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Maid Story

by Kelsie Vincent


It had been a long day and Paul was tired. After a week of traveling and a full day of meetings, Paul was ready to unwind with his wife, Marie. They were what many people might describe as soul-mates. They were best friends who shared their deepest, darkest secrets with one another and who regularly consulted with one another on a wide variety of topics. Their love life had suffered lately and had grown somewhat predictable but that didn't bother Paul too much. There was so much else that was good in their relationship that he could accept, though not always like, the relative lack of sexual play and exploration that had characterized their early days together. Paul was eager to be home and to spend time with Marie.

As he opened the door he had the feeling that something was different than normal. To start, there were only a few lights on in the house and he didn't hear any of the normal "end of day", "getting the meal ready" activities. Once in the house, he took off his coat, hung it up in the hall closet and tossed his keys into the drawer in the front hall table. It was then that he heard one of his favourite sounds and his heart skipped a beat. He stopped in mid stride and listened carefully. He heard it again. It was the unmistakable sound of a lighter. Could it be?

For Paul, smoking was extremely erotic and, he supposed, could be classified as a sexual fetish. He loved to watch Marie smoke, particularly very long white cigarettes such as the Virginia Slim 120's that he occasionally purchased while traveling in the US on business. Paul also enjoyed smoking while engaged in sexual activities. When he was out of town on business and was lonely for Marie, he occasionally masturbated and almost always enjoyed smoking while he did so. He knew that smoking wasn't healthy and neither he nor Marie smoked on a regular basis.

Paul ascended the stairs to the bedroom quickly. As he did, he caught the scent of Marie's perfume mixed in with the smell of cigarette smoke. He had an instant erection! His pace increased and within a couple of steps he was at the partially open bedroom door. He opened the door very slowly, his heart pounding with excitement at what lay on the other side of the door. Even before he opened the door he could see that the room was lit with candles. Paul opened the door very slowly until he saw Marie, lying on the couch. He couldn't believe his eyes. He had thought about this fantasy for literally years and now, it appeared, she was about to make it come true!

It was a big bedroom, with separate sitting area in which they had placed a couch. Scattered around the bedroom were vases of fresh flowers and many long, tapered candles, his favourite kind of candle. The candles were obviously new and very recently lit. There was something virginal and slightly erotic about lighting new candles. The flowers were a mixture of roses and star gazer lilies. Their senuous odour, along with Marie's distinctive perfume and the cigarette smoke combined to make an erotic and seductive scent that Paul simply adored.

Marie was lying on the couch and he simply could not believe his eyes. She was dressed in a black, silky corset whose cups were rolled down to expose her ample breasts. Attached to the corset by four garters were black fishnet stockings and on her feet were black stilettos. But it was what she was doing with her hands that captured Paul's attention. In one black gloved hand was a long, white Virginia Slims 120mm cigarette which she slowly brought to her red lips. Once her lips were wrapped around it, she inhaled deeply, hollowing her cheeks as she did so. She then tilted her head back slightly, closed her eyes and moved the cigarette slowly away from her mouth. Marie then opened her mouth slightly and let out a long, steady stream of smoke. Paul moaned audibly and nearly came on the spot!

But it was what Marie was doing with her other hand that really caught Paul's attention. To match her black outfit she was wearing a black strap on cock which she was stroking with her left hand. Up and down as she smoked the cigarette. Paul just stood in the middle of the room, staring at Marie. He simply could not take his eyes off of her. After taking several drags on her cigarette, Marie invited Paul to get dressed and join her on the couch. It was then that Paul noticed an outfit laid out on the couch that included his favourite white corset, a new pair of white stockings still in their package and a new pair of white pumps with 4 inch heels, something that he had always wanted.

