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Maid To Perform

by Jimrossi


I sit writing this in my silk French maids uniform, atop my head sits a maids cap, pink as is all of my uniform. Pink for a sissy girl. My stockings are bright pink with little bows at the top held up by my pink suspender belt. You see Mistress likes the visible signs of feminity like suspender belts, girdles etc, all that is feminine I have to wear. My stocking seams are strictly straight for untidiness is punishable by whatever she see fits to use, often it is the cane, or whip, sometimes it is seclusion in my naughty cage for 1 to 24 hours or if she is feeling truly hurt extreme bondage will be applied.

Back to my uniform, fluffy crinolines petticoats hold my short pvc pink maids dress out wide, thus every time I bend over my tight g string pink latex knickers are on show for all concerned. Mistress often for humour orders me to bend over near the window so every passer-by can seem my humiliated state. Beneath my latex knickers is a device designed by Mistress that controls my genitalia under me bringing the look of a vagina.- my sissy clit as she calls it mockingly. With this I have to sit down to urinate as she watches and films me for her pleasure. On my feet are bright pink knee high leather 4 inch shoes that at first and now are difficult to walk in. When she first gave them to me I had to kiss them all over to show my appreciation, for an hour I kissed until she was satisfied. Walking is hard when not carrying a tray of drinks, and who betide should any drink be spilled. Oh and the buckle to the shoes is padlocked with Mistress holding the key alone.

Beneath the maid top of my dress is pair of realistic breasts, medium in size but attached to a latex top that covers from my neck covering the Adams apple to the waist. It is linked to a 2 inch collar that impedes my neck movement, but I cant complain or if I did I would face worse still. Experience has taught me that much, never to upset her for she can provide worse torture than faced already. Beneath this latex top, my real chest is shaved as is all of my body bar pubic hair which is fashioned into a nice pink dyed heart shape and both nipples are pierced and holding nipple clamps. My ears hold 3 earrings either side with two piercings in my tongue forcing my voice to lisp in the high pitched voice that Mistress orders me to use in her presence.

Mistress has installed a bell on my collar, fake breasts covered by Basque girdle, also for no need a push up bra, she forces me to wear this to remind of my sissy status. My movements are heard throughout the house when the bell rings.

Often she orders me to wear a latex mask which cuts off my sight and hearing, with this disadvantage I am expected to continue my duties. When not masked I have to put on my own sluttish make up, this is vast amounts of eye shadow topped with pink or sluttish red lipstick. Each uniform has its own make up, any error is severely punished.

I am Mistress maid for 24 hours a day, I live with Mistress in her home as a member of her staff with a room in the basement, locked at night with a basic lamp and locked cot to sleep in. You see I am not trusted by Mistress, her other member of staff is the housekeeper whose job is to supervise me and put me to sleep, she also controls my clothes to wear on Mistresses orders.

Oh before you think that I hate this life, I do not I love this life. I am lucky to work her and be under her command. Mistress controls me looking after my needs that she thinks need to be fulfilled. She is kind in praise but harsh in punishment. This was explained on my first visit to her and accept it as part of my life. Over the next pages I will explain how I became this pink sissy maid I am today.


I knocked the door and given a strict 'Enter' command. Enter I did rushing in before looking directly at Mistress, my first mistake.

"So you think you can ogle me, is that it slave?" she screamed "Down on all fours with head bowed".

I did as I was told and started to give an apology before she cut me off.

"As you are new I will let that mistake slip, from now if you feel I am being too harsh all you have to do is knock the floor three time and I will ask if you wish to be let free, if you knock again I will release you but then you will be asked to leave and never return. Do you under stand?"

I did and not wishing to leave I said yes.

"Now slave for the next two hours you are mine, mine to do as I wish. From now on you cannot speak, you cannot look directly at me as I am above you. I am your Mistress. When I ask you a question it will answered either Yes or No Mistress. Anything else and you will be punished. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

"That's good, now strip for me" she ordered.


I turned around unsure of where to go to change and was about to ask when she interceded angrily.

"I said STRIP now, strip here in front of me you are mine to control, you are my puppy bitch to use and abuse. If you wish to leave you know what to do".

I stripped of my shirt folding it neatly as she instructed and took of all until I was totally nude.

"That's better slave now bring your clothes here placing them in this metal hamper" she commanded. This I did as I walked to the hamper placing the clothes inside. "Now lock the hamper with this padlock, only I have the key, if you please me a little and are worthy you may get your clothes back or not depending on how I feel". I now felt terror as my clothes would be also under her command, should she chose I would go home nude and surely get arrested. My fear caused a delay which infuriated her "I said NOW," So I did and locked my clothes away under her control.

"Better slave but still doubting me, that soon will go. On you knees bitch" I went to my knees shocked by being called bitch. "Bow you head sissy bitch" I did again now sissy was my name. What had I chosen to enter.

"Now I will place a mask on you, this will stop you from seeing me or replying to me. I may cut of your hearing if I decide." The mask was placed on my head with slots for the ears, mouth and nose. My eyes were covered shut, only blackness remained.

"Open wide bitch" my mouth was open as far as I could but her hands brought further space as a device was placed in my mouth and then blown up filling my mouth to saturation. I could not speak and could just barely mumble. She seemed pleased, finally a latex mouth cover was fitted to the mask so only black was visible.

"Now its time togo for a walk, don't you agree" my mind raced was she going to take out side like this.

"Time for your shoes, no before shoes go something" her hands turned me over to me back with my hands and legs in the air. Bring my legs straight she rolled up some stockings on both legs to my thighs as a piece of elasticised clothing was wrapped around my waist and tied extremely tight almost stopping my breathe "Breathe slow bitch or not at all, your choice" I breathed slow.

She attached the stockings to the waist contraption and then fondled my penis which rose quickly "none of that here, since you are dictated by this thing then it will lead you". Placing a steel coil around the base of penis and behind the balls she locked in a device that kept me semi hard, a further piece was attached the top of the foreskin and locked in by a padlock, a further click brought a lead from the foreskin attachment.

"Now my sissy bitch, your shoes." The shoes were placed on my feet and carried up to just above my ankles a lock was placed on either boot, my foot was arched as the zipper rose.


