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Maid On My Own Will

by Monica Graz



She startled me as I was doing the dishes humming one of my favorite tunes. She came behind me, put her hands around my aproned waist and whispered in my ear : "Robin dear I loved the dinner tonight, your cooking skills are getting better and better. And you look so neat in your apron, doing the dishes now. Thank you for being such a jewel". She kissed me again and her tongue played a bit more with my ear, something that excited me tremendously.

I turned around to face her wiping my rubber gloved hands on my apron : " Oh Chris, stop being so naughty, you excite me and I still have my chores to finish." She looked at me mischievously and continued : "I guess I have to wait till bedtime to seduce you my darling and I have a report to finish also. Be a dear and get me a cup of tea when you finish with your chores in the kitchen". She started going and obviously she remembered something because she turned back and said : "And Robin, could you check if my white blouse, you know the one with the tiny buttons is ironed?. I know you washed it the other day. I want to wear it tomorrow, I have an important meeting, thank you doll". And before I had the chance to answer, she left for her study.

My life with Chris flashed through my mind as I was finishing tidying up the kitchen. I met her two years ago and we instantly felt an attraction for each other. Coming from a similar social background, both University graduates and fairly 'intellectual', we found lots of things in common. A couple of months later I left my small bachelor's apartment and moved in with her. Though she was living alone, she had a great house, inherited from her rich family. She had a high powered job in a law firm, being a junior partner. I was a freelancing computer specialist operating from home, so I had to organize my working space in a room in Chris' house. We both decided that marriage was not one of our priorities, so we left it as an open issue to reconsider at a later stage.

From the very beginning I was dead honest with Chris. I told her that without being a committed crossdresser I liked wearing some 'discreet' pieces of female clothing like panties and camisoles under my male clothes or a nightie in bed. She didn't mind at all, on the contrary, she said to me that a man with such an 'idiosyncrasy' is more sensitive and less able to cheat on a relationship.

Though I had a natural inclination towards housework I stayed out of it for sometime. Chris, being herself a lousy housekeeper, was employing someone to come and clean the house every second day, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She was a nice Portorican lady in her late forties and a committed cleaner. Since I was working from home I got to know her quite well. Amelia, that was her name, was very chatty and soon I knew everything about her family back home, her various problems, marital and financial etc. I was fascinated watching her working around the house. She had her own room and always changed in an overall and apron before starting working, nothing fancy, a plain cotton dress light blue or pink and a large matching working apron, the style that was popular for maids in the 50s and 60s.

I started asking her questions concerning her work, why this detergent or that liquid for cleaning tiles or how you treat the wooden floor etc, etc... Though not educated, she was ecologically conscious and was using environment friendly products. Soon I was helping her in some of the heavier works wearing one of her practical full working aprons to protect my clothes. She didn't mind at all, in fact she was pleased because I was following her instructions and was a fast learner. She started making comments of the type :

"Well Robin, you could probably get a job as a cleaner, you are very careful and efficient. Most cleaners, including experienced housemaids are not as good as you."

For some reason she was calling me with my first name from the very beginning and I never stopped her. On the other hand Chris was 'Miss Christina' for her, after all she was her employer and I was only a guest in the house.

Chris voice interrupted my reverie : "Robin darling, how about this cup of tea, I am dying of thirst!"

"I am so sorry Chris, it took me longer to finish in the kitchen. It's coming in a minute."

I fixed a tray with a small tea pot, cup and saucer and a jug of milk and rushed to her study. She was busy writing, but she thanked me and asked me to serve it for her. As I was getting ready to go she looked at my apron with a slightly disgusted look : "I wish Robin darling that you could change to a fresh apron when you are through in the kitchen, this one is wet and dirty."

"Sorry Dear, I rushed in here and I forgot all about it. I'll change now."

She smiled at me. "That's OK darling I only tease you. Now shoo I will never finish this damn report and I do want to go to bed with you as soon as possible!". She said that and made me blush all over. How silly of me.

I was ironing her blouse in the laundry room and my mind drifted again. I was thinking that I was Chris' 'little housekeeper' as she liked calling me for over six months now. Amelia had to depart urgently for Puerto Rico, some sort of family disaster, her married daughter had a car accident and broke both her legs, so she had to go and look after her two grand children, father being overworking etc...So we lost our competent cleaner.

Chris was devastated of course, she couldn't even think of changing her lifestyle, she was far too busy for that anyway and good domestic staff is so hard to find those days etc, etc.. So I stepped forward and volunteered to take over Amelia's work In the beginning she refused to discuss it. "Come on Robin, you don't want to do that sort of work, you have your own work to think about and there are other less boring things for you to do than cleaning a big house like this one."

But with my solid arguments I gradually convinced her. "Look Chris, I work from home anyway and at the moment my computer work keeps me busy for about 3 hours per day, so I have plenty of time in my hands. Then I know most of the work Amelia was doing, I was watching and helping her for months now. But the most important is that I enjoy doing housework. It is like a physical exercise for me and after spending hours in front of a screen is more than welcomed for me that sort of manual work."

She finally agreed and said to me : "Fine, you convinced me. But let me tell you two more things. I expect you to do a proper job, after all you volunteered to do it. Keeping a house clean etc is a job like any other and you must be prepared for criticism if I am not satisfied. I will inspect your work and you will accept my remarks as Amelia would. Is that all right with you?"I was getting ready to answer but she stopped me with her hand.

