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Maid of the Ms.               by: Julie          


I was twenty-three, and had been out of trade school for about seven months. I had worked for Trident Remodeling about six months when they sent me out alone to fix a minor leak at one of their recent bathroom makeover jobs. I let myself in with a key Trident still had from the remodeling, as the owner(s) worked during the day.

It was a nice house in a middle class neighborhood; and as I entered the bath, I admired the job our crew had done. I quickly found the problem. It was a simple tightening of a supply line.

The door to the adjoining bedroom stood open; and I looked over into a beautifully feminine bedroom. I walked over to the doorway and looked in, admiring the room and it’s furnishings. There on the bed was some exquisitely feminine lingerie; and the perfume that wafted throughout the room smelled heavenly.

I couldn’t help it, as I found myself pulled into the soft, frilled room, where I picked up the lacy underwear from the bed. The panties were a pretty, pastel blue with white lace up the sides with small ribbon bows centered on the lace. The bra they had been next to was blue as well, with white lace upper cups. It had been two months since I had broken up with my girl friend, and I had missed the comfort and trappings of such soft femininity.

I was sort of day dreaming .... when I turned to see a woman standing in the doorway, looking at me. She was about thirty, and dressed very business-like, with her hair pulled back tight. .... I went white !

"A pervert !" She cried.

She crossed the room to stand three or four feet away.

"Well, mister pervert, it looks like I’ll have to call the police, ... and your employer !"

She walked over to the phone by the bed and picked it up.

My life flashed before me ! I stood, frozen. I was ruined ! I’d be completely humiliated .... publicly ! What would my friends and family think ? I’d be fired, and maybe even go to jail ! .... I was completely embarrassed at my indefensible behavior.

But then she stopped in mid dial, and looked me up and down.

"..’... or should we handle this between ourselves ?" She proffered.

I was hopeful.

"Uh ... yes", I gulped.

She looked me over again from top to toe. It seemed like a long time, as she glanced around and then back at me. She came over to me and snatched her panties from my hand; and I was embarrassed to realize I still held them.

"Tell me, .... are you married ?"

"Uh ... no", I replied, startled at the question.

"Engaged ? ... Do you have a steady girl friend ?"

"We ... uh ... broke up."

"I thought as much."

"Now, ... if I’m nice, and decide not to call the police, you’ll do a couple of small things for me ?"

"Uh .... I ... uh ... yes"

What choice did I have ?

She studied me up and down for a few seconds.

"Oh, .... but you smell !" She snipped.

She strode into her bath, as I sniffed my armpits. I had been working, but not that hard. I wasn’t fresh, but I didn’t smell all that bad.

"Come here !"

I went to see her drawing bath water, and adding bubble bath and bath oil.

"Take off your clothes !" She snapped.

I was incredulous, .... and frozen with fear and apprehension. I stared at her in disbelief.

"Well ! ! .... You can either do as I tell you NOW, .... or I can call the police."

I did as she demanded.

Before I had disrobed very far, she turned and left the bath. My hands shook as I removed my clothes. .... I should have turned and ran out the door, ... but there was something oddly compelling about her.

She returned shortly after I had settled into the bubbles, and set a razor and shaving cream by the sink.

"I want you to do a good job of bathing yourself. There’s shampoo on the shelf beside you. When you get out, you will shave your legs, underarms, and arms ! You may use the electric razor if you wish. .... ‘.. any questions ? Am I clear ?"

"Do WHAT ?"

"You heard me !"

"Uh ... yes .. ma’am .... but..."

"No buts ! .... Mister pervert !"

She left the bath .... with my clothes !

I was afraid and confused. What was she doing ? What was happening ?

She had my clothes ! ... My thoughts whirled. I was sinking deeper into this predicament

I found myself slowly running the wash cloth over my arms. ....

Shave my .... ! ... She had some definite retribution in mind. ... BOY, .... I had really stepped into it ! ... I was naked, .... and she had my clothes !

She was so ... commanding, ... particularly for such a diminutive woman ! I never experienced anyone like her; ... and I felt oddly compelled to do as she directed. .... But then just what choice did I have now ?

There were just towels, other than a pink robe, as I climbed from the steamy water. I wrapped a towel around me. I felt silly and apprehensive, but did as she told me, and picked up the razor. I stared at it for what seemed a long time, before heaving a sigh, ... a sigh of resignation.

I wondered just what she had in mind, ... and was afraid I had an idea.

Shaving my legs and arms felt strange and rather sissified, but also therapeutic in a way. I deserved to be punished. That was stupid what I did. I was violating my masculine body, but it didn’t hurt, wasn’t permanent; and it was more substantial than kicking myself mentally. I felt I sort of deserved it; ... but .. it .. unnerved me, and my hands shook. I was more reluctant to shave my arms. They were more openly visible. How was I going to explain them ? I was going to be wearing long sleeves for a while. This all felt so strange; and I was slowly, numbly working on my arms when she came back.

"Here’s lotion, ..’. use it generously .... all over !"

And she left again.

I was in shock. ... She returned as I finished, carrying some garments. She took deodorant from the cabinet.

"Put this on !"

It stung as I applied it to my armpits.

She placed a flowered box containing a powder puff in front of me.

"Now powder ‘ .... generously."

It had a faint feminine smell.


"DO IT !"

She held out the same panties, as I put the powder puff down.

"Ok mister pervert, .... you like the feel of my panties, ... ‘ put them on !"

I looked at her in disbelief; ... but meekly accepted them.

"Come on, ... I don’t have all day !"

I slid them on under the towel.

She smiled for the first time.

"How do they feel on your bottom ? ... ‘ as silky as they felt in your hand ? It is what you wanted, …. now isn’t it ?"

"No ….. I …."

I was red, and shaking with embarrassment. She had me all wrong. ... I was just...

"Here !" She barked, as she held out a pair of pantyhose.

I looked at her. She was expressionless. I sat on the toilet, and struggled to pull them on. I stood and turned around, as I finished pulling them up. This wasn’t totally expected. I feared she might have something like this in mind when she directed me to shave. She was going to humiliate me.

"You don’t need this anymore !" She said as she pulled the towel from around me.

She held out a panty girdle. .... She looked inexorably stern.

I took it, and stood looking at her.

"Now !" She commanded, impatiently.

I struggled to pull the tight garment up. It was very tight; and I struggled to get it over my hips. It came up to my navel, and was quite constricting.

What was happening ? I was under control of a mad woman ! ... But then she WAS so oddly compelling. I was fearful, but kind of excited. But this was all too weird ! She was dressing me in her clothes ? No, ... she was smaller than me; ... but what was she up to ? I had NO idea. And what about her husband ? ... Did she have a husband ? Did anyone else live here ? I knew so little, ... except I was in so much trouble; .... and I harbored the fear she might make me go outside like this !

She held out a smallish, white, padded bra. I looked at her once more in disbelief. She looked back with the look of annoyed impatience. I accepted it; ... and she smiled wryly as I stood looking dumbfounded at her.

"PUT it ON !"

I slid it up my smooth arms, but had trouble getting it fastened. It had looked so easy when I had seen my girlfriends and girls in movies do it. She kind of sighed, and hooked it for me. She adjusted the straps, lengthening them, and then pulled down on bra. She stuffed something into the cups, pantyhose I think.

This was crazy, ... and so embarrassing ! ... But then this humiliation was still preferable to the public humiliation I would have suffered if she had called Trident, ... and the police, ... but maybe not by much !

"Don’t move !" She barked as she left the room.

I felt so surreal standing there in women’s underwear. This couldn’t be happening.

I looked up in time to see her holding a camera, and there was a flash !

"..’. to insure your cooperation." She exclaimed.

My heart was in my throat ! If I had entertained any thoughts of resistance, they were gone now.

She turned and disappeared back into her bedroom.

"Come in here !" She called.

I saw a white slip laid across the bed. It had beautiful, wide lace across the top and at the hem. Next to it was a blouse and skirt. She lifted the slip by the glossy, ribbon straps, presenting the frilly, feminine undergarment in all its lacy splendor.

I backed up, shaking my head.

"Put your arms out."