"Ah so sweet she looks, but on the floor she looks like a tramp. On your feet" I hesitated but just as I did so did the lead on my penis tug bring a mixture or arousement and pain.

A second tug and I was on my feet but immediately fell down as the heels were at least 5 inches and arched in design. Again I rose wishing to avoid the penis lead tug, this time a placed my hands on the walls to steady my self. This was wrong.

"Who said you could touch my walls, I did not. Now before I punish you, You must be dressed. In front of you is a pole hold on to that for balance. Soon you will be used to the footwear. If not you will feel more of my anger".

I held on to the pole as a short shirt was placed through my arms over my shoulders, soon it was tied over my stomach. Next a short skirt was wrapped around my waist and tied tightly. The gust was felt under my skirt, my penis lifted the skirt as it protruded erect. Two tugs forced its was further.

"Now you are dressed, lets go for the walk, the park would be nice" now I panicked and refused to let go of the pole angering her . "So Sissy here does not wish to for a walk, well then her walk will be here but much worse, arms behind you together".

This I did as my out stretched arms were covered by a pvc long glove that instead of finger holes was a handle covered cushion. "Right bitch hold on to the handle and be good, or not you will be sorry".

I held the handle as the gloves were zipped up to my shoulders, then the gloves were attached by internal chains and finally to secure me useless leather straps brought my arms closer together still.

"See if you had not been bad then you would have had your arms now. Now lets walk. Wait I have forgotten the most important thing. Bow your head" this I did as she placed a collar on around my neck and another chain was attached. "Still there's something missing. I know" now a bell was attached to both penis and neck leads. "Still something missing, that's it , a tail, a sissy bitch has to have a tail". I panicked and fretted as she ordered me to drop to my knees which was hard with my arms bound behind me.

"Now this may feel strange but soon bitch it will be a part of you and you will be naked without it." Her hands went to my arse and placed some lubricant in between the cheeks as three of her fingers entered this personal place "See bitch, when you get me angry I punish" she cackled with laughter. For five minutes her three fingers stayed in my arse as she laughed, then with out warning she took them almost out before re entering, she was fucking my arse with her fingers. "I'm sorry bitch, I would love to continue, so would you judging by your penis" she gave it a tug "but we have to put in your tail, first these" she put in to small plastic balls then attached the plastic knob in and inflated until it was secure.

"There perfect, now to your knees, I'll help you this time as you look pitiful, but of you fall then Mr Whip here will be called in" Mr Whip I thought, here I was useless, arms behind me blind and mute, she was going to far. I wanted to quit but my arms were high above.

I was raised to my booted feet to be tugged along by chains, each step felt like an arrow to my feet but I dare not fall or Mr Whip would meet me. Up and down the floor we walked and then she mentioned stairs, I could not go up stairs.

"Up the stairs bitch" she pulled hard and I followed, the first step was okay , the second useless as my stockinged knee hit the stairs. It felt strange but nice to have the silky feel of hosiery on but this was stopped by Mr Whip beating my legs and backside. "Up you useless bitch," finally I got up, the pain in the legs was harsh, every step and fall brought new pain but I made it up the stairs. "Now down we go and then up and then down again until you learn to walk in your boots."

As I walked down I fumbled and tumbled down the stairs, she laughed but then spoke "Since you do not listen to me, you do not need your ears, wait there" as if I could do anything else. Next the ear latex covers were installed and I heard nothing, my senses were gone.


We walked up and down the stairs many times again and she was right I did get used to the shoes but Mr Whip was indeed close to me.

As soon as the pain died down, then the discomfort of the tail and those balls in my anus appear. Every step brought a new sensation for the balls would move when I moved . My internal senses died for sexual relief but none came, the penis strap stopped all chance of Cumming. Finally I was led to a room further down and was tugged until I was on my knees. Further tugs and force forward told me to move on my knees with my head near the ground for balance. Out I crawled through mud and dirt then back to the patio area, I guessed this as hard stones hurt my knees. Soon a hose was put on me cleaning me off, then a dryer to dry me down. One completed I crawled into the house onto to soft carpeting.

"Very good slave, very good, you do indeed deserve a reward" she said but I could not hear.

The next thing I knew was a metal bowl and dish were placed in front of me as the latex mouth cover and gag were removed. Using my tongue I touched the food and felt the water, how the water felt good after what seemed hours of dryness.

I was indeed hungry but the first taste of this muck put me off and refused to eat any more, soon I had no choice as my face was put in the dish and chained to the dish itself. I ate the food, it must have been cat or dog food but it tasted horrible, I used my tongue to get every morsel as if not I would stay there all day. The food was gone now the water felt strange and warm, again with a bad taste but again I lapped it up.

I was turned around and soon had a shoe heel in my mouth, I knew what was wanted and licked the heel until the other one was placed inside my mouth and duly licked.

But then nothing, the gag was re installed and the latex cover reattached. I was led away and left for hours or so it seemed.

This time allowed me to think what was I doing here being treated like this, I was in total sensory deprivation, dressed like I don't know what with attachments in my anus. Also the time caused my bowels to move and I wanted to release this waste.

More time elapses and I fell asleep.

Next thing I knew was being awoken and the ear covers removed.

"I guess by now you want to shit and wee. If you agree tap your foot twice" I did this. Good Now I will release your tail". My tail was taken off along with the plastic balls. "Now behind you is a bowl you may poo in their." I did my poo and was cleaned up by a wet wipe I think. "Now I will release your penis restraint, but remember any trouble and it will go back on, Understand bitch?" I tapped foot to acknowledge I did. "By your knees is a bowl pee in their". Again I let loose and was cleaned up. It felt good.

However in seconds the penis attachment was re installed as I was turned over. "Well bitch you seem to be worthy but I like to personalise my toys, I will mark you, keep still or it will hurt".

Her hands brushed my penis as scissors cut my pubic hair away, then shaving foam was applied as she carved out a heart shape from my pubes, next was a liquid followed by a dryer. I was confused.

"Well bitch you did well, soon I will put the ear covers on but the mouth will be free again for your second meal". I didn't like the sound of this and guessed what it would be. I was to be correct sadly.