"Let me finish darling. The second thing I want to tell you is that if you ever change your mind and you find the work too hard or too boring or too demeaning or whatever, please tell me and we will find another solution. I don't want my little Robin to be unhappy!"

She always had a way of making me blush. I told her that I agree with her terms, they were not that hard anyway and from that day on I became her 'little housekeeper'.

Soon I started cooking too, I was fed up with the 'take away' food we were eating all the time, it was fattening too and we both were trying to lose some weight.

The apron became a standard piece of apparel for me. I started using Amelia's aprons, I loved them, they were feminine, full and protective without unnecessary frills that probably would embarrass me. Chris bought a couple of aprons for me but I sort of ignored them, they were the unisex 'butcher' style and I found them very boring. She understood and next time she bought a couple of feminine ones, not frilly or anything, just aprons that a normal housewife would wear.

Her voice brought me back to reality. It came from the bedroom this time. "Robin darling, it's bedtime, Chris is waiting for you!"


We were in bed in our matching nighties chatting happily. Chris who was a health freak liked her clothes made from natural fibres and in particularly bed clothes, so our nighties and our sheets were pure cotton. The nighties were made of fine cotton and were very expensive. From the very beginning she insisted that we should wear matching ones that only her could afford to buy, usually from exclusive lingerie shops. As usually she took the initiative and started caressing me.

"So how my little housekeeper is doing, did you have a good day?" she said to me as she was lifting my nightie touching my thighs with gentle fingers.

"Yes darling I had a good day, I am very happy with this new recipe, it worked out well and you said you enjoyed the food."

"Of course I did, you are becoming more and more a gourmet cook and before I forget, I asked my friend Jennifer to join us for dinner tomorrow, try and surprise us with something exotic."

'But darling I planned a light dinner for tomorrow because is my big shopping day and then I have all the ironing to do, you know sheets and all that."

She slapped me slightly on the thigh and said in a pretend austere tone of voice : "Now listen to me you little thing, all housewives can modify plans at a last minute's notice if they have to and I can't see why you should be different."

She never called me a housewife before, but somehow it excited me and she felt it instantly in my erection. "Oh, my little darling, you like to be called a housewife don't you. Strictly speaking you are not one yet, but you will be one, once we decide to get married. Would you like that Robin? Would you like to be my little wife and wear pretty aprons and look after our guests?"

I was more and more excited. "Oh yes Chris, I would love that" I said with a trembling voice as she started to mount me. Soon we were engaged in a frantic love session where Chris was definitely the aggressor.

We were much more cool and controlled at breakfast next morning. Chris was in a rush, finished quickly her cup of coffee and as I was taking her to the door she gave me a quick kiss and said : "It's all set then, we come back with Jennifer about 6 o'clock. We will have drinks first and then you can serve dinner. She stopped and looked at my working apron, one of Amelia's and continued : "And darling, have a nice apron on please, one of those I bought for you, not one of Amelia's, they are too maidy. And we don't want Jennifer to think that you are the maid here do we?" And before I had a chance to answer she rushed to the car.

I was quite intrigued by her last phrase, 'housewife' yesterday, 'maid' today, did she have something in mind? Whatever it was though, her little remarks made me singularly excited!

It was a busy day for me. I did a major shopping in the local supermarket and then I had to catch up with my freelancing computer work as well. I must admit that I wasn't doing that well with my professional activities lately. I was losing lots of contracts that in the past were a routine for me and my income was dropping considerably.

But I had Chris' backing in that issue. She repeatedly said to me : "Don't worry Robin darling about your work, I make money now for both of us and with your nearly full time work in the house, I don't expect you to kill yourself for some extra money."

By 5.00 o'clock I was done in the kitchen. Dinner was ready, except for some final minor touches. I had a relaxing shower and changed to my 'good outfit', which was a rather unisex shirt and trousers ensemble. We bought them together with Chris from a shop that specialized in that type of clothing. In fact Chris insisted and I bought the shirt that buttoned in a feminine fashion, right over left. Only an experienced eye could pick that though. I put a clean apron on, one that Chris bought me, a nice blue striped gingham one with a bib and shoulder straps that crossed in the back and fastened in the strings. I tried to make the bow as symmetrical as possible. The look in the mirror made me think once more that I had to loose serious weight, I wanted my waist slimmer than that, only then I could wear my aprons more proudly. 'Stop it Robin!' I thought to myself, 'you are not a woman and stop pretending that you can look the part!' I smiled at that thought and went back to the kitchen to start the salad dressing.

The ladies would be here any minute now and I still had to set the table. I thought about Jennifer, I didn't know her well, I met her a couple of times in a social context. She was working with my wife in the Law firm, she wasn't a lawyer but a legal secretary and the right hand of the top man of the firm. I think Chris had another reason of befriending her, some 'inside information' was always useful in a big Law office, in a competitive environment that you had to protect your back at all times.

Jennifer was coming out of a nasty relationship with a married businessman, a relationship that turned very sour and created lots of waves. Of course she was bitter and Chris stood by her all that time. She knew that I was keeping house for Chris at this phase of our life and she found it very positive and supportive, at least this is what Chris told me.

I heard the bell ringing and found it strange, did Chris forget her keys? I wiped my hands and rushed to the door smoothing my apron. Chris and Jennifer were standing there in big smiles. "Hello darling, did you forget your keys?" I asked innocently.

