe the thrill as I put each sexy item on, my small sissy cock grows hard but will not be noticed under the layers of thrills.

I take some time to get ready and return to my Mistress. As I walk through the house I nearly cum with each step as the uniform swishes around me.

I enter and curtsey. She has rarely seen me dressed like this and is pleasantly surprised. She has me do several twirls during which again I nearly cream myself.

She tells me I look very feminine, which pleases me and it is time I began to learn some of the feminine arts. I somehow know where this is leading and it thrills me.

Girlie arts consist of me caressing, kissing and sucking a dildo.

First she teaches me how to wank it. Naturally the best place is to have it between her legs. She tells me I have to worship it, make it the centre of my being and want it deep inside me. As I manipulate the length of plastic her soft aroma fills my senses.

It is time to move on to aural training. I am told to look up into her face when I kiss it and when it is deep in my mouth, this shows complete submission. I must show complete submission, my mouth is there for the pleasure of the owner of the penis receiving my attention.

Our session is interrupted by the arrival of Dave. He comments about how nicely my arse wiggles as I lead him to Mistress. I feel totally vulnerable, my ass is barely covered by my short dress.

He wants to know what we have been playing, Mistress tells me to show him. This time he has the dildo to hold in position. I am shaking as I show him my wanking technique before taking the plastic in my mouth. Mistress reminds me to look up into his eyes, his hand goes round the back of my head, forcing the dildo further into my mouth. I nearly choke but remember about breathing properly.

"Very good, very good indeed." He says before sending me off for the Champagne.

They are in a passionate embrace when I return.

"She really is quite pretty isn’t she?" he comments as I enter.

"Yes she is." She replies. "Good enough to look at. Go and wait on the landing until we’re done maid."

I curtsey and leave the room closing the door behind me before heading towards the landing. I assume the position I spend so much time in, standing with my hands behind my back, legs apart to the width of my shoulders and look at the floor in front of me.

I am acutely aware that there is a large window on the landing, which looks out onto a railway line. I am on full view to anyone on the passing trains, who cares to look.

I can hear the progress of their afternoon love making, they talk for a while, she giggles a lot. The talking stops, presumably they are kissing. I hear the sound of her mounting excitement, it is drowned out by a passing train. I don’t look up.

More giggles, more sounds of her arousal. She always is very noisy. I imagine him playing with her beautiful breasts, his hands moving freely around her body. In the quiet times I wonder if she is giving him a blow job.

Another train passes, more slowly this time. I glance up and am sure I see someone looking in at me. I feel acutely aware of my frilly uniform.

As the train sound dies away I hear what sounds like slaps then a lower moans from her.

The sounds continue, building towards the unmistakable sound of her coming, then both of them together, then silence.

There is quiet chat before my bell rings.

I check myself in the mirror before entering with a curtsey, to find Dave just releasing Mistress from a pair of handcuffs. I nearly blurt something out but manage to remain silent.

They ignore my presence and passionately embrace and kiss.

Mistress tells me that Dave wants a shower, my time is taken up turning on the shower, then sorting out his clothes. He wants clean underpants and socks, so he takes mine they are too small for him but will do.

Then while he is drying himself he orders me to cut up my remaining male underwear. Soon he is gone and after allowing me some food Mistress dismisses me, confining me to my room until morning.

My room has an electronic lock, which she can control remotely and bars at the windows. It also has two surveillance cameras which link to a tape machine. I have no privacy, she told me I didn’t deserve it.

So I wash and change into a school uniform. After changing I curtsey into camera one. Whenever I change uniforms I have to curtsey into camera one. I have no idea if she ever checks.

Then I settle down to write my lines. The intercom buzzes, I stand up.

"Are you writing your lines fairy?" she asks.

"Yes Mistress."

"Well you should be writing them standing up, make that two thousand."

My evening is taken up bent over my desk writing the lines.


To be continued…




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