Her voice was much softer now, almost coaxing; and she had a soft smile. The white slip slid down over my body, to my shivers of its silky caress, and its humiliating, all enveloping femininity. She picked up the blouse and handed it to me. It was a white blouse, with a small, lace-trimmed collar, and narrow ruffles of lace down the front. It was quite feminine too. It buttoned up the back, which she deftly fastened. She picked up the pink skirt. It was a little short, with a slight flair, and came a couple of inches short of my knees. She zipped it in back.

"Now, ... let’s look at you. ... Your hair is a little short, .... but with a curl..."

She went over to her vanity.

"Come here !"

She powdered my face, brushed something onto my cheeks, and applied red color to my lips, ... lipstick. ... She held my chin, turning my face from side to side.

"You know, ... you don’t make a bad looking girl."

I felt quite flushed; and I was confused and so embarrassed.

She picked up a fancy perfume atomizer, and spritzed my neck and my wrist. It was a heavenly perfume, but was SO flowery and feminine !

She looked at her watch.

"I’ve got to run ! I have to get back to the office. .... I want you to clean your mess in the bath; and I’ve left a list for you in the kitchen. It should keep you busy until I get back. Oh, ... and I wouldn’t answer the door. ... I called Trident, and told them to pick up their truck. I told them you got something splashed in your eyes, ...’ that you had some sort of reaction, and I drove you home. ....’ that you couldn’t drive. ... I told them not to look for you to work tomorrow."

"There’s an apron in the kitchen. Don’t get your clothes dirty. ... I’ll probably be home around six-thirty. .... Oh ! Don’t bother looking for your clothes ! I’m taking them with me. .... If you have any thoughts of running, just remember the picture ! I’ll call the police ! ... I’ll tell them I came home and caught you like that before you ran !"

I was left with my mouth gaping as she fled out the door. She was a woman of few words and decisively fast action. I had never met a woman so ... so ... forceful, .... and so oddly imperious ! I stumbled out to the kitchen.

Among the things on the list: vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, and prepare dinner. There was a recipe for lemon pepper chicken; and the chicken was marinating in the refrigerator. I was, again, incredulous ! I looked down at myself. This couldn’t be happening ! I was a man ! I looked at the lace-trimmed blouse, pink skirt, stockinged feet, and thought of the lingerie I was wearing under it all. I couldn’t believe she was doing this, .....’ that I was doing this ! ...... But I followed her instructions just the same. After all, just what could I do now ? I couldn’t go outside like this ! Even if I was brave or stupid enough to ... I had no shoes, no car. Given the political climate against men, I didn’t favor her going to the police. What if she called the authorities now ? They’d find me here in her clothes ... or naked if I removed them. I was definitely screwed ! I couldn’t even call a friend to pick me up. Just what was I to wear ? And she threatened to call the police if I left. She had my identification, ... everything ! My only option was to do as she asked, and hopefully she’d have her retribution and let me go this evening. She was likely having some sick fun ! I fumed ! I didn’t deserve all this ! I was completely dressed as a girl, and could do nothing about it !

She kept her house spotless. There was little I could do to make it any cleaner; but I went through the motions just the same. I was to set the table for two. Was it for a husband, a child, a roommate ? I hadn’t noticed a ring; but then I wasn’t sure. I hoped whoever it was, if there was, didn’t come home first and find me like this ! I spent the day fearfully unsettled. I looked in the mirror, and brushed my hair to look more like a girl’s, ... just in case. It was a long afternoon.

I heard the front door shortly after six-thirty. I held my breath, and was relieved that it was only her. She carried a large case, and several packages, and smiled when she saw me, and the table set.

"Wel l l l, ... hello mist... No we can’t call you that anymore, can we ? I think we’ll call you Monique ! How was your day, Monique ?"

I turned red.

"I see you followed my instructions, ... good !"

"I bought you some shoes." She said, as she gazed at my stockinged feet. I got them half a size larger than yours to compensate for women’s sizes."

They were high heels ! She made me try them on.

"You’ve got a runner ! You’ve ruined your hose !"

I sat silently.

"They’re tight." I protested.

"They are new, ... maybe I should have gotten them a size larger, but you’re going to..."

"Ma’am ?" I interrupted.

"You may call me Ms. Penbroke."

"Ms. Penbroke, .. I .... I’m sorry I invaded your private ... things. Please, ... I think I’ve suffered enough."

I looked down at the way she had dressed me.

"Can’t I just be allowed to go home now ?"

"MAY you ..’. ? NO ! ... You may not ! ... You need to be taught a lesson ! ... As it happens, I need some assistance this weekend; .. and I think you’ll do nicely ! ..... Yes, you will do ... very well."

I looked at her quizzically, with some foreboding.

"Let’s eat. I see you have things prepared."

"But ..."

"We’ll talk LATER !" She snipped.

She watched as I wobbled in the new pumps as I brought out the food. The extra setting was for me.

"You’re going to have to get used to your heels. Try to keep your weight forward, on your toes."

I was cowed and disconcerted.

"You did quite well ! Everything looks good."

She talked little as we ate, and I was too embarrassed, ... too intimidated.

"You may clear the table, and put the dishes in the dishwasher." She said dryly, as she got up and left the room.

I teetered on the heels as I cleaned up. I was beside myself. She had BOUGHT shoes for me ! How long was going to keep me here ... like this …. in girl clothes ?

I was sitting in the living room when she came out in silky, pink pajamas with a matching lace trimmed robe. She had let her hair down.

I gasped. I was astonished at how pretty she was ! She looked several years younger, and much softer, .... more feminine. She smiled at my look of surprise , ... and admiration.

"I want you to try something on."

I followed her back to her bedroom, where she held out a short black dress with a white lace collar and cuffs, .... a maid’s uniform !

"Take off your blouse and skirt."

"But .. Ms. Penbroke, you can’t ... be serious. What .... what are you doing ? I’ve got a job. ... I ... I ... Just what ... how much ... do I have ... to do ?"

"We aren’t through yet ! ... If you know what’s good for you, you’ll do as I tell you !"

She had to help unbutton the blouse; and then she had me hold out my arms as she slipped the dress over my head. It was a shiny, satiny material. It was slightly shorter than the skirt, and she had to tug on the hem to cover the slip. She turned me around, and smiled.

I was flummoxed, and totally humiliated; .... but all I could think about was how different, and how much prettier she looked ! ... It was like two different women ! I was flabbergasted ! She was very pretty !

She pulled an apron from the same box the dress was in. It was sheer white, with lots of lace. It had a small skirt and bib, with floppy, lace straps that crossed in back. The ties were long and wide, and made a very large bow. She smiled, ... and then giggled.

"Yes, ... you’ll do VERY nicely !"

I was quite embarrassed and shriveled by the lacy trappings, and again, looked quizzically at her.

"I’m having a dinner party for my women’s club tomorrow; and I haven’t been able to find any domestic help. That’s where YOU come in, ... Monique !"

I turned red, ... and then pale.

"You want me to dress like THIS in front of people ?"

I was aghast !

"Come over here !"

"But ... "

She scowled at me,; and I silently acquiesced, as she pulled me, shaking and terrified, over to her vanity.

She piled on the make up, .. mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, liquid make up, blusher, and lipstick. I tottered as she pulled me up, and lead me over to her mirror.

"...’ you think anyone is going to realize you’re not a girl, ... a proper maid ? ..... I don’t think so ! You make a prettier girl than half the women who will be there ! ... But we still need to do some work. ... First ... your hair, ... we’ll have to give you a permanent."

She pulled me into her bathroom. I stumbled. I was still having trouble navigating in high heels.

"I ... can’t ! I’m not a ... I can’t !"

"Oh, but you are !"

She smiled deliciously at me.

"You are going to look great for tomorrow ! .... But I think we better get you out of those things for now."

"You can’t be serious ! I can’t look like this in front of your friends."

"Oh, but you will ! You better get used to the idea. You already look the part; and now it’s up to you to act like a proper maid."

All THIS .... just for fondling her panties ?

She had me sit next to the sink in the lacy slip. My hands rested in my lap. The slip felt so silky and feminine. I blushed, not only from how I looked, but how girlish it felt.

After she had set my hair, she had me sit at her vanity as she unscrewed a bottle of nail polish. I was dumbfounded as she turned my fingernails a bright red. Then she rinsed the perm out, and set it again in tight curlers. My hands trembled in fear and embarrassment the whole time. ... I should have taken my chances with the police. It was too late now.