For nearly 20 years Paul had explored his crossdressing desires, many times fighting the urges to dress in feminine attire and more than once purging his entire collection of female clothing. It was only when he met Marie that he felt comfortable with his crossdressing fetish and he was so happy to have someone in his life with whom he could share it. Marie was always surprising him with little gifts related to his crossdressing desires such as the new pair of white pumps sitting nearby on the couch. They were patent leather, very plain, with an ankle strap. He couldn't wait to try them on.

As Paul was pondering his good fortune at having Marie in his life, she pointed out the maid's outfit lying next to the corset and suggested to Paul that it was time to act out one of the maid stories that she was so fond of telling him. "Darling", she cooed, "take your time getting dressed, enjoy all the sensations. We have all evening, so there is no rush". She offered Paul a cigarette and lit it for him. Paul started to get dressed. As he did, Marie leaned back, lit another cigarette and continued to stroke her cock.

Paul put the cigarette up to his mouth and inhaled deeply. Oh, it tasted so good. He exhaled slowly, letting smoke waft from his mouth. He placed the cigarette in the ashtray that Marie had placed nearby on the couch and started to get dressed by putting on his white satin corset. Marie had bought it for him several years ago and it was one of his favourite pieces of feminine attire. When laying it out for him on the bed, Marie had placed his fake breasts in the cups of the corset. They were foam breast prosthesis with latex nipples glued to them. Paul longed for a more realistic silicone breasts but was quite content with the effect that his foam breasts created.

The corset felt wonderful as he slowly slipped into it. He loved the tightness of the corset hugging his body. After a moment savouring the feel of the corset, Paul carefully inserted the foam breasts into each cup on the corset. When he was finished, he let his hands linger on his breasts, enjoyed the sensation of feeling his own breasts.

Paul sat down on the couch and reached for his cigarette. He tapped the cigarette to get rid of the excess ash and brought it again to his lips. As he did so he noticed that Marie was doing the same. He couldn't take his eyes off of her as she inhaled deeply, once again hallowing her cheeks as she did so. Paul followed her lead and did the same. They gazed deeply into each other's eyes as they let the smoke slowly escape from their lips. After exhaling, he put the cigarette back in the ashtray so that he could continue getting dressed.

The next item of clothing to which Paul turned his attention were the white stockings. He carefully opened the package and removed the stockings to examine them. They had wide lace tops, his absolute favourite style and the material was shiny, practically glowing in the candlelight. He rolled the first stocking carefully, placed his foot into it and slowly unrolled it up his right leg. When the stocking was completely unrolled, he smoothed out the pretty lace top and attached it to the garter on this corset. He always had a little trouble with the garters, so he had to concentrate on what he was doing. After clipping both garters to the stocking, he paused, picked up his cigarette, and, looking back at Marie, inhaled deeply. He watched Marie do the same and gazed into her eyes as they both exhaled slow, steady streams of smoke at one another.

Paul returned to putting on his stockings. When he finished, he stood up and slipped on the frilly while panties that Marie had chosen for him. As with each piece of clothing that he donned, he delighted in the feeling of the fabric against his body. Marie had strategically placed a full length mirror nearby and Paul caught his reflection in the mirror. "I've always been jealous of how good your legs look in stockings" Marie said with nervous giggle. Paul reassured her that he found the look of her legs in the black fishnets and stiletto heels to be much more arousing. Marie grinned and rewarded Paul with a sensuous inhale and slow exhale of cigarette smoke.

Standing beside the couch dressed in his corset and stockings, Paul admired himself in the mirror. Behind him, Marie commanded "Watch yourself smoke". Paul immediately turned around, picked up his cigarette which was about half consumed, turned back to the mirror and took a deep drag, hollowing his cheeks as he had seen Marie do. He exhaled slowly, letting smoke waft up about his face. He felt warm and tingly as he did so.