"Of course not Robin dear, but we thought with Jennifer we shouldn't surprise you in case you were more indecent?"

I looked puzzled and Chris added laughingly : "Oh, nothing serious darling, just in case you still had your working apron on or something similar."

I blushed slightly and let them in. They both greeted me with a girlish kiss in the cheek and gave me their coats and bags. For a moment I felt like the maid, but they did it so naturally that I took them graciously and hanged them in the hallway alcove.

I heard Chris' voice from the living room. "Drinks time Robin!" I went in and they both had kicked their shoes off and were comfortably parked in the couch.

"You look very nice and neat Robin. I love that apron, it does suit you!" Jennifer said with a big grin, but without any mockery in her voice. That made me feel more comfortable and Chris added : "I bought that apron for Robin, I was fed up seeing him wearing all the time Amelia's aprons. He still uses them but only for the heavy housework. Now how about some drinks, I could kill for some gin and tonic!"

Dinner went very well, they loved my food and though the table was set for three, I spent most of my time serving them, changing their plates, filling their wine glasses etc. They happily chatted most of the time and they included me in their conversation only to ask me for something or to praise my cooking. I removed my apron when I finally was able to sit at the table and funnily enough both ladies noted it immediately. "Now Robin, why you took your apron off, you are so sweet in it" Chris said and Jennifer agreed instantly. "Would you mind very much putting it back on dear?" Chris continued and her voice had a touch of authority. I blushed and said meekly : "Of course not dear, the only thing is that I was going to change shortly to my work apron to do the dishes and I thought to sit with you ladies for a little while, I didn't really have the chance to see Jennifer at all."

Jennifer said instantly : "You are right Robin, we kept you busy practically all evening, how naughty of us, But your food was delicious. Probably you could come and cook dinner at my place one day, would you like that?"

"That would be a great idea" Chris exclaimed, "You need that sort of distraction at the moment Jennifer, so before you go tonight we'll set a date. Isn't that all right with you Robin darling?"

I had to agree, since Chris was so warm about it. "I'd love to do it anytime Jennifer" I said in a slightly hesitant tone though.

In the mean time they forgot about the apron and I sat with them chatting, mostly about Jennifer's recent bad adventure. When they started talking about the office and their work again, I excused myself and said that I had to do the dishes and tidy up the kitchen. I don't think they noticed when I left the table. Back to the kitchen I put on one of Amelia's large protective aprons and my rubber gloves and started the dishes. Halfway through though I realized that I still had to collect some glasses and plates from the table. I went in with a tray and started collecting the remaining unwashed things. The ladies were still engrossed in their conversation but as I was departing for the kitchen I heard Chris telling me : "Thank you Amelia!"

I nearly dropped the tray. I turned to face her and then she realized and started laughing. "Oh my God, I was so taken by Jennifer's story than I took you for Amelia. It is that apron obviously. Anyway I am sorry darling. You don't mind do you? Anyway you are doing Amelia's job at the moment and you are wearing her apron, so it's not that unfair to call you that."

Jennifer joined in : "Robin that apron is not as nice as the other one, but it is so practical and so old fashioned. I remember when I was a young girl we had a maid that was wearing a similar one on top of her uniform dress. God it brings back memories!"

Chris continued : "Now that you mention it Jennifer I remember our maids in my parents house had similar aprons but I remember also that they were not allowed to come in front of the guests wearing them, so they kept their serving white aprons on, under the big ones so they could whisk them off quickly in case they have to appear in front of us or go and answer the door etc."

She looked at me questioningly : "Well dear Robin you are not a maid, but to tell you the truth I am not happy seeing you in this room with this apron on and the rubber gloves!"

I blushed and managed to say : "You are right Chris, but I was in the middle of doing the dishes and I thought it would take only a minute to take those things away. Anyway now I know and I will be more careful in the future."

Jennifer looked sympathetically at me and said : "You shouldn't be hard on him Chris, after all he is doing a great job, he is a real gem in the house and I guess he still has a lot to learn." She sighed and continued turning to me : "I wish I had a person like you Robin to help around in my apartment, it's not as big as this house but I certainly need a helping hand around the place."

I felt awkward because all that time I had to stand in the middle of the room with a tray in my rubber gloved hands, wearing a big wet working apron, listening those two blathering on. I was getting ready to say to Jennifer how sorry I was that I couldn't help her, when I heard Chris' excited voice : "Well Jennifer I have a wonderful idea, I can give you Robin for a whole day. He can come in the morning, clean your place, do the washing or anything else you need like ironing etc and then he can cook dinner and we all have a merry evening. How about that!"

I was aghast when I heard it. She was offering my services to another person, without even asking me! She had such a nerve. I was about to start protesting when Chris turned to me and said very sweetly: "I know Robin darling you wouldn't say no to that suggestion of mine. I think Jennifer deserves some pampering at the moment and you are the one who can do it. After all this house doesn't need you on a daily basis, don't forget Amelia was managing very well, coming only three times a week. Please darling, say yes."

She was so sweet and loving that I simply couldn't say no to her. And I must admit that deep inside I felt a peculiar excitement and a pleasant flickering of my stomach. Somehow I found the whole idea fascinating. Pretending that I was hesitant I said in a small voice : "I guess it's all right, housework is housework, I might as well do it."