The ear covers were put back bringing silence and the mouth was freed. A bowl of warm mush was put under my face. I did not want to eat and yet again my face was pushed in the mush. It was my faeces and urine. Next Mr Whip was introduced to my legs back and arse, such pain caused me to break and I ate my own waste.


Surprisingly I did not want to vomit or release the waste, I felt kind of good. So when Mistress led me to the carpet again I was happy.

The ear covers were removed and she said "Well how are feeling good today". "Yes Mistress" I replied. "Well then your first time is nearly over, in front of your face is an object I want you to put it in your mouth and hold it there while I attach it properly to you. Understand?". "Yes Mistress" I repeated.

"Now pick it up sissy bitch" I leant down and touch the metallic item in my mouth which soon started to buzz. It nearly fell put but by lifting my head back it stayed in. She attached it to my mask then turned me around saying "I am tired now, drop to the floor" This I did.

Her heeled shoes were laid on my back then I could feel one heel enter my anus and was released to be joined by both heels hanging from my anus. Next her stockinged feet were on my back as she went to sleep. For hours the object in my mouth buzzed, the heels hung from my arse and her feet never moved.

"Good sissy bitch you did well, I felt no movement. Its time for you to go. I will remove the bindings and masks to you, then in the bedroom is two options of clothes for you to wear home, however they have to be worn back here next week when you will come again. Understand?" I tapped my foot as my mouth was full of the object.

"Good" she said pleased.

She removed the mouth object, the heels, undid my arms, stripped me nude and removed the mask. I first took a shower and entered the bedroom. It was here I first noticed her mark, a pink heart shaped pubic area, no shower rooms in the gym for me.

On one pile in a locked open glass bag was a skirt and short blouse with the collar and lead with my shoes and socks . The other was the girdle, stockings, latex g string and those damn shoes with my jeans and shirt and coat. I chose the second option as it would have been to seem normal on the journey home.


Mistress welcomed me in the room when I was fully dressed, she did help with the girdle. "Well you did well, next week we shall have more fun. You will not pay with money for my services but with service itself. You please me because you wish to please me. Now go and come back next Friday where you will be my guest for the weekend. Bring only what you wear now and a change of clothes which you may or not wear on the journey home"

With that I kissed her hand and bowed as a sign of respect "Thank you Mistress, I look forward to next week. May I go Now" I said with respect.

"Yes You may go. You did well, keep it up and I may offer a more permanent position. Farewell" she said leaving the room.

I closed the door and called a taxi, after all I did not want to walk wearing the boots with the sound they made. As soon I got back the shoes came off but the girdle remained as I knew not how to take it off.

The week I wore the shoes in bed to get my self used to them and walked around the flat so they be easier when with Mistress. After all I wanted to please her.



"Enter" she said as I walked proudly into her home confident now of my skills of walking in five inch heels. I wore the same jeans and shirt from last visit, underneath that was the same g string, stockings, girdle and those damn shoes.

With no polite gesture she ordered "Strip , Now"

I did indeed strip down to my nudeness again. "Fold up your clothes from last time and place your spare clothes in the metal hamper, lock the hamper and go on all four as before."

All this was done without question in double quick time to please her and please her I certainly wanted to do. With fear and excitement showing in my rising penis she left there for a minute before returning.

"Turn over and lose your erection, or else I will do it" losing an erection is not easy but I tried but the more I tried the more it rose. "So you disobey me again, did you not learn from last time or do you wish to be punished"

I knew better than to talk back to her so lay on my back with arms and legs in the air.

"Right then we are going on a visit, the clothes you wear are in the bedroom, dress and meet me in five minutes, any lateness will be punished" she spoke. I rushed to the bedroom and saw a unisex tracksuit, ladies sports bra, ladies training top and filly pink panties with pink trainers and white ladies sports socks. Knowing her punishments I dressed, first putting on the panties, then the sports bra and top, the socks and tracksuit finally the trainers. Out I ran thanking her for the clothes.

"Five minutes exactly, well done sissy bitch, when we go out you do not talk, you stay behind and follow my commands without question. Any trouble you will be punished. For now you will be allowed to keep the top done up. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied

"Lets go, you in passenger seat at the back"

I went to the back seat and found some handcuffs and ankle cuffs but no chains yet thankfully. "Put them on now" I did put them on under the tracksuit.

"Follow me" she ordered as we entered a dank area of town, as we made our way to the shop with no name on. "In you go, give the girl this. Do as she says without question. Understand? I have to go shopping, I will be back in a few hours"

"Yes Mistress" was my standard reply.

I tried to open the door but it was locked, so I rang the bell and a girl entered and let me in as Mistress left town for her shopping.

I gave her the note and she quickly read it before telling to take of the tracksuit and top revealing the panties, bra and cuffs. "Good she has prepared you. Walk this way. Leave your clothes on the chair. I placed my clothes on the chair and followed her. "Here put this on" as she passed a collar and padlock. Placing around my neck I began to question why she was in charge and what would she do.

Now lay in this couch with you hand and legs straight out, this I did as her hands hooked chains on the d locks on the hand cuffs, this was the moment of my mistake, I struggled to be free in fear of the next event occurring. I didn't mind if Mistress did it or even was here but this 21 year old girl panicked me. My struggles were in vain as awoke from a drug filled siesta. Looking at me was the girl.


"Well we have been bad haven't we. I was going to do this when you had been anaesthetised but now you will see the events yourself." I looked down to see me still in panties and sports bra horizontal chained to a revolving device that could dictate my every movement. Each chain controlled each leg and arm. I knew I was in trouble.

Now Mistress has asked me to provide extreme piercings to you . I will tell where they will be as you will see it and you can count them down, your behaviour has also given me free rein over any tattoos I wish to perform and you cannot say a word. We are in a soundproof basement and nothing will leave here, if you become too noisy I will gag you. Understand?"

Automatically I replied "Yes Mistress".

"No I am not your Mistress, you will call me Provider of Arts"

"Yes Provider of Arts" I replied, I knew that was a title of her own choosing but saying once set a precedent.

"I have changed my mind, you will not know where you be pierced due to your rudeness, will you be silent pussy clit" she asked

"Yes Provider of Arts" I replied with a hidden thought of fuck you bitch.