I complained about the shoes pinching my feet.

"We’ll put them in stretchers tonight; but you are going to have to get comfortable walking in them before tomorrow evening. I want you to practice tomorrow while I’m at work.

"Ms. Penbroke, ... I can’t ! I can’t be a ... a maid ! .. a girl ! In those frilly, sissy things ? ..’.. in front of people ? .... NO ! ... I can’t ! This is ridiculous ! And what about my voice ?"

"What about it ? Your voice isn’t that bad for a girl; ... but it would help if you spoke more softly, and make an effort to raise it just a little."

I shook my head.

"Do it ! ... Raise your voice ... just a bit."

"..’. like this ?"

" ..’ softer"

"Yes ma’am"

"Good, .. ‘just a little louder."

"How’s this ?"

"..’.excellent !"

I couldn’t believe I had cooperated. .... She was hypnotic almost.

It was going on ten when she led me down the hall.

"You’ll sleep in here. I’ll get you something for you to wear tonight."

She came back with a cream colored nylon nightgown and matching robe. It had an elastic bra type top with a large ribbon bow, the ends of which dangled to just below the waist. The silky robe had ecru lace and a ribbon belt. She produced a pair of cream colored mules with fuzzy tops.

"Leave your panties on." She advised before leaving.

I found she had stuffed the bra with a single nylon stocking in each cup when I removed it. The nightie and robe was as feminine as any of the other things I had to wear.

She called me from the living room. I felt silly .... and subjugated as I walked into the room in the silky nightclothes. She instructed me to get us a couple of glasses of wine before sitting down.

"My maid service canceled on me two days ago; and I’ve been frantic trying to find a replacement. Then you showed up, fondling my panties. ... Well, ... it was too good to pass up. ... Besides, ... you look so pretty ! ....... You like wearing these soft, pretty girl clothes, don’t you ?"

"No ... n .. n.. NO !" I cried, insulted.

"You can’t lie to me ! ... I think I’ll institute a policy. Whenever I hear no, I’m going to see to it I keep you in lingerie and dresses just a little longer. ... Now, ... you like wearing your pretty panties, and dainty lingerie and dresses, don’t you ?"

I was confused and flustered. How could I answer her ? If I said no she’d make me do this longer !

"Uh ... yes ma’am"

"Good ! .... You make a convincing maid. You’ll do well tomorrow. Don’t disappoint me."

I needed that glass of wine !

We watched the news, and then went to bed.

I had been in kind of a mind numbed trance; but now as I removed the robe and carefully climbed into the clean, starched, flower print sheets the complete absurdity of my situation crashed in on me; ..... and I didn’t know what I could DO about it ! My only option was do as she said, OR ... physically MAKE her give me my clothes. I couldn’t do that. I was raised to respect women, and never, ever hit or physically threaten them. It wasn’t in me. .... As a result, I was stranded in a stranger’s house, my hair permed and in curlers, my body shaved and perfumed, and in women’s clothing ! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry ! I was in the "Twilight Zone" and had no idea what I could do about it ! ... I should have let her call the police ! ... It was too late now, ... she had me good ! She had my clothes, my identification, and evidence of me in her lingerie. The authorities would find me with my body shaved and my hair permed. I could never explain. It was going to be weeks before I stopped looking so effeminate ! .... I was scared to death about what was going to happen tomorrow. My heart pounded, and I layed awake for several hours before I fell asleep.

She woke me around six-fifteen.

I awoke to my nightmare.

She told me to take a bubble bath, take my hair down and brush it, use plenty of lotion and dusting powder, and put on my own make up. I was to wear the maid’s outfit: and I was to fix coffee. She said she was going to have a bran muffin, but I could fix whatever I’d like.

Getting out of the tub, I dried myself and sat wrapped in a towel. I was depressed and perplexed. I couldn’t dress myself in frilly girl clothes ! I had sat for about five minutes when Ms. Penbroke looked in.

"Get dressed ! You have fifteen minutes, ... and you better be in the kitchen looking pretty !"

I tried not to think about it, as I quickly dressed. I had trouble getting the bra fastened, and couldn’t get the zipper of the dress all the way up. I was conscientiously doing as I was told, when she popped in again.

"You’ll take much too long, .... HERE ! She said, and quickly applied the make up.

She looked austere and professional again at breakfast. She wore a dark pantsuit. I poured her coffee.

It was such a reversal ! She was wearing a plain, albeit silky white blouse, man-tailored jacket and pants. I was in a lacy maid’s dress !

"Come here !" She commanded.

She finished zipping me up.

"I love your curls. You look marvelous ! ... But we will have to work on your make up when I get home tonight." She stated in a soft, soothing tone of voice.

"Ms. Penbroke ?"

"Yes, Monique ?"

I can’t ... I can’t do this tonight. Please, ... don’t make me do this. I can’t look like this in front of everyone." I pleaded.

She looked at me almost sympathetically.

"You better just resign yourself. You ARE going to be my pretty maid tonight. You make a lovely girl ! No one will know, ... unless you don’t do EXACTLY as I tell you !"

She fussed a little over the dainty clothing I wore.

"Everything will be fine. You look terrific !"

"What is it you do ? Where do you work ?" I suddenly asked.

I had to find out more about her if I had any chance of talking her out of this !

She smiled. "I’m an assistant vice president at ‘Tiffany Fashions’. We’re a mail order and retail outlet fashion and lingerie chain."


That sounded important, ... and rather ominous ... for me.

"I’ve got to run. Keep yourself, and the house, clean and impeccable. I’ll be home around six."

With that, she was off.

It was like I had been picked up by a huge wind and dropped in a totally alien, topsy-turvy land, where nothing made sense !

She made things sound so ... black and white. There was only HER way, ... and she made you believe it ! .... She was dynamic !

I was trapped ! What was I to do ? I was miles from home, with no means of transportation, in a maid’s uniform, with nothing but more frilly girl clothes. I was going to have to be her maid tonight. I couldn’t see any escape. Her warning about doing EXACTLY as she said weighed on my mind.

The day seemed to drag on. I thought several times about putting some other clothes on, ... but what ? Was I going to run around in the underthings I had on ? Besides, she might just pop in like she did yesterday ! I watched a little TV and wandered about the house, wondering how I got into this mess. This was all ... too much ! The satiny dress rustled and sang so femininely as I moved. It was such a disturbingly womanly sound; and it seemed to slowly drain away the little masculine self-respect I had left. I looked down at delicate lace ! It looked so feminine ! ...... I looked, and sounded, SO feminine ! This was insane !

I had the pumps on and off. I wondered whether I should make an effort. What difference would it make if I was awkward in these stilts ? .... But then I thought it better if I try and please ... or appease her. If I made her happy, maybe I could get out of here !

The girdle was getting uncomfortable around noon, so I took it off.

I snooped around her bedroom. I know, .... it was how I got into trouble in the first place; ... but here I was in this strange house, dressed like this, ... and I knew so little ! It was driving me crazy !

I was very surprised at the clothes she had. There were not only mountains of them, but they were very different, like there were two people. One side of her closet was chic, but dull and business like. The other side held some very pretty, softly feminine, and sexy dresses. You would think two women were living here; but I was satisfied there was no one else.

I thought I was getting the hang of walking in heels around two o’clock, and removed them; and as the afternoon wore on, I became more and more anxious about tonight. Around five, I put the girdle and shoes on again, and checked the house, ... as well as my clothes, .... my maid’s outfit. Everything looked impeccable.

She came flying in a little after six.

"..’.. everything ok ?"

I shrugged. I was going to play maid in this frilly uniform, and she asks if everything is ok !

"Let’s check you out. ... Very good ! You took care of yourself and your uniform. I see you set the table. Everything looks fine !"

"Come in here !" She called, as she swept past me toward the bathroom.

She held a jar, and proceeded to smear lotion on my face.

"..’ hair depilatory." She stated. ... "We’re going to have to do something about your ...." She said, motioning toward her Adams apple.

"Stay put, .... and leave that cream on !" She said as she left the bath.

It was fifteen minutes or so later when she reappeared, ... in an exquisite, lacy, full slip. She would be changing into a dress for tonight I reasoned. She held a black velvet choker, trimmed in narrow, delicate lace, with a cameo pin. She held it up to my neck.