They both clapped their hands happily and we agreed that this coming Saturday, that is in three days time, I would go at 8 o'clock in the morning, Jennifer would give me instructions what to do and then she would go off shopping with Chris. They were going to meet at a shopping mall at 10. How well they organized my time and their time! Me cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing floors, them having their cappuccinos and buying fancy clothes.

I thought that I could go back to the kitchen at last, but Jennifer's voice stopped me once more: "and Robin, please bring with you your working clothes and aprons, I don't have anything to give you. Feel free to wear anything that is comfortable for your housework. I couldn't care less if you are Robin or Amelia or Nancy or whatever. I just want the work done and I must add that I might be a lousy housekeeper, but I am a demanding employer and I will certainly inspect your work."


Chris had to depart early next morning on a business trip. We got up at seven, she rushed to the shower and I went downstairs to the kitchen to start breakfast. Still on my nightie I tied an apron on and started squeezing fresh orange juice.

She looked very smart in her elegant Armani business suit when she came down half an hour later. She looked at me as I was pouring coffee in her cup and smiled : "Look at you my little Robin, the perfect picture of a sweet housewife!" I blushed but I didn't have the chance to answer, as she continued : "Well, I better rush, I have a plane to catch and look at this rotten weather. I'll probably be back quite late so don't bother to wait for me for dinner, I'll call you later."

She grabbed her bag and coat gave me a girlish kiss and departed. I looked at her expensive SUV as she was driving away. The weather was rotten indeed. I went back to the kitchen to finish my cup of coffee and plan my day. Though I wouldn't admit it publicly, I felt good about this 'role reversal' in our lives. I was becoming more and more the 'house partner' in our relationship and Chris was becoming more and more the 'breadwinner' and she didn't seem to mind it. Her personality was more assertive than mine and obviously she was able to survive in the 'cruel' outside world more easily than me. As I was finishing my cup of coffee I couldn't stop thinking how lucky I was that I didn't have to catch a plane on a day like this.

I didn't really want to change to my male clothes to start housework, even if those clothes were usually of the unisex type, a truck suit in colder days, a t-shirt and shorts when it was hot. I really wanted something different. I decided to be bold, after all Chris wouldn't be back for hours. I went upstairs to the little room where Amelia used to change. I knew that she left behind all her working clothes. What the hell, I was going to dress in her clothes today, after all I was doing her work for weeks now!

An hour later I was the maid! Amelia's clothes were not fancy, but I definitely looked the part. I was wearing my own panties and vest, a bra that belonged to Amelia and had seen better days, a striped blue cotton dress that buttoned in front with white piping around the collar, the short sleeves and the two front pockets and a matching large working apron. I even tied around my longish hair a head triangle of the same material. Black pantyhose and comfortable rubber sole shoes finished off my appearance.

I started my chores with a 'feeling' and an intensity I never had before. Somehow my maid's gear made me a more committed cleaner. I practically 'attacked' the upstairs rooms and in particular the master bedroom. As I was moving around vacuuming I couldn't stop looking at myself in the various mirrors. A rather plain girl in a maid's uniform was looking back at me. Now in a dress and apron, I could see more that I had to loose weight. I definitely had to improve my waist line.


Satisfied from my work I turned off the vacuum cleaner, thinking already for a break with a cup of coffee, turned around to head for the door and froze on my tracks!

Chris was standing there looking at me with an amused expression of half mockery!! I blushed and turned beetroot red. I started apologizing but in her usual confident manner she stopped me and said : "My flight has been cancelled because of the weather and I came back home to pick some other papers on my way to the office:" She looked at me in a more critical manner and continued in a rather sarcastic tone : "So my 'darling little housewife' decided to demote herself to a maid?" As I was getting ready to answer she stopped me with her hand and said firmly : "Let me finish please. You decided to dress as a maid to do your chores on your own will, is that right?" I nodded silently. "And you feel comfortable wearing maid's clothes as you work around the house?" I blushed again as I was looking at her.

"Answer me please!" she said impatiently. "Yes Chris I do feel comfortable working around the house in those clothes" I meekly answered back.

"In that case you stay dressed as you are for the rest of the day. Continue with your work and after dinner tonight we are going to discuss the whole issue. I need to do a bit of thinking myself, ok?"

I got a bit panicked thinking that she might decide to end our relationship. "Oh Chris, I hope you are not mad at me, it was just an impulse. All of a sudden I had this strong need to dress and act like Amelia, since I am doing her job for sometime now. But if that annoys you it won't happen again. Oh Chris you now how much I love you." I nearly cried as I said this last sentence.

"That's exactly my point Robin ", Chris said in a softer tone, "this is why I asked you if you like wearing maid's clothes. I know already that you love doing housework, so if you put those things together it is obvious what your inclination is. Well I have to rush now, we'll discuss it tonight Don't worry though I am not going to kick you out of the house, but if you prefer to act like a maid I think we should redefine our roles and commitments in our relationship. Now run along to your chores I have more serious things to do."

She dismissed me like a servant! And to make things worst she yelled at me from the front door as she was going out : "And be sure to wear a nicer apron, preferably a white one, on top of your uniform dress when I come back tonight, I am sure you will find something appropriate among Amelia's things. Bye for now!"


The house was clean and tidy and dinner was ready when Chris came back around six

o'clock that evening. I still had Amelia's uniform dress on but I found a half white apron among her things and I put it on, following Chris' suggestion. I removed also the head scarf and replaced it with a white hair band that I thought was more appropriate.