It was now time to put on those new shoes, Paul thought. He sat down on the couch, put the cigarette in the ashtray, and commenced putting on the white pumps. He started with his left foot. He slipped his foot into the shoe and then lifted his leg and crossed it over his right leg so that he could do up the ankle strap. He repeated the same process with his right foot and then got up and walked around, passing by the mirror several times and admiring his new shoes each time that he did so. During one pass by the mirror he picked up what we left of his cigarette and watched himself in the mirror as he took the last drag.

Paul was nearly finished getting dressed. Marie had finished her cigarette and was now watching Paul as he finished changing. "Time to turn into my maid for evening" she said with a wicked laugh. Paul reached for his maid's outfit on the couch and slipped it over his head. It was a black satin dress, very short, with a crinoline underskirt, short, no sleeves and white lace trim across the bodice and along the skirt. Accompanying the dress was a pair of black gloves and a maid's cap. He put those on as well. Paul just stood for a minute, with his eyes closed, taking in the sensation of being all dressed up, the skirt brushing up against his stockings.

Paul just loved how it felt to be all dressed up in female attire, the sluttier the attire the better. He also enjoyed wearing makeup and putting on a wig to complete the outfit but Marie didn't much like when he did that, so he didn't push the matter. He was just happy to have the person he loved most in the world share some aspect of his crossdressing fetish every once in a while.

"Light me a cigarette", Marie demanded. This command snapped Paul from his thoughts. He picked up the cigarette package, shook it slightly until one cigarette protruded further out than the others and pointed the open end of the package at Marie. Marie took the cigarette from the package in her black gloved hand and brought it to her lips. Paul picked up the lighter from the couch and clicked it several times until it lit. He then slowly brought it up to the cigarette. As he did so Marie inhaled and the end of the cigarette glowed bright red. Marie tilted her back slightly, Paul released the button on the lighter and Marie let out a slow, steady stream of smoke directly at Paul.

Although Paul was already hard, he could feel himself get harder as he watched Marie smoke. She always had this effect on him. It was fetish he didn't fully understand but he was so glad that Marie was eager to indulge him from time to time. And indulge, she did. She could turn a single inhale and exhale in a delicious sexual act, one that never failed to excite Paul.

"As the maid, you are expected to look after my every need", Marie commented. She then did something somewhat unexpected. She stood up, lifted Paul's skirt, pulled down his panties slightly and started to rub her cock against Paul's very wet, dripping penis. Marie then pulled up Paul's panties, put his skirt back in place and laid sat back down on the couch. She spread her legs slightly and demanded, "Suck me! My cock needs to be sucked and it is your job as the maid to look after my EVERY need".

To say that Paul was surprised was an understatement. He stood there for second, not quite sure what to do. Marie sat back up, facing Paul, and smacked him on the ass. "Kneel!" she commanded. Again, Paul just stood there in total shock at what was happening. Marie smacked him on the ass again. "Kneel, maid!" she demanded. This time, Paul did as he was told and kneeled in front of Marie.

Marie leaned back on the couch, inhaled deeply on her cigarette and let the smoke waft softly from between her red lips. "Suck me, I'll teach you how. It is a skill that every maid should know." she said, this time in a calm, cool voice.

Paul bent forward and moved his mouth towards Marie's black cock. "Lick it first", she directed. Paul complied. As he did so he could hear the lighter snap and he looked up to see Marie lighting a second cigarette. She handed this one to him. "I want you to suck and smoke while I watch. Start by inhaling deeply and then rub your lips over my cock while the smoke escapes from your lips" she commanded.

Shuttering with anticipation, Paul inhaled deeply on the cigarette and filled his mouth with smoke. He then moved in close to Marie's black cock and started run his lips up and down the shaft. He could taste his pre-cum on her cock, slightly salty and a little bitter. The smoke wafted out from between his lips and swirled around the cock. He lifted his head, took another drag on the cigarette, and again ran his lips over Marie's cock. Without thinking about it, he moaned in delight.