"Yes, .’. perfect !"

She removed the pin from the choker and carried the pin back into her bedroom. ... She returned shortly.

"...’.. smells, doesn’t it ? You can wash it off now. Be sure to clean your face good. ........ No, .... don’t rub your face dry, ... pat. You have to take care of your complexion now. ... Ok, ... now let’s fix your make up."

It took fifteen minutes to replenish my make up; and then she tied the velvet and lace choker around my neck as I sat at her vanity. She then pulled some white lace from the same box the maid’s dress came in. She drew the lace and ribbon through my curls, and tied the ribbon behind my neck. I looked in the mirror at the lace with the white ribbon bow now perched on top of my head. She fussed, arranging my curls around it.

She looked nervously at her watch.

"I’ve got to get dressed."

I had just gotten back to the kitchen when she called. I returned to her bedroom as the dress hissed and swished, announcing my girlish presence.

"Zip me ! .... How do I look ? ... Ok ?"

"Yes ! ... You look terrific !"

"Thank you"

"You should wear dresses more. You look so much prettier."

"Yes, ... well, I have to look professional at the office."

We returned to the living room. I was shaking a little, thinking of the image I last saw in the mirror, as we walked over to her liquor cabinet.

"Try to relax. ... Everything will be fine."

"Easy for you ..’. You’re not a man dressed like ....." I looked down at my frilly trappings.

"You look great ! ... You should wear dresses more. You are pretty !"

She giggled a little at her joke.

"Let’s see, ... Mrs. Hanlee drinks Chivas Regal, ... Mrs. Conner drinks ..."

She looked over at my concerned expression.

"Oh you don’t have to remember any of this. They’ll tell you what they like. I just want to make it handier for you."

"You’ll address all the other women as ma’am, and myself as Ms. Penbroke, is all you have to remember."

"Yes, Ms. Penbroke"

Just then my weakened knees gave out just a little before I caught myself.

"Oh, that’s DARLING ! I love it !" She giggled, putting her hand over her mouth. "Do that again, only hold your hands down at your side, ... or the sides of your apron."

She had mistaken my weak knees for a curtsy.

"Yes, Ms Penbroke"

"You’re going to be perfect !"

I was very insecure about my precariously humiliating predicament; but she was so self-assured and confident in her manner. If she thought I could do this, and she was determined I was, then I had no choice.

Just then the doorbell rang. I looked shakily at her.

"Go on, ... you’ll be fine. You look wonderful !"

I answered the door. She had me greet her guests with: "Good evening ma’am, Ms. Penbroke is so happy you could come."

The two ladies smiled and entered.

It was warm, so there wouldn’t be any wraps. As the women arrived, I shuttled between fixing drinks and answering the door. Ms. Penbroke looked radiant, and smiled her approval, especially when she, or one of her guests addressed me to request something, and I replied with a slight curtsy. I heard the women rave about her new maid, and I overheard her reply: "I’ve had Monique for several weeks; ... and she’s wonderful !"

I served them dinner, and more drinks afterward. I made a concerted effort to be as feminine as I could. I couldn’t risk them discovering our secret !

I tried hiding in the kitchen as much as possible; and Ms. Penbroke had to call several times for me to serve one of her guests.

I had managed to wred and clean up as I went along. Her affair seemed to be going very well. In fact, it was quite late before the last of her guest finally left.

She kissed my cheek and thanked me profusely before we retired.

"You were wonderful ! They thought you were sensational ! They commented on how nice you looked. I think I made some of them envious tonight.

You have no idea how hard it is to find good help, .... and so pretty to boot ! ... Now, off ‘ to bed. You were splendid !"

I slept in the nude, ... a small gesture of defiance.

She woke me around eight-thirty the next morning.

"Ms. Penbroke ?"

"Yes Monique"

"May I have my clothes now. Can I dress in my own things and go home ?"

"No ! ... We have some cleaning to do. You’ll wear your uniform."

It was with some chagrin that I realized I had to put on frilly underthings and a dress again. I was dismayed and mortified that I had passed for such a dainty, feminine creature. ... I expected to go home this afternoon, though. I took a bubble bath, lotioned, powdered, and put on make up ... the best I could, and dressed. I hesitated with each frilly garment, asking myself if I really had to do this; ... and I thought of Ms Penbroke’s reaction if I didn’t. It was best to appease her, and just get OUT of here as quickly as I could. I even put on the choker and the lace and ribboned headband, and tied the ribbons at the back of my neck.

I found her in the kitchen, waiting on the coffee maker. ... She smiled.

"Did you sleep well ? You look very nice. Wasn’t that a lovely dinner party ? ..’.. thanks to you ! You made a wonderful maid, ... and so pretty ! They were all jealous."

I smiled faintly.

"You know Mrs. Shapiro offered me a fifty percent raise to come work for her." I quietly admitted.

"No, ... that bitch !"

She blushed a little at her exclamation. It was quiet for a minute or so, as she seemed at a loss for words.

"You see ! You are great !"

"How ..... would you like to work for me permanently ?"

"You can’t be serious ! ...’.. you mean like this ? No way !"

She suddenly looked quite serious, ... business like.

"Just how much do you make ?"

"Uh ... uh ... ‘ eight fifteen an hour." I stammered. "But..."

"Let’s see, that’s about ... what ‘ two fifty a week take home ?" She asked.

" .’.. two thirty four."

"That doesn’t leave you much after living expenses, ... does it ? How much have you saved ? .... How much do you have in the bank ?"

I hemmed, blushing.

"Come on ! How much have you saved ?"

"...’.. about five hundred."

The truth wasI had less than that.

"And you’ve worked for them how long ?"

"..’. about seven months."

She smiled.

"I’ll give you free room and board and other expenses like clothes and toiletries, and one hundred dollars a week. In one year you’ll have five THOUSAND dollars, plus interest, .... in the bank !"

"You mean girl clothes, and perfume and make up ? You want me to be your MAID, and dress like this for a YEAR ! .... No, .. I can’t ! No way !"

"Don’t be so quick ! Think about it some. I think you’ve missed your calling. You make a terrific maid, ... and a rather attractive girl."

"You can’t expect me to dress like this !"

"Why not ? Women have to ‘ . ... I have to dress and act more like a man at the office. Think of it as a job."

"That’s different ! A woman can dress and act like a man; ... but a man can’t ... I can’t ... wear .. a dress, ... and these ... frilly, ... lacy, ... things !"

"Well I think you look great, and make a beautiful maid ... and girl."

I felt my face burn with embarrassment. I hung my head, and looked down at the frilly dress and apron I wore. It exacerbated my state.

We had a light breakfast, and then cleaned up the house. It didn’t take long; and we even cleaned and vacuumed areas that didn’t look like they needed it. we sat on the couch afterward.

"Some of the women called you Penny last night."

"Yes, ... my name is Patricia Penbroke, but my friends call me Penny. It’s a nickname I’ve had since a child. You may call me Penny when we’re out, but Ms Penbroke while you’re in uniform."

I was puzzled. I had no plans to ever see her again.

"Ms Penbroke, ... everything is back to normal. May I go home now ?"

"Oh, ... I want to take you out tonight to celebrate, to thank you. You have no idea what last night meant to me."

"Then can I have my clothes back ?"

"No", she replied with a sly smile.

"..’. you mean go out as a girl ? ... No ... no thanks ! I’d just as soon be allowed to just go home."

"Well, .. uh ... you don’t happen to have a spare key to your apartment, ... do you ?"

"What do you mean ?"

"I left your clothes at the office. I won’t be able to get them until Monday."

"Oh great ! What am I supposed to do about work Monday ?"

"Why don’t you give some consideration to my offer ?"

"I don’t think so."

"You are stuck for now, ... so we are going out ! We’ll go to a fine restaurant. ... It will be fun ! ... Change into your skirt outfit. We have to go shopping. You’ll need a pretty dress for tonight."

My jaw dropped in disbelief.

She took my hand and pulled me into her bedroom. She unzipped the dress, and began putting me in the blouse and skirt. I was at a loss. I wasn’t sure how to say no to her. I couldn’t stop her !

She gave me a small purse with lipstick and things to carry.