Chris used her key this time and came straight to the kitchen where I was busy, fixing some salad dressing. I blushed as I turned around to face her, I was excited but very nervous still about the whole thing, I wasn't sure which way to go, I needed some help.

Chris eyed me from top to bottom and her quick mind picked my nervousness because she said casually : "Hi Robin, I like the white apron and hair band, you look the part,

but how about a drink, I'm dying for one. I'll be in the living room." she left as quickly as she came in, but I felt relieved somehow, I sensed that she was not angry or negative about my appearance, just tired from a very busy day.

We had our dinner together, though I felt a bit awkward sitting at the table with Chris and being the maid at the same time. She felt it also because she said : "Well darling, I think that in the future and when you are the maid you would serve me first and then you can have your dinner in the kitchen. But we will discuss all that later, as I said already we must redefine our roles and commitments as a couple. I have some ideas and you can tell me what you think."

I joined her in the living room after I finished doing the dishes and tidied up the kitchen. She turned the TV off and motioned me to go and sit next to her in the couch. I still was dressed in Amelia's clothes, an inner force prevented me from changing to my regular clothes. Somehow I wanted to make a point that I was pleased the way I was dressed.

"You certainly need some coaching darling how to sit properly when you wear a dress, keep your knees together and place your hands on your lap." She looked at me half jokingly as I adjusted my position in the couch and continued : "Now Robin, I'll try and be frank with you, obviously I accept your little idiosyncrasies and I am satisfied with our relationship, otherwise we wouldn't have been together. Today though, another side of your persona came out. I already knew your skills around the house and how you enjoy doing the housework and cooking etc, but today you went a step further and you declared, very clearly indeed, that you like doing your housework not as a partner or a 'housewife' as I like to joke with you, but as a maid. Am I right so far?"

In my usual manner I blushed, but I managed to answer with a steady voice : "Yes Chris, it is true, I somehow felt very comfortable wearing Amelia's working clothes moving around the house doing my chores, much more in peace with myself. I can't explain it even to myself Chris, I feel very natural somehow relaxed, but alert and excited at the same time, my energy is doubled when I worked in the house dressed as a maid, who knows probably I was a maid in my previous life!"


She looked at me moving her head sceptically : "Probably you are right you know, probably your genes are maid's genes, in the other hand if you go back to your childhood, probably you were helping your mother or the maid around the house and the 'feeling' stayed with you. One wonders indeed! But my dear Robin I am not a shrink and I don't intend to analyze you, lets go back to more practical matters. Do you intend to keep working as a maid in this house, or this was a small game for the day?"

She looked at me shrewdly waiting obviously for a clear answer. I felt a bit cornered and I started playing nervously with the edge of my apron, she sensed it and added : "You can give me an honest answer, but don't worry I am not going to make you sign a life contract, not yet anyway."

I felt more relieved after her last sentence though I noticed the expression 'not yet anyway and said whole heartily : "Yes Chris I want to continue being the 'house person' and look after this house, if that's all right with you and today I discovered that being dressed as a maid, makes me feel more 'right' for that role. But, I wouldn't even dream to put our relationship at a risk, so if this development makes you unhappy or annoyed please tell me and I'll adapt myself instantly."

She looked at me for a few moments seriously, then her expression mellowed. She came closer to me put her arm around my shoulder and dragged me towards her, saying at the same time : "Come here little thing, you look so worried and innocent at the moment. Of course I am not crossed with you or annoyed, I love the fact that you took over the burden of this house, you know I am not the housewife type." She started caressing my thigh with her other hand and my excitement started to grow.

"And if you want to be the maid, it's fine by me, but I'll have to apply some rules to you, it seems that I become your employer now. Do you want to hear what those rules are going to be?" Her hand was under my dress now gently snapping the elastic around the legs of my panties. I firmly nodded letting out an uncontrolled little moan of pleasure.

Her voice was softer now, she practically was whispering in my ear : "Tomorrow we go to the 'Uniform Store' downtown, I am going to buy you some proper uniforms for your new position in the house, Amelia's clothes had seen better days, you are a maid now and you are entitled to your own clothes provided by your employer. Would you like that, would you like wearing a pretty white apron and a maid's cap when you move around the house?" I nodded with another soft moan.

"Of course you do, poor thing you are trembling from excitement". Her voice became firmer : "Now control yourself little hussy, don't come yet, I want to finish what I have to say to you."

That brought me back to reality and I tried to pull myself together, but she never stopped caressing me, obviously she was getting as well, some inner satisfaction from that conversation, or should I say monologue.

"I have been thinking darling, I can't keep calling you Robin when you are the maid, instead I'll be calling you Millie, which is short for Emily, after all this name is the English version of Amelia and you started your maid's career in this house by impersonating Amelia. How is that, do you like this name?"

My excitement was again at a peak, but my astonishment was even bigger. I managed to answer back in a soft voice : "You wouldn't believe that Chris, but Emily was my maternal grandmother's name and if I was born a girl I would have been given that name, how amazing!"

She looked at me with her mouth open : "Now, isn't that a coincidence darling! I couldn't have picked a more appropriate name. So from now on when you are dressed in your maid's clothes you will be Millie the maid and I will be 'Miss Christina' or simply 'Miss' to you. Probably you will find that hard in the beginning, but I want you to understand that being the maid in this house is not going to be a game but a normal job for you and proper respect for your employer is rule number one. Is everything clear so far Millie?"