"I sense some hatred towards me, good you will need that hatred to survive" she advised me.

"Now to work" her hands cut the remaining panties and bra of me showing them to me as a sign of her power.

My head was tilted forward as her piercing gun put three holes in each ear as she put a small stud in the six holes, next came the bellybutton as she placed ice on the belly button and pierced before putting a stone with d lock in it. I thought she was through but I was so very wrong.

"Turn it over" she ordered as my body lay face down, back up. Her hands fondled my balls and in a minute she made a hole to the back of my balls and a ring was inserted. The pain was unbearable when I started to curse her.

"You bitch, what have you done, how dare you d." my words halted by a spray down the throat as the words that rang out were "What the fuck" in the highest sweet little girly voice I had heard.

"You see I did not gag you just made you sound different and also made me angry, I warned you but you did not listen. Not beware what you say, for every thing you say sounds so sweet it only angers more because I hate that voice".

Next to be pierced was the penis foreskin with a ring so I was turned over.

"Don't move, this is delicate and I wouldn't want to miss and cause an injury" she said with menace. I stayed still as the gun pierced my treasured possession the penis and a ring was enclosed in the hole. "So sweet, now to bring together" as her hands brought a gold chain and brought my penis balls together as one making the look of a vagina.

"My my, that's needs protecting hold still" she said as she wrapped a nappy around my bottom. "Don't wet yourself or else it will rust sweetie pie", I cried in pain in my sweet little voice "Please no more I beg you".

"Beg would do you no good, look I have so many thing to do in such little time, be quiet and you may make it through with some dignity" she said harshly. After her last two acts dignity was gone.

Next pierced were my nipples, a ring and bell was installed, Then she ordered me to open my mouth as a cold spray was given to me which numbed my tongue. Within minutes a large stud was inserted in my tongue which caused a very noticeable shape in my jaw actions.

"Almost there sweetie" she told me as she rubbed the nappy.

"Now that hair has to go but somebody else will do that, that lip would look nice pink, that's your Mistresses colour isn't it" I nodded my head to concur.

"Well pink it is" she then tattooed my lips a bright pink.

To my horror she reached for a different colour, and moved to my neck where she tattooed in large pink letters 'Property of Mistress' and on my thighs 'Artwork by Nell' in bold green.

"Almost there Sissy, hmm Sissy that's a good name . A better name is Sissie, sounds more unique."

Taking down my nappy above the heart shaped pubic hair which caused her to mock laugh she tattooed 'SISSIE' in bold scarlet.

"That's it Sissie, all done, no wait your eyes are a bit glum, lets see if we can brighten them"

In a blatant red and pink my eyes were tattooed that colour.

I could not see myself anymore. The pain from the tattoo was too great. Also I was now not a man but a freak of nature. I could not go back to my job or old life.

I was a pierced tattooed pervert of partially my own choice.

Mistress walked in and clapped at the new me. I was now standing on a pedestal as Provider of Arts took photos of her work. Mistress applauded "I take it was bad" - I was now an it.

"Yes he swore, abused and threatened me so I gave a few lessons myself but I believe he should be taught a lesson by you. Please inspect closer." she told Mistress

She inspected my face "Permanent make up, interesting now it will not have to learn how to do it". In the future I would put on makeup but it would have no effect.

She then checked the nipple rings and shook them causing her to have a mini orgasm whenever they rang. Now her eyes saw the collar tattoo, "Wow it really is mine now, it must accept me".

Her hands felt the belly button ring and moved south to the penis trap, closing her eyes she said "It's got a pussy".

Provider of Arts replied "Yes it seems that way, be careful with that until tomorrow as it needs to be take care of", Mistress nodded her head in understanding.

Then her eyes saw Nell's signature "Well Nell a bit blaze but he must of deserved and it will certainly boost trade, here you stand next to him so I will take a photo of you and the sign."

The photos were taken and the nappy replaced with a thicker nappy and rubber panties. The tracksuit was replaced with a cotton protective body suit and new Nike tracksuit with hood and Nike trainers. "New clothes for the new it" she said to me as we left the store to her car.

I cried in humiliation and pain of the days events, even more so when we stopped at the hairdressers, it was not a hairdressers as such but a flat with a friend of hers who specialised in this sort of thing.

This I was told later.

The woman was masked with eye holes clear. Her body was slim and naked, I would have had an erection but for the penis lock.

"Right strap him to the chair and choose the style" she said in a business like fashion.


As Mistress left to look as brochures, the masked woman shaved in two minutes of all of my head hair rubbing lotion on it, next I was released as a hair remover was spread over my body bar the pubic hair and then washed of. I was nude and hairless. She then spread a dye over the body and whispered in my ear "This means you never have any hair again, you are so lucky". Lucky was not a word I would use to describe myself at this point. Also my body turned a dark tan, she then whispered "This is a new lotion that gives the wearer an all around tan every day of the year until they die, only one coat is needed".

So I was hairless, pierced, tattooed (the tattoos showed through the dye) and dark tanned..

Mistress came back applauding everything done as photos were taken at every stage.

"I choose this style" she said.

"Very well, it will be four hours, you might as well prepare his room for his return" the masked woman said.

With that she left the room.

Four hours later after I was put to sleep I awoke a new person literally. My hair was golden blonde with glamorous style but also could be out down, the masked woman showed me how to perform various styles and I practiced them until they were done correctly. During this time false finger and toe nails were glued on and permanently painted a bright pink colour.

Mistress came back delighted with the results and forced me to spin around, the nappy still was on so there I was spinning with a nappy and rubber pants tanned, pierced, tattooed and painted.

Mistress passed the bag to the masked woman who looked and said "So cute, that's just right".

Cute it was on a 1 year old baby girl not on me an adult male, I say adult male which is what I was at the start of the day wearing women's undies and shoes.

Pink tights were placed over the protective suit up to my waist, then a pink babygro was zipped and locked me with a hood with rabbit ears and a fuzzy tail at the back. Over the feet were a pair of silk booties and silk gloves tied tightly over the hands.

I was broken and tired so when she placed the leader reins on me I followed as the masked lady took photos.