"Now, it is time for you to take my cock in your mouth", Marie directed. "Start with the head of the cock, gently sucking it and licking it." Paul did as he was directed, taking the head of the cock gently in his mouth. Once again, he could taste his pre-cum, particularly when he licked around the head of the cock. He had often wondered what it would be like to suck a cock and he found that he enjoyed the sensation. Did that make him gay, he wondered. Perhaps it was a sign that he really wanted to be woman? No, Paul thought, he had asked himself these questions many times and what he was enjoying was the opportunity to explore a particular side of his personality without having to make a choice and to be able to do so with the one person he loved most in the world. He had no desire to change his gender nor did he have any interest in a homosexual relationship. Instead, he just enjoyed dressing and acting as a woman in the safety and comfort of his relationship with Marie. He quite simply enjoyed sucking on the cock because it was something that a woman might do.

Paul lifted his eyes to look at Marie. As he did, she rewarded him by taking a deep inhale on the cigarette and exhaling slowly, letting the smoke waft in front of her face. "I want to watch you smoke. Take a drag on the cigarette and exhale on my cock" Marie directed. Paul brought the cigarette to his lips, inhaled deeply, and lowered his mouth on the cock. He took the head of the cock loosely into his mouth and exhaled slowly. The cigarette smoke enveloped the black cock and he moaned softly, enjoying the sensations.

"Do it again", Marie commanded, "Only this time, take the whole cock in your mouth". Paul reached over to the ashtray, flicked of the ash that had built upon the cigarette, and brought it up to his lips. He inhaled deeply, making the end of the cigarette glow a fiery red as he did so, and took Marie's cock in his mouth. He slowly moved his lips beyond the head of the cock until about half of it was in his mouth and part way down his throat. Paul exhaled softly, once again letting the smoke escape from his mouth and envelope Marie's cock. Marie moaned. Paul lifted his eyes to see Marie playing with her breasts, something he always enjoyed watching. Marie noticed his gaze and brought her right hand, with the cigarette between two fingers, to her mouth and inhaled slowly, filling her mouth with smoke. She then exhaled a long, steady stream, Paul's favourite way to watch her exhale.

By now, both the cigarettes were nearly finished. Paul and Marie gazed into each other's eyes and took the final drag on their cigarette, each watching the other one do so. After slowly exhaling, Marie took Paul's head in her hands and guided it onto her cock. With one hand, she guided Paul's head up and down while he sucked her cock. With her other hand, she played with breasts, an action which caused her to moan softly. For Paul, the sound of Marie moaning was always very arousing and, with her cock in his mouth, it felt like she was moaning because of what he was doing. He closed his eyes and drank in all the sensations. The feel of the tight corset. The swish of the dress on his stockings. The lingering smell of the cigarette smoke mixed with Marie's perfume. The taste of his pre-cum on Marie's cock. The sound of Marie moaning. Literally every of one his senses was sexually fulfilled.

Marie lifted Paul's head from her cock and said "I've enjoyed your little show, now it is your turn to watch me. Have a seat on the couch facing me". Paul got up off his knees and sat down on the other side of the coach facing Marie. She smiled at him, a sly little smile that piqued his curiosity about what was going to happen next. She picked up the cigarette package, took out two cigarettes and lit them both at the same time. After inhaling deeply on both cigarettes, she handed one to Paul as the smoke slowly escaped from between her luscious red lips. Though he had noticed her lips before, he now paid closer attention. She had painted them very full, having outlined them with a lip pencil in a slightly darker shade than her lipstick which was a deep, cherry red. Obviously she was trying one of the new "long-lasting" lipsticks since she left very little of the lipstick on her cigarette.

Noticing that Paul was staring at her lips, Marie brought the cigarette up to her mouth again and slowly inserted it into her mouth. She moved the cigarette in and out of her mouth a few times as though she were sucking it like a cock. Marie then inhaled very deeply, hollowing her cheeks and making the end of the cigarette glow bright red. She held the smoke for a second and then opened her lips slight to let the creamy white smoke waft slowly from her mouth. The sigth of the smoke pouring from her lips made Paul moan involuntarily. Marie smiled.