She looked at me expectantly. I understood that look and answered back blushing all over and smiling hesitantly lowering my eyes at the same time : "Yes Miss, everything is clear Miss!"

Without any other word, she dragged me to the bedroom, she undressed me very quickly, undoing the apron and struggling with the buttons of my dress. We were in bed in record time wearing our matching nighties. Her tongue found my ears, probing wetly. Her hands caressed my breasts under the ruffled top of the nightie. Slowly then, she worked a leg up and over my legs, her weight starting to bear down on me. She pulled my panties down at an agonizingly slow rate, with me twitching and moaning as they descended every inch. Finally purring quite loudly with pleasure, she worked her way along the rest of my upper legs, gave a quiet little gasp, then mounted and fitted herself around me. I couldn't restrain myself anymore. I squealed and came in a series of delighted spasms.......



We arrived at the Uniform Store quite early next morning, because Chris was in a rush to go to work afterwards. I was Robin again, dressed very simply in jeans and a sweat shirt, but underneath I had my female undies on. Chris promised not to embarrass me in front of the sales girls and agreed to be discreet. I knew this shop very well from the outside but I never had the nerve to go in. For years now I was stopping in the shop window to admire various domestic outfits, my inclinations for aprons and uniforms being part of me for as long as I remembered.

I somehow felt a bit funny as we entered the shop, I was about to acquire clothes that for many years were a big taboo for me. I felt again this familiar stomach tickling, but my slight anxiety stopped me from being excited. The shop was empty, it was too early in the morning and not a sales person on sight. Chris walked purposefully to the far end where an older lady was sitting behind the counter, as I was looking around fascinated by the racks of working dresses and aprons and tabards and various accessories, all for the 'domestic worker' as they were labelled. They must have been chatting for several minutes but I didn't mind at all, I had fun looking at all those items, feeling the fabrics and checking the way they were made.

I was startled by a voice behind me : "I can see you certainly enjoy looking at our products young man, is there something in particular that you like?" I turned all blushing and I saw the lady behind the counter smiling at me. Chris was standing in an angle and behind her and I realized that she was motioning to me that everything it's ok and under control.

The lady who was tall and elegant continued in a friendly tone of voice :

"My name is Mrs. Goodwin and I am the manager in this shop. I gather that you have to be fitted with some appropriate clothes for housework. Your partner/employer here tells me that you took up successfully the full responsibility of the house and you expressed an interest in wearing some proper maid's uniforms."

I was shocked and dumbfounded. Only minutes ago Chris promised to be discreet and not to embarrass me in front of a sales person and now this lady tells me that she knows I prefer to be dressed as a maid! I opened my mouth to express my indignation and to deny everything, only to be silenced by Chris rather abruptly.

"Now Robin, let me explain to you. Mrs. Goodwin very kindly offered to help us choose the right outfits for you, she understood the situation immediately, it seems that you are not a unique case, lots of ladies buy uniforms for their male maids and a lot more order by mail, so relax and start choosing."

I looked at her in disbelief but Mrs. Goodwin took over again :

"Your partner is right Robin, I've seen lots of people like you during the many years I work in this shop. There is nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary you should be proud. I hear that you are a committed cleaner and an excellent cook. I can assure you that being a good maid is not an easy task." She saw that my attitude softened and continued :

"And to put your mind completely at ease I can tell you that the two sale girls start working at ten o'clock so there is enough time for you and your partner to choose undisturbed."

Half an hour later we came out of the shop carrying lots of parcels, that is I was carrying them. Chris was marching towards the car, she was in a rush to go to her office and I was following behind, practically running to catch up with her. It certainly was a big purchase of items. Mrs. Goodwin was full of smiles as we were departing. As we entered the car I tried to thank Chris by giving her a kiss but she stopped me and said : "

"You don't have to thank me Robin, as your employer I have to provide your working clothes. I think you have plenty now to play with. And when I come home tonight I want you to be Millie, properly uniformed and ready to serve me." She said the last sentence in a rather haughty manner, a manner I haven't noticed on her before.

I answered half jokingly "Yes Miss Christina!". She obviously liked it because she said : "I think I start liking the idea of having a live in maid. I also liked that suggestion of Mrs. Goodwin that she offered to teach you some deportment and etiquette."

I was a bit nervous about that and I expressed my worries to Chris but she was adamant : "You heard what she said, you can go once a week to her house to do her housework in exchange for some proper coaching from her part. She is right you know, being a maid is not that simple, is not only vacuuming and ironing. It is also learning the etiquette, like how to address people with the proper respect, how to lay a table and serve at a dinner party, how to look after delicate clothes, hand washing etc. I am afraid I can't teach you those things, but Mrs. Goodwin can." She stopped and gave me a side look, expecting an answer from me. All of a sudden I realized that she was taking more and more seriously my new found position in the house.

"I guess it's all right" I answered back, "But I am a bit anxious, she said she has a twenty year old daughter living with her and I feel shy to appear as Millie in front of her."

"Come on, don't be silly, the more you expose yourself as Millie the more you will be confident in your new role. By the way, I just remembered, tomorrow it's Saturday and we said you are going to clean Jennifer's house and then cook dinner. So there is a perfect opportunity to do that as Millie. Oh, I am sure she will love it."