Mistresses car was not there and panic came over me, if we took a cab I would have to explain and in sweet voice it would be strange indeed, Thankfully she saw this "No Sissie, yes I saw the name you chose and it suits you, no I have the van, lay down in the box I bought so you will not be seen.

I crept into the van and climbed in to the box, safe I thought nut no. The lid was put on and banged shut, it was a coffin. Fear caught with me, what was she going to do with me, bury me in a ditch.

For the hours on the dark I scared myself and soiled the nappy both ways, hell if the penis rusted now I didn't care.

Thankfully the van stopped and many hands lifted me into a building ,placed me onto a stand and left.

For three hours I lay in the coffin counting the minutes as the day progressed. The smell got to me as I vomited on the babygro.


Then a light entered and Mistress looked down smiling, she and another woman helped out. The other woman was older and in uniform. Mean in comparison to Mistress.


Mistress laid out the situation "You are changed by me, you must be angry I know but listen. I want you as I wanted you from the first moment I met you to live with me, not as partner but as husband and slave. We will be married by a friend of ours but after that day you will be my slave here, Miss Milly will be your supervisor until you have learnt all that needs to learnt about running the house. It will be a good life for you and I will treat you as the slave you are. Now if you agree you resign from your job immediately, after all you cannot go back like you are can you. All you have to sign thus letter and it will be sent in. You will be paid but a slaves wage and all your needs will be met if they deem they are worthy to be met. Now do you agree" all was said in hurried tone.

I sat down in the soiled and spoiled bunny babygro with all the changes and said yes, I signed her contract and resignation letter and thus it became my new life. The weekend at the various people took two days exactly.

For a week spent the time as a baby, drinking milk and eating baby food, sleeping in nappies and babygros at night and girly dresses by day until my strength returned and every change was healed.

Thus completed Miss Milly showed around the house telling of how the tasks were to be completed, whilst at night I spent in the locked cot with dolly for company.

Mistress would hide me in the day as she saw her other clients and teach me make up at night and how to walk. Miss Milly taught how to be a maid in posture and mannerisms. Any errors were punished by many measures including the coffin. One time Miss Milly was so upset she locked in the coffin and buried in the garden for 12 hours as Mistress was away. When I was brought back up she had made her point very well and was an excellent student from that moment.

Miss Milly stayed on to continue to teach me but also cared for me when I became ill, after all I could not go to hospital could I.

Miss Milly taught from Baby to toddler to young girl to adult woman in the ways of womanhood in short space of time. My mind forgot my other life temporarily.

Soon Miss Milly told would be my wedding day where I would wear a marvellous dress.

That day would come soon and I will tell about that when I have more time and everything is complete.





It was six months before Mistress showed a true interest in me, for that six months Miss Milly was my only source of company and teacher. In these six months I accepted my post of maid with relish eventually thinking it was my only life. All thoughts of my previous life vanished with every new dish washed and underwear worn. I was happy despite the occasional punishment. All I feared was the coffin but this was only used when I was deemed to deserve it. For six months Miss Milly was kind in a strict way. I had no other thought bar her next command.

This was when Mistress would intercede.

Mistress knew if I knew my old life I would be forever in internal conflict with my present situation. She would bring this out in a most sadistic fashion that would enlighten my mind with my male past.

First I was called into the study where I was stripped to my Basque, stockings and latex g string. Then I was told to beg like a dog by the side of her chair. This was strange but seemed normal to follow her instructions. "Bring your cage in here, Sissie" she commanded. Bringing my metal cage next to her chair a begged as before for her command.

"Enter your cage and lock it with this padlock, when inside put on your blinkers tight and secure them so you can face the television screen" I did this and my eyes were transfixed to the television.

She placed a video in the machine and the screen showed a man entering stripping and on all fours. Then a mask was placed on him covering his eyes, gagging his mouth. It seemed familiar but I did not know why. The video continued to show him dresses in girdle, stockings, short pleated schools girl skirt, bra and short blouse tied at the stomach. Underneath his skirt was a penis lock which forced his penis erect from under the skirt and a lead was attached and his anus tailed. Next he was collared and a lead hanging from there. Next his hands were bound in a kinky way as she placed the shoes on him and he stumbled walking to and from the house, up the stairs falling to the floor. The sound was down but next his ears were covered as she led him by both chains down around the home through the garden through dog shit, hosed and dried before being dragged in the house where the ear covers were removed. It seemed strange but exciting to watch, also disgusted, I felt sorry for him, why had she done this to him.

She paused the tape as she questioned me "So what do you think of this man. Does he deserve this and do you want it done to you Sissie"

I was about to answer when the tape restarted and I knew it was not my time to talk. The video then showed Mistress shitting into a metal bowl pissing in to another plastic bowl which were then placed under the mans nose as the mouth guard and gag was removed. Forced fed he ate the waste, then was forced to excrete and urinate his own wee which was mixed up and placed under him to eat which he did under some persuasion of her whip.

After that he was led into the room where he was blinded as he picked up a vibrator in his mouth and it was strapped to him as she placed the heels of her shoes in his anus. The tail was removed for him to excrete.

The last but one shot was of her cutting his pubes into a heart and dyeing it pink with an extreme close up.

"Lookdown Sissie at you clit" she told me.

I looked down and saw the very shaped heart but my name tattooed above it . I realised that man was me and I started to cry.

"That's right Sissie, you were that man. I changed you from him to it in two weeks. I have the tape of the next weekend and you will watch it all day. You will realise that your life is what I make it. You seem too content being my maid, I want a forced sissy slave, not one who follows orders. Soon you will know what life is outside of here." With that said she left me.

After her leaving the video tape resumed with the man now known as me in a past life dressing in girdle, stockings, g string, shoes and my male clothes as I stomped through the front door after kissing ring thanking her for this.

I felt sick by own actions and hers.

The tape continued as I entered the next time and stripped to nakedness, there I was dressed in panties, bra, top and tracksuit with pink trainers. Here I was shown in the car entering a shop where I was pierced and tattooed to my current state. The fear showed in eyes on screen as the nappy was placed over me and I was dressed in a tracksuit and protective suit under that. Next stop was flat where my hair was shaved, my hair removed and dyed with dark tan that I wore permanently with wig placed on me. Leaving I was placed in a thicker nappy, protective suit, rabbit pink babygro, silk foot booties and gloves. The camera showed me climbing into the van in to a coffin and the nails closing the lid. I shuddered as memories came back of me shitting myself here.

