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Maid's House

by Wendy k hill


It was dark as I walked up to the door, I saw movement inside the front window I stepped to the window and looked in under the shade, in the  room stood the sexyist girl I had ever seen in my young life, she wore  high heeled blood red thigh high boots then dark black lacy top  stockings these where held up by black and red suspenders sticking out from under blood red panties with black frilly lace around the leg holes and three rows across the body of the panties above this was a black lace  and satin corset with blood red frilly lace up the centre and around the cups there was a blood red satin choker with frilly black lace around her neck her hair was dark red and hung down to the small of her back, as she walked  around the room her breasts moved up and down with her breathing.

 My breathing was very raspy at this moment and to my ears sounded like a steam train in a tunnel,the door opened and in walked another girl wearing the same style of clothing except it was all pink and white and her hair was dark gold, she spoke and the two girls came together in a crushing embrace thier lips crushed together thier hands ran up and down the  back and sides of each other, thier kiss broke and they moved apart to  an area of the room I could not see, I was nearly ready to leave my  peeping tom position when they moved back into the centre of the room but this time they both wore little girl partystyle dresses very short skirts  with layers and layers of frilly petticoats sticking out at right angles.

 I felt a hand on my shoulder the fingers dug into my shirt a sexy husky voice  said now we know what was so riverting, come inside we will join the hussies she held my hand as we entered the house we moved into the room with the two girls and the women holding my hand said look what I found outside now you two sluts should stop playing around in front of young men more so when they look as special as this one now girls look after our young friend as I have some things to get ready extra give me a  half hour to get ready you can bring him into our world, with that she held my chin and  kissed my lips with a crushing passion what do I do she was a sexy looking but much older than my sixteen years she looked about fifty, suddenly she pushed me away I fell onto the lounge as I looked up the two girls raised thier pettis and moved to stand over me the one with dark red hair at my head  knelt on the floor and her red lipstick coated lips gently slipped onto mine her tongue slid into my mouth and tempted my tongue deep into her mouth, I felt a hot wet feeling around my rampent sex as the blonde took me deep into her mouth my back arched and my whole body shook as tremor after tremor ran from my rampent sex, as I started to breath again my eyes still shut the lips and tounge slid from my mouth then a finger slid in I sucked then two then three and a husky voice said open for more I did I felt something very hot slide in and I felt a hand  on the back of my head I opened my eyes to find I had this cock sliding in and out of my mouth I looked upwards the dark haired girl stood above me her eyes closed but her mouth open she said suck hard oh yes harder I did  this was my first time but to see this stunning girl aattached to the cock in my mouth did not worry me at all I sucked as hard as I could she sighed and I tasted this warm sticky stuff in my mouth not bad, she slowly slid it out  took my head in both hands and kissed me and slid her tounge around my mouth licking up all her cum she pulled away from me and the blonde held out her lovely small cock towards me I opened wide and sucked it in and worked on it as  hard as I could I heared a voice say he is so good it can not be his first time another voice said who cares he is wonderfull darling harder, harder I did and felt a rush of cum deep in my mouth.




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