I tried to protest : "But darling, I can't go to her house dressed as Millie, I have to go by public transport, you said you would need the car to go shopping later, if I remember well you meet with Jennifer at a shopping mall at 10.00 o'clock"

"That's easy to arrange" she said in an exciting tone of voice. "I simply drive you there, properly dressed, we all have a cup of coffee, Jennifer explains to you what to do and then we are off and you stay behind to do your housework. I'll explain everything to her in a little while. We work together, remember!" I detected again, like the other day, a strong tendency in her to please Jennifer. I know she was coming out of a bad phase in her life, but Chris' interest was more than that, she genuinely liked this woman.

We already were outside the house by that stage so she dropped me with the parcels and left hurriedly for the office. I went in carrying my parcels, excited and confused at the same time. Things were moving faster than I expected and somehow Chris was the one who accelerated everything.


Of course I tried on everything. Chris was very generous and with the clever push of Mrs. Goodwin I possessed now a nearly complete wardrobe for a live in maid. I said nearly because the more formal black dress was still missing. Ms. Goodwin said and Chris agreed that I had to earn this classic uniform dress for 'excellence in service', meaning continuous improvement in my behaviour, respect to my employer and her guests and learning the proper etiquette.

As I was trying my new outfits on, I couldn't stop thinking that Chris obviously had planned a long term period of 'service' for me. Of course it was up to me to stop it and she said it several times, even in the presence of Mrs. Goodwin. But my reaction was steady so far and my answer the same: "No, I enjoy what I'm doing and if I feel differently in the future I'll tell you at once'. I was somewhat shocked when Chris responded at once: "Dear? By that time, your opinion will be that of a maid - and I don't always pay much attention to what my maids might say!"

I had three uniform dresses, two working ones a pink and a light blue and a dove grey one for afternoon use. All three were the traditional style, short sleeved with front zip closure, white collar and cuffs. The grey one though, was a princess style more elegant dress with side inseam pockets and collar and cuffs made from double white eyelet lace. The aprons, and they were four of them, were all white. Mrs. Goodwin was adamant about it, no maid should be normally seen by her employers without a white apron on. The exception would be when the maid was involved in dirty kitchen work, or hand washing or other messy jobs and then a tabard of similar colour to the uniform dress would be worn on top, without the white apron being removed. Of course the tabard could be removed very easily if the maid was summoned suddenly by her employer or she had to answer the door etc. In fact that was my first lesson of proper etiquette. Finally a couple of simple white head pieces were bought as well.

A few pairs of black or dark brown pantyhose and two pairs of working shoes, one pair of white clogs like the shopping girls or nurses wear and a pair of black more dressy shoes with two inch heels were also part of my new maid's 'trousseau'. Chris also promised that tomorrow would buy for me some underwear like a couple of padded bras, more panties and a couple of slips to wear under my uniform dresses.

I tried my best to be as 'presentable' as possible for Chris' arrival. My afternoon grey dress and half white apron, combined with my neat cap and black pantyhose and shoes made me feel very real. I had no make up on but I used some of Chris' lipstick. A look at the mirror convinced me that I probably wasn't a truly convincing girl, not just yet anyway, but I certainly was a truly convincing maid.

When I heard the bell I rushed to the door to let Chris in, somehow I expected her to ring the bell rather than use her own key. I opened the door starting with a polite 'good evening Miss' and ....I froze on my tracks. Chris was there all right but Jennifer was standing next to her with a big grin in her face! I blushed furiously and felt like running away. Both ladies saw my embarrassment and Jennifer was the first to speak in a rather commanding tone:

"Wow, what a sight! You really feel the part don't you Rob..., I mean Millie. You look very neat and efficient. Walk down the corridor and back please". She said it in such a way that I obeyed nearly automatically.

I did walk trying to be more feminine, taking smaller steps and mincing slightly. I must admit that the shoes, even with a small 2in heel made me more conscious of my movements and mannerisms. They both watched me with interest and amusement. Suddenly I felt embarrassed and blushed all over again. Was I overdoing it, what was that strong drive that made me act like this not only in front of Chris, but in front of Jennifer as well, a person that after all I didn't know that well.

Chris took over from Jennifer and continued :"You look very real Millie and you seem to adapt to your new status like a duck in the water. I know that you feel a bit strange at the moment, I can see you blushing all over like a school girl, but the truth is that you are a natural as a maid and I am not the one to stop this tendency of yours since we both seem to benefit from it!"

I looked at both ladies clutching nervously the sides of my uniform dress and I started opening my mouth to say something but Chris stopped me with her hand : "Let me finish please. When Jennifer heard how things have developed with you and your new status in this house she asked me if she could join me for dinner. After all tomorrow you are going to do her housework as Millie of course, so I only slightly accelerated things.'

Jennifer continued : "I must tell you Robin, I mean Millie, I am not the slightest surprised, I saw it coming the other day when you made dinner for us. Except for the uniform you were acting as a maid already, the apron wearing, the cooking, the serving, you simply are destined for this role and no will power of yours can reverse this fact."

I tried to speak again but Chris interrupted me once more. God those two ladies, aren't they arrogant and demanding! "I hope there is enough food for Miss Jennifer and me. But we both would love a drink before hand. Now run along like the good maid you are and fix our usual gin and tonic and then you can get on with the dinner preparations."