Then I was shown signing her form saying a speech that I wanted to be her slave and was placed in new baby night clothes and nappy in a locked cot.

This video played for two days straight, I had no sleep as tears rolled down my face, Mistress checked and gave me injections to keep me awake. Every tattoo I checked and cried a little more until after two days no more tears would flow.

Then Mistress released me from the cage told me to strip and enter my room where Miss Milly would prepare me for a journey.

Miss Milly ordered me to strip "Good lay on the mat, now you will wear 5 layers of nappies each thicker than the previous. Then the rubber pants and finally you will be blindfolded so you will dressed as Mistress pleases."

The first layer was thin wrapped around my bottom, next as she said they grew in thickness until to mid thigh forcing me to walk with legs wide apart, then came the bright pink highly scented rubber pants which were two inches thick themselves and stopped near my knees. Now I could not walk only crawl.

As she said I was blindfolded and dressed in rubber smelling costume covering me from head to foot, a tube was placed in my mouth as the zipper rose encasing me. Very quickly I was asleep but could feel hands carrying me to a vehicle and further banging as the engine started. Then I was asleep.



My next sight was of me in a glass box with 30 women staring at me through the glass, in the box was Miss Milly who told me upon seeing me awake to keep quiet and behave. Requests came through the box asking her to remove the nappies and change them, Miss Milly did this and showed my soiled bottom before replacing 1 extra thick nappy and scented pink rubber pants. Then I was told to crawl on the floor and play with the dollies pretending to be a little girl drinking the bottle and eating the food. Miss Milly told me after I ate the food "That was your own shit you ate you little shit", then I bawled my eyes out and vomited the food on to my tummy which Miss Milly cleaned up and smacked my hand for being naughty.

Next stage was the closing of the curtains and the baby items, nappy etc removed and dressed as a slave boy, naked bar my chains, she reattached the penis lock so my penis was erect for the first time in six months, I would have cum but for the lock itself. The curtains reopened and a new set of women looked at me and applauded, this I could tell by their clapping. New commands came though.

"Pull by his penis" shouted one, Miss Milly did so.

"I want him to be a horsy" shouted another. Horse equipment was placed through the slot and a muzzle was wrapped around my head with a metal bar placed between my mouth and tied securely. Next came a body harness and saddle and foot straps. "Lay down on all fours" shouted Miss Milly, I did so as a volunteer was asked for. A 18 year old girl entered the box about to sit atop of me but complained he has no tail. My penis was erect by the penis lock but I shuddered when the 18 year old girl plunged with no warning the vibrator with tail attached into my anus. Now she sat atop me and I rode around the box for 20 minutes. She then left but my horsy training was not over. A cart was brought and the straps were strapped to my body. With my penis erect the 18 year old girl fondled me kissing my cheek viewing my many tattoos before climbing into the cart and I dragged her along for a minute before collapsing. To resounding boos heard through the box.

Mistress entered taking Miss Milly's place, she then told the crowd I would be punished for my poor performance, bent over a wooden box with the 18 year old holding the muzzle rope, a whip was used on my bottom, back and legs to their delight.

Next after the whipping the 18 year old nursed lotion into me before whispering to Mistress. Mistress said aloud "We need a test for his stamina, as it is our volunteers birthday she will be the chosen one."

The 18 year old stripped naked under a sheet, the blind fold was placed on and other voice were brought in to confuse me, then a plastic sheath was placed over my cock and my mouth was strapped to vagina, probably the young girls, as the ear covers were installed, I was not allowed to hear her pleasure should she gain any.

For thirty minutes I licked her pussy until she came and came many times, any halts would result in the increase of the vibrator speeding my arse and the whip again. Needless there was no halts.

Then a new person entered and my penis was placed mechanically in her pussy and I fucked her in all ways prompted by the whip, she came many times also proved by her actions. It would have been fun for at the same time I was also being fucked by the vibrator.

After that another body was accepted and my penis entered a tighter hole that I believe was her anus and I fucked that for 20 minutes with Mr Whip my motivator.

Finally I was to be the person fucked, with no warning many hands dropped me to the bundle of hay, ripped of the ear and mouth gags as one person placed her pussy in my mouth locking my head around her thighs almost suffocating me, the other impaled herself on my penis underneath as the other removed the tail and placed the thickest dildo I had felt in me. For an hour I was their toy and was used until sore.


The final task was to take place tomorrow which would be a fashion show with the women picking the outfits. I was prepared backstage and told it would first be as a baby girl.

My first clothes as I crawled down the ramp was pair of thick nappies with pink frilly rubber panties with a built in dildo.

Secondly still wearing the nappy panty combo, I wore pink bunny babygros, all manner of dresses with the tights and other baby wear as women cheered me on.

Finally I wore a latex suit that had a vagina, tiny breasts, rubber mask hiding my shame and a bib with rubber booties and mittens. I walked this time so all could see this latex suit.

A break of 20 minutes was allowed as a pink potty with the name Sissie was on the front was put in front of me so I could do my business. Many women watched and laughed as I did my business on the potty. One cleaned me up and put a dummy in my mouth until I was called next.

Next round was the slave round.

First to be worn were the various slave suits made from leather suede, rubber, latex, all coupled with dog leads as I was led down the ramp.

Next came the bondage clothing, here I was dressed in chains, spreader bars, gags, collars, and cages as I was wheeled down the ramp by some beautiful naked female model who spat on me when she wanted to. To close this chapter of the show, I was placed in guinea pig cage and dressed in latex g string, latex stockings, thigh boots, see through white rubber dress with Basque included, I was put on the wheel and told to keep it turning for if not I would be kept their all night.

I was hooked to the wheel as the latex made me sweat incredibly as I turned the wheel for thirty minutes non stop before being told to stop. My refreshment came from a tube in the cage, as I drank the liquid which was hooked up to a funnel where the women were pissing but I didn't care anymore so I drank their piss.

I felt too far gone to care any more so I took all they could but the next act was to extreme. As I had played horsy before I knew they like animals but not to the extent in which they went.