Before I knew it, she was pulling me out her front door. Seeing myself outdoors in broad daylight in a skirt and blouse was another fearful shock ! She guided me over to her car; and I found myself riding to the mall with her.

"What if we see someone I know ?" I cried nervously, looking down at my pink skirt and nylon covered knees.

She looked me up and down.

"NO ONE is going to recognize you !" She scoffed.

I looked at the small swells pushing my soft blouse out, the purse in my lap, and glimpsed my straps showing through my blouse. I looked out the window at the cars and people going bye. I was out in public as a GIRL !

I was unsettled as we entered the parking lot. She was all smiles.

"Come on !" She commanded.

She instructed me to carry my purse on my arm. She coached me closely as we walked toward the mall. She walked slowly, with small strides, keeping me right by her side.

My smooth, exposed legs felt so naked as the breezes swirled around them and up my skirt. The sunlight caused the lace and straps of my lingerie to show more prominently. I felt embarrassed and vulnerable.

She took my arm as we entered the mall.

We shopped like a couple of women. She pulled dresses, skirts, and blouses out, and held them up to me. She asked my opinion, and soon had me looking through the feminine clothes with her. She came across a pink print dress with a matching semi-sheer caplet, and had me try it on.

She didn’t seem too pleased about me going into the women’s dressing room; but the women were discreetly in their own stalls anyway.

I looked rather dainty and feminine in the pink rayon and chiffon dress. She made a fuss over me, and the woman clerk and another lady in the dressing area thought I looked delightful.

She was quite pleased how I looked, and bought it. I was astonished at the price ! ...’. two hundred and fifty nine dollars ! That’s an awful lot for a dress for ME, ... and for one night ! She also picked out some lingerie and make up for me ! ... I had been uneasy in lingerie departments when I accompanied my mother, sister, or girl friends, but I wasn’t now. I had been accepted last night, and I was accepted now, .... as a girl. My perspective as we shopped was vastly different than ever before. She would hand me a pair of dainty panties or a slip to examine, and I could comment on the lace and how pretty they were without embarrassment. I could never do this as a male. Surprisingly, I found it strangely exciting, and enjoyed the girl to girl repore’ of Penny’s company. .... She was quite intriguing.

She had me freshen my lipstick and make up when we finished shopping.

I was relaxed as we walked down the corridor of the mall. People would look at us as we walked bye, especially the men and boys. I knew I was being accepted as how I looked, .... a pretty woman.

We had a late lunch there at the mall. I made a concerted effort to sit and behave as femininely as I could. She smiled her approval through the whole ordeal, and then escorted me into the women’s room after. I waited as she went into a stall, and then we stood side by side as we freshened our make up.

I was amazed as we left the mall. I had spent the afternoon out as a woman, ... and it wasn’t terrible. It was kind of exhilarating.

On the way back to her house I admired her car, ... an expensive foreign model.

"What kind of car do you drive ? She asked.

"..’. just an older Ford." I replied.

"And what kind would you like ?"

"I’ve always dreamed of a Camaro, .. loaded, ... high performance, ... or a vintage GTO ... 389 ..... ‘ three douces !"

She nodded and smiled, ... and seemed lost in thought.

We carried the packages in, and sat down on the couch to relax. She made us a drink.

"Have you thought about my proposal ?"


"I’ll tell you what, .... you stay with me for two years; and at the end of two years, I’ll buy you that dream car ! You’ll have over ten thousand dollars in the bank, ... AND a new car !"

I was floored ! I looked at her.

"I’m serious ! What do you say ?"

I didn’t know.... I found myself actually thinking about it !

"Why ? Why do you want me so badly ? Can’t you find a GIRL maid ?"

"It’s not that easy. Good help is hard to find; ... and I already know what a good maid you are. Besides, I like you. I think you’re cute. Come on, what do you say ?"

I squirmed, ... tugging and smoothing the skirt over my lap, as I looked at the unfamiliar clothing I wore. Stay dressed like THIS !

"I don’t know. ... Why do I have to be your maid ? Why do you insist I dress like this ? .... Couldn’t I be .... your butler ?"

"No ...’... out of the question ! I can’t have a man living with me. I have my image, ... my career... No, you have to be my maid. Come on ! Look at you ! You’re so pretty ! You make a wonderful girl ! .... I think nature made a mistake."

I sat silently, thinking.

"Good ! Then it’s settled ! Now, we REALLY have something to celebrate !"

We toasted ... while my mind spun. Wait ! I hadn’t said yes ! .... But I hadn’t said no.

She seemed quite cheerful as we got ready to go out. She had everything worked out. She would send someone over to my apartment to clean out my things. I would sell my car, and what little furniture I had; and my clothes would go into storage. I would call and quit my job.

I bet she made a great executive. She was compellingly persuasive !

She fussed over my appearance, arranging the new dress, adjusting my make up, and fluffing out my hair as she clipped a ribbon and lace barrette in it.

I looked at myself in the mirror. .... I could pass for a girl. ... I did pass for a girl ! I was pretty ! .... But live as a girl for two years ! .... How could I ? I was a man ! Men didn’t do this ! ... But then I kind of liked the idea of living here with her; ... and her financial argument made a lot of sense. .... But I couldn’t ! .... How could I ? ... Two years ? I’d be stuck here. ... I wouldn’t be able to date or see my friends; .... and yet it was somehow an exciting, adventurous proposition. I was going to live in dresses for TWO YEARS ! .... What was I going to tell my sister and parents ? How was I not going to see them for that long ? I could never let them see me ... like this. Neither they, nor anyone that knew me, could be allowed to see me. ... Could I COPE living in dresses and everything for two years ? ... I must be out of my mind ! ... I couldn’t do this, ... could I?

She held the car door for me.

"I thought I was supposed to be the maid ?"

"It’s your day off. Besides, you are a pretty girl now. I want you to see some of the advantages. It’s not all bad."

The Maitre D and waiters made a fuss over her, ... and then me. And a male acquaintance came over and flirted with both of us. She introduced me as her friend. She seemed to know everyone ! I found her to be gregarious and fun to be with, not at all like my first impression when she surprised me. Afterwards, we went to a nightclub for a few drinks, where we were, once again, in a crowd of her friends. They all made a fuss over me, telling me how pretty I was. We didn’t stay too long, and left amid pleas for us to stay longer. She paid for everything, naturally. I had no money. As a man, I would have been embarrassed; but I found myself not uncomfortable at all having her pay my way as a girl. I found it ... flattering.

We had a drink in her living room after we changed into our nighties.

I turned things over on my head. I was indecisive. The idea of living with this attractively dynamic woman was titillating, .... but in dresses ?

* * * *

She informed me Sunday morning that we were going to church ! She put me in a blue, chiffon, floral print dress. She wore a white suit with a skirt. She was determined to take me out with her, .. to show me off.

After the service she introduced me as her friend Monique; and THEY made a fuss over me too ! I found myself surrounded by her friends again, telling me how pretty my dress was and I looked.

We prepared a nice meal together, and sat in the dining room, and talked.

Sunday afternoon, ... and I was almost certain I couldn’t do this, .... to live as a girl for two years ! ... But if I didn’t do or say something soon it would be too late.

She seemed cheerful and pleased. In her mind it was a done deal. I had to admit, I found her company very enjoyable. It was a quiet afternoon and evening; and we changed into nighties early. I just allowed her to direct the conversation, and just went along. My mind was rolling everything over ... and over, but not coming to a solid answer. ... I couldn’t do this, .... could I ?

Monday morning arrived, .... and I found myself as her maid ! She made me call and quit my job before she left for work.

I was kind of a nervous wreck all day, worrying about my decision, ... or lack of one. ... But then I felt better when she came home all smiles; and we spent a quiet, pleasant evening talking easily; and she complemented me and my appearance often.

I spent Tuesday wrot over my commitment; as I was alone with my thoughts with little else to think about. It was so unfamiliar, sitting on the couch in a satin and lace maid’s trappings, watching afternoon television.

She came home rather late; and by the time I finished the dishes, she was relaxing in the living room in satin pajamas. I joined her for only a few minutes before we both went to bed.

Wednesday, at breakfast, she announced that I had an appointment at her beauty salon. She called a taxi, and arranged for them to pick me up later, and then remarked about my needing a car.