That was an order and a dismissal. I managed to curtsey in a rather clumsy manner, saying at the same time with a new found respect for Chris : "Yes Miss Christina, right away Miss!" As I was scurrying to the kitchen I heard Jennifer saying to Chris : "SHE has a great potential, but she needs lots of coaching and some..." And then I lost her voice. But I realized that for the first time they referred to me as a 'she'. That sent waves of excitement throughout my nervous system and made me think once more that the road I was following had no return. Probably Jennifer was right, I didn't have the will power or rather I didn't want to have the will power to reverse my new found role in life.

The dinner was a light one, salad and a quiche and a bottle of chardonnay, but both ladies enjoyed it and praised my cooking.

By the time I served their coffee and cleared the table I was starving so I felt quite relieved when Chris gave me permission to retire to the kitchen and have my own dinner. I was eating alone and I was thinking that I would rather prefer to work as a domestic in a large household with lots of staff like in the old Victorian mansions. Then I could share views with the other maids about this or that and gossip about the Master or the Mistress of the house. Being a single maid in a house, or a housewife without children for that matter, can have it's boring moments. As I was daydreaming Jennifer came abruptly in startling me. I started getting up but she motioned me to sit and continue my meal. She was carrying her mug of coffee and joined me in the table

"Chris had to send a few urgent e-mails so I thought of joining you in the kitchen. Please finish your meal, you certainly deserve it." She had a sip of her coffee and continued :

"I see you put a tabard on to protect your pristine white apron. Isn't it ironical to wear an apron to protect another apron? I always thought that funny as a young girl when I was watching our maids to put always a working apron on to protect their immaculate serving one." She saw that I finished my dinner and said casually : "You can do the dishes now Millie and I will hang around to keep you company, I hope you don't mind my presence in the kitchen, mind you though I am not planning to help you, this is strictly your job!"

"Certainly it is my job Miss" I said in a polite voice as I was putting my rubber gloves on to start the washing up. "And I am honoured that you are here to keep me company, I was just thinking before, that a maid's job can have it's lonely moments if there aren't other domestics around."

She looked at me sceptically and amusingly at the same time. "You know, you are such a typical case of a submissive Robin or Millie or whatever you are called!" she said in a rather sarcastic tone of voice. "And I happen to know your type of person very well, you see I grew together with one of your kind."

I turned and looked at her in a surprised manner. I was expecting small talk and not serious comments about my inclinations and tendencies.

She looked back at me and smiled but her smile wasn't for me, she was remembering things, so I let her continue. " You remind me very much of my younger brother whom I lost regrettably some years ago, he was killed in a car accident."

I opened my mouth in a shock manner and managed to whisper : "I am so sorry Miss to hear that, Chris never mentioned anything to me, it's very sad."

She waved her hand in a dismissing way and continued : "I never mentioned that to Chris and by the way Millie, you better get used to proper etiquette, it's Miss Christina to you now, not Chris. The quicker you learn your place in the household, the better for all of us. You accepted that role on your own will, you better learn fast how to act properly as a maid, it has to become a second nature to you the way you address your employer and her guests!"

I blushed of course and turned facing her. I lowered my eyes and gave a small curtsey. "I am sorry Miss Jennifer, you are right I still have to learn how to act properly."

"You see what I mean Millie, your submissiveness is in your genes, you crave to be reprimanded and I presume you would be willing to be punished as well!"

I looked embarrassed but she didn't pay any attention to me. "You see Millie, my brother was a maid in our house for many years. It started as a joke with one of our maids dressing him up to help around the house, you know how those things start, an apron first, then probably a small cap and finally a full uniform. He loved it so much that soon he became something like a junior maid, helping anyone from the staff that needed him. My parents never found out, they both were busy professionals spending most of their time at work, but I knew and helped him a lot to become the girl he wanted to be, but this is a big story, I'll tell you some other time."

I was fascinated by what Jennifer was telling me and turned to her to say that I would love to hear the whole story. At that moment Chris came in and said half jokingly : "Well, well, my friend Jennifer decided to fraternize with the maid!"

I blushed as usually, but Jennifer who obviously was very quick in her answers said also in a joke manner: "Certainly not Chris, on the contrary I was teaching your maid some deportment and etiquette and I was explaining to her that I have quite some experience in training maids, after all I grew up in a house with live in servants."

I noticed that she didn't mention anything about her lost brother, but of course it wasn't for me to interfere and mention something, I was learning my position in the household fast.

They both left the kitchen ordering for some tea to be served in the living room. I curtseyed as they departed but they didn't seem to notice, they already were engaged in a conversation concerning their work.

Sometime later Jennifer departed and Chris said that she was tired and wanted an early night. Then she said something that took me by surprise. "Now Robin darling," it was Robin again though I was still dressed as Millie, "I would like you to sleep tonight in the spare bedroom, I can see you are tired too, you had such an unusual day full of events and I think we both deserve a good rest, away from erotic temptations."

She didn't give me much choice to oppose her so I said in a rather sad manner : "Of course Chris, this is a good idea." I realized then that the sign to call her Chris was her calling me first by my real name.

She gave me a girlish goodnight kiss in the cheek and as she was closing her bedroom door she said : "Thank you darling, you were great today, Jennifer is totally fascinated by you being Millie and she is looking forward to use you tomorrow, so you better have a good rest."




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