Placing the cigarette momentarily in the ashtray, Marie removed the black cock from the black leather strap on harness. Grabbing the cock in her left hand, she picked the cigarette back up in her right hand. She brought the cigarette to her lips, inhaled and then brought the cock to her lips and blew the smoke softly all over it. She then put the cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck on it, titling her head back slightly so that Paul would have a better view.

Since Marie had also closed her eyes, Paul had a better chance to study her eye makeup. Marie normally didn't wear much make up and, frankly, she didn't really need to wear much. She had beautiful skin and Paul did not have any big hangups about she looked when they were together as other husbands he knew had about their wives, always wanting them looking a certain way when they were out together. Paul loved Marie and she was beautiful to him no matter how she dressed. But he did, he would admit, enjoy it when she wore lots of makeup in the bedroom. He liked the slutty look with lots of makeup and Marie indulged him from time to time in private. Tonight she had chosen a dark grey eye shadow on her eyelids, with a white undertone that went from her eyelids to her eye brows. As special surprise, she had bought long false eye lashes with little rhinestones on the ends of the lashes.

After sucking the cock for a couple of minutes, occasionally taking it from her mouth to smoke her cigarette and blow smoke on the cock, she moved her right hand and the cock that she was holding in it down towards her vagina. Placing the head of the cock on the outside of her vagina, she rubbed it over her labia and along her clit, smoking her cigarette as she did so. Paul couldn't decide where to look and alternated between watching her smoke and watching her play with herself. Suddenly, she thrust the cock into her pussy and moaned loudly. Paul watched intently as she rhythmically moved the cock in and out of her pussy.

With the cigarette still in her right hand Marie played with her breasts, paying particular attention to her nipples. Paul had a particular fondness for Marie's breasts which were quite large, milky white with large, dark pink nipples. When aroused, Marie's nipples became quite engorged and very erect. Marie cupped her right breast in her hand and, since it was large enough to do so, brought it up towards her mouth. With the cigarette positioned between her fingers, she moved her hand slightly so that she could take drag on the cigarette. A slight move of her hand placed her nipple in her mouth and she alternately licked it and blew smoke on it. Paul moaned loudly and Marie offered a wicked smile in return.

Looking down at Marie's pussy, Paul noticed that the pace of Marie's thrusts had increased and that she was breathing heavily. The orgasm started slowly with a small gasp. With a quick movement of her hand, Marie thrust the cock all the way into her pussy, inhaled sharply and went rigid for nearly thirty seconds. It was a scene that Paul had watched many times, one that never failed to excite him. Slowly, Marie's body went limp. She extinguished the cigarette in the ashtray and leaned back languidly on the couch.

Paul finished his cigarette while he looked at Marie and thought about much he adored her. She often complained about her body and, while Paul could understand why she might not think she had the most gorgeous body, Paul passionately felt otherwise. Although Marie might think that she was overweight, Paul thought she was voluptuous. Lying there, dressed in her corset and stockings, Paul simply could not imagine a more beautiful or sexier woman. Marie was, in all respects, the woman of his dreams and the star of all his fantasies.

Rousing herself from the after effects of her orgasm, Marie sat up and put her shiny black cock back into the dildo harness that she was wearing. "On your knees, facing the back of the couch", she commanded. "It is time for me to have my way with the maid. Remember, you are here to fulfill my every wish and desire". As Paul rolled over and faced the back of the couch, Marie reached beside the sofa and pulled out a pillow, folded in half, on which Marie had used some old stockings to tie a flesh coloured dildo. She placed the pillow between Paul and the back of the couch, placed the package of cigarettes, the lighter and an ashtray within easy reach for Paul. She took a cigarette for herself, lit it and stood up.