"We are going to have get you a female identity. You’ll need a driver’s license and social security number. You’ll need to run errands, like shop for groceries; and I can use the deduction."

I was a little fearful leaving the house like this by myself; and I was nervous as I walked outside in a dress, and climbed into the cab.

I was given a manicure, pedicure, and a facial. Penny wasn’t satisfied waiting for my fingernails to grow, and had them fashion fake ones. They looked real, even before the manicurist turned them a coral pink. I was informed Ms Penbroke had picked the color.

Trish, the stylist, plucked my eyebrows into perfect almond shapes. I tried to object, but she insisted.

"Penny left very definite instructions." She stated through a smile.

She then spent fourty minutes choosing and putting on the right make up.

They reminded me of my appointment in one month as I left.

I felt all tingly as I rode home. The driver flirted a little.

I looked at myself closely when I got home. My complexion looked so rosy and soft. I put my hand up to my face. ... My perfectly shaped and polished fingernails completed the picture of a very feminine lady ! I would never have suspected, but Ms Penbroke had seen it right away, .... how ? ... I couldn’t go out as a man now if I wanted, .... not with permed hair, feminine nails and complexion, and thinned, feminine eyebrows.

She arrived home around six with the news my apartment was clean and my car and things disposed of. She got me a post office box to forward my mail. ... She was very efficient.

"You look sensational ! Look at you ! Why, you look so pretty !" She giggled. "The beauty parlor does wonders, doesn’t it !"

I was embarrassed, ... and yet a little flattered.

I quickly discovered things were a bit more difficult with long nails. At least they seemed quite long to me. I had seen women with longer ones, but these were cumbersome enough; ... and changing clothes was much more difficult and deliberate now.

She came home late Thursday with several boxes.

"I got you some things. There is more in the car. Come help me carry."

We each made two trips.

They were filled with bras, panties, skirts, slips, three girdles, two briefs, two nighties, five blouses, three skirts, three dresses, .... and a pair of expensive looking false breasts that looked and felt like the real thing. The lingerie and other underthings were the laciest, prettiest, most feminine underthings I could recall ever seeing, ... and they were for me !

She had me try most everything on. All the bras weren’t padded like the first; and the false nipples were visible through a couple of them. Of the three girdles, two were alike. The third one was a long, open bottomed girdle that turned up at the bottom into an inverted "V". It looked like a beautifully embroidered sarong. It had long glisteningly white ribboned covered garters that hung from the bottom. It was a very feminine looking garment; and I recognized that it would have to be worn with nylon stockings, the old fashioned kind.

She giggled as I squirmed into one of the panty girdles. It was quite tight, and very difficult to get into with my new, long, feminine fingernails. It came up higher than the other one I had worn, and restricted my breathing. I was a little out of breath from trying things on anyway with struggling with the girdle; and my chest heaved in and out more than usual due to the constriction, making me look more endowed than ever. I blushed a crimson red.

"This seems awfully tight. Are girdles supposed to be so ... tight ?" I asked, out of breath.

"It’s new, and will give some with wear; but we have to hold in your .... your ... dynamic ... mmm ... personality, securely." She giggled. .... "I think you look positively luscious ! I may have to allow you to lounge around in your pretty lingerie occasionally."

With that, she helped me on with the most delicately laced and ribboned full slip ! It was so silky and milky smooth it sent a chill through me. She looked me over, gleefully.

The new clothes filled my dresser, and made my closet look less bare. I started counting the panties, but lost track. There had to be at least fourteen pair; ... and they were the prettiest pairs, with lace and ribbon bows, and all shades of pastels. I was going to be a very femininely dressed maid ... and girl. She took some dresses from her closet and brought them over to me.

"These are too big for me. I lost weight years ago, and they are just taking up closet space. They’re yours now."

She seemed pleased with herself, and had a devilish smile.

"What ?" I asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking. When I first saw you the other day, I figured you for a size eight, and you are .... a perfect size eight !"

I got into this mess because I was the right size ? ... I noticed she hadn’t given me any of her pantsuits.

Friday, she had me call my sister and parents so they wouldn’t worry. I told them I was going to work overseas for two years; and I probably wouldn’t be in touch too often, but not to worry. This would also explain the money I would come into, I reasoned.

Saturday, she took me shopping again. We stopped at the uniform store where we bought another maid’s uniform identical to the first, complete with apron.

We stopped at the mall.

"We need to get your ears pierced."

I looked at her in shocked disbelief.

"Girls have their ears pierced, ... and so do some men and boys. What’s the big deal ?"

We went to a jewelry store, where my ears were shot with small gold balls. Penny then bought a heart shaped ring, as well as several pairs of earrings for me.

"It will make it easier when men hit on you when we’re out together. Tell them you are seeing someone, ... ‘ that it’s a pre-engagement ring." She said as we left the store.

My lobs hurt a little.

When we arrived home, she informed me she was going out that evening. He was to pick her up at seven; and she wanted me in uniform to let him in.

"..’ a date ?" I asked.

"Well, ... it’s more business."

I helped her dress in pretty lingerie and an evening dress. She had some exquisitely feminine dresses.

I answered the door, and let him in. He was quite handsome, and successful looking. The two of them made an extremely attractive couple. I found myself very jealous, and wished I was taking her out. .... Where did that come from ?

I found myself waiting up for her, even though she asked me not to. She came in around one-thirty. I helped her out of her dress, and we turned in. I was pleased she was home.

We helped each other into our pretty, Sunday dresses in the morning.

"It’s going to be so nice having a pretty maid around. It can be difficult sometimes getting dressed by yourself."

I understood what she meant. Women’s clothes could be difficult. ... I was finding out.

After church, Penny changed into slacks.

"May I have some slacks to relax in ?"

"Mmmm ... no"

"Why not ?"

"You’ve had the luxury of wearing pants for twenty years. It won’t hurt you to wear skirts and dresses for the next two."


"If you wear strictly dresses and skirts you will get to feel more comfortable in them, and less likely to make mistakes, like sitting awkwardly. You have a little trouble keeping your knees together. .... No, .... we will keep you in skirts. You need the practice."

I somehow felt just a little more unsettled than usual sitting in the living room in a dress, with her in pants. I’d shift to get a little more comfortable, mindful to keep my knees together, and she’d look over and smile.

Monday, over dinner, she stated rather matter of factly: "I signed you up to attend charm school. You’ll be going Tuesday afternoon, starting next week."

"Charm school ?"

"Yes, they’ll teach you to be a little more graceful and feminine, and work with you on your make up and hair; and you’ll learn proper etiquette, like formal place settings."

"Charm school !"

"I want you to take other self-improvement classes as well. .... We’ll find you a class in gourmet cooking and I think a class in interior decorating and sewing would be helpful."

"You mean you want me to be a better GIRL !"

"Well ..... yes, ... you ARE going to live as a girl for the next two years, so you might as well get used to the idea, and become the best girl you can. .... You may take some other classes, as you wish, as well. I want you to improve yourself, ...’ be a better person as well as my maid."

My fate for the next two years was sealed. I guess she was right, but it shook me. I WAS committed to live as a girl; and as the week went on, I did look for ways to be a better, and more attractive maid .... and girl. I found myself, despite my misgivings, wanting to please her.

I was nervous as I arrived at charm school. ... Penny saw to it I was dressed nicely, and in heels. Some of the others arrived in flats, carrying heels. There were about a dozen girls in there. The others were a little younger, college and high school age. Some were looking to increase their chances in beauty pageants, and some were sent my their mothers. One girl arrived in slacks, and was chastised by the instructor.

"Ladies, ... you will all show up in a nice dress, proper hose, and two and a half or three inch heels. ... Am I clear."

After going over the objectives of the school, they broke us into smaller groups, and gave us some tips on make up, our individual bad habits, posture, and exercises at home to improve ourselves. We were going to learn how to talk, walk, sit, and even stand like the daintiest, most graceful and feminine of women.

One of the first things we were coached on was our posture. I was quick to notice how my smallish chest seemed to be more prominent, and couldn’t help but blush a little.