Blindfolded I was stripped with a hole for my penis and anus, next a latex shape was installed on my body and strange gloves were placed on my arms and shoes on my legs. The latex was inflated then deflated to match my body. When the blindfold was removed, I saw myself in the many mirrors as I stomped along the ramp to cheers, what I saw stunned me into panic. My face was attached to proper horse face with mane and large protruding jaw with muzzle in place. My legs were furry, my tail swishing. My feet and arms were extended by internal metal locks as on my fur covered feet were hooves. I tried to stand up to run but no good, inside the suit was metal bar down my back that halted any thoughts of escape. I could not stand, or run so as the saddle was strapped on my back, I was boarded by a little framed women who rode me constantly kicking to go faster. There in the back I was tied by the muzzle lead in stable with real horses nearby and left. I need to poo and did so as my muck landed on the hay, I felt so degraded that I knew I either had to fight or surrender. I chose to fight,

The blindfold was re installed as I felt many hands pat but on hand laid on the ground legs in the air and brought me down where she impaled herself on my penis. There she fucked me until satisfied.

The next day I was led down as a dog with lead, cat with the ears sticking up and worst of all a snake where I had to hiss and slither. When I did not do the other animal noises I was punished deeply.

That night I stayed in the stables with the hay alone as company and warmth, the stable was locked but somehow during the night I found my arms tied to the wall and my legs spread with a spreader bar. Over the nest 24 hours that was the break the crowd rode me hard climaxing many times whilst I stayed locked into this penis lead.


For the next items of clothing I was to be a woman so a latex body suit was placed on me and gave me inflatable breasts designed for any size, a realistic vagina with gap to be fucked, this scared me immensely. After all that had happened would they stop into fucking a fake pussy.

The rest of the fashion I wore all manner of clothing, I will list them below:

10 year old School Girl - My outfit was upturned white socks with Mary Jane shoes buckled at the side. I wore a training bra with my breasts decreased in size for the outfit with a pink blouse under a green school dress to my knees. On my head with my hair in curls was a school cap with the motif of the school, over my shoulder I had a pink and green satchel with the school motif and the 'Sissies Bag' at the front. As I walked down the ramp I was told to lift my dress to show my pink knickers with bows at the side. This I did to the great applause of the crowd and my own humiliation.

13 year old School Girl - My outfit here was a long gym socks with plimsolls on my feet, not black like normal but pink which seemed to be my colour. I wore a low blue skirt, pink panties saying 'Cutie pie' and a pink bra which was seen easily over the white polo shirt covered by the blue top saying 'GS'.

Down the ramp I was told to jump in the air as if to throw for a net and when completed to jump in the air with delight which would show my knickers off. Of course I did it as I had no other choice.

16 year old School Girl - As a sixth form school girl I was dressed sluttish. Makeup to match my outfit. My feet were contained in thigh high white hold up socks in 4 inch heels, a very mini red pleated checked skirt that showed the top of my red lacy knickers. A red lacy bra was seen through the short blouse tied showing my midriff. I knew this uniform for I wore on my first visit to Mistress. My hair was now in provocative pony tails to the side of my hair. During this time a young blond woman entered the ramp and told me to bend over which I did showing my knickers to every one. She then hit me playfully across the rear before turning me around kissing me full on the lips to the delight of the crowd. I sauntered in bemused but excited and embarrassed by her actions.

17 year old Secretary - With this outfit I was taking dictation from the crowd and then told to drop my note pad pick it up, drop the pen and pick it up showing my panties. I was dressed by Miss Milly in a Pair of inch heels but sexy shoes, tights but silky tights under which was black thong panties. Up top I wore black lacy bra to match the thong, a silk blouse and jacket. Covering my panties was short black skirt that would ride up when I bent over. Like before a woman jumped on stage to tell me to take of my jacket and undo the buttons until she said stop. I looked to Mistress who nodded for me to agree. So I did, the jacket was taken off and each button brought an ahh to the crowd until a piece of lacy bra was over hanging on my expanded breasts. Then to everyone's shock she reached down and placed her hands under the skirt and tore the tights leaving a hole as she started to rub my fake pussy. Things were looking bad but no one helped , they only laughed and cheered her on. Now the 18 year old girl got on stage and dragged the groper off letting me run back in my dishevelled state.

"So you object to being groped do you, well dressed as you are I dont blame her, get dressed into the next outfit" Mistress told me bluntly, automatically I let Miss Milly dress me.

The next three outfits were trouble free as I walked up and down the runway with peace.

Cheerleader - Dressed in white trainers, socks, frilly white tennis style panties, I was pom pomming down the ramp with obvious laughter at me directly. Also I wore a yellow short skirt which showed the ridiculous panties and tight fitting yellow top. Doing the routines caused me to slip and start again until all the crowd cheered.

Bunny outfit - This was easy to dress into even though I hated doing it. White stiletto shoes, whitey pink panties and bra with a tail on the panties and a rabbit ears. Here I hopped down the runway was they clapped for each hop. This was easy, the harder outfits were next to come and there were lots of them.

Miss Santa - This was a 4 inch red shoes with red thong panties and a fluffy Basque of red and white. A fluffy Santa hat on top of my head as I carried a sack over my shoulder and ho hoed down the ramp.

But the next outfit caused a stir, it was the outfit I knew all too well.

Dressed in pink stockings, pink 6 inch block shoes with pink suspender belt, girdle and panties, all covered up by a pvc pink dress and apron. I wore this for 6 months and knew how to pretend to be the maid, a matching pink collar and pink cap. I walked down the ramp pretending to dust as I stood on my tiptoes my panties became visible beneath the pretty crinolines petticoats. All was going well until a member of the crowd dropped her drink and ordered me to pick it up. So I dropped to the floor and picked the drink just as she placed her hands in my panties placing her finger in the pussy and started to frig me off. Her neighbouring friend then told me to stand still as her hands groped my breasts, my fake breasts as another woman stuck her tongue in my mouth kissing me. I could nothing after Mistresses past warning so I stayed there until they have finished and walked back in tears to Mistress who slapped me across the face telling to buck up my ideas.