Marie moved behind Paul and began to run her hands over his body. Although Paul's foam breasts were not is own, he felt a warmth in his groin every time that she touched them. Noticing his reaction, Marie moved behind Paul and reached around his body to play with both his breasts at once. Paul moaned in response.

While Marie was playing his breasts, Paul could feel the hard cock pressing into his butt cheeks. It was hanging down from Marie's body, pointed towards the ground such that is entire length was running between his butt cheeks. "Light yourself a cigarette" Marie suggested as she took a step back away from Paul. Paul did so with no hesitation.

Marie removed the glove on her right hand, leaned beside the couch to grab some lubricant and poured a little at the top of the crack between Paul's butt cheeks. It was cold but Paul enjoyed the sensation of it slowly oozing down his crack and into his ass. The next thing he knew, he could feel Marie's finger exploring his ass. At first, she simply ran her finger around his anus, playfully teasing him. She slapped his ass with her glove several times, a new sensation that he found he quite enjoyed.

"Put that cigarette up to your lips and inhale" Marie commanded. As Paul started to inhale, Marie inserted her finger into his ass and he inhaled much more deeply that he had intended. As he enjoyed the sensation of her finger exploring his ass, Paul let the smoke escape slowly, savouring the taste of the cigarette smoke and the feel of Marie's finger.

"Do you want my cock up your ass?" Marie asked. Paul replied that he did. "Doesn't sound like it to me. I want you to beg for it" Marie commented, after which she inserted a second finger up Paul's ass. Paul moaned and took another drag on his cigarette. After exhaling, Paul began to beg for Marie to take him with her cock. In response, Marie smacked him several times with gloved hand and said "There's not nearly enough longing in your voice". Paul began to whimper and she wriggled her fingers in his ass.

Just when he thought he could stand it no longer, Marie grabbed her cock and guided it into Paul's already wet ass. The feeling of that cock in his ass was simply exquisite. He could distinguish between the head and the body of the cock and could even make out the veins on the outside of the cock. "I'm going to fuck you slowly, dear, so enjoy your cigarette and try sucking that cock like I taught you" she cooed.

Once again, Paul reveled in the multitude of sensations. Marie's hands on his waist accentuated the tightness of the corset. The lace on the skirt swished against his ass as Marie slowly slid the cock in and out, at just the pace he liked. Marie's voice sounded so sexy as she periodically instructed him to smoke his cigarette or told him a particular manner in which to suck the cock in front of him. Above all, was the feeling of the cock as Marie slowly gyrated her hips, forcing the cock in and out of his ass.

Everyone so often Marie reached around Paul to touch his breasts and her hands on his body were absolutely electric. "You are going to come without me ever touching your cock", she challenged. He could hear the lighter snap as Marie lit a second cigarette, a sound that induced an almost Pavlovian reaction. He could feel himself get harder and start to dip. Paul lit himself a second cigarette and simply lost himself in the sights and sounds and smells around him.

To make sure that Paul was well lubricated, Marie poured a little more lubricant on her cock when it was exposed on an outward stroke. Soon, he could feel the tension building. Marie seemed to sense it as well and increased the pace at which she thrusted, not so fast that it was painful, but faster to match his growing excitement. Just as he could feel himself about to come, Paul took a deep drag on the cigarette and the smoke literally exploded from his mouth as he screamed in delight. Marie slowed the pace but did not withdraw her cock as Paul screamed and writhed. It was nearly a minute before Paul collapsed on the couch and Marie's cock popped from his ass.

As Paul's eyes began to focus, Marie said "Let's lie back on the couch and enjoy an after sex cigarette, just like they used to do in the old movies". With that, Marie took two cigarettes, lit them both and passed one to Paul. "I hope that you enjoyed playing the maid and acting out one of the many stories that I have told you in the past. Perhaps we'll try another story some time soon" she said and, just before bringing the cigarette to her lips, she gave a wicked little smile and a wink.




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