It wasn’t long before Penny noticed a difference, like the lady like placement of my elbows and hands, and was quite pleased. I had hoped that once I demonstrated mastery of heels and skirts, she would allow me to dress a little more casually on occasion. It didn’t look like I was going to be wearing anything but pantyhose, heels and skirts for some time. I understood now why girls complained about their girdles and bras sometimes. Penny didn’t wear a girdle very often, nor did she have to. She would look at me in the evening as I tugged at my girdle, and fix my straps, somewhat bemused.

"Charm school has made quite a difference ! You’ve learned and adapted so quickly, ... and exhibit such posture and grace. You move so femininely ! I just knew you should have been a girl."

It was two weeks later when she had some of her bosses over for canopies and drinks. Once again, she thanked me profusely the next day, telling me what a wonderful maid I was, and was sure she couldn’t fix me up with a date with one of them.

"They thought you were quite pretty."

"..’. very funny." I replied.

She laughed.

Our relationship was getting smoother with each passing day. I was finding her most attractive; and we seemed to be genuinely attracted to each other. She often worked late during the week; but she seemed to enjoy our few weekday evenings, and weekends together. I knew I did.

She had turned into nearly my entire world. She had her coworkers and her many friends. Outside of my brief contact at my classes ( I went to classes in gourmet cooking, charm school, and about to start interior decorating.) , I only had her.

It suddenly hit me head on, .... this was what it was to be the dainty woman, keeping herself looking pretty, waiting at home !

I found myself being jealous of others she spent her time with, especially her friend Crystal. She’d stop bye, and they’d talk and then disappear into her bedroom for a couple of hours.

* * * * *

Five weeks after our first encounter, we were sitting on the couch. It was Friday evening; and we both had had nice days. She had managed a female identity for me. I was now Helen Louise Dupree, ... twenty-three, on the birth certificate, but had petitioned to have my name changed to Monique. ... And I had passed my driver’s test that afternoon. The instructor was a bit condescending, I thought. ... She looked at me, and proudly informed me she had found a car for me, ... a vintage ‘66 Mustang convertible ! It would be ready next week. She was having it painted candy pink !

We had a few drinks, and she looked fondly over at me.

"You are remarkably pretty."

I blushed, and she slid over next to me. Her lips brushed my cheek; and she kissed me on the lips ! She snuggled next to me; and we cuddled. It felt so natural, but then, ... unnatural ! I was the one that had to worry about smudging her lipstick ! I went to speak; ... but she smiled up at me, and put her finger over my lips before settling again in my arms. ... We cuddled on the couch, and then kissed each other goodnight.

The next day we went on our usual Saturday shopping trip; but it was apparent our relationship had changed. She looked at me differently, ... more softly. We looked at dresses and lingerie more relaxed and carefree. She smiled and giggled more easily and often. She was playful as she asked my opinion on different items. I enjoyed her so much more this way. I loved her this way. She could be so feminine when she wanted to be. She bought me several silky scarves, and made me promise to wear one when I drove my pink convertible with the top down, .... to protect my pretty hair.

Back home, we tried on the pretty bra and garter belt, and bra and gartered waist cincher sets she had bought. They were ivory with a pink floral print.

"How do you like stockings and garters ?" She giggled. "You look so nice."

I turned red. ... I loved seeing them on pretty girls. ... I never imagined wearing them.

We had a glass of wine before dressing to go out to dinner.

The stockings felt quite different from pantyhose. I could feel the breezes going up my skirt against my bare thighs, and the gentle tugging of the garters. I enjoyed images of girls in stockings and garter belts. Knowing how we were both dressed, ... and looked, excited me a little.

We had a marvelous time. It was a great day. When we returned, she took my hand, and pulled me into her bedroom. She turned and kissed me deeply. We helped each other out of our dresses. I went to remove her bra, but she stopped me. Instead, she pulled her breasts out of her cups. They looked so perky, propped on a pink print shelf. I went to remove my bra; and she stopped me. She slipped her panties off, then slid mine down. She straddled me. We were a mass of tangled stockings and pink, flower print satin. We explored each other in ways I never imagined. It was the best, most exciting, longest, most explosive, intimate encounter of my life. .... I loved her.

It was early morning when she had us clean up a little, and put on a nighties, before falling to sleep in each other’s arms. I resisted the nightgown, but Penny insisted.

It was late morning when I awoke. She was already up and dressed; and I layed there thinking our relationship, and my lifestyle, was about to change.

She drew a bubble bath for me in her bath, and then helped lotion and powder me. I felt a little more unsettled than usual, as she helped me into my frilly lingerie. I was looking forward to having a more male-female relationship with her; ... while she seemed to enjoy keeping me dressed in pretty girl clothes. Still, ... I liked having her soft hands lightly caressing my body as she dressed and groomed me, and found it to be most sensual.

"Penny ?"

"Yes, honey"

"Don’t you think it would be better for our relationship if I was to dress as a man again ?"

"NO ! .... I love Monique ! I like things just the way they are !"

"But, .... I don’t understand. I love you. I think .... I’d like to marry you."

"Hold it, ... right there ! I don’t want to marry .... yet. I have a career, and everything going for me right now. I’m not about to change ! ... I love you Monique; but things have to stay the way they are. We can have a special relationship. I love you as you are; and you mean so much to me, ... so much more than a maid; but if you truly love me, you’ll be my beautiful Monique."

She stroked my cheek, and kissed me.

I was taken aback; but I was still awash in the glow of our wonderful evening.

I loved her. I understood. ..... For her to marry me would hurt her career; ... and I couldn’t live with her as a man. But then, I reasoned, I lived with her now; and I had plenty of time. I could wait.

We stopped by the jewelry store the following afternoon. Penny bought me a 14 kt gold bracelet, .... a gold eternity bracelet inscribed "My Monique". The jeweler fastened it on my wrist ... permanently. There was no clasp.

After dinne, we went to a nightclub. The hostess greeted us, and hugged Penny. It seemed she knew everybody. The hostess looked me over curiously. There were only women there; and there were women dancing with each other. What kind of place was this ? I was uncomfortable.

"Would you like to dance ?" She asked.

"Uh .... no"

For the first time, I had refused her request. She just kind of smiled. We didn’t stay very long. The women stopped to say hello to her; and she introduced us. She kissed me on the lips before we left.

Back home, she put on some music, and we danced in her living room. It felt so different with me in a dress. She was the first to start caressing my body; and we left a trail of clothes into her bedroom.

Our relationship blossomed over the following weeks and months, all the while I was turning more and more into the soft, delicately feminine woman’s maid she wanted. The day to day lotions, charm school, and familiarity of the feminine gear and dresses were taking hold. It pleased Penny immensely. I found myself, at times, in disbelief, ... as I cooked, cleaned, ironed, and did feminine chores. I hardly envisioned doing this ... EVER ! ... But I was not unhappy, ... unsettled at times, but not unhappy.

* * * * *

Penny invited her sister, parents, and her friend Crystal over for Thanksgiving. I prepared dinner, and served with some help from Penny. I wore a festive, holiday dress, not my uniform; and I joined them at the table.

Crystal and her family remarked how lucky she was to have me. ... I was a hit with everyone.

The dinner, and the holiday get together was a huge success; and her family stayed until past eight o’clock.

Crystal stayed, and we laughed and joked for a couple of hours before they announced they were turning in, and disappeared into her bedroom.

I fixed breakfast for them in the morning. Penny would tenderly touch my shoulder, or arrange my apron, or put her arm around my waist whenever she was near. The displays of affection for her maid didn’t seem to bother Crystal in the least.

In the middle of the afternoon, they characteristically disappeared into her bedroom; and it wasn’t until around four-thirty that they came back to the living room. Crystal was smiling at me from ear to ear as she sat next to me on the couch.

"Penny is SO lucky to have such a lovely, dainty maid as you. I’m so jealous."

She patted my leg, .... and her hand stayed there.

"I’d love to have someone so pretty and feminine to help me dress, ... and bathe, .... and take care of my intimate .... things." She cooed breathlessly.

I looked over at Penny standing across the room. She raised her eyebrows, innocently.

"You wouldn’t mind, would you, if your Monique helped me take a nice hot bubble bath before dinner ?"

"No, ... I don’t mind." Penny replied.

I squirmed a bit as I looked at Crystal, who was smiling seductively at me. Her hand was slowly making it’s way higher up my leg. .... She knew !