Wedding Dress - As Mistress had indicate that we may get married with me as her maid/husband, I knew I would have to wear this sooner or later. So dressing up gave me practice. First went the virginal white underwear (bra and panties, lacy, silky and very soft - it sent me into shivers I am ashamed to say) white Basque, stockings and white 3 inch shoes, the dress was exquisite as I waited to be put in it. First however was the many layers of petticoats which would spread the dress out. Then came the dress after make up and jewellery was completed, Its train was very long so Miss Milly was asked to carry it. Then the veil which was placed on my put up hair and dropped down. This would be two trips one with veil down and other with veil up. Like all good weddings I stood for photos with whoever wanted them and smile a lot. Then the journey back was a delight as all clapped for me.

"Right ladies that is my show, I told you before that if you wish to bring you own clothes for Sissie to model pass them to me and she will wear them" Mistress declared to which something I was not aware but not do anything about anyway.

"Sissie you wear these clothes and do it well, they all seem to be lingerie and night clothes so look sexy you minx" Mistress said to me with menace and a smile.

I walked down the ramp in a see through red negligee with red peep hole bra and crotch less panties. Hold up red suspenders were my foot wear here, with every step the donators would cheer me until I was back in the dressing room.

Next was a blue baby doll nightie with matching knickers and fluffy blue slippers encasing bare legs. Again cheers.

Next was a Nurses uniform, black low shoes, black tights, short velvet nurses dress covering a tight corset which withdrew my waist by two inches that enable me to wear this damn thing, then a nurses cap and watch. I walked down the ramp pretending to nurse the crowd just as Mistress as ordered me to do to be treated with a kiss saying well done.

The last donated uniform was a Fairy Princess uniform usually associated with little girls but hey what the hell was I now, certainly not macho in any way. First the pink soft full silk panties, then the pink silk tights bound by ballet shoes up to my knees, a pink short dress in soft suede with matching wings at the back, light pink scarf around my neck and pink crown. As I waved my little wand at the crowd they caught my imaginary stars and smiled. I had lost my head and had given up to these people. They could tell to do anything and I would.

"Now ladies as you have been so wonderful, I will grant you a wish either you can see Sissie in one of the costumes again or I will drawer a raffle and a lucky member of the audience can choose a scenario with her and be played out on the ramp." Mistress declared to the crowd. A big cheer of Raffle rose. "All right ladies you have your tickets, number 19" she advised them as a leggy 23 year old woman ran on stage whispering to Mistress who smiled back saying 'We could do that, go back stage'.

I was now genuinely scared, modelling clothes to mad women was one thing but live scenarios was another.


"Sissie come here, Miss Milly will prepare. You will be in a coffin as a dead lesbian partner of an upset woman. You will be dressed and will not move in the coffin at all, you will be handcuffed to help you but any movement and this fashion show will continue for another week. Understand?" Mistress warned me.

"Yes Mistress" I replied.

I was dress in black tights, black knee boots, black leather mini skirt, white blouse and black jacket in an expanded coffin with the sides see through. The lid was shut and I was taken to the ramp.

"Oh how could do this to me, dying in a another women's bed. You hussy, but I still love you" she cried acting her best angry woman part.

"Look at you with no underwear, well you wore none in life, why start now" bringing a laugh to the crowd.

"But maybe one last time, just one to tell that other bitch I was the last woman to fuck you" This brought a quiet shock from all especially me who was tempted to move but knew better.

She undid the jacket, lifted me and took it off throwing it to the crowd. Then she ripped off the blouse buttons send them into the coffin before cutting it up into pieces leaving them in the coffin on my face.

She then sucked my titties hard moaning as she rubbed her own clit before kissing my mouth deep.

The crowd stood up to get a better view by Miss Milly brought her camcorder and placed it on the big screen so all could see .

"Darling you were so wonderful but you ruined it, now its my turn to ruin your big day" she overacted badly.

She lifted my legs and yanked at the tights and shoes disposing them to the crowd who eagerly caught them. Then I was turned over as the mini skirt was undone and removed but placed over my face, "So you cant see the events Sissie" she whispered in my ear.

Removing her skirt she took out a strap on dildo as she placed it in my mouth forcing a dead person to deep throat. Strange but true, she did do it. Then she fucked my tits as she laughed "See Lover I fucked you last."

Then the final act as she lifted each bare leg from the coffin and fucked my fake pussy hard until she came shouting "Thank you lover, that's the first orgasm you ever gave me" bringing laughter from the crowd.

The skirt was taken from my face and thrown to the crowd who caught it as the lid was closed on the coffin with me naked in the latex skin form.

She joined the crowd a hero.

Once out of the coffin I was placed into a cage where Miss Milly told I was to be auctioned.

The models saw me in the cage and told me to masturbate, I did not know how with my penis hidden away, Miss Milly then stepped in "Do it Sissie, you have a pussy and anus don't you, well use them. Use these" passing me two vibrators. So I sat with one hand doing my anus, the other my pussy as the girls laughed at me. No one bar the 18 year old girl cared, they only mocked me.


Mistress came to the back "Well you have a new Mistress. I will always be your Mistress but you need to appreciate me. I may want you back in time and will call for you. You shall behave and obey your new Mistress, She is kind and strict. Treat her well and you will treated well. Now if you are returned to me as a bad slave I will lose a lot of money and will be angry. You will incur my wrath to its extreme.

Understand Sissie?"

"Yes Mistress" I replied

"Now Miss Milly will dress you for the journey, be good and I will need to see you for a long time, for if I am called to discipline you by your new Mistress things may occur that you will not like. Under stand?"

"Yes Mistress I replied again.


Miss Milly took me to the dressing room where the five nappies of thicker width than the last was put on me along with the rubber pants. Part of the latex suits was cut away so my tattoos were on view but the pussy stayed on as did the breasts. "Your new Mistress has a daughter who wants a baby but cannot have one so you may be that baby" she whispered in my ear. That would be the last thing I would hear as the mask was placed on my with blindfold, gag and ear covers installed. I was rolled into a black bag covering all of my body and face and air holes were punctured in the gaps to allow me to breathe. "Farewell Sissie" Miss Milly said to me as many hands carried me away even though I never heard these words.




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