"Come on, .... you can help draw my bath, and help me undress."

She took my hand, and pulled me off the couch. I looked at Penny as we passed her. She smiled slyly, and again her face feigned innocence.

"Help me with my dress." Crystal said as we went into the bathroom.

I unzipped her, and held her dress as she stepped out of it. She smiled deliciously at me.

"Hang it up please."

She stepped out of her slip, and handed it to me.

"Unhook my bra."

My hands shook, as I undid her bra."

"Thank you, ... don’t you think this is a pretty bra ?" She asked as she turned around.

I couldn’t not look. She had pretty breasts. They were average sized, but perfectly shaped torpedoes with pert, erect nipples. .... My girdle was getting very uncomfortable.

"Ms Crystal ?"

"Yes Monique"

"Uh ... I ... uh ... nothing"

I wanted to confront her about knowing my secret. I knew she had to know, but I wanted to erase all doubt, .... but couldn’t find the words.

"Would you rinse these out ?" She asked, as she stepped out of her panties, and handed them to me.

My breathing was a little erratic; and I knew I was probably crimson as she stepped into the tub.

"Scrub my back please ?"

I knelt by the tub and washed her back.

"I think we’re going out tonight. Penny said I could borrow a pair of her nylons and a garter belt. Would you pick them out please ?"

I was a little relieved to get out of the bathroom.

I had just enough time to get a pair of stockings and garter belt when she called from the bath.

She was standing in the tub.

"Would you get me a towel, and help dry me off ?" She asked, coyly.

I patted her dry; ... and then she had me rub lotion over her whole body; including her breasts ! .... I was a nervous wreck. She looked like she was thoroughly enjoying it. I powdered her; and she looked very pleased with herself as I dusted her from top to toe with the sweet smelling powder.

"Did you rinse my panties out ?"

"Uh ... no, ... I didn’t ...’. sorry."

"That’s ok. May I borrow a pair of yours ?"

"I ... uh ... uh .... guess..."

She was really playing me. I returned with a pair, and gave them to her. She smiled slyly.

"Thank you, ... Monique. ... Hook my bra, please."

I complied. I looked over. ..... There, standing in the doorway was Penny. I turned several shades of red.

"Are we having a good time ?"

"Oh yes ! I may have to borrow your maid on a regular basis. ..... She’s terrific !"

Penny smiled.

"Hmmm, ... just look at my toes !" Crystal sighed. "They’re disgusting ! ... Monique, ... would you mind painting my toes ? Would you, please ?"

"Certainly you will, ... won’t you dear ?" Penny teased.

"Of course", I acquiesced.

I went to get the polish from her vanity, and Crystal followed me. She sat on the edge of the bed, clad only in her bra and panties. She seemed to really enjoy the activity; and I thought I heard a barely audible moan or two. It wasn’t unpleasant for me either, as I glanced up at her considerable charms in just a lacy bra and panties. She wasn’t modest in the least; and I felt an occasional stirring, which I tried to stifle. After the polish dried, I helped her into her garter belt, stockings, slip, and a pretty dress.

"Oh Penny, ... I’ve GOT to get me a darling maid like yours ! ... You are SO lucky !"

Penny just smiled.

Some of Penny’s girlfriends that we entertained, or went out with, made me feel uncomfortable, but not Crystal. We soon became good friends. Penny, though, appeared jealous when Crystal and I got too friendly. It was apparent to both of us; and we would kid her, or hug and kiss on each other just to tease her. It was a game we enjoyed.

The following weeks leading up to Christmas, she was very busy at work; and I even saw less of her than before. But then a week before Christmas there was a charity ball that she, ... WE, had to attend.

She picked out a pink, floor length, strapless dress for me. It had sheer embroidered lace from the bodice up to a stand up collar. It had a pink satin sash with a large bow that snapped on in back. It was a little too tight; and she pulled out a corset for me to wear. It was a struggle getting me into the corset and dress; but Penny loved how I looked. I wore a frothy, lacy petticoat underneath; and I had to pick up the dress and petticoat in order to walk.

She wore a floor length, peach, sheath dress.

We both had our hair and make up done at her salon. They added a hairpiece to my hair, and piled it on top with baby’s breath and pink rosettes.

I wore white strapped heels, elbow length gloves, and carried a white satin clutch purse.

We got a lot of stares when we arrived. I looked extremely feminine as I walked, holding up the pink dress and froth of petticoats. For all of that, we only stayed two hours.

Penny started coming home earlier then; and we shopped, partied, and spent nice evenings together. We made love almost every night. There was a time or two I had trouble getting my manhood to work, but it made no difference to Penny. She only fondled and licked all the more, telling me she loved all of me. She was so gentle and sweet. It didn’t matter so much...

I had decorated for the holidays elaborately, and it was so romantic cuddling together in the evening.

There were many pretty presents under the tree; and we opened them together Christmas morning.

I had gotten her a beautiful pair of gold earrings, and a designer blouse of the prettiest, washable silk.

Penny started to hand me presents, and they just kept coming. There were lots of pretty dresses and outfits, lingerie, and a heart locket inscribed "Monique, with my love , Penny. She also gave me an anklet with both our names on it, and a matching one for her.

It was a beautiful Christmas, the best I could remember. We spent the days leading up to the new year together.


* * * * *

It was three weeks after Christmas when I felt some tenderness in my chest. I was never one to complain or run to a doctor easily, so I said nothing. I became concerned though, as it seemed to get gradually worse.

Then, two weeks later, I looked one morning at slightly swollen areas around my nipples. They were tender, and I thought they seemed irritated from something, possibly my bras.

"Maybe you should make a doctors appointment for me." I told Penny at breakfast.

"Oh honey, ... what’s the matter ?" She asked.

"It’s my chest. It’s a bit tender ... and swollen."

"Let’s look", she said.

We went into the bedroom, where I showed her.

"Ummm yes, they are a bit ‘ . I’ll see about making you an appointment."

"How ..... what am I going to ... How am I going to explain ?"

"Hmmm yes, that is going to be a problem. I guess you’ll have to tell the doctor the truth."

"Oh, ... I don’t think I could do that. It’s too embarrassing."

"Well, ... I don’t see how ... I don’t see any other way ‘."

"Well, ... maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe it will pass."

"Whatever you wish."

But as the days went bye, it didn’t go away. .... It got worse. I struggled with what to do.

St. Valentines Day, and Penny walked in as I was about to dress. Penny looked at my puffy chest, and half stifled a giggle

"I .. uh ... think maybe I should make you an appointment with my gynecologist."

"What ? .... What do you mean ?"

"It appears ... you are growing some nice titties."

"No ! ... That can’t be...."

"I ... uh ... I’m afraid it can. ... Sit down Monique. ... You see, ... I didn’t tell you. ... I had some surgery, .... some female surgery about five years ago; .... and I’ve been taking doses of estrogen along with vitamins every day, .... and so have you."

"What ? .... What have you done to me ? .... Why ?"

"Well, look at yourself ! You’re a very pretty woman. In fact, you are among the prettiest, most feminine friends I have. ... You should have been a girl; .... and it appears now, that you will be."

I looked at her incredulously, ... and cried.

"Oh my beautiful Monique, ... don’t cry. You were going to live as a girl for two years, ... and now you will continue to be ‘. I love you. ... You are going to look so cute ... and lovely with breasts ... and soft curves. You ARE a girl, ... a very pretty girl, for good now. Now don’t tell me you don’t enjoy your soft, frilly clothes, and the warm, snugly feeling of femininity as we curl up at night."

Yes, ... oh yes I did; ... but how much of it was me and how much the hormones ?

Penny tenderly caressed my budding chest.

"It’s going to be fun buying you new bras, and watching you develop."

She slipped her arms around me, cupping my puffy chest, exaggerating their size.

"I wonder what size you will become ? You could end up with a bigger chest than me, ... and probably will ! ... Would you like them to look like Crystal’s ?" She giggled.

"I’m going to love watching you turn into an even lovelier young woman." "We’ll have to make you an appointment now with my gynecologist to get you your very own hormones; ... and we’ll have to make you an appointment for electrolysis. There’s no reason for you to go on shaving your face. ... Oh sweetie, I love you. ... You’re going to love your life as a pretty woman."

The End


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